Another Zika case reported outside Miami’s transmission zone

Published 12/08/2016 in Health, Medicine, Society

Another Zika case reported outside Miami’s transmission zone

CHICAGO Three more people in Florida have tested positive for Zika caused by local mosquitoes, including another person who does not live in the one-square-mile (2.6-square-km) area believed to be the hub of local transmission, state officials said on Friday.

Florida now has 28 cases of non-travel-related Zika, a virus that spread rapidly across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning for pregnant women to avoid this area of Miami. Zika has been shown to cause birth defects, including microcephaly, which causes severe developmental problems.

As of Friday, two individuals in Miami-Dade County have been infected with Zika through local transmission who live outside the transmission area. A third person in Palm Beach County has also tested positive for Zika.

The health department said it still believes local transmission is only occurring in the one-square-mile (2.6-square-km) area located in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami.

The state said is has just begun investigating the second Miami case outside of the Wynwood neighborhood and has begun mosquito control efforts.

It did not disclose the location of the new case and stressed that one case does not mean active transmission. In addition to cases caused by local transmission, Florida reported 10 new travel-related cases of Zika, bringing the total to 413.

The continuing Zika outbreak was first detected last year in Brazil, where it has been linked to more than 1,700 cases of the microcephaly, and has since spread rapidly through the Americas. Its arrival in the continental United States had been widely anticipated.

(Reporting by Julie Steenhuysen- Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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  • Amber22 - 22/09/2016 Reply

    I gave birth to my baby in July. Because of that terrible infection my daughter is disabled. Her brain was smaller than other kind have. As a result of it, she has Down’s syndrome. We consulted many doctors after that. They all say that in some years the situation will be worse. It is my first child and I afraid that all my other children will have the same problem. We live in Miami. I couldn`t even imagine that such situation may happen. I have never been in South America, where this infection is so widespread. I don`t see any chance to protect me and my family from that.

  • Angela Barnes - 22/09/2016 Reply

    I know what the problem was. My sister also used to do IVF in Spain. And she also had negative result. Fertility specialist explained that the problem in not only in organism. In Spain they use frozen eggs. Do you know that the quality of them is not so good? During the freezing they may be damaged. As a result, it`s difficult to get pregnant with them. I know one woman, whose 3 pregnancies finished with miscarriages. When she tried with fresh cells, she gave birth to healthy twins. I think you would agree that it sounds really good. So try another clinic.

  • Camilla - 22/09/2016 Reply

    Ladies, your situation is so familiar to me. For the first time I used IVF to get pregnant 5 years ago. I did it in Belgium, in one of the best centers in Brussels. There they work with frozen eggs. So as almost all clinics. I did 4 attempts! And they all like in your situations gave no result. My doctor advised to go to Ukraine. In Kyiv there is a big reproduction center. After the first procedure with fresh cells I got pregnant. I can`t even explain how wonderful I felt. Well, you can try that center. Or maybe find something closer to you. But as far as I know, prices of fresh eggs in the USA are rather high. Many people can`t use it. Just look through the internet and find a suitable variant for you.

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