ART medicine – high European service or child with guarantee?

Published 16/01/2017 in Medicine, Society

ART medicine – high European service or child with guarantee?

French medicine is considered to be one of the best ones in the world. For many years it takes the 3rd – 4th position after the U.S.A, Germany and Switzerland. Nevertheless France cannot to boast of high level of reproductive medicine.

In France, success rate of one IVF cycle with donor eggs ranges up to 20%. Donation is carried out on a non-commercial basis in France. Therefore, there is little or nothing those wishing to share their eggs. Demand for donor eggs is rather high. Therefore, process of eggs selection is not perfect and quality of biological material is low.

France has a system that helps to compensate lack of donor oocytes. One patient shared her experience and told us that when she visited one of the French clinics she was asked to invite her friend who will become a cells donor for other infertile couples. Woman told this story is 39 years old. Most often, patients after 40 need donation programs. And their friends are not 25 years old girls but women out of reproductive age and with poor quality of eggs.

Non-profit basis of donation causes shortage of qualitative donor eggs. Donors do not receive any reward for serious risk they run agreeing to donate their eggs. Since eggs is taken under general anesthesia, by operative treatment doctors puncture ovaries. This operation does not exclude death, at best — loss of ovaries. So many girls do not agree to risk their life and limb for the benefit of strangers. But if donation procedure is commercial much more young girls (with qualitative, young oocytes) become donors and IVF programs with donor eggs have more successful results.

Another Frenchwoman said that after repeated failed IVF attempts with donor eggs doctor advised her to visit Spanish clinic and gave a list of recommended centers of reproductive medicine. Due to the lack of biological material and its poor quality French gynecologists often send patients to Spanish clinics. There commerce of donor eggs, sperm and embryos is also prohibited by the local law. But Spain fertility centers buy donor cells of high quality and transport them in a frozen form (cryopreservation). At home Spanish doctors unfreeze eggs. This process negatively affects eggs quality. Moreover Spain specialists divide oocytes between patients. In good Spanish clinics, such as, Bernabeu institute, Institut Marquès, Dexeus and IVF Spain clinic, professionals achieve only 30 % success rate per one treatment cycle.

Not only developed European countries such as France and Spain have taken on board reproductive medicine, in particular egg donation, but lame duck states as well. India and Ukraine conduct lion’s share of reproductive programs. These are the third world countries with underdeveloped medicine and low economy level but they take leading positions in the reproductive medicine sphere.

Donation is paid in these two states and in such way many local girls agree to help patients who need it and at the same time earn money for own needs. At an average one donor of three is chosen. Such woman has high quality eggs. Moreover, doctors in India and Ukraine use only fresh biological material and do not divide eggs that multiply chances for successful result.

Clinics which specialize just in egg donation give a guarantee of a positive result and refund money in case of failure. Ukrainian center for human reproduction BioTexCom is among such medical institutions. Patients come there from all over the world and even after 8 failed IVF attempts in European countries receive positive result in BioTexCom after the first — second attempt.

But if you visit Ukrainian clinic you will have to wait. We have got into touch with BioTexCom center and asked how long patients have to wait to start surrogacy program or IVF with donor eggs. In response, we heard that on average patients wait in line about six months. But patient receives guarantee that he will go home with a child.

In India and Ukraine, egg donation and surrogacy programs are conducted on a commercial basis, i.e. donors and surrogate mothers receive monetary compensation and go through detailed medical examination. As a result, only qualitative biological material and healthy surrogate mothers participate in programs. Due to this fact clinics have high success rates. India and Ukraine maintain the lead in surrogacy programs. And it is despite the fact that in these countries you will not find great European service, balanced infrastructure and advanced medicine.

Medical centers that function in these weak states have already been competing with foreign counterparts, especially in success rate. Thus, according to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, on average 40 % of 100 treatment cycles in India and Ukraine are successful. This rate is even higher than the European one.

But Europeans see Ukraine as politically instable, corrupt country with the shadow economy. India in their opinion is a fall behind time, wild country with incompetent doctors. Such countries smell fishy and don’t have credibility in health services, especially reproductive medicine. Image of the country stops foreigners who need services of reproductive medicine. Europeans will rather visit small clinic, with a low level of quality in Spain than center with high success rate but situated in Ukraine or India. As there they will not find elements of high service which they are accustomed to.

Most often foreigners are interested in eggs donation (80%) and surrogacy (15%) ART programs. Taking into account popularity and success of these programs India and Ukraine have express conditions to increase commercial attractiveness of this area. And European countries, meanwhile, defend interests of their clinics by creating additional barriers to their citizens who use assisted methods of reproductive medicine abroad. For example, officials complicate the process of registration for children who were born abroad with the help of surrogate mothers.

As one can see, market of reproductive medicine service is rather wide-ranging. And it’s no accident — according to the World Health Organization, number of infertile couples all over the world has been growing. And demand breeds supply. You get to choose.



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  • roberta - 16/11/2016 Reply

    Our family suffered a lot. Since marriage we dreamt of children. We tried to conceive for several years. But despite all our attempts I couldn`t get pregnant. How shocked I was to hear that I had endometriosis. Treatment in our country is so expensive that we had to look for other variants. My doctor advised me to go to Ukraine. Thus we found ourselves in Biotexcom. I was afraid a bit to go there. But my doctor assured me it`s the best variant for people who want to get a good treatment for accessible price. Well, there are so much to tell, but I`ll be brief. After treatment they performed me the IVF procedure. And I got pregnant! Doctors are really professional ones. I would never have thought medicine in Ukraine can be on such level. They cured me and got pregnant quite fast. Their work deserves praise. Well, the service in not so good as in European countries, but they try to do everything possible for their patients to be satisfied.

  • Kale - 16/11/2016 Reply

    We used surrogacy in India. It was some years ago. When we employed an Indian surrogate to carry a child for us, we never imagined losing two baby boys in a Delhi hospital. That’s all happened because of India’s unregulated surrogacy system. One of the biggest problems was Indian doctors pushing people to transfer large numbers of embryos at once to increase their chances of a successful pregnancy. This was resulting in some Australians bringing home four babies when they wanted only one or two. This also caused others, including us, to make difficult decisions about terminating pregnancies in surrogates. Many Indian doctors insist surrogates are well treated. Critics say women are usually young and poor. They are subjected to unethical treatment in “baby factories” where they often stay for nine months. In fact, Indian clinics just don’t follow international standards of surrogacy. Thankfully more and more infertile couples understand it. I would not definitely go to India. Nowadays the East Europe has been becoming more popular destination for surrogacy. As I heard Ukraine provides quite good service.

    • LorryH - 18/11/2016 Reply

      I agree with you. India is not a best choice for surrogacy. The same I can tell you about Thailand. I don’t know why it is said nothing about surrogacy there. It was very popular especially for Australian and American couples. Thanks God surrogacy was banned in Thailand. The negligent attitude of clinics towards as surrogate mothers as intended parents only makes troubles and nothing more. I am undergoing surrogacy program in Biotexcom. And I can say some Indian couples visit this clinic as for egg donation and surrogacy. But I wouldn’t say it is really good. The last time my husband and me were in clinic we were waiting for three hours to do blood tests. And we needed to do it on empty stomach. Actually I didn’t like very much it. While waiting we were standing for an hour because all the chairs were occupied. Can you imagine it? I felt very tired and didn’t want anything more. But at the same time I understand everywhere it is possible to find advantages and disadvantages. But I understand everything is relative. Service in Ukraine is worse than in many clinics of USA. It is fact and it doesn’t need to be proved. But if we look at the price it is much cheaper in Biotexcom.

  • SunDay - 16/11/2016 Reply

    I see a lot of comment concerning biotexcom center in the internet. Therefore I’ll write some of mine here. When I have chosen this clinic I was attracted with the price and the fact that the price was fixed. For example in the USA you have to pay for every attempt separately. And in biotexcom you shouldn’t pay any other extra fees. I don’t like when at first you get one price than it doubles and gets bigger and bigger. And in the end you can be surprised with the final price. I have tried egg donation in Spain. The service was great. The medical personal was very nice to me. I liked the atmosphere and doctors seemed to be very qualified. But I did three attempts there. And as a result I didn’t have any successful one. Why it happened I didn’t get any explanation. Then I got to know some couples that also had negative results in Spain. I realized that it wasn’t my fault. Maybe it is not so well developed in Spain. But I also met couples that had IVF in Ukraine in the Biotexcom. And they stayed very satisfied. They told me that there were very good doctors. I think almost everything depends on the doctor and methods he uses.

  • Marry - 16/11/2016 Reply

    As for me Ukraine is rather bad idea to go to. It is poor country. It is even hard to imagine what the medicine is there. I do not support those ones writing positive about this state. Of course it is just my own opinion. In addition it can be seen military actions there. It can dangerous to go there.

  • Cora - 16/11/2016 Reply

    Oh, no, it is quite safe in Ukraine. We were there and everything is ok. We visited the famous Andrew’s descent and bought there beautiful souvenirs. Also we were in St. Michael’s Cathedral, tried unique funicular railway. We liked very much historical part of the city Podil. We had surrogacy in Kiev. Before child’s birth we have the vultures of the mind. We were afraid surrogate would refuse to give our children. But clinic’s staff assured us that it’s impossible, and that is not to be thought of. Of course, we were anxious about child’s health. We even showed our personal doctor all tests’ results and protocols. And he confirmed everything is well, child is doing well and has been developing normally. When our surrogate gave birth we were taken to the maternity clinic on this very day, and we saw our little miracle! It was an incredible feeling!

    • Sonny - 16/11/2016 Reply

      Oh, I understand perfectly what you are talking about. My husband started to cry when took a newborn baby in his arms. And then I couldn’t suppress my feelings. We cried with happiness! We also made surrogacy. And we also had a certain doubts. But at that moment, all our anxiety and fears evaporated. We took our baby in arms. And it was the most important. Soon, clinic workers finished all the issues related to the documents. And we successfully went home two weeks after child’s birth. Always keep a healthy sense of humor and positive attitude. Because in difficult situations it helps to go through the fear, resolve a conflict, and find right and wise solution of any issue. Good luck to all!

  • Erin - 16/11/2016 Reply

    We have chosen the third world country after trying the high European level. After numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts my husband said we must try Ukraine. We used biotexcom clinic. I answered he was crazy! But I trust my lovely hubby. And I agree with him. We used surrogacy in this Kiev center. All nine months, of course we worried everything would be normal and pregnancy of our mother went well. All the time our manager contacted us and mortified our fear and excitement. We had received all the results of surrogate mother’s tests, photos and video of our baby during ultrasound investigations, as well as necessary consultations and BioTexCom expert advices. All these helped us to calm down a little! We arrived in Kiev a month before the child’s birth. All this time we just waited for the day our long-awaited baby will come into the world. City tours helped us to take our mind off, as it’s said to stop and smell the roses. Clinic kindly provided us interesting and comfortable city excursions. We have seen incredibly beautiful, ancient Kiev.

  • Alex - 16/11/2016 Reply

    Child with guarantee. Oh my God! It sounds awful! I can’t understand how the world has reached the point when child can be bought! It’s rather difficult to accept and understand. If you can’t have children in a natural way it’s your own fate. Don’t try to be smarter than the Mother Nature or God. IVF children, or tube babies as they are named, are a kind of design. It’s not natural at all. I know that such babies have health problems. They catch a cold for example more often than children who were born in a natural way. I think that until there are countries that ban such terrible procedures as surrogacy, IVF, donor eggs the world can stay alive. But I guess that in future it will be a planet of robots and designed people. And if you have to “decide between two things: high European service or a third world country and child with guarantee” the most normal and ideal variant will be to adopt an orphan. It is much better. It’s my opinion.

    • Emilly - 16/11/2016 Reply

      It is needed to understand why you can’t conceive a baby in a natural way. I also think child birth must be the way it should be. But not the way someone created. Today as a result of ART development people have a great opportunity to earn big money. First of all surrogacy and egg donation is a huge business. People earn on infertility disease. It is awful as for me.

  • Clairen - 16/11/2016 Reply

    People, please, stop helping millionaires to earn money using your problem and distress. Stay to be real people. And don’t think you can’t solve the problem without high modern technologies. In fact people are smarter than technologies. And you know it. There are other variants to deal with infertility problem in fact.

  • HannaWoW - 16/11/2016 Reply

    My own opinion is Ukrainian clinics are really of European level. Yes, of course Ukraine is not enough developed country yet. Nevertheless one can find a good medical center there. My friend was in one of such. She told that workers met all her requirements and needs. They conducted absolutely all medical tests in the independent laboratory. She used surrogacy and without problems have a healthy child today. She is extremely happy and recommends Ukrainian centers 100 %. Moreover in connection with the last news I can see the question of surrogacy will develop. My husband and I want to have one more child. But I am 40 already. So I need the egg donation. Now I’m thinking of going to Ukraine and use medical services of one of the best centers there. Clients are provided with great medical packages that couldn’t be found in any other country. In addition guarantee of needed result and all-inclusive packages. What is still better?

  • Vikky - 16/11/2016 Reply

    Hello, ladies! I completely disagree with you concerning Biotexcom. From very beginning something went wrong with our journey. Maybe I will be pelt with stones, but Ukraine is horrible country. In the capital’s airport we were met by the driver of the clinic. He kindly helped us to carry our luggage to the bus. He told us that we can sit down and wait for an hour because he needs to meet some more patients. I think a self-respecting clinic should have enough taxi drivers to meet their patients. We were tired and it was spent much time for waiting in taxi. In the car we saw another couple who also waited. It was a comfortable car interior with TV set and chairs. In hour having gathered all patients together the driver carried us. We had to be brought in one of clinic’s accommodation. They have special hostels for center’s clients. On the way there we curiously looked at the views from the window. Somewhere it was beautiful, somewhere seedy but it was extremely green everywhere. Kiev is really a city of parks, as it is wrote everywhere. The same time our way to hotel was very “turbulent”! Roads are probably the worst problem of the state of Ukraine. Only after driving from the airport a terrible things began. All the way we were thrown up inside the car. It seemed that we were not on the metropolitan highway but over a plowed field. And despite the fact that both car and driver were very good we came out of it with «green» faces and rocking a little after such a trip.

    • BarbyOH - 18/11/2016 Reply

      Oh, I understand you! We thought we would be crazy. Moreover we were very hungry. But we were proposed only to drink coffee with cakes! During those hours of waiting we had to submit all medical examinations. But there were no free nurses to take blood. And when it was the time to make blood tests, manager came and said that if we want to see doctor we should be very hurry… Have you ever seen such service in other places?? In 4 hours our manager finally invited us to the doctor’s cabinet. Communication with her was not so long. The doctor asked questions regarding my and husband’s health. Then doctor reaffirmed a decision that we are recommended surrogacy with donor eggs. She wrote out the form on the standard medical tests for my husband. Since my genetic material will not be used. It took us about 4.30 hours to complete all these elementary procedures. In European hospitals all these take about 20 minutes. Oh well. As it is said it gets worse and worse as it goes on.

      • Mary JJ - 18/11/2016 Reply

        We also had the same situation. We had to wait much time in the clinic. Our consultant explained to us that since this surrogacy program with donor eggs we can immediately sign the contract. She noted only after the contract signing and first disbursement (6 thousand Euros) our program will be activated. Doctors will start selection of appropriate donor, surrogate mother and their stimulation. Our participation in this process is not required. My husband just has to come to the clinic on the day of puncture. Since my husband’s sperm fertilizes an embryologist donor eggs and within five days of mature embryo transfers performed a surrogate mother. After our question concerning how fast our program will start manager replied that due to the great number of patients, women who are willing to bear a child is off. So we must wait for about half a year. My husband and I referring to the long- term period of expectation refused. Maybe we we’ll back a little later. The driver took us to the airport at the appointed time. And we successfully flew home.

  • MonnD - 16/11/2016 Reply

    After hearing so many positive results I am planning to go to Biotexcom. I have already connected with manager. She explained me what medical records I would have to give. I also liked that it is written that is possible to choose the donor by the photo. So we are still choosing the donor and waiting for the response of our manager. I hope to go to Ukraine as soon as possible. If you can give more information due to your experience there I would be very glad. Thank you in advance.

  • Iris - 16/11/2016 Reply

    Facts seem very confident in this article. But I am sure I would never dare to travel to India because of their unsanitary conditions. How can I be sure my baby won’t suffer from infections? And as I know nowadays because of new law in India surrogacy programs are impossible for foreigners from the countries where surrogacy is illegal. And I disagree with the authors concerning the state that you cannot find European service in Kiev. I was in Kiev and it was good enough. And I am at the stage of negotiations with Biotexcom and I guess we will sign the agreement for donation.

    • Lilu - 23/01/2017 Reply

      You must be wrong! India has great conditions especially for their price. I haven’t been there but I trust my sister and if she said everything was fine that means it was great! But Ukraine…this country is poor, their political problems are well known all over the world but if not them, nobody would know where it is.
      I’m just curious did you sign a contract?

      • Iris - 24/01/2017 Reply

        You’re so confident in what you say, have you been there? I can’t stand when people try to make any suggestions or pretend having deep understanding of the world. Your words are sharp but they have nothing behind them, you just repeat what you’ve been told like a parrot. I don’t want to continue this conversation, it’s pointless.

  • PatPM - 18/11/2016 Reply

    Being in biotexcom we lived in the hotel Petropavlavskaya Borshchagovka. We saw not really fresh room in which other clients of clinic lived. Some of them already had newborn children. My husband and I were said that we can settle down and have a rest. The next day we will be taken by the driver to the clinic. In our accommodation we talked to couples who have already become happy parents. They told me that of course conditions and service are not at the appropriate level. We were not able to have a normal night’s sleep in the hotel. Because there were couples with newborn children. They cried all night and parents went from room to room talking emotionally. Early in the morning we went to the clinic. In the clinic we were met by the manager with whom I charted online. A pleasant, well — dressed lady, about 27 years old. She invited us to sit down and wait. Turning around we did not find free place where we could sit down. A clinic is relatively small building and there were a great number of patients! Someone sat on a small couch in the lobby, someone on the stairs near the entrance. People spoke different languages: English, German, French, and Italian etc. Among them managers could be seen who fluently spoke these languages. We waited for about 4 hours until we were invited to see a doctor. During the waiting time we had an opportunity to do nothing! It is awful!

    • Kandy - 18/11/2016 Reply

      I disagree with some statements. Some of you described many disadvantages. They can be considered as real pros of the clinic. You always tell about people, crowds, huge lines to doctor. But don’t you really understand what it means? If clinic was bad you wouldn’t see so many clients from different countries. And their success rate as I know out of competition. And you had a chance to see it. You were irritated by endless children crying, who were born in Biotexcom))) It is very funny) Did you prefer not to see and hear children?) These were the evidences of birthing the children. How are you going to be a mother if children crying irritates and tires you so much? Mothers of newborn don’t sleep for a long-long time)

  • Anna Ava - 18/11/2016 Reply

    And concerning service, according to the site you approximately paid 29.900 for unlimited attempts. The price included accommodation, meals, transportation. And it is in comparison with near 180.000 for one attempt in USA, without all, only for treatment. And you are arguing because of one, I want to notice, comfortable taxi for a few clients? It is not honestly from your side. I agree that it is not easy to wait all that time in order to visit a doctor. And it is not very comfortable when there are no comfortable places for waiting. All these are real cons of the clinic. But is it really more important for you then having a baby? Usually infertile couples overcome so much troubles and tragedies that these disadvantages don’t have any matter for them. You are different. Maybe you are too young. And you haven’t time to go through hell of infertility. Maybe you just don’t have with what to compare. I don’t know the reason of your attitude.

  • LindaCr - 18/11/2016 Reply

    I know couples, who were failed after first attempt and after second and even after third in Biotexcom. But I don’t know the couple who finally came home without their baby. As I know they are the only one who proposes guarantee package. Sometimes it happens program does not finish with success at once. But at last the result is positive nevertheless.

    • Agatha - 24/01/2017 Reply

      Hm..interesting. How could you know many couples from biotexcom who failed and who succeeded? Are you working there? I think it’s the most logical explanation.

    • hopeforthebest - 12/06/2017 Reply

      no one is protected for the fail, sometimes the nature knows more that’s why several attempts don’t work for the couples. nevertheless, lots of clinics truly want to help infertile couples, including the clinic you were talking about. I believe they really help, fortunately I didn’t face infertility issues but I saw my sister who has lost her faith many years ago. I know how this hurts and I don’t want other couples face it.
      I wish every infertile woman gains her happiness with the help of reproductive medicine.

  • Liz M - 12/12/2016 Reply

    My husband and I are thrilled with our Surrogacy agency in Ukraine – they are like a family to us and we have taken the guaranteed surrogacy package. The clinic they use is one of the highest in Ukraine. The service they give us includes accommodation, IVF, Surragacy, legal fees and everything we need. We have become great friends with Sergey and his team.

  • lalaland - 19/01/2017 Reply

    I am not sure about services in Ukraine, streets are indeed a little dirtier than you got used to see in Europe for example but my clinic did everything so we didn’t feel left out. they have provided us with a car and a hotel room, even suggested we move into another apartment but we refused to do so because we wanted to stay as near to the clinic as possible. If we are talking about ukrainian clinics then this is what I think they are, I went to the most popular clinic in Ukraine (indeed it is a popular direction) and I was surprised by the quality of their services! and i didn;’t think too much about other stuff because I went straight to the clinic and were provided with all of the necessities so we didn;t have to go shopping or other stuff

  • Keira - 19/01/2017 Reply

    Well, haters gonna hate, right? It seems senseless to me to discuss which clinic is better, because opinions differ and what is nothing for one is a tragedy for another and the same about positive side. I don’t know if it’s sensible to judge clinics and even whole countries by particular cases and average success fate. Everyone who want to start treatment must rely only on bare facts: equipment, staff experience, amount of satisfied patients, amount of clients per year, price-quality balance.
    I don’t know about IVF, fortunately I don’t have problems with fertility but when I need to find a clinic for my children’s’ treatment then I’m not going to judge it by the size, lines and so on.

    • annny - 23/03/2017 Reply

      agreed with you.
      we are going to visit kyiv this month. our goal is to have a baby for our own. honestly, we won’t look on the city or people around. first of all, we have to define the clinic’s services and its attitude to us. I suppose it the main reason in this case. I see lots of you wrote about Kiev and bad conditions of the roads… who cares about it? tell me honestly, I suppose it just our human element, we do something worse than it really is…

  • Lilu - 19/01/2017 Reply

    While looking for fertility treatment I met different offers from clinics in different countries and at least tree clinics offer guarantee programs…so I can’t agree with some statements from the article. However, I can say for sure that fertility treatment in India was pretty good. My sister tried to conceive for years and after multiple ivf miscarriages she succeeded after her treatment there. Unfortunately, it’s my time to face fertility issues and I now need to find a surrogate mother but India doesn’t deal with it anymore if clients are foreigners. I never thought of Ukraine as a fertility destination and want to choose another country. None of my friends were there and it’s hard to imagine that doctors there are able to do what I need, despite these positive comments. I just don’t trust them.

  • Nathan - 20/01/2017 Reply

    Child with guarantee? Are you nuts here? Maybe you are looking for cheapest children on the internet and then leave reviews on them? Women you are insane, there are lots of children starving on the streets and you’re “buying” children abroad with guarantee…

    • Lilu - 23/01/2017 Reply

      Hello, Nathan. May I ask you if you ever faced fertility problems? I guess, not. So, why on earth do you make judgments like this? When ART is your only hope and you’ve been through numerous rounds of IVF, which cost lots of money, you start to find a place which can give you more than a slight hope for success. If I’m not mistaken, ‘guarantee’ means that you’ll get all your money back in case of few failures in a row. By the way, you can’t just take a starving child from the street…

  • Agatha - 20/01/2017 Reply

    To be honest, I don’t get it…There are lots of countries in Europe an this article is mainly ’bout France, Spain and Ukraine. It’s odd only for me, uh? It’s with those two but Ukraine…I know nothing about this country but as far as I understand none of the clinic there could afford modern equipment. Do they have at least MRI there? If I had such problems I would go to more civilized country. IMHO

  • Nathan - 23/01/2017 Reply

    You’re right, I don’t have any fertility issues and I don’t have kids. I’m sure you won’t deny that there is another option, infertile couples may adopt children. I don’t understand why then they suffer, why they can’t make any orphan happier?

    • Lilu - 23/01/2017 Reply

      I reckon this was meant for me. Well, if you don’t know what is IVF then why are you trying to persuade those who live with this for a long time? Do you know at least something about adoption procedure? Do you know it may take years? Do you know that it’s extremely expensive?
      Next time make sure you are informed about the things you discuss.

      • Nathan - 02/02/2017 Reply

        I know what IVF is and I’m sure there are some difficulties with adoption process. However, you got me wrong. I meant that it’s easier to adopt because it’s harmless. You don’t need to have any treatment and other things to your body. It’s painless and you can have a baby that can walk, talk. It’s great, isn’t it?

        • Lilu - 02/02/2017 Reply

          Well, your words make sense after all, only most couples want to have babies genetically related to them. They want to go through all those trials that people face when having own babies.

          • Nathan - 02/02/2017

            Maybe it’s impossible to understand if you are not a woman not able to become a mother.

    • litret29 - 03/03/2017 Reply

      you cannot adopt a newborn child or it is SOOOOOOO hard to do
      it is very hard, it is even impossible. and there is no way this child is going o be genetically connected to at least one of the couple. At least I can make my husband happy with having a child from him with the help of surrogate mother and egg donation treatment
      I would be happy to adopt a child if the adoption process would be a little bit more easier

      • katie - 29/03/2017 Reply

        I understand you very well.
        my goal is to be gifted with a child who is genetically connected to my husband. I couldn’t bear a baby by myself because I don’t have any reproductive organs. I was a man in the previous my life. and thanks biotex we got a chance to complete our family. our initial was a few days ago but I’m happy to say that we are official participants in de surrogacy. i don’t know how long will the program take but I’m ready to it.

        • litret29 - 29/03/2017 Reply

          yes! you are right, I think that for me and you having a child genetically connected to you or your partner should be more important than all of the other things. I know it is harsh but it is how it is. we should care for ourselves when the mother nature does not want to do so
          she left us without the ability to have kids and some say that we should accept it well no
          the human race itself survived because humans were not accepting any inconvenience. like we didn’t have airplanes back then but I do not see people complaining about them. oh no they complain about having babies born after art when they have no knowledge and experience whatsoever

          PS good luck 🙂

          • katie - 30/03/2017

            Thank you very much for such warm words
            I understand what you want to say. We lost the ability to have children not because of our will. The God decided to give us a challenge and we have to overcome this. I do not blame other people who have babies I just want to say they do not understand what is to be infertile.
            adoption itself is not so bad but it is just now my way of life. as I can’t be related to the baby I wish my husband will prolong our generation.

  • NickoNick - 23/01/2017 Reply

    I find this article very interesting…I never thought of IVF like that, actually the only thing I knew about it was general definition. I didn’t even think there are lots of requirements and restrictions. The list of leading IVF countries is also unexpected. Poor women, you need to overcome so many obstacles not showing your fear. I wish there was no infertility at all!

  • Monroe - 26/01/2017 Reply

    I googled fertility clinics in Ukraine and contacted few of them. Well, they really have pretty nice services for that price. I’m still hesitating and I’m afraid of being treated wrong. Anyway, I’m going to Kiev and after visiting few clinics personally I’ll choose the one which fits me better.

    • litret29 - 03/03/2017 Reply

      I was looking for the clinic for surrogacy programs as I am infertile due to uterus cancer. I am not able to carry a child and to give my oocytes for the Sm to be able to carry a child of mine.
      I was so upset about the law system in my country that totally forbids commercial surrogacy, allowing only altruistic one. The thing is that it is unbelievably hard to find a woman who will be carrying a child for you basically for free. that’s why we have been looking for some options in Europe as US is too far away from us and their surrogacy programs are a lot more expensive than you would think.
      That’s why for now we have chosen Biotexcom clinic,which is situated too in Kiev!
      I think that our choice was great!
      Their prices cannot even be compared to those in US, the waiting time is at its minimum. Like a months or two. And all of the surrogates are healthy and young women.

  • Lilu - 02/02/2017 Reply

    Well, your words make sense after all, only most couples want to have babies genetically related to them. They want to go through all those trials that people face when having own babies.

  • DosTres - 02/03/2017 Reply

    I was ready to give up all attempts to become a mother after my third IVF attempt. Fortunately, I was told about few clinics with high success rate, but all of them were in Europe. After a discussion my husband and I decided to move on. We agreed to have one more cycle and if a result is negative then we will think about surrogacy. The 4th IVF was successful and it was a miracle. I appreciate every little sign which lead me to happiness.

  • lalaland - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I have only been looking at those clinics that actually can guarantee the successful outcome. to be quite honest, there are not so many clinics that can do so. I know that it is hard to do but some clinic managed to figure out how tey can help infertile couples so they feel safe and sure in their future. Infertility can’t be cured in many cases but it can be helped with infertility treatments. ivf or icsi, surrogacy or maybe for someone it is too much.
    anyways, I applaud those clinics that offer wide ranges of contracts. it shows at least for me that they are thinking about their clients they understand what we infertile couples are undergoing every single day, how we feel ourselves…

  • Monroe - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I visited few Ukrainian clinics as I planned. Well, they are all different and to be honest it wasn’t difficult to choose one, at least for us. We wanted to be sure that we did the right choice. We were looking for surrogacy and found 2 clinics to visit. We read contracts of both cliinics and chose biotex. Obviously it provides their clients with all they need and first of all the clinic guarantees success. What else on earth could we want?

  • Am - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Ukrainian law is loyal to elder woman who still want to have children and I find it great, most European countries have restrictions as to upper age limits for women opting donor egg ivf. in Ukraine – there are no restrictions. is it good or bad? well, some will tell this is not right, but I will tell this is great because age shouldn’t be an obstacle on the way to parenting

    • litret29 - 06/03/2017 Reply

      that is what pisses me off basically
      why cannot they offer egg donation programs for those who are over 50 years old or I have heard about the limit of 45 years old. like I understand why they close funding for those women and why don’t they offer ivf oe but what’s wrong with egg donation? it is the perfect treatment for those who have no egg cells and follicles at all.

  • inblue - 05/03/2017 Reply

    yes, really it was difficult to choose. there are so many fertility centres in Ukraine, not only Kiev, but other big cities. when we traveled, we managed to visit three clinics just in a day! all initial consultations were for free, so it was not problem. each of them offered different conditions for different prices. we were opting for own eggs surrogacy. finally chose biotexcom all inclusive contract for 39k euro. our surrogate is now 14 weeks pregnant

    • Qarmen - 07/03/2017 Reply

      Inblue, have you visited other clinics in Ukraine? Which clinics were in your list? Why did you choose Biotexcom? Is it the cheapest clinic among those you’ve visited? Does it have the best conditions? What does “all inclusive” stand for? Are you keeping in touch with your surrogate mother?

      • inblue - 07/03/2017 Reply

        So many questions! Ok, we visited Ilaya and Victoria clinic. Prices are higher there, no guarantees provided and poorer support package than in biotx. Also, in biotex we saw a lot of people, from all over the world. So many intended parents and some who were already with babies. I think it’s very informative. Many people choose them. Of course, we chose a package with guarantees which means they will give you as much attempts as needed, for no extra fee. All inclusive means you won’t have to pay for anything but for your contact fee (ours is 39k). it also covers housing, food and transport, as well as all medical and legal service.
        As to keeping in touch with surro, we communicate via clinic’s representative who in the meantime helps translating (she doesn’t speak English).

        • Qarmen - 09/03/2017 Reply

          I see. Does it mean that in Ilaya and Vitoria there were not many people? And if they don’t provide their clients with a room, transfer, food and other things people usually need, they must at least help those couples with this. As for me, I don’t like all this booking thing. I’m afraid of possible failures, what if I’m left with nothing. It’s great that Biotexcom cares about its clients’ comfort.

          • inblue - 10/03/2017

            Yes, from these three only Biotex provided all inclusive support package. they take care of everything and their hotels are very nice. it will also depend on the type of contract you choose: with standard they accommodate you in hotel, with VIP you’ll live in luxurious apartment. There will be a driver to take you to and from the clinic. If you want, they will arrange sightseeing for you.
            They also take care of translations. They have managers speaking different languages. We’ve met couples even from China and Australia there, so it seems it worth even such long travel

          • Am - 13/03/2017

            yes, they provide you with all range of service you may need throughout all your surrogacy journey. apart from accommodation and meals that were really very tasty, we were pleasantly surprised with the manager. she speaks English very well and is very responsive. They even took us for sightseeing

  • Ibrahimivic - 06/03/2017 Reply

    It seems the world customer underestimates the level of Ukrainian medical service. I find it a bit not fair. If Ukraine tries to take a leading position among the competitive centers it will provide its clients and patients with high-quality treatment doing the best to be perfect because of strict requirements. I talk about this so confidently due to my recent cooperation with one Kiev clinic.
    Saying briefly I’m satisfied and pleasantly surprised. Things which seemed unrealizable today they are in me. And I can feel their movement and heartbeat inside. I’m recommending Ukraine and Biotex in particular as the good affordable destination for the egg donation.

  • JJ87 - 06/03/2017 Reply

    Package with guarantee is the best offer for those who are not sure in success of their treatment. moreover, it makes clients believe in the place of their treatment. If you know that a clinic is ready to give all your money back then you could feel comfortable with the clinic. I found a fertility clinic with such guarantee program for my wife. It includes 5 attempts of IVF with donor eggs and, of course, a refund in case of negative results affter 5 attempts. Now my wife is at her 26th week of pregnancy. It took us 2 attempts to have such result. It’s wonderful that we have such opportunities.

  • Gionra - 07/03/2017 Reply

    We were in biotex 2 months ago and I had embryo transfer there. Well, maybe we were too lucky, but we were waiting for about 3 months, not 6. Everything went smoothly and without difficulties. I’d like to admit that clinical team consists of extremely careful and attentive people. We are satisfied with the way our program was performed. It’s really a good clinic.

  • borntobewild - 07/03/2017 Reply

    this is so funny that you call german medicine the best. I am sure that you, the author do not really know what you are talking about. because you are not german
    i have something to tell you. in Germany no one is ill or something everyone just does not want to deal with the medical system here. as for example, I had some issues with my back and I was put in the waiting list I applied in Jully and my consultation was meant to be in August. well, I hope that now you see it. and if we talk about ivf and other kinds of fertility treatments it is hard to find more unfriendly country than Germany.

    • pmpmp - 09/03/2017 Reply

      But who told that german medicine is the best? Probably the german people haha, anyway, donating eggs in order for others to become parents is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give. Personally, I didn’t face this by myself but I want to say thanks reproductive medicine lots of infertile couples could have a chance to be parents. And we are not allowed to take up this right.

  • Lotuz - 09/03/2017 Reply

    To the above I want to add my little story. In fact my story has been long and tough, but no desire to retell it in details. Suppose at least a half of present here had such experience and I don’t see necessity to bring our memories to life.
    Biotex has finally helped to finished our journey successfully. We heard about this place from moms Internet community. After full medical ex. It needed to use DE to achieve our awaited goal.
    Want to notice we were provided with personal apartment, at first we had a hotel room but we didn’t want to live beside other people. Amazing service, amazing attitude to the patients.
    Fortunately we needed only one attempt for having result. We are grateful and happy, and thinking about our next baby would be born via biotex technologies!

  • Carol - 09/03/2017 Reply

    Political and economical issues that take place in Ukraine do smell fishy and really don’t make people trust the clinics in the country. Though it’s far wrong way of accepting the situation. It shouldn’t influence the choice of Europeans in the sphere of medicine and ART in particular as far as these two spheres are not interconnected so deeply. Even more that only serves as a benefit for European people giving them an opportunity to get quality treatment for quite reasonable prices .. especially comparing to the same service in the so-called developed countries (where besides it comes out the quality suffers). It’s good to to hear that there are such clinics as biotexcom that provide really effective results and professional help for their clients.

  • Trumps - 10/03/2017 Reply

    Can’t say for sure we perceive Ukraine as a country which sunk in corruption, or we are wondering at its political scenes. Having a great problem, the problem that obstructs you to reach the dream for long, too long, everything associated to the government and acts of the politicians goes into the back ground. you’re facing only your screaming problem.
    Our family suffered from my illness. We’ve been wasting our finances to change anything to that. But got no results. We were told about Ukraine and this clinic in particular.
    And were even astonished when recognized them deeper. Now we can conclude that their reproductive medical assistance and quality of the service don’t depend on the domestic politics.
    Except of the legislation which permits to perform such treatment. (it was another one plus) Considering all facts, and also the fact we have full happy family with lovely tots. Can respond only by the thank!

  • Pet - 10/03/2017 Reply

    My journey has been lasting for so long and I actually started to think about surrogacy. But then I found information about Biotexcom and after reading dozens of positive reviews I changed my mind and started the last IVF cycle. Everything was great, I became pregnant, but something went wrong and I had a miscarriage. It still hurts, but fortunately I signed a contract which guarantees a switch to surrogacy in case of negative result. Hopefully we still have a chance to become parents saving our money.

    • berninya - 13/03/2017 Reply

      congratulations! I am happy for you having the opportunity of delivering a child
      this is amazing that you did not give up and actually went for another attempt! and that your clinic gave you that chance. I do not know your story but I think that it is very important that your dr believed in you and gave you the chances. well, this is life that it didn’t work out but I am sure that your further tx will result in a miracle!

  • Trumps - 10/03/2017 Reply

    Adding to my comment I want to say some word about one thing.
    We have such type clinics in Europe. It goes without saying. These clinics have amazing and attractive advertising resources promoting their commercial interests. But sometimes applying to them we can discover that they just haven’t relevant donor database, and provide only with frozen. Turning back our view to the biotex we deal with incredibly well-composed base. We have chosen a beautiful young woman who gave us her eggs for fertilization. I don’t know why we see such situation in comparing, but many young and educated ladies take part in donation in Ukraine.

  • lolla-olla - 13/03/2017 Reply

    Maybe this may sound a bit strange but my treatment in Ukraine left only pleasant impressions. If any treatment can to be pleasant at all. I had the specific expectations beforehand and We all remained satisfied. I got enough care there. The support and attention two thing I faced during my Ukrainian journey, so I’m grateful. I can recommend this country and Biotexcom in particular for couples which prefer to get fine service and modern medical assistance. I didn’t find any negative views from people who had applied to this clinic, and I know why it was so. Due to their skill to make dreams come true. Excuse me for such romantic comment, my good memories forced me to write such way. Thanks.

  • berninya - 13/03/2017 Reply

    it does not sound great when you put it llike that saying that it is the market. yeah I know that it is business and stuff butI tend to believe that not all clinics are evil and those that manage to leave a good impression are the ones worth the trust and hype over all. to be quite honest I am kind of in a disbelief that there are still ways of getting a child through a fertility clinic without being treated badly as something that brings you money. I still think that it is important to have a long and deep convo with your doctor talking about all of the options and when such a thing is impossible you may also think that your tx won’t be successful because you have no mutual understanding of where you both are coming. you and your dr

  • Am - 13/03/2017 Reply

    yes, they provide you with all range of service you may need throughout all your surrogacy journey. apart from accommodation and meals that were really very tasty, we were pleasantly surprised with the manager. she speaks English very well and is very responsive. They even took us for sightseeing

  • PrettyBaby - 13/03/2017 Reply

    we’ve been to Kiev last week. It’s a gorgeous country and we loved the people. Very tasty food but so many cars like in any big city.

  • deuts - 14/03/2017 Reply

    Just what we need – another way to create more humans on this planet. There’s more than enough here already.

    • loveliness - 15/03/2017 Reply

      wow such an awful comment!
      yes, this is what we need. we need other women and men to be happy as we are. I do not think that your comment is even fine here at this page. because here are all of the people interested in art technologies and I am not sure whether your point of view somehow synchronizes with ours.
      I think that it is not about other people when it comes to fertility issues. it is about your own personal development and moving towards their own dreams. such a disrespectful move of yours to come here and say something of this sort

  • fiji - 14/03/2017 Reply

    It’s so great that people infertile couples from different countries can find help and support all over the world! I have no fertility issues, I’m too young to have babies of my own, but my mother was diagnosed with this thing and she was devastated. Fortunately, doctors told her that she cantry IVF and she did so. I owe ART my life!

  • C. Xavier - 14/03/2017 Reply

    Very good inspiring results! You have created an empire! Your work outcomes and reviews about Biotex make everyone feels safe. I wish you keep on improving the service and carry out a work on bugs to reach new and new tops. My days became finer due to your professional assistance. Your methods and technics make human life richer, better, and full of hope!

  • Beatrice - 15/03/2017 Reply

    After 6 failed cycles of IVF I thought I would never become a mom, at least I need to spend dozens of thousands on next cycles. Unfortunately, I’ve found out about IVFs with guarantees too late. I wanted to have a child of my own so bad that I was ready to have at least 3 more cycles after my unsuccessful attempts. When I have read about Success package in Biotexcom clinic, I contacted them at once. I was so excited they were ready to take me into the program. And now I am a mother and i’m so proud of it. It took me 2 IVF cycles to become pregnant. Thanks to the clinic I have a family I always dreamed of.

  • Zumma - 15/03/2017 Reply

    I fell in love with their accuracy and reliability. In biotex we were informed that our we would have 5 steps of instalment, every payment would be made in specific appointed date. We would get all necessary and even more and no one would urge us to pay more than the sum noticed in the contract.
    A possibility of donor selection was just a good addition to our all impressions. Our boy born via biotex technologies is real reflection of their well done work, care and responsibility. He is healthy, his eyes shines as the stars.

  • loveliness - 15/03/2017 Reply

    “on average patients wait in line about six months”
    unbelievable!!! how is it even real? they are so quick. well…. are their surrogates and donors waiting ready for their clients? don’t they have to wait till the proper surrogate mother is found or as I assume all of the Ukrainian women go to their clinics and want to be surrogates
    I wonder why is it so.

    • Dussty - 16/03/2017 Reply

      I’m with biotex clinic now and my surrogate mother is to deliber my baby in 2 months. We chose a vip all inclusive contract and we’ve been waiting for our surrogate mother and a donor to be ready for embryo transfer less than 3 months. It was really fast. As we were told, they have very strict requirements to surrogate mothers and donors, if they are in a database it means they are tailored for the program, but doctors make more tests to be sure and it takes some time. I don’t know how many surrogate mothers work with them actually. But you, for example, are you ready to become a surrogate mother at the moment? I don’t think it’s for everyone.

      • loveliness - 16/03/2017 Reply

        wow congrats!
        so this is true!
        but how do they do it? like how do they find a surro mom that fast? i have heard that in some countries they spend more than a year but to match a surrogate mother in 2 months this is very fast in my opinion

        • Dussty - 17/03/2017 Reply

          Thank you! As far as I know, they have sort of surrogate mothers database. The only thing they need to do is to choose one who meets all requirements and if her health state is suitable then she is in. I think there are many women who would like to take part in the program. I don’t know why, but it is so. I don’t think it’s all because of money,it’s not enough. They are really kind women and they want to help others.

  • Nightly - 16/03/2017 Reply

    I’m pregnant.
    No might to describe how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.
    No, I feel this pleasant heaviness in my stomach and incredible lightness in my breast. I can compare this feeling with truck unloaded. ahah a bit foolishly.
    Why am I writing here? Just to say thank you, world! For these wonderful opportunities to feel what I feel now. And thank you, Ukraine! For such a hospitable place as Biotexcom.

    • katie - 20/03/2017 Reply

      great news dear. Wish I would get such wonderful news as you. I’ve been reading lots of good responses about ukraine. And we personally faced infertility problem. The surrogacy is only chance for us, hope our journey will be successful and we find the piece of happiness.

  • Mol - 17/03/2017 Reply

    We are happy we found out about biotexcom clinic. They made our dreamcome true. After long years of unseccessful ttc cycles we finally got our little long-awaited baby-girl. That’s wonderful we have such wonderful clinic in europe. Strongly reccommend it to everyone with fertility problem. Great professional stuff will definitely find the right solution for you.

  • Am - 18/03/2017 Reply

    congratulations to everyone who got pregnant recently or got their positive via surrogacy! Please keep posting about your success. It’s true that Ukraine is a one of the best destinations for fertility treatment, not only because of price, but mainly because oh high success rates

  • Warmth - 20/03/2017 Reply

    My husband and I were in Ukraine last year. We chose this country for fertility treatment. Maybe we are not that lucky as many other couples, but it didn’t wor for us. We were in Lviv, not in Kiev. Maybe we should choose another clinic, but after 2 failed IVF cycles we are afraid of new places. However, 2 clinics in Kiev have very good reviews and maybe in future we will be ready to start it all over again. Unfortunately, we didn’t collect enough information about different options at the beginning of our journey. Be very attentive when choosing a clinic, ladies.

  • A.S.Vardy - 20/03/2017 Reply

    We are agreeing with your reply. More than this now we’re considering Ukraine and particularly Kiev as an awesome traveling destination. We discovered delicious cuisine, amazing panoramas from the hills, people who gave a warmth while meeting. And exactly it’s a new page in reproductive medicine.
    In Biotex today’s combination of the price and the level of provided treatment is surprising!
    They give a hope and result at the same time. isn’t this incredible?

  • rebeccaahunt - 20/03/2017 Reply

    why not just adopt there are loads of kids who need parents

  • Am - 20/03/2017 Reply

    “just adopt” is probably one of the worst things an infertile couple may here. first of all, because it’s not as easy as “just adopt”. secondly, because adoption is a very intricate psychological process, it’s not only about parenting, much factors come all in one. and if you’re not ready for such a challenge, you’ll never be happy even if you manage to adopt. we faced both adoption and surrogacy so I know a lot about both. it’s an individual choice

    • danysh - 21/03/2017 Reply

      once we were advised to adopt a child. Gosh, you can’t imagine my feelings at that moment. I was like blowing up because I realized that I couldn’t grow up the stranger kid. I don’t want to say that I don’t love children but I already gave a birth to my little sun. we didn’t want our baby has a brother who is not connected to all us. probably i sound selfish but it was my attitude to the adoption. that’s why we decided to do surrogacy. as we live near ukraine we started to look for a clinic there. after months of searching and lots of consultations we found the most appropriate for us. i see many people have already talked about it. so, i suppose there is no need to describe the services and conditions they have. i just want to say thanks biotex, we’ll be parents soon.

      • Am - 22/03/2017 Reply

        unfortunately, you are right. it’s real very challenging to raise a child who spent a few first years in orphanage. if you adopt a newborn, it chnages much, but adopting a newborn is mission impossible. really. if you were lucky to be matched with a newborn, please share your experience

        • danysh - 28/03/2017 Reply

          no, I wasn’t. but a friend of mine has adopted a child, a newborn one. but there was one problem. As the baby was from Guatemala, and grew up in a fairly diverse neighborhood, but was uncomfortable being in a transracial family. He was ok with it but with time when he became older the attitude became more complicated and now it seems even more complicated as it was before. Sometimes, to avoid questions from people at school, he has to say that the woman who came to pick him up is hir neighbor, not his mother. I suppose this is awful.
          And long before adolescence, parents should be preparing their child to cope with racism because it will occur even without their knowing.
          Such children are poor, don’t you think so?

          • Am - 29/03/2017

            no, I don’t think they are poor. Vice versa, they were happy to have a family and a place to call home. Children are cruel, you know. especially teens. they are bullying on whatever, and the color of skin is not exception (unfortunately). this guy shall be wiser than his peers. This is not easy, of course. Love is on top of everything else

  • myprecious - 21/03/2017 Reply

    Adoption is the best option if you can’t get kids of your own. Just think about all those poor children who were abandoned by their parents. They are suffering and all they need is your love and understanding. Imagine how it feels when there is no one to tell them a bedtime story or to kiss good night. no matter how hard the process is. In any case you’ll be rewarded for your mercy and you’ll be a parent.

    • rebeccaahunt - 21/03/2017 Reply

      I agree with you
      and I want to add that why those who either cannot have their own kids or cannot carry a child at all, why those women do not opt for adoption?
      isn’t it selfish?
      why can’t they just adopt a newborn who was left by his mother right the day of his birth? why don’t they just try and gift him a family, a mother…???

      • wuff - 22/03/2017 Reply

        do you know how it works?
        you can’t just come and adopt a newborn the day a child was left. do you know that there are lots of paperwork? do you know that not every couple is allowed to adopt a child? do you know how much money you need to adopt a baby? and what must be the most surprising for you it’s time you need to wait till you are able to adopt a kid.
        so please, don’t advise the ways you don’t understand

    • danysh - 22/03/2017 Reply

      I don’t want to say that adoption is bad or something like that. We just didn’t want to adopt any child. we realized that we would had an opportunity to have a baby who would be related to us.
      You know the process of adoption is really tough and have lots of pitfalls. That’s why we decided to avoid unpleasant situations and go other way. People are different and they have different opinions. They choose what is better for them.

    • kiki - 03/04/2017 Reply

      what’s the sense of talking about adoption in discussion of a surrogacy option article. I agree that the words “child with a guarantee sounds a bit rude and intolerable, but still many people have to use surrogacy treatment. this is their choice and no one is to be blamed for taking their own choices for own responsibility.

      • danysh - 04/04/2017 Reply

        As you I was explaining that everyone has a right to choose. I personally don’t want blame those who support surrogacy and this ‘child with guarantee’ because I also used to undergo such kind of treatment. due to my doc mistake I lost a possibility to bear a baby so I understand how it is to be an infertile, to know that I’m not like the others.

  • napoli - 21/03/2017 Reply

    perhaps to @rebecahunt
    Don’t want to argue in any case you can be wiser than me and others, maybe you’ve comprehended an adoption from other side and now see the right way.
    But coping with our hard issue, trying to overcome that dark time my husband and I discussed all variants. We tried to be objective regarding our problem.
    It was enough hard to make decision being under the pressure of different factors. I just wanna say we’ve chosen surrogacy and it helped us. It was our choice that gave us a blood relation to our baby.
    I see he looks like his father… am happy loving

  • crayonpink - 22/03/2017 Reply

    why not just mind your own business and leave those women alone? it is their own lives, they should be free to manage them the way they want it. i think that all of the options should be available for everyone esp those of ivf and surrogacy. adoption is the very good option for those who want to devote their lives to help kids from the poor families. or kids without parents at all.
    I am sure that there are people who want to help other and who will make the lives of poor children better

  • kundera - 22/03/2017 Reply

    It becomes an old question what to choose between adoption or reproductive treatment try. Different people live in totally different circumstances having different body and mental health conditions. These impact their views and final choice.
    Heard plenty of stories by the couples which faced the problem of the choice.
    Certainly they have had to do something with it, and after all they could explain why their choice was like that. And they really had reasons to act that way.
    (we plan to adopt a girl from eastern Asia, we already have a baby-boy via surro)

  • lucaandmark - 22/03/2017 Reply

    Having a lot of money exactly you may make your choice. A boy in vitro for today, a baby-girl from Asian orphanage the next day. In some countries for example in Scandinavia it’s quite difficult to adopt native born child because of the legislation that has many restrictions and complications. And easier to go abroad to participate in some reproductive programs and know it gives you more guarantees and rights. But today we all have to pay everything

  • kundera - 22/03/2017 Reply

    Human life is a deep pool of philosophical issues, we always intend to fill it with new and new important questions! But sometimes there’s no one absolute specific response to our seeking.
    Searching hardly for the answer we can aggravate our current situation, say a lot of rude and wrong things to each other. Each person walks the line he owns and if everyone is happy in the end (and parents and children and viewers) it will be the best response that we could expect for.

  • easygoing - 22/03/2017 Reply

    As a progressive human being, I have a positive attitude to surrogacy, to experiments on the human genome, and the treatment by means of stem cells. Surrogacy gives a chance to have a child that will be genetically of intended parents, but carried by another woman. In the first place, it is good for those couples who cannot have children for any reasons. You should not forget what era are we live in, there are also many women who don’t want to have children because they obsessed with shape of their body. I ‘m not a supporter to consider moral aspects in things that may give results. And the result of having a child, I think, can cover any kind of methods and moral principles.

  • Mada_ - 23/03/2017 Reply

    child with guarantee? hm is it even possible to guarantee something like that? like I get when clinic says that it is like 70 percent guarantee that you get the baby but there cannot be a total guarantee

    • fempower - 24/03/2017 Reply

      of course it is not possible to guarantee something of that sort but it is possible to make the chances even higher with different contract options. like you see, of course you cannot promise an infertile woman to have a baby right away but creating different kinds of contracts like for example 2 or 5 attempts egg donation contracts you can basically boost the chances, make them even higher. or if we’re talking about surrogacy some clinics offer unlimited contracts like they will try and try until you get your baby. 🙂

  • Claudia - 23/03/2017 Reply

    Having a great desire We thank biotex service and hospital staff. For their professional contribution to our life. Due to advanced medical assistance we received in Biotex we can live a full life and enjoy looking at our twins. We prefer and recommend this center for reproductology for all who wants to get quality and affordable treatment.

  • Purpleball - 23/03/2017 Reply

    Perhaps it sounds too unusual or even ironically. Not everyone can accept the wording “child with guarantee” because It grates on the ears. According to their statistics they have reached 70% mark. Guess it’s explained by their use of blastocysts and fresh donor eggs.
    Add the Ukrainian friendly legislation to that and you get the justified excellent destination for surrogacy and egg donation.

  • Turty - 23/03/2017 Reply

    It’s wonderful that there are places like this, with all these guarantees and affordable prices for treatments of all kinds. My husband and I tried to find anything worthy and we did it. It’s true, biotex really guarantees their clients success and do their best to provide them with a positive result.

  • brainiac - 23/03/2017 Reply

    I was in Ukraine last summer, visiting several clinics there! They all have really reasonable prices and a certain range of services that they provide. I should mark out that biotex deserves a special reviewing. It has a lot of advantages over the others clinics. In general,Ukraine is the only one country among a few where the law is not apply on experiments with reproductive techology and methods. That means that they are free to explore new technology against infertility. And they do it, indeed.

  • clovver - 24/03/2017 Reply

    I still cannot understand why some women go fro more than 5 ivf attempts when they basically know how damaging this can be to your health! I am sure the doctors know that you cannot do more than 5 ivfs on your own eggs and also on donor’s eggs. I just feel like they act like they do not know about the past of their clients as it can bring them money because they can only offer ivf oe treatment for example.
    i feel like it shouldn’t be that way, I feel like there should be a limit.
    you are not only ruining your body but influencing health of your future kids.

  • bethannny - 24/03/2017 Reply

    It is great that everyone can come and get like 5 ivf attempts basically for nothing. 5 attempts with refund. Even though you are that unlucky that all of that attempts are negative you will get your money back as the clinic, biotex that was mentioned in the article, promises to give your money back. How’s that?
    Feels like they are just wasting their own money to help us but I am sure that they just know that they will do everything possible to help you to get pregnant

  • amy - 24/03/2017 Reply

    When speaking about ivf solution, spouse support is of vital importance for sure. But the professionals (here I mean doctors first of course but the other staff as well) that you can trust and rely on is not less important factor. Having professional assistance is crucial in the process.. as it’s about your health, your life and your future ..and your future with or without your babies. That’s great that there exist such clinics in Europe where you can go through in vitro process and experience limited worries about everything including “bureaucracy” and all the rest organizational issues. I’m happy I’ve been with my Ukrainian clinic through the whole of my fragile ivf journey

  • engbaby - 27/03/2017 Reply

    why do I feel like this kind of a treatment should not be that hard to go through and to accomplish. like you should not feel trapped or something of this sort, you shouldn’t feel like you’ve been put through these conditions to perform something as simple as this. I feel like we should bee very proud of our decisions to go for ivf, egg donation, surrogacy or adoption. I feel like our government should take a full responsibility for it and try and make our experience less painful. or just to allow us to do anything for our reproduction freely and without issues.
    or it does sound stupid when you don’t have an actual right to do abortions but still you are forced to pay thousands in order to be simply accepted in the treatment. this is insane. that’s why we go for ukrainian clinics or for other ones… because we do not have a choice

  • Rupert - 27/03/2017 Reply

    my wife and I were trying to conceive for a long time. we tried different alternative methods of medicine, herbal treatment, accupuncture and other ways but no go. we were ready for everything but not for a life without kids. so we decided to find a doctor who could help us. we were advised to do IVF, but after numerous tests it became clear that my wife had problems with ovaries, eggs in particular. so, IVF with donor eggs became our life-saver. My wife is now pregnant and it was her first IVF ever. So, children with guarantees, it’s something that many people do need.

  • Adele - 27/03/2017 Reply

    I didn’t face the infertility but I know enough about it. By far, the infertility is a tough issue for every couple. We can’t be protected from it but we can deal with it. Thanks reproductive medicine and qualified doctors lots of infertile couples could be the parents. Of course, our health is huge. Not only is infertility difficult on our psyche, but it is certainly difficult physically. Going through IVF stimulation and retrieval requires lots of medications and can be (will be) taxing on women. But it’s not so important. They are brave and do everything in order to overcome their problems. I respect them and grateful to all who helped them.

  • Sue - 27/03/2017 Reply

    I got ED IVF treatment in Ukraine! I succeed at the second cycle! Now I have a healthy and beautiful doughter that looks just like me! They have an advanced level of reproductive medicine! In spite of uneasy sitiation in that country, the clinics there are excelent. and the services they provide are on a high level. As a client of one of the ukrainian clinics I give the highest grade to it!

  • kunga12 - 27/03/2017 Reply

    Could anybody suggest me the internet community consisted of the people who are satisfied by Biotex work? I’m jokingly asking but I’m agreed to be a part of such public.
    This clinic helped me to begin living a full life again. i thank their big staff for the experienced emotions. There is no absolutely right word to send my full gratitude!

    • wow - 30/03/2017 Reply

      there are plenty actually
      I know that there are this thread about surrogacy in Ukraine on the web-site fertilityfriends, all of the women there share their biotexcom experiences which is great to read and when you have some questions you can ask them and you will get replies very quickly
      this is not the only forum with biotex in it
      you should consider going to another forums and ask there if there is anyone who’s been to Biotex or know anything about the clinic.
      also condire looking for facebook communities too

  • koombaya - 28/03/2017 Reply

    actually I am thinking about ivf option right now
    but as for many the biggest issues here is that they cannot go for ivf in their home countries cos it is either banned or very complicated I have my own personal issues with this but I do not know whether some will understand me or not
    I am actually very afraid of needles and I am afraid of medical treatment itself. although I have been through some treatment before due to my numerous health problems I wasn’t a big fan of it and now even the simple thought of it is stressful to the point where I just can’t continue..
    what to do???
    PS there was a moment when I was seeking fertility advice and someone advised me to go for acupuncture… well, not the best advice to give.

  • Poppy - 28/03/2017 Reply

    Don’t you think it’s too much? Assisted reproductive technologies are so helpful to many people and I realize that some infertile couples have the only chance to become parents just because of them. But who decided to talk about children this way? Why on earth you are talking about selling and buying children? Really, having read the article and a few comments I begin to think that we live in the era of slavery, when a human life is another commodity. People, change your attitude towards this issue.

  • maurelis - 28/03/2017 Reply

    We do not need to cure infertility. If anything we need to extend it, as we have far too many people already.

    • curious - 28/03/2017 Reply

      What did you mean? Do you really think that we don’t need to cure infertility? what about other diseases? plague, cholera, tuberculosis, even cancer (curable stages) and others. But for the medicine and new technologies, maybe you would not be here texting this comment! What can you answer to this? Would you let the others die because ” we have many people already”?

    • wow - 29/03/2017 Reply

      I think you are a bit pessimistic as we should be very happy for others to be able to have kids
      we should work for other people’s happiness

    • Poppy - 29/03/2017 Reply

      I understand why you think this way, but it’s a bit wrong. It’s the same if you say that we don’t need to cure broken bones and different curable diseases just to let people die. It’s not actually the way we need to think. however, you are right about too many people on the planet. unfortunately, we aren’t able to solve our problems by ‘making’ less people. In my opinion, we can change our lifestyle in order to protect ourself and the planet.

  • paracelsus - 28/03/2017 Reply

    I didn’t know how to use a chat correctly on this site. so i’m writing for everyone. Saw the comment about acupuncture and infertility, I’ve seen the similar advices previously on other forums and sites. Some recommended herbal and even magical practice as the key to be healthy and finally having a child. I guess it was such kind of drivel. I think those advisors didn’t break their brain that their offered suspicious procedures and practices only could steal the golden time and money, and sometimes even a health from poor couples.
    I strongly ask you not to pay your attention on the different unscientific advertisings! Make your choice within the field of modern professional reproductology.

  • sunbeam4ever - 29/03/2017 Reply

    I feel like a sunbeam. Being in high spirits I don’t want to complain in any case, don’t intend to recollect bad fragments of my struggle for the fertility. The only thing I prefer to mention is that everybody should trust in success and never give up. No matter if you’re happy with biotexcom or with other center, the main thing is that you had made a right choice and that choice gave you an opportunity to be a parent. The best parent over the world! Be always happy!

  • amazer - 29/03/2017 Reply

    So intresting issue. I like the article and mostly i like to read comments. So many different views! Everyone tries to get across. I also want to express my thoughts. I´m actually was the person who used surrogacy for having my baby. And I´m very happy to have such opportunity. I´m very grateful for those women who decide to be surrogate mothers helping others to feel motherhood. It´s amazing.

  • xenon - 30/03/2017 Reply

    I wanted to have 2 children when I was a little girl. When I was told that it’s impossible with my health state, heaven only knows how hard it was to cope with. Years have passed and I became ready for fertility treatment. It was difficult, I’ve been with 3 different clinics, had different treatment and with no result. When I was in despair I chose the clinic abroad. I was afraid of going there, but it worked. I don’t know how but biotex made me a mom of twins! I recommend it!

  • MCMerfie - 30/03/2017 Reply

    We had cooperated with other clinic before we applied to Biotex. So we were prepared and knew approximately what to expect. Need to admit we didn’t believe in our success with this clinic. You can ask so why I have applied if I had a weak confidence. Because of their prices, we assumed that 6.9 K for 2 attempts was affordable variant to us.
    In fact I forgot to leave my comment in guestbook , but I have something to say. I’m so sorry for my previous doubts. Biotex deserves a credibility and it proves its ability to make lives better. I appreciate what this clinic made for me, and my happy family joins my attitude. THANK! GREAT!

  • kiki - 30/03/2017 Reply

    medical tourism is gaining pace all over the world, no wonder. medical service costs a pretty penny now and we all are searching for more achievable service, but same quality. I haven’t been to Ukraine, as well as to any of Post Soviet countries, but a lot of my friends were there and they were overwhelmed with the beauty of old cities there and hospitality of locals. great reading, thanks

  • Uri - 31/03/2017 Reply

    I’ve just read about the clinic which was mentioned here. Well, not bad I must admit. Good prices, advanced services. As far as i understand they are experienced in this field. I have no fertility issues but my wife has and we are trying to cope with it. Almost everyone is satified with biotex, that’s good. We don’t want to pay more for the same treatment elsewhere.

  • rikapor - 31/03/2017 Reply

    why is it or in the title? I thought that all of the quality services bring the children with the guarantee?
    I mean for those who struggle with infertility obviously

    those post-soviet countries actually look hideous
    I am freaking scared of them
    esp of Russia
    I have heard of its role in the situation in the east of Ukraine
    and I have refused to go to their fertility centers since then. I am not sure it is safer than Ukraine

  • danysh - 31/03/2017 Reply

    @Am , you right, an adoption is a hard issue for teens. Chemical changes in the teenage brain (shifting levels of dopamine) encourage youth to seek risks and new challenges. This occurs at a time when the youth’s brain is less effective at thinking through consequences and controlling impulses. As such, teens need guidance from adults, opportunities for healthy risk-taking activities, and chances to learn from experience. So, they as no one else need the support and care during adoption.

  • loveeverywhere - 31/03/2017 Reply

    I’m in the begining of the surrogacy program in Ukraine right now! Yesterday we’ve signed the contract! And I’m very happy and excited that I moved on from the point.
    The clinics there are good! I never believe in what other people say about Ukraine and I was right! The reproductive medicine is on a high level there. So don’t be afraid! Go there and make yourself happy parents.

    • Tudor - 04/04/2017 Reply

      Loveeverywhere, Hi!
      We also have the signed the contract two month ago. And now we get through the surrogacy, having the standard terms. It’s fine to read that you are happy getting their treatment. but how can you know anything about the quality of their medicine if you are just a new participant? Hah sorry, maybe you had previous experience with this establishment and you’re open to share.
      But anyway you are right. And if you really said this only due to your new impressions you’ll make your attitude stronger. They are truly the best for the current time.

  • artloveliness - 03/04/2017 Reply

    This article is so old but still it had a point
    I think that there will be a need for articles of this sort in the future too as for now there are a lot of issues with people treating infertile people
    I think that art medicine should be more common in the world and we should be more open for others choosing this kind of a tx for their own good

  • Medusa - 03/04/2017 Reply

    There are so many fertility clinics and centers for reproductive medicines, that I can’t even imagine how to choose one. I looked through 5 clinics and they are the same for me. Prices and services are the same, they all guarantee success but in reality I really think there are no differences between them. One just need to choose the nearest clinic and that’s it. No reason to go anywhere especially abroad.

  • Lesley Mitchell - 03/04/2017 Reply

    I also want to see such kind of articles more often. It’s interesting and I like to read comments, different opinions and arguments. I work in media and my theme is reproductive medicine worldwide. I search some materials and contct with people, and, surprisingly, Ukraine is among the first countries suggesting their services in reproductive medicine. there clinics provide a good quality treatment for infertility women. Especially, the clinic biotex. you can find it everywhere in the internet if the question is about surrogacy or egg donation. It is the only clinic in ukraine that have mostly an international direction.

  • Gigs - 04/04/2017 Reply

    We were lucky to have a cooperation with Bitex. Many things changes since we got it known.
    The most important among them was our baby-boy born in Kiev on the St. Patrick’s day.
    We can’t describe the gratitude directed to this holy gift. We understand that it wasn’t a miracle. These were years of hard search and fight, years of exploring and discovering.
    We wish them (our saviors) have good days through all their great life.

    • Honey - 19/05/2017 Reply

      My congrats to you! That’s a wonderful gift! I agree it all was achieved by your insistence and a long fight with infertility,but we don’t need to forget that it all happened thanks to the doctors in the clinic, their gold hands and experience in reproductive medicine! Cause you know that the success depends on many issues, one of them is professionality of the doctors!
      I share your happiness cause we also became parents with the help of Biotexcon clinic!!!
      Now we have a chance to experience this wonderful feeling of parenthood!

  • Peter J. - 04/04/2017 Reply

    My wife was born without a uterus but I still love you and we want to have a baby. Now we are with biotex, going through surrogacy program. Our surrogate mother is pregnant now and fingers crossed she will deliver a healthy baby for us. The clinic is good, services and their cost are sensible and pretty affordable. Medical personnel seems to be experienced. Now only good impressions. We are going to see the result.

    • katie - 05/04/2017 Reply

      I was born a man but I decided to change my sex. After long transformation I became a woman. A few years ago I met my future husband and we got married. A few weeks ago we have opted for the de surrogacy in biotex. Now we are waiting for our surrogate to be found. It’s just the beginning of our journey and I want to say I’m grateful all people there who accepted me as a real woman and treated me in that way.

  • Zarra - 05/04/2017 Reply

    My personal story wasn’t so unusual like Katie had. But I also found my solution and salvation in Biotexcom. I had a long terrible path of searching and trying before we’ve applied to Biotex. I’d want to tell about it, but it takes too large portion of a time.
    Now we are happy, our struggle was left behind. Thanks to Biotex and its ability to make lives better.
    Really we were ready to get lower quality of service. But they know how to surprise.

    • katie - 07/04/2017 Reply

      They do know how to surprise, we didn’t expect to be provided with everything we needed and with such low price. it’s amazing.!!! I’m curious did you like the clinic? I mean the design of it? My guess and reality were completely different. We liked everything we had there, I’m not sure about our second visit but first was great. Hoping for the best

  • sarah - 05/04/2017 Reply

    Great to hear good stories here. Never thought I would be in the situation where I would need some help in the sphere. Though I was lucky to get the information about the Ukrainian clinic just in time I found out that I couldn’t have children of my own. Thanks to the qualified assistance I’ve got cute girl now and happy to take care of her. I believe biotexcom will continue to help people for many years.

  • - 05/04/2017 Reply

    And how exactly did they surprise you? I’m here because followed the link from one women forum.
    I posted there about my wish to pass through the surrogacy and that I seek suitable variant but can’t find the best combination of medicine, compulsory services and the relevant price for that.
    I should admit many people recommend visiting Ukraine, but why?

    • katie - 13/04/2017 Reply

      Because it’s a very friendly country, where reproductive medicine is well-developed. There is a flexible legislation, which says that every infertile woman can be cured in appropriate way. It says that the surrogate won’t have any genetic relation to the baby, and won’t have any rights to take the baby with her.
      If we are talking about price, it is very cheap in comparising with the USA, as you know that country offers surrogacy but you have to pay a lot for it.
      Does it make sense now?
      Cheap prices, good conditions, loyal legislation, what else do you need?

  • Zarra - 05/04/2017 Reply

    They were real people, not cyborgs. Our couple received full support, all needed care. They understood that we were in stress in foreign and threatening environment, we lived through hard times and they knew that. We really felt safe, I needn’t to list their benefits. Just imagine a clinic where all services you need are available, you have pleasant and clear process of treatment, all your concerns and wishes are considered, and after all that you pay less than you expected.
    Are there any words needed?

  • paloma - 05/04/2017 Reply

    I was a surrogate mother 5 years ago. I wanted to help people and was sure that my deed was fantastic. I was a mother of a 3 yo child at that moment and I thought that after this process I will try to have the second baby. unfortunately, I was wrong. Labor was very complicated and doctors did their best to make things better, but all they could do to save me was to remove my uterus. Ain’t it funny? I was a surrogate mother who was looking for a surrogate mother for me. Well, we chose Biotexcom and we are totally satisfied. Our SM is pregnant with twins. I recommend this clinic

  • crazydaisy - 06/04/2017 Reply

    If the scientists, political leaders, philanthropists, and the like would stop trying to control human beings Divine right over our own bodies then there would be no: planned parenthood, artificial insemination, or government coerced reproductive choices etc. But there would be people in predominant control of their own bodies.

  • giugiu - 06/04/2017 Reply

    I thought that infertility leaves you no chances to become a parent if not to mention adoption. But it’s wonderful that many women are able to become mothers after treatment. It’s really amazing. I believe that one day scientists will create something to fight all diseases and our future will be better. fingers crossed

    • goddyfrog - 07/04/2017 Reply

      me too
      I did not know about any of those fertility issues and treatments. I am just very curious about what they all are and this is kind of new to me. Like…
      and now I look at the world and cannot close my eyes on such an awful this as infertility
      I have thought that all women can have kids and all men can be fertile but turns out that a lot of them experience a lot of fertility issues. how can that be????
      I hope all of us can be happy and it kills me that for some that happiness is unachievable because of those issues.

  • lucy - 06/04/2017 Reply

    I’ve been in biotex 3 years ago, we opted for de ivf with transfer to surrogacy. we knew that we wouldn’t succeed in de ivf so we have chosen the best option for us. Now, our son is 1,3 years old, my Matthew is so cute. thanks all people there, they saved my life. they gave our family a chance to change something.
    all who are against reproductive medicine, you just don’t understand those who are struggling for many years without success.

    • veryhopefulgirl - 10/04/2017 Reply

      is it an Indian clinic or something??
      BTW this is so great, I have never thought of surrogacy as of a positive thing before but now I think that it takes a lot of courage to even opt for it and even ivf sounded to me like something so bad and ungodly.
      well I was proven to be wrong

      • litret29 - 10/04/2017 Reply

        BioTexCom is a Ukrainian clinic, it has no relation to India at all.
        I can understand you and your feelings as everyone has been on this stage when we could not approve something that was making us awkward.
        I am happy that you went through it with dignity and your views are progressive.
        good luck to you with anything you’re opting for and want to start!

  • Kirra-Slo - 06/04/2017 Reply

    I first heard about Biotex when we travelled across Europe 4 years ago. We’ve been to Ukraine and stayed at one amazing family (we arranged to live there on Internet)
    And they told us about that place. Unfortunately, in three years after our visit we found out that we couldn’t have children in natural way. We are quite decisive people and we have recalled about our old talk about Biotex it was the first word we put down in google search.
    We recently have become a parents of beautiful twins. But it is a completely different story too long to tell.
    Don’t worry, don’t lose your time, call them, let they help your family become happier.

  • dolores - 07/04/2017 Reply

    Before surrogacy became the only chance for us to have a baby of ours we thought that surrogacy is quite specific and complicated thing. to be honest I was a bit against this. It seemd not right to pay other woman for carring your baby. It’s like selling and buying children. But things have changed. When you personally face infertility you begin to think different. That’s why I think that we can’t judge people for what they do in every particular situation. You never know what would you do if something happen to you or your family

    • donuts - 10/04/2017 Reply

      you are right, sometimes we do not pay attention to things we have never faced with. my situation was similar. we didn’t support surrogacy but everything has been changed when we had to know that it was the only option for us. the doc has diagnosed me with a cancer and that was a shock!! all my dreams to be a mom have been broken at one moment.
      all my friends didn’t understand me and my dear husband drew apart, infertility became my worst enemy… so I exactly understand those who are struggling with this issue, it’s hart and devastating, exhausting and cruel to people

  • Sunflower - 07/04/2017 Reply

    I can totally understand all couples with infertility problems! The doctors adviced me to use surrogacy on donor´s eggs as the only way to have children. But we refused! It is very expensive, it´s like I buy a child…My husband and I adopted a child from an orphan home. and we are very happy that we can make happy our son. We are glad thta we can give him a home and loving and caring family!

  • the simpsons - 07/04/2017 Reply

    Amazing place to have successful journey and good time when you don’t deal with the clinic. I mean Biotex and particularly Kiev, it’s a very nice city. We had chance to visit it twice.
    And also it was great luck to find references to Biotex on internet. That what we had read magnetized us to this center. We really couldn’t find better option considering all advantages.
    We’re joining all the positive feedbacks and laughing at all negative ones. This place deserves to have an untarnished reputation.

  • veryhopefulgirl - 10/04/2017 Reply

    Is India like forever closed right now? for surrogacy and egg donation? did they stop doing this at all or something? why? do not really get why some countries decide to not continue with receiving foreigners as is not it a great way to make money? or it does not affect the state? and if so why the hell would someone forbid surrogacy at all?
    well, what to do then? as I have heard that India was one of the most reliable options in the world…

    • litret29 - 10/04/2017 Reply

      no one knows if it is for forever but this is not an option for us, foreigners, only Indian citizens can opt for it and that’s all.
      we still have a lot of open options for us. for example the US or Ukraine. but as you could read that Ukraine has surpassed American reproductive system and keeps surpassing it.
      this is not a question of ours we have no knowledge to even have our own opinion on it because we have no connection to the government of India or something. so it was their choice and we have to work with it.

  • Hornet - 10/04/2017 Reply

    I was looking for surrogacy for a few years. It’s not the cheapest procedure, you know, and we need some time to save money for that. We decided to go to India but we didn’t expect that this option wouldn’t be available for foreigners. We were shocked literally. It was a chep option and we were not ready to pay more so other vatiants were unsuitable. but then we found out about Ukrainian surrogacy and after careful consideration we agreed to try. 30k, 40k, 50k are biotexcom’s prices for different surrogacy programs. Well, in comparison to other clinics we’ve found that was pretty ok. We signed a contract and all we need now is wait. I hope everything will be alright

  • T.G.N.Z.Ch - 10/04/2017 Reply

    We all are applying to the clinics to receive some help and solve our health problems. Sometimes clinics make us healthier we really feel gratitude and recommend them to others. Because of good opinion that has been formed after treatment. that’s reasonable.
    But sometimes untypical cases happen. We were with biotex and we also feel gratitude to it.
    Furthermore, we should say we have another kind of feelings, I don’t mean any contradictory feelings.
    We still feel its participation in our renewed life. All around was kind of beautified, repaired, changed.
    Maybe this impression is building on very specific things. You know we were people who had no children and tried hard to change that injustice at the same time.
    And now we are parents, we love and we are truly loved, we see how our babies grow, it’s a magic and normal course of reality.
    And after all we find our own reality in beautiful colors with marvelous sound of babies’ laugh.
    We are grateful for the way and approach by which Biotex changes the world.

  • jumie - 10/04/2017 Reply

    We were in ukrainian clinic, called biotex. The good things of it are the services they provide, success rates, as we had our child thanks to this clinic and the quickness of procedures. We waited for our surrogate mother only for two months instead of six. All the rest is not significant at all!!! the important thing is achieving of pregnancy or child birth by surro.

  • jass - 10/04/2017 Reply

    I believe Ukraine is considered a country with a very well developed reproduction medicine. And it’s not by chance. Biotexcom is a good place to come and have your dreams come true. I was a bit sceptical about all that first. But we understood that ART is the only way out for us when we found out about Ukraine. Some time later we went there for our initial meeting with the doctor and were positively impressed with everything. Finally we signed the contract and had successful pregnancy from the first ivf attempt.

    • Lovely - 11/04/2017 Reply

      jass, My congrats! That’s amazing you did from the first cycle!
      I had a succesful pregnancy with twince!!! Now they are 2 yo. We are happy parents and we are so gtaeful to biotex for bringing us double joy and happiness. More than two years are gone and I still remember all my feelings, all the procedures I had. And when my children grown up a little more, we will go to Ukraine, to Kiev and visit our clinic there, already having a complete family to say hello and thanks.

    • donuts - 11/04/2017 Reply

      I found this
      ‘Ukrainian legislators have chosen more logical approach to surrogacy in comparison with absolute majority of their European colleagues. Ukrainian legislation allows intended parents to carry on a surrogacy program and their names will be on Birth certificate of the child born as a result of the surrogacy program from the very beginning. The child is considered to be legally “belonging” to the intended parents from the very moment of conception. The surrogate can’t keep the child after the birth. Even if a donation program took place and there is no biological relation between the child and intended parents, their names will be on Birth certificate (Clause 3 of article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine).’

      That’s amazing, Ukraine is so open for other, for infertile couples all over the world.
      I agree with all people here that Ukraine is amazing

  • meutghy - 11/04/2017 Reply

    great news! not every country permit that and have such flexible legislature concerning surrogacy.
    I think after India closed their border for foreigners who wants to apply for surrogacy their, Ukraine will become the first country who provide such “service”. I’m not telling anything about USA. it cannot be comparised but the prices there are extremely high!

    • tokal - 11/04/2017 Reply

      totally agree with you
      I have been recently reading about surrogacy options and I have found out that there are a lot of countries that ban surrogacy or like do not have a proper article about it thus you cannot be sure that your treatment is totally legal and this also creates a lot of controversial situations which are a taboo for those who want to have kids though surrogacy.
      oh Ukraine, I am glad that there is still a country like Ukraine yes

    • donuts - 12/04/2017 Reply

      We are not speaking about the USA; it was a pioneer in the surrogacy field. Now is Ukrainian turn, the medicine in this country is well-developed as well as the legislation. And as I wrote before, you won’t find more friendly country with such legislation. Ukraine is not closed for other people and I was thankful for that. At our time, we were like other infertile couples who wanted to be treated in the right way. We came to Ukraine in hope to get a hand of a help. Our clinic provided us with everything we needed and even more. It gave us a two cute babies, we used to have a surrogacy journey with donor eggs. But we have never regret about our decision, as you have heard biotex is amazing. No other words are needed

  • Paola - 11/04/2017 Reply

    Ukraine is a lovely country. We are now here, waiting for our babies to be realeased from maternity house. We are so excited. When you see those little god creatures you just can’t believe that you coukd be happy before. Like everything you knew or you thought you knew was just a dream. We are so grateful to Biotexcom and Ukraine for giving us these two miracles.

  • cocojambo - 12/04/2017 Reply

    When every cent is of a great value to you, it’s not sensible to even think about surrogacy in USA. There is a great difference between 40k and 100k $. I’m sure that there are no such incredible differences in the way they treat their client. Really I mean it. I’m sure that surrogate mothers in US get more money than Ukrainian ones but they have different life conditions, so it doesn’t seem wrong. We paid 40k and we are more than happy. We have a place to stay, food, interpreters and other useful services provided by the clinic. If we were to do surrogacy at home, we wouldn’t have all these things as clinics are not interested in providing us even with accommodation

  • Marione - 12/04/2017 Reply

    I want to tell about the clinic I had my treatment. It is called BiotexCom. They helped me with achieving the pregnancy. Now I’m a mother. I gave a birth to two healthy boys. Thanks to profesional doctor and the possibility to choose a donor and start the treatment very quickly!!! I can tell with all my confidence that this clinic worth to come!

  • trex - 13/04/2017 Reply

    Ukraine is so popular, I keep getting into some deep internet web-sites reading all of yours good reviews and not so good ones

    why am I even here?


  • cinnamon - 13/04/2017 Reply

    ha ha I also don’t know how did I get here…..
    I was searching information about countries where the surrogacy isn’t forbidden. And find this article….Comparing India and , for example, Ukraine, I’d rather prefer Ukraine! It is more developed, I think. It’s more European…my decision will be depend not on the price, but the attitude to the surrogate mothers. I want to be sure that my baby feel safe while growing inside of surrogate mother. I want she get a proper care and a good treatment. If any of clinics mantioned here provide full care for surrogate mothers I will definitely go there!

  • unlocked - 13/04/2017 Reply

    The only thing we want is to express our great gratitude to professional staff of Biotech clinic.
    For our amazing memories associated to Kiev and our child’s birth. Thank for that Ukraine has so polite and nice people which helped us just because they were present beside us.
    We know your clinic is just a young establishment that has reasonable needs to develop and improve its infrastructure. But we surely believe in that you got all chances to be on the top! Good luck!

  • moo - 14/04/2017 Reply

    Two years ago (for you to imagine) our case was severe we didn’t realize what to do with our life which was confused.
    My medical history contained entire row of IVF rounds. You can guess they were unsuccessful, they even havn’t caused pregnancy. I just couldn’t get pregnant and didn’t know reasons of that misfortune.
    One cycle with donor eggs was enough to change everything.
    I can’t say for sure whether it has depended on quality of biotex’s technics or any other clinic could make it go. But this was a fact and I appreciate this clinic’s participation in my life changes.

  • Sunnygirl - 14/04/2017 Reply

    I want to say many thanks to our clinic BioTexcom for the two pregnancies I achieved. I’ve already had one boy and now I’m pregnant with the second baby!!! I’m on my 12 week and that means that our contract is terminated…I appreciate the attention and the the attitude I got from the staff of this clinic. And miliions of thanks to my Doc!!!! I’m feeling myself completly and happy!

  • morgbasfasdf - 14/04/2017 Reply

    Here are my thoughts on surrogacy
    I feel like it begun to be too popular don’t you agree? I think that we all are being brainwashed that this is a normal thing
    And here you are. All of you are very serious and even happy after using someone else’s body and like do you think that those women are doing that because they want??? I doubt that

    • donuts - 14/04/2017 Reply

      I don’t think it’s became too popular; it’s just become affordable. and a lot of women have decided to help other, is it bad? Is it bad that other woman agreed to carry a baby for you? To my mind, a surrogacy is just a way of dealing with infertility and no more. Both sides know all aspects of surrogacy process and they know about later consequences, we have no right to judge them. as the God’s creature we are willing to choose our own ways of life, don’t you think so?

    • StacyG - 14/04/2017 Reply

      Why do you think we are brainwashed? No one uses someone’s body without consent. If a woman is ready to help others, please note that I’m not saying to use her body, then it has nothing to do with exploitation. We all are different and if you are not ready to help infertile people this way, then you shouldn’t judge those who can do this. Believe me, women want to be surrogate mothers.

  • pittidol - 18/04/2017 Reply

    Honestly, I can’t believe in any similar establishments. This all smells like a little fix-up. They carry on business and need only money from me.
    I can’t believe they pursue holy mission to fight injustice.
    I even don’t know who among all of you really had dealt with them and don’t try to cheat honest people.
    I’m not a simple and I’ll not feed suspicious institutions!

    • Vikky - 18/04/2017 Reply

      No one force you to feed suspicious institutions. you can choose a reliable institutions with good responses and high success rate! we have to pay for everything in this world.

    • donuts - 20/04/2017 Reply

      Who needs money from you? A clinic you have opted for? haha, you had a choice not to go there, right? We all here are willing to choose whatever we want.
      Vikky, told right, no one have forced you to go there.. it was up to you.

    • olivia - 25/04/2017 Reply

      Well, of course, such establishments require money. But why don’t you think about all the people who have become happier due to them? They have helped a lot of parents to have their own babies, and this is much more important than the money spent.

  • P12L1 - 18/04/2017 Reply

    I think It was worth all our expectations and tears. Sometimes human has to pass through a real hell and overcome difficulties before awaited result comes.
    But what a pleasure to have an opportunity to heave a sigh of relief after all.
    I don’t remember my previous experience, other clinics in which we had tried to get something because I don’t keep bad memories.
    We believe in you, go on your work it’s great. It made our family happy and gave lives to our children.

  • loveandpeace - 18/04/2017 Reply

    We live in not so accepting society and I see so many proofs of it here in this comment section. I am not sure why everyone wants to receive treatment and get services from some establishments without those getting paid for their work. Of course all fertility centers are businesses, it is not even a question as it is obvious that all of us are trying to gain money and those who provide us with fertility treatments and some kind of services have to eat too. Even if this is a business it does not diminish the actual benefits that we, patients, get.
    You want to have kids, there are people who want to help you. It is stupid to expect them to be philanthropists and provide you with the tx for free.

    • Ingret - 22/05/2017 Reply

      Totally agree. The services provided by clinics help a lot of people become much happier. They give hope in the situations that seem to be totally hopeless. Of course they are very expensive, sometimes too expensive for some people to afford. Anyway, I believe that money is not the most important thing in our lives, especially when we are talking about health problems. Such establishments start new lives, which is much more important than any money in the world.

  • Feanor - 18/04/2017 Reply

    That’s amazing! I’m so pleased to know that there are people who care about infertile couples. Every egg donor and surrogate mother is incredible person. I can’t imagine myself being so selfless to carry a baby for someone or donate my eggs. but maybe that’s because I have no babies of my own. Maybe in a future I’ll be able, who knows. Anyways modern medicine makes me feel more confident in our future.

    • crybabycry - 18/04/2017 Reply

      Why do you think they are incredible? Because they donate their eggs? haha, I don’t think so, it’s just a way of earning money and no more!!! They are selfish and didn’t think about babies they are carrying, it’s just a business, people use other people for making next generation! Disgusting!

  • humansafterall - 19/04/2017 Reply

    when we humans stop reproducing and developing new technologies, we will be dead. by the time when nature and the world itself are crowned again after the humanity is wiped out of existence then I guess those who’re opposing ART treatments will rejoice. Before that, they are never to be satisfied or happy. I can predict years and years of bashing those who choose to get treated, to have kids no matter what. But guess what? as long as we pay no attention to those words, we’re fine. 🙂

  • Ma1pa1 - 19/04/2017 Reply

    infertility is an awful diagnosis whuch may change one’s life totally. you can’t even imagine how many people decide to live the rest of their lives without children. ART are very expensive for a simple family and no one could give you guarantees that you’ll be a parent after you paid money.
    it’s a risky option IMO.
    but if somewhere it’s real to be provided with guarantees, then it must be even more expensive although it’s a wonderful option.

    • donuts - 21/04/2017 Reply

      Why do you think people won’t be parents after they paid money? A lot of clinics guarantee a positive result in any case. There are lots of clinic offer a great amount of different options for IP’s beginning from regular IVF till surrogacy with donor eggs. Of course it’s expensive but it brings a positive result.

  • 1984 - 19/04/2017 Reply

    what a world we live in
    hope that someday we stop creating fake children and concentrate more on treating the proper diseases that have to be treated like cancer for example

    • Pomodoro - 20/04/2017 Reply

      I wouldn’t say these children are fake but they are definitely not like others. I’m sure that doctors hide all the truth about children born via IVF or they just don’t know what will happen to them. I was shocked when I found out about three-parent-baby. As for me this procedure is very controversial. No one could predict how those children will live in years. Human has no right to create life in such way. I understand when a woman and her husband can’t conceive naturally and need IVF (with her eggs and his sperm). But using genetic material of the third person…sounds freaky

    • artislife - 20/04/2017 Reply

      well, I guess that I have no influence on you whatsoever but what do you mean by “proper” diseases? I agree that some people should work on the methods of treating cancer but do you really expect all of us to focus on one thing when there’s a lot more to life than only cancer, what about aids? I suppose everyone should follow your little list of diseases to just not make you any angrier and shitty than yu already are

      I am not even sorry for my comment!

  • artislife - 20/04/2017 Reply

    I was definitely beat up after I received the results of examinations we were undergoing for a month. they showed that unfortunately my AMH levels are really low and I am in an impasse. well, I should’ve known it better as for the women of my age getting pregnant becomes an impossible challenge. I was not ready for that though. I was thinking and hoping for the better. The better..meaning that I thought that I am not like the others I am better I am healthier, I do sports, I jog every morning and eat only green salad and drink nothing but water. I even refused drinking coffee and eating meat for 2 years straight but if you’re not meant to be a mother I guess nothing would help you…

    • emilyblunt - 21/04/2017 Reply

      I’m so sorry for that, artislife. That must be very tough to face any health issues when your lifestyle isn’t far from perfect. I know a woman who drinks a lot of alcohol, smokes and fast food is her perfect meal. And guess what! She was pregnant at least 4 times, has 2 children and didn’t even give up her bad habits when she was pregnant. she had abortions because she is fond of one night stands and she doesn’t know that people are fighting for even a chance to become parents. It’s unfair

      • artislife - 21/04/2017 Reply

        that’s what makes me furious
        How the hell do they manage to get pregnant with such a lifestyle…. but still she must’ve been born with perfect health, had no issues whatsoever. unlike me. I have tried so many times to change what I was given but I guess nature is unbreakable and no matter how many attempts we do and how hard we try… nothing works. and will work..

        • fiancee - 24/04/2017 Reply

          oh, I agree with you. It’s a paradox of life! I don’t understand why the life is so unfair! I also suffered a lot from infertility. I don´t have a chance to carry my own baby…I have to apply for surrogacy.
          But I know women who don´t care about their life and especially about the life of te baby they bear!! I cannot even see pregnant women who smokes, for example. This is pissed me off!!! She doesn´t care about the health of her child!!! She drinks alcohol beign pregnant while I´m going mad of inability to be pregnant!

  • Loveandcare - 20/04/2017 Reply

    I’m a surrogate mother and now I’m pregnant. I carry a baby for wonderful people, I met them and I’m sure they will be good parents! I’m glad I could make someone’s life happy. I have already had my own child, and I know what is motherhood and all the feelings connected with it. this is my own decision and I don’t see anything wrong in it. Also, the clinic helps me a lot with all the things needed. I’m in the program in one Ukrainian clinic. All the intended parents could be calm about their babies. They are in safe!

    • coral - 24/04/2017 Reply

      oh really? it’s really unexpected to see a surrogate mother here. We are discussing things some of us don’t even know about or faced it just now. but you must know everything about the process. it would be very interesting to know more information about the procedure itself. How did you find out about surrogacy? And what is more important, why did you decide to become a surrogate mother?

      • Loveandcare - 25/04/2017 Reply

        You can’t know something about surrogate mothers, because not all of them know English. I learned it because I visited English speaking courses. I know all I need to know about surrogacy.
        I was an egg’s donor at first in this clinic and then they suggested me to enter a surrogate program, and I agreed to try. My aim is to help people who don’t have the possibility to have children in natural way. I have two children of my own and I know what happiness they bring in my life. I want other people to feel this!

        • coral - 26/04/2017 Reply

          That’s really amazing! I have nothing to do but admire your deed. Egg donors helped lots of women to become mothers ans surrogate mothers do incredible things as well. How do you feel? Do you want to go through this again? If you don’t mind, I’d like to know how much money have you got for giving birth to a child? Do you keep in touch with a couple you helped?

  • nora - 23/04/2017 Reply

    Our life often changes the plans we have and the dreams we had in childhood.. It’s important to learn to accept that and move further on. It’s standard situation when you get something different from what you wanted some time ago. That’s great when you find the place where they can help your dreams come true. Thanks biotexcom for giving that opportunity

  • Ring - 24/04/2017 Reply

    What a wonderful day to see you all here. I wanted to share good news. Two weeks ago our long hard journey has been finished. And finally everything is OK.
    During about 7 years we have been trying to build the family of our dream. The only thing we wanted the only thing we tried to fulfill was our strong desire to have children.
    I suppose it was absolutely normal desire. When two people love each other strongly they need to share their strong love with children.
    We thank that Europe has such amazing variants to make our dreams come true.
    In our case modern and developed Ukrainian clinic Biotex helped us and gave us this opportunity.

  • laura - 24/04/2017 Reply

    I just want to add a few words about all you have said before the reproductive medicine is not a thing to play with. Such kind of treatment helps other people, surrogacy completes families. For those who have struggled with infertility, and those with medical conditions that make pregnancy unsafe, surrogacy is often the answer to years of unsuccessful attempts to create a family.
    Surrogacy allows for genetic connections. Gestational surrogacy often enables one or both parents to maintain a biological relationship with their child.
    Surrogacy creates relationships. Many intended parents become close with their surrogate and her family during the process, developing meaningful bonds that can last a lifetime.
    Surrogacy involves few surprises. A legally binding contract outlining everyone’s expectations will be negotiated and signed prior to the embryo transfer, so everyone will know exactly what to expect during the surrogacy process. A court order is obtained prior to birth of the child, confirming the intended parents’ legal rights.
    Surrogacy ensures you are involved. Intended parents are often able to be involved in their surrogate’s pregnancy, attending key appointments and being present for important milestones, including the embryo transfer and birth.
    Surrogacy is likely to be successful. Surrogates have a proven track record of carrying healthy pregnancies, which often makes surrogacy more likely to be successful than fertility treatments for intended parents.

  • takemebacktothestars - 24/04/2017 Reply

    Great! I noticed a real comment written by surrogate mom. it was so nice of her.
    I should understand these are just words but so good to hear about safety in such special case.
    Actually I wish her very good health and never be nervous.
    She carries someone’s happiness.

    • Godseeseverything - 20/06/2017 Reply

      God forbids surrogacy and other ways of reproductive medicine. People, we are all God’s creatures, don’t you want to live normal lives? why do you want to use other women for creating your own happiness? it’s immoral, If God decides you are infertile you must accept this!!!!!!! Don’t go against God’s will!!!!

  • button100 - 24/04/2017 Reply

    I always wonder why women decide to become surrogate mothers. I mean do they bear this desire in mind or it’s spontaneous. It’s a big deal to carry a baby for someone. And a bit unfair to me if the surrogacy is altruistic. People say that commercial surrogacy is exploitation of women because they do it for reward but is it better to make a woman to carry a baby for you for free? I don’t think so. You can’t know what’s in her mind and she is free to do everything she want because you don’t owe her anything as well as she can’t guarantee that everything will be alright with her pregnancy.

    • Morana - 25/04/2017 Reply

      I can’t tell for other women but in my case it was spontaneous. I was asked if I didn’t mind to become a surrogate mother and I agreed. I thought why not actully. I was very healthy at the moment and had two children of my own. Our country is among those with altruistic surrogacy and I thought it would be a wonderful deed if I agree to help another couple to become parents. I always wanted to do something good for anyone so it was amazing chance I reckon. I didn’t do this because of lack of money, not at all so I was ok with that. Intended parents covered all medical expenses and it was enough for me. The fact that I made such a gift for someone is the best reward for me. Not everything in this world is done for money

    • Loveandcare - 25/04/2017 Reply

      You know, when I decided to become a surrogate mother, of course, I was nervous that it would be difficult to give a baby, who has been living inside of me for 9 months. But I was sure that this baby will have beloved parents, care and a happy life. And I feel joy when thinking about my participation in creation of a new life for other people. They suffered a lot and I will be the one who bring them happiness.

      • laura - 25/04/2017 Reply

        Don’t you ever think you want to leave this baby?
        Have you been oriented by a goal to help other couples since you decided to be a surrogate?
        How was your pregnancy, have you experienced any difficulties during it?
        I’m curious because I have never spoken with a surrogate before. Have you stayed in touch with your intended parents?

  • Loveandcare - 26/04/2017 Reply

    Honestly, I had these kind of thoughts, but then I brought to my senses. It is genetically not my baby. And we have a contract, so It’s impossible to leave it. I always remember why I do it.The reason is to help, not to make them suffer! Well, I have all the ordinary pregnancy moments with sleep disturbance, swollen ankles, pressure on my back…and so on. If I feel something wrong, I call to the clinic and the doctor consults me or I can go to clinic for examination.
    According to the contract I can meet the intended parents only after 12 weeks of my pregnancy. I met them and we had a great and funny conversation! They are very nice people. I would like to contact with them more often. We talk sometimes via internet.

    • laura - 26/04/2017 Reply

      But if you didn’t have a contract, would do it for them? Can they text you before 12 weeks of the pregnancy? Have you any kids? Have you done any tests before opting for surrogacy process?
      I’m curious because I also want to opt for a surrogacy, we need to be sure that clinic provides all coupes with good services and opportunity to speak with surrogate because it’s is important. I was always like what if she decides to leave this baby, what if she feels something, we don’t want to hurt her, I understand this is hard to accept the fact that baby you carrying will be for other people. You are brave woman!

      • Loveandcare - 27/04/2017 Reply

        The contract only regulates the rules of process, not my thougts. I help people because I want to do it, not because the contract dictates me. No, they can see me only after the 12th week. Before this time they recieve the information about their embryo, about my health, ultrasound scan data, etc. this is the policy of the clinic!
        Yes, I have two kids, two boys. A woman can enter the program if she already has at least one healthy child.
        Of course, they do complete medical examination of my body, my health condition. They take blood anlysis to assure that I don’t have any genetic diseases. and only after they have checked everything, they start the process.
        You don’t have to worry about the services! we are in safe hands!

      • Loveandcare - 27/04/2017 Reply

        laura, this is the clause from the Article 123 from the Family Code of Ukraine, just for you to know. Gestational Surrogacy is absolutely legal in Ukraine. According to said provision the child is legally considered to be the child of the intended parents from the very moment of conception. The surrogate can’t keep the child after the birth under any reason and may get remuneration for her service in the any amount agreed as well as compensation for actual expenses.

        • laura - 28/04/2017 Reply

          Oh, I see. I have already read about ukrainian legislation. It says we, intended parents, are considered to be only parents, right.
          as I understood, you have already gave a birth of a child, right? How long it has taken to obtain documents for leaving the country with a baby? Did you have an opportunity to speak with those people after continuing your journey?

          • Loveandcare - 28/04/2017

            I am on my third trimester now. I know that the clinic provides support to the couples in recieving documents.
            “How long it has taken to obtain documents for leaving the country with a baby?” – it depends on the country and the embassy. I don’t know details, but I know that on the average it takes from 2weeks to 1,5 months. But I tell you, that I don’t know for sure.
            Of course, after the birth we can speak by a mutual consent. But there are couples who don’t want to speak with surrogate or vice versa.

          • cutesybaby - 10/05/2017

            You all are so well-read and you know a lot about Ukraine and its law. I can’t say the same about myself. Just umm I went for surrogacy in Ukraine just because it was cheap and now I can totally say that I haven’t done any research whatsoever on what surrogacy in Ukraine is and what surrogacy should be at all. and I took as a truth everything I was told by my managers and other people and I wasn’t disappointed at all. 🙂

            I’ve heard though that some people go home in a week or something. or maybe I am wrong.

  • nona - 27/04/2017 Reply

    Unfortunately, many of us have to seek services of surrogate mothers. The problem exists and it’s easy to get lost in all this and you do not know where to start. My husband and I experienced surrogate motherhood, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful, as the pregnancies were missed at 6-8 weeks. The reason is hard to find, and sometimes impossible. Causes of failures can be different, as with the usual IVF, when embryos are implanted in the genetic mum’s uterus. When everything is good, then you are happy with everything: the clinic, doctors and yourself, and when it’s not that great, you blame everyone in the world, including yourself. To search for a surrogate mother, we did not applied for services of special agencies: it is very expensive and gives no confidence that the agencies are really carefully engaged in the preparation and of surrogacy. Therefore, we searched for a clinic that would provide surrogacy itself and we are happy with our choice. Ukraine is a great country for fertility treatment, believe me.

  • Softy - 28/04/2017 Reply

    Your story is interesting. I always wanted to know what inspires those women to become surrogate mothers. What they feel after the birth, how they live after they gave a child…are they interested in the life of the baby they gave birth to….I think I couldn’t do it….I’m very soft hearted person. I think only the person who can be cool-headed can agree to this….

  • kim - 28/04/2017 Reply

    The donor problem is really to be solved in many clinics all over the world nowadays. The thing is in many European countries people don’t fancy an option to become one and undergo all that medications that are not very useful for their health to put it mildly. I’m glad I happened to come across the clinic where they managed to solve this.. and even made progress there using new technologies and providing 3D videos recoding donors presenting themselves… and giving chance to choose some you’d like to have. That gives them great priviledge in comparision with their competitors.

    • Set - 10/05/2017 Reply

      sorry, I can’t agree with this. two out of my good friends donate blood regularly and my colleague donated his kidney to save someone’s life. so I can’t say that people don’t actually fancy donation option. regarding egg donation, it’s not that crucial, your life will be the same after all. When I was choosing an egg donor for myself, there were hundreds of them in database, so I really don’t think it’s a problem.

  • notalone - 10/05/2017 Reply

    Congratulations, loveandcare! I admire the women like you. You do a good thing! It´s a generous action! On behalf of a woman who also suffer from infertility I say to you thank you! thank you for your decision to carry hapiness for someone! You make this world better!

  • duranarman - 10/05/2017 Reply

    Just yesterday I met people who were in Kiev. They have turned back from Ukraine full of good impressions about current medicine conditions that It can provide with.
    Their problems were solved with help of Ukrainian specialists. That couple suffered from absence of their own children for long time trying hard to conceive with no results.
    Fortunately egg donation in Ukraine became the lucky attempt for them.
    I don’t know all details of that journey but I could perceive the real happiness and gratitude on their shining faces. She’s happily pregnant I hope everything will be fine.

  • 212121 - 10/05/2017 Reply

    Loveandcare hi. are you going to keep in touch with biological parents of the child you carry? I’m curious, how do you usually communicate? I mean is there something you can talk about beside the baby? don’t they put pressure on you? I imagine that they want to know every small detail of what happens to you, right? Anyways, I wish you all the best and hope your pregnancy will be as healthy as eventless.

    • Loveandcare - 11/05/2017 Reply

      Yes, I like them. They are very nice people. The intended mother is a teacher in elementary school, so I’m sure she will be a good mother. She knows how to deal with children. We talk about children, about food, cause she likes to cook a lot, our husbands…they try not to be too annoying.
      if I had a chance to be a surrogate mother for them one more time , I would agree without hesitation! they deserve to be happy!
      Thank you for your wishes.

      • 212121 - 11/05/2017 Reply

        oh that’s so nice. i imagined myself being an intended mother and it would be extremely difficult to me not to text my surrogate mother every 10 min. but maybe it’s just me who is a person of that kind, always worry about everything and think of what ifs. if you don’t mind I’d like to know a few more things. your first appointment with the couple was like casting or so? were there more few more surrogate mothers to choose from? another thing I’d like to know is when did they pay you? I mean did they pay you during the whole process or only after you give birth to a child?

        • Loveandcare - 11/05/2017 Reply

          I imagine how it’s difficult. But surrogate mothers have their own life. They cannot be always online, I think you understand that. You should not be worried about her. We all are always under the doctors’ control. First we met on the 12th week of my pregnancy. According to the contract we can’t see each other earlier. IPs don’t choose surrogate mothers. It can do only a doctor.
          I don’t get payments directly from the parents. The clinic is responsable for that.
          Are you going to apply for surrogacy services?

  • Solars - 10/05/2017 Reply

    We are from the North where such procedures are banned and we feel real difficulties with performing our plans to have a child.
    My wife and me are deciding to visit Ukraine, cause we are aware of its progress.
    It must be soon.
    We wanna check everything directly there. Also we would be glad to watch Eurovision, It takes place in Kiev this month. Exciting feeling of expectancy!
    We sincerely trust in that destination.

    • Holy777 - 11/05/2017 Reply

      Good choice! wish you good luck! I’m sure you’ll get only positive impresions from your visit!
      We have aleady obtained our chance to become parents. We wait for our twins boys and I totally aware of this exciting feeling of expectancy! We don’t regret about our desicion to choose Ukraine!
      Baby dust to you!!!!

  • laura - 10/05/2017 Reply

    To Loveandcare, oh, I see, I’ve just noticed your reply. Sorry I didn’t answer before. Hope once you will read it.
    wow, safe pregnancy for you!! How are you feeling, is everything ok? How’s your intended parents feel about everything? Sorry for asking one more time, is it your first journey as a surrogate?
    oh, it’s quite interesting, I mean time waiting for obtaining permission to leave country with a baby.
    Will you keep in touch with them?

    • Loveandcare - 11/05/2017 Reply

      I didn’t expect so many questions from all of you! It is obvious though. Everyone wants to know about surrogacy from the surrogate mother’s side!
      I’m feeling fine! I have a big belly, doctors say it will be a big boy…haha
      It’s my first time of beign surrogate, thoug I was an egg donor, also in the same clinic.
      As I say upwards, I talk with them. Not every day, of course, but time to time.
      At first it was awkward for them to speak with me. We all felt a bit confused, but then everything was on their place!

      • Amanda Tremmer - 12/05/2017 Reply

        I’m wondering how the clinic searches for surrogates. Is the special advertising used or as a rule surrogates find the clinic by themselves?
        What tests do surrogates take throughout whole process of surrogacy program?
        And certainly I wish all the women who want helping infertile couples to be healthy and happy.

  • 342 - 11/05/2017 Reply

    I think that you should not stay in touch with your donors or surrogate mothers. I think that ti is 100 times better for you kid to consider you and your husband as his sole parents, this is necessary to create an integral view on the world. he has to have some ground to stand on in order to form a healthy psychic. so this will only create a very strange situation and won’t help with your kid’s development at all if you decide to introduce your donor or SM to him

    • 212121 - 12/05/2017 Reply

      But don’t you think it’s wrong to hide the truth and lie to your child every day? But of course it’s up to you to decide. You can also keep in touch with a surrogate mother or a donor abd hide this too. I agree that a child must be of a proper age to know this truth but in my opinion earlier is better. at 5 this information is amusing but when you are 30 it may damage you. All in all, it’s a difficult issue and one decides how to act for oneself.

      • litret29 - 12/05/2017 Reply

        I doubt that we can even know what’s right or wrong here. as no one really knows what is the best choice. you can either tell your babies the truth or hide it from them and no one has the right to blame you. because no one can tell how would’ve it been if you decided to do otherwise.
        I think that the best decision here would be to leave this theme resting till the kid is like 18 yo so you have a proper and deep conversation talking about the different paths people go and different situations that lead to such choices.
        Agree with you on the last thought.

        • 212121 - 15/05/2017 Reply

          maybe you are right, it’s too hard to decide on how things supposed to be. It’s like to choose the lesser evil actually. to avoid judgements you better not tell anyone anything.
          I’m afraid that a child can start hating parents if the truth is revealed too late. too difficult indeed. I hope that children born via ART will be able to understand parents who raised them and be grateful for everything.

          • laura - 15/05/2017

            To my mind, it’s quite a difficult issue in any case.
            If I were a surrogate, I would have a desire to speak with the baby I gave a birth but from other side I would never let my baby speak with the surrogate. I’m not against reproductive medicine I just don’t want my baby be confused.
            And I’m wondering, how do they really find surrogates for the intended parents? Do they have a special system or what?

  • Tut - 11/05/2017 Reply

    After all we shouldn’t forget our baby will be growing up having many questions about its birth. It’s too difficult to hide all facts pointing to its relation to other people. Furthermore your baby’s appearance will show visible differences between yourselves. The truth will be too close to be hiden. Also if we intend to foster a clever and independent generation we have to create trustful information environment for our children. Actually I think in 10 years children born via surrogacy will meet children born the same with help of ART more often than it was before, and it will seem absolutely normal.

  • Claudia Mora - 11/05/2017 Reply

    Fortunately, we live in times we have an amazing opportunity to cease our sufferings. Why do we need to suffer from anything? We were born like humans like god’s children and we aren’t duty to feel misfortune. I am not very good at science or religion and can’t compare them in the proper manner. But if modern medical methods can give a hope and helping hand to the people which have to endure their health dysfunctions so this should have place to be. Cause it’s God’s sign, He always shows us the way out of the problem.
    Thus I may conclude that countries that allow to perform such treatment must have a special status because they do the job of god.
    Excuse me if my words sound too abstruse.

  • Holy777 - 11/05/2017 Reply

    to 342,
    In my case, you can keep in touch only with a surrogate mother and that only after 12th week. You can communicate with donors, because they are anonymous. No one force anyone to speak with sorrogates and tell your baby that it was born via surrogacy.
    If to consider psycological aspects, maybe you are right, there’s no need in introducing a surrogate mother to the baby!

  • kim - 11/05/2017 Reply

    Of course it’s up to you (I mean both sides here) to decide if you want to keep in touch. You may remain friends if you want to.. but the main thing here is that you should not interfere with the lives of each other and that might be difficult in such situation.. that’s why I tend to believe that’s the right thing that they have anonymous donation process in Ukraine. And that’s good they are paid some money for what they do (I mean donors and surrogate mothers). I’m convinced that acts as a good motivation factor that makes them feel more responsibility throughout the processes.

  • rita - 12/05/2017 Reply

    I’d like to leave some positive comment about Ukraine. Well, a lot of people underestimate such countries as the places where they can find donation programs. However, I believe it’s not fair as a friend of mine has passed through surrogacy program in one of the clinics there (don’t remember the particular name of the clinic). She was actually quite satisfied with the level of service and the price was quite affordable comparing to the prices in other countries.

  • Gerta - 15/05/2017 Reply

    Anyway no matter what I can see herein on the page about Ukrainian medicine. After my tries in different countries I wouldn’t like to recall them I had nothing, no any result.
    After all Ukraine gave me that outcome I had been expecting for so long.
    I had a possibility to choose my intended donors also I got all necessary instructions what to do during the preparation before the transfer. I’m pleased. thnks

  • mujjer - 15/05/2017 Reply

    I think that this is vital to be able to choose donors because how can you be sure that your baby is going to be beautiful or even just fine.. I can not imagine the feelings of those couples that have been to Spain or Czech and got their kids from ugly donors and just hate their kids’ appearance…
    this is hell
    at least you should like look for the clinic where it is possible to choose a donor… I get when you do not choose surrogate mom but donor gives her and his genetic material

    • Lolili - 16/05/2017 Reply

      I was looking for such clinic who give the access to choose a egg’s donor. I searched the legislature of each european country and a clinic to find out who has such service for clients. and accidentally stumbled upon one thread in a forum where people were discussing database of donors, about video profile. the discussion was about Ukraine. I was told a lot of good things about the clinic biotexcom and I contacted with them after all! We achieved the pregnancy from the first attempt that was very surprisingly for me. It’s only the 8 week, I’m still afraid but doc says everything’s going great, so fingers crossed!!!

    • Marcha - 16/05/2017 Reply

      I get what you mean but I can’t agree with this. Is appearance the most imposrtant for you? It’s a bit silly, don’t you think so? Parents who are not models don’t afraid to have children because they know that beauty is not the main reason for loving your kid. I hope you can agree that if aa child is healthy then you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure that every fertility clinic provides clients with the most healthiest women as egg donors, so why in earth are you thinking only about appearence? Egg donor should be smart and healthy and nothung else matters IMO

    • qwerty - 16/05/2017 Reply

      ‘ugly donors’ hey, you’re talking about humans who offer a kind of help. I find it at least bad and thankless from you to say in such rude way.
      Actually I’d prefer to choose but sometimes if we have no possibility but we need to do something and so we do.
      Maybe it’s hard for me to understand but I even can’t imagine that anyone could distaste for his children after a longstanding nightmare he has been through.
      We are grown-up and we have to be aware of what a step we gonna make the next time.

    • Your name - 16/05/2017 Reply

      Totally agree with you. If you are ready to have a baby via ART you must have opportunity to choose whatever you want and especially appearance. You may choose an egg donor who looks similar to you in order to avoid questions from those who shouldn’t know what you’ve been through. But if you have any defects and you don’t want your child to have it or you always dreamed of being brunette and you have fair hair then it’s possible for you to choose your future baby’s appearance. It’s amazing I think and very important.

      • iv,kadbh - 17/05/2017 Reply

        No, the important is health! That’s good you can choose appearance but it’s not vital necessity. We love our children no matter how they look! bisides, every parent believe that his child is the most beautiful in the world! It is how it should be! so don’t be so judgemental.

    • claudia - 17/05/2017 Reply

      It’s only you will be responsible for the donor.
      When I was in your shoes I had the same thoughts about donor and her appearance. But with time I understood it has no matter. the main reason is health. first of all we want a woman who will be totally health and who will be able to carry a baby.
      to my mind, the couples who are searching for donors should pay more attention to the ones health not the face.

  • chirvo pp - 17/05/2017 Reply

    Yeah, no other variants to use. I’d never can order the procedure if I had no possibility to be aware of the supposed baby’s appearance.
    I heard about a plenty of cases when parents were disappointed by the result and didn’t know what to do next .
    So I think that the presentable clinic has to provide their customers with a feasibility of donor selection.

    • claudia - 18/05/2017 Reply

      for sure as it was with my clinic. it gave me an opportunity to choose up to 5 donors. we could see the donors’ 3D database, a small video presentation of each donor as well as a short general information. so we were able to see to hear each of them to my mind that’s great.
      I’m curious why those parents were disappointed, didn’t they have a chance to choose a donor?

  • Ann Owa Pord - 17/05/2017 Reply

    What is that? Today we can manipulate and fiddle with living cells like with tiny toys. Humanity is enough insane to deprive and gift the lives. Whoever has a mint of cash can order a baby like a pizza or souvenir on the ebay. It scares me and makes me feel ill. It’s a terrifying absurd. And how did we narrow down to this?
    I hope I’m too far from this and hopefully mistaken.
    Let me be mistaken

    • Gloria - 18/05/2017 Reply

      Of course it seems to be a little strange. But anyway it is the best way for people who deserve to have their own children to become parents. We live in an unfair world where sometimes it happens to be that good people suffer from different diseases and cannot have kids. So what they are supposed to do then? Adoption is a variant too, but in such case he or she will definitely realize the truth about themselves in the future and it may break their heart. On the other way, surrogacy can let them be true biological parents without feeling any guilt in case their kid finds out the bitter truth

    • Pushy - 19/05/2017 Reply

      So what do you suggest? Those who can’t have children should just take it and live childless life or what? Or they need to ask friends to deliver babies for them for free? You see, things supposed to be like this because when one pays for something it’s like purchasing and you can do nothing with this. But you may change your attitude towards this. There are so many things that we buy in our life and you just can’t compare it with ordering pizza. Don’t make fertility treatment absurd, for many people it’s the only hope.

    • claudia - 22/05/2017 Reply

      we are not talking about pizza order. we are talking about babies and reproductive medicine like a part of our lives. not all could live without children and this is understandable. we are willing to choose whatever we want, and I suppose ART makes infertile couples’ lives easy and comfortable.
      as you know sometimes it’s hard to accept the fact you will never have a baby, you will never be a parent and it scares.
      to my mind, such people deserve to be happy!
      thanks God you didn’t experience infertility issues, so be kind and respect other. thank you

  • Inanni - 18/05/2017 Reply

    This issue has two sides of the coin! On one side it’s your opinion. That’s true, now we choose a donor for ourselves, we decided how many embryos we can keep, and then disappoint when the baby is not that beautiful as we want to. It sounds horrible!
    But on the other hand, that’s life. Many unhappy childless couples have the opportinuty to have children and continue their generation. This time it sounds not so bad. Sometimes people cross the line with their desires.

  • Formola - 18/05/2017 Reply

    Dear Ann! I have ventured to suggest you’re not overcoming the fertile problems and not about to search for the variants of solution. That’s actually good for you. and you don’t have to understand or accept the development of the science. But such is the world we live in.
    And as for me I needed to grab ankles because it was essential part of my life.
    Present technologies provide us with possibility to fight cruel injustice of the nature which doesn’t allow us to have children in normal way. Miss this. just try to understand it’s crucial for someone but you.

  • Ann Owa Pord - 19/05/2017 Reply

    In fact I want to beg my pardon. I stuck my nose into the unfamiliar science. Sorry if I said something rude.
    But I still think that our reality pushes business to make money on the essential values.
    You know and I needn’t to mention how many people forget about the importance and sense of human life. Furthermore I’m happy for you if your clinics assist you to solve the hard problems.

    • Gvinevra - 22/05/2017 Reply

      I get what you mean but this could be said about everything and I can’t agree that things always work this way. However, you are right that it’s a business for someone. On the other hand, why it’s bad? People make business out of everything and no one cares. If it’s the only chance for thousands, people are ready to pay for hope. Well, tell me please, what would you do if you were infertile? You wouldn’t do anything because someone makes money of your misery? I doubt it

      • kittikat - 23/05/2017 Reply

        Not the only way. A lot of people live without children and feel great. They enjoy their lives spending with friends, parents, traveling, visiting movie theatres and so on and so far. At bottom we all could live without children and sometimes I do not understand when people say I couldn’t imagine my life without children!! Who told that, a society?

        • Gvinevra - 23/05/2017 Reply

          I’m not talking about those who decide to live without children. It’s their decision and we are not to discuss it or to blame them for that. you are right to some extent. Every woman is sure that she can’t live life if she didn’t give birth to at least one child. It’s sad because society force women to have babies. I don’t think it’s normal actually because too few people realize entire responsibility of parenting. i hope this pressure will decrease sooner or later

          • kittikat - 25/05/2017

            I wish every person could choose the right way in her or his life.
            I believe one day all problems will vanish into air.
            totally agree with you, sometimes people want to have children just because their friends or relatives have and those who desires with whole heart to be parents have to use the reproductive medicine. To my mind, it’s unfair but what we could do.
            thanks our modern world infertile couples could reach the happiness of being parents, and thanks some countries as Ukraine it’s not so expensive.

  • mujjer - 22/05/2017 Reply

    i particularly hate when people refer to surrogacy as for buying kids. and when I read some articles on it I get a lot of cringe from it
    people do not understand the whole thing about surrogacy and ivf treatments.
    and when all of the people are standing on the side of donors and surrogates and forget about the other side, about us, IPs.
    and we struggle a lot.

  • Cat - 22/05/2017 Reply

    I accept the money talks only when we speak about children education. When we tried to conceive we were ready to spend all money of the world just to reach our main aim.
    I really understood the importance of having children and nothing mattered.
    I know that modern medicine claims a huge sums of money for any kind of treatment. but these are conditions of our current reality.
    I’m mother of twins and this is priceless gift.

  • grandmaspumpkin - 23/05/2017 Reply

    I think that no act should be left without payment for it. that everything that is made in surrogacy or egg donation process must be rewarded with the amount of money that is enough to make the living in the country where the clinic is situated. like we should not feel offended by the prices of treatments and programs in Ukraine as it is a whole different country and people can leave there off of like 500 dollars per month
    so I am really surprised just reading how rude and stupid people can be when they say that surrogates do not receive that much because it is very cheap in Ukraine.

    • Camily - 23/05/2017 Reply

      Totally agree with you grandmaspumpkin. I was involved in 2 surrogacy programs in US and Ukraine. As I have experience in this I can say for sure that the deed every surrogate mother makes must be rewarded with no doubts. I can’t even imagine how on earth people hope to go through this for free. It’s a hard “work” and it should be well paid. Regarding the difference in prices you are also right. My first surrogacy costed 85k and it’s a huge bunch of money but my surrogate got a good part of it. Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine was 40 and of course the surrogate mother received much less as the program itself is quite cheaper and as you’ve already mentioned, you need less money to live in Ukraine than in USA. I think it’s fair.

  • Melinda - 24/05/2017 Reply

    I can’t agree with you. Money is not everything and there are still people who are ready to do great things for free. If I were a surrogate mother I wouldn’t ask any reward for this beside needed medical expenses. You see, I understand that too few people can afford expensive surrogacy treatment so our world would be better if there were more people ready to help others selflessly.

    • Camily - 25/05/2017 Reply

      I see what you mean but haven’t been a surrogate mother and I think you can’t give your word that you won’t take any money for surrogacy. I admire your wish to help others but you must be rewarded for this. You said that you wanted to help those who can’t afford surrogacy in clinics or agencies. But what if a couple insists on giving you money? I doubt that you refuse this offer.

  • Gann Teterenko - 25/05/2017 Reply

    I wanna join your conversation if It may be. Four years ago we actually had worse informing environment than now everyone has. We wanted to order surrogacy service and faced a lot of weird and tough things, such as ignorance, rudeness and intentions to cheat us.
    We were lured into program by the rascals. But we started to suspect them beforehand. our friends helped us to apply to one consulting organization. It’s called Happy Family.
    It was made to defend such people as we from different difficulties on the way of fertility treatment.
    Fortunately it worked. We needed not to pay them for help. But my DH and I keep on expressing our gratitude telling people about HF. now it’s a real informative guard against the cheat.

    • Nibelus - 26/05/2017 Reply

      Gann Teterenk, I’m sorry you’ve been through tough time. but how did it happen that you were fooled by rascals? When I was looking for a clinic I read hundrets of reviews and if there is at least 75% of positive ones then I may take a closer look to a clinic. I can’t imagine fraud clinic having too much feedback that looks like real. Maybe it’s all because the lack of experience?
      What is Happy family? It’s like an agency dealing with different clinics? Isn’t it too expensive to do it with their help?

  • happymommy - 26/05/2017 Reply

    It is interesting to read all different types of reactions, certainly amazing how some people can be against art and some can be for it. To be fair, it does not do that much harm to express your thoughts and it does not have a lot of influence on our lives whatsoever. For example, if my neighbor has something against myself getting a child from the surrogate mother, it is his right to think that but does it really change anything? He’s not qualified enough to be a jury and to ban surrogacy or other assisted reproduction techniques. That’s why I am totally ok with having people with other types of minds. And I am sure that this is great to have thoughts diversity like this.

    • valorts - 26/05/2017 Reply

      I think that you are wrong, that it is affecting our lives as much as if it was Trump pushing aborts banning law and signing it. again, being silent is as much an opinion as having and expressing one. when you decide to do nothing you are making a choice and when people decide to stick to their views they are making a statement, silent or loud it does not matter.
      those people need to be educated, they are not smart or intelligent unless they manage to prove me wrong. I am staying by my side whatever it takes them to try and disprove me but if they can explain why they think this way and what they mean by saying those things, I can accept them being different and thinking different but not till they prove me wrong.

      • kittikat - 26/05/2017 Reply

        I suppose we should respect other people. If they want to use art let it be. who told this is immoral an d so on? why should people suffer from infertility? If you were on their shoes will you keep aloof? Will you live without a chance to change something in your life? I don’t think so!!!
        Sorry if my words offended you…

        • oblivion - 29/05/2017 Reply

          One can’t just come and use ART. It’s only after a specialist to decide if you need this. And even if you need, there are lots of obstacles on the way. You say “who told this is immoral and so on” but lots of people keep telling this. Not only simple people like you and me but government representatives, politicians who deal with legislation. It’s also wrong in regards to religion. I’m sure that many infertile couples decided to pray god instead of using scientific methods of fighting infertility.

          • kittikat - 29/05/2017

            I can’t understand that!
            They will pray and do nothing in order to save themselves, unbelievable.
            you are right, we can’t just come and use art but we could be the one who can achieve something.
            to my mind, if person wants something she will move on. if she has problem with infertilely she will find the ways to deal with it.

        • valorts - 31/05/2017 Reply

          what? I was just referring to the thought of the previous commentator who had the audacity to say that people who are against abortions or art can basically express their opinions freely but in reality majority of them does not even know what ART stands for and what kinds of art are there even. so it kind of makes sense at least for me that those who try and downgrade other people’s desire to go for ivf or other fertility treatment, they have to be qualified enough to say what they say. they are not just humans, after all, they are living votes and they can possibly make some awful people become leaders of countries and to ruin the peaceful world we could’ve have been living by now.

  • creature - 30/05/2017 Reply

    That’s sad number of infertile couples are growing, people don’t deserve to be in such situations
    can you believe in this???// we have to help them, I’m grateful art could give them a feeling of happiness. I prefer not to listen to all those who say that reproductive medicine and surrogates are horrible things, we have no rights to judge them.
    every person chooses the right way in her life. so, let’s give other a chance to live and move on.

  • oblivion - 30/05/2017 Reply

    Religion is a difficult thing and we can discuss it forever. no one can explain what happens in mind of extremely religious people. these people are dangerous as they are ready to do everything for their idea. it’s not something new that lots of them are that every lttle happiness they have is because of invisible power of their faith. Don’t want to talk about any more. I’m not against scientific solution of infertility issues.

  • Batistuta - 30/05/2017 Reply

    I didn’t know where it could be more comfortable to describe my little story. I wanted to share it on more active forum to get some feedbacks. I married when I was 25. And my husband and I tried to conceive for more than 10 years. can it be a truth?! It was like a jail. We’ve been just sentenced to be in endless search and struggle. We were so tired but nothing was happening.
    The doctor was not able to explain why I didn’t get pregnant.
    The time has gone. A lot of thoughts and plans passed us by until we were advised to visit Ukraine and Biotex in particular.
    We had a surrogacy with my own eggs and husband’s sperm. I feel these wonderful boys are completely mine. Thanks God all the ways lead to the right solution. Biotex became our life-changing choice!

  • alvaria mussa - 30/05/2017 Reply

    We (my husb and I) intended to apply to the biotexcome last year but our plans have changed. No, we don’t regret and everything is alright. We’re completely happy getting a treatment from the other clinic but we have a reason to write here. We heard and knew a lot about this clinic and we recommend.
    My cousin the same as me had the problems with reproductive health and received a help in biotecome.
    She doesn’t use English in speaking so she couldn’t write her gratitude here by herself. She is 7 months pregnant and in happy waiting to become a mom.
    She and we also will remember this help!

  • Rory - 31/05/2017 Reply

    been through egg donation treatment twice in Greece and then in Ukraine. Got positive result in both countries, although my first attempt in a Greek clinic failed. Both places were great but honestly the last clinic was better for me. It’s my personal experience and my opinion is based only on my own experience. It was my first time in Ukraine and I had lots of concerns about my stay but the clinic arranged everything and provided me with a hotel room, meals, transfer so that I didn’t do much on my own. The greatest advantage of the clinic was guarantee program that includes money refund in case of faild cycles. I’m sure it’s very important for many people.

  • Canarcoil - 31/05/2017 Reply

    In my opinion the religion is always good thing when it teaches people to behave in a kind way. Because love and kindness have to be a heart of any religious beliefs.
    No matter what the religion men choose if it gives a hope and support and guides them to the blessing light. But I do mind when superstition becomes a barrier against development of the science or even human happiness.
    Love your neighbour as yourself

    • ivfisgreat - 01/06/2017 Reply

      I personally think that religion should stay away from assisted reproduction techniques, from our bodies and our own decisions concerning our bodies. eventually, religion will die or stay at the periphery of community lives and it won’t be that powerful and won’t even have the influence. And I do not know how religions can still stay relevant when they obviously are pushing very old and out-dated even ideas that no one actually cares about right now.
      it is sad that here in the Us we have that many people who believe that there is a god and it can punish you if you disobey the words of your pastor….
      religion teaches people to be stupid sheep.

  • grace - 31/05/2017 Reply

    Let’s be politer and respect each other. I believe one day the infertility will be a part of past and we won’t stop to talking about it like something immoral.
    I also experienced a lot in my life, I faced lots on troubles and pain but that didn’t stop me as I wanted to achieve my goal. The only way for us was a reproductive medicine, an egg donation. And I’m grateful to all people from my clinic they did their best, they helped me.

    p.s. and if to speak about religion, each person is different. Sometimes even religious one could opt for art, she is not an excuse.

  • grace - 31/05/2017 Reply

    oh no, sorry about that. I meant one thing and wrote completely different.

    I believe one day an infertility will be a part of past and we will stop talking about it. It will be just a method for helping people.

  • pskdz - 01/06/2017 Reply

    I’m 21 and if not IVF I wouldn’t even exist. And you know I can’t be against any methods of ART. I see many people think that children born this way are androids, they are not real and everything. I love when they say it ’cause it’s really amusing. Anyway I’m not an alien but a simple human with feelings and soul. Yeah, I have it for sure. And no, I wasn’t coded or programmed. I hope attitude towards such methods of fighting infertility will change in future.

  • Tamara - 01/06/2017 Reply

    I was born and grew in a large family. I had 7 siblings. We didn’t endure the poverty, illness and other woes. Our dad has been earning enough money at the fuel company therefore our mommy could be with us all her spare time to give us education and develop holy values.
    But when we all became adults I just saw how my brothers and sisters build their families and bear children. That was truly amazing. but on my own I was childless. With all my strong love to the kids I felt very and very awful.
    Sometimes it seemed I was going to die because I saw my future parenting mission failed. I saw myself failed and broken. My first husband didn’t become a decider of our problem, he gave me to comprehend that problem of infertility was only my personal problem. He didn’t set the task to win together.
    After 5 years of terrible depression fortunately God sent me a sign…

    • grace - 02/06/2017 Reply

      sorry dear
      I can say without thinking you are brave you decided to write here and share your story with us.
      I believe you got a right sing and your next step will concern your future baby. I do believe you found a good man and you would build a happy and full family. For sure, a reproductive medicine could help every infertile couple., and I hope it will help you too. Just don’t afraid of making new steps, we are with you

  • allaboutsurrogacy - 01/06/2017 Reply

    I think that I am not going ever to trust a surrogate with carrying and delivering my baby, I feel like there are so many risks that it kind of kills all of the pluses and ruins the whole purpose. I do not know how all of you guys here have made it to surrogacy or egg donation. it sounds so dirty.

    • Rory - 02/06/2017 Reply

      I think you are young and didn’t face infertility. basically I can understand why you can’t do tis but to call it dirty is a bit too much. If you have chances to have a baby naturally then you are not in the same boat. It’s not sensible to judge those who live with this. I’m sure that if you had some problems you would change your mind. So please don’t be so judgemental

  • Linda Woal - 02/06/2017 Reply

    Do not be so dull. Unfortunately, surrogacy is often the last chance to feel the gifts of parenting.
    Just imagine you’re infertile. You don’t have a hope that something will be changed or the miracle will happen to you. and you’re afraid to bury your unshared love alive.
    And you choose surrogacy because you may do it and you believe it’s the way to change everything.
    We should be careful choosing the specific center that provides us with this service but it’s weird to be so irreconcilable with such an effective method.

    • kodi - 06/06/2017 Reply

      It’s not up to you to decide what to do if one is infertile. Not everyone is ready for surrogacy if faced infertility, believe me. If you are not able to get pregnant or to carry a child, there are reasons for that. It’s sad that women don’t think about these reasons and just start surrogacy like it’s the most simple thing. Maybe some of us are not supposed to be mothers? I don’t think it’s bad after all because it’s a chance to live your life exactly as you want. Anyway, I’m not against medical assistanse in general

  • Memphis - 02/06/2017 Reply

    How many unindifferent women! how many opinions! You all can notice while we get older we begin to understand a lot of thing that were closed to our vision before. Some of them seemed ugly and weird but running course of life makes us more flexible and patient. because we deal with other problems. Our life choice always depends on our main and actual ideas we keep in current time.
    That’s why surrogacy was almost incomprehensible thing to me till I found out more about reproductology in particular.
    I can explain the value of this method but all of you have to understand it on your own. Or don’t face such problems.

  • Djuda - 06/06/2017 Reply

    I’m an infertile woman, I had early menopause. Last year I spent in tries to find appropriate place for treatment. my husband and our friends helped me to decide. They gave me advises and searched for different variants with me.
    Why did we accidently choose Ukraine? Perhaps It wasn’t accidently. We were weighting all options and offers. This country with its medicine had many advantages. Considering the fact we could have 5 attempts with donor oocytes paying only 10K we stopped out doubting. Also we had information about a good percent of successful tries. We didn’t make a mistake. It was a right choice. I’m on the 3rd month of pregnancy.

  • Arnold D. - 06/06/2017 Reply

    What do we all need to know about Ukraine? It’s actually strange country having insane government. We can see this from the news. There something always happens in Ukraine. But I have to admit our last visit to Kiev seemed calm, we didn’t feel discomfort there. I like this city. I knew Ukraine because it has a lot of famous sportsmen particularly in football. But also and surely it’s the main detail for us, Ukraine has a very good quality of reproductology. Surrogacy and egg donation are completely legal there. I may recommend the treatment in Ukraine because it was useful in my family’s case. after 2 rounds of de ivf my lovely wife gave me a wonderful baby-boy. We’re happy now!

    • SunDay - 08/06/2017 Reply

      Why is this country strange? I don’t think it’s right to judge any country by its government. In addition there are so many states where something happens that your views are based on nothing. It’s a nice country and lots of things make it special. You say that it’s strange but still you like it nad I’m sure it’s because of unexplainable attraction of the city. Or maybe it’s because you finally became a father. Congrats! I’ve also been through egg donation and after 3 failed cycles I realized that something shoukld be changed.We left Spain and went to Ukraine. I’m now pregnant…I think it’s the best demonstration of success.

  • whatisthis - 06/06/2017 Reply

    those articles look like propaganda of artificial treatments why all of you are trying to make it look and sound as if it is all normal and ok? it’s not.
    I am not a religious person just to make it clear as it seems like the majority of you are very negative towards people who are religious and are against fertility treatments.
    I just think that it influences badly people’s health and kids are not born healthy either.
    and it doesn’t matter where it is all done – in Ukraine or elsewhere it is still bad.

    • Sierraee3654 - 07/06/2017 Reply

      then every article is propaganda of something. Its purpose is to provide information so that people who are interested in different options could be more informed. That’s all. You say that infertile people are hostile to religious ones but I’m sure the situation is the opposite. If not religion we wouldn’t have treatment overseas, we have to find the ways to become parents because people like you think “it is still bad”. We are free to have own views and opinions based on whatever we like but don’t forget we shouldn’t blame others.

  • Breg - 09/06/2017 Reply

    Infertility is a shock for every man and woman and very often this issue seem to be so distant and no one can think that one could ever face this. After that shock you are trying to find any solution but when you find out how to deal with this, you are shocked again. I mean, there are ways to cope with this and to become parents but the process is so complicated and not the cheapest one. My husband decided to live without children than to try to do something. I think it’s not surprising that our relationships are in the past. Once I found a man who was ready to struggle against infertility by my side. Well, thank his support I’m pregnant. Keep fighting ladies

  • Linda Pinta - 09/06/2017 Reply

    Who steals our natural ability to give a birth? What a strange phenomenon or а nonsense?! I can’t accept this injustice. It made my life be constantly in a tedious search and I nearly lost my mind.
    Some idiots can claim and yell against “an amoral side of modern medicine”. I hate them, really hate! What do they think on their own? Oooh, how I’m angry!
    I know than each medical service abroad costs a lot even too much for a common people but I was ready to sell my soul to the devil just to take my fertile ability back! I vote for international progress.
    People should have a chance to have a decent treatment. their infertility is just a hellish mistake must be corrected. I said what I wanted to say.

  • Blackberry - 12/06/2017 Reply

    Few years ago I found out that I had a disease that had destroyed my reproductive function. My family has enough money for a normal life but we don’t have enough money to do surrogacy in the US. Over the last year we were thinking about possible destinations and we’ve finally chose Ukraine. Basically we don’t regret anything and we are happy about our choice. Of course this option is not cheap but still much cheaper than in the US. We were also provided with accommodation, food, all medications, consultations and legal support. It’s very convenient you know as we don’t worry about these things

  • Rumba Bongo - 12/06/2017 Reply

    Come on people! What do you think at all? It’s unnaturally abnormal, can’t you see? I can’t get pregnant but I’m still trying and believing it will a day I see my baby.
    I’m trying hard to conceive trying my best to fulfil my dream and I know God will help me because I visibly deserve it.
    You all people of science offer to make a deal with technocratic devil. I spit on it.
    I’m strong in my faith. And you’re poor at your vision. Shame on you all! God bless you!

    • Blackberry - 13/06/2017 Reply

      Good luck to you! I have nothing against natural conception but you should realize that you might have serious health issues. If you have the same attitude towards medicine, then you don’t often visit a doctor, do you? Then you can’t know the reason for your infertility. How long have you been trying for a baby? If it’s less than 2 years, please keep trying, but your journey is much longer…Good luck to you!

  • Tunnel12.12.7 - 12/06/2017 Reply

    My memory keeps really hard fragments associated to my disease. That were a bit tough years I admit. The woman really can send herself mad trying to change something on the way it is. Maybe i can’t recall everything detail but I was like a noctambulant. I didn’t eat and drink due to it mattered nothing to me.
    Now I understand this way of being harmed my health and this estranged me far from my goal.
    In short message I’d be insane today if my family and one amazing consulting organization didn’t support me. they were kind to me and I started to listen to their words not to hurry.
    I found my clinic and now that seemed like a fairytale. But only god knows what the core of that story was. I’m a happy mom. My children are healthy and clever. I don’t want forgetting about the way that I passed through. I wish you to have your story the same happy.

  • tringhtr - 12/06/2017 Reply

    I am all for commercial surrogacy, I am constantly signing petitions for it to be an allowed option all over the world.
    I am all for being open and having all of the opportunities or at least simple support.
    however I do not support traditional surrogacy as I think it creates lots and lots of risks that can potentially ruin what could’ve been a nice family.

    • hopeforthebest - 13/06/2017 Reply

      your position is obvious I suppose no one wants to have problems concerning this issue. we want to apply for something and believe everything is going to be ok. but each case is different and you know about it, sometimes commercial surrogacy could pay a trick on you. as far as I know some countries couldn’t guarantee intended parents they will have a baby without any complications. some legislations say a surrogate mother has a right to keep a baby for herself as she is the one who carried a baby and who gives a permission for adopting a baby by intended parents.

      • tringhtr - 13/06/2017 Reply

        well, commercial surrogacy is called commercial because at the very beginning of the journey couples and surrogates get to sign agreements that state that surrogate has no rights on the baby. on top of that, I think I should’ve mentioned the fact that I personally also think that gestational surrogacy and commercial one are the only 2 types of surrogacy that could guarantee you a safe journey. not altruistic and not traditional. and if it is gestational surrogacy no surrogate would have rights on a baby whatsoever.
        just so it is safe for both parties.

        • hmsurrogatemomtobe - 13/06/2017 Reply

          How is it safe for the surrogate at all? Sorry I do not get that.

          • hopeforthebest - 14/06/2017

            probably tringhtr wanted to say that a surrogate is protected by the one country’s legislation. but if to speak about moral and physics aspects of her state. don’t you think she is also suffering, she is carrying a baby, she’s experiencing a lot of changes of her body. She’s taking care of infertile couple’s baby and we shouldn’t take it for granted, we should respect her feelings and will.

  • tringhtr - 13/06/2017 Reply

    I think that it protects her rights too, obviously, and on top of that what if parents refuse to take the baby for any reason? And the surrogate mother wasn’t in the program to have another kid as for the majority of surrogates they tend to participate in programs because of money. They want them money and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially, if you are from Ukraine or Russia.
    So, back to the subject, she won’t be pressured to keep the baby, simply because it is not hers. I think that it is also important to understand.
    Plus, the baby will immediately get the birth certificate so not only the surrogate will be free asap but she won’t have any rights as from the start of the agreement and the program.

  • Hollands - 13/06/2017 Reply

    Is there the only one clinic in Ukraine? I mean which one that deals with infertility. We’re interested in Ukrainian variant. We don’t intend to overpay for US surrogacy because it’s horribly. Do you know how much it costs there? However, we worry about the quality of the provided service. Actually we have read we would be provided with everything needed. But what may be in real nobody knows.
    Of cause a lot of people remained happy after their Ukrainian journeys. But how to avoid all the risks and difficulties?

    • hopeforthebest - 14/06/2017 Reply

      No, there are plenty of different clinics which deals with infertility. The other question is reputation, we can’t be sure that unknown clinic could provide clients with great services, don’t you agree with me?
      I see a lot of ladies here are talking about one clinic so you can look at this web-site and contact the consultant, I suppose it won’t take much of your time. in addition, you can look at feedbacks and statistics, I believe you may find something useful for you.
      you know, we are all not protected from risks because it’s a life and it’s full of surprises of all kinds.

  • Chris - 14/06/2017 Reply

    Me and my husband decided to have children few years ago. We started looking for affordable options and we faced too many complications on our way. It’s sad that lots of countries have restrictions and we can’t just start the process where we live. It became clear that we need to find a surrogacy agency or a clinic abroad. And it’s half the trouble. Another problem is that it’s hard to find country where gay couples can be accepted. We thought about Ukraine as it offers really wonderful options but we don’t meet requirements of the country. We are so confused…It’s unfair that we have less rights than other people.

  • Bi-Bi - 14/06/2017 Reply

    Of course there are several reproductive centers in Ukraine and in Kiev in particular. I visited two of them and had a distant contact with another one.
    However, I had my treatment in the best clinic among all the other options we could consider within the capital of Ukraine. The reason why we had chosen Ukraine as our destination for the treatment is that we were amazed with their offerings.
    I don’t know how to express all our impressions on this journey. Perhaps our case became super successful because of all events. We chose an egg donation program that included only one attempt. I don’t know what I thought while I was signing a contract. But after appointment with a doctor my faith arose! After signing we immediately got an access to the donor base. All processes and procedures didn’t take a lot of time. I didn’t feel that I was wasting my time.
    You see my impression so you may guess what result I got.
    Thank you Ukraine, thank you a lot!

    • faith - 15/06/2017 Reply

      you are right, there are several of them but you have to be sure about all of them.
      I mean each person chooses a clinic by her personal preferences, right? She wants to get a proper treatment with high quality services.
      ukraine becomes of the countries where you can get a proper treatment without wasting too much money. In comparison with other european clinics ukraine guarantees a positive result for acceptable prices. To my mind, we should pay more attention to this place.

  • doyoubelieveinhappiness - 16/06/2017 Reply

    I think that Europe is the best direction to take when you are opting for surrogacy. I won’t be talking about ivf or anything else as I had done none of those so cannot say much about this. However, I have done my research on surrogacy and I was actually doubting whether to do to Europe or stay in the US or not. Frankly speaking, I just did not want to take flights and wanted to stay home, because obviously it is not only safer but easier and reduces a lot of stress. But. The prices. I think that everyone already knows about the prices in the US. And having this said, I think that the quality that comes with those prices is not that good. You know.. I think that the majority of the articles about surrogacy in the US praise the clinic just because everyone is used to this. I admit that for some time in the past USA were the best for surrogacy but now there are plenty of new countries emerging with great surrogacy offers that I think it is stupid to overpay just for the simple fact of getting baby in the US, plus, there are still quite a lot of issues with surrogates.

  • Val16 - 16/06/2017 Reply

    Are you guys sure that we should intrude? Maybe it’s not what we are supposed to do. I believe that we are surrounded by signs and most of us can’t see them, can’t understand them. Isn’t it obvious that if your body doesn’t accept embryos or you can’t get pregnant for years, it must mean something. It’s wrong to think of a child as of a commodity. Your word “guarantee” is inappropriate when it’s related to a child. I’m sorry that so many women are infertile but I’m also afraid of them, as it seems they are ready for everything just to get a baby. In the bad sense

  • Malcolt - 19/06/2017 Reply

    I’m happy because we live right now when modern medicine develops and it can give a great assistance. We always will be within the moral aspects. They will impact on our thoughts and decisions.
    But what the attitude have I? Like the most people I was under the hard influence of my visions. Until the medicine helped me to fight a terrible disease. It didn’t concern my fertile function but it changed my vision absolutely. Now I think that each achievement that brings a use is necessary part of our live and it’s even a real treasure of modern world.
    It doesn’t important thing what the exact method gives a help. The crucial thing is that we can be helped.

  • faith - 19/06/2017 Reply

    Yes, it means your body do not accept embryos and you have 3 ways out. 1st is to adopt a child, 2nd is to use a surrogacy and the last one is to live a life without children. As I see most of infertile couples undergo the fertility treatment what becomes more and more popular. I can’t say this is something good or bad, it’s just their choice and we should respect it.
    as for your words about infertile women’s readiness, they are just warriors, they want to be happy and satisfied, frankly I don’t see any bad consequences of their desires.

  • gozza1084 - 20/06/2017 Reply

    Every coin has two sides. Once I got this advice and I used a new angle on my life and decided that things were not that bad. Anyway, before you start surrogacy you need to consult a doctor to be sure if surrogacy is the right option for you. It’s very important yo be mentally prepared for taking part in a process where someone else carry your child for you. Because if you are not ready, then you might have a conflict with the surrogate mother while trying to control every aspect of her life during pregnancy. Consider being childless, imagine alll pros and cons and put them down. Then it’s up to you to decide, what things you are ready to leave to have a baby.

    • flower - 21/06/2017 Reply

      Each decision has pros and cons, you are right, before starting any kind of treatment you should be sure that it is your cup of tea.
      It’s important to maintain a positive outlook while managing your expectations. Luckily you are either researching or actively seeking treatment with a fertility center that has some of the highest success rates in the country. An optimistic approach to a realistic solution is a healthy aspiration for any prospective parent.
      It’s important to learn how to take care of yourself. One of the most challenging aspects of advanced fertility treatment is dealing with the emotional ups and downs.

  • Silverocket - 20/06/2017 Reply

    My mother has 6 children and only god knows how many children my father has after his numerous marriages. My siblings have at least one healthy child born in natural way. Why do I mention this? Because fertility used to be a guiding feature of our large family. Despite all that I can’t get pregnant for more than 8 years. My previous marriage has been broken up because the man who lived with me had lost a hope that we could have a common child. I put a pot of money in the Spanish clinic and got no result. I want to forget that episode. last three months i was focusing on Ukraine perhaps you have an idea why.
    However, I don’t want to share my urgent plans I’m afraid to flush out my luck.

    • candy - 22/06/2017 Reply

      I do understand you.
      We also were struggling with infertility more than 10 years. we changed several clinics, we run out of money, took some time to rest. Started again with new ideas and beliefs our new stage would be successful.
      we came to ukraine, found a pace for ourselves, underwent all needed tests.
      fortunately, our surrogate got pregnant with the 3rd attempt but we ok with it. we got what we wanted/d after these years of devastation. we are thankful to ukrainian clinic, believe if you go there you will be the happiest in the world. good luck dear

    • 38237 - 22/06/2017 Reply

      I think that dealing with infertility can be a huge influence on a person’s mind, I myself got pregnant really easily and had my first child when i was 23 years old, now at my 40+ I am infertile, I suppose that it is a natural process but I was not able to get a second baby even when we tried, I always wanted my baby girl to have a sibling but I did not try to conceive through ivf or iui because I already have my girl, she is already a young adult and shows all signs of a woman ready to start her own family. So I am pretty much sure that she has all of the chances to create one in the nearest future. 🙂
      And now it is the moment when my husband and I have decided to have another child, as we have enough money and can use some of the savings we have saved for our Alice.
      BBut being 40+ years old is a disadvantage to me, so I do not know what to do honestly…

      • candy - 23/06/2017 Reply

        may I ask you a question? Why do you think that being 40+ years old is a disadvantage? do you believe you won’t be able to raise this child or you afraid of people’s perception? You know, during my life I met a lot of women who are over 40 and they want to be moms. They want to be happy and satisfied. Some of them use art as well and they do not think about consequences. To my mind, you just need to make up your mind for it because you the main hero of the play

  • beckareed - 22/06/2017 Reply

    as I didn’t know where to write my gratitude so I’m here. I just want to say ‘thank you’ to all surrogate mother which take care of themselves throughout the pregnancy and may gift such a happiness. Particularly, I want to note a contribution of Ukrainian surrogates because I had my journey in there.
    We didn’t have any claims during our surrogate program. I mean the complaints to her bearing. She is a kind and pleasant woman and it was so nice that she agreed to help us. we’re sure she has no bad habits and she controlled herself for our future baby’s health. we appreciate this.
    Looking at her mood and inspiring face with only positive expression we couldn’t think it was an exploitation of woman’s body. It was an act of sincere kindness.

    • hopeforthebest - 26/06/2017 Reply

      Sounds like a miracle.
      You know, accidentally I’ve registered here because I became interested in surrogacy. To my big surprise lots of women write about ukraine and I can’t understand why. Are there so good services? Are there cheap prices or what? Honestly I can’t get the idea of going there? I’ve read a lot of information about surrogacy and got to know that not only ukraine offers such kinds of services.

  • fruit bee - 23/06/2017 Reply

    I have been to London this spring and visited Families Through Surrogacy Conference. I had a few small conversations with representatives of clinics and agencies. Honestly I didn’t think that Ukraine can offer us something decent but we were wrong. Talking to a manager from Biotexcom made me feel comfortable about services they provide to their clients and after we discussed the details with my husband, we agreed for this step. We went to Ukraine in 2 weeks after the conference and signed a contract for surrogacy. 2 weeks ago we received an email that said our surrogate was pregnant. I had doubts about treatment abroad but now I’m ready to recommend it to everyone

    • kingsly robber - 26/06/2017 Reply

      Fruit Bee, your story seems as a fairytale. All the decisions and affairs have been carried out in too short terms as I could conclude. That was great you met a manager from your future clinic, you placed confidence in his (or her) advice and you made a serious step with a readiness to sign a contract. That’s all a bit queerly considering that you had doubts about Ukrainian medical treatment. But I have no other questions and I accept your story. My best wishes to you! I wrote so because usually people have to spend a huge portion of time for searching and hopeless trying. Your case amazed me. I hope you’ll remain satisfied after all.

    • mocandy - 27/06/2017 Reply

      I’ve heard about that conferences and follow their facebook page and find it very informative. So I regret I didn’t visit it when it was held in Dublin. I was thinking about going somewhere for surrogacy treatment as it’s quite problematic here so I’m ready to pay for it just to make this process simplier and faster. So you say it was a helpful experience, right? And this clinic in Ukraine, is it ok? Are you satisfied so far?

  • 1.1.Q - 26/06/2017 Reply

    Well/ that’s a cool story you have told. I read about that conference so I knew there were Ukrainian representatives as well. It’d be so interesting to have the same real-life communication as you had.
    I don’t want to send mails and speak with bots, unfortunately I don’t believe in texting. It’ll be better to have a chance for skyping at least.
    I’m lately excited with last stories by people using Ukrainian variant. I guess they completely improved their service and it became more comfortable for customers and in my turn i’m interested to find out more about this destination from face-to-face contact.

  • Alice - 27/06/2017 Reply

    Awaiting for conference in November (Belgium).
    I wish to ask some questions live.
    With plenty of clinics representatives there are many options to choose.
    Without any prejudice.

  • Adela - 27/06/2017 Reply

    Every man’s destiny is in his own hands. I mean you’ll make risk if you choose these methods of ART medicine but imagine how you’ll feel happy with your own child. Of course you should take in all proc and cons. Choose convenient and promising clinic and trust the specialists.
    Besides you’ ll face a problem of money. For example, Ukraine is cheap and it has a great deal of propositions. I don’t want to tell you about my attempts, but get to know it was the biggest stress in my life. Closer to the point we’ve chosen one contract for surrogacy. Now we are at the second step, waiting for fertilization and transfer and it seems that everything is OK.
    Ukraine has many chances to be the center of reproductive medicine and it would be prosper and increase its economy.

  • DonnaKa - 29/06/2017 Reply

    Infertility is a weird disease if I may say so. So many people are still fighting it but medicine still has no perfect remedy for every infertile couple. It’s sad regarding all those advanced technologies we managed to develop so greatly. Sometimes I think that maybe people don’t need to fight and as things should be this way? Maybe humanity is too huge and science can’t find a solution..Anyway, that’s great that couples have chances and options even adroad

    • laura - 06/07/2017 Reply

      you are right, but don’t you think it’s unfair when those who just don’t want carry a baby use this kind of treatment. Why do they pay money and other women carry their babies ? Why true infertile women can’t get pregnant and can’t let themselves to find a needed money for treatment? Why on earth they there are no really cheap clinics? why we should go somewhere abroad in pursuit of happiness?

  • Mathyorch2018 - 29/06/2017 Reply

    My message is just a greeting letter for couples which achieved their goal of having a baby. Also my message is a collection of the best wishes to those couples which are on the way of getting happy.
    Fortunately, our journey is over. We have finished this long trial approximately 3 months ago. We already got used to be parents and feel our huge responsibility.
    Now I may say doubtlessly children are the true miracle and the specialists of Ukrainian clinic are the real wizards.

  • hopeforthebest - 29/06/2017 Reply

    We’ve been at biotex, we were looking for a help there. At first we weren’t sure it would work for us as we were strugling with infertility issues many years. We underwent lots of medical treatment and almost lost our hope. we came there to find a hapinness, and our dreams came true. Of course we couldn’t get pregnant for the first time, our surrogate got pregnant from the 2nd time.
    We couldn’t believe, our miracle would be with us.
    so, I agree that treatment abroad is not so awful as many people think

  • gios - 29/06/2017 Reply

    Ukraine is cheap country and most of people think that is strange. Simply people have lower salaries than in other countries and the economy of the country is awful, but for reproductive treatment it is the best. In my family there are many children and everyone understands that we should thank God for it. It often becomes a blow to families who wish to have children.So this is a way out for the desperate

    • danysh - 04/07/2017 Reply

      Ukarine cheap and welcome country with friendly legislation. I don’t know other countries where all infertile couples could have such a wide range of services and carrying people. When we came there we were surprised we had no need to pay for any additional services. All were included into our package, even food. Of course, different clinics have different services but I do believe Ukraine is great. And it will help a lot of people seeking for a piece of happiness.

  • Whitney - 30/06/2017 Reply

    It’s easy to find lots of scandals related to surrogacy in India, Cambodia..I’m glad that it’s banned there now. People shouldn’t go there trying to fool their government. If altruistic surrogacy is allowed, I see no sense of looking for commercial elsewhere. Can’t understand why so many people go to Ukraine. Lots of people can’t keep relying on third-world nations to deliver babies for them.

  • kayokay - 03/07/2017 Reply

    Nowadays this technology increases and it is good for our descendants. Modern technology may change everything. Also it is competitions for countries which can show their treatment and clinics. Besides we should more appreciate our abilities to born a child and we should maintain our health, because some even pay money for these thing. There are many problems in our life. But, all in all, anything’s possible

  • bo30go6 - 04/07/2017 Reply

    I was looking for guarantee programs when I decided to underwent my first IVF. Well, can say for sure that it’s not that easy. There are only few clinics in Europe that can provide this kind of progam to their clients. I still don’t understand why there are too few of them. Maybe most of fertility centers realize that they can’t quarantee success because of their limited abilities.Or they just want make money and don’t care about clients. Anyways, I went to Ukraine, which was mentioned here,in the article, and signed for 5-attempts contract. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant. It took me 3 attempts to become pregnant.Couldn’t be satisfied more.

  • Ninjia14 - 04/07/2017 Reply

    Hey, I’ve just thought on some phylosofical themes and I want to share with you.
    It doesn’t matter which country or where is it located. You should more apply on conditions which are offered to you, specialists who surround you and, of cource, your opinion and choice . All these reproductive methods: IVF, donation, surrogacy are surgical intervention, intervention in your bodies. Before it, you have to imagine your life with it, how it is influence at you. There are not so many chances in our lives, chances for life on the Earth. So, probably we must use it. Use this ability which God gave us. Biotex or something else, doesn’t matter. It is another thing, it is much bigger! I compare it with existentiality. It means that people are in need and are eager for the realization of all that they are likely to do. Take this chance and thanks God for it, thanks medicine and the science!

  • anilaq - 05/07/2017 Reply

    2 weeks ago I signed a contract with biotexcom. well, my decision was based mostly on reviews on the internet and I’m not quite sure that I won’t regret it. here I see lots of comments of those who had treatment in Ukraine and at that clinic in particular, hope I can trust them.
    anyways, the services that clinic provides are really great for that price as I haven’t found another fertility center where accommodation, food and all legal part are included. There are few surrogacy contracts, I chose a standard one for 40k euro. We had to save money for a few years, I wish we won’t regret our choice

  • Pillq0 - 05/07/2017 Reply

    Wow, I didn’t know about this. I and my wife don’t try to concieve and we even do not think about child. My wife is over 30 and do you think she cannot be pregnant? I’m a bit confused. I found out that it could be infertility associated with age. Fortune smiles only to those who are ready for it. So it seems we are ready.
    But for these limited people , who cannot have a child, fortune also smiles. Nowadays couples can try their luck and it is unbelievable

  • sunnymood - 05/07/2017 Reply

    I see a lot of comment concerning biotex clinic in the internet. I suppose it becomes more and more popular among infertile couples all over the world.
    When I have chosen this clinic I was attracted with the price as well as the fact that the price was fixed For example in the USA you have to pay for every attempt separately. And in biotex you shouldn’t pay any other extra fees. I don’t like when at first you get one price than it doubles and gets bigger and bigger.
    In general I was satisfied with everything I’ve got there, we were leaded by professional manager who did her best. Our babies were born 1.5 year ago, and we are happy to say our journey have been finished with positive result.

  • marmar - 06/07/2017 Reply

    Didn’t know there are so many people with this issue. It’s sad in my opinion. I don’t think people need to live without children. A woman needs find a man then give a birth to a child and this is how it works. Those people, who say that one should keep living with infertility not trying to change anything, are selfish and probably are young or have children so they don’t care much about the issue but willing to share their opinion

  • Old Brahmin - 06/07/2017 Reply

    My attitude is still the guardian for such countries which have poor economic situation and not perfect government. I’m joking when I say the perfect government. You know each country has its own crucial problems. I think we just have a choice what to do. We can go there or not. And we don’t change their government the same as we do not help their people with our presence there. We’re just helping ourselves. And the only thing we can do is to be grateful their provided service and hospitality.

  • Marvel - 06/07/2017 Reply

    “we live in a beautiful world yeah we do!” I feel these words in true sense with their full meaning.
    Everyone knows we suffer from the wars and thugs. Other million parts of our life are dangerous and disliked but we have to remember our real miracles, about true wizards and the kindness which we may share with each other.
    Perhaps I’d have frozen with focusing on the dark side of our being if it had not been for the help I received in Ukraine. Ukrainian specialists from the field of reproductology took my hope back.
    We needed three attempts to achieve my success but it was worth it.
    I’m happy with this experience.

  • Aurora Greenway - 06/07/2017 Reply

    Before I started reading all the comments I could find here I thought I’d not post mine. It seemed too personal and absolutely ordinary. I think that such issues as my infertility can’t become a good example how to fight skillfully. Honestly I was quite weak.
    I just wanted to find out about your way of coping with situation. Really, the most stories are worthy of respect. I underwent ivf with donor eggs. it was on south of Europe.
    My DH and I do not have children yet. And we don’t give up. We’re gonna keep on trying.
    This article helped us to choose the place for our next treatment.

  • diana noghost - 07/07/2017 Reply

    I never knew the most crucial and critical story in my life would be associated with medical treatment. Nobody expects for such turn of events.
    I believed it could be an exciting travel or wedding journey with my loved one but not the treatment.
    However, the event which unleashed my nature was about my desire of becoming a mother.
    The longest and exhausting process my husband and I lived through turned into the real pleasure in the end. I understood it when my hands touched my awaited baby and since that my life wouldn’t be the same any more .
    New life’s page started and I am thanking Ukraine and Ukrainian physicians for that.
    They intervened into our pointless challenge when we were on the verge of giving up.
    We received perfect assistance and we appreciate it.

  • movingon - 10/07/2017 Reply

    I don’t understand why all people write about surrogacy journey here! You all should keep it in secret. Frankly, I don’t support this kind of getting babies.
    Everybody knows that the world is ‘overpopulated’ and that there are many orphans whose parents have died from decease or because of war. There are also many children who are living in children’s homes because their parents couldn’t afford to keep them.
    You should have a moral duty to care for the already existing children in need of a loving caring family rather than proceed to make new babies into an already too crowded world.

  • Ksopp - 10/07/2017 Reply

    I can’t have children but in our province in Canada surrogacy is not allowed. I don’t agree with altruistic surrogacy as it’s the same expensive but in addition the process may take much time and no one guarantees that you’ll get what you need. A surrogate should be rewarded for her deed. Thus we were looking for a country where commercial surrogacy is not a crime so we went with Ukraine. Wonderful option as it costs twice less than all the expenses we need to cover here if we have an altruistic here.

  • Anna M. - 11/07/2017 Reply

    The article has it:”India and Ukraine conduct lion’s share of reproductive programs. These are the third world countries with underdeveloped medicine and low economy level but they take leading positions in the reproductive medicine sphere”. I think this information is a bit outdated if we are talking about surrogacy. India banned all surrogacy programs for non-citizens. It’s sad because my husband and I wanted to start treatment there, as it’s really cheap in comparizon to the US prices. Don’t know about Ukraine but the fact it has “underdeveloped” medicine scares me. Does anyone has any experience in Ukrainian surrogacy? Id it safe? Too much comments here to read them all.

    • sunnymood - 12/07/2017 Reply

      I’ve been to ukraine a few years ago when it was not so popular. Our baby is 1.5 years old now, we are happy we got our little miracle with the help of a surrogate. you know, all of them deserve to be rewarded, they do a great job, they inscribe their bodies and thoughts to your babies, isn’t that wonderful?
      The clinic as you know is located in kiev where IS safe. Frankly we didn’t expect to be treated nice there, so much friendly people, warm attitude, careful stuff. Just in general, we were satisfied totally. The services we got at clinic couldn’t be compared with other ones. We were provided with everything needed, we didn’t pay any extra money and even got the medicine for free.

  • XxxX - 12/07/2017 Reply

    What the what?!
    I hate when people talk about children like it’s another comodity.
    How much does your life cost then? If you are ready to buy and sell children, then you won’t be a good parent. One can’t buy a family or pay someone to create a family for oneself. It’s selfish and artificial.
    I don’t understand why such “guarantees” are allowed everywhere

    • Romen - 14/07/2017 Reply

      Egg donation, surrogacy and IVF itself are procedures that should be forbidden because they goes against any rules of morality and ethic. one doesn’t simply play god and create life as if it’s a human job. I will try to do my best to share this point of view. people should be happy with what they have.

      • danysh - 19/07/2017 Reply

        I don’t think so because different fertility treatments give other a hope. So many couples are infertile and they cannot imagine their lives without children? should they suffer? should they live a life without children? what is bad if they use some reproductive treatments? It’s just a way of solution, i believe God will appreciate it.

  • margery - 12/07/2017 Reply

    do not know about any of you who are sitting here and writing all of those comments whether they are positive or negative, but I personally feel very threatened by all of those new treatments that are being created and presented to the public. It is just awful that we need to witness such a violation of God’s prophecies.

  • Lupo - 17/07/2017 Reply

    For my first egg donation cycle, we had no actual ooportunity to choose an egg donor. We only told about our preferences, weight, height, eye and hair colour. I would like to know more about that woman but it was against clilnic’s rules. anyway, 2 cycles were unsuccessful. In a year we contacted with biotexcom and chose a package with 2 more attempts. hopefully, we could choose any woman out of their database. There are not only information about women but also 3D photos, video interview and information about her relatives. It’s a great advantage in comparison to other clinics for sure.

  • Amy - 17/07/2017 Reply

    I am so sad to see how many of you have the same issues. After a long research, and after visiting many doctors, my husband and I decided to go to Ukraine, as there are a lot of recommendations everywhere about the clinic which gives the sperm and egg donations. After 6 years of struggling, we finally succeeded! Anyone who wants to hear the name of that clinic can contact me, I am not sure if I can write the name here?

  • Martin - 19/07/2017 Reply

    I cannot believe what you people are writing here! Are egg donations against God? C’mon, please leave the people alone. You can’t even imagine what struggles are some couples fighting and working hard to get a baby. We can thank only biotexcom clinic for having our son!!!

  • MarryAnn - 21/07/2017 Reply

    While I was googling about biotexcom clinic, I came upon this website. I am so glad that there are more people that succeeded because of them!!! We traveled everywhere and tried so many things. I never thought about the Ukraine, but a friend of mine has a sister who also succeeded with them. I cannot be happier. I am so glad that such magic exists!

  • Solly - 02/08/2017 Reply

    I was a surrogate mother 5 years ago and I still regret this. At first I was over excited about this and was sure I was doing wonderful deed. I had twins and was proud to have a huge belly. The problem was that intended parents wanted to control my every step, they even found an apartment for me and lived with me to make sure everything was okay. I was not allowed to use a computer and teh internet, had limited time to have a phone conversation with my husband and my own children…to be honest I was like in prison but at the same time they cater to me. When I was 38 week, time came and I was informed about c section..I was shocked as I wasn’t ready for that. Babies position was perfect for vaginal birth but IPs insisted on c section because they didn’t want to risk..The procedure itself was awful, I watched my belly in blood…after I gave birth to those children, I realized that IPs didn’t care about me anymore. I was in intensive care unit and they didn’t ask anyone if I was alright..I’m glad that it’s all over but still painful to remember. If you are looking for surrogacy, please, be more caring and understanding with your surrogates.

  • Zoe - 03/08/2017 Reply

    How could you talk about child like like it’s another commodity? It’s not just wrong, it’s immoral and against the will of God! The process of conceiving is sacred and and spiritual and it must be between only two people who love each other. No third party or any intervention should be present. It’s disgusting to only imagine the procedure of artificial incemination and surrogacy..

  • pabloya roza - 06/09/2017 Reply

    Of course, Surrogacy journey was the most difficult challenge in my life but I’m happy I lived through it with Ukraine. Many people can say a lot of awful things regarding fertility treatment and the service which Ukrainian clinics provide. I heard and read much about it on forums. I was lucky and I remained satisfied. Because my program manager helped me to avoid different unpleasant situations and events during my journey. Yes, I experienced a big worry while our baby’s documents were preparing (it’s the most terrible expectation, it’s like to be always on needles and about to burst in tears due to nerves)
    I don’t have think I’m ready to do it again. My husband and I have a huge responsibility to care for our newborn baby and we’ve got no spare time at all. It’s perfect. It’s like a real science we need to study step by step. I hope you feel alright because we do feel well in our turn. Children bring a happiness to parents’ lives no doubts. It’s a gift of fortune but we know and we witnessed who were real contributors. Thanks to all clinic’s staff and doctors which participated in our program.

  • morandi - 14/09/2017 Reply

    how people could be so ignorant and selfish that they talk about children as they are comodities? are you serious? child with guarantee? I was raised by loving and caring parents who taught me to be kind and merciful to all people. every life is invaluable and every sould is priceless. I couldn’t even imagine that creating a family would be a business and every prospective parent is ok with this.

  • Rikki-ticky.Brest - 14/09/2017 Reply

    I only can agree with your statement. I remember my surrogacy journey as the most challenging part of my life too. If I can write well, I’ll write a little book about that time.
    Because it’s important for me and also can be helpful for other women who try hard to become parent.
    There would be a few instructions and tips in my book how to avoid different difficulties and to prevent your fall into stress.
    I guess clinics have to pay more attention on that how to help their patients to keep a good disposition and feel good.

  • BrFr - 20/09/2017 Reply

    Commercial surrogacy is illegal in my country and I hade to go abroad for this as well. India is not available now for foreigners but there are still some european countries where it’s possible to do surrogacy and the law of these countries protects intended parents from other countries. This is how we chose Ukraine and found an agency called Lotus. The are just great! Communication, treatment…everything is perfect so far. Their guaranteed surrogacy program costs $59k and there are just a few additional payments in case of twins but in general the price is affordable as I think. I heard that Biotexcom is much worse and they have problems with communication and other important aspects of surrogacy process so we decided not to risk

  • X - 21/09/2017 Reply

    just have found tthe article that has it “Commercial surrogacy is inevitably built on the vulnerabilities and financial needs of surrogates, like single mothers, migrants, or the unemployed. But there are other reasons to think commercial surrogacy is unethical. The practice has been compared to prostitution[6], since both involve commodification through the “purchase” of women’s bodies. This analogy probably ignores the especially demeaning nature of prostitution, but commercial surrogacy requires surrogates to view their children as means to some financial end, and this might profoundly affect the way children born from surrogate pregnancies think about their own worth.” It’s ridiculous and again sounds as feminists and catholics desided to work together and made society believe their opinion is the only one which is right

  • aurora star - 05/10/2017 Reply

    Really want to start my relations with Ukrainian clinic. There’s only a few things left to finally begin. I feel I’ve killed my worrisome doubts and started being more confident.
    Today I’m expecting for webinar that must be held by one Ukrainian clinic’s manager. Oh, no. It has to happen tomorrow!
    I compiled enough long list of questions and hope I will have a chance to voice them.

  • vironica - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Oh, wao. Strange, weird article. However, defo worth reading. I really did not know anything about this. God, I’m starting to love this forum. Every day I learn new things. I joined this just a couple of days back and I’m already starting to like it. Spending most of my day’s time here. Bless you all and please keep sharing such info.

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