An aspirin a day – for years – may keep colon cancer away

Published 24/08/2015

(Reuters Health) - Taking one or two baby aspirins a day for at least five years was tied to a lower risk of colorectal cancer [more…]

Women, minorities still underrepresented in medical specialties

Published 24/08/2015

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Too few women and minorities are entering certain medical specialties in the U.S., researchers say.

Diversifying the physician workforce may [more…]

Sierra Leone releases last known Ebola patient from hospital

Published 24/08/2015

FREETOWN Sierra Leone released its last confirmed Ebola patient from hospital on Monday and began a 42-day countdown to being declared free of the virus, [more…]

AstraZeneca names Genentech’s Bohen as chief medical officer

Published 24/08/2015

LONDON British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca named Sean Bohen as its chief medical officer, in an appointment that it said could help accelerate the development of [more…]

India hits Nestle with $99 million lawsuit after noodle scare

Published 12/08/2015

MUMBAI/ NEW DELHI The Indian government has filed a lawsuit against Swiss food firm Nestle's Indian unit, seeking 6.4 billion rupees ($99 million) in damages [more…]

India seeks $99 million in damages from Nestle after food scare

Published 12/08/2015

MUMBAI The Indian government has filed a class action suit for 6.4 billion rupees ($99 million) against Nestle's Indian unit on behalf of the country's [more…]

GSK closes North Carolina plant after Legionnaires’ bacteria found

Published 11/08/2015

Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline closed its North Carolina factory on Tuesday after testing at a cooling tower found bacteria that causes deadly Legionnaire's disease, a company spokeswoman [more…]

India set to seek $99 million in damages from Nestle after food scare: government source

Published 11/08/2015

MUMBAI India will seek damages of 6.39 billion rupees ($99.3 million) from Swiss group Nestle after a food scare involving reports of excess lead in [more…]

New tadpole disease affecting frogs across globe, scientists find

Published 10/08/2015

LONDON Tadpoles are contracting a new, highly infectious disease that may be threatening frog populations worldwide, British scientists have found.

A parasitic disease caused by [more…]