Infertility can stop humanity on the verge of extinction

Published 03/02/2017 in Health, Medicine

Infertility can stop humanity on the verge of extinction

Reproductive medicine industry is a big business but what are emotional, physical and financial expenses of infertile couples?

Infertility can stop humanity on the verge of extinction. It sounds as a new movie trailer but it is reality. Every 5th couple in the world these days is unable to reproduce. 21st century and infertile human race are battling to survive with a huge hope for a chance and new life. Regular reports of international medical organizations and committees claim that infertility gains pace all over the world. And there are more and more reproductive medicine clinics. Their advertisement is more common now than Starbucks ads.

But what is the reality, and how far can people go with aims to conceive and give birth to a baby?

Statistics of national health protection services say that in Great Britain every sixth couple is infertile. In Italy and USA the situation is quite the same. Qatar’s statistics claims that 16% of couples are infertile. In India, around 30 million of families are infertile. It makes up 10% of population. Every European country shows similar unpromising statistics. Nowadays, citizens of such developed countries as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and many others, widely use benefits of modern medicine and assisted reproductive technologies.

Human life is priceless. However, as a result of global infertility, the sphere of assisted reproductive technologies is developing rapidly. Millions of families are eager to pay any money for at least a chance of becoming parents.

Dina’s case (feigned name) is not unique. Dina is a popular interior designer in Italy. She is happily married. Her husband is a successful businessman. Back 13 years ago when they married, they were happy and full of hope. They had everything they wanted: good jobs in Italy, wonderful house, cars and travelling. They have it all. But for children.

“I was 38 and we wanted to have a complete family with children so much. We visited our local doctor to find out what was wrong. Doctor said that my husband had problems.

He suggested trying artificial insemination procedure. We did it twice and nothing worked. Nothing at all” says Dina.

“My doctor advised us to proceed with IVF. I was absolutely sure that it will be a perfect solution for us”

In Dina’s case, her husband’s semen analysis showed not very good result. Doctor suggested fertilization of Dina’s eggs with her husband’s sperm in lab environment and then transfer embryo back to Dina’s uterus. This is in vitro fertilization procedure or IVF. Of course, Dina agreed. They visited a lot of clinics. It was a long IVF journey. Clinics in Florida, Doha, Jordan, Bahrain and finally New York and Crete tried to help them. All IVF attempts were unsuccessful. They were successful only in spending money. This family spent around 150 thousand dollars and still had no result.

Like most women opting to conceive through IVF, Dina was to go through several cycles of treatment. In general, a woman goes through 2-3 cycles and this is money consuming. Moreover, they had to cover expenses for air tickets, accommodation, meals and other related expenses.

ART procedures result is a long-awaited baby. That’s why many people are ready to spend any money for the sake of their future. It’s a perfect impetus for “fraud clinics” to emerge. They may lie to patients and just imitate performing of all necessary procedures of the program.

“Some desperate infertile couples are ready to pay big sums of money for infertility treatment.  It leads to exploitation and using such patients only with aim of making money” IVF expert says.

Such patients like Dina and her husband are ready to pay thousands of dollars for ART treatments. It gives rise to severe competition between clinics, fight for patients.

Patients’ competition is a concern only for those who are afraid that doctors will apply risky medical practices to enhance pregnancy rate, or that clinics will hoodwink their patients as to their chances for successful conception.

Professor of an American university considers that nowadays doctors have reached high proficiency in using assisted reproductive technologies. Specialists are always working on improving treatment methods and their practical application. And years of practice help enhancing programs’ success rate.

Nowadays there are so many centers of reproductive medicine. This is unregulated free market of medical service and it’s impossible to count the exact number of clinics. Alongside with state-run medical establishments, there is a great number of private clinics and centers. They are very popular among infertile couples. Thus, for example, around 120 thousand IVF cycles are performed in American clinics per year. In Ukraine – around 90 thousands. These data is very approximate because there is no exact statistics in any country of the world. There are a lot of clinics worldwide and they all offer similar service for different prices.

Sarah was trying to get pregnant during five years and says that she contacted reproductive medicine clinics opting to get ART treatment.

 “Yes, the cost of IVF with donor eggs depends on countries and clinics. However, infertile couples struggling to have children find hope and faith in such clinics. I can tell you from my own experience that this hope is enough to pay this money”, says a patient.

The price is the reason why infertile couples go overseas to have IVF there. The treatment may be rather expensive especially if it’s needed to provide additional procedures: ICSI, PGD, donor eggs and donor sperm usage. Don’t forget that going to another country involves flight, accommodation and food expenses after all. One IVF cycle in the USA costs USD 12 000 – 14 000 and it’s the most expensive destination for reproductive tourism. The prices of reproductive services in the developing markets fall in such countries: Turkey (USD 5000), Argentina (USD 4900), Ukraine (USD 3000), and Georgia (USD 4000).

Experts say that people will spend money on ART because it’s the only sphere infertile couples can invest in. ART is an expensive business not only financially but emotionally.

Hannah is 39 and she is infertile. She thinks that time, money, and efforts spent on her attempts to become pregnant by using IVF were worth it.

“It was a dream and, at the same time, the pain of my life. I wanted to have children but I couldn’t. Having contacted Ukrainian clinic I found a hope and believed I would be a mother. I had my egg donor matched in BioTexCom clinic. I became pregnant from the first IVF cycle”, says Hannah.

It is well known that many women have their first babies or decide to have one more kid when they are golden-agers. Doctors say that there is a great number of women after 36-45 who come to reproductive centers to have IVF. There are also women who can’t become pregnant because of different diseases and disabilities.

Some people are obsessed with procreation idea and their child is the one who will carry family values, goals and genes.

“Most couples are ready to make sacrifices in order to have children”, says fertility specialist. “Reproduction and parenting is an instinctive mechanism of all people. Assisted Reproductive Technologies is not a traditional method of conception, however it’s a unique alternative for infertile people”.

The number of fertility clinics and ART is increasing, as treatment methods are improved and programs become more effective. Infertile couples are ready to pay for these procedures and pass through emotional and psychological aspects of such programs.

“To be honest, going all this way wasn’t easy mentally. A thought of my baby having genes of another woman made me crazy. But then I realized that the most important is that we are loving parents and we will be very responsible and raise a child. We spent around 10 000 euro in Ukraine. It was a package with unlimited number of attempts. This price included everything we needed: accommodation, alimentation, medication, egg donor selection, etc. We don’t regret we spent this money. Now we have a child and it’s number one. This child is worth all the efforts, money and time spent on making our dream of family come true. We put our trust on experienced Ukrainian doctors and we don’t grudge of it”, says Hannah.

Very often it’s in patients’ hands, as doctors say. Regular medical examinations, healthy lifestyle, lack of bad habits, diet, rest-activity balance are crucial for reproductive health. “Every man and every woman must care and improve their health state and the quality of their eggs, ovaries, uterus, and sperm from youth and throughout their lives”, the doctor says.

For those who have health issues IVF is the best option. Popularity of ART is growing year by year. People from different countries, who were thought to be infertile, become parents with increasing frequency. According to statistics, 300,000 – 350,000 babies see this world annually by using ART.

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is now a widespread technology as a counter of IVF. According to expert opinion, it’s because of more and more men are less ashamed of acknowledging and fighting their fertility problems.

ICSI is used when problems occur primarily in men. If man’s sperm count is low, doctors inject a single sperm directly into an egg by using special micromanipulators.

During an IVF program fertilization is made out of woman’s body (extracorporal fertilization). The procedure consists of such steps: doctors stimulate ovulation, collect eggs, fertilize eggs with sperm in laboratory environment, and then place embryos into the uterus of female.

As you can see modern medicine offers different options for serving the needs of people. Apparently, a Ukrainian clinic’s motto, “There is no absolute infertility”, has become reality.

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  • Bianca Lee - 03/02/2017 Reply

    Thanks science and medicine we, infertile people, can become parents. I’m happy to live now.

    • Antonia - 06/03/2017 Reply

      Agreed. The medicine helped me to become a mother and I never regretted about my choice. Reproductive medicine is our live saver. We faced our problem many years ago but won and now I’ll be a happy mother.

  • girlishmom - 03/02/2017 Reply

    I became a mother thanks to Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom and I’m glad that more and more people now visit the country and clinics there. It’s extremely affordable and welcoming country. I love every visit to Ukraine and now I’m waiting for my second boy to see the world!

  • Monroe - 03/02/2017 Reply

    Assisted Reproductive Technologies will change our life for sure! I’m still choosing a clinic in Ukraine, but definitely need to visit BioTexCom. It’s not the first time I meet the name of this clinic. If people are talking about it then it is very popular among foreigners. As far as I understand, if people are still coming there, it might have good results.

  • Nathan - 03/02/2017 Reply

    Do they really perform unlimitted number of attempts?? It must be harmful.

    • Bianca Lee - 06/02/2017 Reply

      Oh, of course not! You are right, it’s not the healthiest thing. According to their package, “Success”, they offer 5 attempts and if the last attempt failes the clinic guarantees a full refund. By the way, this package costs less than 1 IVF cycle in many countries especially in USA.

    • litret29 - 03/03/2017 Reply

      I know that all surrogacy contracts are unlimited in my clinic, as it states in the contract that in a case of a miscarriage or other unfortunate thing they will be starting the program all over again. but of course of you are using your egg cells maybe two or three times is the limit.. so your health is not damaged.
      if we are talking about biotexcom! because as far as I know other clinics do not do such a thing

    • laura - 25/04/2017 Reply

      Every stimulation is considered to be harmful but each woman knows what she wants to get from it. I mean, a lot of infertile women want to become mothers and they do everything what is needed in this case. Lots of injections, pills, vitamins, ultra sounds and so on and so far. Not everyone understands that, that’s why here we have a lot of contradictive opinions about reproductive medicine.
      What do you think about it?

  • Lilu - 03/02/2017 Reply

    Ukraine? Again? Maybe I need to make a research on this matter. I didn’t want to look for more information before, but now it seems to be rather attractive. Surrogacy is much cheaper in Ukraine, now I see.

  • Mark - 06/02/2017 Reply

    Well, I don’t think humanity is on the verge of extinction. We are now more than 7 billion and our planet is exhausted. We did this. The more people the more chances for it to die. If you remeber a movie Inferno and the main idea of it pitched by Zobrist, then you must understand the whole problem. We don’t need new ways to fight infertility. It’s just a defence mechanism of our body. This planet can’t bear all of us especially if every couple wants to have more than one child.

    • SashaG - 06/02/2017 Reply

      What are you talking about? Every woman must be a mother and it’s not the thing anyone could deprive her of. It’s a woman’s nature and if she can’t reach it naturally then modern technologies are to be used. It’s amazing that we can be provided with such a great chance!

    • Catherine Walles - 06/02/2017 Reply

      According to your logic, such disasters as plague, wars and other nightmares that took lives of millions innocent people are good? It’s ridiculous! Every man’s life is invaluable!

      • Mark - 07/02/2017 Reply

        Blah blah blah… Yes, this was exactly what I meant! You don’t think big because you are selfish and focused on yourself. I didn’t mean to hurt you and my words are not for you in particular, but for all mankind. Everybody cares only about present…It’s a shame to live with indifferent people.

        • Catherine Walles - 14/02/2017 Reply

          Umm…Your views are scaring. Don’t you realize that every female in this world must become a mother? We are humans and this planet is our home. We protect it, but sometimes we need help and protection. If nature doesn’t help us then we, people, need to use our own methods. If millions of people die we won’t be happier!

    • Antonia - 03/03/2017 Reply

      no way, the reproductive medicine helps other t feel the happiness of the parenthood. I know what i’m talking about. we faced infertility problem many years ago. 8 long years I was thinking about my helpless in this world but thanks surrogacy I knew what is to be a mom. we found clinic in ukraine, hopefully, our surrogate is 8 months pregnant. we are about to go there soon.
      what about Inferno, according to your logic we all should have only one child and that’s all. what’s next, the people won’t have a chance to build family because of lack of partners, someone will die and someone prefers to be alone. what will we do in this case?

  • Camily - 14/02/2017 Reply

    As far as I know, ICSI is an assistive tool when having IVF, it’s not actually a different way of getting pregnant. I had 3 IVF cycles and the last one invovlved ICSI. Fortunately, it worked and I’m now pregnant. I think it’s because we had ICSI and had a bit different protocol in another clinic. By the way, it was Ukrainian one.

  • orpheum - 17/02/2017 Reply

    I guess that Mark’s right is the concern on the world scale. Considering problems in perspective of whole planet we can miss such detail as personal life of single man or one couple. Interesting does Mark suffer from the same misery as the childlessness at the age of 50? I know one mutable thing such as a human mind. One moment we are able to battle for the humanism blaming ruthlessness that people feel inside. And being angry we can take away someone else’s life and hope. One day we are like Caligula, the other one we’re just the mice and searching for the care. People are fond of speaking about global problems, but it’s impossible to keep these problems under full control in any case. So better to help yourself, better to allow the assistance to all who truly need it.

    • Mark - 20/02/2017 Reply

      If you think only about how to help yourself then global problems will remain global, and no one cares of it. If everyone won’t change something then it’s useless even to start. Some people devote their lives to nature and environment and they hope for the best, but every improvement causes come-down. The reason is the attitude of those, who like you’ve written, should better help themselves…

  • orpheum - 20/02/2017 Reply

    We all choose our way to be satisfied. Everyone has a right to have an own opinion. I just wish that all ways we choose would lead us to the success not to the misery. And that’s important for us to now that these ways were made by us and we can’t put our blame on anyone. Well global problems remain the same.

  • HOOLAMORA - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Thanks to Biotex, we’ll highly recommend its specialists who help to win the misfortune! Our family appreciates the assistance we were provided in Kiev.
    The couples which need to pass through DE should contact this clinic.
    Despite the discussion up above I can say that God bless the technologies and people which present such gifts as our little pea Sabrina! THANKS

  • Karen - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Dreadful statistics!. Looks like people are doing something wrong that leads them to infertility .. And thanks God there appeared such clinics as this one in Ukraine. I believe they will continue to help people all over the world. Grateful clients is the best achievement of each and every organization. And biotexcom seems to have quite a lot of them. Thanks to the great and experienced specialists that work there

  • christy - 06/03/2017 Reply

    this is awful but I hope that in the future all of the fertility treatments become easier and quicker to do. Like you wouldn’t have to stay in lines for egg donation ivf or waiting for your surrogate, I hope that in the future all of the countries are open for fertility treatments.
    I hope that in the future doctors can make all of the women fertile again.
    And there will be no wars about abortions or surrogacy

  • uzat - 13/03/2017 Reply

    I have been through 7 IVF cycles and they all were unsuccessful. I can’t say that doctors want to make more money and ready to perform as many rounds of IVF as you are able to pay for. After my third failed cycle I was recommended to try IVF with donor eggs or move to surrogacy. I refused as I wanted to have a baby of my own. Not every fertility clinic is ready to be at our service after my experience. Now I’m thinking of having DE IVF. I hope it will be helpful. Maybe Ukraine will be the next country to visit.

  • patricia - 14/03/2017 Reply

    You see, I think that infertility is a natural mechanism of controlling the population of humans. I think that you all are very egoistic and you do not think about others, about us. i think that our Planet suffers a lot right now and she needs some rest and we, humans, do not let her do that at all
    you should think about Earth too

    • Malizia - 22/03/2017 Reply

      Totally agree with you, patricia! People forget that our diseases have a purpose and they mean something. Earth is exhausted and as you have written it needs a rest. But we are too selfish to understand it. Everybody thinks that if something happens to Earth they have nothing to do with it. However, I understand why women can’t stop looking for different ways to have children. But every step we take must be approved by our planet.

  • dormona - 20/03/2017 Reply

    infertility is a very complicated thing. there are so many reasons for this and you can live your life not even knowing the reason for childless family. every single inflamation or an old disease can influence your reproductve function. it scares me. we need to be very careful and attentive to our health. it’s great that we have assisted reproductive technologies, but people should try to improve their own lifestyle too.

  • crayonpink - 22/03/2017 Reply

    that’s sad that for some women it is impossible to have kids. I think that even though there are a lot of kids without parents that need our love, I still think that the inner desire of a woman who wants to have kids is unstoppable. you cannot just say she has to adopt when she wants to have her child or at least a child of her husband. there are so many details to it that need to be viewed before writing those judgmental commentaries. I feel like you shouldn’t be that open-minded to understand that the desire of another human being is not your business.

  • sc_tx35 - 23/03/2017 Reply

    our doctor told us to go for egg donation
    I am not sure whether he was competent enough to advise us this thing
    I have read that women with AMH lower than 1 got pregnant using their own egg cells
    why can’t it be me?
    ps what do I have to do then? pay a fortune for someone else’s egg cells that may not even work out ah
    what do others do in this situation?

    • donuts - 14/04/2017 Reply

      As far as I know, the low amh is not the reason for despair. If doctor sees you have a chance to conceive with your eggs he will give you this opportunity. No matter how your case is difficult, but you have to evaluate all pros and cons of such treatment..
      you are not alone here; all nice ladies here will support you

  • fempower - 24/03/2017 Reply

    that’s why we have to invest in reproduction technologies rather than bash those who decide to choose this path over being alone for the rest of the life.
    plus on top of that
    I think that as long as we, human beings, try, we should be fine as we keep progressing with every single day and in a year or two we can expect some major progress in this field.

    • wow - 29/03/2017 Reply

      I agree with you
      there are some individuals that choose to support fertility treatment bans and some countries seem to not understand that their silence they keep won’t do anything great, but only harm to those who cannot have kids and MUST go for ivf or surrogacy

      As someone who’s been opting for surrogacy for years I can tell that it is one of hardest things I have even done in my life. especially knowing that the moment you sign the surrogacy contract you are basically done with it as the clinic is the one responsible for your tx
      well, it is logical for the clinic to not force their clients to undergo another set of trials…

  • Anna Paulaner - 29/03/2017 Reply

    I’m so happy about our scientific achievements. Mankind explores the universe and we collected so many information that we can explain almost every process around us. I can’t stop being surprised by everything we have now. It’s also amazing that people who can’t have babies are able to have them in the end. Just imagine, some 20 years ago infertility was a verdict and women lived their lives not knowing they could be mothers. I hope that it takes not much time to find a universal remedy.

  • tutsie - 30/03/2017 Reply

    I think we should stop reproducing and wait a bit till the Earth comes back to its normal state
    as in China they regulate their population through this law that does not allow families having more than 1 child
    we should imply this all over the world
    well, I think that in China they already changed their thought on this but still they are going for the policies of not having more than one child in a family
    but no here we are with all of those couples struggling with their infertility and going abroad and stuff

    • clevergirl - 30/03/2017 Reply

      I think that those couples, most of them have no courage going abroad and this plays a role of a natural regulating mechanism
      as I believe that if all couples in the world started applying for the clinics abroad they would’ve been already parents and Earth might’ve exploded

      But I cannot seem to agree with you on this matter because we should consider other peoples’ wishes
      although we should think about our planet more but we as an important part of the planet should feel free doing anything we want

    • donuts - 10/04/2017 Reply

      their legislation almost as complicated as the US tax code haha. it has lots of shades for example it is allowed to have more than one child if the couple adopted their first child because one of them was diagnosed as infertile. but what if they do not want to adopt another child? what if they want to have a baby who will be genetically related to them? what to do? of course, they go abroad and use art… and I understand them, we are willing to do whatever we want
      I do not support your idea of waiting till the Earth comes back to its normal state because we came here to live and our lives are too short for waiting…

  • monk and ape - 30/03/2017 Reply

    Reading the title, In my imagination I recollect books & movies of the science fiction in which expeditors fly to Mars to create new human colony.
    My concrete opinion prompts me that if Humanity has its fate to die no any technologies will not save our lives. it’s better to me use the achievements of reproductology in specific field of human treatment.
    I comprehend and accept the great contribution of ART to the family building all around the world.
    Good to live while the advanced medicine can repair the nature injustice. Each couple deserves to be parents.

  • rikapor - 31/03/2017 Reply

    how can you not know that you have some problems with your fertility health?
    My mom always taught me that I have to visit my gyno at least twice a year and she has been insisting on it since I have started my sexual life. Basically I always knew what is going on with me in that area. I have always spent a lot of money on the analysis because I am convinced that the health is the most important thing.
    this amazes me that some couples find out about their infertility only when they’re at their 40or something
    mind blowing

  • artloveliness - 03/04/2017 Reply

    My husband also has some issues with his sperm because of his age
    he is 72 but his health if perfect
    I in my 45 am also perfectly healthy but I understand that I am no longer suitable for own eggs treatment
    well as for now
    I am considering egg donation treatment but we were shocked that he is not in the shape anymore
    the analysis showed that his sperm is very weak and the fertilization should be performed using his fresh sample but not frozen
    well as long as I can have kids from him everything is ok
    but I do not know what we’d do if his samples were bad

    • annny - 03/04/2017 Reply

      wow, 72 years old ? it’s preatty muc hfor good sperm. do youlead healthy way of life? what is your secret haha?
      p.s. will your clinic use any addittional methids in order to get good sample of sperm?as far as I know, some clinics use icsi, which is very helpful for those who have weak sperm.
      I’m so sorry if my words offended you in some way

      • artloveliness - 06/04/2017 Reply

        yeah 72
        we have celebrated his 72 birthday only recently after he had his sperm done…
        well, there were some problems when he was trying for the first time but the second time he could do it and we were waiting for the results (they came pretty quickly). we were told that the sperm is not that good but they have managed to freeze 1 sample and they recommended us to go for a fresh donation.
        but as I said we’re fine we knew that it could happen

    • sdfggh - 04/04/2017 Reply

      don’t you afraid of having a baby when your husband is 72? I don’t want to hurt you but you should know he won’t live forever, right? Do you want to stay a widow with a little child? I think it’s not the best decision for you. but who am I to advise you. Do you have kids who can help you to raise this child?

      • annny - 05/04/2017 Reply

        Of course I’m afraid but I can’t forbid this couple to be parents. It would be unfair from my side.
        Honestly, I didn’t think about it, probably no..
        p.s. no, unfortunately I don’t have children. Due to my health state I can’t get pregnant with my own eggs. Now it’s my 5th ivf round with donor eggs and I’m 10 weeks pregnant. Hope for the best.
        anyway, I wish them to reach their goal, I suppose it’ so important for them

      • artloveliness - 06/04/2017 Reply

        of course, he won’t be here forever, he will be gone one day but now he is still fine, he’s not demented or anything, and I think he deserves having his own kids and he deserves to reproduce and continue his family tree with my help and with the help of the specialists.
        I suppose that it is our lives and we are free to choose whatever we want
        and honey do you think we have never thought about it? this was the reason for us to start doing all of the preparations as fast as we could.

        • annny - 06/04/2017 Reply

          As well as mine, I won’t be young anymore ant it scares, I don’t want my life has no sense. I suppose I have to leave something after my death and this will be my child.
          Some of my friends don’t support this idea, they think I’m selfish and care only about myself because I’m obsessed with concept to have a child. But what can I do? I feel my misery every day and it’s killing me. I lost my joy many years ago and I want to return it.

  • crazydaisy - 06/04/2017 Reply

    I think that we should not go against nature and it’s “will” or mechanisms. I totally agree with those who support the thought of not crossing the line with all of the art methods and just sit and wait till the Earth is back to normal again.
    but yet we have those who want to have kids no matter what..

  • jane - 06/04/2017 Reply

    It’s a hard issue for humanity nowadays. I came to biotexcom after treating 4 stage endo. I had little hope for successful ivf program but decided to take one more risk. I got extremely happy when saw my bfp for the first time. I’m grateful to biotexcom for this piece of happiness that I never though I would experience. One should not give up having encountd the problem of conceiving.

  • loveydovey - 07/04/2017 Reply

    I cannot seem to make myself be against the women who choose fertility treatment. I know that they are just put in those conditions of not having the ability to deliver and carry their own kids
    and this is sad
    this is so sad I cannot even tell you

  • vitoriamez - 07/04/2017 Reply

    It’s awful that we, people, are on the verge of extinction. Not wars or diseases kill us but our inability of reproduction. I have no children but I’m terrified when thinking that I could have problems with this. Too many friends of mine have to apply to fertility specialists. It’s wrong especially if they are young. No one should stay childless. Assisted reproductive technologies can be our only hope if we lose the ability to have children naturally.

  • crazydaisy - 07/04/2017 Reply

    Not everyone uses art methods to get pregnant because they have no other choice
    To be quite honest there are women who just do not want to get fat and that is why they seek for surrogacy and believe it or not they manage to find a surrogate for them in free America lol
    They pay those mothers to carry a child and then get offended when surrogates do not want to give the kids they were carrying all that time to those awful women
    I do not support that

    • annny - 07/04/2017 Reply

      me either, I do not respect women who use reproductive medicine just for fun. yes, for fun, I can’t think of other word. I suppose it to be selfish because they don’t care about their future family and well-beings of children but just about themselves and their babies. Disgusting!!!
      As an infertile woman who always want to have babies I against them, we were created for our children. That’s our mission.

    • Lohren - 07/04/2017 Reply

      we can argue on this topic for years, because we cannot always comply with nature. There are always pros and cons in art methods. and we can’t emphasize only one side of it.
      i know countries where there is allowed only a gestational surrogacy and the law is set in a such way that surrogate mother doesn’t have the right for a baby. The baby she carries is biologically of intended parents. So she is just a carrier.

    • litret29 - 10/04/2017 Reply

      this is a very controversial topic I must admit
      whether it is fine for those women to opt for surrogacy or not.
      but we all should be free in our choices and acts so if she wants it and if she has an opportunity why not?
      who’s going to stop her? nobody

  • jacky - 07/04/2017 Reply

    Depressing statistics. Must admit I’m one of those women having that problems. However, I was lucky to get the information about the Ukrainian clinic just in time i needed it. I came through the egg donation and have my little girl that has the eyes like mine. I think that’s great thing to have an opportunity to chose the donor you want. In that situation you can have the baby with the features that remind yours which deprives people from many unnecessary questions and suspicions.

  • Ruby - 07/04/2017 Reply

    No children – no future, I saw this statement it doesn’t leave my head.
    When there were only my husband and I in whole world it wasn’t bad. We felt happy until we understood that it wasn’t the right way to live our lives only for us. We became adult. Our desire to have a baby was our guiding star and our challenge we have had to overcome!
    One day we’d die and nothing would be left after our lives.
    Should I mention that we had a fertile dysfunction? We were recommended to pass through the surrogacy. And we have done it with Biotex!
    I’ll not mention other words. I’ll just say we gonna live forever because we are parents of wonderful twins.
    This clinic helped us to survive our own extinction.

    • donuts - 11/04/2017 Reply

      9wow, strong comment!
      I’ll probably agree with you. Infertility is a hard issue for every woman in this world. And everyone wants to have a baby. To my mind, it’s great that medicine is moving on and with the help of it other people could help infertile couples.
      Sorry about your infertile dysfunction, thanks God docs have helped you to overcome this.
      Wish you all the best, dear.

      • Ruby - 11/04/2017 Reply

        Thank you, Hun! Really thanks God we all live at the time of such developed medicine. So different problems have a chance to be solved, we all got this amazing chance.
        I’m highly grateful to the clinics which provide their patients with quality treatment and clear contracts.
        Today we have a great opportunity to battle for our future, several years ago the infertile couples were surrounded by the less reassuring circumstances.

        • donuts - 12/04/2017 Reply

          Several years ago the infertile couples were pressed by the society. Not all could become parents with the help of reproductive medicine. Lots of people felt guilty because of their misery, their weakness and infertility. With time everything has changed, our world became modern and we got a chance to be treated in the right way. We are allowed to do whatever we want and no one could judge us, except The Court haha
          Surrogacy became a common thing, it helps other and I suppose it to be great.
          We got a great opportunity, the most important is not to lose this chance

  • Hanna Anna Maria - 10/04/2017 Reply

    Congrats Ruby! I’m a little surprised when meeting so many people who were in ukraine with that particular clinic. My journey was so long but I hope it would end up soon. My surrogate mother is also pregnant and it’s twins! I can’t imagine what is supposed to be, as I’m not ready for 2 children still but I’m trying to presuade myself that it’s not that difficult. I’d be grateful if you share your experience. How doo you manage to raise 2 children at the same time?

    • Ruby - 11/04/2017 Reply

      There was a time when I wanted to become a mom most of all and couldn’t. our tries were all unsuccessful. And today having twins I comprehend that that was a double misfortune.
      Because each of my babies looks at me giving a great portion of love.
      I’m a doubly big mom at the same time. and am happy like a bird in the sky flying free and so high.
      Don’t worry your rich maternal heart will prompt you how to manage the best way you can. Be sure in that, dear

  • Lessmess - 10/04/2017 Reply

    to Ruby
    I can’t be agreed with your slogan. No children – no future.
    The people can completely feel fine without kids. They are independent and free. It’s part of their philosophy and it dictates them to be in love of freedom to spend the time living full moment.
    They are travelers having no roots concreted into the ground.
    I know such kind of people and I prefer to understand their wish to live absolutely free their own lives.

    • Ruby - 11/04/2017 Reply

      I don’t use to be rude but suppose your ‘friends’ are too selfish to share the life with someone else.
      But what kind of wealth do they have? I can’t understand. I’ve never been so rich until my children were born.
      Humanity is gifted to give a new life, and who can overvalue such a compliment from our God?
      Shoot me down but my heart and brain resist to accept that.

  • doraemon - 11/04/2017 Reply

    you people are all crazy
    you talk about fertility treatment as if it is nothing
    I think you should reflect on what you are doing and what you are thinking about
    how can you think that surrogacy or ivf is normal
    you should stop!

    • tokal - 11/04/2017 Reply

      Hello sweetheart! I am sure that you have had enough and you are furious and raging and the only thing I would like to tell you is that you better not stay here, as this is the place for those people who are opting for fertility treatment and your comment hurts.
      I suppose that admins of this web-site should be very careful with allowing such people here

    • donuts - 13/04/2017 Reply

      We are not crazy, we are the ones who are looking for a help.
      why do you think reproductive medicine is awful? To my mind, you just don’t understand us, you have never faced with infertility issues, you have never been in such situation and have never felt the weakness.
      Only poor people put the blame on others, they do not know how to deal with own problems.

  • Eva - 13/04/2017 Reply

    Great they have a variety of contracts and opportunity to chose the one that would suit best. That was crutial decision in our life to ask for egg donation contract. In terms of the contract we received great help and assistance. We got the solution for our problem and are extremely grateful to biotexcom for everything they’ve done for our family.

  • Muse - 13/04/2017 Reply

    I even don’t fancy what happens to your own life and how such an attitude can exist in your heart.
    If you were in my shoes losing everything related to hope and future perspective and you suddenly have found the way of salvation. You’d never ask such questions, I guess.
    All those listed reproductive methods give a deserved dream back to the millions suffering from infertility. Watching my baby, I can’t hide my indignation about persons who talk a nonsense.

    • donuts - 18/04/2017 Reply

      To my mind, they don’t know what it is like to be infertile. But I can tell that infertility feels out of control, it feels hopeless, devastating, frustrating. It feels like everyone around you gets pregnant, but not you, never…
      It feels like no one around understands what you are going through, it feels broken and lonely.
      we didn’t tell many people what we were going through, so I couldn’t expect anyone to be sensitive to the situation. It was really hard to be around friends and act like everything was fine, and then go home and cry my eyes out. I knew if I told more people, I would feel more pressure, and I didn’t want to have to talk about it all the time. Being around people that didn’t know what was going on forced me to talk about other things and helped to distract me from my anxiety, so in that sense, it was good. But I was wrong, I had to talk with somebody! I had to talk with someone who could relate to me! And I’m grateful to people who had listen to me, without them I wouldn’t survive!!

  • Ella - 14/04/2017 Reply

    I got in touch with biotexcom clinic recently and agreed to come for the initial visit. I’m being pleasantly impressed with all the services they supply. Despite the fact we were arriving deep at night they called a taxi for us to take to the hotel. It’s very comfortable when you come to the foreigh country. Today we are to have some necessary check -up. Hope everything will go smooth

    • Ma1pa1 - 19/04/2017 Reply

      it would be very useful if you share your impressions. I’ve just read that the clinic provides guarantee-programs. Is it so, do you know? Tthis clinic gives your money back in case of 5 unsuccessful egg donation attempts, as far as I understand this is what they call ‘guarantee’.
      but what about surrogacy? do they give you any guarantees? people have to pay 30-50k but they must be sure that it will work I think.

  • Greeny - 18/04/2017 Reply

    I’m so concerned about what is going on with our environment. People don’t appreciate for what they have because it’s free. And they even make things worse with all these pollutions and industrial emissions. And it’s getting clear that the more people the more problems. I’m really afraid that in some 100-300 years we will know what is forest and fresh air only with the help of historical movies. It’s very important to keep our planet safe. And we must teach our children to act according to our common problem. I have no objections to infertility treatment but only if newborn parents know what to do and how to raise children in harmony with nature.

  • humansafterall - 19/04/2017 Reply

    usually, when you’re 38 you are able to reproduce with the help of ART, some doctors though would not out you in their favor as age is one of the main infertility causes. they can refuse to treat you or even more tell you that your case is already untreatable which I think is a crime. I am very outraged by this.
    how come some clinics do still treat women in their 50s but others – don’t? is there a secret of some sort?

    • donuts - 20/04/2017 Reply

      If you speak about IVF with your own eggs some clinics do have an age limit because they have to. At age 40 and above women have reduced fertility potential as compared to that seen in younger women. They also have substantially lower success rates with fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization as well.
      But when we speak about DE IVF, there are some restrictions as well but donor eggs are commonly used until about age 49 – some programs will still do it after age 50. It all depends on each woman’s health.

  • nora - 21/04/2017 Reply

    Regardless all the things some people say about ART one should admit that it plays important role in the lives of many families nowadays. Such clinics as biotexcom brings hapiness to those who struggle to conceive and need some help there. I should say it’s good to have an opportunity to get professional assistance and successful result. I’m one of those people who had to deal with the clinic and I’m happy to have found out about it

  • laura - 24/04/2017 Reply

    To my mind, reproductive medicine is the powerful thing, it helps all infertile couples to become parents and I disagree with those who tell reproductive medicine has a bad impact on our human living.
    As for ivf and surrogacy, it helps patients who would be otherwise unable to conceive. The ultimate advantage of reproductive medicine is achieving a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. The reproductive medicine can make this a reality for people who would be unable to have a baby otherwise. It helps all around the world and we should be grateful for it.

  • larchik - 24/04/2017 Reply

    I don’t think (I even can’t let myself think) than infertility is the way of salvation. It’s a kind of nonsense. Anyway infertility of living creatures is unnatural thing. Neither God nor supreme nature could create such strange conditions because this suspends a normal way of life’s course.
    I don’t promote reproductive technologies. All independent countries can permit or prohibit any medical procedures by themselves. It must be a free choice.
    But all we know how many people had attained their happiness with help of modern medicine achievements.

  • 124578 - 25/04/2017 Reply

    basically I need to undergo 3 ivf cycles to become pregnant and it’s about 30k? no, thanks.
    now i get why soo many women decide to go abroad. of course not everyone is ready to pay so much. but i don’t understand why the difference in prices is that huge? i suppose american equipment is better but is it true about each and every US clinic? I don’t think so. I’m sure that european reproducrive centers can also afford to have modern services and so on. It’s still a secret to me

  • larchik - 27/04/2017 Reply

    what would be if nobody has decided to investigate fertility problems? What a huge black cloud of damnation would cover our hope for the future?
    We were trying to conceive, we were selflessly torturing ourselves and crying at nights, and asking God why!? It could be so during our whole life if we’d have no possibility to apply for the help.
    My updated family is grateful to clinics providing infertile couples with needed medical assistance.
    Even if all these modern clinics are commercial mercantilistic institutions but they work and their well-done work gives a result.

    • laura - 28/04/2017 Reply

      To my mind, this is great chance for all those, I mean a chance to have a baby. We, as all infertile couples were trying to have a baby for a long time. And now we have just discovered that european clinics are pretty good for undergoing reproductive treatment.
      In addition, I had a word with a surrogate here and she were nice with me. She has answered a few my question, so now I know even more about reproductive system in europe. If you are interested in you can look here

  • Maurio - 28/04/2017 Reply

    That’s really terrifying statistics. So many infertile people. I think it can be caused by decline of human’s health for the last 100 years. Inspite of that the science overcame many diseases, we still have the new ones. This is an endless process. We are going round in circles.
    We learnt to create a miracle by means of medicine.I think it is a huge breakthrough in medicine and in our existence.

  • True3546 - 10/05/2017 Reply

    Ukraine is very cheap at this point! and the medical level is high enough to perform such kind of activity! I had my ed ivf there and now pregnant. they did thieir job perfectly! I also met a couple in my clinic who came to be present on the labour of their surrogate mother giving birth to their baby. they were very happy. I would recommend the clinic biotexcom to people who are in desparate from infertility and don’t have money for very high cost treatment.

  • 342 - 11/05/2017 Reply

    I hope that even though Ukraine is cheap they won’t reduce the quality if their services for the sake of gaining more money. because it is often a thing to happen with relatively small businesses that want to make their name sound but cannot do that without being the cheapest and the friendliest centers of them all. but eventually, things may go really wrong. hopefully this is not the case with Ukrainian clinics as they are maybe the last options in the world for poor couples like my husband and I

  • Vivien - 12/05/2017 Reply

    how can that be? “humanity on the verge of extinction”
    That’s rediculous! We all know that the problem of our humanity is too many people on Earth! For ten years the quantity of people raised for one billion! Maybe infertility is the way the nature tries to regulate our exctintion not allowing people to have children. and what about the health of the babies made by science…no one knows where this artificial fertilizasion will lead us!

    • litret29 - 12/05/2017 Reply

      Calm yourself down! People are struggling with the awful thing in their life yet to happen. Imagine yourself in this situation. would you also be so sarcastic and rude if you wanted to have kids but had no chances of having them naturally? Would you still think that this is a blessing? that God’s just do not feel like letting you reproduce. can you imagine the real impact of your words on those who are constantly suffering from infertility and numerous treatments? they ruin their bodies for the sole purpose – giving birth to someone, making the life.

      • Vivien - 16/05/2017 Reply

        It’s unnatural! If you can’t have children you can adopt them, and give a happy life to a child. It’s a good thing! it’s the best you can do! I would do the same! My aunt faced infertility in her 30th and she decided to adopt children. She’s happy now that she gave a family to two children!

  • bolid - 12/05/2017 Reply

    Infertility was a shock to us when we found out about it. We were so desperate that were ready to start treatment at the very first clinic we met. hopefully our gp advised us not to do such things in haste. We found a public organization Happy Family and got a free consultation on what to do. thanks to their asisstance we could make that difficult decision and chose Ukraine as a country with surrogacy friendly law. Our famiy will be full soon. Just want to wish you all good luck. seek and you’ll find

    • davon - 16/05/2017 Reply

      hey, bolid!
      firstly, congrats!
      and could you please tell me a bit about this organization? what services they suggest? how can we contact with them?

      • bolid - 22/05/2017 Reply

        hello! Thank you. I hope you are doing well.
        Re Hppy family, it’s a non-profit organization as they call themselves. I don’t know why they do this for free but their work is extremely helpful. It seems this organization collected data on every decent fertility center in the world. We just shared our problem and told them about our preferences. We were offered a few options and the onlu thing left was to choose one. So we did. If you want to contact them here is the link

  • retropill - 17/05/2017 Reply

    I know about Happy Family. At least I’ve heard about it from kind people. It’s a good web-office which may help to figure out and explain all the aspects of fertility treatment, more than that HF gives a help to find a suitable clinic. Also I want to express my gladness for every couple which has achieved a success in their hard struggle. And my heart is open to support and I wish good luck to them who still concerned with their treatment.

    • kittikat - 25/05/2017 Reply

      I’m curious in one question. Do they really help without money? I mean Happy Family organization, how did you find them?
      Because we were looking for a help and didn’t notice it.
      How the process is going on? How’s the research is making?

  • Potter - 22/05/2017 Reply

    as far as I can gather HP is not just an organization with a headoffice and employees. This is a large public network or something like that.
    it works according to the latest scientific and political tendencies in the world and helps people to pass the ways avoiding pitfalls.
    Considering their free service I guess they make a noble job.

    • No - 24/05/2017 Reply

      hm..weird. there must be at least something? I mean they do such things for free while there are agencies doing the same job and charge a lot for that. If I need such services I’d contact this organization but I think that they can’t provide you with all information like agencies, I might be wrong of course. Anyway, it’s great that we still have people who are ready to fight for idea and not for money.

      • kittikat - 26/05/2017 Reply

        Agreed, we also hear about Happy Family. If Potter told it’s a large social network so it’s must be something, I mean we should hear about them.
        And what about the process of work, Potter didn’t answer me. Oh, can you give me a link to this website please? I want to look onto it

  • grandmaspumpkin - 23/05/2017 Reply

    as I agree that mental health is really important while undergoing the treatment or taking a part in the program of surrogacy, there is not so much coverage of psychic health and mental issues either of donors or surrogates or IPs. And it is really sad that even the most popular conferences tend to exclude these topics from their programs. and it makes me question the whole thing because you cannot imagine the program without dealing with some strange and devastating thoughts.

    • litrella - 25/05/2017 Reply

      Agree with you. I also think that mental part is extremely important in the process of surrogacy. It doesn’t even matter if we are talkink about IPs or surrogate mothers, as they are so much distressed by everything. I’m a member of different communities related to infertility and it’s a common thing to meet a post of a woman who is going through infertility and she is concerned about everything. If there is a specialist she could share with, her life will be much better in my opinion. This rollercoaster is really difficult to cope with

  • happymommy - 26/05/2017 Reply

    Reading these articles, I start thinking about the impact of science development on our lives! Such an amazing proof of the fact that science actually works! I am myself in the pile of the cases of women getting further and further to achieve their dreams. And that further wording is quite literal. I am not sure whether it was the main objective of the article to disprove people on their beliefs about ivf or surrogacy that we’re like robots that want to reproduce therefore we are opting to have 100 cycles of ivf or waiting 10 years for the perfect surrogate mother. Yes, it is not a secret that we can break boundaries and go further than many of you, healthy and perfectly normal people, but you have no idea what it is like walking in our shoes and judging us does not make you any better. However I accept all of your points of views and appreciate your feedback.

    • helloitsme - 26/05/2017 Reply

      Totally agree with you on this. But I have something to add. Like look at all those people who go abroad, in Spain, Czech or Ukraine. before even being diagnosed with primary infertility I didn’t have a single insight on what fertility treatment is like and what it requires from you. and it requires a lot! Like a lot!
      It was always funny how other people were quick to judge others without thinking first. Which is so freaking sad.

    • Paraphenia - 29/05/2017 Reply

      Agree with you as well. What humanity achieved during the last 50 years is amazing and sometimes even hard to believe we developed that much. Just imagine how many new medicines were discovered and developed to fight diseases which seemed to be incurable a century ago. Of course such changes may scare someone who believe that science is an enemy of religion. Anyway, I’m not going to judge anyone. I’m just happy there are options. I have no problems with fertility but I think that every woman who goes through it is extremely strong. I can only imagine how hard your journey is but I hope you are doing well now

  • anne - 29/05/2017 Reply

    I agree that it’s really great and useful achievement in today’s medicine. That’s a great chance and unique opportunity for the infertile couples to get the necessary and adequate treatment and a chance to get so desired and long-awaited baby and full family alongside.

  • ivfisgreat - 31/05/2017 Reply

    I completely support those who opt for fertility treatments. And those who choose surrogacy or adoption over ivf. Natural pregnancy for us is like a miracle. However, as we’re moving forward by every single year we should not think that there is something supernatural about getting assisted reproduction treatment or having a baby by surrogacy or adoption.
    Infertility is now losing to the very brought team of scientists all over the world who are trying really hard to fight it and give us all of the opportunities of being parents and having children,

    • grace - 31/05/2017 Reply

      I agree with you that reproductive medicine helps infertile couples. But sometimes people do not understand that we don’t have other choices.
      As you can see more and more people use surrogacy or egg donation and it became popular, frankly I don’t understand those who use it just because they don’t want to gain weight, and stuff like that, who want always keep in fit.
      my goal was different, that’s why I use egg donation and I believe those who really need help will get it.

  • tewtye - 01/06/2017 Reply

    Fertility treatment can save us, potentially. too bad we still are trapped in stupid laws and rudeness of other people who are not that smart and are trying to prove their points based on no grounds.
    I personally think that ivf or surrogacy or any other treatment should be legal everywhere. maybe it should not be funded or funds should be strictly regulated but overall i think that we should all have the right to choose what we want to do with our bodies and even if it is a surrogate whose dream is to help others with having babies. and she just wants to be pregnant and give birth. I do not understand ho can the government forbid her doing this?? and what if she needs money? why can’t she just become a vessel? if she wants it!

    • grace - 01/06/2017 Reply

      I can’t totally agree with you because this issue has a lot of nuances. if we let all countries to allow a reproductive treatment what will we have? people will think making a baby is a common thing, they will stop care about the future and their health because they will be able to solve all problems with the help of art.
      i don’t want to say that art is bad to my mind, we have to use it according to our needs

  • Timbo - 01/06/2017 Reply

    I am really against the abortion and even selective reduction seems cruel to me. but when it comes to methods giving a chance for a new life I gonna lose my tongue. I don’t have any rights to resolve on someone’s happiness. It’s like the protest rally against the cure for cancer. I mean people which say that fertility treatment is an act of defiance against the God lead childless families to the dark perspective of being.
    I described it maybe in poor and stupid form but I wanted to say that we shouldn’t be opposed to the technologies that try to solve issues of childlessness.

  • werawargas - 06/06/2017 Reply

    Hello! Hope you don’t me leaving here my reply! My name is Wera and I am infertile and it is just so important to me that we have those ivf options still here and open for anyone who’s in need! to be quite honest, I am impressed by the amount of people who are here taking part in discussions over infertility, this is amazing and amusing at the same time, but I am scared of what our world can turn into with all of those people who are against ivf trying to stop us from achieving our dreams.

    • Aishhhh - 08/06/2017 Reply

      IVF is quite controversial procedure. I know that many people don’t even know how they feel about it but it’s okay if they didn’t face infertility. As far as I see, amount of people who struggle against infertility increases year after year. It’s sad. But the most unpleasant moment is that governments of many civilized countries forbid such procedures if a woman needs to use donor eggs or sperm. The main reason for such restrictions plays religion I guess, as the procedure is performed against god’s laws blah blah. I need egg donation to become pregnant and I have no alternative. So why on earth should I take it and do nothing to become a mother?

      • hopeforthebest - 12/06/2017 Reply

        you are right, it’s hard to see many people struggling with infertility issues. I feel sorry for them if I could help them I would do it. Frankly, I don’t understand why governments forbid reproductive treatment as it the last hope for infertile couples. With all my honor to the legislation I suppose it’s unfair to take away the chance from other.
        Dear Aishhhh there is nothing bad you want to undergo the de ivf, you want to be a mom and that’s a pure goal. Don’t let other tell you what to do, just live your life.

      • tringhtr - 12/06/2017 Reply

        I see nothing controversial in ivf at all. I think that it can only be regarded as a controversial topic by those who have no direct relation to it. or who were influenced by opinions of others. I think that the right thing to do here is to treat anyone related to this procedure as “normal people”, I mean how sad is that no one is actually even trying to normalize it or at least to not bring it up as a matter of someone’s bizarre adiction..

  • hopeforthebest - 14/06/2017 Reply

    you might be right, frankly I do not understand why other put blame on infertile couples. I know a religion forbids any kind of reproductive treatment but let give them a chance to feel ‘normal’ as you said, right?
    I believe one day the legislation all over the world will allow the surrogacy and ivf treatment because we have no rights to forbid other women do what they want to be done with their bodies.
    I hope it will make some sense for other

  • Lordy - 14/06/2017 Reply

    I came up with only positive opinion to the progressive methods of the treatment. My family became richer and fuller with help of IVF with DE. Actually I’m a heavy realist and don’t believe that even medicine can stop the process of human extinction. Anyway in present time the reproductology continues to make many families be happy. We should accept this fact.

    • hopeforthebest - 15/06/2017 Reply

      you are right, no one could stop the process of human extinction.
      every day I see how many infertile couples are suffering from infertility and I see a lot of them reaching the goals. For sure, it’s not an easy task to deal with, it takes a lot of nerves and time. Not all could have ended up with the positive results but they keep trying, we should respect this.
      to my mind, other who have never faced infertility have no idea what is to be like that. And they have no right to tell the reproductive medicine is immoral.

      • Val16 - 16/06/2017 Reply

        Maybe extinction is what we should go through? I’m not sure that playing god is right in our situation. I’m not infertile, at least I think so, and I have no kids yet but, of course, I want to be a mother in future. Although if I have any problems with this I won’t try to fool the nature. I looked through the list of different procedures and I agree only with IUI and IVF if without donor cells. I can live life without children if it’s needed. I think we all need to think aboout real reasons for infertility.

        • hopeforthebest - 26/06/2017 Reply

          you are definitely right, I do believe people have to opt for a surrogacy with serious reasons.
          I can’t accept the fact some celebrities or other ally for that because of ridiculous reasons like a weight. To my mind, it sounds weird when one says she doesn’t want to empoison her life.
          My mother always told to me, a woman was born to give a new life to this world, not for fun but because of pure goal.

  • doyoubelieveinhappiness - 16/06/2017 Reply

    thank God we still have options like surrogacy or ivf. I know that it is not for everybody, that some are tight up with some social norms and they are sort of ashamed of it especially with all of those articles that tend to destroy every single hope infertile couples may still have and lean to. we should be more understanding I guess to those who are infertile, I am infertile, I cannot even undergo ivf treatment and it is too harsh to not have the chance of support. people are really mean and do not have a sense of kinship, therefore, you have to think twice before even sharing your private story with anyone irl or url.

    • surrogacyout - 22/06/2017 Reply

      But isn’t surrogacy incredibly exploitative? Like women are getting paid for nine months of carrying someone else’s child and despite that, I have seen numerous cases where surrogate mothers were not treated properly by the intended parents.
      and even though there are couples that treat surrogates right, their rights are still unprotected and the legislation should be changed in their favor.

      • dominos - 23/06/2017 Reply

        I don’t think it’s expoitation if it’s conscious woman’s choice. If she wants to help other she must be rewarded for this. It’s kind of temporary uterus donation. and not only uterus…so why on earth it should be free or banned at all? when someone needs an organ or blood, donors are paid for this. If you are doing altruistic surrogacy, you can’t be sure that a surrogate takes care of herself in a proper way and you can’t control her and can’t invade her privacy. But if you are dealing with an agency or a clinic, they gurantee that she is under control. At least it was so when I had surrogacy in biotex. I knew that she was tested throughout the process and coordinators checked if everything was okay..she was provided with all necessary things. It’s important.

        • hopeforthebest - 29/06/2017 Reply

          yes, you are right, it’s important to keep everything under control. I was glad to know that my clinic could provide me with such services. I mean I knew everything about my surrogate’s health condition. I’ve got an ultrasound report every month. I knew that she was alright and took all needed meds.

  • Alice - 27/06/2017 Reply

    On the one side there are some problems with infertility in progressive countries (1st world) which causes (in same cases) ages of population there but on the other side there are overpopulation in others (3th world + China).
    The main thing which IVF can provide – infertile couple can have own (one or ether way) baby\s.
    This is an achievement by itself. So there is no need to write such yellow headings.

    • laura - 06/07/2017 Reply

      Don’t you agree that ivf could help lots of couples to be happy and have a completed family? I suppose a reproductive medicine is the greatest thing created by the mankind. It gives a hope for a new life, it brings joy and faith that everything will be good. No matter how many people are on earth, if they feel lack of something they have to deal with it. What I wanted to say is I do believe a reproductive medicine will help just infertile couples and won’t be a common thing for those who just want to carry the babies.

  • Blancko - 27/06/2017 Reply

    I’m afraid I think too much about the end of humanity. It’s not about the science fiction or the mad theories of evil doctors. My fear contains the flashbacks of my life. How many people I met who couldn’t have a baby. They all had an idea and desire of having but they couldn’t do anything with their health states.
    Now I live in the house at the shared yard with other 5 families and there was nothing for three of them but to use reproductive technologies to become parents. What does it happen? IS it normal way of evolutionary process?
    My family lives without children for more than 7 years of trying. Therefore, I believe we all can die and we’re extremely under the threat of dying out because of our destroyed fertility. Different clinics just maintain us to be staying afloat.

    • siooo - 04/07/2017 Reply

      Totally agree with you. We just lose our ability to reproduce and I’m afraid that in future we won’t be able to have children without the help of medicine and science. This is what we can see when reading science fiction and it’s damn scaring. What will be next? How will human be born in 100 years? Incubators? In vitro only? I’m happy that I have children but I’m afraid that I won’t see grandchildren if we can’t change anything.

    • danysh - 04/07/2017 Reply

      it’s not just about infertile people, it’s also about their attitude to the problem. some of them live a normal life and care nothing about future, they try to enjoy every minute with fun and delight.
      They don’t care what other say and don’t care about the end of humanity haha.
      the rest of people dream about children, they can’t imagine their life without them and I do really understand it. they use reproductive medicine as the option to reach a success.
      A reproductive medicine is normal for infertile couples, for those who don’t listen to others, who want to be the best parents in the world. It’s obvious, and I’m trying not to put the blame on them.

  • Pillq0 - 05/07/2017 Reply

    Different nations can just disappear? I don’t believe it. Okey, in a few yrs maybe the explosion or the wars kill people… But infertility, is it possible? Fortunely, people invented and anticipated everything in advance. What kind of destruction of mankind can we talk about? If most couples of the 21st century can not give birth to as many people as many of them die daily. What genocide can we talk about? Your differences in politics, economics or religion will not help prevent this, but only exacerbate the situation. After all, the chance of life is something different, created by God.

  • movingon - 10/07/2017 Reply

    During a pregnancy a woman is supposed to bond with her unborn baby. You know that surrogacy prevents the mother from forming a natural bond to her baby and therefore forces her to emotionally detach herself from her pregnancy.
    It’s well known the child is the end goal in a pregnancy. For the surrogate mother the child becomes the means (as distinct from the goal), for something else, namely money.
    When the child becomes a means, the child is commoditized, so how we can say that surrogacy is good. It’s immoral!!!!!!

  • XxxX - 12/07/2017 Reply

    I’m sure it won’t happen, I mean we won’t be on the verge of extinction.
    Yeah, I know that many people suffer because of it but still there are women who give birth to 5 -7 children during their lifes without even healthcare assistance. Women aaddicted to alcohol and drugs become mothers easily as well. I can say that infertility is an issue but not for everyone. Just don’t make a big deal out of it. Have fun and live for yourseelf if you can’t have children.

    • danysh - 19/07/2017 Reply

      But sometimes people can’t accept that. They can’t live a normal life without children. Personally me, I couldn’t imagine my life without kids, I was always dreaming about big family and my issues caused a lot of troubles. I suppose people who don’t have children should be super strong, I mean mentally, I would never enjoy my life without something I desired to have but couldn’t.

      • XxxX - 02/08/2017 Reply

        They can’t accept it because of assisted reproductive medicine. They know there is a “salvation”, I heard they call it so, and that’s why they some people don’t even try properly. We are becoming very lazy and we always depend on something or someone. This pisses me off to be honest. There are different additional methods, like herbs, acupunctire, meditation, yoga..why not to try? and if you survived 10 years without children but still willing to have them, then adopt.

  • Ketty - 17/07/2017 Reply

    Wow, how many people are talking here about the same problems! I am shocked! Didn’t know how much of pairs have these issues. I am so sorry for you. We had some issues since we got married and tried to have children. We prayed every single day and visited all the doctors from our country. Then I’ve heard about the clinic in Ukraine which gives egg and sperm donations. After so many years we finally are waiting for our son to be born (only one month left)! Don’t lose hope and listen to the great experiences of people who succeeded with good recommendations. The clinic’s name is BioTexCom-Center For Human Reproduction. At least, you can visit their site to see if there is anything they can do for you to help you! I wish you all the best luck!

  • Claire - 19/07/2017 Reply

    @XxxX if you don’t know what is it like, then do not talk about these topics, please! I may just say to Ketty that we had the same experience with that clinic, oh man they’re wonderful! Never give up hope, try everything!

  • Kate - 08/09/2017 Reply

    We also chose Ukraine for our IVF procedures, mostly because it has the cheapest options on the market, Georgia and Turkey are also rather cheap, but in Ukraine we had a wider variety of donors to choose from, so we went to Ukraine. Everything was fine, we didn’t regret our decision. We were worried about quality of medical service there before we came, but when we met doctors, our doubts disappeared. They are professionals in the sphere of reproductive medicine and it was visible.
    However, Biotex needs to make some improvements in order their clients feel more comfortable. For example, queues. They are awful and it’s difficult even to find a place to sit down. We paid our money for this and we expected that all the procedures wouldn’t have been so time consuming. We understand that they used to be a small clinic and now they have more clients. So maybe it’s also time to get more comfortable building and hire more specialists?
    But maybe they have already made those improvements

  • loRa palmer - 14/09/2017 Reply

    I can’t say they are wonderful. Be honest, their service is on the medium level. (I certainly hope you received a different one so you’re pretty satisfied but we had complaints. We needed and asked for more attention but seemed all the staff was too busy to hear us.
    Actually, our journey is going on thus we can change our opinion. Also I’m in touch with some women who share my attitude and it gives me a confidence I think and claim this in proper way. They have to be more responsive in such a vulnerable situation as we are in.

  • Billa1982 - 14/09/2017 Reply

    Just wondering what the percent of real clients is pleased to keep talking of fertility treatment after it is over? I am here because I gonna undergo my next ivf round. And I agreed to update my awareness of this topic. Two years after I gave birth to my first baby (I also applied for IVF with donor eggs) I didn’t visit female forums at all. but it seldom happened to me just to find out how to treat a newborn. in such a case female forums are irreplaceable.
    I’m getting assurance that’s no way to create an opinion through reading other peoples’ comments. I prefer to make up my mind in speaking directly with representatives of the clinic. Aaand of course, have a safe journey and good luck dears!

  • Tuzz - 18/09/2017 Reply

    5 years ago I didn’t think about anything concerning to infertility. I couldn’t believe this is a real world of people who struggle. now most my friends are infertile too. Because we are together and united with one idea.
    I can’t detect true numbers of statistics but you should know now it’s an increasing number of people who try to conceive. I’m going to start my third stimulation before my next ivf round and I’m writing here because I have a lot of mates which had achieved their happiness in Ukraine. Considering my next results, I probably will think about such an attractive destination. Good luck for everyone

  • PollaBalla - 19/09/2017 Reply

    My journey is finally over. I’m happy to say we are home now! All my family is full different impressions after these last two years. Despite the words I hear from everywhere sometimes those are not good I have my own opinion.
    Now sitting next to my nearest people I’m feeling only happiness and a gratitude.
    This following wish is directed to the clinic only. Don’t look at bad reviews written by enviers and foes. Just remember new lives depend on your work well done.

  • Rockabie - 21/09/2017 Reply

    I am here to encourage and to cheer up to go on! Nothing can stop you if you go to your goal.
    There’s a lot of people who envy your stubbornness and readiness, who don’t wish you to succeed and advance in your journeys. Believe me, everything depends on you and sometimes on money.
    But that’s a part of current reality. I’m sending you my love and inspiration for future achievements

  • mu:ff bee - 17/10/2017 Reply

    I admire these days. Three weeks ago I’ve returned back home. I’m pregnant and feeling amazing due to this. Is this the end of my struggle? Last several years I was involved in such terrible story. I even don’t want to share it because it all seems wrong. Now I’d not like to digest my previous failure and efforts. I’m happy to have what I’m currently having. In fact, I’m anxious about how to take care but it’s another story which I obviously love more. I’m here to say thank you Ukraine. You have proved your today’s status.

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