Infertility gains pace all over the world. Is there a salvation?

Published 26/01/2017 in Health, Medicine

Infertility gains pace all over the world. Is there a salvation?

Infertility may lead mankind to the verge of extinction. It sounds as a trailer to a thriller movie, still it’s true. Nowadays each 5th couple in the world is infertile and unable to reproduce. The 21st century and infertile human race battle to survive with immense hope for new life. Regular reports of international medical organizations and committees confirm that year after year infertility gains pace all over the world.

Not only negative birth statistics does increase, but also the number of reproductive medicine clinics. We can see clinics’ advertisement more often than Starbucks ads. No matter how hard ART’s opponents resist, in-vitro method is still the only effective instrument in fighting infertility. What’s the reality and how far people may go in strive for a baby?

National health protection institutions’ statistics reports that one of six couples in Great Britain is diagnosed with infertility. In the USA, Italy, Germany and France statistics is similar.

Specialists claim that demographic rate in France is very poor. Official data show that birth rate in France is 10,72% and death rate is 9,48%.  As a result, age composition changes and the share of older people grows.

Infertility gains pace all over the world. Every European country shows similar statistics.  Nowadays people from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England and other countries widely use the advantage of modern medicine – ART. Human life is priceless. However, as a result of global infertility, the sphere of assisted reproduction is intensively developing. Millions of families are ready to pay any money for such treatment with the one and only aim – desired parenting.

The result of any ART procedure is a long-awaited baby. That is why so many people are ready to give away all their savings or take loans for the sake of their future. In its turn, it gives impetus to many “fraud clinics” to emerge. They may cheat patients and just imitate carrying out all program procedures.

“Some desperate infertile couples are ready to pay considerable sums of money for infertility treatment. It leads to exploitation and treating such patients only with aim of getting money”, – international IVF specialists say.

Professor of an American university considers that nowadays doctors are trained enough to perform ART competently. International specialists are constantly refining treatment methods and their implementation. And decades-long practice benefits in higher success rates of programs.

Along with state medical institutions, there is a wide range of private clinics and centers all over the world. They are getting quite popular among infertile patients. Thus, for example, around 120 thousand IVF cycles are performed annually in the USA. In such countries as Ukraine – around 90 thousands. This data is approximate because there is no precise statistics in any country of the world. There are a lot of clinics all over the world offering different prices for the same services. There are clinics that attract much more attention than others.

In 2014 two French couples filed a complaint to European Count of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Due to infertility, they became parents with the help of surrogate motherhood abroad. The procedure was legal, however when these families applied to French authorities (domestically) with request to register their children’s birth certificates in respective registry, they were refused because surrogacy is banned in France. European Court of Human Rights processed their complaints and confirmed violation of French families’ rights under several articles. As a result, European Court appealed countries of Europe to acknowledge children born by surrogate mothers abroad in the home countries of their biological parents.

There are supporters and opponents of using ART. Nevertheless, world practice shows that currently it is the only salvation from the problem of infertility. And even strict bans on surrogacy in their home countries don’t stop families that seek for and get help of ART abroad.

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  • Sorrmata - 27/01/2017 Reply

    It’s awful that we live in the 21th century where technologies are incredibly developed, and we still have diseases and infertility. How much time does it take to create the world with ilnesses and health problems? When I was a little girl, granny told me that when I grow up there will be no cancer and people only would die because they are old at 150, for example. I hope sometimes it will happen.

    • Antonia - 07/03/2017 Reply

      Of course, it will happen but people will be straggled against new problems. All new technologies have bad side effects and we are not protected from all these. Any way, we should be happy to have an opportunity to grow children being infertile and I’m not talking about adopted ones. Thanks to reproductive medicine I can feel the happiness of being a mom.

    • me - 12/05/2017 Reply

      we have AIDs still so this is no surprise that we’re struggling with infertility especially knowing what nature is and how it likes to control overpopulation, no wonder we’re being put to this.

      too bad though those other human beings do not like us to follow our desires of having kids. they just do not see how hard it is to undergo all of those stimms and other procedures that make our bodies even worse than they were before. like we have no fertility and we have no health but we still decide that this is important to reproduce and to have kids. so why the hell should we be stopped in our desires after all of those sacrifices we’ve done.

  • MarthaStew - 27/01/2017 Reply

    Wow…I hope women won’t lose their ability to get pregnant and to deliver a baby in 50-100 years. It’s a little scaring that we can create machines and sophisticated mechanisms, but we can’t handle with our own bodies.
    I don’t understand why such ART are not legal in many countries. What is the reason? A government knows that citizens must travel elsewhere and still don’t do anything to make it easier.

  • Michael Cole - 31/01/2017 Reply

    Women! There are so many children in your countries whose cherished dream is to have parents or at least to have someone to take care of them. And what do you do? You still try to find different ways to have artificially created children. I just don’t get it. Of course it’s your right to have a baby of your own and related to you genetically. It’s alright to have one try or even two, but some women go crazy and pay for 5-10 IVF rounds. I think such people are selfish and care only about themselves.

  • Philadelphia - 31/01/2017 Reply

    I myself know few infertile couples who decided not to use any ART. They don’t want to adopt a baby as well. Not everyone in the world suffers of being infertile. For some peoplpe such problems are just a business.

  • Johnna Mar - 01/02/2017 Reply

    It’s just another business. They don’t really care of those women who tries to become mothers, no! You see, European countries keep banning this artificial way of getting children and it’s a matter of humanity. Women are exploited to make other women happier. But it’s an illusion or more like a trap! If you want to have babies, keep trying naturally and don’t feed those money-bags who promise that all your dreams come true.

  • Bianca Lee - 07/02/2017 Reply

    You here discuss things you don’t know about! It’s wonderful that we, who suffer from infertility, can now become parents! And if you want to know, fertility specialists do love their job and they do care of us! There is no place for a person who hasn’t passionate attitude towards his job, if we are talking about reproductive medicine.

  • Messajah - 07/02/2017 Reply

    What on earth are you thinking aboout? Only Lord has a right to give life and it’s up to him to take it away! You can’t create life. It’s immoral!!! If God prevented you from being parents then you must live with it because it’s His will!

  • Susie - 02/03/2017 Reply

    This clinic, BioTexCom, is great. We were there a few months ago. We chose “Ideal” package which includes 2 IVF cycles on donor eggs and in case of negative result a clinic gives you an opportunity to start surrogacy program without losing your money spent on IVF. It is extremely important to know you have a plan B.

    • petrab - 03/03/2017 Reply

      I’ve chosen the same package because we wanted to start surrogacy but I was reassured and decided to have one more attempt and I found out about this service. Thanks to terms of the contract I saved my money after miscarriage. Unfortunately, now we have to move to surrogacy. I hope everything will be alright. As we were told, we need to wait about 2 months till they find appropriate surrogate mother for us.

  • loveandpeace - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I agree that infertility is one of the worst enemies of humanity
    I cannot understand those people that bash infertile women and couples that undergo ivf treatment or take part in surrogacy programs. I am sorry but is there any choice for us, for them? No there is not… we have to waste a lot of time to find the clinic that will be that kind to take us into programs. some have to waste a lot of money…. some are lucky to find the clinic where everything is cheap and affordable.
    I am “lucky” too
    I agree with Susie! she said that biotexcom is great and it is!

  • PortofAmsterdam - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I don’t understand such people who are ready to have children via assisted reproductive technologies. how could they be so selfish and ignorant? it’s unnatural and artificial way of having children and it must be banned in every country. people don’t realize what they are doing. Creating people in laboratories, it’s nonsense! I think people forgot which human values they must have.

    • rhutes - 06/03/2017 Reply

      I do not think that their love and happiness are also unnatural and artificial. how do you even judge someone being real or not? I think your aggression and rudeness are the things that we should try and cut from any human being so we all live in a happy and peaceful world.
      they do fertilize egg cells in a laboratory but people are basically “created” after they are born. it is only the body, the shell. the most important thing is what you are inside. Like for the adopted kids for them parents are not the ones who give you life but those who educate you, give you a chance of a good living.

      • PortofAmsterdam - 10/03/2017 Reply

        I’m the 7th child in our family and I’m sure that a woman can become pregnant naturally on her own, just give it time. I don’t understand how could you live in a happy and peacefulworld if you create people in laboratories. You say that it’s only a body, a shell, but what about soul? Do doctors create it there as well? Of course, children who were born in such way are treated like they were born naturally and they take a woman and a man near them as real parents. You better adopt a child who already needs to be educated as you’ve written.

        • Nissa - 14/03/2017 Reply

          Come on! Do you have kids? I think you don’t. You were growing up in a big family and you don’t know what it’s like to be alone and to have a big happy family only in your dreams. Your mother showed herself as a healthy woman and it’s amazing she managed to give birth to 7 children. But it’s not a common thing nowadays. More and more women face infertility after years of unsuccessful natural attempts and believe me, time won’t change anything. Adoption is not for everyone after all.

  • Carol - 03/03/2017 Reply

    AFM I don’t understand people like dear PortofAmsterdam who would chose not to have children at all rather than have a so-called “test-tube baby” only because it’s unnatural and artificial. Yes, that may sound weird and a lot of people haven’t used to it yet, but the thing is that the problem will still remain despite your attitude to it. And here the question is whether you chose to have any children in your family or reject the idea of having a full family (Though there always remains an opportunity for adoption.. and everything is only up to you to decide) But definitely that’s very good news such clinics as biotexcom exist striving to provide all the best in the sphere

  • Sisi - 10/03/2017 Reply

    Thanks God and medicine we have such technologies nowadays.. and huge thanks to such professionals as those who work in the clinics like biotexcom .. they do help people.. and it’s absolutely wrong to refuse having children only because that wasn’t as a result of a natural process. I believe millions of people all over the world consider it great blessing being given an opportunity to conceive after they had lost their last hope..

  • 31415926 - 14/03/2017 Reply

    Such difficult issue as an infertility follows the humankind through whole history. But as far as we can notice this problem became younger. The percent of young couples who suffer from this is increasing.
    And we can find a solution at the centers for human reproduction. I don’t consider the infertility as a natural process of controlling the population. It’s a heavy burden. And I suppose that’s perfect that we can apply to the special clinic to get an assistance. Perhaps people who find it reasonable may discus about amorality or necessity of modern reproductology, but in my family’s case it gave us one more chance to be happy.

  • killbill - 14/03/2017 Reply

    i think there is
    i suppose that science won’t even stop and will produce more and more solutions to the issues like this. infertility can even be stopped in the future.

  • Vitra - 17/03/2017 Reply

    infertility is a verdict, at least it used to be. but thanks to assisted reproductive technologies every infertile man or a woman can get support and a helping hand. i think it’s awesome after all. i can understand why there are all kinds of opinions about such “unnatural” methods of fertilization. but regarding the world we live in with all these techologies and fantastic achievements, I think it’s a great option.

  • katie - 20/03/2017 Reply

    Probably you won’t accept my point of view but I will say. Being a woman in a stranger body I dreamed about big and happy family. All relatives didn’t support me and I can understand them but every person in this world wants to experience the parenthood. I found my soulmate and he supports each my decision. The surrogacy is for us and I don’t think that it is a bad idea. Millions of people can’t bear the babies and their only chance is a surrogacy. No matter what think other, if you want to be parents you’ll take every opportunity from the world.

    • wow - 29/03/2017 Reply

      I do not understand why you are saying that we won’t accept your POV? when there are women like you who’ve been opting for surrogacy for ages and maybe they are now in the program already or have their kids born
      you know there’s been a period in my life when I was depressed and thought for some time that my life is done that there’s no way I could get out of this situation when I was unable to produce eggs and carry kids. but my husband told me that I should be very happy and considerate as he is with me and he would help me with everything
      i was so thankful to him honestly
      and in a month or so after that we have found a clinic and now we are starting out program too
      I think that there is nothing to be ashamed of actually
      surrogacy is a blessing for us

  • Lily - 20/03/2017 Reply

    We were one of those couples involved in a struggle with infertility. It was so until we get in touch with biotexcom.. the situation has changed. We got all th necessary treatment and went trough ivf. That was not an easy way with all that, but what is the most important we’ve finally got our little miracle. I can’t tell what an excitement we’ve been experiencing since those times. Huge thanks to the clinic. Happy to have dealt with it

  • retta - 21/03/2017 Reply

    years ago I was a surrogate mother for my friend and it was amazing experience. i was so happy to help that couple and they were extremely grateful for my deed. I have a beautiful daughter and I know that parenting is a gift. but few years ago I had hysterectomy, it was killing me because my husband and I always wanted to have 2 or 3 chldren. we thought about adoption but it’s very complicated and long process. so we decided to start surrogacy. our surrogate mother is great, she gave us wonderful twins and we can’t be happier than we are. To all those who are against this heroic deed, you don’t know what it’s like not to have children. It’s one of the best things that people can do to each other.

    • blatantlyhappy - 21/03/2017 Reply

      I also so appreciate someone who is not being compensated, being so generous in your respect of all surrogates. But at the same time I am very open about being compensated for being a surrogate. One friend pointed out, isn’t that what everyone wants, to love what they do at the same time expect to be paid for it.
      this is amazing and sad at the same time.. your story… you helped others to have their dream come true and you had also fertility issues, I am so glad that you have managed to work with it and now you are a happy mother!
      If you do not mind me asking… did you go for the altruistic surrogacy too?

    • lea - 22/03/2017 Reply

      To the best of my knowledge, the surrogacy is wonderful thing. Lots of infertile couples become parents with the help of reproductive medicine.
      You gifted them a child and you were rewarded, that’s amazing. You got two beautiful kids and it was worth your suffering. You are really strong woman; I wish I could be like you.

  • Penelope - 23/03/2017 Reply

    Sometimes I think that a number of infertile couples is increasing too fast over the last years. but I don’t know why it is so, maybe it’s like in case when people don’t need something and it disappears some time afterwards. Like it happens with wisdom teeth in modern kids, they mostly don’t have them. Maybe it’s a sign that trying to help infertile people, we only make things worse and our bodies soon will be no longer able to “produce” children…

    • fempower - 24/03/2017 Reply

      ecology I think
      I know that all of the countries are concerned by the ecology changes and stuff and it makes me wonder why aren’t they as concerned by the infertility issues the same????? well… I think that if there could be some organizations or the government would provide its own citizens with some kind of insurance and free treatment the things would be better. there’s still an option to become a laboratory mouse to get everything done for free and not spend a lot of money on the fertility treatment but it is obviously not safe

  • amy - 24/03/2017 Reply

    there’s really decent clinics in Europe. Having certain problems with fertility we’ve happened to find out about Ukraine.. was just on time for us. We don’t regret a second having made that choice.. We’ve undergone quality treatment.. and got our long-awaited baby finally. We’ve got professional help and for reasonable price .. thanks biotexcom

  • wow - 30/03/2017 Reply

    I doubt there are couples that would pay 200k dollars for surrogacy
    I am really concerned of the prices for surrogacy programs in the world, it seems like surrogacy is getting more and more impossible like adoption. Soon we would think only about ivf and maybe in a few years we won’t have even this option
    I am afraid that with the newest president of America the country will be closed for all of those who plan going to the US even knowing that their pricing are higher than anywhere else. I suppose that only small clinics in economically undeveloped countries can be the real help here

  • rikapor - 31/03/2017 Reply

    what a stupid thought that the country will be closed for foreigners in some time
    even if it is going to be as you said
    where’s the problem?
    there are plenty of clinics out there

  • zzzzz - 31/03/2017 Reply

    Babies born after IVF have no soul!
    We shouldn’t act like gods and play with lives of others. Don’t you understand that infertiity is a nocifensor? You may try herbs, you may pray to Lord to give you a baby but you shouldn’t trust people with their technologies. It’s wrong! Remember a story about Frankenstein and his monster.

    • danysh - 04/04/2017 Reply

      ambarassing, and this is why I dislike religion and the people who use it as an excuse to bend people to their own will. But then do babies conceived from rape and/or incest have souls? Was the semen pure enough in those instances? Will herbs help to clean your soul?

  • artloveliness - 03/04/2017 Reply

    Ukraine is quite smaller than USA so how can we even compare the number of cycles that are taking place in both of the countries every year? when look at the US with the huge medical reputation it has and with that number of clinics;
    as in Ukraine I know only 4 or 5 clinics that are actively advertising themselves on the internet
    and that’s all

  • kiki - 03/04/2017 Reply

    zzzzz, please keep your thoughts to yourself! This is quite understandable that IVF arises many religious questions, but let’s remember that this is just a way of TREATMENT. I mean it’s a way to treat people’s diseases and I’ve never heard that ant treatment can be contradicting your religion. Prove if I’m wrong

    • zzzzz - 03/04/2017 Reply

      Yeah, thanks for your advice. I was sure there would be someone like you to tell me how wrong I am. I know that it’s a treatment. But do you know that heroine was also a cough remedyfor children? And you won’t find any contraindications in Bible, right. Such reproductive technologies like surrogacy and egg donation are not allowed in many countries just because of religion, eg. Italy, Germany. You’re wrong

  • crazydaisy - 06/04/2017 Reply

    Even if we are threatened with infertility and with the end of our race I still think it is unhealthy to build and create that many fertility clinics and centers that make money on our issues, they utilize (I cannot find another world to express this) women’s bodies and use them as carriers which immediately creates this barrier between Intended Parents and for example surrogate mothers or donors. I do not know what the majority of our society thinks about it but I feel like we should talk more about it, I do not think that we should be silent because we are afraid to hurt someone
    I am hurt because you all seem to think that using another woman for your own goods is ok. I feel like it is not. I feel like by doing so, by signing the surrogacy contract, you automatically put those women in the position of slaves.

    • welma - 06/04/2017 Reply

      Hi! I do not know if you are still here to read my reply
      I feel like you are far away from understanding what surrogacy actually is. It is not like it is objectifying or using other women, those women go for it willingly. they are not pushed or pressed by any means. They are free to choose whatever they like and the majority of them goes for surrogacy because they need money or they want to help other women etc etc
      there are plenty of reasons and they also sign all types of agreements and contracts that are the actual proof that they are respected as human beings. that all of the medical staff and obviously IPs respect them and acknowledge their role in the process

  • Manilla - 06/04/2017 Reply

    I’m from Serbia and surrogacy is banned here. After I underwent few cycles of chemo it was my only option. Thank god we found out about Ukrainian clinic which deals with surrogacy for foreigners. We were explained how to act according to our legislation and we agreed to try.
    We had to stay in Kyiv for a few months before a surrogate mother’s due date but it’s nothing in comparison to living without children at all. Don’t give up even if you think there is not a slightest chance for success

  • jane - 06/04/2017 Reply

    That’s amazing we have so good reproductive technologies nowadays. They help people all over hte world though many people have negative attitude to it. Personaly I think that is only due to the stereotypes that still affect their point of view .. and religion of course. It helped me to experience the joy of motherhood and I wouldn’t doubt a second if someone asked me to reccommmend the clinic. Biotexcom is really one of the places where infertility retrieves. Wish them all the best in their work.

  • tokal - 11/04/2017 Reply

    does someone of you know what kind of documents you need for surrogacy in Ukraine?
    I was thinking about it lately and even though I find Ukrainian clinic to be great and stuff I still cannot decide whether it is a good idea or not
    my family is very conservative and kind of does not support any kind of fertility treatment thus they really do not want me to go to Ukraine and after i told that that I am 100 sure that I am going for it they have told me that I have to fly to the US which is impossible for me due to the fact that my husband and I are the only ones who are paying for this and we cannot count on the help from our parents and friends obviously as we wouldn’t take money from them in the first place.
    so I am here trying to persuade my close relatives that Ukraine is as good as the US but they do not want to believe me… what to do??

  • Renee - 12/04/2017 Reply

    European court’s decision is fair. If not that I don’t know what we had to do. One of our surrogate mothers wasRussian ant another one – Ukrainian. If we were told that our babies couldn’t be acknowledged just because of surrogacy we would be devastaded.

    • quark - 13/04/2017 Reply

      as I know that there are not so many cases of surrogate kids not being acknowledged. I have heard that GERMANY had acknowledged a baby born by SM for this gay couple and everything was fine. I am sure that there should be more to it rather than only the fact of surrogacy but as far as I have heard some couples hide this fact due to the ban…

      • Manilla - 14/04/2017 Reply

        You are right. That happened to us because we are from Serbia. To be honest we need to hide that we became parents via surrogacy. We had to go to Kiev at least one months earlier before our surrogate mother was to deliver a baby. It’s a bit inconvenient but it’s the only way. I was told that it would be difficult for us to adopt a child. And actually it’s not what we wanted. Anyways it’s in the past. To be a parent is to know that your life makes sense. If I need to go through this again I will definitely do this.

    • humansafterall - 19/04/2017 Reply

      you had 2 surrogate mothers??? wow, it must’ve been very hard for you…. I cannot imagine how did you even separate your paths with your previous surrogate mother.. was she upset? how did it happen?
      I am sure that even if she had a m/c or something else was wrong… it is not her fault at all.
      yeah, that’s right. but there’s still hope as I am sure all of the law systems are slowly coming to the decision of acknowledging the surrogacy babies or surrogacy itself.

      • Renee - 20/04/2017 Reply

        I suppose this was meant for me. Well, yes 2 surrogate mothers, you’re right. I have a heart failure and I’m not allowed to carry a baby. So few years ago I was looking for a surrogacy and found pretty favorable conditions in Russian fertility centers. I chose one and fortunately everything went alright. there are were just few complications and misunderstandings but in general it was good. Then I realized that I wanted 2 babies, so I started to look for another place and found out about Ukrainian surrogacy. To be honest I’m more satisfied with the last my experience as everything went smooth. In addition treatment was cheaper but we were provided with more services of higher level. It was biotexcom clinic in Kyiv. I can definitely recommend it.

        • Imany - 26/04/2017 Reply

          I know this clinic, you´ve mentioned!
          We are waiting for our baby to be born in two or three days. The expectation is very excited and nervous at the same time. Our surrogate mother is in the clinic. she´s a lovely woman and have her own two children. Can´t wait to see my baby!!! I will always remember my staying in Kiev when we are waiting for our happiness.

          • Renee - 15/05/2017

            oh really? as it was 3 weeks ago you must be a mother now! I don’t know if you see this reply but I really want to know how are you and your baby. I hope your surrogate mother gave birth to your child without any complications. Are you still waiting for baby’s documents? I can imagine how you were feeling when there were only few days left…to be honest I miss those feelings.
            Anyway, I’m glad that the clinic made one more couple happy.

  • femmefatale - 10/05/2017 Reply

    well, judging by the article and the commentary it seems like there are a lot of solutions to this infamous infertility problem everyone has been insisting on the existence of one. I think that there are not so many people struggling with such compared to the overall population of our planet. this is a natural mechanism of stopping the overpopulation and controlling the number of people and all of the living creatures on Earth.

  • 342 - 11/05/2017 Reply

    I still think that even though there are other problem humanity meets infertility is still a great issue for those who are struggling with it and even though the number of infertile people is not that great but it is getting bigger with every year so in the future there might be a lot of consequences if we decide to not treat it.
    well, actually. whether it is a natural mechanism or not we cannot tell it right away and we should fight it at least for now.
    I am very upset when I read about women who’re very unhappy and depressed even due to this thing.

  • Ulav - 19/05/2017 Reply

    When I found out that the reason my wife and I can’t have children, I was devastated.
    It was male factor and it seemed to me like the end of my life. I was sure it’s more women’s problem and didn’t expect it would be my fault. Of course my lifestyle was far from perfect and I know who to blame but I was petrified with that news. We spent lots of money for different treatment and investigations but no go. I was advised to do TESA/TESE but by the time we did this my wife appeared to have serious problems with her reproductive system, kind of early menopause to be precise. extraction of my semen was successful but I can’t tell the same about my wife. Her ovaries were empty and IVF couldn’t be useful to us if not with donor eggs. Well, we found a clinic in Ukraine, Biotexcom, and went there in order to become parents. It worked! My wife is now pregnant and only 3 months left. I believe in miracles!

  • grandmaspumpkin - 23/05/2017 Reply

    hah people definitely become kids when their dreams eventually come true. this is so nice, I was so touched when I saw my good friend tearing up when she found out she was pregnant after trying for numerous years. and now I am in her shoes although our situations are a lot different but I can cite here a quote from Tolstoy that everyone is happy in the same way. so I really hope to experience the same happiness though with a different background than of hers.

    • mnbvcxz321 - 26/05/2017 Reply

      Such a lovely post, grandmaspumpkin. For those who know what is infertility, news about pregnancy is the best one I’m sure. I hope you were okay when you find out about your friend’s pregnancy. I know it could be hard especially if you tried for years but we all deserve it no matter how long we have been waiting for this. I’m glad that you finally succeeded with your treatment. How long did it take you to achieve positive results?

  • happymommy - 26/05/2017 Reply

    Science is our salvation, guys! 🙂
    Do not worry, as long as we have science and it keeps making some progress we’re good so do not worry and keep trying. persistence is your key to success!

    • Charles - 31/05/2017 Reply

      Agree with you! I’m so glad to see a sensible person who realizes that all methods of fighting infertility are open to us because of science. From year to another more and more women face infertility, although no one can name the precise reason for it I’m sure this tendency will keep developing even faster. I hate when people say “why not to adopt a baby, there are thousands of the, homeless blah blah blah” some of them even say that Lord is against the surrogacy. I just have no words to say

  • brtes - 31/05/2017 Reply

    science, science is everywhere and it is amazing, cannot agree more with the previous commentator. we ought to be thankful for all of the opportunities we have thanks to science 😉
    Infertility is definitely a very strong opponent and it is really upsetting that not everyone can get helped.
    bbut at least we’re moving in the right direction and sooner or later all of us will be able to experience the joy of parenthood!

  • Set - 01/06/2017 Reply

    I can’t understand how the world has reached the point when child can be bought! It’s rather difficult to accept and understand. If you can’t have children in a natural way it’s your own fate. Don’t try to be smarter than the Mother Nature or God. IVF children, or tube babies as they are named, are a kind of design. It’s not natural at all. I know that such babies have health problems. They catch a cold for example more often than children who were born in a natural way. I think that until there are countries that ban such terrible procedures as surrogacy, IVF, donor eggs the world can stay alive. But I guess that in future it will be a planet of robots and designed people. The best and ideal variant will be to adopt an orphan. It is much better in my opinion.

  • tewtye - 01/06/2017 Reply

    oh it is always those religious fanatics that are screaming their words of wisdom and think that they are the smartest here
    even if God is real how can you be that sure that he is against ivf or other fertility treatment? I do not think that you should be that categorical at all as we all should live in a very friendly society and support each other but some of us decided to act as if they knew better. I think that it is important to allow diversity in its best to be present in all of the fields and on the all of the layers of our social structure.

  • lovela - 06/06/2017 Reply

    Is biotexcom that popular? I keep seeing it being mentioned all over the forums and I haven’t had a chance yet to see what the fuss is all about. I see that no one those who have been to the clinic has anything bad to say about it and it is great, however I think that we should all admit that it can’t be that good. I can’t believe that they actually offer the accommodation and transportation and all of that is for free which is insane. I do not know if it is true or not. Where are the proofs? Sorry for being so skeptical but try to understand me, I am writing here with the sole purpose to engage the discussion and to find loyal friends who would help me out in my situation.

  • Lucia - 07/06/2017 Reply

    Fertilization of single women with the use of donor eggs or sperm or the realization of the “reproductive rights” of single men, as well as persons with so-called non traditional sexual orientation, deprives the future child of the right to have a mother and father. The use of reproductive methods without God blessing becomes a form of God-fighting, carried out under the guise of human rights protection.

  • Kiri28Ta - 08/06/2017 Reply

    You don’t always need to look for salvation. Still any woman can’t be a real mother if she didn’t give birth to her baby after carrying it so many months. What I find also amazing is how the relationship build up between mother and child during a pregnancy is completely eradicated in this fantasy concept of “parenthood”. As the multiple biological and sensorial information a child obtains before birth. A child is not a gift package who starts new once reached over to those who bought it

    • Blackberry - 12/06/2017 Reply

      Kiri28Ta, I can’t agry with you. I’m sure that a mother is a woman who raises a baby. From my own experience I can assure you that it’s not crucial who gave birth to a child. I was living with my mother and her sister for 15 years since I was born. My mom was an extremely busy and hard-working woman and she had no time for me so I was raised by my aunt. We still share our secrets while my mother as not that interested in my life. I’m sure that carrying a baby is fantastic thing and this relations are unique but it’s not enough to be a mother, I mean a real mom. I’m going trhough surrogacy program now and I’m sure I will a great mom.

    • tringhtr - 12/06/2017 Reply

      I suppose you can only say such things on the Internet and not when it comes to expressing your thoughts in real life. Say something of that kind to a person without a uterus, I mean to a woman who was born that way or had to undergo the operation.
      she can give her eggs and have a 100 percent HER baby via surrogacy. and even if she can’t give her own eggs, the thing that makes you a mother is not your ability to reproduce but your ability to take care of a child and raise him.

      • Kiri28Ta - 14/06/2017 Reply

        I definitely can say such things to everyone in real life. Why should I be ashamed of my opinion? Ok, if we are talking about a person without a uterus, it’s not even a problem. I’m sure that those women, who were born without it, know that they won’t be real mothers. They just were not supposed to be mothers and I’m sure it’s sad but they must be ok with this. I think adoption is the best way out for them. Anyways I believe that every disease which caused infertility it’s a sign and we mustn’t change what wasn’t meant to be. Who are we to change our nature?

  • doyoubelieveinhappiness - 16/06/2017 Reply

    I am happy with all of the changes that are being made right now in lots of different countries, now I am still waiting for Ukraine to start taking into treatments gay couples. As I have a couple of friends who would’ve been happy to get a baby for the considerable price as it is in Ukraine! 🙂

  • CInCin - 19/06/2017 Reply

    As far i remember Ukraine doesn’t provide gay couples with a treatment. I guess it’s good policy. Also Ukraine serves only officially married couples in case they apply for surrogacy. However, I’m afraid gay couples can avoid the laws. They may show the fake marriage certificate. I just think it can be so.
    Now Ukraine is like a resort for people who need to have a baby and build their family. People can find a way out of the problem with help of Ukrainian offer if they are unable to pay for US surrogacy.
    Really good price policy.

    • 38237 - 22/06/2017 Reply

      too bad that gay couples are left out due to Ukrainian legislation, there are still some cases of bashing gay people and not letting them be the ones they desire to be.
      sad, this world is really sad.

      • nolan - 27/06/2017 Reply

        don’t think it’s bad. if gay couples can’t get married there, so how they could be recognized there? Law is law and one should accept it as it is. I don’t find it sad anyway, there are still options for gay couples somewhere in the US, why not to try it if it’s so important?

  • DonnaKa - 29/06/2017 Reply

    Maybe there shouldn’t be salvation? Maybe it’s just a mechanism of natural selection? I know it may sound rude but it may be a fact. i don’t know how to explain this in other way. I’m sure that the best fertility treatment should fix one’s natural fertility but if it’s kind of a difficult medical procedure performed beyond body in’s not right, things shouldn’t be done like this. It’s so complicated.

  • Lis - 30/06/2017 Reply

    Just found out that Cristiano Ronaldo has become a father via surrogacy. As I noticed, more and more celebrities undergo such fertility treatment and they are not afraid of telling about this. I think it’s awesome, it’s not the thing people should hide or be ashamed of. I heard that the same experience have such famous people as Elton John, Tom Ford, Ricky Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker. That’s great, maybe people wouldn’t be so rude when saying about surrogacy

    • anilaq - 05/07/2017 Reply

      yes, agree. as I’m going through a surrogacy program, it’s very important for me to not being criticized by my decision. I’ve asked few mates about their opinion about surrogacy, not mentioning that I’m going to have it, and they told me that adoption is far more decent act than this. basically I can understand why the think so but it hurts as I want to have a baby of my own, with my husband’s eyes and my hair, e.g, I want to take care of a newborn, my flesh and blood, not a child who is 7 and has some problems, physical or mental. yes, I’m selfish then but till there is at least one country in the world where surrogacy is not banned, I will try.

  • Mina - 17/07/2017 Reply

    After reading all the comments above, I saw the same post I was going to write! Don’t get disappointed! There is a really great clinic located in Ukraine (and I know what you have already tried and traveled everywhere just to have your baby-just to tell for those who are not from Ukraine), but you need to do anything for your reproduction. The clinic solved our problem, we needed sperm donations and now are so happy we finally succeeded! Not alone but with bio tex com. I would recommend them!

  • Tina - 19/07/2017 Reply

    @Mina I may totally agree with you! We have the same experience with biotexcom!!! I am so glad that there are people who succeeded. I would really love more people to hear for them and to try!

  • Conny - 11/09/2017 Reply

    Of course, there is problem of infertility, but I think it doesn’t prevent world’s population from growing. Actually, the population grows so quickly that according to calculations even war can’t stop it. Our planet is overcrowded, soon we won’t have enough living resources and some scientists are really concerned with this matter. Maybe infertility is not bad at all if talk about the future of the planet? This way those one who live can have a better life.

  • Tuzz - 18/09/2017 Reply

    I’d love to recommend them but it’s too early. I’m 2ww after embryo transfer. I suppose many among you know what the crazy feelings are overwhelming me and even overdosing exactly now. It’s a crazy expectation.
    As for this clinic I can say a lovely place despite all the comments I met on the other forums. I think most of them were created by foes. Sometimes weird to read them.
    By the way I was treated accurately and attentively. They took all necessary tests and gave me a specific instruction what to do while my donor has been stimulated. I can’t complain on their repute. Good job. I hope I’ll justify their efforts and treatment in a few days. Ohwgh! How I’m nervous but having a positive feeling. Love you all!

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