City’s new trash collection contract will change pickup days for some residents

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— Evansville’s new trash and recycling collection contract, which takes effect Monday, will bring some changes to how and when residential waste is collected.

Each customer will receive two new 96-gallons bins — one for trash, the other for recycling. Delivery of the new receptacles is expected to be completed by March. Cards have been mailed to residents with specific delivery dates for the new bins.

The contract with Allied Waste/Republic Services will grow the city’s pickup schedule from four days a week to five, so many residents will have new pickup days. Recyclable items will continue to be collected every other week, as they are currently.

nformation about the new schedule was included on the mailed cards; those who still don’t know their pickup day or their recycling week can check online at

The website includes a map, as well as a prompt where residents can type in their address and find relevant information.

According to the city, the changes in pickup days are immediate — even for residents whose new carts have not yet been delivered. Those with have old plastic recycling tubs can put them out to be recycled when the new bins arrive.

Here are some more frequently asked questions about the new contract, with answers provided by contract holder Allied Waste/Republic Services:

Will the new automated cart trash and recycling service cause my refuse fee to increase?

No, the new service will actually cause the monthly refuse fee to decrease from $12.15 to $10.65.

Will I receive information telling me what to put in my two carts?

Yes, information about the new service and instructions explaining what goes in each cart will be delivered with your carts. The information will be on the city’s website as well as mailed directly to you.

Will I receive the two carts at the same time?

Yes, one for trash and one, with a green lid, for recyclables.

What if I don’t want to use the supplied carts?

It will be necessary for trash and recyclables to be placed in the carts supplied to be compatible with the new automated pickup system.

If I turn in my recycling cart, will I pay a lower refuse fee onmy water bill?

No, if you don’t recycle and turn in your recycling cart you will still pay the standard refuse fee on your water bill.

What if I want a smaller 48-gallon cart?

If you want the smaller 48-gallon cart, contact Allied Waste Services and they will make arrangements.

What happens if my cart is damaged or stolen?

Each cart will have an identifying serial number, and if you report it stolen or damaged, your cart will be replaced by Allied Waste Services.

Where do I place my carts for pickup?

If you are a curbside pickup, place your carts at the end of your drive, keeping the cart at least three feet from any structure or another cart. If you are an alley pickup, place the cart at your property line and at least three feet from any structure or another cart.

What if I want a second cart?

If you want an additional cart you may order it by contacting Allied Waste Services. The cost will be $100 for each additional cart. There will not be an additional charge for servicing an additional cart.

May I use refuse containers other than the 96 gallon cart?

No, the automated truck will only pick up the Allied Waste/Republic Services 96-gallon containers that have been provided by Republic Services, Inc.

What do I do with my carts if I move?

If you move, leave the carts for the next resident to use.

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