Girl Scouts win high praise from fiscal court

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Two Girl Scouts received high praise Tuesday from Henderson Fiscal Court as they presented their plan for increased safety at the fairgrounds by installing traffic control signs.

Brynna Phillips and Lauren Fambrough, fifth-graders with Niagara Girl Scout Troop 1279, said they came up with the idea because they spend a lot of time at the fairgrounds.

“There are cars going every which way and someone could get hurt,” Fambrough said. She also noted that they did the project as part of their Bronze Award requirements, which she said “is the highest honor that a Junior Girl Scout can earn.”

“You saw some problems and came up with solutions,” said Magistrate Charles Alexander. “You did an excellent job.”

“They’ve done an outstanding job and put a lot of work into it,” said Judge-executive Hugh McCormick, noting the girls refused the county’s offer to pay for the signs. They insisted on presenting the county with a check for $200 that they raised.

Other items before fiscal court on Tuesday included:

Park board: The court ratified appointments to the newly created county Park Board. The appointees are Walter Hazelwood, John Mathias, Gene Willingham, Beverly Davis, Cynthia Duncan, Larry Walker, Vickie Wallace, Leo Peckenpaugh, Beth Strawn, Cindy Williams, Alice Skaggs, Dickie Johnson and Shelby Marable.

Inspectors: The court approved a contract with Don Summers and Mike Villines to provide electrical inspection services to the county, which simply formalizes current practice. “The state wanted something in writing with them,” County Attorney Steve Gold explained.

County roads: Road Superintendent Kerry Dame reported that all county roads were cleaned of snow in a timely fashion. He said 205 tons of sand/salt mixture were used because of the snow that hit Christmas night and the county still has more than 800 tons left.

Generator: The court authorized spending up to $5,500 to upgrade the emergency generator in the Anthoston area that provides electricity to alarms and the repeater system for emergency radios. The upgrade will provide a generator that will automatically kick on in a power outage and automatically go off when power is restored.

Holidays: The court set the county’s holidays for the year, which remain the same except county employees will now get a full day off on Good Friday instead of the half-day they’ve had up to now.

Zoning: The court approved final reading of an ordinance amending the county zoning ordinance to bring it into conformance with the newly adopted subdivision regulations.

Conveyor bids: The court opened bids for buying a conveyor at the planned building for the Tri-County Recycling Alliance, but will not make a decision until Jan. 22.Material bids: The court opened bids on buying materials in the coming year such as asphalt, white rock, drainage pipes and concrete, but delayed a decision until Jan. 22.Hospital bonds: The court approved issuing up to $7.2 million worth of bonds for Methodist Hospital, most of which will be used to refinance up to $5 million of the hospital’s current bonds, while the remainder will be used to upgrade the hospital’s computerized medical records system. The bonds do not constitute a debt on the part of the county.

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