How much does surrogacy in Ukraine cost, the interview with the owner of Biotexcom

Published 12/11/2019 in Medicine, Society

How much does surrogacy in Ukraine cost, the interview with the owner of Biotexcom

Albert Tochilovsky, the owner of Biotexcom center for human reproduction, told about designer babies, body rejuvenation, bearing children in an “artificial uterus”, moral and ethical issues of reproductive medicine, and harassment by authorities.

Please tell us about the ways of searching for surrogate mothers and egg donors.

There are special intermediary companies working in Ukraine. Often, the same companies are engaged in the selection of personnel. They deal with advertising in the field of surrogacy and egg donation. Now this is, in fact, the most serious issue. Biotexcom has no problems with customers, 99% of people standing in line for treatments are foreigners, it is extremely difficult to include Ukrainian people in the customer’ list. All of this was done thanks to our good reputation that was achieved due to the efficiency of our work, as previously we were occupying about 90% of the market. Of course, now reproductology is a trendy sector, thus, about 50-70 clinics have already appeared in the country, but we are still leading and setting trends.

There is a great competition in the egg donation market. Ukraine is only taking the first steps, but we are already leaders in Italy and I think that the majority of customers from other countries will also come to us. But there is an industry competition between Ukraine and such countries as Spain, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Slovakia. Especially, regarding to the last ones – there are more donation clinics in Brno than in Kiev. It’s very difficult to compete with the experts who have 30 years of history, but we are capable to do that. And the world recognizes that Ukraine is showing good results in reproductology. It’s a pity that other industries, for example, oncology, are dying out. The quality of medical services is not improving. Even our people of higher rank like parliamentarians and officials do not trust the Ukrainian medical sector, so, you can imagine how difficult it is to convince foreigners to trust it.

It is necessary to develop medical tourism. Reproductology reached a higher level in Ukraine, meanwhile Turkey and Belarus are very good in transplantology.

Biotexcom has built up a good reputation, maybe you can become a driving force in other medical sectors and open up Ukraine for medical tourism?

Once the prosecutor’s office on the occupied territories decided to take away my business, we started distributing our developments territorially. Now we work with stem cells and we will open a European biotechnological center in Leipzig. A building has been already bought, and this is going to be a big company.

You see, working here may be scaring for people, especially after seven tries of putting me in a detention center. I was accused of trafficking thousands of Ukrainian babies abroad, authorities have made inquiries to other countries, but the answers were that the children have a genetic kinship with their foreign parents. Such hype is often raised to justify authorities’ greed, they just want to take away this business, but this only worsened the image of Ukrainian medicine among European countries. Then they realized that we have representative offices in all European countries, and if they take away the business, this sector will disappear. There will be nothing but the companies’ buildings and people without their working places. Then they decided to designate me as manager and receive a half of the profit. For this purpose, they wanted to put me into jail. Usually, the prosecutor’s office succeeds in this with others, but they faced serious resistance, many public organizations stood up for us, so the courts asked for a deposit instead of putting me in prison. We wrote a statement about the persecution to the State Bureau of Investigation, sent the attached documents there, but the cases are returning in order to shut the case down.

Thank God, a new Government took office and things got better, the pressure decreased. So, we took a chance and started construction of a stem cell stroke center in Kiev. It’s difficult to predict what happens next, political situation influences 90% of country’s events. If the new Government’s promises are fulfilled, we’ll have a chance for development. Otherwise, we will die from globalization along with the other countries.

Globalization is like an escalator. If it moves down, you have to run up. If you stop, you will be carried away

By the way, the world is developing so fast that even I am scared. Something new is produced every day. And everyone is working hard. Yet, Ukraine, like Russia, has stopped its progress. Our northern neighbors think that they will survive at the expense of hydrocarbons, and we, in our turn, consider the survival at the expense of agriculture. However, we will die without modernization, parasitizing on Earth is wrong.

You know Ahmed Zaki Yamani, a former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia, said that the age of oil will end not because of a lack of oil, like the Stone Age ended not because of the lack of stones. Therefore, we must move forward, yes, we make mistakes, but we should not be afraid of them. If there are some moral issues, we must deal with them.

Actually, they have already arisen – remember the Chinese genetically modified children Lulu and Nana, who were created by He Jiangkui.

Therefore, it is necessary to gather at a round table for discussing these issues without any fear of society’s censure. 90% of society’s decisions are wrong. People realize the essence of the events in 30 years when there’s no way to change anything. Talkative deputies, for example, boast of the Ukrainian own car industry while such world concerns like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Volvo fail. Japanese tycoons are in panic, European concerns like BMW or Mercedes do not understand which way to go further as new advanced companies supported by countries with trillion turnover appear. Who needs Slavuta* in this world? [*Ukrainian car company].

New spheres are emerging, and it’s a chance to compete for them. Unfortunately, every new thing causes fear. Well, we could compete in biology.

To reinforce your words – what is the percentage of in vitro children in Europe?

In 70s, when the process had just started, it was assumed that the number of such children would be small. It’s like with mobile phone – all the major forecasters said that mobile phones were too expensive and only 100,000 people could afford them. But what is the situation nowadays? Everyone has a pocket computer.

The same goes for IVF. According to the present statistics, there is every tenth child is in vitro in Europe. And some experts say that every third child will be in vitro by 30s-40s. Why? Because of the low male sperm quality, this is the official statistics of the World Health Organization. In the past, people considered normal to give birth to 3 babies at the age of 18. Now women begin to think about having a baby only after 40 years old, and it turns to be difficult without IVF. I mean, in Europe a person attends a gymnasium within 13 years, then the university follows, then he or she spends certain time for the career, finally, the end of the reproductive age comes.

Lifetime is growing along with this. Pushkin described one of his main characters as “an old man of 30”. Juliet’s mother was 28 years old. Now girls stop going to night clubs only at the age of 28. An average lifetime is 70 years. Therefore, the significance of reproductive medicine will grow, the number of programs will increase, and medical tourism will also develop.

Let’s return to the donors and surrogates search. There are egg purchase advertisements in local buses. Do you think this situation normal?

I’ve got my special attitude towards this. Ads are placed by our resellers. They want to earn money. I have nothing against them. When a small business starts, it has not much funds to invest, to build a factory. These people are recruiters, start-up businessmen who create initial capital. It’s a nonsense to limit them. We cannot force clients to go directly to the clinic, saying that an intermediary is useless, let’s remove this layer – it’s wrong. It would be better to let small business appear and let it earn money. I understand that the advertisements may be too provoking …

Surrogates are offered half a million, this is a huge amount of money for rural residents.

Prices have already risen. All clinics pay more than half a million. The cost of egg donation reaches 40 thousand because of a certain shortage of donors. Surrogate mothers participate in our programs several times. There is a record holder surrogate in our company who has given a birth to 4 surrogate children. And this is not the limit, the British Carol Horlock gave birth to 15 children, the last baby was born at her age of 48, she still is going to continue. And this is normal, because biologically she can carry a baby both at her 60 and 70. The main thing is a good quality of the eggs.

Regarding women from villages … They live in a small village, they have their own children, sometimes 3-4 children. In most cases they have no husband, because there are very few men to rely on in those regions. Many men in small villages do not have work, because of the lack of working places, that is why most of them cannot support their families, drink alcohol. The situation is different in Kiev where men try to move fast.

Such women from small villages without husbands have got a very low salary which is twice less than the official salary (4000 hryvnas). These women are exploited for 2000 hryvnas. It’s impossible to support a family for such earnings even having a subsidiary farm. Even if she will knit, spin, do something else – machines do it faster and cheaper. Surrogate mother and egg donor are highly paid jobs besides the fact a new life is coming to this world, it’s a holy thing.

Legalization, in general, is an extremely useful tool. I am liberal in my points of view and I even support the legalization of prostitution. There are less sexually transmitted diseases, lower level of AIDS in countries where it exists, because this sphere is controlled by the state, not by bandits.

And when everything is illegal, it turns out that the state itself builds corruption, explaining this with moral positions.

Of course, the worst thing that scares everyone in this sphere is infant mortality. Pardon me, a child may die either being born by a surrogate mother or a baby’s mother, it depends on many factors. Moreover, according to the statistics of WHO, the birth mortality rate in Ukraine is the lowest among all the popular surrogacy areas (Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria).

How to avoid this?

Errors will exist anyway. Doctors make mistakes, but it’s impossible to impose the death penalty, otherwise problems will increase, any specialist will be nervous with shaking hands while removing appendix. I admit that the price of these mistakes is life. Therefore, responsibility is higher. But, believe me, the punishment should not be prohibitions, it should be money.

I would introduce excise tax in surrogacy so that each surrogacy clinic would pay 100,000 hryvnas for every genetic affiliation form used. The clinic buys 50 forms, and if something happens, they will be canceled.

And the person understands: it is necessary to follow medical and legal protocols, you can’t move on a short path, because the pledge is 5 million UAH. You may save 5000 here but you are going to lose 5,000,000 there. The economic expediency of reducing the cost is disappearing.

Surrogate mothers shouldn’t pay, for sure. Egg donors shouldn’t pay, they are poor women. As representatives of commerce, we are to pay a certain amount of money for each certificate. Let this money be used for medical purposes, for the treatment of our women’s infertility, for partial payment of IVF.

Another plus of this decision is that these forms are strictly registered. The form is registered in a clinic, no one can fake anything, the clinic manager puts a stamp on it, he calls up to the registry office. This is a guarantee that nobody can assign genetic kinship to a Ukrainian child.

If this proposal meets the interest of our elite, we need to gather at a round table to discuss the issue. Thus, a question of benefits of reproductive clinics will not be raised: here it the benefit, the state earns millions.

What countries do your clients come from? You mentioned Italy, Germany, France, who else?

You will be surprised, but now even people from India come here, which is the Mecca of surrogacy. They are allowed to do this for themselves, but not for foreigners. Several centers were closed. I think, we will get about a third part of Indian clients by 2030.

How much do surrogacy programs cost?

Prices in Ukraine range from 30 to 70 thousand dollars, depending on the package, which includes accommodation, programs, payment for a surrogate mother, meetings, and flights. Couples can stay here for 2-3 months. It happens that paying for a surrogate mother is a small part of the package. Medical services are very expensive, we give a guarantee, set the trend – up to five attempts of fertilization. The surrogacy programs, of course, are more expensive than IVF, because the eggs of the biological mother are stimulated separately from the recipient who will carry a baby. Therefore, the programs are expensive, but it is not possible to reduce prices, if only to remove additional services. At the same time, in the USA the cost of such programs reaches 300 thousand dollars.

Why do people choose surrogacy rather than IVF?

The matter is in medical indications. Having the Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome, a woman is born without an uterus. Sometimes the uterus is removed. It happens – and this happens more often – that antibodies interfere with the ability to carry the fetus. If you cannot carry a baby by yourself, you need another carrier. It is clear, if there is an opportunity to have IVF treatment, it is better to use it.

Tell us, how does the surrogacy process take place?

First of all, one parent must be genetically related to a child. A woman’s eggs are stimulated and she takes birth control pills so that periods get started after their cancellation. A surrogate mother also takes birth control pills to synchronize cycles. Then comes the stimulation, eggs retrieval, semen collection and after that, fertilization. The surrogate mother takes medicines that will help her body accept embryos and then fertilized eggs are transferred to her uterus. As the baby wasn’t naturally conceived, a surrogate mother has to continue taking medicines for 3 months after the transfer to support the pregnancy and avoid a miscarriage.

When a child is born, a certificate from the maternity hospital is taken, then comes DNA testing in an independent laboratory, the surrogate mother signs a notarized relinquishment of parental rights, the registry civil office reissues all the documents to intended parents. Then the embassy process starts. All embassies send the DNA tests to their native countries, where they are checked. Clients from many countries are forced to stay in Ukraine for 2-3 months after the birth of the child, since embassies issue documents only after a thorough check of each particular case.

What do you, as a person with great experience, advise expectant mothers?

You know, the experience is so different … First – do not be afraid. Choose a good hospital, search through the internet information about specialists who will take the labor process. There are many professional and talented obstetrician-gynecologists in Ukraine.
The main thing, perhaps, to remember is that it is better not to delay the birth of a child. You can still wait up to 30 years, but after, girls, I advise everyone: do not indulge! I understand that modern life makes you carve out a career, but after 35, having a baby can cost you tens or even hundreds of times more. In the civilized world a person receives $ 70 thousand a year, that it makes sense at least and it’s understandable why. Our salaries are not worth it, so it is better to not drag your feet on this matter.

Further. Before you have an abortion, think a hundred times. Of course, the state support is important here, as even the current package for mothers is already a huge step forward, and if you manage to introduce an excise tax for clinics, this money can be sent to women who are in a difficult situation.

Interviewed by Dmitry Bunetskiy, specially for


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  • Sandra - 14/11/2019 Reply

    We have just signed an egg donation program in Biotexcom and we haven’t seen nothing suspicious there, it is a modern clinic with nice staff. We like our coordinators as well. The cost of the program is about 6 k euros which is great for us! I hope so much we will succeed because we have already had 2 failed IVF attempts in Europe…

  • ryan - 14/11/2019 Reply

    you know, when you first hear a word combination ‘legalization of prostitution’ it seems to be quite shocking.. but Albert Tochilovsky is damn right that in countries where prostitution is legalized there are less sexually transmitted diseases and lower level of AIDS. authorities should think about it.

  • Benita - 14/11/2019 Reply

    I want to recommend you this clinic! Our twins are 2 years old now, Biotex made the impossible possible for us. I wasn’t able to bear children, so it was done by a surrogate mother on my eggs.. but everybody says that our children look just like me 🙂 I somehow remembered about our journey to Ukraine today, while the babies were peacefully sleeping, and decided to google news about Biotex. I am glad that everything is fine with it and hope that more and more people will become happy parents there 🙂

  • Harromeister - 14/11/2019 Reply

    Albert has a cunning look… Appearances can deceive, but I don’t really trust him………

  • Mendoza the Rosa - 14/11/2019 Reply

    WOW!!! —> According to the present statistics, there is every tenth child is in vitro in Europe.
    I hope that there will be no discrimination towards designer babies in future

  • Ivanka - 15/11/2019 Reply

    I like the idea that surrogate mothers in Biotexcom are not genetically related to the baby. There would be problems if surrogate mothers under the influence of hormones decided not to relinquish their babies. It may sound cruel, but this is their work and they have no rights for babies

    • Vikky - 21/12/2019 Reply

      It’s normal condition that surrogate has no biological relationship with the child she bears. In another case just surrogate mother will be considered legal mother of this baby. But you know some time later it was scandal news about the clinic of Mr. Albert! It was about the fact that specialists of this clinic have made a mistake during the IVF. And it turned out couple who have used surrogacy there had no biological connection as it must be with child born via surrogacy. Parents had serious problems at home when they came back home with a newborn. I guess this man isn’t so good as he can seem to be.

  • ola - 15/11/2019 Reply

    This man Albert Tochilovsky seems to be quite smart, i like the way he thinks about our future

  • Lsp - 15/11/2019 Reply

    I think that nowadays 27-30 years is the best time for making babies. You should be a reliable person if you don’t want your children to suffer from poverty and remember their childhood as a sad time without playing with busy parents

  • Matt - 15/11/2019 Reply

    I wanna make a few clones of myself, Albert, please help (I will pay good enough)

  • Kim - 15/11/2019 Reply

    Just remember to always think twice… I had an abortion at 22 and now I am going to Biotexcom for a surrogate program. It hurts so much to know that you cannot bear a child… Anyway, thanks to clinics that take care about infertile people and make the impossible possible for us

  • openyoureyes - 15/11/2019 Reply

    It is a sharp practice and baby-trafficking business! Have you at least googled Biotexcom?? How could you have published this interview???

    • Katrin7 - 21/12/2019 Reply

      I agree with you and understand perfectly your disturbance. I have read not one article about this clinic and this man. And it’s really shame how he can speak all these things after load scandals with his participation. His clinic is just a big business that makes him good profit. And surrogate mothers are just a kind of product. They help him to earn money and no more than that. In general I guess that surrogacy industry is awful. I’m against surrogate motherhood and it’s better to adopt children.

  • Chris - 18/11/2019 Reply

    I am currently undergoing IVF on donor eggs at Biotexcom and I am satisfied with the services. Don’t judge clinics by their location and questionable tactics of their directors. I liked my doctors very much, and coordinators too. Ukrainian people are calm and cheerful. Don’t hesitate to write to biotexcom if you consider treatment in the Ukraine seriously!

  • Jacque - 18/11/2019 Reply

    People who come to his clinic for the second, third time, are you insane? He just steals your money, there will be no result! Or he will give you an ill baby and you will have to pay for its treatment. Think twice before coming there///

  • tReVoR - 18/11/2019 Reply

    ‘Carol Horlock gave birth to 15 children, the last baby was born at her age of 48, she still is going to continue.’ Whaaat? What makes women give birth to 100 babies??? Don’t get the idea to become a surrogate neither. Your forms will never be the same, all that pain… What for? 20 k dollars? Are you serious?

  • JuliaOst - 18/11/2019 Reply

    I found this article by chance and now I’m thinking about becoming an egg donor… You can earn some money and help somebody to become a parent! Sounds great. P.s. becoming a surrogate mother is too much, but I admire those women!

  • Paolina - 18/11/2019 Reply

    I was a client of Biotexcom and spoke once to Albert.. He seemed to be a nice man, simple and adequate. Unfortunately my treatment wasn’t successful, but I don’t want to give up. We’ll try another IVF attempt in February, maybe even a surrogacy program in case of some more problems.. Anyway I trust Biotexcom

  • MD - 18/11/2019 Reply

    So stressful job… I wouldn’t cope with all those cases and investigations. He does so wonderful things, but no gratitude of authorities

  • Jason - 20/11/2019 Reply

    My stepsister suffers from Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome, she has no cervix. She found it out when she was 14 and she understands that she can’t have children. She is desperate and I can see it clearly when she comes to our house and plays with my 3 years old son… I am so sorry for her, it is really unfair because she is a great person. I am glad that there are a lot of possibilities nowadays for people like her.

  • asdfgh - 20/11/2019 Reply

    I think people will deplete all the available resources and that’s it. There will no oil, no coal etc. I don’t think that the human race will survive, we are damned to die out in maximum 2 thousand years…

  • STEPHEN - 20/11/2019 Reply

    seems that living conditions in Ukraine are awfull
    becoming a surrogate mother is the only way out for women
    this is the real expoitation to be honest

  • Valerio - 20/11/2019 Reply

    Write Albert Tochilovsky and watch the first videos on YouTube and than decide to go to his clinic or not

  • jackie - 20/11/2019 Reply

    wow he is weirdly straight in expressing his opinion, especially talking about authorities. They must hate him, but listen, he does a great job in helping desperate people

  • reply - 20/11/2019 Reply

    I found Biotexcom about 5 months ago, but I am not sure yet… I don’t really trust people, especially those who are bearing children for money. I’m at a loss here……….. 🙁

  • chocolate - 20/11/2019 Reply

    he is too self-confident, don’t know if it is good or bad.

  • DorothyBlack - 20/11/2019 Reply

    Fertile people could never understand the ones suffering from infertility. I wasn’t my fault, but I was damaged when my doctor explained me that I can’t have children. My husband left me after 6 years of marriage. I don’t remember a year of my life, I just coudn’t help but cry ever since I came home after work. It was the worst period of my life. But times go by and I’ve found a man who loves me and we try to find the way out now. I am grateful to people who support me and I hope that one of the clinics like Biotexcom will help us. We haven’t decided yet were to go. I just want to say please, don’t give up, you don’t know how strong you are.

  • marion.klyd - 20/11/2019 Reply

    No way, don’t go there. There are better clinics in Kiev, for example Feskov or Isida. Doctors are much better there

  • OLOV - 20/11/2019 Reply

    In case you still hesitating visiting his clinic – we were there and the initial consultation was great. We postponed signing a contract and still looking through other Ukrainian clinics, but I am 80% sure that we will choose Biotexcom, it is very nice

  • Lizzi - 20/11/2019 Reply

    What does surrogate mother feel if the child dies during the birth process? Does she have any emotional connection to the baby? Does she think about HER child during a lifetime? I have a lot of questions because being a surrogate is more than just work and I am still confused about this issue

  • Оsh - 22/11/2019 Reply

    Is it safe in Kyiv now? I don’t trust Eastern European countries, they are a primitive, backward people

  • sinclairsong - 22/11/2019 Reply

    I wish all the best to those who fight with infertility!

  • KANGaROO - 22/11/2019 Reply

    Thanks for the article! Now I understand better what to expect from Biotexcom. Albert is a simple and honest man, I hope that his staff (doctors especially) are the same !

  • Klainpolasu - 22/11/2019 Reply

    God gave us a chance to have a child with the help of a surrogate from Ukraine! She is my hero. She has 3!! children and decided to help us, strangers from France. God bless her and her family. Ukrainian people are very nice and sensitive. If you don’t have any other option, go to Ukraine, you will not regret.

  • hererehe - 22/11/2019 Reply

    don’t waste your time 🙂 we had 2 failed attempts of IVF on donor eggs there. Better go to Europe.

  • Axel - 25/11/2019 Reply

    Ecological situation do not allow people to reproduce themselves. If we do not stop we will die out. But we will not stop, welcome to hell. All my mates’ children have allergy to most of products.Even children of 3 years. Something bad is going on, it used to be better in the past

  • BEATRICE - 25/11/2019 Reply

    Why does everybody want a baby? Are you sure you are able to make lives of your children happy? I talk not only about money, but mostly about good relationship. Some infertile couples are focused on the problem, they do not think about future and WHY they need babies. they just need it. Children aren’t toys, please don’t be selfish in making and treating babies

  • Brigitta - 25/11/2019 Reply

    30-70 thousand dollars aren’t much for such services. It costs MUCH MORE in Europe. So it is even cheap for all-inclusive programs. I’d like to know more about their medical staff, but some couples that were to Biotexcom said that it was good. Maybe Ukkraine is one of the best destination for surrogacy, cheap and simple to reach

  • jorje - 25/11/2019 Reply

    It’s a pity they don’t work with gay couples… it is the only disadvantage of this clinic

  • CatSmile - 30/12/2019 Reply

    We had been living in a civil marriage for 10 years. It’s normal for us and we are happy. Moreover in our country civil marriage is rather widespread. During all this time we are together my husband and I tried to father a child. But all our attempts were unsuccessful. Firstly we didn’t call attention and become obsessed with this issue. But after two years of failure attempts we took thought and visit doctor. Both my lovely husband who went through all these difficulties with me and I had detailed medical examinations, tests and treatments. But unforch it was lost labor….((( After two years of examinations and various therapy doctor wrote in the “Diagnose” column – unexplained infertility. The good news is that our good friends have already tried assisted method of reproductive medicine in Ukrainian clinic. They became happy parents with the help of donor eggs. So, we read the information about the BioTexCom clinic, contacted the manager and started our journey. In our case we had to use surrogacy using our biological material. But…. We had to register our relations in order to use surrogacy program. So we organize beautiful feast, invited our friends and relatives and married each other! Today our surrogate mother is on the 8th month of pregnancy and we prepare to become parents!!!!)))

  • Kendall - 14/01/2020 Reply

    Taking into account local law toward the use of ART Ukraine seems to be great destination. Legal surrogate motherhood and egg donation can be done even for foreign infertile patients. It is really a great advantage in comparison with other European states. But it seems that this business is rather complicated in that country… I don’t think that officials are interested in him without any reason. I don’t know for sure as Ukraine is very strange country. Anyway there are a great number of those who want to have surrogacy program there.

  • ocean_a - 20/04/2020 Reply

    When will gay couples be able to use surrogacy in Ukraine? Is it worthwhile waiting for that?

  • holywud.dane - 20/04/2020 Reply

    Hey @ocean_a I don’t think it is possible, at least for the next 20 years. Ukraine is an Eastern European country, they are more conservative there. But not as aggressive as Russians for example

  • jkcooper10 - 20/04/2020 Reply

    How to choose a good fertility clinic? I don’t really trust fake reviews. And I don’t have any friends who would recommend me some. It is so difficult to choose foreign clinics …

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