Top 3 Affordable Fertility Clinics with High Success Rate

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Top 3 Affordable Fertility Clinics with High Success Rate

I would like to make it quite clear that this review is not for you unless you have extra $250,000 -$300,000. Then perhaps you better refer to the Forbes lists. I will not describe pros and cons of leading fertility clinics because much has been said about. This article can be useful for those who don’t have that much money but still want to become parents. Why did I say ‘extra’ $300,000? You shouldn’t spend your last money, much less get into debt even if you are really desperate. When you become a parent, you will need money, however, that would be pleasant troubles.

So, I enclose for your attention the list of the most affordable, nontrivial and exotic clinics that, however, have high success rate. What are the risks, advantages and disadvantages? Let’s find out.


Chachava Clinic. Batumi, Georgia


The clinic is based in Batumi, Georgian resort city. Human reproduction is one of the focus areas of the clinic, however, doctors here also provide dental health services and plastic surgery services. It’s up to you to decide, whether it’s good or bad. At least I find these options strange.

The clinic is oriented towards medical tourism and foreign patients, which becomes clear when you visit Chachava official website. There are, however, only three languages to choose from: Georgian, English and Turkish.

The clinic has its own maternity hospital, which is good on one hand, but not on the other. This means it involves less personnel and equipment, intensive care unit and surgeons, plastic surgeons do not count 🙂 The clinic has a very nice hotel, but it is unclear whether accommodation is included in the price of treatment.


Yes, I almost forgot about the very methods of infertility treatment. Not surprising, as it seems people are coming here for a nose reshaping, veneers placing and for a baby at the same time. Nevertheless, this format in no way detracts from the good results of the clinic and the rich arsenal of treatment methods provided: IVF/ICSI/IUI, cryopreservation, egg donation and surrogacy.

The clinic conducts 450 IVF cycles per year. Success rate for surrogacy programs + egg donation is 57%. I also want to put an emphasis on a loyal legislative base for foreign couples. The only downsides are incomprehensible pricing and no guarantees. There is no information about the cost of treatment and no contracts available on the official website. It’s only mentioned the price is favorable and that fertilization and pregnancy support are included into the cost of surrogacy programs. Pregnancy monitoring and childbirth are to be paid additionally. It is also unclear what the cost of accommodation, food, support and paperwork is.


  • Stay in the resort city
  • A wide range of treatment methods and equipment
  • High success rate
  • Loyal legal framework for foreign couples


  • Incomprehensible pricing
  • Commercially oriented


Nova Clinic. Moscow, Russia

The clinic is based in Moscow and is positioned as the best reproductive center in Russia. The upside is that all prices could be found on the web. Everything is described in detail: the cost of examination, the price of any IVF cycle, including donor services, PGD (yes, they provide PGD and gender selection) and biomaterial preservation. They have an egg donor database.

However, the pricing reminds of a construction set as you need to create your own program with the help of a calculator. Difficulties are likely to occur while trying to figure out a total cost for surrogacy. It’s relatively inexpensive and available for foreign couples. Fertility specialists, equipment and laboratories of the Russian clinic are great, taking into account that success rate for surrogacy with egg donation is 65%.


However, you get information about all costs associated with the surrogate search, examinations, medications and her compensation from a third-party agency which also charges for its services. The clinic only charges for preparing and conducting IVF for a surrogate.

Well, the major sticking point is Russian legislation. A surrogate mother is the legal mother of a child. After giving birth, she has to sign away her parental rights so that you can adopt your baby. So what’s the catch? The thing is that some surrogates can get on your nerves. Blackmail is carefully suppressed by clinics but still not excluded.

Information about the clinic is provided exclusively in English, although there are Chinese subtitles everywhere.


  • High success rate
  • All possible treatment methods
  • Prices available online


  • Legislation
  • The cost of surrogacy is not clear


BioTexCom Clinic. Kyiv, Ukraine


This clinic is based in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The fertility center is the largest one in the country in terms of IVF cycles per year, more than 1000. It’s noteworthy that the vast majority of IVF cycles are carried out forr the surrogacy + egg donation programs. One more important fact is that all patients of this clinic are infertile couples from foreign countries. There are many programs, so don’t be surprised by the queues and a waiting game. Compared to other top clinics it seems to be a usual thing here to wait sitting on the steps. It’s the largest problem of this clinic I believe.

BioTexCom center does not work with Ukrainians, so the cost of treatment already includes accommodation, food, transfer, coordinator’s support, surrogate mother, childbirth, all paperwork, pediatrician and nanny. Basically, only plane tickets are not included in the price of the treatment package.

The cost of treatment includes the guarantee of successful result. In other words, the contract is completed when you get a baby. Perhaps, it’s the main advantage of this reproductive center. One more positive moment is that prices and contracts are available online so you can check them with a lawyer. However, there is also a negative aspect, couples who need a simpler treatment (i.e. IVF with own eggs) are obviously overpaying. At the same time, patients with indications for egg donation and surrogacy will save great money.


BioTexCom success rate is only 1% lower than the leader has, 64%, for surrogacy + egg donation programs. Doctors there are ready to take even the most complicated cases and help patients over 65 to have a baby. The clinic provides PGD as well.

BioTexCom clinic has such advantages: support in 14 languages and experience in legal assistance and paperwork for citizens of different countries. Also, Ukraine has loyal laws regarding of surrogacy. At the same time it must be noted that in the east of the country is restless war, but geographically it’s 800 km far from Kiev.

An excessive epatage can be mentioned among negative points. However, you can get a lot of useful information even from a rather aggressive promotion campaign of the clinic. For example, you can watch videos with egg donors, surrogate mothers, and patients on the official channel of the clinic.


  • Prices and contracts are publicly available online
  • Guaranteed result
  • All-Inclusive programs
  • Loyal legislation


  • Can’t change or choose package services
  • Queues
  • Excessive epatage

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  • Maria - 10/01/2019 Reply

    I don’t think it’s odd the Georgian clinic provides also some other services. It’s just a clinic with different units. I’m not sure this is the only commercially oriented clinic, to me they all are that’s why fertility treatment is that expensive everywhere. I would take a closer look to Chachava anyway, Georgia is the first country in a surrogacy list.

  • Ingrid - 10/04/2019 Reply

    Great article. It can be useful for infertile who are looking for the IVF clinic. I like the author notice both plusses and minuses of eco center. I was in Ukrainian one. It’s biotexcom center that was mentioned in this article. To say the truth it’s not bad clinic. Anyway there are a number of aspects that its founder can pay his attention to and solve. Firstly there are a great number of people in the clinic. It must be some added place for all to feel more comfortable. Workers of the center are simple young girls. I am talking about medical nurses. And they need to practice more. As of doctors I can say they have a solid background. They are members of ESHRE and Ukrainian reproductive medicine association. Thus they have European experience as well. And they also visit and organize varies conferences and seminars abroad.

  • Anne - 10/04/2019 Reply

    Hi everyone! I want to share some words about Georgian IVF center that is in Batumi. I had there IVF program. I’m infertile. I cannot have such procedure at home. It’s banned. Thus I decided to use it abroad. I chose Georgia. I found that center in the internet. I decided eta try. So, clinic is beautiful, clean and workers with smiles welcome you. Doctor who consulted me seemed to be not very sure in my case. Anyway he prescribed IVF. I had three attempts. And none of them was successful. I spend my money and came back home without pregnancy. I understand that not always IVF procedures last successfully. But I know clinics where doctors reach positive results in any case! And I will visit them. I hope that this visit will be my last one and successful.

  • Beata - 10/04/2019 Reply

    My husband and I were dealing with infertility issue long 3 years. We spent a lot of time in the cabinet of our fertility specialist but his verdict was that we needed surrogacy or adoption. We didn’t want to waste our time with the adoption process thus the children`s service sometimes is ridiculous. That’s why we started to search for a good place where we would have our surrogacy. And we decided that the Biotex would be that place. But we were wrong. From the first visit, we understood that Biotexcom was a strange place. Everyone was rushing somewhere. The receptionists were indifferent to us. We didn’t want to waste our time with that clinic. Thus now we are going to have our surrogacy in another country.

  • MarryJ - 04/05/2019 Reply

    As for me result is the most important. Thus if clinic can give needed result I’ll choose it. Of course service is also must be normal, on the appropriate level. But result is the main thing in this issue. Taking into account surrogacy is banned in most countries people will agree for not perfect service. But they will have result -long-awaited baby. I know Ukraine is the leader in the ART field. It sounds fantastic maybe for someone. Anyway it’s true fact. I can explain this fact with local law. I mean surrogacy is allowed by the Ukrainian law. Thus doctors can develop and improve this field. Ukraine is the third-world country. And it cannot offer perfect service. But it seems they try their best to reach it.

    • Joan - 21/12/2019 Reply

      Yes, you are right of course saying the result is the most important. But you see the prices for the use of assisted reproductive technologies is not so small! Thus in addition to the result I want to receive good service. And I have right to ask for this as we pay big money for these procedures. I don’t think Ukraine or Russia has good service and realize at least what the high level is. They just milk for all its worth the fact that surrogacy and egg donation is legal in these states. Thus they realize that many people from abroad will go to them. And they even don’t try to improve the service.

  • Donna - 04/05/2019 Reply

    I am afraid of Russian surrogacy… I know their law is not very comfortable for people who use surrogacy program. As I know in Russia surrogate mother has the right to refuse to give child. She can change her mind during the program. And couple can stay without baby. I don’t know how foreigners for example conduct this procedure in Russia. But it’s a little bit direful. On the other hand it’s legal. Meanwhile in most European states surrogacy is strictly banned. I know in Italy or Germany for example surrogacy is banned. And person who act in surrogacy process can be even taken in prison. Therefor Italians and Germans go to Ukraine, Russia or somewhere. People choose countries where surrogacy is legal. And other issues as of service are not on the first place for them. All choose the best one for himself.

  • Darrell - 10/05/2019 Reply

    My wife and I are going through surrogacy process at the mo. It took us almost a year to decide on where to start and finally, we’ve chosen Ukraine. So far so good and we are quite satisfied with the service. We are with biotexcom because of unlimited attempts and other things included in the package. The clinic is extremely popular and has so many clients so don’t expect prompt communication with them. Anyway we are ok with this.

    • Moon - 01/07/2019 Reply

      Hey Darrell, We are zeroing down on a few clinics too for surrogacy. One of them is Biotexcom. If you are ok with it i had a few questions to ask please. Would you please be able to write to at Would appreciate it a lot.

  • 15_mom - 10/05/2019 Reply

    I had surrogacy experience in Georgia and it was good enough but unfortunately didn’t give any positive result. Then I switched to Ukrainian surrogacy. We picked a small agency and were happy with them. Communication was excellent, IVF clinic was great as well. The language barrier wasn’t an issue at all. But when our baby was born preterm we faced lots of problems. Agency coordinator wasn’t helpful at the hospital, we had to find an interpreter on our own. Some things we thought were included in the price of the program were not and that was way too much. They also failed in preparing documents for our embassy. Just make sure a service provider you choose knows its stuff.

  • shweta sharma - 12/09/2019 Reply

    Thanks for Share Clinic Details

  • SonnyJ&J - 04/12/2019 Reply

    After four doctors, hundreds of injections and years of tears we finally got the result. My husband and I decided to use surrogacy. We have searched for good center and surro-gate mother long time. But we couldn’t find someone who we could trust and be responsi-ble for carrying our precious baby. After this failed attempt we decided to find some clinic abroad. We found place where it is possible to do surrogacy in a legal way. And we for-tuned to find just such center. We were lucky to find one commercial of the biotexcom clinic. The prices for surrogacy programs is really affordable for our family. And the feedbacks are really positive. It seems to me that I can trust in this clinic. I don’t believe that Ukraine has poor medicine. So, my husband and I contacted this clinic and sent all the necessary medical documents via email. Now we are waiting for a reply from the manager. I am sure this clinic will help us with our infertility problem. Now we have hope everything will be ok.

  • BeutyC - 12/12/2019 Reply

    Seven years ago I was trying to get pregnant, but it wasn’t working. After undergoing a series of tests, doctors found an issue which was making it very difficult for me to get pregnant naturally. They said that I have not so many options! So we agreed to try the in vitro fertilization. All the doctors told me, that this issue should be easily bypassed! And I should get pregnant from the first procedure according to them. We were suppos-edly the “perfect” IVF candidates. We went forward with IVF as recommended by the doctors. We chose the clinic in Kyiv according to its acceptable prices for us. We were surprised, but it worked! It worked perfectly in our case and I am so happy! It was a moment of a true “shock and awe”. Soon during one of the medical examinations, we heard the baby’s heartbeat. It was the best moment of my life. I will always remember that great day! I in no way, shape or form, deserved to be blessed with our child. What-ever happens, I will always know that our family exists by the grace of God and biotex-com!

  • LoveLife - 13/12/2019 Reply

    The surrogacy was the only way for me and my husband. We experienced 4 failed IVFs. Then we got to know that the surrogacy service is really affordable in Russia, and Ukraine. My husband and I chose the last one. Cause the procedure is legal there and the law according to the surrogacy is clearer than in Russia for example. My husband and I were the clients of the biotexcom clinic in the capital of Ukraine. We made a re-quest and sent all the medical documents. The reply was quick and I thought that the process of surrogacy would be fast. But I was wrong. The manager said that we could come only in 5 months because the clinic was overloaded. I hadn’t paid enough atten-tion to this. We were in the clinic on appointment day and I was shocked! There were so many people. The lines to doctors were so big. Anyway, we got our consultation. Even though we liked doctors I think we aren’t ready to wait in these long lines. It makes stress. The clinic is very small. They should create more space in order for a comfortable visit. Honestly, I don’t want to get back to this overcrowded place.

  • Hello - 21/12/2019 Reply

    We were in the biotexcom clinic almost three years ago. The IVF procedure with donor eggs there helped me to become pregnant with my son. Recently, we decided to have one more baby in our family. And we decided to do IVF in Russian federation. We thought that if these two countries are like one)) we will reach good result. In addition, we thought that it will be better service than in Ukraine… As we have some critical moments towards Ukrainian clinic. Unfortunately, it didn`t give any possible results in Russia. And our local fertility specialist at home said that we should consider about surrogacy or adoption. It was because my possibility to bear a child lasted. Some problems with my heart take this possibility. We know that Ukrainian clinic where we were some years ago also provides surrogacy. Thus my husband and I decided to return in biotexcom clinic because we had positive results of IVF. We were calm during the surrogacy process because this clinic had made us happy despite some negative moments. We were informed about everything during the process of surrogacy. Our Ukrainian surrogate mother delivered amazing girl. Now we have completed our full family. We have 2 little children. The life in unpredictable and maybe we will agree to receive one more baby via surrogacy there)). It was great and challenging experience at the same time.

  • Olivia - 21/12/2019 Reply

    Sometimes I think that we probably spent hundreds of dollars on tests. One day I was tired of all of these efforts. So we went to a specialist and discovered that my hubby had a low sperm count. So we faced the possibility that we may never have children. I was at the point that I didn’t even want to get out of bed some days. I was so depressed and I didn’t know what to do. I just kept telling myself that when the time was right we would get pregnant. It’s hard, and you often think that there’s something wrong with you, and there really wasn’t. A friend suggested me to visit the biotexcom clinic. So, we used an IVF program with door sperm in the Ukrainian center for human reproduction. Not everything was perfect there. For example, we had to wait for 3 hours in a crowded corridor or room next to a newborn baby. But the result was worth it we get our baby. Finally, I can say that we overcame all our problems! This center has a number of disadvantages and negative sides. Anyway they have good sides as well))

  • Candy - 29/12/2019 Reply

    I passed my surrogacy program in the Ukrainian center for human reproduction Biotexcom. I know that couples, who had failed in other reproductive clinics, were succeeded there, even after the first try. This place gave us our beautiful daughter and we are thankful to all workers. Actually, I can tell that every clinic has its own pros and cons. For example, each when I came to the clinic, it was full of clients from different countries. There were huge lines for doctors and it took us 2 hours of waiting in order to have a consultation. Always we spent a lot of time waiting for the procedures, for driver and so on. The clinic is not so big and sometimes it was a problem to find a place to rest. And I remember their rude nurses who are not professions I think! But the advantages of the clinic are more significant… As for surrogate mother, I wanted to choose it by myself. But the doctor said that it was not my job to find an appropriate surrogate. Not important how she looks like, but they should check her health properly. I didn’t like it, but finally, I was completely satisfied with the doctor’s choice. I hadn’t any doubts that she would be able to deliver our child. And in general I can say our family is happy to have our lovely baby!)

  • Kendall - 12/01/2020 Reply

    All clinics look really great on the pictures and I guess attract their potential patients. It can be seen many families today need help of such medical institutions. And it’s nice that author have mentioned both pros and cons of fertility clinics. It seems that fertility clinics which conduct ART programs are a common thing today. Looking for the center of reproductive medicine one can find a great number of variants. There are so many infertile and people who need IVF that such clinics have been developing rapidly. And of course it’s good if they really help people to find their happiness of parenthood. It can be seen nowadays even young couples suffer from infertility and it’s a sad fact. Infertility issue arises more and more nowadays and such programs as egg donation or surrogacy are so popular! To say the truth unfortunately today people started to think about the family really late. It can be definitely seen and said for sure that modern medicine can give thousands of people great hope and happiness. The time has changed and today more hopeless couples can change their lives. Now assisted reproductive technologies help women easily get pregnant even at any age! And to my mind, the most important thing the fertility industry and clinics can do is to be honest with patients on everything. People for example should know that there are no guarantees. And couples must be ready for any result and accept this information before program’s start.

  • best ivf treatment in india - 07/02/2020 Reply

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