Ukraine has the worst roads and the best reproductive medicine in the world

Published 06/02/2013 in Medicine, Society

Ukraine has the worst roads and the best reproductive medicine in the world

Surrogate motherhood, which is so popular around the world, is not allowed in Great Britain. Law is the main component of this issue. Newborn regardless of the method must be registered after birth.

In 1985 British law stated that legal mother of the child is considered to be a woman who carried and gave birth to him. But in those days practice of surrogate motherhood was not as popular as it can be seen today. In addition laws of the last century did not take into account the fact this method of reproductive medicine will develop so extremely.

In this regard in 1990 this issue was resolved and now child born to a surrogate mother can be recognized as the legitimate child of genetic parents without a court order. In fact, only non-commercial surrogacy is permitted in Great Britain (unlike, for example, Russia and Ukraine, where such programs are legalized and can be conducted both on voluntary and commercial basis). In Great Britain biological parents and surrogate mother can enter into an agreement that is made on a legal basis but nevertheless has no legal force. Because of this it is impossible to form a real statistics of surrogate pregnancies in Britain since a lot of such agreements are made without any legal documentation.

Despite the fact that surrogacy can be freely carried out on the territory of the United Kingdom the majority of residents travel to Ukraine to visit local centers for human reproduction. Third world country that falls behind European states attracts thousands of foreign infertile couples who travel to Ukraine from all over the world.

Since the topic of infertility is close to me in fact rather than in word (I’ve had three miscarriages and reaching the age of 47 years I cannot get pregnant) I decided to carry out a journalistic investigation to find out what is this mysterious clinic (BioTexCom center for human reproduction) that so fiercely attracts foreign residents.

In one’s sleep I found all the necessary information about the needed center ( and started a chat with the clinic manager (employee who answers all the questions of English-speaking clients and helps to pass the selected program). I retold her story of my infertility. Lady asked me a few questions concerning medical part, and told me that in my case, clinic could offer me a program of surrogacy with donor eggs. After that she informed me in details about this program. When I expressed a desire to come directly to the clinic the manager asked me to send her results of my medical tests that I had and conclusion of doctor that I really couldn’t conceive and bear a child in a natural way and for what reason. BioTexCom worker explained me she would translate all these documents, center’s doctor would examine them and only than I would be said the date of first medical consultation.

I did everything that was required and soon I received an invitation to visit a doctor. My husband and I bought a plane tickets, on the appointed date, and with a genuine interest flew in the little-known to us Ukraine. In the capital’s airport we were met by the driver of the clinic, he kindly helped us to carry our luggage to the bus and said that we could sit down and wait for an hour because he needed to meet some more patients. In the car we saw another couple who also waited. It was a comfortable car interior with TV set and chairs. Having gathered all patients together the driver carried us.

We were brought in one of clinic’s accommodation (special hostels for center’s clients). On the way there we curiously looked at the views from the window: somewhere it was beautiful, somewhere seedy but it was extremely green everywhere. Kiev is really a city of parks, as it is wrote everywhere and very “turbulent”! Roads are probably the worst problem of the state of Ukraine. Only after driving from the airport a terrible things began: all the way we were thrown up inside the car, it seemed that we were not on the metropolitan highway but over a plowed field. And despite the fact that both car and driver were very good we came out of it with a green faces and rocking a little after such a trip.

Having come to the hotel (in the Petropavlavskaya Borshchagovka district) we saw not really fresh room in which other clients of the clinic lived. Some of them already had newborns. My husband and I were said that we could have a rest and the next day we would be taken by the driver to the clinic. In our accommodation we talked to couples who had already become happy parents. They told me that of course conditions and service were not at the appropriate level nevertheless BioTexCom works wonders in reproductive medicine.

From the first, second IVF attempt doctor achieves needed positive result and parents get so long-awaited children. And the cost of similar services in Ukraine is lower than in Europe where such programs as surrogacy and egg donation are legalized. People from all over the world travel to BioTexCom and turn a blind eye to the underdeveloped infrastructure of the country and certain disadvantages in the level of clinic’s service.

So, let’s return to our investigation. We were not able to have a normal night’s sleep in the hotel. Because there were couples with newborn children, they cried all night and parents went from room to room talking emotionally. Early in the morning we went to the clinic.

In the clinic we were met by the manager with whom I charted online. She was a pleasant, well — dressed lady, about 29 years old, she invited us to sit down and wait. Turning around we did not find free place where we could sit down as clinic was relatively small and there were a great number of patients in it! Someone sat on a small couch in the lobby, someone on the stairs near the entrance. People spoke different languages: English, German, French, and Italian etc. Among them managers could be seen who fluently spoke these languages. We waited for about 1.5 hour until we were invited to see a doctor.

During the waiting time we had an opportunity to communicate with some patients and found that specialists of the BioTexCom really work wonders in the field of reproductive medicine and that’s why foreigners are willing to turn a blind eye to the imperfect service in order to get the status of happy parents of healthy baby.

In 1.5 hour our manager finally invited us to the doctor’s cabinet. Communication with him was not so long. The doctor asked questions regarding my and husband’s health. Then doctor reaffirmed a decision that we were recommended surrogacy with donor eggs and wrote out the form on the standard medical tests for my husband (since my genetic material will not be used).

Next, our English speaking manager took us to the manipulation room for passing all necessary analyzes. In addition my husband’s sperm was also tested. To get to the manipulation room we also had to wait about 20 minutes because there was a waiting list and nurse all the time was running here and there.

It took us about 3 hours to complete all these elementary procedures whereas in European hospitals all these take about 15 minutes. Oh well. As it is said it gets worse and worse as it goes on. Our consultant explained to us that since this surrogacy program with donor eggs we could immediately sign the contract. Because only after the contract signing and first payment (6 thousand euro), our program would be activated: doctors would start selection of appropriate donor, surrogate mother and their stimulation (using special medicines). Our participation in this process was not required. My husband just had to come to the clinic on the day of puncture (taking eggs from a donor). My husband’s sperm would be combined with donor eggs and within five days of mature embryo transfer would be performed to a surrogate mother.

The fact that BioTexCom produces embryo transfer on the fifth day also speaks volumes. In many clinics such practice are not used and as a result patients have many failed IVF attempts. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the fifth day is the perfect period of embryo development and thus there are more chances for a successful pregnancy at the end.

But, let’s back to my story. Result of my husband’s spermogram was ready in a moment. And we were surprised because he is 54 years old nevertheless his sperm was in a very good condition and fertilization could be made very easily and efficiently.

After our question concerning how fast our program would start manager replied that due to the great number of patients, women who were willing to bear a child is off. So we had to wait for about half a year. My husband and I referring to the long- term period of expectation refused and said that maybe we would back a little later. The driver took us to the airport at the appointed time and we successfully flew home.

Communicating with people who have already gone through such a serious and complex program as a surrogate motherhood and basing on my own experience it’s safe to say that Ukraine really wins in the field of reproductive medicine. And numerous articles in the internet that BioTexCom is a leader using assisted methods of reproductive medicine are justified. In addition Ukrainian prices for such procedures pleasantly surprise. For example, the surrogacy program will cost you 29.900 euro. This price includes everything you might need as a foreigner in a new country: driver, translator, accommodation, meal and so on. And the most important aspect is that BioTexCom clinic can provide patient with an unlimited number of attempts until successful pregnancy will be reached. Let us suppose Ukraine is considered to be a third world country that lags behind other European countries in development by all indicators and has roads as ploughed land but it does not prevent Ukrainian doctors give happiness to people all over the world and help them in such an important issue of a global importance as continuation of human genus.

Freelance journalist Kerry Chak

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  • Carol - 01/10/2013 Reply

    You know, I believe that if you’re trying hard to get a baby, the service level is not that important. Yeah, you had to wait for 3 hours. So what? If I wanted to have a baby I can suffer long lines and terrible roads. Besides, that many people is the evidence of effectiveness. Just the goal is important, nothing else. And I’m sure Europeans hold prejudice against so-called third world countries. As far as I know, it’s not that bad.

  • Sam - 02/10/2013 Reply

    I travel often to Ukraine by business, Kiev is a very nice city, we have a lot of disinformation about this country, it is on an European level, at least close to it. The roads are true terrible, but mostly in the old parts of the city, highways are fine. I agree with the comment above, if you have a goal you will not pay attention to such things.

  • Sasha Smith - 03/10/2013 Reply

    Sam, don’t you think, that the service level may reflect the healthcare level?

    • Mary-Ann - 07/10/2013 Reply

      I’m not Sam, but I can answer. We had a programm in one clinic in Spain. The service level was off the charts, the staff was very friendly and helpful. But they failed. The clinic failed – we had 2 attempts there, but they couldn’t help us with a baby. So, the service level doesn’t always reflect the healthcare level. That’s what I think.

      • Jessica Miller - 17/10/2013 Reply

        Mary-Ann, I totally agree with you! Have you read the article here ( If no – read it and you’ll understand why the Spanish clinics failed. Just imagine, how the success rate of clinics working with the frozen material can be higher than of clinics working with fresh eggs.

  • Christine - 14/10/2013 Reply

    I am 43 years old and I went all the way from being desperate and unable to get pregnant to getting my lovely baby-boy smiling at me while I am typing this message.
    I thank God for having found Biotexcom clinics of reproductive medecine! My life has changed drastically and all due to professional medical care and treatement in Kiev. My sister has encountered some women’s problems as well but now I am sure she will be fine when she decides to join motherhood. I will buy her the ticket to Kiev that will eventually become the ticket to happy parenting.

  • Santa - 03/07/2014 Reply

    The roads became the extreme punch line of Ukraine)))) For me it was very extremely)))But it was funny, I have never practiced such roads before)) Actually as for wonders I am ready for everything, we have been waiting longer and 3 h is so insignificant comparing with all troubles of infertility. Everything is insignificant when I know that my baby is waiting me in the end of the road!))

  • Larkins - 20/09/2015 Reply

    Before visiting Ukraine and BioTexCom clinic I thought that it’s a wild country with obscure medicine. But after reading some information and speaking with people who have already been in Ukraine I decided to try my fate and visit Biotexcom as only its doctors could help me legally. I was surprised SO MUCH!!! In addition to successful treatment I have seen a great tourist country and communicated with Ukrainians. As of clinic its functioning was thought through for foreign visitors. You receive a driver, translator, accommodation and other things that you need being in a foreign country. All these are included in the package (treatment program) you buy.
    Thank you very much dear doctors and managers of the BioTexCom!!!! My husband wanted a child so much but due to my disease I can’t bear a child in a natural way. We gave up hope but visiting this Ukrainian clinic we found happiness, our child. Yes, it was very difficult and we spend much time to go through all procedures and treatment but it was worth it. Now our family at last consists of tree members: my husband, I and our daughter)))

  • Leslie - 20/09/2015 Reply

    When I wanted to have a treatment in BioTexCom clinic I was said that there is a line and I will be able to have a program in half a year. Yes, I understand maybe there are a lot of those who want to become patients of this center but maybe it is worth to develop clinic and to increase number of doctors in order to make all who want possible to have a treatment. This clinic is situated in Ukraine’s capital. In spite of the fact that it’s capital and big city I can’t say that it is European service in clinic…… but in general nice center. As of effectiveness of treatment, yes, doctors are great and most clients have a positive result. Specialists of the clinic help us to win in the war with infertility. Surrogate mother delivered our biological child. We are happy parents. Moreover we have got acquainted with the couple who also live in our city! We started communicate being in the center and after returning homes we met in some time and have a good time together with our families and children. In addition to long-awaited child biotexcom present us new friends.

  • Peyton - 14/01/2016 Reply

    We began with a visit to the clinic on Christmas Eve. We listened as he explained the medical procedure. The science, he told us, was the easy part. Our chances were over 50 percent each cycle. As we left the doctor’s office, my head was spinning. There was so much to digest in one sitting. The carrier we eventually found met our expectations. She had a family of her own with three children and a loving relationship with her husband who was supportive. She passed the psychological and the medical screening that involved extensive testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Still I worried: would the carrier change her mind? Who had control over the medical decisions once the carrier was pregnant? Whose policy would cover the babies after they were born? Whose decision would it be to reduce the number of fetuses if our carrier became pregnant with more than two fetuses or if one was malformed? Would the provisions in any contract be enforceable? What if the carrier decided she wanted to keep the babies? Could we legally pay our carrier for carrying the babies? All these questions needed to be answered before our carrier became pregnant. Finally, these issues were resolved and the paperwork was done. We were ready to begin. I was able to produce nine healthy embryos.

  • Peyton - 14/01/2016 Reply

    They were fertilized in vitro and three were implanted in our carrier’s uterus.
    By the sixth week of pregnancy two remained-one had miscarried. We prayed
    these fetuses would develop into healthy babies. The ultrasound at the twentieth
    week was one of the highlights of the pregnancy. We drove up to observe and there
    they were on the ultrasound screen- two healthy boys kicking away in our carrier’s uterus.
    I will never forget the day. As the birth approached, I tried to get what is called a parentage
    order from the local court. This would allow my husband and myself, the biological parents,
    to be placed on the birth certificate of the children, and would not force us to adopt our own biological children. I was told this had never been done in Ukraine and was not possible.
    When our carrier was 37 weeks pregnant, the doctor told us the babies were due.
    We packed our bags and drove to Ukraine in Biotexcom clinic immediately.
    Dan and Ben had finally arrived. We wish anyone embarking on this journey all the success
    and happiness we have enjoyed and shared as a family.

  • Nicole Oliver - 02/12/2016 Reply

    Yes, I was in Ukraine, in particular its capital Kiev. And yes, this country has awful condition of roads, sometimes bad service and so on. But! Dear Europeans! This country creates a miracle in the sphere of reproductive medicine. If the country has bad roads it doesn’t mean that it will have everything bad. Roads – is a local government. But reproductive medicine – is a commercial clinics that don’t depend on government. And they can create high service and beautiful view near the clinic. Ukrainian parliament has made the main – approved the law according to which surrogacy, egg donation can be conducted on the Ukrainian’s territory. Local legislation of this state has some more great advantages concerning ART use. In particular absence of age limit for those ones who wish to use ART.I was able to conceive a baby only with the help of Ukraine, its friendly laws and skilled doctors. Two IVF attempts with donor eggs and I am a mother at the age of 46. That’s why I “vote for” Ukraine, its awful roads and professional fertility specialists. Don’t compare roads and children!!! How can it be?! You go to this country not as a inspector but as a people who want to be parents, to have baby and to real family. So roads can be not so well but the mail is your future kid.

  • Ashley - 20/12/2016 Reply

    We had faced with rather uncomfortable situation. We had already had the date when we should be in the clinic for the procedure. But one day our manager phoned me and said that we can visit the center three weeks earlier. Of course we wanted to conduct the procedure as fast as it possible. For 10 years we had been waiting in order to become parents. Therefor we had to change our flight tickets quickly, pack our luggage and hell-for-leather go to Ukraine. God be thanked we could leave our job and buy tickets for needed date. So everything is ok but it was so spontaneous and fast… In addition there are so many people in this clinic!!! Drives of this center provide necessary transfer for patients. But due to the great number of clients drivers sometimes wait for 1-1.5 hour for another couple. While others sit in the car and wait together with driver. We made our way to clinic together with two couples. They were from Italy and Germany. Driver took us to the hotel. Not so good…. And there were many people there as well. All they are patients of the clinic, from different countries. It was rather difficult to have a rest in the hotel as there were couples with newborns…

  • MarryJ - 22/12/2016 Reply

    I want to say some words concerning Ukrainians. Being in clinic we were tired a little and clinic it’s clinic. Nurses in white dressings, medical rooms, procedures, tests and examinations. But when we left the clinic’s building we deepened into another world. We have a walk after a hard day in the medical center. We visited the central part of the city. People are so kind, they are so happy, they laugh and smile, have a rest in parks. After such horrible events that took place in Kiev and have been taking place still in eastern Ukraine citizens of this country can smile and be kind to another people. They are so patriotic! It can be seen a lot of people in national clothes walking down the streets. Ukrainian flags can be seen on buildings and cars. I have understood one thing! These people, Ukrainians, are extremely strong nation! They are undefeatable! And most Europeans can take an example how people can be strong and undefeatable. I have liked this city so much! Sometimes people write not so good things and comments concerning Ukraine, Kiev, level of service there and so on. But I can say for sure! It’s very beautiful and strong nation, country. And I hope in the nearest future it will be better. I pray for Ukraine and these fantastic people! They deserve happiness and good comfortable life.

  • FunnyMo - 23/12/2016 Reply

    Oh, I understand you so much dear Nicole!!! I’d like to share with you my own experience. Decision to become pregnant in the middle age has its advantages as well. Reaching this age, woman has already achieved almost everything she wanted, and was formed as a person. Woman exactly knows what she wants and has reasonable goals. But, because of age peculiarities, woman’s organism goes through a certain physiological changes that interfere with natural conception. As a result we need to use assisted methods of reproductive medicine. Ukraine, in this issue, has pushed the boundaries and the whole world giving a head start in the use of modern techniques of artificial fertilization. Ukrainian clinic of reproductive medicine BioTexCom is in the list of licensed medical centers to help women after 40 to become happy moms. This medical center helps women who are no longer able to have a baby naturally, due to the end of childbearing age, to find happiness of motherhood. And they helped me as well. Dear women! Do not be afraid, especially of your desire to become a mother in any age! You’re beautiful woman, have life wisdom and experience, you have already achieved professional success and built a solid foundation to create a happy family!

  • HappyMom - 23/12/2016 Reply

    We really liked BioTexCom clinic. We went there for the IVF program. Honestly speaking, at first we worried a lot, everything was going not so smoothly. However, our manager supported us. All the time she held on us like a limpet and help us to go through all procedures. We have passed all the necessary tests in the clinic. And from the second attempt I became pregnant. That’s OK. I am currently on 6 months, and everything is fine)))))) I can say that BioTexCom is an incredible clinic of reproductive medicine! First of all, all workers of the center are extremely friendly and careful. All the time they came to me and asked was it everything ok. We went through the IVF procedure with donor’s eggs as I can’t produce my own. Procedure was conducted perfectly and I felt myself good. Today I bring up pretty lady))) And I can say that till current day I have only positive impressions and say thank you BioTexCom very much!!! As of clinic’s service… We are a simple average family so we need not expensive luxury and so on. We are thankful Ukrainian doctors and managers for their work.

  • Maria - 23/12/2016 Reply

    I was in Kiev this autumn, September. Golden season and it’s very pleasant to have a walk down Kiev streets. This capital is incredibly green in summer and in autumn all trees and green plants change on red, brown, and orange, yellow! It’s very very beautiful!!! My husband and I had luck to be in Kiev when the weather was rather warm and were able to see the city. There are a great number of ancient architectural buildings, monasteries and churches, monuments, theatres and cafes. We had two perfect days visiting all these places of interest and eating in different restaurants. It must be noted that in the downtown visiting restaurant or shop workers there speak English and you can easily communicate with them. Yes, they are not fluent in English nevertheless they know common phrases and words so it’s possible to understand each other. Most of all I liked Podil. It’s a kind of ancient part of the city, the so-called old city. It’s not far from the clinic so it’s easy to reach it and have a good time there. There are a lot of people on Podil and many foreigners as well. There one can find restaurants of different cuisines; sometimes there are interesting festivals and open markets of goods made in Ukraine. We bought there beautiful hand-made souvenirs returning home.

  • Abigail - 24/12/2016 Reply

    Ukraine is a country of Eastern Europe and it entered the arena of reproductive medicine recently. But over the last 2 years this country has become a real Mecca of surrogacy and egg donation. Internet web sources contain a great number of articles and headlines about how the Ukrainian reproductive medicine clinics help hundreds of elderly foreign couples to become parents. Thousands of European infertile couples visit Ukrainian medical centers as there are a lot of advantages there. Thus, the largest center of reproductive medicine in Ukraine BioTexCom guarantees to all its patients 100 % success of chosen program, package with unlimited number of IVF attempts, and in addition it is the only clinic that provides the «all inclusive» package. It means that patients pay once (surrogacy program costs 29,000 Euro, which is much less than in European clinics) and get everything they need: accommodation, food, legal assistance, medical examinations, interpreter etc. That is why many countries including America send their patients to Ukraine working as intermediary agents because America, for example, has more credibility than Ukraine. But there are also some drawbacks. Due to the influx of clients it can be seen shortage of surrogate mothers and turn to start the program to 2 years.

  • Chris555 - 29/12/2016 Reply

    Yes, I agree, service is rather poor. And it’s not developed European country… Nevertheless for some reason it can be seen crowds of people in this clinic! Managers speak different languages, but there are lines to pass medical tests, visit doctor and so on. In general, it’s very beautiful country with friendly people. Kiev downtown was reconstructed after the last revolution. And people walk safely. The main advantage of this clinic is price. I conducted the surrogacy program. It costs there 30 thousand euro! It’s much cheaper than in America for example. They guarantee needed result and try their best to achieve it. Yeh, service is not so great. There are many people, couples with babies from all over the world, poor hotels and line to visit a doctor. Anyway I saw on the official clinic’s website new packages. It means center has been developing as business goes successfully. Also I saw that the building was in the process of reconstruction. So maybe in future it will looks like good European clinic. And if the will employ more doctors I guess it will useful.

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