The Ukrainian Pinochet, Anatolii Matios, runs the risk of losing military prosecutor post due to his anti-Semitic remarks

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He became the richest officer of Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine last year. Lately, he’s been trying the role of Augusto Pinochet. The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatolii Matios, doesn’t mince words while conveying his anti-Semitic attitude.

Not so long ago, Mr. Matios made the comments in one of interviews expressing an outlook towards the current situation in Ukraine.

“In each war, there is always a Parvus, who brought Lenin money for a revolution which drowned Slavs in blood for decades. Parvus was also Jewish. In this case, they want to do the same to Ukraine”, – Matios said.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor has already drawn the attention of the international organizations with such hot comments.

Dovid Katz, a world-famous activist against anti-Semitism, noted that officials with such opinion lay European integration of Ukraine open to attack and called for Mr. Matios to step down. Dovid Katz wrote on his Twitter: “Any senior EU military official who suggested Jews wanted to drown the country in blood would be removed immediately”. Katz wrote, adding: “And you do want to join the EU, right?”

It could be seen that the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine thinks clearly not in the European way. And methods of combating chaos in the country offered by him are also far from the civilized European ones. There are zero results of the Military Prosecutor work, the plundering and inefficiency of the Ukrainian army, the total destruction of business in Ukraine. That goes on not without the participation of the Military Prosecutor, Mr. Matios denies. Moreover, he considers “hanging the politicians to the post” to be a great solution of all problems in Ukraine.

“Everyone who was in the ATO zone, in addition to post-traumatic disorder brought some trophy – a bullet or a grenade launcher. I’m serious. These “spoils of war” are now in the Civvy Street. The owners of this weapon are the largest party of those ones who are not politically determined, but they can define the political future of Ukraine in the closest time. When everyone realizes the level of pre-election populism, the third party force which wasn’t taken into account by politicians will start acting in due course. And the first member of this party who gets any odious and famous politician by the feet and hangs him to the post will win these elections accompanied by the enthusiastic cries of the crowd”, – Anatolii Matios says.

Perhaps Mr. Matios sees himself as such Ukrainian Pinochet, who will establish order in a country by means of such violent activities.

“There are still forces in that state that have not banded together yet, and maybe they didn’t decide on their Augusto Pinochet, but he is already knocking at the door and looking for the stadium. I am convinced”, – Anatolii Matios said.

Experts are unanimous – we shouldn’t underestimate such statements. Anatolii Matios is the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine and through his job functions, he knows military situation like no other.

Anatolii Matios is one of those Ukrainian officials who can hardly be called a team player. He is on his own and presidential team doesn’t trust him. Anyway, if the situation in Ukraine continues evolving in that direction as it can be seen now, the threats of a military coup in Ukraine and coming of “own Ukrainian Pinochet” will become a reality.

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