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Christian Andersen, his job focus has moved from customers to operations

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Christian Andersen has been working for Internet service provider companies for 15 years, and during that time, he has seen the field change in many ways.

“It was dial-up Internet back then,” Andersen said. “A lot has changed.”

He remembers when sending Internet, cable and phone service through one line seemed impossible. Today, he deals with providing all three through fiber-optic cables at speeds that were unimaginable when he first began.

Christian Andersen, who has spent 15 years working for Internet service providers, is the network manager with construction maintenance for WOW!

Photo by Erin McCracken

ERIN MCCRACKEN / EBJ Christian Andersen, who has spent 15 years working for Internet service providers, is the network manager with construction maintenance for WOW!

As network manager for WOW! (Wide Open West), an Internet, cable and phone service provider, Andersen oversees the day-to-day activities of the network as well as maintenance and construction.

When Andersen first began working for an ISP, he spent most of his time on the phone helping customers. Later, he began heading up installations and dealing with larger customers.

“Eventually, I became technical operations supervisor,” Andersen said, and his focus shifted to commercial installations and repairs.

In July 2012, WOW! acquired Knology, a cable TV provider, and Andersen began his current role as network manager.

“They were in the process of forming a new support structure for the two combined companies,” Andersen explained.

In his previous position, Andersen had to do a lot of traveling, while the new job keeps him close to home.

Andersen moved from Connecticut to Evansville while in high school. Though his family moved back to Connecticut a few years later, Andersen had a girlfriend in town and decided to stay here. He later married that girlfriend, Tracey, and they now have a 4-year-old son named Brock.

Andersen studied at the University of Southern Indiana with a business major and began working at the same time.

Although when Andersen was in high school, computers were still fairly rare and the Internet was mostly unknown, he was always interested in computers and technology. When he began working for an Internet service provider, he knew he’d found the career he was meant for.

“It’s always been fun,” Andersen said. “It always changes. The cable industry is just a fun place to be.”

Andersen is also enjoying his relatively new role in management.

“Every day you wear a different hat,” Andersen said. “Everyone has a different need every day.”

“I always wanted to move to management,” he added. His move into his current position came the old fashioned way — Andersen worked his way up.

“It’s just getting in that first role and proving yourself.”

Andersen has worked for the same company, though it’s changed names and owners, for 15 years, and he believes staying with the same company helped him move up. He is proud to be a member of the WOW! team.

“WOW! is a great company,” he added. “They are focused on the employee.”

WOW! also focuses on the community through the WIN (WOW! In the Neighborhood) program, which encourages employees to volunteer.

“I do the Evansville Rescue Mission for Thanksgiving,” Andersen said, “and I volunteer at Ronald McDonald House.”

Although his family is in Connecticut and Andersen could have moved to other locations with his job, he said he is happy to call Evansville home.

“Evansville has a lot to offer,” he said. “I love the river, and we boat a lot and go fishing. And we love to go to hockey games. I just love the small-town community.”
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