How Ukraine surpassed American Reproductology

Published 30/01/2017 in Health, Medicine

How Ukraine surpassed American Reproductology

According to the World Health Organization, 21% of couples of reproductive age suffers from infertility in the world. IVF using donor eggs is the only chance to become a mother for many women with gynecological pathology or genetic abnormalities.

Egg donation is prohibited in many European countries. And in accordance with the laws of some European countries, such a procedure cannot be anonymous, which vastly decreases the number of potential donors. Due to these reasons, many foreigners choose Ukraine. According to a survey conducted at the largest web-portal about pregnancy and conception planning, 45% of Ukrainian women agree to donate eggs. Also, 26% could not give the exact answer saying that it all depends on the specified proposition.

These days there is a tendency in the US and in Europe for women to become mothers who only recently were considered too old for this mission. Today they are often to give birth to the first-born at 30, 40 or even at over 40 years old. Accordingly, the demand for egg donation is increasing because getting pregnant with your own egg cells at 40 is almost impossible. There is a real donor eggs boom in the US and Ukraine today.

The first pregnancy with donated eggs was reached in 1984. This procedure has got a wide scale ever since – in the United States and those European countries where it is not banned, agencies and clinics began appearing one by one. Demand creates supply. Customers don’t just want to have a child, they express their wishes down to the smallest details of the desired appearance, and the donors are selected as to the “Miss World” contest.

Looking into the base of Ukrainian egg donors you would really think that it is a WEB-site of “Miss Ukraine”. There are beautiful, young, well-educated girls with lots of interesting hobbies.  Ukrainian egg cells are very popular among European and even American infertile couples. All of that is due to that fact that Ukrainian donors are not convicted, not deprived of their parental rights and they are women with no alcohol or drug addictions as the reverse side of that can be seen in America, Ukrainian donors are decent and healthy mothers.

In the US, GDP per capita is 55.200 $, in Ukraine, it’s 2 001.6 $. Not surprisingly that a common American woman will not go for giving her egg cells to make money. In the US, donors are the ones who don’t take the job because of their previous convictions, women who are deprived of parental rights because of their alcohol or drugs addiction. Also, women frequently spend a long course of rehabilitation and treatment before their biomaterials are taken. And the patients cover all of this expenses even without suspecting it.

There’s the quite deplorable economic situation in Ukraine. There is unemployment, low-paid jobs, regular inflation. Families can hardly pay the bills, raise their children and pay the rent. Therefore, women go for the eggs donation in order to earn some money for their families.  Often they are perfectly healthy women with high education and with no bad habits.

Both there in America and here in Ukraine, there are no serious limitations with regards to the donation. By law, only not anonymous female relatives, friends of the woman or anonym aged from 20 to 35 who have their own healthy children may be the donors. In America, the donor services cost about 900 euros, and the potential parents pay for all medications to stimulate the donor (rather expensive meds), and they pay for the very procedure of IVF. Each individual cycle is paid separately. In general, one cycle of such a program approximately costs 120 thousand euros.

It’s rather strangely but Ukraine wins the US by its comfortable and well thought medical packages. Thus, one of the largest Ukrainian clinic offers IVF Reproduction just for 9900 euros. And this is the price for an unlimited number of IVF attempts. Moreover, all the services are paid by the fixed price.

Infertility issue has touched everyone. According to the World Health Organization, 7.5 million women are infertile. Each of the seventh couples in the world has been experiencing issues with conceiving or maintaining pregnancy. The number of foreign patients of Ukrainian reproductive medicine clinics increases by 25% per year. And the birth rate among American women over 40 rose sharply in recent years.  30 and 40 years-old women get pregnant safely using IVF, and women over 40 do that using donors eggs. Egg donation in the US has become a very profitable business. While this field is not regulated by the strict laws in the United States, and prices are set randomly, Ukraine attracts thousands of foreigners with pricing and quality of service.


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  • Miumiu - 30/01/2017 Reply

    Wow! This information makes me think of different things. I didn’t get if it’s a mistake or not, as it says that one IVF cycle costs EUR 120000 in the USA??? I can believe it’s a price for surrogacy program but not a single IVF cycle! In addition, I don’t think all American donors are as bad, as it was described. Anyway, I agree with information about Ukrainian fertility clinics. I was advised to apply for the unlimited package for EUR 10000, but fortunately, I chose 2-attempt-package.

  • HellyShaoti - 30/01/2017 Reply

    I’m from the USA, AZ, and I can tell you for sure that IVF there may cost a pretty penny, let alone a surrogacy. However, it’s not 120k and it’s a misprint, I guess. My first successful IVF was at home, but when I decided to have the second child I decided that it was cheaper to travel abroad even few times than have another cycle here. Well, we chose Ukraine and I’m satisfied with what I got there. Treatment differs a little, I mean the way it is performed, but still it’s great for that price.

    • Sarumum - 07/02/2017 Reply

      Where do you have your treatment? How did you find a clinic? I’m from US and want to go to Ukraine because we can’t just stay here, too expensive. Is it safe to go there? What can you advise?

  • Lina Parker - 30/01/2017 Reply

    It’s great that infertile couples now have more options in different parts of the world. I didn’t know that such methods of infertility treatment are so expensive. I know few women that faced with this problem and they had IVF to have a baby. it’s weird, I thought they couldn’t afford this.

  • Lila Chiano - 31/01/2017 Reply

    It’s weird I must say. I don’t believe that Ukrainian medical equipment is better than American one. I’m not saying that Ukrainian clinics are bad, I can’t now, but it’s obvious that clinics in US must be better. Just look at their prices, they can’t use the same equipment and mathods of treatment and have that great difference in their prices.

  • ColinJ - 31/01/2017 Reply

    Just in time! My wife needs to start her treatment soon and we can’t choose a place to go. Although we are from EU, we didn’t know that Ukrainian clinics have such great success rate. I was on Biotexcom website and the clinic is really great, if what is written is true. I think we need to contact them.

  • Michael Cole - 31/01/2017 Reply

    6 years we adopted a toddler, he is 8 now and he is the light of our lives. We couldn’t have babies too, but if our body refuses to do so then we mustn’t torture ourselves with that expensive treatment. I can’t understand why women suffer a lot when there are many children left by their parents. If you adopt at least one child then this world will become a happier place to live in..

  • Snowpatrol - 01/02/2017 Reply

    Of course the main advantage is their prices. I watched their YouT channel. They give good promises and guarantees. I would like to learn more about their service from witnesses. If all this can be confirmed, then it’s the more profitable to fly to Kiev even from US and sign their contract. I guess they have not a local level of medicine, they still cooperate with foreign customers. I think there are modern equipment and techniques in the clinic. Otherwise they would not be able to compete. And so their name can often be found on the Internet. I think that this option is quite promising and has a place to be.

    • Bianca Lee - 03/02/2017 Reply

      Yes, their prices are great in comparison to other clinics even in Ukraine. You may meet lower costs for packages but then you’ll know about additional payments for procedures, consultations, legal services or other things. But this clinic guarantees that everything is included.

  • Bianca Lee - 02/02/2017 Reply

    I’ve been treated at Biotexcom. Well, I have nothing to compare with, but the clinic is good. It’s modern and their equipment is up-to-date. Medicines I was taking were the same as if my treatment was in my home country. I became pregnant from the second attempt. i’m happy with the experience.

  • Am - 02/02/2017 Reply

    we’ve been to Kiev just two days ago, to meet our surrogate and be present at ultrasound testing. this day i would never forget. all is fine with babies. surro mom is young and seems nice. Ukraine seemed to be the best surrogacy destination for us based on reviews, success rates and prices. it seems we made right choice.

    • Antonia - 03/03/2017 Reply

      And we will go to Ukraine soon. Our surrogate is 8 months pregnant. The biotex is our one reproductive clinic. We didn’t want to change it, because of success from the firs try.
      Besides, I was reading about The USA, the only thing I can say the prices cost a fortune. We didn’t have a big sum of money to go there. nevertheless, we’ve got what we wanted.

  • Snowpatrol - 06/02/2017 Reply

    Of course, it’s great to know that there is such a wonderful place to deal with infertility. But what real disadvantages do we have there? This clinic is pretty young institution and needs to develop more. It was very useful to find out about their recent progress? Did they have a particular problem that they have solved?

  • Snowpatrol - 06/02/2017 Reply

    Sometimes it’s enough to read about advanced technics and modern methods in clinics, some positive feedbacks. But all this is a very superficial knowledge. It’s like a fact about the man whom you gonna meet. You need a help from him, and also you know that he is handsome and successful, is it enough to trust him? He has a wide community consists of his fans which talk only pleasant things about him. Maybe I lost between metaphors. Well, I hope you understand what I’m saying. I would like to understand exactly what couple must expect for.
    If we make decision to undergo through such serious experience in foreign country, we need to be provided with guarantees.

    • Bianca Lee - 06/02/2017 Reply

      I caught your idea. Well, it makes sense, I believe. I remember myself being eager to know every slightest detail, about the clinic, no matter positive or negative. It was a thorough research and it took me months. I’m very pedantic person and I can’t imagine myself going abroad and trying to choose a clinic after a personal visit. Don’t know whether it is good or bad, but it is so. Like everything we know in this worl there are two sides of the same coin. I collected all pros and cons and only after a careful consideration I started the journey.
      You don’t risk anything because you’ll be provided with guarantees. I mean it. The only thing you need to do on your own it’s flight tickets.

  • senatoral - 06/02/2017 Reply

    We’ve got experience of cooperation with the clinic that did not have such good reviews, and articles.
    We had a few unpleasant moments there. But anyway we got a positive result. And now this “result” is playing and laughing next to me. I mean, it’s great to be able to learn about all this. Just when we went through our surrogate program in another country, we were going to the touch as blind and had problems. The main thing was that my husband always supported me. You can overcome any difficulties with support of your nearest people. I wish good luck and productive work. Maybe once we will able to ask for help to you. Best wishes from Finland!

  • Sephora - 02/03/2017 Reply

    We were fighting infertility more than 8 years. We had lots of IVF cycles and they all failed. We tried donor egg IVF and all for nothing. My doctor recommended me to stop my attempts and to think about surrogacy or adoption. The last option is not the one we were ready to take and this is how we found out about Ukraine. Although we are from the USA, it was much cheaper to travel to Europe. We are very happy parents now. I recommend this country as a great place for fertility treatment.

  • QwertyAnn - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I was thinking about surrogacy and adoption and these thoughts didn’t make me happy, it’s hard to explain. Well, before giving up I decided to have my last try, I was too old to continue in Czech clinic and moved to Ukraine. According to my tests results, ivf was possible only with donor eggs…I signed a contract for 2 attempts with a clinic and it worked! Don’t know how and what’s the secret, but it did. I’m sure Biotexcom clinic is a decent place for every infertile couple.

    • Antonia - 03/03/2017 Reply

      Yes, I know. They can give you a chance to move from egg donation to surrogacy. If i’m not mistaken ‘ideal package’, and it’s cost not so much in comparison with other clinics. lots of couples can not get pregnant from 2 attempts of de ivf but you were lucky as well as me. our surrogate got pregnant from the first try, it was a big surprise for me because I’ve read that there is a small chance to get pregnant at the first attempt.

  • loveandpeace - 03/03/2017 Reply

    well, when you start looking for a suitable clinic the first thing you do is opening the list of US clinics. you start looking through them carefully and after some time when your heart starts pounding 100 times faster because you think that yes this is the best option ever you see the prices and you decide that maybe next time. you know that you won’t have to wait for surrogate mother for that long but you will actually spend a lot of time on searching for her. then she will ask you to pay her at least 30k euros (which is the same as the sum for the whole services pack in Biotexcom clinic for surrogacy with the payment for your SM included) then you are going to pay for ever procedure, for your insurance, for the insurance of your SM… the list will grow. and eventually it will take you more than 150k dollars.
    Ukraine may be not THAT popular but clinics like Biotexcom will make Ukraine the most preferable surrogacy direction in the world

  • Palmer - 03/03/2017 Reply

    We had no opportunity to choose the American variant. As well as I didn’t want to fly across the ocean. For now such directions as Ukraine are opening the hidden door for us, people who haven’t a lots of money but do have a desire being a parents. What about a medical safety? I think we can trust biotex’s doctors just because they wouldn’t have such popular famous position among the others in this field if they give bad-quality service.

  • groo Ann - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I’m madly grateful! Biotex gave me a chance to feel a gladness of the maternity. I’m not going to share my stories about failures in other centers, no place for negatives! I love my life and its main components: my husband and my dear daughter! She was born via Biotex methods. I will never forget about this fact!

  • Carol - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Well, maybe that’s the chance not only to get a long-awaited baby for those who can’t do that without medical help.. (Sad but looks like the number of those people is increasing dramatically over the last years) ..But that seems also to become a chance to have well-known beauty of Ukrainian women transferred to another countries (if ivf made on donor eggs) 🙂 Biotexcom has strict selection process for women who apply for egg donation or surrogate program participation.. besides you are provided with an opportunity to chose a few donors or surrogate mothers so you don’t have to worry about the genes..

    • rhutes - 06/03/2017 Reply

      one of the reasons why I have chosen Ukraine is because they give you the opportunity to choose donors by their pictures.
      i know that one of my colleagues was also opting Ukraine because of this.
      PS I am not sure that you can choose an SM in biotex as I have heard they have very strict rules considering the possibility of meeting with the SM

      • claudia - 18/05/2017 Reply

        not only by the pictures, also they have a short video presentation of each donor as well a general information like age, height, eyes color and hair.
        No, you can’t choose the surrogate because of the matter of privacy. according to ukrainian legislation you can’t do it. of course you can see the surrogate but after official confirming of pregnancy, if I’m not mistaken after 12 weeks of one’s pregnancy.
        as far as I understood the clinic want to be sure that everything is going to be ok with the baby. because the first months are very important for every woman who is pregnant.

  • Carol - 06/03/2017 Reply

    Sorry to have misinformed you accidentally. . .they really do not provide an option for choosing surrogate mothers.. I’m not sure whether they do the right thing in that case. Being a client who is up to surrogacy I would prefer to participate in the process of selection and taking up a woman who is going to carry the baby for me. But they explain that with the fact that they don’t use her eggs for fertilization .. hence she doesn’t have any legal rights for the child as there can not be any of her genes that will be passed to the baby

    • Antonia - 06/03/2017 Reply

      As far as I know, Ukrainian legislation is flexible and there are no pitfalls. Ukraine is one of the very few surrogacy friendly countries in Europe. Unlike other nations that limit or even ban surrogacy, in Ukraine the intended parents of child are considered to be biological parents from the moment of conception, and they are specifically named as biological parents in the birth certificate without any mentioning of surrogate mother.

      • danysh - 21/03/2017 Reply

        well, as a general rule, surrogate motherhood is legally permitted in Ukraine, and is commonly employed by foreign citizens. that gives an opportunity to go there with any worries. to my mind this is great because ukraine allow thousands of people get to know what is to be parents. i suppose each 5th couple can’t have children, a kind of horror. lots of young women feel their misery and helpless. thanks reproductive medicine they become moms, i don’t think this is bad issue. and ukraine is one who will help them.

  • O.Balachic' - 07/03/2017 Reply

    If the question of having the next-born child comes to us again I’m sure we’ll not be hesitating. We don’t want to lose our time diving into the world of discussing on the forums, looking through the medical magazines or collecting updates from the reproductive field. Our choice and attitude have been formed. Fortunately we’ve found Biotex 3 years ago.
    It was our discovery. We’ve achieved our success through my desperate case. As it was noticed in the contract we had such number of attempts as we had needed. Great thank to Biotex and to everyone Who deals with such magic

  • lolla-olla - 13/03/2017 Reply

    i guess Ukraine is the opened page for the lives renewing. This mysterious destination was discovered by the braves. Hah! I’d never go to Ukraine with my past opinion if my nearest mates didn’t suggest me to try. They described the benefits in amazing details and I was inspired and persuaded.
    If something helps you to hug your baby after endless time without this, you will keep only wonderful thoughts about this something. My large thank to all botexcom represents.

  • Lily - 20/03/2017 Reply

    That’s great we have quality eggs for donation programs thanks to such clinic as biotexcom. It’s one of the most important or even the most important one among those points that must be taken into account when considering an idea of art or surrogacy. And that is the right thing that donors get some refund for that.. That makes them feel more responsibility to the process and their health, which results in a wider range of quality eggs

  • blatantlyhappy - 21/03/2017 Reply

    Surpassing American reproductology? well this is strong. I am not sure whether it is true but it is a fact that mostly Americans write on the fertility forums about their international fertility journeys. I think it says a lot about the current state of the reproductology in the US
    PS I just know that it is still an issue in the US because why would women from America choose somewhat Ukraine for their treatment?

  • crayonpink - 22/03/2017 Reply

    i am sure this article meant that Ukrainian clinics are more affordable than american ones and thus more and more people choose Ukraine over the US. that’s understandable but you have to look deeper before agreeing with the article that ukrainian technologies surpassed those of America. I am sure that ukrainian clinics are good but the US is quite famous with its health care system and you cannot argue that it indeed has the best medical system in the world.
    of course United States still have some issues with fertility treatment as it is either forbidden in some states or strictly regulated to that extent that some of us cannot even think about the tx here but I think the level is quite good, the prices are not that great though

  • Mada_ - 23/03/2017 Reply

    I think the answer is in prices as ivf itself is very expensive in the US
    you have to spend at least 10k euros and this does not include all of the necessary medications plus there are a lot more expenses than you can imagine that basically leads to decreasing the number of ivf opting patients
    perhaps they go to Ukraine for tx or somewhere else

    • fempower - 24/03/2017 Reply

      i remember watching this video talking about the prices of ivf in America and the most shocking part was that in the US the cheapest ivf tx costs more than 10k and it is even without egg donation. as in some countries like Ukraine such a tx would cost about 5k euros. the difference is that huge… I am speechless

  • clossetotheend - 27/03/2017 Reply

    allowing older women undergoing such a treatment and having kids is a peak of irresponsibility
    do you even think about kids whose mothers are 65yo women??? they won’t live long
    they will die and those children will go to orphanages
    what are they thinking about

    that’s why I think that 40 yo should be the max age for ivf treatment in all of the countries

  • nappi - 27/03/2017 Reply

    I would say that surrogacy is a process in which a buyer-parent and a seller-parent are involved. in this case the child becomes the commodity. No one cares about feelings and thoughts of the child who is created for the only purpose of satisfying the needs of the adults who purchased their creation. It’s the act of selfishness itself.

  • Am - 27/03/2017 Reply

    they have no upper age limit for egg donation programs, as well as allow choosing your donor – these are two principle things that make Ukraine the most attractive destination for fertility treatment

    • koombaya - 28/03/2017 Reply

      there are age limits for ivf programs???
      didn’t know
      I thought that in my 40s I am still suitable for any ivf program that’s is here
      well, I guess not
      what to do then?
      Oh my, I thought that there’s no limits whatsoever. Feels like I am trapped
      Maybe others were right that I shouldn’t even think about ivf in the first place cos it is artificial and not natural at all

      • wow - 29/03/2017 Reply

        yeah there are
        not only for those who want to use their own egg cells but also for those who opt for egg donation
        some clinics refuse to take into programs women older than 40 or 50 years old
        that is fantastic how for example biotexcom (one Ukrainian clinic) treats women of all ages when other clinics that are situated in countries with more developed medical systems close ther doors for them….
        I thought that too but turns out that there are limitations and bans not only in egg donation but in surrogacy too

  • BradPitt - 29/03/2017 Reply

    Pretty loud statement, hah! Excuse me, If I beg to differ but I assume that USA was a pioneer, it has a giant customer base and long investigation history. But anyway I agree that Ukraine became a true discovery for the infertile couples in the large field of reproductology. It took its proper place. And bolsters the authority with every passing day. We don’t know what is waiting for us beyond the horizon. Perhaps we are the spectators of the change of leaders.

    • wow - 30/03/2017 Reply

      You are right that America is still a pretty big fertility country where a lot of centers and clinics are opening and still working even if their pricings are higher than the sky
      Well, they have their reputation which is what they have earned through the years of good work. Although they have some pretty huge scandals especially with surrogate mothers
      I suppose that in a couple of years Ukraine will become as popular fertility direction as America is for now and may be Ukraine will surpass America right after by the number of the clients its clinics will be having each year.
      Well, even for now those americans that live in Europe choose European countries over United States for their treatment because it is cheaper and easier to perform I guess

    • nickelodeon - 30/03/2017 Reply

      I suppose, it’s the best time for ukraine. as the states broke the path to reproductive medicine, the ukraine has to continue it. it’s a very friendly country with pleasant people who tried to help other. I’m so grateful we had to know about it. it is an opening country to all infertile couples, this is amazing. thanks our clinic in ukraine we got what we wanted, our little baby is leaving with us.
      best wishes to them

  • Erato - 30/03/2017 Reply

    Actually there are not that many countries where surrogacy is legal, Australia (non commercial), US, SAR, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and around 5 more countries with different terms, but each of them has its happy clients who have children. Ukraine has good conditions, first of all because of its price, and if you are from Europe then it’s easy to get there, than to go to US. If you want to have a consultation in the clinic, you go to Ukraine and you’ll be met at the airport by a clinic representative or there will be a taxi for you, then you’ll have your own room in a hotel or even a separate department somewhere in the city, you also will be able to have meals and all these things are free for you even if you are not a client yet. I doubt there are lots of clinics with the same options. All meds and examinations are also included. Don’t know about different clinics, but the one I have been to has such conditions. That is the reason for Ukraine being so popular I guess.

  • rikapor - 31/03/2017 Reply

    did Ukraine surpass States? I do not think so.
    I think that we should concentrate less on such stupid comparisons and more on the actual treatment and its quality. don’t you think so?

    • litret29 - 12/05/2017 Reply

      Well, they are aiming for that. at least there are clinics in Ukraine that are very and very popular in the US and all over the world. so it does not surprise me that the articles of this kind have been popping up lately. people should know better all of the available options and what they are up to in the real life. Like if talking about states, there are pretty decent clinics but all of them are too expensive. as I was talking to a guy on one forum he told me that he and his wife have no choice therefore they have been looking for a clinic only in the US because it is too hard to travel abroad for them apparently. he said that there are fine clinics and they are cheap compared to other in the US. but only if you compare them to those in states.

  • artloveliness - 03/04/2017 Reply

    you know I have never seen anything similar to what they offer in Ukraine in the US
    I was thinking that maybe we should sign with one of the US clinics but not only they are more expensive but they offer 1 round treatment for 10k when in Biotex clinic in Ukraine they offer 5 attempts contract with the refund in case of negative for the same price
    and they offer also their hotels and cars for free to anyone who decides to only visit their clinic!

    • fragolina - 03/04/2017 Reply

      agree with you. even if the us clinic has the newest equipment and it’s said that the quality of their treatment is the highest, i don’t believe it must be so expensive. I mean, whi cares about phantom benefits if there are clinic with better and cheaper options but success reate is the same or even higher. I think it’s the most important.

  • kiki - 03/04/2017 Reply

    success rates say nothing to me. Do you know what statistics is? For example, you got your baby from the very first ivf attempt, and I had 3 failed ivfs. Statistics shows that success is every second attempt with ivf treatment, but in fact I still have no baby after three attempts! Facepalm!

  • Morning - 04/04/2017 Reply

    I agree. That’s really so. Statistics is only stupid numbers which can be taken from the ceiling. I don’t trust such methods. Who controls these numbers? Even child may invent the statistics.
    We shouldn’t appreciate the quality of working with help of cold numbers.
    We’ve formed an opinion on our clinic because of its support and real results we got.

  • crazydaisy - 06/04/2017 Reply

    oh well no
    the devil’s machine of America won’t be replaced or surpassed for a long time, do not even try speculating on it dear journalist
    there are plenty of American clinics even though most of the states are against surrogacy or egg donation. some states are pretty open for surrogacy motherhood and are providing women all over the world with the treatment of such

    • annette - 06/04/2017 Reply

      I think that you have a lot of issues with reproductive sciences itself and I do not blame you although I think that if you think that it is from the devil you should not be here or am I wrong?
      And how do you explain that there are many American couples who seek infertility treatment abroad? why don’t they stay in the US then? I mean, if you say that everything is that tempting? There are plenty of reasons why those couples or women go abroad and you can do your research and do not @ the journalist, please

      • crazydaisy - 07/04/2017 Reply

        Yes I do have some issues with art treatments and other similar stuff
        I think that we should not overuse it whatsoever because I think that some women should not be mothers at all
        how can it be ok for a woman to have kids at 64 yo????? how???
        and if your husband is 72. This creates unhealthy conditions of living for a child. and it should be banned everywhere. or there should be a law supporting those whose parents died because they were so stupid to not think about having kids earlier

        • tokal - 11/04/2017 Reply

          I think that it is totally okay for the couples of that age to have kids and even to opt for them. ti is their own business. and you sound like you would approve a 22 yo maniac couple having kids just because they are young and “free”
          I think that we should not look at the age when it comes to the fertility treatments

  • annette - 07/04/2017 Reply

    well, how can you be so against someone’s will
    I think that you should not be that harsh and maybe it is not of your business to think and even overthink about other people’s choices and lives????
    I suppose you should only think about yourself
    Of course there should be a supportive system for orphans but as we live in a free world for now we should be respectful towards others

  • Jenn - 11/04/2017 Reply

    I’m from US and came to Ukraine for surrogacy treatment. I can agree that prices in my country are too high and I still can’t gey why. It would be wonderful if our reproductive centers have the same prices. well, even 70k would be better than what we have now. Actually, I don’t regret I chose an overseas clinic. I always wanted to spend some time in Europe so dreams come true lol.

  • lama - 11/04/2017 Reply

    It’s unbelievably pleasant feeling when you realise that after long years of ttc struggling you can see the smile of a little creature that is your flash and blood. I have such little creature in my house now and you can’t imagine all the happiness I feel every day. I thank god each day for sending me that article about biotexcom. It changed my life and lives of many other people all over the world.

  • bla bla - 13/04/2017 Reply

    not a big fan of the older mothers
    it just seems wrong
    it is never good to have a kid born in the family of grandparents. it is 1 a bad example for your kid, 2 – a very risky business.
    I agree with those who state that there are chances of IPs to die before the program ends.

    • donuts - 21/04/2017 Reply

      They are warned about risks as well. To my mind, it’s horrible when someone dies before baby birth, but let them to do whatever they want. As we all free we are able to choose our own way in this life, don’t you agree with me?

  • Eva - 13/04/2017 Reply

    There’s nothing strange about the situation and nothing to worry about. Ukraine is a developed country that can contribute greatly to the solution of infertility problems that arise in many families around the world. Happy to recognize that biotexcom is one of those places where you can get sufficient support in the situation. It plays important role in reduction of the number of families without children.

  • in tunes - 14/04/2017 Reply

    You’ve stolen my thoughts! I wanted to write the same! Hah.
    I didn’t use to post on the forums due to I was busy as a rule. But I recently have had a talk with one couple which had finished their journey in the US and they also knew I had my own story in Ukraine.
    They came to me to complain and compare our impressions.
    What was their surprise when they figure out how much my program had costed!
    It seemed they were nearly to explode.
    And what was the difference – we were fully satisfied with our journey, they, – I don’t think so.
    And out talk has begun with arguing. I just wanted to prove that Ukraine is developed and modern destination for having fertility treatment. in short they regret they paid not enough attention on pre-journey research.

  • go in temper - 18/04/2017 Reply

    As for me I hate America, it’s a filth pit, there’s nothing good at all. I’ve been living there for 5 last years and I state that money manage this country. Money is a false God of them. Shame and cruel reality of being! God, please, save our souls!
    I wish good luck to such countries like Ukraine! It deserves to be on the top.
    People need to know more about these countries, you have to invest heavily in your advertisement to share knowledge about yourselves!
    God bless you!

  • SanFr - 25/04/2017 Reply

    I don’t understand why is it prohibited in some countries!
    Thank God, we still have countries where we can became parents by means of donation and surrogate mothers!!
    BiotexCom helped us to make our dream come true! I liked the clinic, I liked the doctors, my manager, people there are very friendly. They always smile and try to help. I liked the services. and I’m excited about the event that will happent in two or three days. Our surrogate mother is going to give birth to our child! We are from San Francisco. And this program cost us only 50 000 euros including everything! In USA we would have paid for the surrogacy minimum 80 000 euros. I don’t understand why the difference is so huge. They all use the same technology and the requirements for surrogate mothers for example in Ukraine are even tougher.

  • Willy - 27/04/2017 Reply

    Nice article! Very informative. I heard about the clinic BioTexCom on some forums and the responses were mostly positive. I know several users who I talk to about their treatment there and they are pretty satisfied with the services. I’m also looking for a clinic and I will think I add this clinic to my list.

  • roughtfgh - 10/05/2017 Reply

    I wonder why is the level of infertility rising? What happens with us? Is that a way of life of people or new infections, or maybe our immune resistance system is not so strong as it was before? what is the reason of such statistic? Can anyone answear me?

    • 342 - 11/05/2017 Reply

      this is a normal thing really
      we are still learning about new things in this world so infertility may also have some unexpected functions about which we will find out later after it may be gone. plus there are still a lot of things that kill people or not allow them to live normally. i think that if we care about infertility that much we should not close our eyes on other stuff that makes this world a hell.

  • babyboyrick - 10/05/2017 Reply

    My boy was born in Ukraine so I know what it is like there. I think that Ukraine has a lot to do to reach the level of US medicine but there are some clinics that meet the requirements of European health standards
    anyways even though articles like this one are a bit of exaggeration there is still truth to those words.

  • Tas - 11/05/2017 Reply

    I was in Ukraine last spring and can’t say it’s a poor country. Yes, it’s a bit different especially bedroom districts are not too attrective. but the city center is modern and at the same time filled with historical events. There are lot of expensive and big cars, although GDP per capita is low as hell. In my opinion this country is worth visiting. Regarding Ukrainian medicine, my wife came there for IVF with donor eggs and she is pregnant now. What can I say? We are totally satisfied.

    • me - 12/05/2017 Reply

      being in Kiev and saying the city itself has made me doubting all f those articles saying the Ukraine is really poor and stuff and the beauty of other regions is unbelievable but we should not forget about other small towns photo of which have put me in a shock just because they differ so much from my experience with Kiev. Kiev is slowly getting more developed and modern but other parts of Ukraine are still the same I guess well apart from the touristic cities like Odessa or Lvov
      plus there are pretty decent medical centers if we talk about them. they try to follow the latest medical advancements in the world and use all of the new technologies out there. so I am pretty sure that this is great for the potential clients: the level of treatment is like in the US but the pricing is much lower

  • Amanda Tremmer - 12/05/2017 Reply

    Let me reflect what would we do if only Afghanistan or maybe Angola are the countries which provide with such the special procedures as egg donation? It’s actually an exaggeration but I guess I would not think much about how to stay at the friendliness of the environment because my desire to hug my baby at last would be stronger than fear of discomfort.
    Having so rich choice regarding egg donation and other treatment for today we may be fastidious.
    In my opinion the main part composing our journeys is a professional medical assistance. A good outcome completely depends on this thing. And also I guess Ukraine does all its best to provide their customers with relevant service.

  • oslooslo - 17/05/2017 Reply

    All the time we like to use “what if” or recall gloomily “how it could be”. Living at the present time we should get used to face and accept a reality.
    No one can say what the era comes in soon. What the energy will substitute the fuel? And who will be leading us to the horizon?
    I’m reflecting so because I see a lot of different comment regarding “what could be” and it seems like a human weakness.
    Face the reality and now it says that Ukraine is one of the leaders in reproductology. And now we have no right to avoid considering this country as the source of true happiness. Because more and more people come back home with newborn babies made in Ukraine.

  • afriend - 18/05/2017 Reply

    This article is controversial! that’s not so bad to live in Ukraine. I had friends there and yes, the econimic situation is difficult but people are not poor. they work and have a well paid jobs. I don’t think that money is the only reason for a woman to give her eggs. I’m sure tthere are another good reasons for that. How about to help infertile women? and Ukraine wins the US only because of the cost. However the selection of donors in Ukraine is rather strict…
    I had my treatment in both countries, and obtained my child with help of Ukraine and I’m happy with that.

  • Molko - 18/05/2017 Reply

    So many people tended to leave their comments here. basing on the above I guess most of them had a treatment in Ukraine.
    I see it’s just an approximate statistic but I was glad to know how many customers are satisfied. It gives me a hope.
    Actually due to we have different citizenships all cases will have to be considered separately.
    But positive feedbacks really impact on my choice.

  • Nina - 18/05/2017 Reply

    We’ve chosen Ukraine for the surrogacy program last summer. It is quite cheap comparing to prices in our country. We’ve decided that it would be better to try getting pregnant there as lots of people suppose Ukraine is a very good country for surrogacy. Actually we liked everything about it, the clinic was well-equipped and the city itself was wonderful! Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

    • Helen - 29/05/2017 Reply

      Me too. We came to Kiev about 2 months ago to pick our child up. The surrogate mother was so kind and helpful! She told us everything she knew about treating a baby. We actually became good friends with her:) By the way, there was also a pediatrician who came to us to check the health of our daughter. The accommodation was quite good too, a little bit small, but anyway comfortable enough. In general, we were very satisfied with everything. Ukraine is a country which is really worth visiting for surrogacy service.

  • grandmaspumpkin - 23/05/2017 Reply

    since everyone is talking about Ukraine. I can also add one or two thoughts on this direction myself.
    I still find it crazy – choosing Ukraine over the clinics in the US but I feel like people are making their proper decisions and as they choose a clinic all of them are grown ups that can face their own decisions and take responsibility for the, and when they put all of their money down on the program 9no matter what) they truly expect everything to work. so when nothing works out or when the government refuses to fund other attempts they need that means that the money they have are going to be put down in something they trust wholeheartedly. that’s why when I read that someone has chosen Ukraine, I think that their choice was made really carefully because everyone still thinks that it is a bit risky – clinics abroad.

  • anne - 24/05/2017 Reply

    I feel that’s great there are such clinics. Our experience there was very highly successful.. We resulted in 2 great baby-boys. We are extremely grateful to the clinic staff for great care and attention.. they are good specialists and nice people.. Now we’ll have two more little Dutch people born in Kiev under their supervision.. Thanks a lot everyone

  • happymommy - 26/05/2017 Reply

    Ukraine is really popular; I haven’t seen a list of reproduction centers without Ukraine being mentioned in them. We can argue about clinics presented in those lists but Ukraine is now on the same level with the US in terms of popularity among infertile couples.
    So I get the message of the article. And can kind of agree with it. However I still am in disbelief that it became this common to opt for international clinics rather than for the nearest ones. It became cheaper flying to Ukraine or other countries than getting treated in the Us or elsewhere. And sometimes I get that it can be impossible to have ivf egg donation tx.

    • Melania - 30/05/2017 Reply

      You are right, Ukraine is popular and it’s the reason we chose this country for treatment. We worried about this but as everything went smooth I can recommend at least that clinic I’ve been with, Biotexcom. There is also an organization which helps couples to choose amog this variety of options and when we told we wanted to go to Ukraine we were assured that it was a good decision. So we kept searching in that direction and here we are, parents of a sweet child.

  • creature - 30/05/2017 Reply

    Hello to all here! Nice article!!!
    Personally we didn’t face the infertility issues but a friend of mine has this problem.
    But I don’t want to tell her history here, I just wanted to say I’m grateful all people who help infertile couples.
    To my mind, ukraine is great country where a lot of people could find a help.
    oh, and I really like this : Looking into the base of Ukrainian egg donors you would really think that it is a WEB-site of “Miss Ukraine”. There are beautiful, young, well-educated girls with lots of interesting hobbies. They all go to one of the largest clinics BioTexCom to become an egg donor. Ukrainian egg cells are very popular among European and even American infertile couples.
    as far as I know and read all donors here are healthy and don’t have any bad habits what make them very popular.

  • ivfisgreat - 31/05/2017 Reply

    I am still reading a book about public perception of ivf and surrogacy but I have started to notice that it is a bit outdated as for now all of us treat infertility with huge support and understanding and the issues that raise the greatest discussion are those of whether or not people should go abroad or what the tx abroad is like and what are the countries that have the best medical support and service. This is where we are by now. So it is no wonder that people are no longer debating whether it is right or wrong to have kids with ART, they mostly think of other sides of this question.

    • tewtye - 01/06/2017 Reply

      what is it called? can you please tell me? I want to read something of the sort too. Just found myself very interested in this particular topic since I was diagnosed with infertility and had to opt for lots and lots of different appointments and treatments. I did not think that it is such a huge Universe, that this is like a parallel world and I am a tiny cog in it.
      I have only found some books on how to cope with infertility and about ivf journey. however, they did not help because honestlyI felt a lot like I was not understood and that the life of the author is a lot of times different from my own life. so I couldn’t compare myself to what I was reading,

  • Zefra Laim - 31/05/2017 Reply

    We were ttc for more than 7 years. you really can imagine how we were disappointed and tired of that long and impassable way.
    I had too low quality of my own eggs. I felt that the last strenght and energy were leaving my body.
    My husband was the initiator of our journey to Ukraine. The biotexcom clinic provided us with program that included 5 possible attempts on donor eggs.
    The second try was enough to achieve the goal of all our life! Thank you! you were worth our best hopes!

    • Wanilla - 06/06/2017 Reply

      When your eggs are far from perfect you just have no other choice but to take egg donation. I know how difficult it is but when it’s the only chance you are ready to accept anything. I can relate as the same happened to me. We went to Ukraine and stayed there for treatment. We chose 2-attempts package and the last cycle was successful. It was not s long ago and I’m only 15 weeks now but I’ve never been so far with my previous treatment. I’m very excited about it

    • babys - 06/06/2017 Reply

      5 attempts? do you mean you are buying five IVF attempts for the future or what? what is this program? how does it even work?
      PS I am very happy fir you! 🙂

  • tito - 06/06/2017 Reply

    I’ll not be a pioneer if I say that reproductology in Ukraine is a chance to save your money.
    In fact it’s cheaper flying to Ukraine from USA to perform your procedures there than having your treatment in United States. Actually in order to understand and accept this truth we can sacrifice an hour on the forums it will make things clear.
    I do not know why but Ukraine really offers high service and provides us with professional treatment with funny prices. Don’t listen to me Just find out more about it and try if you need.

  • Xop - 09/06/2017 Reply

    I am a supporter of having surrogacy (if you have it) controlled the same as adoption. What is the difference between adopting a child once born and surrogacy? In adoption prospective parents are investigated as to their suitability to be parents but in surrogacy there are no checks on prospective parents except on the size of their wallets. It is my belief all eggs and sperm should be treated as adoption and not donation. You can’t “donate” a child but currently you can the genetic material that makes one! Many people use surrogacy to avoid adoption because rightly or wrongly adoption often excludes certain people from being parents due to the age or some other factor. However that doesn’t mean anyone should be able to go and get donated eggs and/or sperm and use a surrogate to become a parent. If there was a standard adoption procedure for eggs, sperm, embryos and live children, at least there would be a common ground and those children would get the information they need at some stage to find out their biological identity.

    • tringhtr - 12/06/2017 Reply

      I think that for those who live in countries that have a surrogacy ban it is as same as adoption but I suppose a bit lighter or easier.
      But I am still thinking that surrogacy should be only of a gestational type with all commercial components to it. because it is what I call a clear relationship between two parties. it should be validated by contracts and agreements and not only that but by money paid to prove that you are more in a business relationship rather than helping each other. and maybe if it is your mother or sister who is playing the role of a surrogate, it can be of a traditional and altruistic type.

      • Xop - 13/06/2017 Reply

        I’m not against commercial components in the process. What I wanted to say it’s just that these procedures should be regulated not only by money. Do you know what requirements should any couple meet to adopt a child? Loads of them. But when it comes to surrogacy, no one cares about the couple. If they are healthy and wealthy – they are in. It’s wrong in my opinion

    • hopeforthebest - 13/06/2017 Reply

      you agreed that every child born with the help of reproductive medicine should know about its biological parent or parents. if you have a baby via surrogacy will you tell the truth? don’t you think he or she will leave you? what if a child decides to stay with a mother and she won’t refuse its will?
      how would you act in this case?
      I don’t want to say that surrogacy is a thing which we should avoid but a person should take to consideration all risks and future consequences.

      • Xop - 13/06/2017 Reply

        As far as I understand, your questions were meant for me. Well, yes, I’m sure that a baby MUST know its identity and origins. Surrogacy or donor eggs are the part of baby’s life and the reason of existance if I may say so. I would definitely tell my baby about surrogacy if I went trhough this. I’m sure that baby wouldn’t leave me in that case. What for? It’s better to tell the truth when the baby is a toddler…there are lots of books that are helpful in such situations. I’m sure that a child won’t decide ti stay with a surrogate mother, she is not his biological one and he will understand that she is just a carrier

  • Wooow - 13/06/2017 Reply

    Hah, no way! All who need that come to United states from all over the world to have the best quality surrogacy programs. USA is a pioneer in this specific medical field and it showed the way what and how to do. All European celebrities visit US to fulfil their dreams of parenthood. It’s a proved destination.
    I’ve never heard about Ukraine. And also it’s incredible nonsense to live in US and have an intention to order a surrogacy in the edge of Europe. I don’t understand.

  • Woman - 14/06/2017 Reply

    Human beings shouldn’t be sold or bought. It’s wrong. I think surrogacy should be tightly restricted to ensure people aren’t exploited but this may be impossible as people go abroad to buy a surrogate who is less protected by law. I’m more ambivalent about altruistic surrogacy because that isn’t treating a baby as a commodity. Of course, infertility is painful but surrogacy makes having a child like buying a thing. When woman carries a child, they develops strong emotional connection and this early love can’t be easily substituted. Surrogacy causes lack of early intimacy between mother and child…It’s lind of fake motherhood I think

    • doyoubelieveinhappiness - 16/06/2017 Reply

      but surrogacy is not an exploitation of women! at all! surrogates give their consent before they are even taken into the consideration of being surrogates. they sign all kinds of agreements and undergo proper testing that help to evaluate their health whether it is psychic or physical. they are signing those contracts willingly and get paid for what they do, no one actually pressures them. no one.

  • flower - 20/06/2017 Reply

    We came to Ukraine because we didn’t have other chances. Of course we were afraid of going abroad, we didn’t know what to expect from this country, we thought people there wouldn’t understand us but no. Nice clinic, friendly people, an interpreter and just a wonderful manager met us there. A professional guidance through the journey, first baby scan, meeting with a surrogate, our baby birth and a lot of positive emotions.

    Everything we got there, in Ukraine for affordable prices, so if someone tells that Ukraine knows nothing about reproductive medicine don’t believe, just listen to yourselves.

  • Helloallmyfriends - 20/06/2017 Reply

    My best wishes and warm regards to Ukrainian clinics that protect our families from misfortune.
    I wouldn’t like to write a huge letter. I’m here just to admit that I don’t imagine my life separately from our journey to Ukraine.
    This country is already rich merely because it has such beautiful people and amazing environment to start a new life’s page.
    Perhaps, the quality of service that we can find there mayn’t meet our expectations and Ukraine should deal with this controversial thing. Anyway, majority of the clients come back home with the promised outcome. Like we did. I want to recommend Ukraine as a destination for a treatment particularly to the couples which can’t use their own oocytes.

    • treyapd - 22/06/2017 Reply

      surrogacy is incredibly exploitative. there’s been cases of couples forcing the surrogate mother to abort the child if it has the “wrong gender” or is expected to be disabled. it’s all about the customer than the actual mother who is most of the time not even being treated like a human, they’re seen as nothing but ovens. there’s literal baby factories in india and thailand where surrogate mothers end up getting scammed or aren’t paid the amount that was promised, i recommend reading up on that if you’re interested. i don’t want to point fingers at couples who decide to go for surrogacy as their last resort, some don’t even know about the mistreatment the mother goes through, but it’s an incredibly dark business.

      • 2222222 - 22/06/2017 Reply

        Not all surrogacies are involved in such unfortunate cases. Of course there are exceptions in which ethical problems take place, but a lot in the modern first world have EXTREMELY strict regulations and guidelines to avoid this, especially guidelines that point to the rights of the biological mother, surrogate mother, and the social mother (in cases where the two or even three are different).

  • Alice - 27/06/2017 Reply

    I heard that some clinics have own base of donors and you can choose within.
    Is this rumor true?
    Can anyone confirm it?

    • danysh - 05/07/2017 Reply

      Hello, yes, you are right. Some clinics do have own donor’s database, as far as I know, some of them have an open id. But if we speak here about Ukraine, all donors are anonymous (according to country’s legislation) but applying for a clinic with base of donors you get the access to see it as well as some video presentations, 3d donors’ profiles and general information about them without names and addresses. They all are healthy, up to 29 years old, without bad habits, with perfect mental health and absence of genetic diseases (including siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents)

    • Loin234 - 06/07/2017 Reply

      Been thinking about the same. The clinic where I had treatment didn’t have its own donor pool so we had to find independent databases and cooperate with third parties. While looking for that place I also met fertility centers that provide with shared donor eggs or with frozen eggs. fresh material was key because I don’t want my future babies to be frozen, it’s just not right. In addition FET is less effective in comparison to fres cycle I believe.

      • danysh - 12/07/2017 Reply

        Yes you are right! using fresh eggs gives more chances to get pregnant. the clinic we’ve been to told us they use mostly fresh eggs as they want their clients to be satisfied with the services they would get at clinic. Our case wasn’t an excuse. They used only my fresh eggs, as I was a donor for my surrogate, unfortunately I had no right to carry a baby as it was forbidden by my doc due to health issues. Anyway, we are totally satisfied with what we had there, our please were heard and we had no need to worry about. as we were insured our surrogate was super healthy and she were able to give a birth to a healthy baby.

  • Youjimomotto - 04/07/2017 Reply

    we were at the surrogacy programme in Ukraine and we are healthy and alive. I was really upset because of affinity of our child but we made DNA test and it coincides. thanks Heaven that our surrogacy didn’t blackmail us, because I know some awful situations in Russia and to be honest I was a beat afraid of it, especially in Ukraine. it is faulse that Ukraine is poor, you know, people here smile at you. and this is a natural smile, it is not hidden under a mask as in most countries. and you quickly become attached to these people, because they are kind and sympathetic who attract every foreigner.
    now my dh and I very happy with our sweet child. good luck guys!

  • Ksopp - 10/07/2017 Reply

    It’s little wonder that so many people go to Ukraine for surrogacy instead of the US. We preferred to have treatment in Ukraine although we are from Canada. We have traveled halfway around the world as we were provided with a full package of services like transfer, accommodation, food and which is more important with legal support. A representative of our clinic helped us with all paper work and legalisation of documents. Our surrogate is a great woman and I saw how happy she was carrying our baby. All this was half price of surrogacy in the US. I think this is the reason.

  • Douglas - 13/07/2017 Reply

    The US is not an option for us as it’s so much expensive. We are looking for a 10th cycle of IVf and we are desperate as you can imagine. My wife was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and no one can understand why she can’t get pregnant for so long. We are young and lead a healthy life style, have no diseases or any abnormal things..We were offered egg donation but we want to have a baby of our own, I want my wife to be a mother of my children although we are so tired that even adoption is becoming more attractive..what we know for sure is that treatment in the US isn’t affordable for us

  • Maria - 17/07/2017 Reply

    Yes, the Ukraine is definitely the best in solving these problems! We suffered for years not having a baby, and tried almost everything. When we almost gave up, a friend of mine (which has the same problem and was looking for an egg donation) recommended me a clinic BioTexCom, in Ukraine. We are finally now awaiting our baby girl to be born, just a few more months. Thank you BioTexCom so much!

  • Stefan - 19/07/2017 Reply

    @Ksopp I may definitely agree with you! We had the same experience. Moved to Portugal and started our new life, we got married, never thought about getting some issues with having a baby. But, it was years of searching and trying, and yes, the Ukraine clinic solved our problem!

  • Mike - 21/07/2017 Reply

    Wow, such a great news! I just wanted to say to Maria and Stefan that we also got our baby boy with biotexcom help! I wish more people hear about them and have this such a wonderful experience. We have our purposes in life now!

  • Laura - 08/09/2017 Reply

    I can’t fully agree with this article, I believe that there are lots of kind hearted souls in the USA that are eager to help those one in need! And they with pleasure agree to the stimulation procedure, because they know that what they do is going to make someone very happy!
    And in Ukraine girls do it because of money. So maybe I am naive, but I believe that our intentions are very important and it’s better to use eggs of those whose intentions are pure!

  • Helloandplease - 14/09/2017 Reply

    Hi! I want to leave my short review here if you don’t mind.
    An interesting article! A bit a pretentious and daring article from other side but I liked to read it.
    I see many people here decided to use a help of the one facility and they seem to be happy with their choice.
    Perhaps, I have another way but I’m glad to wish all of you to be satisfied with the results! Be kind people and god bless you!
    Maybe in the nearest future I will consider the clinic you all advised.

  • Rockabie - 19/09/2017 Reply

    Does anybody know a good female community or site for getting tips? I really want to find a place where I could make friends and meet people which have the same concerns.
    Maybe, I don’t have enough experience to share but It’s needed now.
    Thank you if you gonna help

  • Clava Hilton - 21/09/2017 Reply

    My plans are to try in Ukraine. Surrogacy with a donor egg is prescribed to me. heard much about Ukraine and its incredible progress in surrogacy.
    I love to consider their legislation. It seems friendly for couples coming from abroad. And I’d like to meet my intended donor personally in the presence of an interpreter.
    I must know and see her beforehand. Agreeing not to meet my surrogate at all but hopefully a doctor will permit to choose a donor in person.

  • -------- - 21/09/2017 Reply

    My baby died in a car accident 2 years ago. Our loved sweetest son was the only one that mattered. You just can imagine what my dear husband and I felt and still feel with that.
    I’m 50 years old. I think I’m too old to give birth in natural way. I’m afraid that pregnancy could kill me because I have problems with heart after that dammed crash.
    We will go to Ukraine. We know It works and may help. Thank you all for many comment which help us to learn more about details.

  • Tanya Maroom - 17/10/2017 Reply

    Interesting article but it has some discrepancies. I agree Ukraine worked hard to take over the positions showing that its doctors can doubtlessly be good at their job. In spite of this they have to learn much in order to keep those positions. In reality, any service has an area to grow and get better because costumer demands are also going to grow. I actually wish them to be successful in their start. It’s perhaps not right to call it a start because Ukraine has already contributed to having a chance for lots of people to live a new life.
    Just go on!

  • HallaOslOst - 01/02/2018 Reply

    I guess year ago or when this article’s been posted the order of things differed from a current one. It’s not a secret that Ukraine developed its approach and advanced completely as for reproductology and providing services. In Norway we have a little community dedicated to support people who ttc for too long.
    I’ve got a close relation with group of 10 couples and 7 of them had their fertility journeys (successful fertility journeys) in Ukraine. They are clever and experienced people who considered all the possible variants including the United States. And that wasn’t a coincidence they chose that destination

  • Clarke - 05/02/2018 Reply

    I can hardly believe that Ukraine which is known to be underdeveloped country with suspicious activity all over the country. I believe it’s like India with its hundreds of women ready to be exploited for money however calling it surrogacy. It’s not a secret they are pushed to carry babues for European or the US women only by the lack of financial independence and not by their good and pure intentions. Who want their surrogate to be treated like poor? I assume surrogates in Ukraine get no more than $2-4k for their “good intention” and they are ok with this

  • Gree - 06/02/2018 Reply

    What a little beauty’ s in the picture! Can’t take my eyes off it.
    Seems Ukraine isn’t eating the dust in the race but we all know how the US could be strong in holding marketing ground. I’m afraid the only country which could overtake the US is China but as it’s known Chinese people fly to Ukraine for surrogacy.
    I think Ukraine will have its niche and it’ll be successfully for them but Ukrainian and the US niches will be focusing on different demands

  • Emerald - 08/02/2018 Reply

    I find it unusual that women in the USA are highly paid for egg donation or surrogacy, in the same time it is banned in many countries, because they consider it unethical. Instead of that they provide charitable services for couples trying to conceive. Another odd is why the price for that is so different in the USA and counties like Ukraine. Are women in different countries carrying babies of a different value? That’s the real subject for a discussion.

    • Luna - 09/02/2018 Reply

      Are you stupid or something? The fee for a surrogate and egg donation is so different because of the standards of living in America and Ukraine. Ukraine is a cheap country to live and also there is a low wage level also, what makes surrogacy attractive for both, for surrogate and intended parents. Although the level of private medicine is relatively high

    • Goldy - 22/02/2018 Reply

      Agree with you. For me it’s also unclear why the difference is that huge. I mean it’s understandable that the US surrogates get more but the cost for IVF itself is 5 times higher. Methids are the same, equipment may be different but still..I don’t think that surrogacy in Ukraine will stay available for a long as an option. Sooner or later it will end up as India. Too much couples use Ukrainian women for their needs and ethics of such things will be in doubt.

  • SuperLisa - 22/02/2018 Reply

    I know the pain of wanting a child so badly and having the cost of surrogacy be so outside of your means. We were fortunate to have family step in after a few years and help us get together what we needed to go through an agency so we could be matched with someone. Going independent is an option, but there is a higher risk. Ukraine looks like a good option. So you can go with an agency and still save some money. Something like win-win strategy.

  • wild_one - 22/02/2018 Reply

    As for me, it’s not reasonable to address to the US agency, you’d better find something abroad. To avoid additional fees, try to find a private clinic that works like an agency. Have you thought much about trying to find someone on your own? Having an idea of what you’re willing to pay for compensation going in would be helpful. I know there are Facebook groups and websites where intended parents can get to know potential surrogates. But to compare… to go indie in the USA will be the same as to go to the agency abroad, I mean financially.

  • lumus - 22/02/2018 Reply

    I think I can go indie. I do understand that clinic usually provides you an accommodation, medical examination, legal support and that sort of thing. I believe I can cope with everything by my own. I see that there are a lot of prospects for people, who has a fertility issues. And I believe I can do that. I just need to consult to an attorney.

    • Holy - 26/02/2018 Reply

      I hope you are talking about going indie in the US. Cos I wonder how do you rent an accommodation in Ukraine. Airbnb? Gimme a break! Or just imagine how much time you ll spend trying to understand the whole process. And how much money you ll spend for lawyers. Don’t be fool. But if you are not talking about overseas surrogacy sorry in advance.

  • totoro - 01/03/2018 Reply

    The key issue is the Ukrainian law. I think that European and American laws need to be tighter around surrogacy in terms of how much the surrogates can be paid, how much control the non-carrying parents can have over the surrogate during her pregnancy, and of course a stricter and more enforceable ruling against the surrogate keeping or aborting the pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to pay a surrogate only to have her try to keep the child after birth – so there needs to be very clear and punishable laws against that when a woman agreed to act and be paid as a surrogate.
    Outside of that, I have no problem with it.

  • Cosmicgirl - 01/03/2018 Reply

    Surrogcay must be banned sooner or later. Governments of developed countries have already realized that this is not what women should be asked for. This is not humane to exploit women to gain personal benefits. I remember Sweden experience and although many women are against new law, thi is right. If a couple can’t have a child of their own, they can forster or adopt a baby. This would be better for everyone.

  • Noxvill - 23/03/2018 Reply

    To be honest, I didn’t even know when we started the journey, where Ukraine exactly is. Now 5 years gone, since that time, when we finished the treatment there. I am that kind of person that if I can see that the level of medical service is descent, I will overlook miscommunication, logistics issues, etc. I need the result. I liked what I saw in Ukraine. The level of medicine and treatment is European-like. I understand that usually I visited private hospitals. But the time when I went to the public maternity house I was shocked. As thought that Ukrainian public hospitals would not be that good. I had a low opinion of Ukraine, I am glad I were not right. It’s not what it seems.

  • lookatmyhourse - 28/03/2018 Reply

    That’s nonsense! Commercial surrogacy is an inflow of the direct investments. While the populistic eu politicians are against surrogacy, their countries are simply losing money. Now all the eu citizens trying to conceive need to go to Ukraine, to start a treatment. Ukraine has emerged as a surrogacy hub for couples from different countries for past few years.
    Instead of putting a blanket ban on commercial surrogacy, a compensated surrogacy should be permitted and should be viewed as a form of labour that requires adequate labour protection by granting minimum conditions of work.

  • Natasha T - 23/04/2018 Reply

    Hi mates! How are you doing today? I was born in Ukraine. We’re completely a family of Ukrainian emigrants in the US. We left our past life and moved from when I was five y.o.
    I’m in love with America. I should tell my parents really hate our motherland. And it’s weird but I’m still out of the loop why. But we were sure we’d never turn back.
    We’d never do it even if our rich granny was found and suddenly died. Okay!
    But It was my fate. I just finished my surrogacy program. My journey took place in Ukraine. Can you believe it! Ahaha! Gosh!
    After a half year of investigation! It was a real huge investigation as for price geography. I decided to have my journey with Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. Did I say it was my fate? Yeah!
    And I was fated to become happy. Once upon a time, Ukraine gave birth to me and now it gives birth to my baby! I’m crazily happy about that! Wow!

  • Volta - 23/04/2018 Reply

    Remember the time when exactly India was the Mecca for people struggling with Infertility. Some of my friends tried that destination. Some of them found their chance there. Some of them didn’t and came back home disappointed.
    My general attitude is still the same. I mean my attitude on these two countries. Ukraine has higher level of quality, more advanced service. We must admit it’s closer to wanted level at everything necessary during treatment. I can’t say that the US could give its positions away for adversary. Of course, it’s better to say colleague. As they do the same work for people’s happiness and so on.
    I’m acquainted with doctor Molt Burghan from TX. A few years ago he moved from India to have his working practice abroad. And He said to me that Ukraine is gaining momentum right now but it falls behind the US approximately for a year of development. I trust him in such specific things.

  • tornbull - 24/04/2018 Reply

    Alright! Good afternoon guys! I’m not really sure in this statement. It’s just a sentence and nothing more than your misconception.
    Such odd counties like Russia or Ukraine used to cry aloud about their mysterious achievements. This is only a piece of their media history.
    Text doesn’t have facts, evidence and arguments. There’s bollocks of ill imagination in it. You can see if you’re patient enough to read it to the end.
    You often remind about high prices of American service. Right! But you’d have the same requirements if only you were so equipped with professional confidence.
    I don’t like to set quarrels but such articles piss me off.
    I’m totally annoyed by buzzing words. And what’s the main fall? It’ll not give you anything after all.
    You’re good dudes but you better think twice before say something

  • llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll - 24/04/2018 Reply

    Happy to hear it! I’m glad for your success. And I find it was absolutely deservedly. How long has Ukraine been on reproductive field? Who can answer? Actually, I don’t like to see such sort of races when we speak about medicine.
    Medicine is a triumph of entire humanity. It’s out treasure. One separate country’s not obliged to conceal its technologies from attention and need of others.
    It can save human lives. There’s a serious business behind the curtains and it’s a hidden engine of quick development.
    My best emotions about Ukrainian little win. They have to remember it’s not the end of the race. No reasons to stop after small breakthrough.
    My best wishes and kindest regards!

  • Barra B.J. - 24/04/2018 Reply

    Hi the loveliest! Last month we have happily finished our fertility journey! It was in Ukraine, in Kiev.
    Luckily we have had done it with a very first attempt. That fact helped us to save much time. I’m not a patient person so what. I’m very and very grateful to our family physician because of his advice.
    I couldn’t use this chance in the US. Our budget those days was poorer than it was necessary for launching the program.
    Now this strange feeling chases me. I can understand why there are two equally high-quality fertility destinations in the world. And they for fuck’s sake have different price policy.
    Is that funny enough? I remained feeling well after my journey to Ukraine. In spite of all difficulties during our treatment, I’m happy. My husband is super happy too. Our sweetest babies are healthy and it’s essential.

  • Lindaker - 08/05/2018 Reply

    Exactly! I think it can be announced like that in case we want to find advantages. It’s not easy to compare two different schools. Okay?
    I said schools because these are really like parts of different cultures. You can’t compare generally different approaches. Ukraine and America are opposite meanings.
    It was my good luck to travel to the east coast of the US. Also I have been to Vancouver. And a few years ago I visited Poland.
    Poland is one of the bordering countries near Ukraine. It was like two tribes from winter and summer, from rain and the desert. Actually they do similar work. They are helping people to get pregnant or something like that.
    I guess we can find many advantages while exploring both schools. And exactly Ukraine is able to surpass the US in some of them. That was my main idea.

  • meggarap - 08/05/2018 Reply

    May I say Ukraine was an underdog of this race? Nobody expects such things from such a small country.
    It’s pleasing me all the time. Great in one word!
    Oh, no! How hard I was mistaken! It’s not a small country at all. It has approximately the biggest area comparing to the other states of Europe. More accurate it’s the second one after Russia.
    It was my little discovery for today. No matter it hasn’t showed such loud results ever. I know about Ukraine only three points.
    The first is the Chernobyl tragedy. The second point is its fertility medicine. The final one is my private secret.
    Let this country have the same amazing achievements. It’s very good for us who struggle to have such a decent option just in case. God bless you. Have a nice day!

  • T.S.Ellioo - 08/05/2018 Reply

    My husband and I decided to have our next treatment in Ukraine. The previous one we had in the US. It was wonderful journey. I love that experience. It brought us one baby boy. He’s prodigious indeed!
    We definitely love our treatment in the US but it was a little bit expensive. We’re already experienced and we’re not afraid to try something new. ‘
    I don’t think Ukraine will be completely new for my vision. We don’t decide to make a trip. Our goal is to try their surrogacy.
    All medical journeys have similar features. I don’t suppose we’ll face with language barrier. There must be many people speaking different languages.
    So, wish us good luck!

  • Usaga - 08/05/2018 Reply

    I believe everyone could find his resort in Ukraine. It’s a good shelter for our losses and failures. I met many pleasant men and women there.
    When I was on treatment… or it’s better to call it journey. They didn’t treat my infertility. They helped me to hold on watching how my boys growing in Taniya’s belly.
    I didn’t use donor eggs. It was a miracle but it happened. We could have achieved enough number of my own eggs. Yup, even I didn’t expect for such a good outcome.
    Heard many good feedbacks of their donor bases but I’m happy I was able to help myself.
    Now my two best friends are the women I met there in Venice Hotel. Gala is from Holland. And Arugula is from Birmingham. Each of them succeeded in their own journeys.
    I find it an example of well working. Those guys know their hard complicated job. My mark is excellent+, A1!

  • Katrani Papa - 08/05/2018 Reply

    Million people perhaps already visited Ukraine. Then 10 millions are happy because they were the part of the US surrogacy program. Both of them got what they wanted and asked from the agencies.
    Anything doesn’t matters more than that. Is it important where the healthy children were born? In the US or in Ukraine, I can’t notice difference.
    Why don’t you speak about Georgia? My own story related to this country, for example. However, I respect each country working on human’s happiness.
    People loved going to India recently. Unfortunately, this destination was closed. Nobody believed in their sanitary level.
    Nevertheless, children were born there successfully too. And It’s the main what we should speak about.
    Nothing can be more important than our children’s health. Our troubles with service and papers are just ash.

  • Sting - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Hello the sweetest! Don’t know how you are doing but hope you are fine. I’m pleased to be there.
    My attitude is adequate to the name of this article. My Ukraine surpassed my US. I didn’t get anything while I was having treatment in the USA. However, my Ukrainian experience was perfect. I’m grateful to everyone involved.

  • Rusty Last - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Was it a dream? I remember my journey at it was with someone else except of me. It seems so far away now.
    My babies grow so fast. They make my days bright. It’s your contribution Ukraine. And they are my main reward after long struggle. Thanks

  • Pelatos - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Hello, I’m glad to join you. Hope you fell fine. I like this forum. There are a lot of interesting topics discussed here. I feel freedom of expressions.
    That’s wonderful. I suppose it’s not the race up and down. No matter who surpassed. The role is the same.

  • Gune - 10/05/2018 Reply

    I completely agree with you. Why should we compare these whales? Rather sharks than whales.
    Millions $ were put to establish such a well-oiled system. Several thousand people annually become parents. It happens after long years of emptiness and expectation.
    This is the work of both of them.

  • Peeter Bison - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Good afternoon. Believe you’re doing great.
    I have been to America. I’ve been there frequently because of my work. I make good money there but anyway guys! Sometimes when I’m there I have to call ambulance. It happens so I have to attend the doctor.

    I don’t have sound health. However, it’s not normal condition for people.
    Who can pay for full treatment there? Donald trump? They created uncomfortable conditions for their people.
    In this discussion I vote for Ukraine. I’ve not been in that but believe it differs.

  • Icubus - 10/05/2018 Reply

    @bison about money, in the US most people cover treatments with insurance policy. Exactly it’s not convenient for foreigners.
    The physicians earn really big money there. It secures they do their work well.
    The frequency of error is lower in the US. They simply fear committing mistakes related to life.
    Responsibility needs expenses. I don’t support them. I see this situation such way.

  • Lichie - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Hello mates! How is it today?!
    Lots of us say bad rumors to US quality. The same shit we send to Ukraine.
    I can understand why we behave like that. We just can’t be indifferent. These two beasts of reproductology can’t leave us indifferent. It’s too strong resonance. All around it talks of them separately or together.
    I say true if I had more money I would call the clinics in the US. I’m not frustrated. I got money exactly enough for Ukraine. I’m not afraid it’s service level. It’s not the highest but is it the most important?
    My thought will be devoted to surrogate and my happiness in her body.
    These countries share miracles. Come and see!

  • Northpolk - 10/05/2018 Reply

    I’m not actually infertile. Regardless, I often meet this problem. I’m an endocrinologist.
    Part of my patients had treatment in Ukraine. After one case I began recommending Ukraine as an option.
    I observed a very severe case of hormonal disorder.
    This patient’s husband even thought she went crazy. She thought so because she fell into hysterics sometimes.

    I know if you have such harrowing tendency to lose control you can’t carry a child.
    It’s absolutely dangerous for both. No one can guarantee it wouldn’t harm current state.
    She (my patient) applied to one Ukrainian clinic to have ART. She needed a donor. As she couldn’t produce her own eggs of proper quality it must help her. It wasn’t a problem for clinic she chose.

    You know this clinic. I mustn’t mention its nave again. So, it had a wonderful choice as for donors.
    Perhaps it’s alright for Ukraine to hire so many women for donation.
    As my patient said she just couldn’t select. There were too many beautiful offers with full interview.

    Okay, after the procedure of embryo transfer she began changing.
    Her body gave amazing response to changes inside her organism. Before it all the methods and remedies were like vitamin C. nothing was going to work out.
    After she got officially pregnant she felt improvement. I didn’t meet her again after second trimester.
    Everything seemed to be fine. So that’s why I’m recommending Ukraine.

    She got a baby. More than that, she really saved money for treatment that she didn’t even need.
    I hope her husband got sure she’s in normal sane. I wish them to be happy. The same as to you, I wish it with all my heart.
    This story made me sure they have wonderful donor matching. As well as I’m sure that pregnancy is one of the best cures for exhausted women’s body.
    Keep on hope!

  • KungLao - 11/05/2018 Reply

    I’m in love with Ukraine. I love its people. I met many of those who can speak English. It helped me to understand how wonderful they are. I shared my journey updated with them.
    They were so polite, supportive, and responsive. They are people who care.
    It’s not a little country where everyone knows each other. However, walking along the streets I was glad to look at people’s faces. They shined with openness. I had my surrogacy journey there. It hasn’t finished so far. I hope everything is going to be perfect. The lower result doesn’t fit me.

  • owenewone - 15/05/2018 Reply

    Oh! How this baby in the picture is lovely! What a beauty! I wish him or her good luck and strong health!
    Hope one day I’ll be holding such a treasure in my arms. It’s my biggest dream. I’m infertile but I don’t let anybody think I’m disabled.
    I have life full of evens and emotions. I don’t want sharing my failures! I’d better tell you of my small daily wins.
    Yesterday I contacted mu future clinic. I have no doubt it’ll be so. I know several people who had their journeys finished successfully there.
    Let’s check! Probably in year and half I’ll become a mother. I’ll surely write here about it. Get my best regards!

  • Romanita - 15/05/2018 Reply

    It’s not necessary to make things so complicated. Surrogacy is obviously complex stuff. You lose a lot of nerves trying to control everything.
    Remember most of things don’t depend on your panic. This way you can only make your relatives cry and sob. In addition you’ll be bothering your responsible management.
    I learnt from my mistakes. My journey wasn’t an example to follow. It lasted for three years.
    My surrogacy took place in the US. I love this country. L.A., New York, Dallas… these cities are my favorite ones.
    In spite of this I got big troubles. We tried to donate my own egg. Each next stimulation gave us a few week eggs.
    It was terrible to stand. They prolonged it till I refused to pay. Surrogacy is very expensive experience in the US.
    Perhaps I’d be able to buy a house in Italy instead of those tortures. Another problem was when we decided to find a donor. They couldn’t offer us a donor that was ready to get stimulated.
    I lost confidence in that they would provide us with the donor whom we saw in the picture. It was awful feeling. Okay, that’s fine.
    We have a baby boy. He is looking like a father. I can’t recognize donor’s feature in him at all.
    Unfortunately, I’m sure my feature can’t be in his face as well. Looking through comment written by people who were in Ukraine I make sure I was stupid.
    My story is successful but it can be similar to their ones even partly.

  • Mag - 17/05/2018 Reply

    Good afternoon! I’m not happy yet. I’m doing everything to kill my misfortune.
    I was really surprised as well as happy once I found such a thread. Surrogacy in Ukraine was the topic I really needed to find. First of all, I want to introduce myself and just say Hello to you guys!
    You may call me Mag as I already named. I’ve got a wonderful family which unfortunately consists of two so far. We’re working hard on change.
    My husband became my husband almost 10 years ago. We started planning a baby even before marriage. Sadly but we didn’t succeed.
    Now we’re about to know whether surrogacy in Ukraine works or we have to face another failure once more. We have a beta in two days. It’s very exciting!
    And Now I’m going to better learn your comments. Maybe it’ll help to extract something essential. No doubts on that
    Thanks google search I’m here. It wasn’t too difficult to find you guys! However, I often fell into strange threads.
    Some of discussions didn’t seem as they were created by real people. I don’t tend to deal with such stuff. My goal is to have sufficient knowledge.
    We long ago planed our journey. Years passed and we stay at the same spot. It must be changed.
    I see my family. It’s amazing. It certainly deserves to be full of children.
    We want to hear baby’s laugh in our house. We are always positive persons. It lacks only one significant component.
    I obviously know what I mean. Children are everything for us. They are our dream.
    Now we really try saving money. We don’t travel as it was years ago. Also we don’t buy useless goods and gadgets.
    All the devises which are necessary for living we already have. Our budget waits to be spent on our main purpose. We don’t buy children.
    We just compensate moral and physical expenses of those people who will help us. Thank you for decent part of information. We are reading attentively.

  • tenborro - 22/05/2018 Reply

    I got huge interest in Ukraine. I wanted to try there. My family also faced a problem of choice.
    We were divided into those who wanted to contact Ukraine and those who voted for the US option. We even argued. My mother and my husband said there wasn’t a reason to be greedy.
    I didn’t want to opt for US because of greed. I even didn’t exactly know how much Ukrainian service cost. It was my pure desire.
    After all we haven’t arrived in Ukraine. My desire remained unfulfilled. We spent big money.
    We are proceeding in the US. Actually I like my clinic. However, I’d like to be at another part of globe.

  • bleafy - 22/05/2018 Reply

    In my opinion it’s risky to begin your journey from the conflict. At least it must be peace and calm in family. Surrogacy takes much decisiveness.
    There are several examples when something went wrong during treatment. I don’t mean the doctors made error. Some programs could be terminated because of the inner families quarrels.
    So thus I say you should be in harmony before such serious steps. Also your children must be born in calm. I hope it’s understandable enough.
    I had misunderstanding in my family. We also argued with my husband whether Ukraine was good or not. As well I didn’t come there.
    We had our journey in Greece. I’m happy because I have children. However, we started new life with quarrel.

  • about my sister - 22/05/2018 Reply

    Yesterday my sister from US came to me in Ukraine. She’s my cousin. I’m living in Kiev for last 14 years.
    She’s infertile. I even didn’t know she suffered from it. Now I know this problem had been torturing her since her 30th birthday.
    Now she’s 37. I remember her like a woman who didn’t want to have babies. She supposed they just waist parents time.
    I don’t know how it’s possible to think so. She loved her mother. And her mother always loved her very much.
    Being surrounded with big love, people start thinking like childfree. It’s frequently I see. The same was with my cousin.
    After her mother died she met her husband. Perhaps he influenced her. And childfree became childless.
    The subject of her pride turned into her misfortune. She started wanting children. Unfortunately there wasn’t any possibility.
    She didn’t ovulate any longer. They thought it was an early menopause. In fact it was beginning of bigger problems.
    In brief she’s already here. They have got an appointment. I know this clinic.
    It’s quite discussed in Ukraine. Its head director sometimes appears on the screens. I know because people talk of it.
    Anyway I’m sure they are good at treating infertility. My sister was depleted after chemotherapy. Now she can be stimulated.
    They are considering surrogacy. I think this clinic provides it. They actually can stay in my flat.
    If they don’t mind I even can give them my country house. As they inform clinic must provide everything including apartment. That’s nice indeed.
    Most of all I want her to recover. She looks so pale. She’s not active.
    For the last time I saw her 8 years ago. We have joint vacation in Egypt. It was happy time.
    Now I can’t look at her without tears. Perhaps it was too early to begin thinking of journey. It would be better to take a year or more.
    I know if all is okay she’ll get happier. Maybe action becomes the best remedy. But she is really weak and thin.
    Her husband’s such a funny guy. He’s a little bit younger. But he is pretty clever man and very supportive.
    I feel he really affects her positively. As well I see he really wants to have babies. I wish them to fulfill their big dream.
    Suppose they’ll not return home without contract signed. For this topic I want to mention. They are from US but want to have surrogacy in Ukraine.

  • teamonth - 23/05/2018 Reply

    Hi dear ladies! Salute to Ukraine! How are you all? I want to know about your journeys advanced.
    Who were there lately? I’m interested in that so much. After my own story I keep waiting for updates.
    After a long pause without posting I’m here. I’ll be glad to know something about your Ukrainian treatment. Sorry that I’m asking only about this country.
    I had my own treatment there. It’s still important to me. I plan another journey in few years.
    My sweet little angel is healthy and growing well. She gives a lot of joy to everyone around. Her appearance couldn’t be overestimated.
    We have our sweet princess thanks to Ukrainian surrogacy. We remember all that Ukraine had done for our happy family. That is priceless.
    And it should be interesting to find out about your personal cases. How Ukraine helped you to deal with it. Please share more stories.
    I have read that Ukraine was going to shut down its surrogacy. My heart got almost broken. Stop kidding like that.
    I hope it will not ever occur. I have to have another baby with its help. Waiting for your activity, darlings!

  • XR - 24/05/2018 Reply

    I am so incredibly grateful to everyone involved in the surrogacy process! This is so wonderful that people like me still have a chance to experience parenthood! I find it great that there are still countries with loyal legislation that allow women to be surrogates and allow IPs from all over the world to be blessed with children in an absolutely legal way. For those who haven’t managed to have children yet with the possibility they never will themselves (I’m one of them) surrogacy really is one of abundant generosity.

  • delirium - 24/05/2018 Reply

    Surrogacy is taking away not only rights from the desperate birth mother, but from the child conceived. It focuses on the presumed ‘right’ to have children by any means – and to hell with any rights of the child itself to be produced then sold in this manner. Has there been any research done on how children of surrogates feel once they discover the circumstances of their birth? What are their rights? How will it affect them knowing that their birth mother was a desperate 20 year old in India, Ukraine or the US selling her baby to a wealthy couple from other country??

  • akjlJHF - 05/06/2018 Reply

    Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine! You hear its name everywhere. Fertility industry sank in the news from this destination.
    It’s a real vogue to talk about it. I visit UK forum what do I see? I notice some people are already having a beef regarding Ukraine.
    I’m on the US forum. Some guys compare these two destinations. USA vs Ukraine!
    When I subscribe Canadian forum I’m sure there must be a separate thread telling us about Ukraine. Nothing helps you to forget its name.
    We less often hear about Ukraine at the political field. I don’t know its sportsmen. Who heard about its resorts?
    I wish it to develop this popularity. It’ll bring money into the country. Or actually It may bring money to different people in the country. Hah!
    No, I don’t want to be with Ukraine. Of course, I know many couples have already finished their journeys. They are satisfies and so on.
    In my opinion it’s just an option for saving money. I don’t intend saving money with help of my children. Don’t argue or compel anyone to refuse from your decision.
    It works as we know. However, it seems suspicious to me. The information of different forums differs from the real people’s reviews.
    I’m afraid of losing my money and time. I will continue looking for the other options. Hope it’ll be possible to find something curious in the US.

  • Marfa glory - 05/06/2018 Reply

    Hey! Your point of view seems at least strange to me. What exactly impacts on your confidence? Might it be people’s positive feedbacks?
    Yeah my friend it’s really so suspicious! I can’t believe it. Many companies spend large sums of money to increase the number of positive feedbacks.
    But this confuses you. What curious do you expect to find there? Maybe you wait for discount?
    My family is at the 5th month of pregnancy. We are with Ukraine. I can’t have a baby but only with help of surrogacy.
    That’s why we are applying to Ukraine. It is admitted place for having safe journey. Look at their legislation.
    I guess it such a bit fortune to have such opportunity. We cooperate with one of the best clinics all over. I’m sure in that.
    People come in Ukraine with hopeless cases of infertility. They ask for help. And they really get this help. The best proof is their healthy children. I think it’s our miracle. We have to protect it instead of mistrust. You’re not perhaps ready enough. Yup, I am not arguing! Lots of people also go for surrogacy in the UNITED STATES.
    However, in my opinion they are not available because of the impudent cost. It’s abnormal. You wish you good luck!

  • Morning - 05/06/2018 Reply

    Didn’t Ukraine prove its ability to treat people? Doesn’t it prove it now? Every day the number of happy clients is increasing.
    For me it’s always amazing news. I’m happy when someone gains million in lottery. When someone has a baby after many years of infertility I’m more than just happy.
    I’m really jubilant! Hope one day you’ll be happy as well for me. I’m trying to find the best among other best.
    There’s not a reason to suspect Ukraine. They could cheat one of two humans… But hey! Don’t you notice what they do?
    It’s astonishing absolutely. They make me trust like that. Different controversial rumors don’t mean anything.
    We have fact of development. I’m sure Ukraine was weak as a fertility direction. It was so 7 years ago.
    And it’s pretty reasonable because they were just apprentices. They had to study. It was studying of that how to manage this huge business and share happiness.
    Today they are leaders no doubts. I swear their service will develop more and more. One day they will change prices reasonably.
    It’s expectedly. The status needs more expenses. We should wait for it.
    Everybody starts with something. We do it too. Our salaries become bigger.
    We improve our working experience. It secures quality. As well as they do the same plan.
    Do we have to be afraid of unaffordable cost? No, I guess they will not get their prices higher than it is in the US. Anyway it must be so soon.
    I’m planning to get it in time. I want to sign up the contract before they change it. Hope I’ll be lucky enough.
    How are you all? How do your journeys go? Share more information it’s so interesting to read.
    Accept my congratulation if you advanced. Let your babies be healthy and happy! Good luck girls!

  • Vivi super - 05/06/2018 Reply

    Hi to everyone! I’m pleased to be here. It’s such a nice day and place for chatting.
    I’m not good at prognosis. Ukraine might surpass each country. It seems rather real for me.
    Not so long ago it was an underdog. Less people want discussing it. Now look!
    Just look there are thousands of threads! These are mostly active threads. People do talk about features and facilities of Ukrainian treatment.
    I’m not the exception. Just try to imagine! What could it be if surrogacy appeared a year ago?
    We have 5 or 7 wonderful options. We don’t look at the history. Ukraine is taking the leading position.
    I don’t doubts. It’s a relevant place for them. They did and continue doing hard work.
    This work makes us family. It gives us an opportunity to be a part of huge community. Too many advantages!
    Moreover, I don’t love comparing. Each fertility destination is worth respecting. We should accept the thing they are trying for us.
    My mother in law has a baby through surrogacy. She wasn’t infertile while she was young. It’s because of age.
    Her son is my husband. He left their sweet home. And she began getting sadder and sadder.
    Mr. Malcolm and she decided to try. It has worked out. Perhaps they are a bit old but they are wonderful parents.
    Their newborn Kelly doesn’t let them get bored. She gives them love. They respond to her the same way!
    Isn’t it a miracle? Their journey took place in Ukraine. That’s awesome.
    It made my opinion. I myself saw how family could change. Newborns change everything around them

  • Buzzy - 06/06/2018 Reply

    Hail everyone here! I’m actually not clever at different things. I mean business and others.
    Surrogacy is a big business. It’s not comfortable for me to compare two separate countries. They do have too little similarities.
    Suppose they could create something huge together. If they work like one team it’ll be interesting. I know that rivalry can improve their force.
    I know both couples who had treatment in Ukraine and US. They didn’t meet each other. However their problems are almost similar.
    As the result they have got children after surrogacy. Both are happy. Both are grateful to their clinics.
    So what’s the difference? I wasn’t told about prices. But I myself know medicine in the US is very expensive.
    I guess the couple which chose American option paid more. They could afford it. That wasn’t a problem, I’m sure.
    Anyway it can become crucial for others. I myself don’t want paying more in case I can save it. My husband makes money too hard to waste it.
    Someone assures there’s the best equipment in the US. Believe it is really the best. At the same time Ukraine has the equal devices.
    No doubts they weren’t able to achieve these goals without high standards. They might use something older when they only started. Today I’m sure they are top.
    It’s already proved. What is the main idea of surrogacy? I think you agree it’s a healthy baby born.
    I also think so. I don’t know how many babies are born annually in Ukraine. I just know it’s an incredible number.
    We have to reconsider our view regarding Ukraine. It’s rather bad to minimize their achievements. In my turn if it were necessary I’d go to Ukraine.
    Fortunately I just have infertile people. I don’t suffer from these problems. I’m a mother of two lovely children.
    Don’t want to say something wrong. God sees your effort. He will necessarily help you.

  • MusaRamiress - 06/06/2018 Reply

    Thank you for comment buzzy! Thank you all for sharing your experience. I got much pleasure, and tips, and your wisdom.
    I have read almost all of comments. I would love to compare these countries shortly. I have two children.
    As well as buzzy I’m a mother of two wonderful kids. My older one is a boy. He’s 9 years old.
    My little one is a daughter. She is now 4 years old girl. They both are amazing.
    They are playful, active, cheerful to people, smart kids. The first baby was born in the USA. Of course it was performed with help of surrogate.
    My daughter was born in Ukraine. It was surrogacy again. As you already understood I can’t give birth on my own.
    I’m happy because of everything. I just don’t know what this is. Yeah, sure, there were different troubles.
    We had to address them. Much money was paid. A lot of time was spent. Much nerve was destroyed.
    I said I’m happy because I did what I hadn’t. I reached that was so far. My husband and I became parents.
    First baby was born in US. Thus he has the US citizenship. I guess it’s one of a few advantages.
    We had an amazing journey in Ukraine. I think we didn’t have much more complains. It is absolutely reliable country.
    It’s worth trusting if you cooperate with a tested company. Be ready there are many agencies. Many of them deal with surrogacy well.
    I don’t understand what people mean saying the best quality! They say the US guarantee, nonsense. I have been there and there.
    Ukraine doesn’t hide its high ‘quality status. It has ideal reputation. Sometimes people love adding some rumors.
    Remember they provide things that can hardly be under full control. The errors are unavoidable from time to time. It has to be considered either.

  • Packret on - 26/06/2018 Reply

    Hello girls! Hello men! I’m not sure any men post here. I learnt it form my husband.
    He thinks it’s reckless to share our achievement on internet. Although he likes sharing this with his mates. I heard he did it.
    So what’s the difference? I treat all of you like my friends. You create really a friendly atmosphere on this forum.
    I looked for the thread about Ukraine. It’s not a big deal to write about my journey under any article. People used to mention Ukraine everywhere if it means much for them.
    It means really a lot for me. This country changed my life totally. I’m happy because we were stubborn during our search.
    In my case Ukraine has surpassed America. We live in Memphis, Tennessee. I understood even if we could afford our local options it would be too much.
    I could find such price reasonable enough. We decided to seek more. It was really a smart decision.
    We’ve been suggested to explore Europe. It wasn’t a suggestion leading directly to Ukraine. I’m thankful for that.
    It helped us to know Europe better. As a regular American we were very suspicious regarding European offers. it’s part of our life and our usual behavior.
    Who knew I would be grateful to Ukraine for my today’s happiness? It’d sound like fantastic. But it’s so and I admit it.
    Someone might say it’s really weird to leave the country where surrogacy is permitted to find another country. I’d answer it’s absolutely sensible my friend. We didn’t try to save money and take the risk.
    I’ll better spend this money for my children. We’ve been treated like we even didn’t expect. It was very quality service.
    We didn’t lack any food or other stuff. They were attentive and thorough when we were discussing our case. I love their doctors.
    As well I talk about pediatricians. They were so lovey. Those guys knew how to treat babies.
    I’m grateful to our clinic’s team as they helped us to finish our paperwork quicker. It was an amazing team work. we didn’t lose much time.

  • Packret on - 26/06/2018 Reply

    It can admit it was perhaps a perfect journey. Happily, the main thing is that our children were born healthy. Our surrogate is doing fine.
    She recovered very fast. I was surprised. She wanted to discharge form the hospital 3 days after delivery.
    By the way she underwent C-section. Before I was sure a woman can’t even get up for a week after such a surgery. No, she was all tight.
    It made me very joyful. I believe she was so calm and pleasant because she already has got her own babies. It is important psychologically.
    It’s necessary requirement. I agree it helps the surrogates to resist form different complications. As well it guarantees their health condition.
    We visited Ukraine a couple of times during our treatment. I feel fine it was a right choice. Don’t be afraid to go through experiment.
    Ukraine was our experiment. I know and a lot of people chose Ukraine. They remained happy of their choice.
    However, each journey is a separate story. it could happen whatever. We’re glad nothing bad has happened to us.
    Be ready to face some language barrier. It’s not actually a big problem. You’ll be having a translator.
    No, just be kinder toward people who meet you. They are gorgeous. I’m absolutely happy to know them.

  • one two three go! - 26/06/2018 Reply

    Hello guys! I’m a newbie to this forum. Actually I’m not a new one who posts such recommendation.
    I’ve just finished my journey to Ukraine. It was my experience in surrogacy. I had hysterectomy 4 years ago.
    I lost my uterus after premature delivery. It was bleeding the doctor had to decide on that. It was necessary to remove my uterus.
    That’s why I opted for surrogacy. My husband and I wanted to have a baby. we didn’t suppose it would be so difficult.
    Surrogacy takes much time. It eats your energy. I felt dry like body without blood.
    No, I was happy because I noticed the progress. But I had no strength. I do know why it’s so stressful.
    Everything was okay. I swear it was really fine. We had an accommodation.
    We obtained wonderful communication and understanding with our manager. (in fact it is a real progress) I know many cases when there were some difficulties between managers and patients.
    We avoided complications during our journey. Perhaps the one thing was a bit shocking. Our babies were born 3 weeks earlier than we expected.
    I was afraid they would be underdeveloped! Okay, perhaps I was stupid. My awareness of the fact was a bit underdeveloped.
    They were born wonderfully. Just after delivery in the hospital they lost some weight. Then they began gaining weight again.
    I’d love to feed them by breast feeding. I was told there wasn’t need. They eat well with help of bottle.
    We tried and tested some different formulas. Now they eat Nutrilon 2 with a pleasure. What can be more lovely?
    Our relatives were amazingly happy to meet us. We didn’t say them we have twins. I was sending photos.
    No one could recognize those were different boys. Aha! Perhaps I made a little mistake because the guys gifted a lot of clothes. That’s different clothes. The twins as a rule wear the same. I guess that is not a problem at all. Good luck!

  • 1kallua - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Ukraine has a special place in my heart. I will never forget those kind people who helped me to achieve my pregnancy. I know most of you had surrogacy.
    My treatment was egg donation. It took place in Ukraine 19 months ago. I remember the day when I found out I’m pregnant.
    It was unbelievably.

  • Becker - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Hi! What’s up? What a cute tot in the pic! It’s a boy I’m sure.
    I don’t like when someone compares Ukraine and the US. In my opinion Ukraine just took place of India.
    We know India has forbidden reproductive procedure within. Some country had to take its place in the field.

  • helloBecker - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Hello, I’m doing good. What about you? I suppose that wasn’t quite fair to say it. Ukraine has done much for developing reproductive industry.
    Its contribution is large. I can’t know all the details but people remain glad of having their treatment in Ukraine.
    It’s not just an option for those who can’t afford the US.

  • Becker - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Sadly, but I meant exactly that. You described it even more profoundly. Ukraine isn’t more than just place for those who couldn’t accept American price selection.
    Do You think people choose the price? I’m afraid the price is choosing people. That is a kind of truth that won’t please everyone. But what could I do?

  • helloBecker - 02/07/2018 Reply

    I dare assume you had your treatment in the US. You feel a bit stupid now. You have a baby or even not but you paid three times more than could.
    Anyone would feel like an idiot. Now you’re creating various theories. So, as you wish.
    But don’t try to offend people who have never impacted on your hasty choice.

  • wooool - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Hello to all! That’s funny from you. It was American price selection.
    That’s quite good theory I swear. I like it. Of course I can’t agree but I like it.
    Could you imagine the clinics in the US select their patients by their consumer ability? It perhaps secures that their services will be certainly used by celebrities. The regular people can’t do it.
    There will be only educated and mannerly people applying to USA agencies. Yeah, that is cool. Why do all US clinics have such an attitude?
    Why there’s not any which offers surrogacy for 40K? This selection really works when a client doesn’t pay attention on expanses. Otherwise he or she will be more careful.
    It’s not reasonable for me to pay too much. I understand we talk about our future children. They are priceless.
    However, why should I pay additional 100K to some agency? Is this also priceless? I don’t think so.
    Suppose such wild prices exist there because of general high quality of life. Americans oriented on themselves. But only a little part of them could afford it.
    I guess it was made because there are people who may pay. They will not be browsing through the internet looking for the reliable options. Since the advertising offices works well they draw attention of lazy people.
    These are lazy and rich people. Or maybe it doesn’t fit their status. They just can’t go in Georgia.
    It’ll harm their reputation. It’s easier for them to pay 100 000$ more than change it. It’s understandable.
    You could tell about quality. You may mention equipment and the particular specialist. In fact, this is bollocks.
    You can say whatever. I won’t believe the medicine in the US is incredibly better than in Ukraine or wherever.
    These countries even can use the equipment made in the same factory. But in US you’ll have to pay more. Just because it is the USA.
    Yes, I agree your baby will be American citizen. Maybe it’s an advantage. I don’t know about such things.
    In any even you didn’t mention about it. I myself will not choose the US. I don’t have money for that.
    I’m sure I’ll get the same quality of treatment in Europe. I don’t intend to borrow money. I’ll be aware all is okay after all.
    I hope I’m right. I don’t remember all the details. My co-worker had her surrogacy journey in Texas.
    She has been there repeatedly. As far I know she still doesn’t have a baby. I didn’t ask her what was wrong.
    You see the highest cost isn’t a guarantee of your success. Pregnancy and surrogacy in particular are things out of some control. Actually surrogacy is conducted under the strict control.
    But no one can say for true you’ll have a healthy baby. you’ll have a smooth delivery. That’s so.
    I know some clinics in Ukraine. They will be resuming the program until you succeed. If you have a failure they will try again.
    You don’t pay twice for the same stage. Your program is frozen at the stage when you failed. It’s a simple description.
    So, why do we need to afford American option? There are many wonderful clinics. They offer amazing possibilities.
    I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Hopefully it was long but understandable message. My best wishes!

  • din2112 - 02/07/2018 Reply

    I’ll share just my opinion. I don’t have got intention to impose anyone. My goal is simple. I’m here for getting and sharing some information.
    I noticed sometimes members began arguing. I don’t see any reason for that. I’d prefer the US. It seems more professional.

  • Marta Bill - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Before I already faced such a choice. My husband and I lived in the USA. We didn’t have to leave country for having treatment.
    However, my husband insisted. We had our journey in Ukraine. I am happy because of this decision.
    Our children are the best proof of it.

  • Talky - 06/07/2018 Reply

    Hi everybody! How are you? I’m in love with United States. I’m its biggest fan. I was living there for 2 years.
    Although I don’t choose it always when it depends on small things. By the way I had my egg donation in Ukraine.

  • Bella Lift - 06/07/2018 Reply

    Hah, hey! Talky it was funny indeed! Why didn’t you pass through it in the US? Aren’t they skillful enough?
    In fact, I was also in egg donation at Ukrainian clinic recently. I’m 17 weeks pregnant. That is an amazing feeling inside me.
    I’m pleased for my choice.

  • Talky - 06/07/2018 Reply

    I don’t doubt they can treat like no one else in the world. Who could get doubt regarding it? I don’t choose America when it relates to medicine.
    I save money like that. They want too high prices. I don’t afford and it’s cheaper to find something similar in another country.
    That’s why I was in Ukraine. Such a lovely land either!

  • Bella Lift - 06/07/2018 Reply

    Yes, I also like Ukraine. It seemed so friendly to me. If it gives me a baby I’ll be grateful to it for ages.
    Your view is quite understandable. I’m not a fan of the US. However, you can follow your inner voice.
    Perhaps this country just suits you best of all.

  • Stark - 10/07/2018 Reply

    My wife and I tried for a very long time before she conceived so I understand what infertile couples must have been through. Our daughter will be off to college in a few months, so it’s cool to the comments, that reminds me how this process all started. I remember times when India was a “market leader”, but now I can see that Ukraine has become a new game changer.
    I wish you all the best to you and your family.

  • Anna and S. - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Hey, how are you doing? My parents were born in Ukraine. It happened many years before I arrived.
    They met each other when they were studying in Kiev. Then they moved to the US. It was their dream.
    And it was fulfilled. I also have a dream. It’s not about moving from town to town.
    Actually it relates to return to my mother land. I can say my motherland is America. And it’ll be true.
    Honestly I have not ever been to Ukraine. We don’t have relatives there. My parents planned to show me the city where they studied.
    Unfortunately, they always delayed this journey. Now I’m interested to have this trip with my husband. I can’t say he’s got a dream to go there.
    He just loves me. And he wants to support me. My desire is his as well.
    We’re going to visit this country not just because of entertainment. We even don’t have such goal. I’m infertile.
    My uterus has been removed. It’s such a long story. I caught infection.
    I was carrying it during a year. Then I got pregnant. And all that had a bad final.
    The idea to visit Ukraine appeared at once. We want to have children. It’s really a good time for that.
    I’m 29 years old. When my mommy was 29, I was already 6 years old. I don’t think it’s too late.
    It’s just a good time for such changes. Here in America we have wonderful clinics in Texas and California. I’m not sure maybe some clinics in Nevada also offer to have surrogacy.
    Many people even from Europe visit these clinics. They have money for any type of program. I’ll not say whether I have money or I haven’t.
    The thing is that it’s cheaper to go for surrogacy to Ukraine. Even if you live in America it’s cheaper to buy a ticket to Ukraine. You’ll save a good piece of money.
    As well it’ll satisfy our second desire. It’s a chance to be to the land where you parents were born. I’d like to see locals.
    I think it’s like destiny. I am going to follow it. Wish me good luck!
    We’re planning to have our journey in a couple of months. First of all, we have to decide on clinic. It’ll be cool to contact them beforehand.
    I know clinics have schedule. We must receive our invitation. Additionally, my hubby has to finish his urgent work.
    What do you think about this idea? Am I crazy to decide to go there? I hope I’m not and everything will be fine.

  • Buzov - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Hello! Stop kidding. You aren’t crazy. It’s completely a normal trend.
    I can’t say for all. anyway a big number of American couples prefer to choose Ukraine. Now Ukraine is the place for everyone.
    I’m saying this in a good context. Do not be afraid. It’s rather tested country.
    They offer you to try good level of modern medicine. They have fine service. I liked staying in Ukraine.
    I can’t give you a lot of tips. I have been to Ukraine because I had egg donation. Your goal is bigger. I believe all will be really all right. go ahead!

  • JZ Memph - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Hi, we’re also a couple from Memphis. I live in the United States. We were childless.
    And we did our best to have children. Now our children live with us in our big house. They were born in Ukraine.
    Since we found out I can’t give birth we decided to find the best clinic we could afford. There wasn’t such a clinic close to us. We made some research.
    Fertility forums really helps in such a difficult task. It’s a real nightmare to find your clinic quickly. We spent perhaps 5 months to decide.
    I contacted some facilities in Ukraine. That’s better to say I was trying to contact them. Two clinics even didn’t respond.
    You were right saying it’s really cheaper to book tickets to Ukraine and back than to have treatment in the US. More than that, we decided to have other treatment in Ukraine. Of cause, surrogacy was our priority.
    However, we visited a dentist and a cardiologist. We had a wonderful examination. I felt amazing because of our smart decision.
    I love my clinic. Surrogacy is always hard. It needs much strength.
    Anyway we tried hard to help that team. The best help is not to bother them. I remember the day when my children were born.
    It was a day of some city feast. We were stuck at the jam. We were going to hospital to see our babies at first time.
    Yes, we have twins. What a joy to have twins! It’s first difficult but then you are the happiest person in the world. I felt confident in that country. We didn’t meet swindlers. I didn’t notice anyone wanted to cheat on us. Now I’m sure it’s better to follow this option. You’ll have money to buy something for your babies. That’s true.
    we didn’t save money to the detriment of our babies. We bought a lot of things for them. You may see everything is cheaper in Ukraine.
    I don’t say it is so because of poor quality. I ate their food. I bought some goods and clothes.
    I like this stuff. I don’t feel disappointed. I’m grateful and wish you to remain grateful after your journey.

  • JZ Memph - 12/07/2018 Reply

    You don’t have to be alone there. I promise you if you are in the hotel you’ll have a lot of friends from everywhere. You even can find someone from your city.
    When we arrived we met a couple from Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s not far from Memphis. It was a wonderful meeting.
    Then all the things became easier. We have friends and we didn’t want to leave the hotel. It’s mu only tip for journey.
    I believe you’ll not be regretting. It’s good place for creating a family. I think you’ll have the same attitude soon.

  • Kalo - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Hello everybody! I noticed your newborn thread. I am also interested in getting more information on this destination. My husband and I are planning to go to Ukraine for having egg donation. Is there anyone who had it in Ukraine? Maybe you had surrogacy with donor eggs.
    I’d like to know about their donors. Who are these ladies? Do they have any recommendations or approvals? I need to know why do they participate in such programs. Thank you in advance. It’s going to be interesting. My happy moment for you in this country. I hope you all will have a safe journey. My best wishes!

  • Merty Mars - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Good afternoon! You’ll not be a pioneer. You don’t have to be afraid.
    Even here on this forum or somewhere else you can find a lot of information on egg donation in Ukraine. It’s a popular direction for having such a procedure. We had it two years ago.
    Now we have twins. Arthur and Alice. They are marvelous and I can’t express how I love them.
    I caught cold when I was a child. I got a cystitis. It’s an infection of the urinary tract that is caused by bacteria.
    Also it’s called as an inflammation of the bladder. My condition was quite severe. And I had post-disease complications.
    It caused my infertility. My ovaries don’t produce eggs. That’s why I can’t have babies naturally.
    I was looking for different options. Even two years ago Ukraine had a good reputation at treating such problems. I began finding more and more information on that.
    I met a woman who had such procedure in Biotexcom. This is a big center for human reproduction in Kiev. Egg donation isn’t the only treatment they deal with.
    People also come there for having surrogacy and embryo donation. Maybe I wouldn’t go there for surrogacy. I’m a very careful person.
    I don’t like to explore completely new areas for me. Especially when it relates to my health. Okay, now I’m telling about some other things.
    One of the first phrases you hear when you step deeper into this is a huge donor database. What does it mean? I’m going to explain it now.
    I actually don’t know how this mechanism works. But it works properly. The clinic hires women for egg donation.
    These women must be quite young. It’s a coverage between 18 and 29 years old women. They are really young, aren’t they?
    They also have to have their own children. That means they had been pregnant. And delivered healthy babies in natural way.
    It’s the most required criteria. I think it’s reasonably required. The donor must be young and healthy first of all.

  • Merty Mars - 12/07/2018 Reply

    They have a digital base. You can see loads of profiles there. Each profile is a separate woman.
    There’s information of her in this profile. They have their own special number. Also you see a list of parameters there.
    You know their weight and growth. You know eye color and the color of hair. Other small details you’ll know from the video.
    Every donor prepared a shot video material. It’s like a dialogue between your probable donor and someone behind the camera.
    They are asked about their biography. Where were you born? Who are your parents?
    Which country would you love to visit? What do you like to do on the weekend? As well the questions about their children.
    The dialogue goes in Russian. In any case you can understand it because you see subtitles below. They will be shown in your first language.
    Perhaps that’s all you should know about database. Yup, you can make your donor’s picture turn round. It’s one of the functions there.
    I liked the girls I saw there. They were pretty. Some of them were normal some were really beautiful.
    You’ll be happy to have that choice. There are really many girls in the base. As I understood they call them when someone choose them.
    They call and invite to the procedure, then they stimulate them. I guess you know the way it’s conducted.
    You actually can’t meet with your donor. It’s a confidential information. You just know some facts from their life.
    But you don’t know their names. You don’t know where they live. It’s not necessary.
    More than that there’s a law securing them in Ukraine. So, this what we’ve got. I think I answered your question.
    Hey, you also asked. Who are these girls? They are Ukrainians I think. They have a usual work and hobbies.

  • Kalo - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Thank you very much. It’s really interesting. I’m sure I’ll have an amazing trip.
    I can’t actually say this about the treatment. But its’ not a usual treatment. I’m going to become a mother.
    What a brilliant forum. I looked through the posts. Everyone can find out many interesting things here.
    Ukraine has a row of advantages among European clinics. I guess they achieved such a high level. It explains why so many people want to go there.
    I can’t say anything about surrogacy. However, I’m sure it’s also very comfortable option in that case. Be happy guys and thank you once again.

  • pride - 12/07/2018 Reply

    No hard feelings… but think that ART should be prohibited for the majority. It is way more simple to adopt. It’s free and easy, unlike the surrogacy. I think that industry drains money from infertile couples, setting up prices of 150 K USD. That’s too much!

    • monkeyking - 12/07/2018 Reply

      Of course it’s bloody expensive!
      If you got an electrician in to fit something in your house it would cost a few hundred quid a day.
      How much do you think a team of people who each have years of expensive university education actually costs? Not to mention the overheads of hospital and equipment. And you are outraged by the cost of IVF, take a look at its prices in Ukraine. It’s 3 times less! You can’t decide what people should or shouldn’t do!

  • Faye - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Adoption is not like picking up a dog from the shelter. Most will have living relatives and difficult stories.
    It takes something special for a couple to be willing and able to take on an adopted child. It is not simply an alternative to having your own children.
    That’s just incredible that people may enjoy the advanced medical services for a decent price!

  • Monika - 12/07/2018 Reply

    I’ve already left Kyiv several days ago. The service was surprisingly good. I didn’t expect that from the 3-rd world country. There were car-driver, interpreter, place to sleep, to eat, to have a rest and so on. We had enough time to discuss the contract and to make a final decision about all that. The manager was understanding, coz sometimes I can be annoying with all these questions! But hey! It is the matter of my future child.
    We were choosing between 2 packages. Standard and VIP. We chose the last one, as anyway it’ll be our last try…
    I have good feelings about all these. I hope this journey will lead us to the logical end, whetret it be… but better it be positive for our family ;(

  • OldSpice - 12/07/2018 Reply

    I’ve recently been to Ukraine. I didn’t expect this state to compare with the US medicine. We had an initial consultation there. We took our time (thanks the clinic’s team for understanding). As a result, my husband and I have signed the contract there. We are at the beginning of the surrogacy process. As we sat in the waiting hall, I was talking with some clients, who also expected to meet a doctor. I had a conversation with the couple from Australia and a woman from Norway. The woman came to Kyiv for the egg donation program as well as we. She talked about the bad experience in Georgia two years ago. She said that scammers took from her $10k and disappeared. I do not remember the clinic she named, but thanks got that I opted for Ukraine.

  • Grubber - 30/08/2018 Reply

    I’m completely convinced in Ukrainian perspective. It’s fast-evolving factory of services. I like this country and its rapid growth.
    Recently, my wife and I were patients of the clinic in Ukraine. We couldn’t conceive for a long time. Thus we found a way to go to Ukraine.
    It was an egg donation procedure. I was pleasantly surprised with their hospitality. Welcoming clinic indeed.
    Now my beloved wife is 29 weeks pregnant. It makes me crazily happy. I can’t express my excitement.
    It’s really huge. As I have my own quite large business I have to meet different people over the world. Also I have an opportunity to estimate the quality of received services.
    My mark regarding Ukraine is higher than middle one. I was satisfied. We were surrounded by young cheerful interpreters.
    They made our days. I liked their manner to hold the business. We were everywhere in required time and I appreciate it well.
    All my current thoughts are about my wife’s belly. We are looking forward to our twins. It’ll be a big challenge for our babysitting skills.
    I hope we’ll be good at everything. Nobody forbids to hire a nanny. I’m excited that’s all.
    If you have your ovaries unable to take part in normal fertilization, don’t be upset, medicine handles these issues. There in Ukraine you can find really a high service. Kind responsive people. A chance for parenthood by the way. Take care!

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