Surrogacy: Child Trafficking or Patronage?

Published 24/11/2017 in Health, Medicine

Surrogacy: Child Trafficking or Patronage?

The list of countries where surrogacy is legal is expanding every year. In 2015, main destinations for commercial surrogacy, such as India, Nepal, Thailand and Mexico, banned this practice for foreigners. However, global demand for surrogacy is not decreasing. 

“There is a huge demand for surrogacy throughout the world,” an international expert said. “More than 100 million Europeans need surrogacy and are ready to go for it but cannot do this in their own country. Therefore, if it’s impossible to get this service at home, in India or in Thailand, people are looking for a different place! ”

Basically, this search doesn’t take much time. Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus are those countries where foreigners can start surrogacy program according to the flexible law of the country. While highly developed countries are only considering surrogacy legalization, other countries have successful practice of helping infertile couples to solve their issues. After all, there are many families in the world for whom surrogacy is the only chance to become parents. Through these programs, couples have the opportunity to experience a complete and utter joy of parenthood.

While surrogacy is gaining momentum worldwide, the process of carrying and giving birth to a strangers’ baby remains ambiguous and controversial. What is it: a unique help to infertile families, child trafficking or kind of patronage?

In the USA, surrogacy is an entire industry. Hollywood celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Elton John, Ricky Martin and many others, do not hide the fact that they became parents via surrogacy. Technology is always changing. Now, it is possible to choose future baby’s gender, eye color and even edit the genome (CRISPR)!

Even top technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, did not stand aside from the issue of the global fight against infertility. These companies actively cooperate with fertility clinics. They even make ART treatment, including IVF cycles, PGD and freezing of cells and embryos, more affordable for their infertile employees

Infertility is the problem of reproductive health, which unfortunately got larger throughout the world for the last few years. Over the past year, it was recorded that more than 25% of couples around the world have faced infertility as a pressing problem. The demand for ART programs has risen due to the increase in infertility rates. This situation also contributed to the growth of the market. More and more couples choose expensive medical procedures to improve their chances of having a baby.

Surrogate motherhood is one of those programs that allows desperate infertile couples to finally become happy parents. Today surrogate motherhood itself is more than 2% of all ART programs. Until recently, this figure was only 0.1%. And experts estimate that one in three children will be born via surrogate motherhood by 2025.

Under such circumstances, it doesn’t seem surprising that small surrogate motherhood agencies immediately turn into big transnational companies. The first sign that small agencies are being transformed into large companies is that they begin sponsoring football and tennis players, or even become owners of baseball, jujitsu or the other sports clubs –

The companies successfully promote their advertising in the international arena under the guise of kind patronage. In the 21st century, IVF programs for infertile families turned into a large-scale business.

And if the “march” of surrogate motherhood is not stopped, in the nearest future children will turn into a result of sci-fi activity, and the plot of the well-known film “Matrix” will become a reality. A total legalization of surrogate motherhood will gradually lead our society to a modern variation of “the Handmaid’s Tale”. And, ultimately, a new life will no longer be a gift but just a “product” which can be ordered at reproductive clinics.

The European Parliament has condemned the practice of surrogate motherhood in its resolution of 2013, noting that it “undermines the human dignity of being a woman, because her body and her reproductive functions are used as a commercial product.” Nevertheless, the ART market is developing rapidly and having a great popularity among infertile couples, as they cannot find another solution.

This is due to the significant decrease of fertility, increase of public and private investments, raise of awareness about ART programs and technological advances. On the other hand, surrogacy remains a major topic for debates and discussions.  What it really is: a unique chance for infertile couples from all the world to become parents, or business, enabling some companies to earn millions on the issue of reproductive health.


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  • Caren - 20/11/2017 Reply

    Support of national sport team is very honorable task, but do you think fertility clinic can do this? If they have so much money to sponsor sport, maybe they can make their packages cheaper and affordable?

    • Kristy - 20/11/2017 Reply

      Have you seen their prices? I guess they are affordable enough. At least in comparison with the USA. And why a fertility clinic can’t sponsor sport? It’s normal that they have profit from their services and it’s a noble action to put them in sport and promoting their country this way.

      • Lauran - 30/11/2017 Reply

        Exactly, right? I mean what is wrong with clinics sponsoring sport events. I mean, other companies have been doing this for years. I see Coca Cola, which produces fizzy drink that are outright harmful sponsors so many events. I even see big companies sponsoring at Olympics. When it comes to clinics doing it, I know a lot of people might suggest it is not necessarily ethical. However, I guess they just use sponsorship to get themselves out there. If you have first-hand experienced inferiltity, you will notice how hard it is to find the clinic you like. Yes, you are so on point with what you had to say about this. If they have the right resources, why not let them sponsor specific events. I also disagree with what the author had to say. I mean, sponsoring events does not equal to child trafficking. Yes, in no way does it equal to to an atrocious act as child-trafficking. Anyways, good to see someone who has the same views. Now, I get why it is such a thorny topic. It is like discussing abortion in Midwest here in USA. OK, let us not get into that one. Still, thanks for you positive input. I hope you have a great day!

    • Noreen - 28/11/2017 Reply

      For fertility clinics to do this they are doing it for a purpose. Mostly to promote themselves. It is never illegal for an organization to promote itself. For whatever media that they are going to use. For the clinic, they prefer the national sports. It is not that they have much money. Sometimes you have to spend some money so as to get more in return. Does advertising these days mean that the given company have much money? No of course. They just want a larger population know more of their services. Which is the same case here. But there are fertility companies that offer affordable packages. It just depends with which clinic you are getting your services from.

  • Soho - 20/11/2017 Reply

    Jiu-Jitsu? In Ukraine? Wow!

  • TCA - 20/11/2017 Reply

    Why do people always care about someone else’s money? I have read somewhere in the news that DiCaprio bought a bottle of a very expensive wine, and everyone commented it in a similar way: He could donate this money, he could help children in Africa, he could have done this and that. But the thing is those are HIS money and he wants a f*cking bottle of wine.

    • DosTres - 20/11/2017 Reply

      It’s ridiculous and that’s it! The team is sponsored only to serve as an ad somewhere outside Ukraine. I’m almost sure they don’t care about those young men who wear clothes with clinic’s name. Why does biotexcom look for promotion when the clinic is full of patients and they have no possibility to treat them without long waiting time? They just want more and more couples and long waiting list and huge lines.

      • TCA - 20/11/2017 Reply

        We can’t know their real intentions, we can only guees. We should mind our own business and if you are not satisfied with waiting time, you can find a clinic with better conditions. Don’t waste your time on managing biotexcom time.

        • Kiri28Ta - 21/11/2017 Reply

          Everything that companies like this do is for promotion. Who would spend loads of money just to support sport? Sponsorship is a way to spread brand name, everybody knows this

  • Chandler Grin - 21/11/2017 Reply

    “Child-selling” is illegal

    • Myra - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I don’t think if surrogacy is child selling. Considering that the child is genetically the same as the parents. Couples opt for this method of fertility treatment. Not because they want to. According to the majority that I know. But because they have no other means of becoming parents. Maybe they have tried other methods. IVF, IUI, and they did nit work out. So they decide to have someone help them become parents. I don’t think anyone was born being proud of being infertile. Everyone wants to have their own children. But sometimes not everything will be according to what we are planning. So when the circumstances does not allow. Then is when you have to opt for surrogacy. And the surrogates have nothing to do with the children. When the child is born the business ends there. So it will not be like the surrogate sold the child to the new parents. I hope you can read the article again and understand its basics.

  • Anna P. - 23/11/2017 Reply

    I feel there is another way to become a parent than to choose the sticky situation of surrogacy and go abroad for this. Adoption is a lovely way to give a child a chance at life that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. And while people often complain about the cost, adoption can be far less expensive than surrogacy, especially if the child is not a newborn. Most adoptions cost under $5,000, and they can even be free. Surrogacy is stressful for all involved, extremely costly, and it sadly doesn’t guarantee the end result of a child.

    • Callisy - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I have understood what you have said. But not people do agree for adoption. This is because of many reasons. Adopting to has a lot of procedures to follow. There is monthly check up from the adoption facility. You cannot do it if you are a foreigner. Three are a lot of rules that govern adoption too. Which is the same to surrogacy. But people prefer surrogacy more. Even though it is more expensive. This is because they get their own children. The child is genetically the same as his or her parents. So why leave the chance of having your own child. Then go for a child that is not yours. Then later in life the adopted kid starts asking of their real parents. Or maybe you fail to have a connection with the adopted child. Anyway, it is one decision ton chose between the two.

  • TCA - 23/11/2017 Reply

    Why do people always care about someone else’s money? I have read somewhere in the news that DiCaprio bought a bottle of a very expensive wine, and everyone commented it in a similar way: He could donate this money, he could help children in Africa, he could have done this and that. But the thing is those are HIS money and he wants a f*cking bottle of wine.

    • Callisy - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Do you mean that Africa is the epitome of poverty? Anyway, away with that. In life you have to learn that people will always talk. No matter what situation it is. Whether you do good or bad. Leonardo has some charitable organization on his name. But because he bought a million dollar wine. Then it is a crime because he did not use it to help some needy children in Zimbabwe. And he does have the right to use his money. Whether he had invented it in something more meaningful or not. This is the same case as surrogacy. Should we know start pointing fingers at Kim Kardashian for going for surrogacy. Just because she is fertile but is tired of being pregnant. Or because Kanye has money to throw at fertility clinics for his wife high class life.

      • Malick - 29/11/2017 Reply

        I think you guys are just outside the topic. Whatever the author was trying to say is different with what you are trying to show. So where is DiCaprio and Kardashians coming into. I do agree that the subject covers a wide topic. But how does it relate with how someone spends his money on wine. or whether to go and invest it in Africa. It would have been better if we could have focused more on important things. Like discussing about surrogacy. What we can do to enhance it. Your thought and views. Do you agree with the author. What if the fertility clinic that use national sports for advertising purpose. Do you also think that surrogacy is child trafficking. Let your view be known. Rather than discussing Hollywood in an irrelevant platform.

  • 213333fgcr - 23/11/2017 Reply

    the idea of surrogacy is excellent for people in a long term relationship with someone of the same gender as they would other wise be unable to have children of their own . Surrogate mothers must be carefully to assure that they will not want to keep the baby as it is not their own. There should be no payment to the surrogate or else that will be a whole new debate about “paying for kids”. Only the legal and hospital fees (if any) should be payed by the biological parents to their surrogate. In this case it wouldn’t be child trafficking. Has nothing to say about sports sponsorship, don’t think it’s wrong

    • 312rcgf - 23/11/2017 Reply

      And you think that homosexual couples don’t deserve to feel joy of a parenthood?

      • Harry IQ100 - 23/11/2017 Reply

        I praise Ukraine for banning homosexual surrogacy.
        Don’t judge my attitude I ‘ve got quite reasonable excuses to have such a view.
        Women with their men should be the first in turn who gain this chance.
        I’m a tolerant person enough and In progressive approach I trust. Good luck to everyone all around!

        • blackandyellow - 21/03/2018 Reply

          For the God’s sake, why does your sick creature presume that heterosexual couples should have more rights that the other ones? Everyone is entitled to feel happy. We are all equal in our rights!
          What is your excuse then? A devastating and offensive ignorance? Oh well…
          Sorry, but I think that people with such prejudices like you have gotta be last in a turn who gain this chance. You can nothing but teach your children being judgmental and homophobic.
          Hope you will understand that someday.

          • Emerald - 21/03/2018

            Don’t overreact, hun. You live in the society, where are still dim-witted people, who have such thoughts. Unfortunately, sometimes these people have enough power to limit someone’s rights. We are living in the age of changes, in the age when people will hopefully understand that being homophobic is the same as being racist. It’s not a clinics’ fault. It should be changed at the governmental level.

          • Noxvill - 21/03/2018

            Now when Ukraine is one of the most popular directions for assisted reproductive technologies it is the very time for the changes in the Ukrainian legislation. I can only imagine an inflow of investments when members of Ukrainian parliament will legalize all types of relations in the spirit of global tendencies in the developed countries. I feel good when scientific breakthroughs help people to achieve their goals. And I also feel good when the beauty of human mind wins over prejudices and ignorance! I hope people will stop the witch hunt, and will start solving the real problems.

    • Courtney Jay - 28/11/2017 Reply

      This method is mostly used by gays. Because for lesbians, one of them can carry the pregnancy. Unless all of them are going through some fertility issues. But for the gays this is a best idea. So when they decided for the surrogate. They have various decisions to make. Whether they will use the surrogate eggs. Or have a donor egg. This way, the surrogate will be carrying a child that is not hers. So there will be no further negotiation after pregnancy. Even if the surrogate used her own eggs. the child will not be hers. Because she would have been paid for the eggs. So the story ends after conceiving. There will be no communication with the child. The surrogate will only be paid during the period when she is pregnant. Then that’s all. When the baby has been conceived the contract will end. The surrogate will have no right whatsoever to go back for the child.

  • monic@ - 23/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is definitely a growing market. Not so long ago people raised their eyebrows when they heard about a woman carrying a child for another couple. Today you hear of more and more couples who have children born by surrogates. Couples who desperately want a child usually offer liberal compensation for surrogate services. This fee alone could prompt a woman to consider becoming a surrogate I believe

    • Cecile - 23/11/2017 Reply

      Most women who choose surrogacy do so to give back to another family. It takes a special, compassionate person to become a surrogate. A surrogate can walk away from the experience with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction that they were able to help another family in the most selfless way possible.

      • monic@ - 24/11/2017 Reply

        She will walk away from the experience with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction if she is paid enough for her “compassionate act”. I agree it depends but if talking about poor countries where surrogacy is the most affordable, I’m sure that women aremostly attracted by moneyeven though their wish to help others is also true

        • Cecile - 24/11/2017 Reply

          I agree that motives can vary and it depends on person, but as for me, although money is an attractive element of such deal, people don’t do it just for them. Surrogates know that they are paid for doing something amazing, even life-saving (children make our life meaningful) and it warms up their heart and soul!

          • monic@ - 24/11/2017

            I don’t’s really controvercial matter and I, for one, have a few different opinions. I guess we are right, both of us. regarding sponsorship, see only a positive side of the issue it’s a wide spread practice and good marketing method. Agree?

    • Cardi Hynn - 30/11/2017 Reply

      With the growing demand for surrogacy the field is also expanding. I believe there are surrogates out there just because of money. I cannot judge them. it is not like they are selling drugs. Maybe they have no other means to find finances. And they are healthy. They can use that to help a couple. I really do not see a big deal in that. So o wonder why all this fuss. If you are having some fertility problems then why cant I help. I am healthy and u have the resources. We can say it is the same as kidney. people sell their kidneys to those in need. This is not bad. I have never seen people raising their fingers in this case. Then why be bitter with the surrogates. Just because they are using that method to feed themselves. We even see somecountries that have ban this. We should be more repriciative with this idea. As far as they are using legal means to make a life it is fine. They never robbed anyone.

  • Caily - 23/11/2017 Reply

    One of the key issues that those who are both for and against surrogacy grapple with is the surrogacy procedure itself. While the process makes it possible for parents to have a child that possesses genes from one or both “biological” parents, it can also put in motion many emotional and psychological ups and downs for the intended parents.

    • Lia Fonsi - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Surrogacy is the main issue in this topic. Parents go through a lot before they opt for this procedure. It does help them have biological children. Where their genetics match the unborn baby. But there are a lot of things that surround surrogacy as a whole. Like why go through the process? Where will you find affordable procedure? Should we travel to another country? So on and so forth. So the parents have a lot to decided. They might end up doing a lot of research. They want the best for their child. Apart for desperation leading them to this decision. But having your own child comes with a lot of satisfaction. So I cannot judge parents who go for surrogacy. It might be their only hope to have a family. We cannot deprive such couple their happiness.

  • Sonora - 23/11/2017 Reply

    Many intended parents become close with their surrogate and her family during the process, developing meaningful bonds that can last a lifetime. So it really depends on people.

  • Samanta - 23/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy (particularly that of commercial surrogacy) is a form of prostitution: In both cases one can view the women as selling physical, intimate, bodily services. Selling their bodies and their function for money!

    • Tiffany - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Not really dear. I feel you commenting this on emotions. The commercial surrogacy has nothing to do with prostitution. I do understand that they get paid for the services. In which it is not bad. Of course they have to be paid. I am carrying your baby. The baby is not genetically related to the surrogate. So when you say that they are selling their bodies I do not agree with you.Her function is to just carry the pregnancy. Maybe because you have not been through infertility. There is always a kind of desperation that parents go through. Especially when they have no other means to be parents. They just have to opt for any method that will enable them be parents.

  • Ivi - 23/11/2017 Reply

    The world is ‘overpopulated’ and that there are many orphans whose parents have died from decease or because of war. There are also many children who are living in children’s homes because their parents couldn’t afford to keep them. People have a moral duty to care for the already existing children in need of a loving caring family rather than proceed to make new babies through surrogacy into an already too crowded world.

    • Sharon - 23/11/2017 Reply

      Contrary to sensible logic (there are many children in need of a home – so adoption should be easy), being allowed to adopt a child is difficult and takes a long time. The whole paperwork process along with psychological evaluations and waiting list etc. may take many years.

    • Annie Griezmann - 24/11/2017 Reply

      Bollocks! I hate the way you’re saying the world is overpeopled. Maybe world is awash because of You or Me? and one of us should give up the place?
      The person talking of Earth’s population like about livestock in this manner doesn’t have a right to gain excuses by mentioning orphans.
      Please, relax and gaze how science redresses injustices of nature and provides kind people with new hope

      • Ivi - 24/11/2017 Reply

        There is nothing wrong in saying that our world is overpopulated. It’s just a fact, you don’t get irritated when you hear that the sky is blue, right? The same here. We face a lot of economic and ecologic difficulties because there are too many people living on this planet, but it’s fine. We can deal with it. We should deal with it. And we will deal with it. Regarding orphans, this matter seems to be very simple for me. There are people who don’t want to have children, but they got one. And there are people who can’t have children no matter how they try. Isn’t solution visible here? Or parenting is only about blood connection?

        • Annie Griezmann - 24/11/2017 Reply

          “There is nothing wrong in saying that our world is overpopulated. It’s just a fact, you don’t get irritated when you hear that the sky is blue, right?”
          blueness of sky is quite okay, the ‘overpopulated’ planet remains the bollocks anyway.
          Whose fact? The fact of sick headed politicians? The fact received after when you lean out of the window to check how the world exists?

          One small ant lived in its anthill and thought moodily that its world was overpopulated

          • Ivi - 24/11/2017

            Scienfic fact that is based on calculations of population number that is perfect for comfortable living on this planet.

        • Annie Griezmann - 24/11/2017 Reply

          Wow, remarkable! this changes everything.

        • Oblivion - 24/11/2017 Reply

          There is no such thing as overpopulation. What does that even mean to begin with? There are too many people? How is that a problem? Pollution and all that? Obviously that is a great issue but overpopulation doesn’t explain that. No matter the number of people there will still be douches. Plus the normal of people isn’t increasing like it used to. It’s just that lately people are living longer. That’s why there is an increase on the population number. The EU predicts that the 12 billion human being will never be born. The rise in the numbers of humans will come to an halt quickly. It is just moronic to say that overpopulation is a reason not to do surrogacy. Plus blood connection does fucking matter a little. Let’s face it! I am not against adoption in any way! It’s just that some things are the way they are!

    • Courtney Jay - 28/11/2017 Reply

      When you say that the world is overpopulated I think you are over exaggerating. We are currently at 7 billion people in the world. And this tends to be growing even larger as days go by. But that does not mean that we should no longer give birth. So because we are many I should give up the dream of having my own children. Just because there are orphans out there. If you are interested in adopting, well go ahead. It is a free world. You cannot judge me by the decision I make. Just because it does not seem to be making sense to you. I want a child of my own., Adoption is a lengthy procedure. And sometimes there are many problems facing these adopted kids. I am not saying that people should not adopt. I mean it is ones decision to do so. So do not judge me for going for surrogacy and leaving adoption. Just because the world is already populated.

  • Teressa Burger - 23/11/2017 Reply

    Hey dear everyone! I’m not sure that any clinic should waste its time for sponsorship. I guess every medical organization needs to be sponsored instead of this.
    I try believing that each establishment always based on kind and secire idea to save humanity. The plan of grabbing huge money is the second step how to fill a spare time.
    I’m recommending managers of facilities to let all the sport clubs live their fine lives and achieve improbable peaks while medical specialists must remain committed to particular vocation.

    • Kiki Lopez - 30/11/2017 Reply

      The facilities are sponsoring the sports for the better. Yes it will be a win-win situation. Where the sports are being sponsored. The facilities use this form as a method of advertisement. But the people who gain mire are the sportsmen. From the sponsorship they can do a lot. Like nurturing talent. We have a lot of untapped potential out there. but due to luck of finances. This raw talents die in unused hands. This is so bad. I ma so much supporting the advertisement. As far as they are offering back services to the community. It is not only fertility clinics doing this. We can even see Etihad sponsoring Manchester City. Same case to Standard Chartered bank and other sponsors. You cannot see all that but you can speak ill of clinics. I think we should try to embrace this idea and be supportive as well.

  • Harry IQ100 - 23/11/2017 Reply

    To be honest, pretty a daring article even messy. I didn’t like the that part of comparing to matrix. Holly caw! It’s a little bit ridiculous, sorry if I said it. I’m a fan of this savage movie.
    From the other hand I completely agree and vote for rapid growth of different sciences or anything on this list.
    I’m a regular man/ yeah. I may say so. I’m a regular one who’s happy to be helpful.
    From time to time I donate some money to orphanages. It’s my modest contribution.

    • Sucre - 30/11/2017 Reply

      It is good to hear that you contribute to orphanages. Others are just making noise of adoption. Yet they can even adopt. Adoption has been open for any party. Whether you are fertile or not. If you cannot adopt and you want your own child it is also okay. But you can be offering help like giving donations. They way you are doing. You will be saving an orphan out there. A life that is touched by your giving will replace humanity back to you. It is so good of you. I actually am applauding you for this., But concerning the matrix film. I think the writes is saying the true. We are having a lot of technologized fertility treatment. At this rate. Years to come we will only have children born of technology. But I am not saying that it is bad. I just feel we should try to moderate the process. Surrogacy is a good thing to infertile couples.

  • Saffo - 24/11/2017 Reply

    Stop surrogacy? What the heck does this mean? We eventually found a way to make humans happy and someone wants to take this possibility away. I suppose if the author saw my cousin’s family emitting light of gratitude he’d never dare posting such an insolent stuff.
    If some clinics have intentions to support sports I’m O.K. with this absolutely.
    I’m not bothered by that when anyone knows how to plan and spend a budget and at the same time does work well.
    I’m sure the future depends on those who behave decisively. Peace!

    • T Bagwell - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Many people do not know the happiness that surrogacy has brought to some families. It was like the only hope. Then know some people feel all this is trash. Humans can be so mean. What is wrong with surrogacy? If we look deep into it there is nothing wrong with it. We just exaggerate the services that are being offered. Just because there is a surrogate in the picture. Here we see it is a three party collaboration. One cannot work without the other. They are all dependent in each other. Like the clinic cannot do without the surrogate. And the surrogate cannot do it without the intended parents. It is like a triangle. There is no one who will be hurt in the process. At the end of the day everyone gains. And to me nothing looks illegally. So for the countries that have a ban on this procedure. They could be doing best to its citizen by removing the ban.

  • PJ - 24/11/2017 Reply

    Hi! I’m afraid the topic has been put in weird context. We all know what child trafficking is and know what surrogacy give today. This is like to compare daily road traffic accidents to the rise of the machines by JF Cameron.
    I’m rubbish at criticism but by adhering to the same opinion I had change of heart.
    Supporting Jujitsu isn’t similar to the drugs and weapons promotion, surrogacy is inherently far from whoredom. This is also a campaigning of healthy lifestyle.
    Nevertheless, I can’t agree that particularly surrogacy market is getting grown. The world was divided in two views on that. And an incendiary part of the world tries forbidding such programs by federative tools.

  • cndcrime - 24/11/2017 Reply

    It’s all about money. It has nothing to do with infertile families and sportsmen

    • Myra - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Everyone has the right to do things the way they like. However, this is not the case here. As you can read that there are countries that have a ban on surrogacy. Remember in such countries we do have people who are going through infertility. They would have wished if they had means to be parents. But they cannot do so. Unless otherwise they have the financed to go to another country. This will be more expensive. Because of the flights and the stay in the new country. Something that they would have done in their country at a cheaper cost. So they tend not to go for that idea. Then there dreams vanish that way. So we are left with only the rich accessing surrogacy. While those who are not financially stable looking for other means. It would have been better if all countries could just allow surrogacy as a means of fertility treatment. Rather than treating it that harshly.

    • Chloe Koko - 30/11/2017 Reply

      From which stand are you basing your argument? Are you just commenting just because you have to comment? There are many ways to earn money. I do not think if it is in surrogacy. It looks like the pain you have is to the surrogates. They are just doing their part. Offering help with money in return. I do not see the biasness that you have insisted on. As if they just get money with nothing to offer. Why are you so bitter with the topic? Do you have a family? Because you better do. If not, pray that you are so fertile. That there will be no point in your fertility journey that you will need assistance. The fertility clinics are doing this to help people. Just the way you pay for treatment too. Or maybe you wanted surrogacy to be for free? Then everybody could be going for other treatment for free too.

  • midFM - 24/11/2017 Reply

    There’s nothing bad or innatural(otherwise wouldn’t work) in surrogacy. Infertile couples have equal rights to have children with their own genetical material, which is was invent by nature. And it’s not their fault that because of different reasons(environment, sickness etc) they don’t deserve for a family happyness.
    I agree with PJ, we all know from massmedia what is child trafficking, so this kind of clinic doing good stuff. Even more if take to attention fact of sponsorship. We can make a conclusion that here it’s not about commerce only.

  • Annie Griezmann - 24/11/2017 Reply

    In Thailand young boys don’t have lots of options where to apply themselves effectively. As a rule, they choose being prostitutes or muay-thai fighters to just feed their poor families. Why am I telling this?
    In clinic’s desire to donate money for youth which involved in doing sports I see a noble act of providing a chance for the new life.
    Frankly speaking, the clinic keeps doing its usual work. It gives a chance for having a hope for spotless future. Accept my high respect Dear clinic! Go on go on!

    • Ali Yusuf - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Male prostitution isn’t that gay? Or what did you mean by that? This is so bad. The government should be providing something for the youth to do. Even if it free college studies. Rather than letting the youth languish in immorality. I am really saddened by this information. I have never heard of that. This is so bad. But I can understand the situation these boys find themselves in. Thailand is a third country. Meaning that opportunities are so rare. So when we have these clinics promoting sports it is something good. They will help the street children. I believe these kids have a lot of untapped talent. Maybe because their parents luck the finances. But when the clinics come in between. It will be a great help. Not only to the family but to the nation at large.

  • Patricia - 24/11/2017 Reply

    As it says in second paragraph “There is a huge demand for surrogacy throughout the world,” , – so why not? I mean, it’s the same service like any operation, what was forbiden, if we take a glance on a history when healers had to dig corpses for make some researches. And now we can just legally(may be again not in all contries), bequeath our body for science.
    It’s a frequent thing when we talk about human body and some proces implementation, treatment etc. in/on it.
    After all, we all visit the dent despite natural proceses in mouth.
    I just want to say, if there is request, agreement between three sides of surrogacy and the possibility provided – why not?

    • Penalpy - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I see surrogacy just the way you se it. Everyone has the opportunity to chose. But I would prefer people to deal with this matter more maturely. Rather than just throwing tantrums. You do not even know what the whole procedure entails. Yet that person is the one her throwing shades. That is bad. We should be open mind. Just the way accepted other means of treatment. Like C-section fir example. It was not there before. But with technology we came to learn about it. Everyone enhanced it as something positive. the same is seen in surrogacy. We should just accept and move on. Rather than staying stagnantly in the same topic for ages. Banning a medical treatment is not something to be happy for. It is like depriving others of medical attention. I wish these countries could see surrogacy in a whole new angle.

  • Sallupie - 24/11/2017 Reply

    once upon a time there one inventor forecasted people would be able to take flights over land, another one just assumed that the Earth had spherical shape and what was the response? Those inventors were met with miscommunication, to put it mildly.
    Even nowadays millions think condoms are sin and commercial trick.
    I guess Surrogacy isn’t taken on merit and for granted yet. I’d love to help couples if I was a woman having her own child. I believe the surrogate motherhood is decent cause to bring goodness into human lives.

    • Barbie - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Using condoms is a sin. If we are to judge that by religion. All Holy books suggest that sex should be done in the institution of marriage alone. And I cannot think if a couple can use condoms. We have pills to prevent pregnancy. When we come to surrogacy I do agree with you. Right now people are just anxious about the whole process. But with time we will be able to see positive returns. People will be using the method. It will no longer be an issue. The countries that have currently have a ban on the procedure. With time there will be a high demand and the ban will be lifted. We are moving fast globally. Technology will be everything in our doings. From fertility to communication. Things will get better with days. If not, then we will be the ones ruining the opportunity f better days. So surrogacy will eventually gain grounds.

  • M.B. DURANTE - 24/11/2017 Reply

    My possition is neutral.
    From one side adobtion – “alien” baby, but so many of them waiting on family where they be loved and if surrogacy becomes validity in a whole world: orphanages won’t be able to take newones(and there are still, unfortunately).
    Other side – how strong shoul be a person go through the all stages from pregnancy to give birth and then it’s like loose some part of yourself when you are taken away the baby, even not your. I think it’s kind of risk…
    Of course, everyone have rights to be parents and in this way, to my mind, surrogacy resolved this problem, but as for me I still on the scalepan.

    • Edita - 30/11/2017 Reply

      We can discuss both parties here. Starting with adoption. I think many people are having a misconception about all this process. Anyone can go for adoption. It is not only restricted to infertile couples. We have single parents who can go for the option. Those suffering from a genetic disorder and do not want a child to inherit themselves. And the list goes on. But now. We are in a generation where everyone wants a child of their own. A child who carries your DNA. It is not bad. But the orphanages also want people to raise those kids. That can be done by anyone. Even the fertile couples. They tend to throw that burden to the infertile couples. which is not fair. You might be fertile but you decide you just want to adopt. This is because adoption comes from in within you. The spirit of helping someone out there.

  • Lucy - 24/11/2017 Reply

    Even if surrogacy is a commercial project, it is hard to reject the fact that it works. A lot of infertile couples got a chance to become parents. Actually, this is the only way for them to give birth to their biological baby. A lot of people just don’t want to adopt. How can surrogacy be forbidden? It helps people to be happy. The price for surrogacy is pretty high, it’s true. But couples are ready to pay a lot to make their dream come true. Surrogacy is not that simple process. A lot of people are involved. It takes a lot of time and money to find an appropriate medical center and to choose the best woman on the role of the surrogate. As for me, surrogacy is a great invention of modern medicine. Desperate couples, which spent years ttc, at last have a chance to become parents. Doesn’t it matter? Surrogacy should definitely exist in our world.

    • Josh Shirrer - 30/11/2017 Reply

      The fertility clinics are not commercializing the project. It is just that these days many people are going for surrogacy. Unlike the olden days where these cases were rare. Due to this reason. Many fertility clinics have come to the limelight. Advertising their services everywhere. It s not tat surrogacy started this year. It was there even before last year. But many people had not yet started using it. But when they realized of its high success rate. Now nearly every infertile couple is going for it. This is the reason it is everywhere. It was even marketed more by our own celebrities. Who have gone for surrogacy and made it public. Now everybody wants to give it a try. So the fertility clinics are just doing their work. We cannot judge them for that. They make the dream of many parents come to pass.

  • Dubliners - 24/11/2017 Reply

    Thanks God My husband and I finished our surrogacy journey before We began thinking of moral aspects of surrogacy and commercial interest of the facility. We related to this journey as if it was our time to win.
    I’m happy to admit our brain wasn’t overwhelmed by heavy thought. The only thing we carried was our goal. The only thing we carry now is a gratitude! Thank you for these days and for giving us such a memorable experience.

    • Bably - 30/11/2017 Reply

      What moral aspects of surrogacy? What commercial interest of facility? Does that mean now you cannot conceive through surrogacy? I am not just getting it straight. After conceiving through surrogacy now is when you have opened your eyes? It seems that is what you are trying to portrait. Like surrogacy is something negative. Because now your moral aspects do nit match it. Or because the facility have commercialized it. You must be a hypocrite then. If this is what you tend to mean. You should be out there telling others. How surrogacy helped you have a child. So other infertile couples can join the bandwagon. Well, it is your decision at the end of the day. But since you gained from it. You are now thankful that you are now opened to the subject more. Than before you had the procedure.

  • David - 24/11/2017 Reply

    Hello there everybody! Very intresting topic here… I think you cannot blame either side. It is everyones right to have an opinion! You know what else though? It is every bodies right to neglect that opinion. I guess one has to find that in between balance for this whole thing. If it is okay with you to do surrogacy, fine go for it. You find it to be something bad and evil, fine either way, don’t ever do it. Please just don’t shove your thoughts at everybody. That is the only wrong thing. Live your lives peacefully folks. Happy late Thanksgiving everyone. God bless you all!

    • Doris - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Every one has the right to do things they way they like. However, this is not the case here. As you can read that there are countries that have a ban on surrogacy. Remember in such countries we do have people who are going through infertility. They would have wished if they had means to be parents. But they cannot do so. Unless otherwise they have the financed to go to another country. This will be more expensive. Because of the flights and the stay in the new country. Something that they would have done in their country at a cheaper cost. So they tend not to go for that idea. Then there dreams vanish that way. So we are left with only the rich accessing surrogacy. While those who are not financially stable looking for other means. It would have been better if all countries could just allow surrogacy as a means of fertility treatment. Rather than treating it that harshly.

  • Alessia - 24/11/2017 Reply

    OK, everything sounds fine. It matters what people think right? Well surrogacy in my opinion is something great. It has helped me achieve a dream that was impossible otherwise. I wanted a child and doctors told me there is no other way. So I guess that everyone that is on my shoes agrees with me right? I am fine with people who are against surrogacy too. It’s just that when you dig a little deeper and see who these people are, things change. Usually it’s folks who have no idea what infertility is like. That’s what makes me mad, crazy mad! How can you judge somebody for doing something as long as you aren’t on their shoes. Leave the decisions to the ones who the burden is upon. It’s as simple as that! You cannot know what’s best for me. I know what’s best for me, people who love me know that. A stranger on the internet has no freaking idea!

    • Honey Bunch - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Yess Alessia. You just hit them at the correct place. many people who be judging this thing are fertile. They freaking know nothing. They just comment according to their biased mindset. How can I comment on poverty yet I don’t know how it feels like? It is only those people who are going through poverty that will understand this. Not the rich. What the rich can do is maybe help. Just that, nothing else. Not to make the situation more worse. This is now applicable in this case. If someone here is not going through infertility. Then the best thing to do is shut up. If not, Let them provide assistance. And I man positive assistance. Not starting to judge others. Saying how evil the situation is. Like saying that makes it be not evil. That is so bad and they should stop it.

  • kurv - 24/11/2017 Reply

    This is the same shit as anti-vaccination movement. Based on their logic vaccines are bad. If you are them why the think that, as a sane person would. They start talking about these big pharmaceutical companies making billions out of vaccines. Which makes no sense! What is the deal here? Obviously somebody will get money for any type of services. Why is the fact that pharmaceutical companies are getting rich good enough for us to contest something that has sent mankind years ahead in advancement? The same scenerio is applied here! Why the fuck does it matter that these companies are getting huge immediately? What is the point with that? They are a place that makes dreams come true for many people! I just can’t agree at all with this. It is a ridiculous point to make I think! Just my opinion though, could be wrong!

  • LeeChee - 24/11/2017 Reply

    I don’t see the point here… What is so bad about these companies? I see nothing wrong with them. Not even just a single thing. Look at this through my perspective for a second. 1. These companies start they’re work illegally! They pay taxes an so on. 2. They have a lot of costumer due to the high demand and low supply. That is actually good, means the creator has done his homework! He or she knows what sells. 3. They become big companies eventually or very quickly. The start sponsoring sports teams and such. That is a good thing in and on it’s own. It promotes something healthy and it gives opportunity for people. So what do you see wrong here? Please tell me I would love to know!

    • Noreen - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Well, I do not see anything bad with that. You know people will just talk. If you actually look closely. You will find out those who are against surrogacy are fertile. They just say this because they do noit know the hardship. To them conceiving is a walk in the park. So when surrogacy companies want to advertise themselves. These people come in with all sorts of words. Claiming it is not good. It i9s against mother nature and so on. But do they realize that no one wished to be born infertile. Everyone wants a family if her own. But due to some complications they are forced to go for surrogacy. So the fertility organization marketing themselves is not bad. Especially if they are using the sports field. This is because sports is more watched this days than any other form of recreation.

    • Noreen - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Well, I do not see anything bad with that. You know people will just talk. If you actually look closely. You will find out those who are against surrogacy are fertile. They just say this because they do not know the hardship. To them conceiving is a walk in the park. So when surrogacy companies want to advertise themselves. These people come in with all sorts of words. Claiming it is not good. It i9s against mother nature and so on. But do they realize that no one wished to be born infertile. Everyone wants a family if her own. But due to some complications they are forced to go for surrogacy. So the fertility organization marketing themselves is not bad. Especially if they are using the sports field. This is because sports is more watched this days than any other form of recreation.

  • portheramyne - 24/11/2017 Reply

    This is one heck of a complicated topic. I guess it is up to infertile people to choose, not up to us. They know what it feels like and we don’t! However I think I can understand why they choose surrogacy! I have ssen many things happen with adopted children… I am not saying I stand against adoption. Adopting a child is a noble thing that not anyone can do. It is a very difficult task to raise an orphan. Not only that but you need to make it possible for the child to create a connection with you. THese are some very complicated tasks. However some parents do adopt and finish those tasks successfully. Then the child grows and wants to meet his “real parents”! That would destroy the parents you know… So maybe, just maybe, they are trying to avoid this. Or I don’t really know it’s just so hard to take a side, I love this debate!

    • Cecile - 27/11/2017 Reply

      It’s pretty normal to have a desire to know more about your background, I don’t see why it can be hearbreaking? Parents are people who raised a child. and no one can take it. NO ONE!

      • Noreen - 28/11/2017 Reply

        I do agree that adopting a child is complicated. This is because when they grow up they wasn’t to meet their parents. This is not bad. And personally I am not against it. But why it is heartbreaking. It is because the children end up referring to their real parents as their parents. Then they forget the ones who raised them. Such kind of children no longer care who raised them up. Especially if later they find out that their parents are financially well of. They then leave those who raised them up. I have ever seen such a scenario. And I am talking out of an experience. The child ended up leaving her foster parents. And insisted going to her real mother. So the foster parents feel so wasted. All those years raising a child then they later leave you for their real parents.

  • Armani - 24/11/2017 Reply

    To say truth, I don’t know what is my position regarding surrogacy.First of all, it sounds strange. I would never become a surrogate, I’m sure. It doesn’t matter how much money these girls earn. On the other hand, what should infertile couples do if they want to have kids? My son was born through the IVF because I couldn’t get pregnant for a long time. That’s why I completely understand how desperate infertile women are. It’s a very delicate question to legalize surrogacy or not. But sometimes we need a piece of hope to stay strong and keep trying. «A unique chance for infertile couples from all the world to become parents» sounds pretty good. As far as I know the baby born is genetically related to biological parents. So, the baby is not an alien. Well, I can’t imagine my life without a baby. I don’t know what would I do if I couldn’t get pregnant. I guess, surrogacy is an option.

    • Callisy - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I always feel people who have been through infertility best understand this situation. That you have been through the same. It would have been east for you to have a stand. Unlike someone who does not know the pain of trying to conceive. According to me. I don’t think if there is any problem concerning surrogacy. There are people who undergo a lot as far as fertility is concerned. And this is their only option. So why not give them the chance of being parents. If that is the only way to go. I have seen others who have even gone for over 12 years. Trying to conceive is never that easy for some other people. So yes, let surrogacy be legal.

  • Mary George. - 25/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy indeed is a ray of hope for couples who have been suffering from infertility. It’s isually the last resort after trying endlessly and with different treatments, medicines and what not. In my opinion it’s the best opportunity for infertile couples. Clinics and agency providing amazing packages and economical rates is appreciative. Parents get a chance to be biologically related to their child. What else do we want? It’s an amazing invention of the modern science.

    • Callisy - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I do agree with you. Before surrogacy. Many people never had the hope of having children. If one was tamed infertile then he or she will remain just that. But with technology advancement. We see the up come of IVF, PDG and surrogacy. All the ART’s procedures have dearly helped many. Surrogacy to be in particular. Especially infertile couple who have no other means. Here parents get to have their own children. Genetically theirs too. Something that was nearly impossible before. Many people do opt for surrogacy as the last means. That is after trying other procedures. So that means they do try to carry their own babies. Then when that method does not work. They then opt for someone else to do it for them.

  • the Sigurdssons - 27/11/2017 Reply

    Now It’s impossible to call my family poor or miserable. My husband is like a flame full of warmth giving his love to everyone. His terrible mood and attitude to the world has been totally changed one day.
    Being honest, we tried to conceive for more than 12 years. We lost everything providing strength and hope for fighting. We didn’t look as warriors any longer for a cloudless future we were just like two walking dead bodies with an awful fatigue instead of gleam in our eyes. Our sweet relationships as well as our sexual life were expired at all.
    The only thing that left was to sit observing ruins of this love story which could inspire people many years ago before we had started trying.
    Just collecting the thoughts raised in my mind through that time I was able to create 10 volumes of my own history of calamities. But nobody in sane wouldn’t pay attention on such a weeping crap like on the books of my fails.
    My mind was nearly off or blacked out until my husband found that one clinic in Ukraine. It wasn’t a dream but a nightmare during which I was madly afraid of another misfortune because the next failure was similar to natural death.
    My infertility involved us in horror called ‘you’ll never win baby, give up hon and go back your empty home”. I lost my friends. Of course, I was a shit in my treating. All my thoughts were only about my unhappy conditions and my severe health state. Oh, my lord.
    And now I feel pain in my heart when I suddenly hear “ban surrogacy!”.
    You would be able to see myself in grave in case surrogacy hasn’t worked and brought benefits.
    I can’t retell it word for word. It became too massive blow for our souls from the very first days when out angel was born.
    Our boy played a role as a Jesus saving our lives at the moment of complete collapse.
    I’m not going to itemize my plentiful thanks to everyone who took part in our triumph, just wanna ask you not to try stopping this miracle. Sometimes surrogacy really brings back to life. My family is a relevant example

    • Callisy - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I can say that you have been through a lot. 12 years of trying. I am so proud of you. The two of you have actually now my role model. With every passing storm. You instead became more strong. If your marriage could pass that huddle. Then what can it not surpass. Congratulations for your boy too. The two of you never deserted each other. During the time when you needed each other the most. I know of various marriages that came down crumbling. Just because one party was infertile. Then the other partner was not patient enough to try other means. I can say you have really motivated a lot of people. Your story is worth sharing.

  • Mercedes - 27/11/2017 Reply

    We’re just next to the first step to be closer to Ukrainian destination. Our idea of having baby with help of surrogacy is already grown up and ripe enough so we’ve got no doubts. We just hesitate which clinic we should choose for co-operation further.
    I wish every couple to have a safe successful journey. I’m dying to start at last but my hubby is more rational so he restrains my crazy impulses.
    God bless surrogacy, and sports, and everything about happiness

    • Noreen - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I do wish you happiness too. That is good that you have decided to take a step. Many people have been trying hard to conceive. Now that surrogacy is offering that chance. I believe we have the ability to be parents. Even for those who never thought that this could become a reality. The now have a chance to be parents. I do hope that you find a good clinic. I do trust in Ukrainian clinics. I always believe that they are one if the best. Especially when it concerns fertility clinic. Like the one in Kiev. I do wish you all the best as you start your journey. May your future of building a happy family come to pass.

  • Vaasa K. 666 - 27/11/2017 Reply

    Have you ever had a goal that took all your thoughts and time?
    Have you ever been so engaged to be ready to spend all your money for achieving this?
    Have you ever been in one step to kill yourself because of your uselessness?
    Have you ever become happy after all? I was in these shoes. You’d never dish dirt on those who might be your last helping hand in hopeless situation as the surrogacy specialists are.
    The air is over. I’m done here. You better stop you attempt to say too much if you’re not aware of anything.

    • Anna Furtick - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I deduct what you are trying to mean. It seems like you have been through a lot. Especially with matters of infertility. You were under depression. Then hope came. Surrogacy helped you at the end o the day. You story ends so well. I am happy for you. It seems ultimately you found what you were looking for. And that is a child. Surely till when you have been through the journey is when you will understand it more. In your case you have the right to have your thought in the open. You have been through a lot with infertility. It was only surrogacy that helped you. So let other draw inspiration from you. All the attempts and you never gave up. You must be a strong person. Keep up with the same sprit. Let others also know what surrogacy did to you. How it saved you from hopelessness.

  • Kleo - 27/11/2017 Reply

    I behaved like a bitchy girl. Can you imagine I broke my friendship with a really wonderful woman just because she could give birth to her children and I hadn’t such an opportunity? Today I can comprehend that but I was so blind year ago. You’re noticing how people are happy and how you aren’t so when you can’t have the same as they do. I realize It was a silly thing, I couldn’t think the other way although.
    My surrogate is 5 months pregnant and I pray to my god for giving her a light delivery and an easy pregnancy.
    For God’s sake, I suffered too much and made the other people get hurt.
    the only thing I wish besides my baby’s health is to get my friendship back when I become a mom

    • loli - 27/11/2017 Reply

      Kleo, I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well! Wish your surrogate a good health and a successful delivery! I’m sure that if you have a desire you can renew your frienship now as well or you have done it already?

      • Kleo - 28/11/2017 Reply

        I was too rough with her. As is often the case, we hurt each other when we’re focusing only on our issues and forgetting that other people also continue to live and have their own matters. I managed only my own deals and I was sure it wasn’t only my business. She is very prideful and stubborn woman. I respect this but it makes things more difficult.

        • loli - 28/11/2017 Reply

          Those are words of a wise woman, Kleo! I’m sure you can show her that you have changed a lot and that you understand the meaning of friendship now. Wish you all the best!

    • Noreen - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I can say that you were mean. Why cut of a friendship just because you cannot give birth. Anyway, I cannot judge you. I understand that people do go through a lot. Especially when fertility is concerned. Others get into depression. Like the way you were. You now want to have your own child. If not, you could still be bitter. Why be bitter just because you cannot give birth? So others should not be happy because you cannot conceive. That is being self centered. Anyway, you will soon be a mother. I would have wished you go through the same. Perhaps you would have learnt ho mean it seemed like. But I do not want it that way.

  • Stonefish can murder - 27/11/2017 Reply

    If you heard of Bayer 04 Leverkusen the football club, you must know its ‘eternal’ sponsor and owner is the greatest German pharmaceutical company.
    That is a perfect example of symbiosis between medicine and sport in the range of large business field.
    I personally witness a pure connection when we discuss such topics.
    P.S. Finally having a cherished result nobody will argue for different perspectives on really existing advantages.
    It was difficult to express it, however, I hope I stressed the main thrust

  • Saffo - 27/11/2017 Reply

    Alright fish! No comments. This Bayer (the greatest drug company) has become a popular trade-mark right after they had started selling heroin. Lovely tendency as you see

    • Stonefish can murder - 27/11/2017 Reply

      I guess even wicked heroin saved more human lives than your awareness in this subject

      • Saffo - 27/11/2017 Reply

        This news can add some hardcore details to Bayer’s reputation. During the second world war those bastards performed researches carried out on human beings. They also contributed well in producing chemical weapon and had loads of people under their control who were treated just as slaves or dogs.
        We went too far from the article. Some people might think we’re talking about a specific clinic for human reproduction. I suppose it’s time to get it over.

        • Stonefish can murder - 27/11/2017 Reply

          They gave humanity the aspirin. I won’t tell about the value of this remedy everybody knows it. It could although hardly cover their sins, they did plenty of kind deeds anyway

  • Camila - 27/11/2017 Reply

    Do you believe in miracles? I do. Because I have experienced it! Maybe my successful surrogacy story is not so cheerful, after all.
    I couldn’t have children, no medical reason for it, but something just didn’t work. IVF didn’t work as well and we hoped that we can be luckier with a surrogacy. But no. We had 3 failed attempts and the reason why was a mystery again. Doctor said that embryos are good, AABB. Anyway, we gave it a shot one more time and used an egg donor for our surrogacy programme. (It was according to terms of our guarantee package). I’m a mom of a handsome and smart 2 years old boy. He is my miracle. I live for him. When I look at him, I see the love of my life, my dh, his father. My husband supported me through difficult years of infertility and now I have my son to support me, when my love is no longer here.

    • Grace Oprah - 27/11/2017 Reply

      Wow! Such stories sound as fairytales and I want to believe in them as if I was a child. My fertility journey hasn’t advanced yet but all my hope is dedicated to that.
      I wish you true happiness, I wish it with all the power of my faith

      • Camila - 28/11/2017 Reply

        Thank you, Grace! I wish you to keep this light inside even in the darkest days!

    • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I am so proud of you Camila. This is a positive story. I believe that you have encouraged someone out there. I am also sorry for the failed attempts. Sometimes fertility can be something hard to deal with. But it is good that your husband was with you. Sometimes we just need that support from someone we love most. I am so proud of you two. Also congratulations for your son. I can understand the happiness that you had. Holding your bundle of joy after years of trying. There is no story as encouraging as yours. I hope this has brought back happiness. May your child grow to be a handsome man. May you find light in him.

    • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I am so proud of you Camila. This is a positive story. I believe that you have encouraged someone out there. I am also sorry for the failed attempts. Sometimes fertility can be something hard to deal with. But it is good that your husband was with you. Sometimes we just need that support from someone we love most. I am so proud of you two. Also congratulations for your son. I can understand the happiness that you had. Holding your bundle of joy after years of trying. There is no story as encouraging as yours. I hope this has brought back happiness. May your child grow to be a handsome man. May you find light in him.

  • Rovenna - 27/11/2017 Reply

    We have missed something in this discussion. 10-15 embryos are usually created during an IVF. And only few of them are actually implanted. What about others? If “extra” embryos are created and not implanted, they are frozen indefinitely, destroyed immediately or “donated” for research. I guess, it’s not a human way to do so.

    • Mary Joy - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I must say that you have raised a different topic. No one even remembered about that. But it is still good. We can discuss that. So what happens to the other embryos. They are either frozen for future use. If the couples would wish for extra kids. That is will be siblings to the new born baby. Or either destroyed. Concerning donation for research. It is something are. Considering that the extra embryos are a lot. Research might only need like several which will be used for years to come. So here is where the negativity comes in. This is because the rest of the embryos are probably thrown. That is like throwing a kid away. I cannot even imagine about it. It is so inhuman. But well. That is different to what we are talking here. In surrogacy there is no embryo transfer. That is mainly on IVF or FET.

  • Sandra - 27/11/2017 Reply

    I know what is surrogacy because a lot of my clients tried it out. I am a psychologist and I met a lot of infertile couples. They all are extremely desperate. They all are looking for the way to become parents. Most of people don’t want to adopt…that’s a pity. In this case surrogacy helps. They become parents and they save their marriage. Babies born are genetically related to their biological parents. So, why is it weird? Why would we forbid it? It is a huge step ahead. It is a great solution for desperate couples… Come on…People, let’s give birth to kids. I can’t imagine my life without my sons.

    • Beurette - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Many people who go through infertility face a lot of depression. I can understand the reason why you have a lot of them. they just need someone they can open to. That is the reason they head to psychologists. There friends might not offer the kind of help they are looking for. But you serve them all. It is good that you have participated in this topic. So others can know what infertile couples go through. It is something very difficult. No one wished for it. We just find ourselves in that situation. I am infertile and I know what I am talking about. During my time I was so depressed. I spent most of the times indoors. Not going for events or functions. I also had a counselling schedule,. Read a lot of books to motivate me. Till when I opt for surrogacy. I am now a parent and it is the best thing ever.

  • Leila - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I find this completely abnormal! In my opinion, it is commercial attitude to human lives, people who can’t have children, always have the possibility of adoption. The human being is not a commodity!

    • Chinchilla - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Have you adopted a kid? Why judge other yet you have not adopted a child. Or is adoption only for infertile couples? You should be considerate. The way you want your own child is the same case to them. They also want a child genetically theirs. We are not going to discuss about adoption here. That procedure is so lengthy. And there are some complications related to it too. So you should not be the one pointing fingers here. Just because you are not facing infertility. Everyone is aware of adoption. But they decide not to go for it. Why don’t you respect their decision? Just the way we respect yours. Being fertile does not hinder you from having an adopted kid. In fact you will be doing something good to the community. We have a lot of children who want parental care. If you can offer that you can take them too. So stop talking about adoption just for infertile couples.

  • Conchita - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Those days I felt sleepy all the time but I was always wide awake and not able to have even a little nap.
    All the vital systems were out of order. The disorder has become a part of my personality.
    Sometimes it happens when you are completely confused and frustrated.
    According to general statistics if I’m not mistaken, 25 % of women suffer from unexplained type of infertility. It’s throwing you down even harder because you recognize your body as healthy enough to give birth but nothing gives awaited outcome. It’s a true sorrow. When you’re so deep into that you start being ashamed. I don’t know how it works, maybe, this is an influence of environment that supports and makes you feel weak due to that. You understand you’re worth nothing without this support and attention.
    I agreed to overcome another procedure in few months. I’ll have IVF with donor eggs. I see this topic is about surrogacy but we all know IVF method is at the core of such fertility treatment in any case.
    I’m here just for sharing my news. I did have to say that. and I also wish myself good luck! To you too if you need it.

    • Yvette - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Good luck dear. I wish you the best in your IVF trial. I can understand what you are going through. Dealing with infertility is something so hard. We need encouragement and support. People tend to look at us differently. They even add to the pain which we already have. Which I not good in our health. Instead they could be source of hope. You feel like the whole world is against you. No one understands the pain that you are going through. And you are forced to face life with an attitude. But that does not mean you should give up. Keep trying. Be optimistic. One day things are going to work your way. It might no be easy but you have no other way out. You have to battle for your happiness. And the day you find a mean to achieve this. Just go straight for it. Let no one come between you and it.

  • Sonia - 28/11/2017 Reply

    The surrogacy market has evolved not because the demand for it has increased but people in some countries have realized that it could be a gold mine! According to the statistics in this article soon all our children will be made in the lab! There is apparently a miscalculation!

    • Queen - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I don’t blame the fertility clinics. If people want something wont you provide it. If infertility is growing at such speed. The only thing that can save us is to change our lifestyle. Unless otherwise the clinics will be eating a lot of money from us. But there are those people who were born with fertility issues. They can do nothing about it. So they have to go for the services. This is the reason that fertility clinics are increasing as days go by. But if we keep on living a bad lifestyle. Keep in eating junks and fast foods. Nearly all our population will be infertile. In the olden days infertility was unheard of. It was so rare. But with these days technology everything is getting worse. We find cheap means of life. Which turn out to be expensive later on.

  • Marisa - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I do not understand how sport is related to infertility … of course it’s great when a center like biotexcom supports national sports teams, but still it’s weird. Ok … I do not judge, I hope they continue doing what they are doing and good luck to them!

    • Hamisa - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I can explain it to you. According to the article. We have fertility clinic that are using sports for advertisement. Especially football clubs. But in general they use the sports industry. So they sponsor the club. Then in return the club advertises for it. It is merely business. In which there is nothing wrong with that. They just want to make their services known. Just like any other company. But people are not comfortable with that idea. They feel like they are commercializing infertility. Especially surrogacy. Instead of it being a mean of having a baby. Everyone has a different opinion in this. And of course no one will judge you for what you think. But personally I don’t see anything bad with this. Since three is no life in danger. And the people doing this it is their only hope.

  • Kate - 28/11/2017 Reply

    But why do you think surrogacy is the sale of children? If one person wants to help another, it becomes criminal? We live in the free world and it is legal. If the family can’t have a child, what other method can they follow to fulfill their dream? Don’t you think it’s selfish of you to demonize this approach that helps infertile couples?

    • Mercedes - 28/11/2017 Reply

      It’s a sort of balancing over the ghostly border. The blind man is walking a tightrope.
      This question will never get complete patience and acceptation. However, everyone lacks the dialogue now to calm down.
      The imagination suggests me to give you some analogies. Don’t get angry, please.
      There are many places on the planet where parents agree to let their children provide foreigners with sexual services, definitely, in exchange for a certain fee. The children agree too.
      Some countries allow the homosexual couples to get married and get along. Some countries can give them only hate and contempt.
      We submerged in the ocean of moral positions. Who is right?

  • Foxy - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Last night I was watching video about families from different countries. The story was telling how their days were going on after surrogacy. I accept that It could be a kind of compilation inspiring people to take part in surrogacy or something like that but it showed me a good side of human lives.
    All those people looked as if they had survived in an air crash and got a chance for a new life. It was exciting. They were 100% happy, I mean happier than me yesterday. If an author created a poll, I’d vote for surrogacy should proceed. It really makes people alive again.

    • Ina - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Hi Foxy. It is good to hear that you now have different perspective of surrogacy. I am a mother of two children. I conceived both of my baby through surrogacy. I can say that i have been in a long journey of trying to conceive. I am now in my forty’s and would not wish for more children. I had been trying to conceive for over 15 years. I almost thought that it was impossible. But my husband was my strength. When i realized that there was surrogacy. I decided to go for it. I never thought that i could be happy. But for the first time that i held my bundle of joy. I knew that from that day that my story had changed. I am now a happy parent. Before this my life was so dark. But my children have brought hope with them. There is nothing that i cannot do for them. Without surrogacy i think i could now be dead because of the stress.

  • Susan S - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I want to share my little story with all who has fears and doubts.
    At first, I had many doubts before resorting to artificial insemination, you know like a little bit shame to actualize some problems, not to mention how much is fraud(I thought can be) around such agencies!
    But then, I started to piсk up this theme on different forums, with some of my friends and step by step we(I and my dear husband) we’d gone through the all stages, from finding people, places and till having such a wonderfull child as my son!
    Now turning back I more than thankfull that fact when one day it desroyed any fears that I had and made me to be honest realizing that I can’t have a babies in natural way.
    In add I tell you, it was 4 years ago and now we really start to think to have, for example, a sister for our hero!
    So, please, do this without any excess thinking and you will be awarded!
    Good luck for all future parents!

    • Shadick - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Such a nice story dear. I believe you have touched lives. At first accepting assisted reproduction seems hard. Couples will tend to try out to have a baby naturally. Then when it seems like there is no other way then they move to other means. Now we have a wide variety to chose from. from FET, IVF, ICSA to surrogacy. I can say that technology has played a big role in all these, I am personally happy for the invention. It has helped many couples to be parents. Sometimes when hope is lost. Surrogacy is the only means to have back your hope, So i do not support the ban in some countries. I feel the countries should allow its citizens access the service. Unless otherwise it is going to be an expensive process. Going for surrogacy in another country. Not everyone can afford to this,

  • Kate - 28/11/2017 Reply

    For me philanthropy is a fairytale! they earn money and at the same time they give something to others who are in need. It’s win-win situation.

    • Harry IQ100 - 28/11/2017 Reply

      What exactly does the help mean for you my dear? How do you think? As for me, the help is when someone has a lot and he is ready to share this with others who is a poor one. What does this ‘someone’ get back in return? Maybe, it’s a fat plus added to his karma or ?

    • Vukasin - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I cannot compare surrogacy to philanthropy. Those two are so different. Philanthropy is when you do something with nothing in return. Lets say like the charitable activities. These people do not get anything ion return. But the surrogates get paid. I can say it is something like business. Anything you do for something in return is business. Lets keep it this way. I am holding your baby then you will pay me back. I hope you have understood this. So the two are separate things. With different meanings. However I do not see anything bad with it. As far as there is not extortion. Where the surrogate is asking for too way much money. But if it is a normal price then it is okay. The intended parents also get a child from that. So there is nothing bad. Surrogacy is purely a clean deal.

  • emnaveed - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy has created a well hype now days. It is the only option when IVF or IUI fails. I want to share a story of my neighbor. She failed 3 attempts of IVF. She went through surrogacy then. No doubt, there were many complications in her way e.g finding pocket friendly surrogacy packages and finding a surrogate mother. She manages somehow and today she is a mother of beautiful baby girl.

    • Mammito - 30/11/2017 Reply

      This is so good to hear about your neighbor. I hope she found happiness. in that. This is the reason I love surrogacy. If I was infertile I would have probably gone for it. Why waste time yet I know of a guaranteed procedure. Even in your neighbors case. I would have done the same. Actually if it could be me I would have not waited that long. In the second failed attempt I would have gone for surrogacy. Since the chances are high. The only thing with it is the price. It is so expensive. One has to save like a year for it. But there are those who money is not the problem. So for them it is an easy ride. Well at least she found happiness. Others can also follow the same. If that is what will make them happy.

  • Lee Bo - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I heard Ukraine has an agenda for canceling the program of surrogacy in the nearest future.
    Most Ukrainian Catholics opposed a current order of things. As we all know the church plays a role in lives of Ukraine. And the influence of the Church is strongly felt not only in everyday life but also in official State policy. We expected too much from Europe’s Third World country. It makes me think surrogacy is going back to its motherland. The US is the most democratic as usual.

    • Cynthia Lee - 29/11/2017 Reply

      I really do not thin so. Or perhaps i do not wish for that. Ukraine is a catholic country. Where the church participates in many things concerning the country. But i will not support that decision. It will deprive many parents of their chance to becoming parents. I wish people could understand the pain of infertility. There is nothing difficult to deal with like infertility. Especially in a marriage. Sometimes you will face isolation from other mothers. There is that kind of blame that will linger around. You feel like you are the reason you cannot conceive. Then there is no support from the society. Surrogacy is the only option to remove them from the kind of stress. Then you hear that it is banned in your country. I do not support this bans at all. I feel they are being unfair to infertile couples.

  • rosie - 28/11/2017 Reply

    There are couples who due to their may be MFF or female reproductive issues are going through infinite number of trials and failures. Yet they do not give up. they spends their nights wetting their cushions jus for a small but unique reason of bearing a child.
    Adoption is another lengthy process. Innumerable attempts of IUI, IVF and not to forget the administration of strong antibiotics. What are we doing with our bodies!
    The article has insensitively reconciled two extreme issues. Surrogacy is a way for a couple to receive a child , partially of its own. I mean there are formal papers to avoid discrepancies. This is like just another work for money. Surrogate mothers will earn their living. Whats harm!
    There are already stories of happy life through surrogacy mentioned above. i think this says it all!

    • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

      To some people surrogacy maybe just a means to earn money. Especially the surrogate mother. But they are not the ones to be blamed. This is because couples need assistance and they are there to offer help. If it is an infertile couple then it is okay. But if it is a couple that is still fertile. What do we do with them Do they tend to keep surrogacy as an alternative when one is tired of bearing pregnancy? I am not comfortable with where people are taking this surrogacy thing to. Especially those who are well of financially. My cousin recently wanted me to be her surrogate. She promised me that she would pay me a huge amount of money. She is wealthy so money is not the issue. But the reason why I refused that offer. Is because she is so fertile. She already has one child conceived naturally. Without even struggling. Then why have me carry her baby?

      • Joe Jesus - 30/11/2017 Reply

        Your story seems funny for me. So you refused the money because she is fertile. I can say that these days people are taking surrogacy to a whole new level. Why would someone try surrogacy yet they are fertile? Should they not use just the natural way. Even if they are wealthy. That is misuse of funds. They can even spend it on charity. That is why sometimes I wonder. Why buy a million dollar house yet there are people dying of hunger. Someone is buying a house with 12 bedrooms. And you wonder who will be using those rooms. Maybe they even have just one child. What of the other 10 bedrooms. This is what I call wastage of resources. We should be humane. Spend what we have with the less fortunate. So I agree with you fir turning your cousin down. Anyway perhaps she will go for another surrogate. But she would have known that you are not comfortable with that idea.

  • June - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Child trafficking and patronage does not relate to Surrogacy in any minutest of way. How could they be related! One is a sensitive ans subtlest aspect of life while another is one anti social non humanistic and cruel thing.

    Surrogacy is a philanthropic activity. The dormant couples can see a beam of sunshine in their life. the motherhood will bloom although if the womb belonged to other. There is everything available through a benign and respected transaction in today’s world. The reputation thrives on thin edge of sword. surrogacy should not be banned. Some friend could just easily agree to deliver a bumchum’s baby out of the cordial relation. this would become so impossible if the laws restricted them. Phoebe from Friends did it remember guys! It is just an act of kindness as opposed to worldly inhumane phenomena.

    • Al Huddah - 30/11/2017 Reply

      The two topics are so different. But if you look keenly they can be used in this subject. Why am I saying these. People these days tend to have different opinions. Yes, there is freedom to speech. Which is something good. We get to know how you feel concerning something. So here we have people with different opinions. Others feel that surrogacy is evil. While others like you feel it is for the better. I ma not saying who is wrong or who is right. But I tend I mean we should look at this deeper. It is a life saving procedure. We bring forth a new creation. Why should we point fingers at it then. Let whatever that make me happy, give me the opportunity to keep in making me happy. But if we compromise our situation just because people are not comfortable with it. We will be the ones who are hurt at the end. I will follow my heart where it goes. And not what people say or think,

  • Edith - 28/11/2017 Reply

    This is an excellent post. Very comprehensively written. It raised some really great points. Infertility is so high these days. Due to our diets and lifestyles, these numbers might continue to go up. So, naturally, we need a solution. Some way to make sure that every couple who wants children can have them. Surrogacy has the potential to be this solution. Unlike other treatments like IVF etc, surrogacy is suitable for just about everyone. The risks are lower. The chances of success are also high. However, there are risks like you mentioned. Basically, we need some checks and balances. We need to make sure that this method does not become something evil. This is only the start.

    • Mishi Dorah - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I think the main problem here is infertility. We could start by finding ways of dealing with infertility. As we go on infertility will be a big blow in the future. Our lifestyle these days is so bad. We will keep on going for the ART’S for treatment. I am not saying that it is something bad. But we should manage to control its use. It could have been better if we reduce the amount of which we opt for the procedure. The we make it the last option. When everything else has failed. Then that is the only way to be pregnant. Unless otherwise we will have a problem in the future. Where nearly half of our population is through surrogacy. We should enhance our God given abilities. If you are not infertile then go the natural way. Just because surrogacy is open for anyone then you use this advantage.

  • Rachel - 28/11/2017 Reply

    This is such a brilliantly written post. You touched on all the main points. Surrogacy is a great idea. It has gained immense popularity over the years. The fact that someone else carries your child, makes it a good solution regardless of the issues with your body. However, one point that I would like to mention. This is already being abused. Like you said, it has become a business opportunity. Fertile women are being used to sell their natural ability to carry a child. However, who ends up profiting? The agencies and the clinics. I understand that they deserve a share. However, that share should not come at the cost of the share of the surrogate. On top of that, the agencies are charging ever increasing prices from the intended parents. Their desperation is being exploited.

    • Alejandro - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I am a medical practitioner. I think I can help answer some few of your questions. Because to me it seems you have gotten the facts wrongly. These days we have different surrogacy urgency. We have independent surrogacy. These are surrogates who work directly with the client. So the surrogates get paid differently. Then the medical procedure also gets paid differently. Then we have the surrogacy agencies. Here, the surrogates work as third party. They are connected to an agency. where the intended parents go to look for a surrogate. The agency then pick a suitable surrogate for them. The agency can be independent or under a clinic. If it is under a clinic. The parents will pay the entire money to the clinic to cover for the entire procedure. If it is an independent agency. The parents will pay differently for the services.

  • Heather - 28/11/2017 Reply

    That was a highly informative post. I particularly liked the reference you gave to the Handmaid’s tale. It may sound like an exaggeration for now, but it is totally probable in the future. Infertility is a common problem now. This did not go unnoticed. Scientists, researchers and doctors rose to the challenge. Surrogacy was unveiled as the perfect solution. Surrogacy is now in high demand. This explains the sheer number of surrogacy clinics and agencies out there. There is a lot of potential for growth. However, others saw this as a potential for profit. The industry has become greatly commercialized. This could pose a problem in the future. More legislation needs to be made to govern the many technicalities involved with surrogacy. Laws that will make sure that the solution does not become a nuisance or a menace.

    • camille - 28/11/2017 Reply

      This is so true Heather. With time surrogacy has really raised its standards. According to the article. By 2025, surrogacy will be producing a third of children world wide. I can say that many people are going for this opportunity. And they tend to misuse it too. I am not saying that it is a bad idea. But I have seen cases of fertile couples going for surrogacy. Just because they are financially stable. And maybe the wife is tired of being pregnant. This promotes the fertility clinics, yes. But have we checked on the negative side of this idea. It could have been better if the procedure was regulated. And only couples who are facing infertility to be allowed to go for the option. I feel that the more this method is going to be used. At some [point in the future it will be a menace. That children will just be products of technology.

  • Monica - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I recently came across some people who had gone for surrogacy. They had some brilliant experiences. They were unable to have children themselves. Now, with surrogacy, their dreams came true. This made me curious. I researched a lot on the matter. All seemed good and rosy. Your post, however, showed me the other side. Thank you for that. It showed that nothing everything is black and white. The intended parents end up happy. So, do the clinics. However, what about the surrogates? Surrogacy has opened another possibility of human trafficking. Women might be forced by their circumstances to market their ability to have children. In fact, that is only the beginning. I ended up imagining something the lines of the begging mafia. It is a scary thought. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

      To some people surrogacy maybe just a means to earn money. Especially the surrogate mother. But they are not the ones to be blamed. This is because couples need assistance and they are there to offer help. If it is an infertile couple then it is okay. But if it is a couple that is still fertile. What do we do with them Do they tend to keep surrogacy as an alternative when one is tired of bearing pregnancy? I am not comfortable with where people are taking this surrogacy thing to. Especially those who are well of financially. My cousin recently wanted me to be her surrogate. She promised me that she would pay me a huge amount of money. She is wealthy so money is not the issue. But the reason why I refused that offer. Is because she is so fertile. She already has one child conceived naturally. Without even struggling. Then why have me carry her baby?

  • Mary George. - 28/11/2017 Reply

    It’s not fair to relate surrogacy to child trafficking. At what basis Is the writer comparing both, although many do have reservations regarding surrogacy. However my advice would be to do thorough research regarding this procedure. Ask parents who have suffered due to infertility and have found the ultimate peace through surrogacy. It allows the parents to share a genetic tie with the children.

    • Doris - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I don’t think if the author meant anything negative by using that word. The comparison was just to bring what many people would think. These days surrogacy is mainly used. Others have accepted it while others have not. So the author tend to mean that others think it is child trafficking. Personally I have no ill feelings for the procedure. For some couples it is the only solution for being pregnant. When they have tried other means and failed. This method also allows the parents to connect with their children. Now that they will be sharing the same genes. Concerning parents going through infertility. They will just fine with surrogacy. Because to many this method gave them hope. Of becoming parents again.

  • Hannah - 28/11/2017 Reply

    You have touched some important points. As a reader this was the other side of the storey which I haven’t read before. With the increasing infertility, parents are tend to go towards surrogacy. As this industry is increasing day by day, more to regulate the procedure and proper check and balance is necessary.

    • Egypt - 30/11/2017 Reply

      It seems like infertility is increasing too. The question to ask is what is this causing increase in infertility. When we compare if the ancient days and these days. You can find like in every 10 couples 1 is infertile. That is not a statistic. It is something that I have thought by myself. So what is this causing infertility. As days go then the more infertile we become. Is it the lifestyle or the meals we eat. Because by 2025 for every 3 couples 1 is infertile. That is bad. Because it will seem we will be heading in a wrong direction. Let u say in 2050 the statistics will be in every 2 couples 1 is infertile. That will mean half of the population will be infertile. In as much as we are opting for surrogacy. Let us try to change our lifestyle. Let us avoid infertility. If we can. So that we reduce the cases of infertility as years come.

  • phoebe - 28/11/2017 Reply

    My twin boys were born by the surrogate. Why should I stay childless if surrogacy exists? It is unfair. Every woman is worth of being a mother. My life has changed completely. Surrogacy made me the happiest woman ever. How can it be a child trafficking if it helps infertile couples to make their dreams come true? Sound ridiculous. I don’t believe it. A couple of my friends are thinking of surrogacy because they see how happy I am. The only problem of this program is its price. It costs a lot but it is worth paying. My husband and me were saving for a couple of years to enter the program. There are a lot of positive reviews of infertile women, which used surrogacy. The article is good but it should be more positive, guys.

    • camille - 28/11/2017 Reply

      It seems to me that many people have misunderstood the article. According to my understanding the author did not mean to be negative. She was just trying to mean it on a general view. Like what a lot of people view it. Not everyone accepts surrogacy. Others say it is against religion. Others are just not comfortable with the idea. They think that it seems like child trafficking. So if I could help you understand the article more. Is that even the author seems to be agreeing with surrogacy. There are some parts that mention it seems to be the only means for infertile couples. Just kike the way you have stated. The author even went ahead to say how the rate is increasing. And that people should go for the idea if that is the way they will be able to have a family.

    • Atkinson - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I am so happy for your twin babies. I have always wished for twins. But luck has never been on my side. So my warm congratulations to you. So surrogacy helped you achieve this dream. That is so good. I am happy to hear that you are happy. I see you have even made your friend think of surrogacy too. If they are going through infertility. Then they can also go for the idea, If that is what will make them happy. Let nothing stop them. The idea of the article was however to bring light to the topic of surrogacy. How many people view it. Some think it is something bad and whatsoever. While others think it is something good. The surrogacy debate is like it has been spit. Everyone has an idea of their own. You cannot change anyone how they think. But you can convince them of what you think.

  • Doris - 28/11/2017 Reply

    This article is so informative. I have never looked at surrogacy from that point of view. I am also amused with the statics given. I can say that these days many people have opted for surrogacy. Especially infertile couples. From that percent to 2% is such an improvement. Given that the period is not a big gap. And that by 2025 a third of children will be through surrogacy. It seems we are living in a technologized world. But I do hope that children conceived through this process will not have any effect. As this will be a hit to many infertile parents. However people should not just use this method because they have the finances. We should be considerate and strictly let the procedure only be used by infertile parents alone. Unless otrehrwise the years to come the children will be products of technology. As you have stated the most known matrix vedio.

    • Tiffany - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I agree with you. Some parents are now taking the advantage if this service. Which is bad. The procedure should only be used by couples that are facing infertility and not just anyone. If then that is why people are opting for this method. Then the method will have been mistaken. It could have been better it was strictly used for the infertile. But these days anyone goes for surrogacy. Even the ones who are fertile. they are doing so because they have the finances. And maybe they feel it is tiresome dealing with pregnancy. But in this situation it is not the surrogate to be blamed. Because I have seen that many people are blaming the surrogates. To be taking surrogacy as commercial use. But many of them, their intend is to help the infertile couple. .

  • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I can say that I have learnt a lot in this article. From the history of surrogacy to its future. How the fertility clinics are planning ways to advertise its services. In which I don’t see anything bad with that. Especially using national sports. But however I feel people are now starting to misuse the procedure. It started off as a method of infertile couples being pregnant. But this days I hear of anyone going for surrogacy. And I tend to wonder is infertility also growing. Especially when statistics have it by the end of 2025 a third of children will be through surrogacy. Does it mean that a third of couples will also be infertile. Or this third of children will just be a representation. To even those who can give birth but prefer going that way. Because they are financially stable. In which that is what I feel is bad. The method should only be used by couples that cannot conceive naturally. And do not have other means to conceive apart from that method.

    • Cameroun - 30/11/2017 Reply

      People are misusing the method these days. As far as someone has money then they feel they can do what they want. Which is bad. It is like misusing medical treatment. The procedure was primarily started for infertile couples. Many people were going through a lot. But technology came as a savior. Then we had the introduction of surrogacy. It was a god idea. That is the reason it is very expensive. It is actually the most expensive method so far. When we compare it to other methods of ART’S. I think this is because it has a high chance of success. Many couples who come for tis idea. Are the ones who had failed attempts in other methods. But then it should be properly used. Only by the infertile couples. And not just anybody. Just because you have the money to shove in fertility clinics.

  • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I can say that I have learnt a lot in this article. From the history of surrogacy to its future. How the fertility clinics are planning ways to advertise its services. In which I don’t see anything bad with that. Especially using national sports. But however I feel people are now starting to misuse the procedure. It started off as a method of infertile couples being pregnant. But this days I hear of anyone going for surrogacy. And I tend to wonder is infertility also growing. Especially when statistics have it by the end of 2025 a third of children will be through surrogacy. Does it mean that a third of couples will also be infertile? Or this third of children will just be a representation. To even those who can give birth but prefer going that way. Because they are financially stable. In which that is what I feel is bad. The method should only be used by couples that cannot conceive naturally. And do not have other means to conceive apart from that method

  • Niki - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Yes, surrogacy – it is not a simple matter. But if the number of people who need it grows, then this industry will develop. And I do not agree that the rights of the surrogate mother are somehow infringed upon. After all, some women can earn money and buy housing for themselves or their children. In addition, after all, no one makes a woman become a surrogate mother, she decides on it consciously. Also in the comments I read a lot of opinion about the adoption of children. But you also need to understand that if all married couples who agree to a surrogacy would like to adopt a child, they would surely have done so. You should understand that they are fighting for the opportunity to have a native child. And even if they can not have their own child, not all of them decide on adoption. And I can even imagine that not many of them are being decided for adoption. Because they understand that they can not love this child as their own. Perhaps this is correct, because it is wrong to adopt a child only because of despair. I do not understand why in some countries there is a non-commercial surrogacy, and commercial surrogacy is prohibited. After all, non-commercial surrogacy leads to many problems in the future. Of course, this applies to moral problems, as well as the subordination between the surrogate mother and the child. Therefore, surrogacy is so controversial issue. But in a dispute, truth is born and you can not argue with this statement.

    • Bien Aime - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I can say that adoption has a lot of difficulties. This is because many parents try other means. You will find a couple trying to conceive for over 15 years. It is not like they do no know about adoption. They do know about it. But they would prefer a baby of their own. Some people find it hard to have children that are not genetically theirs. They feel that they can treat the child different. Like you know that the parents if that kid are around just somewhere. You are afraid that when they grow up they would want to know their parents. You have fears of losing them in the future. After all those years of looking after them. It feels like wastes tine. All the money you spent. But if it is a biological child. The child will remain to be yours no matter what. I think this is the reason many people prefer surrogacy. And I am not against surrogacy. Neither am I against adoption.

  • camille - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I have gone through some of the posts and I feel that others have misunderstood the author. It is not that surrogacy resembles child trafficking. The author was just trying to further explain the general view of surrogacy. How different countries view t. The reason to why there is ban in surrogacy. the religious point of view. To even the fertility clinics. That these days the clinics are trying to market themselves. Even using the national sports. Not because the clinics have benefitted a lot form the procedures. But to make others aware of their services. Just like any other company or organization. It is such a wonderful piece. Personally I have gotten a lot from it. Considering that I am going through fertility issues. And that surrogacy is the only way to go. U d0o hope that it has been an eye opener to others too.

    • Ruth Rose - 30/11/2017 Reply

      It has been an eye opener for me. I do not know of the others. I have personally gained a lot. I am sorry for going through fertility issues. I do hope that they will get solved. If surrogacy is what can help you. Then sister, just go for it. Let no man come in between. If that is what will make you happy. Follow your dreams to where they will take you. If you wanted a family have it. Use that method. As far as it is going to e beneficial. I do not think if it ill cause nay harm. So the people making all these noises. I don’t know what the problem is with them. Is it because they have been through infertility? If they had been through that situation. They would not be here yapping negativity. Surrogacy to some people is the only way to be parents. I would like to tell such parents to go for what makes them happy.

  • vik - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Of course, surrogacy is very popular now. Because the number of couples who have faced infertility is constantly growing. I do not understand why surrogacy is not available in most countries. For me it is a mystery why developed countries refuse such an option. But the article, indeed, is quite informative. I also know that Greece and Ukraine are quite popular countries for surrogacy. Especially if couples have financial ability to surrogacy. Why should they give up the happiness of becoming parents? In addition, the program of surrogacy is not solved immediately, but in common after failures in IVF. Of course, it happens sometimes that surrogacy once referred to as the only chance. I do not understand why there are so many disputes about this issue. After all, if there is demand, there will be a supply. I think that each person must decide for himself whether he is ready to be decided on surrogacy. Because everyone has their own thoughts on this matter. And you do not need to condemn or discuss anyone. If a person wants to do this, then let him do it. This is his life and his choice.

    • Bony Lee - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Surrogacy is more famous in Greece and Ukraine because of the prices. They are so affordable compared to other countries. America is so expensive. Sometimes I even tend to wonder what additional do they offer. As if you get one surrogacy child you are added another one. Anyway surrogacy is something good. It is so unfortunate that it is only allowed in few countries. So couples end up travelling for the services. Like cases in Africa. I do not know of any country that offers surrogacy. Maybe South Africa. Because it is the most developed country in the continent. The north Africa are religion countries. I doubt if they will agree to it. So many clinics are just here in Ukraine. Someone has to travel all the way. And even here some countries have ban the procedures. This is so bad.

  • mr.worldwide - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I don’t understand what’s all the fear? Like the globalization of surrogacy… How can you prove that this will be a problem? For as long as there are fertile people out there, this won’t be a problem. Bringing a child to life is what drives couples to turn to surrogacy. Now, if a couple is able to do jsut that on their own… I can’t see how they would anyway turn to surrogacy! I think that this article forgets one thing. Matrix is pure fiction, nothing real about it. We will never reach a world like the one you fear we will. I suggest we all take a step back and relax. No need to fight something that isn’t a problem and will probably never be. Live and let live folks! It’s as simple as that. Have a good one everybody.

    • Chin Chu - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I am not against surrogacy. But I want to participate in this article. According to the statistics given. I am afraid where we are heading to globally. If we go om this way. Then matrix will be something of the truth. a third of the population being computer generated. We should be afraid of that. This is not something we should be comfortable with. It is already scaring me. Like how can that percentage grow that first. From 0.1 to 2% over a short period. I think there is some truth in the article. The matrix film will soon be true. If we go on with this trend that is. These days everyone does surrogacy. Even the fertile couples. It is just a matter of whether you have money or not. Which is bad. We are misusing the medical treatment. Surrogacy should be strictly for infertile couples. We should not compensate this just because of money.

  • Jenny - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Hello there everybody. I hope this will find each and everyone of you fine. I am a ex surrogate mother. I used to work for about 4 years. It is a weird job and nothing like you everyday job. However it is one of those jobs that brings happiness. You cannot believe the face of the parents when they see the baby! Believe me it is something that I haven’t experienced ever. People who turn to surrogacy are people that have been treated very harshly by life to say the least! When there is no other alternative they come to clinics like the one I used to work. These are all good people who are just unable to have a baby. I think that adoption has it risks. Surrogacy at the other hand erases all the risks of adoption. You can call me whatever you want but I don’t think that surrogacy is something bad. I wish nobody has to go through it but, it is not something evil or something like that. I hope that you understand what I mean.

    • Andrea - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I do understand you. Being a surrogate mother you know all these things well. I am proud that you decided to help others. Goin through infertility is something so harsh. Parents should not go through that. If we have the ability we should help them. No one was born loving infertility. We just found ourselves in that situation. I doubt if anyone enjoys it either. It is a means that leads to desperation. I know a friend of mine who was through that case. She could no conceive. Many people used o speak against her. She was really depressed. She is even now suffering from Diabetes type 2. Not just that, she even has high blood pressure. You can imagine the pain she went through. She could not carry a pregnancy. So she opted for surrogacy. It was successful. She is now a proud mother. I always look up to her. She taught me a lot in life. So I really do support surrogacy.

  • Fryx - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Hello there everyone! I would like to say my piece in accordance to this article!I have been reading a lot about surrogacy lately. It seems to me that this is one of these medical achievements of our modern time. I think that surrogacy is a good thing! Let me show you where I base this off. First of all I know what it feels to not be able to have a child. My lady and me tried to conceive for a very long time. We used to fail attempt after attempt. However eventually with diets adn a lot of effort we made it. We brought to life two beautiful children. We cherish every second spent with them. Now if somebody know that there will never be any chance for them to have a baby. That truly must feel like hell. I think surrogacy is offering these people salvation from these problems. Isn’t this a great thing? Ask yourselves and be honest…

    • Anna Lois - 30/11/2017 Reply

      It is a great thing. Becoming parents is one of the best things. It changes someone so drastically. You learn of becoming responsible. I know various friends of mine. Who used to be don’t cares at first. Then when they realize that there wives were pregnant. They started changing. Becoming a parent makes you look at life in a different angle. You become a whole new being. It is a blessing to say so. So if someone cannot conceive. Then the only option is through surrogacy. Why then should they not go for it? I do support that idea so much. I do not see anything bad with surrogacy. As far as it is helping couple to become parents. Let them have their hope. To those who had dreams if having a big family. This seems to be the only way to achieve that. Then let them be.

  • Pablo - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Surogacy doesn’t sound that bad folks. Why with all the hate to it? Have you ever seen a childless couple? One that wants a child but can’t have one. The look in the parent’s eyes is all that makes me feel like surogacy is OK! you get to believe whatever you want though… I don’t think that this will be enough to change peoples minds. However I would incourage you all to think about this. What about these couples that cannot have something that we take for granted? Can you imagine how they feel? I sincerely hate such companies that make millions overnight just because they hit a market that has a lot of demand. However I cant help it but sympathize with the infertile couples. These agencies help people out. No matter how you look at it! Stay blessed everyone.

    • Rapunzel - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Yes Pablo. I do agree with you. I also support surrogacy because of the infertile couples. I personally I am infertile. I have one child through surrogacy. I can tell the dark days I faced when I could not bear a child. It was so gloomy. Days never seem to end. It was the same story all over again. When I was invited to baby showers. When a friend could tell me that they are expecting. I could cry myself silly. Everyday I would read my cycle. Trying to calculate when I will be fertile. It was so heartbreaking when I used a pregnancy kit. Then I realize the situation was not going to change. I just based my life on medications and injections. But nothing could work out. I was so frustrated. Till when I was told about surrogacy. It helped me realize my dream of becoming a parent. I am now a proud mother. And a happy one in that case.

  • Angelia - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Hello there everyone. I am a proud mother of two. I have twins boys and they mean everything to me. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer 8 years ago. Doctors had to remove a huge chunk of my uterus with the cancer. This happened before I got married. My husband then married me knowing that I will never be able to give him children. He said the he was fine with it. To be honest so was I back than. Then we wanted a child, everyday that passed we used to want a child more and more. We knew that there was no way for us to have it. Had it not been for a fried that suggested surrogacy… Gosh knows how deep inside depression i would have been as of now. I am proud of my children. I got them through surrogacy and this doesn’t mean a single thing. I have to right to be a parent, as much as everyone else does. Please don’t talk about surrogacy as if it is a plan to bring down the whole wrold.

    • Flo Mamy - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I am sorry for the uterus cancer. I can imagine what you had to go through. It is so difficult to fight cancer. But you came out a strong person. I am so proud of you. Your husband should be loving you so much. He married you even knowing that you cannot give him children. You should not leave him at any point in life. Finding such men this days is so difficult. If I could be you I could stick to him no matter what. Concerning your children, congratulation. It is a good thing to be a mother. Many people wish to be one. But it seems it will not happen. But because of surrogacy. Many people have had the chance of being parents. Like your case. I hope your story will touch someone out there. The should know how surrogacy can save a marriage. It us totally life saving.

  • Angelia - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Actually these companies are the opposite of money hungry evil corporations. We have them all over the place here in Britain. The owners love money so much they can go as far as to rob you in the street at night in a dark alley. Honestly they provide shitty services of all sorts. Think about herbalife or whatever the fuck that thing is called. It has ruined so many peoples lives and they do not seem to stop. At the other hand these companies that you mention seem okay! I mean they provide great services. Things that people really need. They hit a certain market and that is all fine. Also they go as far as to sponsor sports teams, that is amazing. In most places where they do the sponsoring people deal with poverty a lot. I think they are in a way helping these people out. I could be wrong though. Just my take on this whole crazy thing! God bless you all!

    • Sam Yurcovich - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Speaking about sports. I do support these companies for that. Supporting national teams is very good. Especially football. We have a lot of untouched talent in the streets. We have children who are so good in football. But because of funds they stay at home. Thy then decide to opt or thug life. Something that is not meaningful. They ruin their future from their childhood. But if we get someone to tap this talent. To raise them up till when they are old. They would be of use in the society. They will be the ones playing in the national league. This is so good and I am in support of it. I do support the surrogacy companies in this. They should keep on doing the same. So for the people who are against it. I really do not understand what they are against at in particularly. The improvement or what? Or because they are using money in the sports industry?

  • Aysha - 28/11/2017 Reply

    The way you put surrogacy in perspective on the post is wrong. I think there are many flaws to it. First of all you can pretty much base anything on Matrix. Well maybe not anything but many other things for sure. Give the darned thing the benefit of the doubt.

    One of the things that will always remain on the way of surrogacy will be religion. Many religions consider it as evil. For as long as there is religion surrogacy won’t be something that we all do. Also fertile poeple can have children on their own. Why the fuck would they order a child online. That would be moronic!

    In this world however not everybody is having a fine life. Most of people deal with a shitload of troubles. It is these poeple that have a lot of troubles that turn to surrogacy, and ART in general. It’s helping them and that is great. Can’t we just accept that and move on. God the internet is one heck of a place.

    • Khaleesy - 30/11/2017 Reply

      well, Aysha. It seems you are also lost in the meaning of the article. Concerning the religion, people are still in debate. Like where was it written in the Quran or Bible. I want to know from the wholly scriptures. You cannot just be banning a procedure from a mythological conception. Something that cannot be proven. We need to see the reason why it is not good. You just cannot say it is evil. Yet you have no proof to back you up. That is what is evil. As far as I know surrogacy is not evil. Even when we speak about religion. I am a Christian and I am going to explain why. Sarah the wife to Jacob. She could not bear a son for his husband. So she gave his husband her maid. So as to lay with him and give her a child. Is that not surrogacy. It is just it was a traditional way. This days we have a lot of computer included.

    • Camille - 30/11/2017 Reply

      The internet is one of a hell. I want to talk more on your third paragraph. Yah, people do go a lot. These days fertility has become a big issue. Thanks to technology. It has been able to solve nearly all of the problems. So the infertile couples have nothing much to worry about. As far as they are financially stable. They go to the hospital for any ART’s procedure. I am not against them. But if we talk about surrogacy in general. This is a different case. Her is when you see even fertile people going for the idea. The only fertile people who should be allowed are gays. Because none of them has a womb. But others who are riding in this procedure it is so bad. Just because you can fund it us not an excuse. It feels like they are commercializing medical treatment. When it started it was strictly for infertile couples. And it should remain just that.

  • WalterWhite - 28/11/2017 Reply

    What is the big deal here? Maybe I just cannot see the bigger picture or something… Sitll what the fuck is wrong with the whole thing. I see nothing bad about it. It is jsut a medical procedure. It is done to help people that are facing challenges. This cannot be a bad thing folks. Do not stress it this much. There are people putting implants on their bodies and steroids. That is way worse than this. I hear people complaining about it less than about surrogacy. Can’t you people open your eyes and lear to live with something that benefits other than you? Is that so hard to do? The way implants are gonna change the world is scary. In a few years we won’t know what is real. I think we should fight plastic surgery insted of surrogacy.

    • John Van Persie - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Yeah bro. I do agree with you. These people are having misplaced priorities. Instead of fighting of the real monster. Surrogacy is a medical way of helping infertile couples. I do not see anything wrong with that. It is actually of benefit. But instead people are fighting it instead. They forget about the plastic surgery. These days you cannot even differentiate a real human to a plastic body. Women are all about surgeries. Putting plastics in their bodies. I do not know well about these procedures. But I am sure that they have side effects. Especially boob and butt implants. Why don’t we start fighting of this plastics first? Surrogacy is a clean way to be pregnant. There is not plastics related to it. I am so much for surrogacy.

      • Mia Djacic - 30/11/2017 Reply

        I think you are supporting surrogacy for a reason. Why are you against plastic surgery so much? If someone wants to have the surgery let them. It is not like they are using your money. You speak like it hurts you. That is so unreasonable. I don’t see anything wrong with Surrogacy. The same case applies to plastic surgery. It is not like they are using my money. Let them have the plastic surgery. If there is any effect will it affect you? And if any member of your family is doing so warn them. You just don’t come here and express your ill feelings. This is wrong platform then. You can check next time if they will be talking about plastic surgery. Then you can leave your comments. This is surrogacy. In as much as you are supporting it. You need not to compare it to plastic surgery. Those are two different procedures.

  • Elton - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I kinda disslike surrogacy. I think that people should not use it as often. Like it seems to be a bad thing. The whole concept behind it scary… It feels unnatural! Imagine a world where we buy children online! That is so fucked up, like beyond ordinary fucked up. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, because I haven’t faced infertility, thanks to God. People that go through it probably know better… Still there are other ways to do it. Why people don’t support adoption more? Like that is a legit great way to become a parent. You don’t only fulfill your dreams, you save a life. Go for adoption people! That is the best thing you can do. I hope this doesn’t get anybody angry.

    • Paris - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Yeah, you better not speak about people that face challenges you dont! That is absurd and unfair to them. What do you think they want to be like this? How do you see surrogacy as something fake and scary. I know that the concept of buying children is scary. However there is no proof whatsoever that this day will ever come. like we have much more things to worry about. Think about poverty, global warming, wars and all that. Yet there are people out there that have everything right! They need to fight surrogacy because it has the potential to turn into something bad. What the actual hell mate? You serious about this. Adoption is good but I don’t think that there is anyt reason why not to go for surrogacy. Let people choose what they feel is right for them. you are in no position to make choices for others.

    • Lorna - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I am not going to judge you for your sentiments. However learn to respect each person decision. Do you mean that the people who go for surrogacy do not know that there is adoption? Of course they know. But they prefer surrogacy over adoption. They might have their own reasons to do that. I bet you speaking that because you have never been through surrogacy. I am not against adoption. Actually it is one if the best way. We have a lot of children out there who need parent care. In which you can also adopt. Adoption is not only strict for people who are infertile. Why don’t you adopt instead? Just because you have negativity in surrogacy you cannot conceive me if an alternative. Yet you have not even taken that alternative. Next time you will be speaking about a certain topic. You should first make sure that you have gone through the same road.

  • Unknown - 28/11/2017 Reply

    This i s a very interesting topic to say the very least. I like how the article tries to show both sides of the coin. What are the pros and cons of surrogacy. Well done to the writer for that! I think that people who are facing these challanges should choose for themselves. It is a choice that they eventually have to make I guess… It is really hard for them. I can only imagine the stress that such issues can create. I guess that is why I always like to protect and support people going through hard times. It is only humane to do that. You all should so that too! If there are other options that are better and more noble then the one that the family chooses fine. Sometimes we have to be selfish and that is completely fine. Please try not to judge infertile folks. They have many issues to deal with, don’t add to that list!

    • Beth Sheba - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I do agree with you. These people are becoming so judgmental. I personally do not see anything bad with it. If that is the only way to be a parent then let them be. But pointing fingers will never help. We should be considerate in their plea. People are mean because they do not know the pain of infertility. These couple go through a lot. Some even get isolated in the family. Or the friends start talking negative about them. But if they manage to be strong. Sometimes it will nit take long as they will also start blaming themselves. Then when an option is provided they should also not go for it. Why? And maybe that’s the only hope to come above the storm. I do support surrogacy so much. Let them fulfil their dream of having a family.

  • Random Person is Random - 28/11/2017 Reply

    One thing that keeps shocking me through the whole post is the “GO ADOPTION Party”! What is wrong with you people? You are saying that surrogacy is wrong. The main reason behind that being that there is adoption. You keep speaking how adoption is noble. You want people to go for adoption right? That is the right thing to do you say. You go as far as to call it noble! Eveyrthing about that is fine. However your hypocrisy here is sooo big it can travel past through the observable universe thrice! Don’t just shove it to peoples faces that adoption is noble. If you think that go on and do that. Why does somebody else has to do the noble thing? Do you find comfort in the fact that some poeple do not choose the “noble” thing. Get life you hypocrites!

    • Mark Kirk - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Adoption is a noble thing to do. Taking care of a child that I not yours. This is something that not everyone can do. So those who do it have the heart of a lion. I mean taking good care. As if the child was yours. It is something good. But you cannot force others to do it. Just because someone is infertile then the best thing to do is adoption. Adoption is something that one decides for himself or herself. No pressure from the outside. When one is comfortable with the idea. Then is when you will be ready to go for adoption. Here, you will not even feel the pinch of going through all those processes. It will be something that you are yearning for., For the process to be over and have your child. just like the way an expectant mother is so anxious. So let us not force people into adoption. It is a decision one has to make for themselves with no external forces.

  • TheOZ - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I think surrogacy is a great thing! Why all the hate towards it? I will never understand this…

    • Tanator - 28/11/2017 Reply

      Yeah brother, I feel you! It feels like everbody is against it without knowing why! Do people really believe that a future like depicted above awaits us? What the actual fuck! If you believe that you are high… Or have been watching way too many sci-fi movies. God bless y’all!

    • Subkhatur Bachun - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Surrogacy is something good. Even here in India it is widely used. The only bad thing is that t is not allowed for foreigners. It is like we are being selfish with our treatment. I am so against the government with that decision. My wife and I have a child through surrogacy. It was something not everyone was for it at first. My family members kept on telling us to try. But with 5 years we had tried enough. So we decided to open our views on possible solution. We tried IVF but it failed. We then went for surrogacy. I can tell you the happiness that I now have as a father is immeasurable. There is no feeling like this. So if there is someone out there who wants to have the procedure. I would advise you go for it. Let not social decision ruin your expectations. Go for what makes you happy.

  • CrazyKITKAT - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is good or bad? That is a question that goes deep. Way too deep for a simple article to cover it. The comments do a poor job too. There are some good points all over the place though. Especially from people saying that surrogacy is good. They really rock. However the other party does a really bad job on the subject. I have red a lot of the comments. It seems that they are all the same thing. They say the same thing but with different words. I know adoption is good and all that… However why put such a duty up to others. Do it yourself people, if it is that good. I hate the fact that the majority of people commenting that herer try to dictate others life. That I cannot stand. Anyway good read overall!

    • kurirk.1 - 28/11/2017 Reply

      I agree with you for the majority of the points you have made.” Surrogacy is good or bad? That is a question that goes deep. Way too deep for a simple article to cover it. ” Especiallyu agree with this one. Great way to put this whole thing into perspective.

      I think you have missed something though. This is the first comment that I read that is super well thought. That’s why I am try to prove a point to you and to me. Don’t you think that the other party has just the same isues. The comments are the same with different words. The whole topic cannot ho any further if you keep saying the same things that have been said many times before. Just try to be creative about the whole thing. I would love to see a valid point. However I haven’t red all the commetns some might be really good. I might have mist the very best and got all the bad ones. Maybe I am just unlucky as hell!

      • CrazyKITKAT - 28/11/2017 Reply

        Can’t say I agree completely buy… Yeah, overall good points!

    • Aya Maya - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I am not going to take the people who are supporting adoption negatively. But I think they are covering themselves in that word. They are against adoption. But what excuse would they give if they are asked why. Then is when they raise the topic of adoption. This is just negative vibes. Not even healthy for the mind. It could have been better if we focused on positivity. How to help the infertile. Apart form adoption. What is the other means if having a child. Here I am talking of your biological child. If there is none then let adoption be practiced. It is funny how these people be speaking this ill concerning surrogacy. Yet they have no alternative mean to offer the infertile couple. The couples want a biological child. And not adoption. If they have that alternative method they can be free to share it with us here.

  • Myra - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I have gone through some of the posts and I feel that others have misunderstood the author. It is not that surrogacy resembles child trafficking. The author was just trying to further explain the general view of surrogacy. How different countries view t. The reason to why there is ban in surrogacy. The religious point of view. To even the fertility clinics. That these days the clinics are trying to market themselves. Even using the national sports. Not because the clinics have benefitted a lot form the procedures. But to make others aware of their services. Just like any other company or organization. It is such a wonderful piece. Personally I have gotten a lot from it. Considering that I am going through fertility issues. And that surrogacy is the only way to go. U d0o hope that it has been an eye opener to others too.

    • Didi Mclluren - 30/11/2017 Reply

      The topic is so diverse. I have intensively understood it. It is such a nice piece. The author knows how to revolve around the topic. It has really widened my knowledge on surrogacy. For those who have understood they have learnt a lot. It has revolved all the way from the clinics to the sport industries. How countries perceive the topic to how they treat it like. Such a nice topic. I will be interested in reading the same in the future. the author has really mesmerized me in the use of writing skills. It has made people debate on its meaning. Which is good. Everybody is trying to make their voice being heard. I love that idea. We might not come into conclusion. But at least we know hat people feel out there. the thoughts and expectations in the society.

  • Ladasha Doll - 28/11/2017 Reply

    I can say that I have learnt a lot in this article. From the history of surrogacy to its future. How the fertility clinics are planning ways to advertise its services. In which I don’t see anything bad with that. Especially using national sports. But however I feel people are now starting to misuse the procedure. It started off as a method of infertile couples being pregnant. But this days I hear of anyone going for surrogacy. And I tend to wonder is infertility also growing. Especially when statistics have it by the end of 2025 a third of children will be through surrogacy. Does it mean that a third of couples will also be infertile? Or this third of children will just be a representation. To even those who can give birth but prefer going that way. Because they are financially stable. In which that is what I feel is bad. The method should only be used by couples that cannot conceive naturally. And do not have other means to conceive apart from that method

  • Tiffany - 28/11/2017 Reply

    People will understand this article so differently. For the optimist it will be something of positivity. But the pessimists will be the ones complaining. Saying how surrogacy is bad. Against mother nature. They will say its child trafficking. Others have even say that it is a business. Well if it is. Then the surrogate is not the one to be blamed. If someone wants help and I would be paid for it. Why then I don’t offer my help. It could have been best if people could look at this with an open mind. We stop pointing fingers. Just because you are fertile you feel that surrogacy is evil. Maybe if you could be under the same situation you could not be saying that. No one wishes to be facing infertility. It is a situation that we just find ourselves in.

  • Petronilla - 28/11/2017 Reply

    It is true that surrogacy is gaining momentum around the world. It is a shame for some countries to be banning it. For me, surrogacy is not child trafficking. I have seen some families struggle to be parents and it ain’t pretty. I think that surrogacy has restored hope in most infertile families around the world. We all know that IVF, ICSI and IUI sometimes fail other couples. A female who chooses to be a SM has a special place in heaven. It takes compassion that I may never understand to carry a child for someone else.

    • T.K.O - 30/11/2017 Reply

      /I am nor against the surrogate but I want to air my voice in this. You have said that they deserve a place in heaven. What have they done to deserve this place in heaven? Just because they have offered themselves to carry a pregnancy for someone? Then even egg donors should be heading to heaven. In fact I think these SM are using this thing to their advantage. They are using their bodies to harbor kids. These days surrogacy has been taken as business. At first it was a simple procedure for helping infertile couples. These days everyone is doing it. It does not even look like medical treatment. Anyone can just pop to be a surrogate. Thus is what I don’t like in the surrogates. If possible we could have professional surrogates. Just the way we have professional doctors. that will prevent just anybody to be a surrogate for money.

  • Trina - 28/11/2017 Reply

    CRISPR is a modern day miracle for people seeking surrogacy as a solution for infertility. I love the fact that you get to choose the gender of your child. It is true that most countries have not yet legalised surrogacy. I find this quite unfair for the citizens. They have to incur the cost of travel and accommodation alongside that of ARTs. I also think it is backward for any country that has legalised surrogacy to revert and ban it. Surrogacy to me is a great help for infertile couples if it is not for gains. I consider surrogacy for gains to be equal to child trafficking. I really hope that Ukraine is not planning on banning surrogacy. The country has really made a name for itself owing to it’s advanced technologies for infertility.

    • Ban Ki Mun - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I do hope that Ukraine shall not ban the practice. They are so far the best country offering best fertility solutions. My wife and I were there for treatment. We had signed the VIP package. By the third month we had already started our journey to surrogacy. It is also affordable, You can compare it to prices in America. I also do hope that other countries will follow suit. They should probably offer similar services. As years go by surrogacy will be in high demand. It could have been better to have sufficient clinics. So we don’t have over population in the already existing clinics. Considering that it takes time to deal with it. And there will be already other people in the line. They should al[so look forward to offer affordable high quality services. I hope other will adopt this too. Increase in technology has enabled all this possible.

  • Jane - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Quite an insight into infertility. I had no idea that the number of infertile people has grown so much over the years. The goodwill that some companies are showing their infertile employees is really encouraging. It means that the world is a step closer in shunning discrimination for infertile people. Though most couples choose surrogacy as a last result, I feel that it is an excellent ART. Most countries should legalise it. The fact that it has gained momentum over the past several years means that it is working well for the couples who have used it thereby attracting other people to use it. Even some celebrities have gone the surrogacy way. The USA charges arm and leg for ARTs though. Ukraine is pocket friendly and the result is even better.

  • Ann - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Very interesting facts. One in three children being born via surrogacy by 2025 has caught my eye. That rate is very high. A red flag for society I must say. This means that reproduction is being commercialised a lot. I am of the Catholic faith and I feel strongly about surrogacy. To some extent, I do not support it. Why would a clinic support sports if it’s course is to help the infertile? Infertility should not be a business opportunity but rather, a chance to show our humanity to those who cannot be parents. That is why I said that I do not support surrogacy to some extent. See, surrogacy should not be done for gains by anyone. The clinics and the SMs should be eager to help out without expecting much in return. I disagree with the European parliament though. Surrogacy is not indignity. Countries that have the technology should not ban surrogacy. However, the program should be monitored to ensure that anyone going for surrogacy had no other way to become a parent. I think the whole practice should be moderated.

    • Meghan - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Well, sometimes i am also amazed who religion has to do with medicine. i am a woman of faith. I do support surrogacy as a means of having children. Especially to the infertile couple. There are countries that have banned surrogacy. Main reason being religion. This is seen in catholic countries. Then i wonder. Where in the bible was it written that surrogacy is illegal. Maybe yo will not mind showing me that. Infact i know of some few examples in that case. Sarah gave his husband to a maid so as to have a child. This is becayse sarah could not abre any children. I can relate that to surrogacy. Let us just say these days the surrogacy is more advanced. Where the child is genetically related to the real mother. So surrogacy at all is not bad in the Christian faith.

    • Malika Jones - 29/11/2017 Reply

      For the first time i have seen someone with my idea. Surrogacy is not bad. It helps infertile couples to be parents. Which is something good. Everyone has the right to be a parent. However, these days that is not the case. Surrogacy has been commercialized. I know of a couple that is very fertile. In fact they already have 3 children. All of them were born naturally. But then the wife is now tired of being pregnant. And because they are wealthy. She went for surrogacy. In this case i can say it is misuse of the procedure. Surrogacy should only be allowed to couples that are infertile. And it should not fall below that. People misusing the procedure should know that surrogacy is a type of treatment to infertile couple. And not a business.

  • ObviouslytheQyeen - 28/11/2017 Reply

    What is so wrong about it? SO what the hell that these companies make money? Don’t all the comapnies make money? Like isn’t making money the main point behinde everything? I can’t understand this at all. People making such a huge fuzz out of nothing. Just because this affect some others lives? Is it all about that? When was the last time you went to the market and got things for free? When was the last time apple gave iphones for free on the street? Has pizzahut ever called you to ask whether you want a pizza? Come on folks… That’s what businesses do! They provide stuff for money. Let them be goddammit!

  • ProSURROGACY - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy has brought many children to life… Surrogacy has been key to happiness for many many couples. Why are you trying to throw dirt at something as pure as that. This is unacceptable! Look at the lives that have been changed… You cannot count up to the number of dreams that have come true via surrogacy. I am pro surrogacy and I think it is a great thing! The companies behind it as long as they don’t kill or steal or do something similar to that… I don’t care even if they become the richest of the world. What is important is that they keep doing what they have been. This is my opinion! You should probably take a few notes. I know this is right! And also Don’t try to stop something like this please. It is very good for many people…

  • DangerDolan - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Okay many things are wrong witht his post. Like firs of all we cannot predict the future. We can never say that this and that will probably lead to this and that other thing. No way Jose… What we can do however is work together. Work together to leave behind the ignorance that has stumbled us for years and years. We are now at the peek of our evolution. It’s at times like this that we shall come together and fight evil. At this instance evil is the voice against surrogacy. Look at all the people who use surrogacy! Why do you think they use it? Because making a baby is boring? Since when is sex boring? This is a treatment for people with issues! Don’t talk about it as if it is something that only lazy folks do!

    • Queen Sugar - 30/11/2017 Reply

      The author in no place had he said that surrogacy is something that lazy people do. Kindly get your facts correct. Also concerning predicting the future. It is something that has been done for ages. Like scientists who predict of what will happen in the future. Some come to be true while others don’t. It is always not a guarantee. But the statics have it that surrogacy is growing rapidly. In which I agree to this. So most probably a third of the population years to come will be through surrogacy. I don’t understand the hard part there. Like what do you fail to understand. That is just statistic. You can either believe it or not. No one will judge you. And surrogacy in the article has been explained positively. It is not that the author was against the idea.

  • 1234 - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is no child trafficking! What the f.. is wrong with you? You are putting a life chaning procedure in the same list as a life destroying criminal act! Are you aware that you should never do that. I think it is inhumane to use these two words in the same sentence. Believe me surrogacy is nothing like that. Not in the slightest bit! I am glad that you are opening a discussion and that you are trying to be the voice of everyone. Talking to the write… However you cannot just do that. There are consequences to your actions. Now people can associate surrogacy with child trafficking easily. They saw it here at the end of the day. Please be more cautious next time. What you have done is wrong.

  • Princess200 - 28/11/2017 Reply

    No matter how you look at this. The two sides around here will never agree with each other. It’s just that these people are way too different. I mean this is like republicans talking with democrats. No matter what facts may one side present the other will dissagree. This reminds me of an episode from House M.D.! A fantastic quote that explains the matter here. “I believe this to be true. Anybody who claims or PROVES the opposite is a traitor.” From what I have seen this is how each one is treating the other here. What if both sides are right guys? Parts of the truth is on the Pro Surrogacy camp, and part of it on the other camp. Can we please co-exist? Let’s try do that and worry about bigger things. Share some love for each other!

    • 1234 - 28/11/2017 Reply

      IN love with your analogy. Really it feels like seeing democrats and republicans talk it all out! I have been enjoying some of the rants and all that… What about you? And also do you stand at any of the camps? You don’t really believe that both are right. That cannot be right!

    • Katie - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Exactly. Surrogacy has always been such a thorny issue. I love your analogy to the Democrats and Republics. The issues has become to controversial. It is virtually impossible to find common ground. I mean I see there is nothing wrong with surrogacy. I have had a sister who finally got to have her child because of surrogacy. So, what is so wrong with that? Still, as you mentioned it is important to see the issue from another vantage point. I tried to analyze the merits of the anti-surrogacy camp people. However, I find them without value and biased. I am sure most of them never had to deal with surrogacy problem. It is key to learn how to accept other’s opinion. However, I am from the pro-surrogacy camp. I have zero tolerance for BS. I don’t mean to insult those who disagree with me on this one. I think we can just have our opinion and live together, as you mentioned. It is good to have a healthy debate, I think.

  • googleguy - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Too many things were said here. None of them seems to matter. We are debating the wrong thing. It is not a matter of whether surrogacy is bad or not. It is a matter on how to make every country legalize it. How comes that people fear this thing so muhc? Like you really think that we will give up sex just because we can get babies in another wya? We will give up the feeling of giving birth? We will give up feeling the frist kick of your baby? These things cannot be replace. It is sad that surrogacy cannot bring this for couples with issues. God sometimes things get really dark. Just like in here! Cheer up a little surrogacy won’t ruin mankind. Nuclear warheads at the other hand might do jsut that!

  • Amily - 28/11/2017 Reply

    Today surrogacy is really important thing. Lot’s of people can’t have their own babies. But everyone dreams about them. For them surrogacy is one of the chances to make a dream come true. Every couple wants to have a full family with children. But very often it turns out that a woman can’t get pregnant. Of course, such couple may adopt children. But the child wouldn’t be their native. There are several more ways that help to have a baby. But I think that surrogacy is the best of them. Surrogacy helps people. It is the well-known fact. Today technologies are developed really good. There are lot’s of opportunities that make people’s life much easier and happier. And this one is one of them.

    • Katie - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Amily, I hope you are doing great! I loved reading what you had to say about surrogacy. I don’t know why so many countries are banning it to internationals. I guess there is no point in doing such a thing. Surrogacy, as you said, makes dreams come true. Nothing more or less. I have had a sister go through surrogacy. She had been TTC for years before she even considered surrogacy. She is finally happy, which, in return, makes me happy. I guess we should really adopt the view that if something can bolster families and make them happy, we should be open to it. There are so many couples struggling with infertility. Why deny them access to such procedure because one or two couples abuse it. It is as like an unfounded preconception that is dangerous. Tech should be celebrated. We should not hold back the progress. We should actually encourage it.

  • Anna - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I have always thought that surrogacy is a great thing. But this article shows that there is another side of it. Yeah, some countries are not conducting these procedures for foreigners. but that’s not a real problem. Within several centuries surrogacy may be very spread. Maybe people will turn to it, but not try to get pregnant themselves. But I don’t think that it will be so. I think that surrogacy is a great opportunity for people who can’t have their own children. that is why today this sphere should be more developed. this technology makes dreams come true. And it is a real fact. I know it for sure, because my sister turned to it 2 years ago. Now she is very happy. She has full family and completely healthy child. For her it was the only chance to become a mother. But she is not the only one woman with this problem.

    • Gabby - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I agree with you 100 percent on this one. There are so many couples struggling with infertility. As shown above, the rate of infertility couples have gone through the roof. In these case, surrogacy really does help these couples overcome their obstacles, and become parents. There is just nothing wrong with it. So, instead of banning in so many countries, we should encourage it. More developed surrogacy means more happy couples with children. So glad to see some countries like Ukraine still allow for the procedure. That is the way it should be.

      So happy to hear about your sister’ s story. Happy stories like these should be front and center everyone, so that everyone understand how impactful surrogacy is. It really does make dreams come true, as in your sister’s case. My sister, Terry, has been TTC for so many years. Now, she is finally going to get surrogacy done. I hope she will get lucky and successful. Thanks for sharing your sister’s story. I loved reading it, and I hope it will be an eye-opener for others here.

  • Beatty - 29/11/2017 Reply

    Why would anyone equate surrogacy to child trafficking. The two are like heaven and earth. I am a mother through gestational surrogacy so I understand the process. People who have not battled infertility have no idea what we go through. It pains me so much to see a leader equating it to lack of dignity. My girl is two and I smile every morning she wakes up and cries for mommy. The four countries mentioned have excellent and accessible surrogacy programs. I appreciate the efforts of some companies and governments in supporting infertile people. The realisation that you cannot carry a child is quite traumatising. I also think that it is noble for clinics to support sports. It is a means of endorsing healthy living and giving back to society

    • Shadick - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Exactly. I am also wondering why the type of comparison. The two are totally different. I am also proud of you to have a child through the procedure. i think may of these people have not been through infertility struggles. Sometimes it is until when you are in that situation. Then is when you will understand the pain. Why should i give up my dream of having a baby. Yet there are means that i can still be a parent. If that is the only method of a couple to be pregnant. Then they should just be allowed to go on with the procedure. The countries that are calling this procedure indignity should go through infertility. Till then, they will not know how couples suffer in the face of infertility. friends turn against you. Even your own family. It is a bitter truth but facing infertility is so depressing.

  • Malick - 29/11/2017 Reply

    From my view I think surrogacy is not child trafficking. I personally have never had any fertility issues. My wife and I are just fine. But I do understand that people go through a lot in infertility. So if that is the only way to be parents. Then et them be. So I am amused why many people are against this idea. The surrogate is just doing her part. We can say it is the same like kidney donation. If you cannot judge that one why then judge a surrogate. Because both of them are offering services. One is offering his or her kidney for someone else survival. While the surrogate hold the baby for a couple to be parents. So we should stop being harsh on the topic of surrogacy. Lets treat everyone equally. Whether a surrogate or a kidney donor.

  • Sarah - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I love this article. Very well articulated facts. It is very accurate. The number of people benefiting from surrogacy has increased in the recent days despite the fact that it is illegal in most parts of the world. I am one such beneficiary. Surrogacy is illegal here in Canada. Finding a state to have it done quite a challenge. We finally got the help in Ukraine. My baby boy is one year now. I find it quite thoughtless for anyone to equate surrogacy to child trafficking. Most surrogacy is not commercial so it cannot be considered to be child trafficking.

    • Gabby - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Hi, Sarah. Great to see that you benefited from surrogacy. Congratulations on your baby boy. I wish both of you guys a happy, fulfilling life. My sister, Terry wants to go with surrogacy. She had been TTC for so long. At my insistence, she started considering ART, especially surrogacy She heard about Ukraine and seriously considering it. I hope everything works out for her in the end. Anyways, I hope other people will reconsider their position reading your first-hand experience I also find it disgusting that they have said surrogacy is like child-trafficking. My sister has been struggling with infertility for so many years. It has taken a heavy toll on your mental health. Now, all she think and cares about is having a baby. Once she gets to have her own child, I don’t want other judging her. You shouldn’t judge others unless you are going through what they have gone through.I know since you had your child with surrogacy you might find statements disgusting, and rightfully so. Just ignore the naysayers and be happy with your kid. I wish you good luck, dear

  • Meghan - 29/11/2017 Reply

    The article is an eye opener. Especially when it explains about some countries nit accepting the procedure. This is due to some external forces. Like religion and traditions. But sometimes i fail to understand how religion chip in. This is a medical treatment. There is nothing bad to this. Either am i aware of its side effects. I feel people are just being mean. Cigarettes and alcohol kill people. But you will not see it being banned on such countries. But surrogacy is now illegal. This is so bad. Something that is going to help a couple can no longer be available. They make such treatments so expensive. Not everyone can afford to have surrogacy in a different country. The procedure itself is expensive.

  • Malika Jones - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I really want to be honest here. In as much as i support surrogacy. I think we should also draw lines. Not just anybody can go for the procedure. The method should be strictly for infertile couples. These days anyone can go for surrogacy. Even the fertile couples. Just because you have the money to pay for the procedure does not mean you are legitimate to carry out the procedure. It is actually saddening when i read the rate of surrogacy. It is increasing so fast and i tend to wonder. Is our population full of infertile couples or what? Why then should we have a third of our population be conceived through surrogacy. Does it mean that infertility is also increasing at that rate? Or is it that people are misusing the chance of having money to pay for surrogacy.

  • Ian Chris - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I see that it is not many men who are talking about this. Well, i can tell from my story. My wife was diagnosed with endometriosis. I do not know what that really is but it was such a hustle. We tried for a baby for the longest time that i can remember. I did love her so there was no point i ever thought of divorcing her. We went through the problem together. Spent a lot of money in treatment and medication. Then we were told to try out surrogacy. I had never thought of that. I was new in all these fertility things. But my dear wife convinced me. We tried it out and it was a success. I am now a proud father of a bouncing baby boy. Surrogacy came to our rescue. At least now i can see my wife happy. She enjoys the company of a our little one.

    • Lauran - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Dear Ian,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I am sure what you had to say can convince people who bash surrogacy. I mean, as we can see from your experience, surrogacy made you happy. I am sure that the birth of your baby strengthened your family. My friend, has also suffered with infertility. She ended up going with a surrogacy, which solved her problem. I think, some people are just overlooking key aspects of surrogacy here. AS you can see, surrogacy never diminishes the value of our kids. Why not give someone the chance to have kids through surrogacy? Right? I mean, even they want to be able to carry themselves. I largely think we all have to be pro-choice, and don’t judge other people. As for my case,I have been TTC for 2 years now. We (me and my DH) are considering surrogacy. I am hoping that surrogacy will help the way it did to you. Thanks for sharing your point of view with first-hand experience. I hope your story compels other to rethink their positions.

    • Dafney - 11/07/2018 Reply

      This exact situation has occurred in my life and I’ve seen it happen for many others and I can tell you how I’ve seen it go, but please keep in mind that every situation and surrogacy contract is unique. That being said, intended parents and families come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than include all the variables (single parents using ova or sperm donors or same sex couples or traditional couples or couples with children etc.) I’m just going to say parents because it’s easier, although I have equal admiration and respect for everyone involved in the surrogacy constellation. Having babies via surrogacy takes bravery and commitment and courage and I tip my hat to th brave and brilliant souls that opt to have babies with 3rd party help. It isn’t easy at all!

  • Remy Chan - 29/11/2017 Reply

    According to where we are heading globally i can say it is not a good place. Technology has done us more harm than good. I do not mean that i am against surrogacy. But let us all try to reason together. By the year 2025 A third of the world population will be infertile. Or that is what i have understood from the article. Many people are opting for surrogacy. Unfortunately others are not even infertile. Misuse of technology can lead us to a wrong place. We are heading to a place where a third of the worlds population will be computer generated. This is bad. Because people will no longer be making efforts of conceiving naturally. Surrogates will be doing it for money. Why keep our future at stake in the hands of technology?

    • Lauran - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Hi, Remi Chan.
      I don’t think a lot of people are just jumping to surrogacy cause they want to. I look at is as neccessity. My friend, Sasha, has been grappling with infertility for years. Now, she has done surrogacy and finally happy. So, why do think technology has done more harm than good. Do you not think it has actually helped us live better. In my friends case, technology has helped her become a mother. THerefore, I see nothing wrong with having a kid through surrogacy.
      Even, as you mentioned, people who are not infertilte go with surrogacy, it is fine. I really do think it is their personal choice to do so. There are so many people who would not want to carry a baby themselves, for example career woman. SO, I actually think surrogacy has enables these people become parents, who wouldn’t have become otherwise. There is my personal stance on your point. I fundamentally disagree with what you had to say about tech making our future unstable. I actually think it is doing the opposite. It is making our families bigger and helping us live better. So, I think tech has to be championed, not restricted. I hope you understand and consider my point of view as well.
      Good day to you!

  • Milly - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I was of the school of thought that surrogacy is child trafficking until it helped my friend. You never know the essence of something till you need it. The rate at which people I know are being diagnosed with infertility is alarming. An increase in the number of clinics is an advantage because of the increasing infertility rates. I see nothing wrong with clinics supporting or owning sports places. Isn’t healthy living a way of dealing with some types of infertility? Sadly, there are only a few countries in the world with easily accessible surrogacy programs.

    • Lauran - 29/11/2017 Reply

      I could not agree more with what you had to say Milly. It is very hard to realize other’s pain unless you experience it yourself. The increase in infertility cases is alarming, as you mentioned. So, I don’t understand why others have to prevent theses people from having kids. Yes, I just said, it is merely preventing

      Having more and growing fertility clinics should actually be celebrated as you mentioned. I see there is nothing with clinics getting big and huge. As they become bigger, they tend to offer better services.

      I, honestly, consider having the right to ART as luxury .However, it can also be a human right. No one has to be prevented from having kids because of laws. People making these laws don’t understand couples who are going through infertility.

      It is sad. Yes, I agree, it is very sad that not all countries allow surrogacy. anyways, it is great to see someone who shares the same opinon. Surrogacy should not be restricted whatsoever.

  • Toni - 29/11/2017 Reply

    How you see surrogacy depends on your standpoint in life. If you are too religious then it is definitely a sin. Culture too dictates what is wrong or right for us. These are the basis through which we judge situations if they do not directly affect us. For those saying that surrogacy is child trafficking, wait till you or someone close to you is diagnosed with infertility. Only then will you see how important it is for surrogacy to be legalised around the world. I think what needs to be done to prevent misuse of the program is countries should implement stringent rules. What I mean is that people should not be allowed to use surrogacy unless it is the only means to parenthood for them

  • Marriam - 29/11/2017 Reply

    Much as technology is good, mankind doesn’t know when to stop. There is a fine line between surrogacy and child trafficking. I am sure that not everyone who uses surrogacy really needs. This is where child trafficking comes in. Why get a SM when you can give birth? I think that most countries should not legalise it. The number of clinics too should not increase too much. Let it be a struggle to get the services so those who do not really need them can give up easily. That’s just my opinion

  • Lauran - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I just couldn’t help but feel a disgust over what has been about surrogacy and IVF. Truthfully, I take this issues seriously, cause I have been TTC for so long. I guess, one can’t feel another’s sorrow unless they relive the experiences first-hand.
    I am sure it is very easy to judge others. I am going with surrogacy no matter what. Hearing countries such as Mexico, and Thailand have banned the practice for foreigners is just beyond baffling. When people come to your country for surrogacy services, they benefit themselves. Having foreigners using your products means GDP growth. I see what they are doing is just relapse into the last century.
    I also fundamentally disagree with the term ‘product’ used to describe children. Conceiving through IVF does not mean you are coming up to a clinic and order babies. Just read up on what you want to write about first. I mean there are so many couples who have been trying for years. ART has made their lives so much better. Just imagine the agony of wanting to have a baby for long, and then getting one. I think that is what you guys need to focus on.
    I have long folllowed for news. This one just compelled me to stop reading this.

  • nensi - 29/11/2017 Reply

    Once again I read the condemnation on the topic of surrogate motherhood. And once again I am surprised all the negative judgments.
    Now if they take the organs from the deceased person for other people, all people say it’s good!
    Usually only relatives of the deceased person do not approve of this. But who is listening to them ?! It turns out that transplanting organs from a deceased person is a good thing.
    And the fact that a woman earns money for her family by bearing a child for a childless couple is bad? Why bad? Where did you get this wrong? She bears a child that is genetically not her! She bears a child the other couples (biological parents)!
    What’s wrong with that? It’s a contract, it’s a job, it’s a business relationship. She does her work and gets paid for it!
    The surgeon also does his job and also gets money for it. The surgeon will not save people if he does not receive a salary. And it happens that during the operation patients die.
    But the surgeon still continues to work as a surgeon and is trying to save people.
    And in this case, the surrogate mother gives life, gives the long-awaited child to the parents, and people blame her for this. Usually it is condemned by those people who have absolutely no information about this problem! I do not understand this and I do not know if I can accept their opinion.

    • lili - 29/11/2017 Reply

      I think that a surrogate mother gives happiness and the opportunity to become a parent to a married couple. In the end, she does not kill anyone, she does not give the child to an orphanage. She does not throw the child into the garbage can, as some abnormal and immoral women do. She takes care of the child inside herself, although the child is not her. I can not say what I would have done or felt in its place, but I am convinced that we have no right to condemn them. People turn to her for a serious reason. And this is the last chance to become parents and she gives them this happiness.

      • Gabby - 30/11/2017 Reply

        100% percent true. Surrogate moms, as mentioned above, are actually selfless. I mean , they get paid in $$. Still, if you have first-hand carried a baby & delivered him or her, you know nothing can compensate such experience. Still, she is ready to go with it and do it for some payment. I consider it amazing when people can help each other out like this.
        Yes, we really do see eye to eye on this one. Some people seem to assume that everyone is using surrogacy. However, as you mentioned, only dire parents usually tend to go with it. Surrogacy, in my opinion is not something you can order up and have it delivered. There are complication involves, which makes only serious people consider such choice. Yes, we should not judge people going with surrogacy. Other people who have been less receptive to surrogacy are in no place to judge others. I think it is outright wrong to judge others unless you are in their shoes. I am glad to have stumbled upon your comment. Good to see people who are positive about surrogacy and ART.

    • mina - 29/11/2017 Reply

      Does anyone think that this is bad? Probably, parents who have removed the uterus after bleeding? We already need to give up prejudice. There is a category of parents who will not benefit from IVF if there are no uterus. What to do? You just have to bow to people who are ready to bear 9 months of another’s child. This is not just a job for which a lot of money is put, it is also a heavy stress. If such women disappear, then seriously ill people will be forever deprived of the joy of motherhood. Other arguments – for those people who are young and healthy, but such people are getting less, unfortunately.

      • arika - 29/11/2017 Reply

        And I think that those people who condemn the surrogate mothers do not know or do not understand that the child is not genetically her. And she gives the baby to his genetic parents. If a woman goes for this, then she is psychologically ready for the fact that she will need to give the child. She provides her body in order to give life to another person and give happiness to a childless couple. Especially, now reproductive medicine is constantly evolving. Why do people who have the financial opportunity should give up trying to have children? It seems to me that we should not judge anyone.

        • aliq - 29/11/2017 Reply

          Girls, such judgments arise from a misunderstanding of the situation. Some people believe that a surrogate mother transfers her genes and consequently gives up part of her child. Still such judgments arise from the fact that people do not want to understand the problem – for example, “I’m right, and you will not change my mind.” I also often argued that the surrogate mother is the same incubator. Like a chicken, she put her testicles in a box, and the chicks hatched. But the box did not become their mother from this! Maybe it sounds rude, but people are beginning to understand the point. Only the box is an inanimate object – you do not have to pay it. A woman who bears a child 9 months, does the hard work. And she should get money for it. And of course, a woman should be ready for this. It is clear that not everyone will agree to this. But in general, you just imagine what a feeling, to give people such happiness! Well, how can we condemn this? I believe that everyone has the right to their opinion. But the medicine should develop. And why should not reproductive medicine develop?

  • nelli - 29/11/2017 Reply

    Sometimes people say that participation in the program inflicts psychological trauma to a surrogate mother and is a means of exploiting a woman. A woman decides to become a surrogate mother herself, fully understanding the essence of the procedure. The important requirement is the presence of her own children. The situation when a woman carries a child for a couple, without raising her own, is excluded. Therefore, I do not believe that surrogacy is something unusual. I think this is one of the options to overcome infertility. It seems to me that surrogacy has a right to exist as long as there are people who are in need.

  • Kira - 29/11/2017 Reply

    I think that surrogacy is a really great thing. You know, I am mother of two children. But I can’t have my own babies. That’s why my husband and I turned to surrogacy. Now we have a full and happy family. It was our dream and it came true. That’s why I need to say that this technology is really helpful. Don’t think that it can be negative.

  • lilly - 29/11/2017 Reply

    This topic is so interesting. You know, my sister is going to turn to surrogacy. I know nothing about it. But I want to support her. That is why I collect information from different articles and forums. And this article makes me think about different things. But anyway, I am sure that it is a good chance for people to make their families full. It really can help those, who can’t get pregnant for themselves.

  • melissa - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Hi Kaiguce. What is the matter with you? You seem to be very upset. What is the reason, my dear? Please share with us. Only then, we will be able to help you. There are always solutions to the problems. In order to resolve the issues, we need to know what actually the problem is. I would encourage you to share with us. If you are not comfortable in sharing your issue because of your identity, then there is a solution to that also. Just don’t disclose your identity and share with us the actual matter. I am sure you will be getting many pieces of advice that might help you. Sometimes, the person is not comfortable to share his or her problems with their families. In such cases, these forums are the the best place to share your feelings with him. Everybody will respect your feelings here. Don’t hesitate, please.

  • yuan lee - 30/11/2017 Reply

    This is an astounding post. It raised some truly awesome focuses. Fruitlessness is so high nowadays. Because of our weight control plans and ways of life, these numbers may keep on going up. Along these lines, normally we require an answer. Some approach to ensure that each couple who needs youngsters can have them. Surrogacy can possibly be the best option for you. Not at all like different medications like IVF and so on is surrogacy reasonable for pretty much everybody. The dangers are lower. The odds of accomplishment are likewise high. Notwithstanding, there are dangers like you specified. Fundamentally, we require a few governing rules. We have to ensure that this technique does not progress toward becoming something malicious. So decide carefully.

  • Gabby - 30/11/2017 Reply

    As the author of this piece made it clear, staggering number of couples face fertility issues. I think the increase in the number of clinics is due to the demand for them. We just can’t assume that people not needing surrogacy are also opting for it. First of all, surrogacy does not come cheap. Therefore, it is just something you can go get at a store. Instead, you go through a time-consuming process, which can take a year or even longer. I am all for surrogacy. We also have to be thankful for the surrogate mothers. They carry babies for other people as to make them happy. I think that is just selfless. Why bash others, right? I see the policies mentioned in this article are making us go backwards. The tech has enabled us live better and have children through surrogacy. I mean, why take that back? I guess the people making these policies have zero experience in the field of ART and surrogacy. I mean it is like men offering advice on how to cope with periods. I hope you guys will also appreciate my point of view. Have a great day, everyone!

  • Katie - 30/11/2017 Reply

    I think surrogacy should be even encouraged. Yes, I said it like that. I have been working at at a surrogacy clinic for years. Even though I don’t carry babies there, I see so many couples coming to our clinic with hope. I talk to them and learn about their experiences. Guess what? 99% of our couples have been TTC for years before they even think about surrogacy. Talking to them, I often realize how they see surrogacy as the last resort. If their IVF fails, or something like that, they tend to consider surrogacy. So, I guess it is just plain wrong to accuse some of doing surrogacy even if they don’t have to. Once I see the couples happy with their kids, I can’t help but feel a swell of positivity. So, surrogacy shares positivity around the world, in my opinion. I think ti is just wrong to ban in. However, as we can see countries like Ukraine, Georgia actively support their surrogacy industries. I think that is the right approach to surrogacy. Since it shares positivity, it has to be encouraged and developed. Wrong policies like the ones mentioned above wreck homes and sow unhappiness. Why ban a practice that makes people happy?

  • sophie patricia - 30/11/2017 Reply

    This is such a splendidly composed post. You addressed all the principle focuses. Surrogacy is an extraordinary thought. It has increased massive prevalence throughout the years. The way that another person conveys your youngster, makes it a decent arrangement paying little heed to the issues with your body. Be that as it may, one point that I might want to specify. This is now being manhandled. Lie you stated, it has turned into a business opportunity. Fertile ladies are being utilized to pitch their regular capacity to give birth to a baby. In any case, who winds up benefiting? The offices and the centers. I comprehend that they merit an offer. In any case, that offer ought not to come at the cost of the offer of the surrogate. Over that, the offices are charging consistently expanding costs from the expected guardians. Their distress is being abused. I will suggest all the infertile ladies to look for Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. You will find the solution there.

    • kevin - 30/11/2017 Reply

      Artificial in surrogacy is only the procedure of fertilization. Everything else happens naturally. Surrogacy allows us to solve the urgent problem of our time – the tragedy of many childless families.
      Surrogacy enables young healthy women to improve their financial affairs and raise their children safely. In addition, a woman decides to surrogacy voluntarily, wanting to help people.
      It is interesting that in some countries for such a service there is no reward at all. In the matter of “Surrogacy: pros and cons” is another positive point. A woman, having given birth to a child and restoring her health after childbirth, does not damage her body and can, if safely conceived from her husband, give birth to her children.
      As you can see, there are many contradictory moments in this issue. In any case, the woman herself must make the right informed choice.
      By the way, you remember biotexcom, I also heard many positive reviews about this clinic. My brother thinks about surrogacy, and we are actively investigating this issue.
      He is very concerned about this issue. Therefore, our family decided to help him and support him and his wife. They, like many couples, suffer from infertility. Unfortunately IVF did not give a positive result. Therefore, for them to surrogacy – it is the only chance to become parents. So I can not say anything bad about surrogacy.

  • britanny - 30/11/2017 Reply

    That was a very instructive post. I especially enjoyed the reference you provided for the Handmaid’s story. However it is absolutely plausible later on. Fruitlessness is a typical issue now. This did not go unnoticed. Researchers, scientists and specialists rose to the test. Surrogacy was divulged as the ideal arrangement. Surrogacy is presently sought after. This clarifies the sheer number of surrogacy facilities and organizations out there. There is a considerable measure of potential for development. In any case, others considered this to be potential for benefit. The business has turned out to be significantly marketed. This could represent an issue later on. More enactment should be made to oversee the numerous details required with surrogacy. Laws that will ensure that the arrangement does not turn into an annoyance or a threat. You can consult Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. It is one of the best clinic’s for surrogacy.

  • laura - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Lol, I am astonished on your thinking guys. You people are considering surrogacy a project? Well, what a pity thinking you guys have. This is not a project in fact this is the way from which thousands of couples who were about to end their lives just because they can’t become parents. What’s wrong if this procedure brings back their lives by giving them kids. Get a life guys. Try to feel the pain of those who are suffering from infertility problems and they are going for surrogacy. Motivate them and sow them support instead of saying negative about surrogacy.

  • vironica - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Thanks for sharing the info. I really did not know that much about this. I believe you because you made the references. Though I haven’t checked them if they are true or not I just kinda think this to be true. It’s going to be way too common in the future. Every 6th couple is facing infertility issues these days. The number is increasing day-by-day. Surrogacy is the modern day miracle I’d say. There’s a lot of research that still needs to be done on this but it definitely is superior to any other alternative of having a baby. It’s not that artificial since everything is done the way with the natural pregnancy. It’s just the embryo formation that’s done prior to placing it inside the surrogate’s womb. This especially is helpful for old age wanting to become parents folks. It is equally good for those who can’t give birth to a child. Maybe because they are not healthy enough or they have some medical condition like heart diseases etc. I’d recommend this procedure to all. Don’t spend your life crying about it. Do something now. Go for this option and fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

  • tennisa - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Well, I think surrogacy is a blessing for all those couples who can’t conceive or fertile enough. we are thankful to all those pioneers who started this procedure for the sake of bringing happiness in many lives. I appreciate you all and specially all that clinic who are working day and night for their patients to give them the best. I don’t know about the services of clinics in USA or UK but I have a personal experience with the Fertility and surrogacy clinic BiotexCom located In Ukraine. They are giving their best services in surrogacy including accommodation and scans and many more. I hope this procedure will help out many couples to have babies in their lives. I wish you Good Luck.

  • lunamia - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Well it’s all about the thinking. If you are having a positive behavior and thinking towards to anything then you will never name surrogacy an act or prostitution. It’s a positive thing dear don’t say like this what’s wrong if this thing brings happiness to thousands of couples who were like dead without a baby. I appreciate this clinic for giving this services in their best way to their patients. I congratulate them on their success. Surrogacy is such a fertilizer which make an infertile garden into a fruitful and a garden full of flowers. Spread love not hatred.

  • lararose - 30/11/2017 Reply

    . Surrogacy is a very good and helping procedure. But it’s really very expensive. The studies have shown correct that many of the people want to take surrogacy but can’t take it because they are having issues either with their country laws or financially. It’s not always correct. Many if the people have to lose this option because it’s way too expensive for them. It’s not only in Europe but in US, India, Pakistan, all of them it has different and several major kind of issues related to the surrogacy. It’s never a good option for less budget people if they want to do it. May be medical insurances could add this procedure or anything like that which helps the willing people. Even finding a surrogate mother volunteer is very difficult because it’s not that much aware among us. Otherwise it’s really good technique for parents to have their own.

  • david - 30/11/2017 Reply

    I’m very sorry for your brother, I hope he can have children. Of course, only those people who have never encountered this problem can condemn surrogacy. After all, infertility is very difficult to take and it is very hard to live with. Sometimes infertile women begin to compare themselves with other women who have children. And they start to think that they are worse than them, but this is wrong. Now many children are born not from the desire of their parents, but from the “accidental case.” This means that the parents did not want the appearance of these children. And infertile couples really want to have children, often they are middle-aged people. And this means that they can give children a good upbringing and can provide them financially. But, the main thing is that they are able to sincerely love the child, they do not have selfishness. Just imagine how happy these people will be when they have a child. They will be able to raise a decent human being. And he, in turn, will be able to properly educate his future children. And this means that our society will be better. And if you do not allow those people to have a child, they can not grow a good person. So, our society will not get better.

  • lana - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Our government keeps saying that we need to improve the demographic situation. And these are not empty words. At us the number of old men constantly grows, and the quantity of children increases very slowly. If this continues, then soon there will be no one to feed the pensioners, and in the end we will simply die out. Therefore, we must use every opportunity to raise the birth rate. A surrogacy is a guarantee that the child will grow up in a good family. After all, surrogacy is not a cheap service. And if the parents found money for this and did not spare money for the sake of having a child, it means that the kid is really welcome and they will be able to provide the child financially. Therefore, I fully agree with the arguments of David.

  • sandra - 30/11/2017 Reply

    If people want to have children, they need to use every opportunity for this. After all, for many people, adoption is unacceptable. If you take someone else’s child, there is always a danger that you will not be able to love him as much as your own. And especially it will be felt in case of some kind of fault. What you can forgive your children can not always be forgiven to other people’s children. And the kid will definitely feel it. All his life he will feel that he disliked that they took him out of charity. And parents will suffer from a complex of guilt. If you take a baby from an orphanage, it is likely that you will get a child with hereditary diseases. With a sick child, cares are much greater. Parents at some point may get tired of this and again begin to transfer their irritation to the child. Once again, a vicious circle – parents are trying to pretend that they love an adopted child, and he still feels unloved. In the case of surrogacy, all these problems are absent. It will be your child. He has your genes. After all, a surrogate mother is transplanted a fertilized egg from the future parents of the baby. She only gives birth to a child. Agree, it’s a great happiness to see how your baby grows and every year find in your child the features of your beloved husband and your own!

  • madina - 30/11/2017 Reply

    I think that surrogacy is good in any case. Here, both sides are winning. Parents finally receive the long-awaited child, and the woman – money. With this money she will be able to feed her children. After all, surrogate mothers can become only those women who already have at least one child. Perhaps the money received from future parents can make this kid happy. I think that women decide to become surrogate mothers for a reason. And why should they be deprived of such an opportunity? After all, then at least four people will be unhappy – future parents, a surrogate mother and her child, who may simply not have anything to eat. It seems to me that if this practice was more widespread, it would be less abandoned children. After all, sometimes women refuse the child, being in a desperate situation – the husband is gone, there is no work, there is nowhere to live. And for them to give birth to a baby for a childless couple – it’s an opportunity to somehow feed their own child, buy a home or in the future give the child a good education. She did not steal the money, and honestly earn. And if she does not have another job, this is not an excuse to deprive her of this way of earning. Moreover, her “work” really needs people. We have a lot of infertile couples who are really unhappy without their baby.

  • Rina - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Hi all. I must compliment the author first, for bringing out the ugly reality of surrogacy so boldly. I personally believe that Surrogacy is an ultimate awesome way to have a baby for infertile couples. The couples who are trying for years to have their own babies but are unsuccessful are being able to fulfill their wish via surrogacy. We must be thankful to the technology for letting the dreams come true of people of having their won babies.
    As per the stats mentioned in the article, it is saddening to know the growing problem of infertility among the couples. We as adults must pay attention to the reasons why it is growing. Surrogacy is basically for the couple who cannot conceive naturally but it is disheartening to know that the some of the couples all over the world have been using it as a trend. The reason maybe because they just want to follow a simple way to have their own babies.This should not be allowed. And, maybe because of this reason only, some of the countries like India & Nepal have now banned foreign surrogacy. Clinics and doctors should also understand this thing that surrogacy is to be suggested to infertile couples only and not to the ones who want to follow the easy way. It should not be considered as a business, which sadly most of the clinics all over the world are considering. This is definitely unfair to the infertile couples. This is issue is now becoming a source of concern for most of the countries. I will request to the doctor (if any is reading) that please recommend surrogacy to the infertile couples only. If governments of other countries like Ukraine, Georgia and other countries also ban foreign surrogacy then, it will be really difficult to fulfill the dreams of infertile couple. This will be really not fair with them.

  • anari - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Artificial in surrogacy is only the procedure of fertilization. Everything else happens naturally. Surrogacy allows us to solve the urgent problem of our time – the tragedy of many childless families.
    Surrogacy enables young healthy women to improve their financial affairs and raise their children safely. In addition, a woman decides to surrogacy voluntarily, wanting to help people.
    It is interesting that in some countries for such a service there is no reward at all. In the matter of surrogacy is another positive point. A woman, having given birth to a child and restoring her health after childbirth, does not damage her body and can, if safely conceived from her husband, give birth to her children.
    As you can see, there are many contradictory moments in this issue. In any case, the woman herself must make the right informed choice.
    My brother thinks about surrogacy, and we are actively investigating this issue.
    He is very concerned about this issue. Therefore, our family decided to help him and support him and his wife. They, like many couples, suffer from infertility. Unfortunately IVF did not give a positive result. Therefore, for them to surrogacy – it is the only chance to become parents. So I can not say anything bad about surrogacy.

  • Faux fur cat - 30/11/2017 Reply

    I hate medical specialists, medical promoters, medical patrons, clinics, hospitals, facilities and general medicine in particular. All these things broke my normal mode of life, my rhythm. I trusted them too much, more than at least one of them was worthy.
    I have no uterus due to freaking mistake and now I should manage this madness. I dreamt of becoming a mom someday. I saw my perfect role of mother in the shortest future.
    I’ve got only a fear and nothing more. Do you know what’s the most interesting? Now I have to be polite in speaking with physicians, because they are my last hope for cherished times, as ones tell me.
    I’m expecting for appointment in Ukraine next month. I’m nervous as a cat getting ready for a bath in boiling water.

    • Camila - 30/11/2017 Reply

      I’m really sorry to hear that you have lost your uterus! This price is too height for someone’s mistake. I don’t want to justify them or look for excuses in order to explain their guilt, but one thing I’m sure about, your doctors didn’t make it on purpose. I guess it’s difficult for them to live with a weight of their fault as well.
      We never know what awaits us on the next corner and we have no choice, but to rely on people around us. Sometimes they fail, but life continues.
      Lots of luck in your fertility journey, have hope!

      • Faux fur cat - 30/11/2017 Reply

        I’d send a certain medical record of my tragedy if It was possible to add a screenshot on this forum.
        Thank you for support dear. It’s so much needed now.
        I don’t understand what has happened to me. I became so rude, so soured. I’m disgusting even to myself. I hope you are fine in your turn. I can’t forgive people because it was not just a uterus. That medical mistake made me turn into another person. I loved myself although.

  • denis - 30/11/2017 Reply

    One of the most serious arguments for surrogacy is the fact that surrogate mothers help infertile couples gain family happiness, which otherwise they would be deprived. In any case, a surrogacy is not a whim, but a procedure that requires a lot of effort, and is only carried out to those people who really need it. This is the main advantage of surrogacy – it makes the impossible possible. The procedure for surrogacy is similar to the adoption of a child.
    But with the difference that in this case, parents take away the child, which will be for them a genetic native. I believe that to reproach people who use the services of surrogate mothers to conceive a child instead of adopting a child from an orphanage is completely unfair. After all, having your own children is a natural desire, and everyone has the right to it. From the point of view of reproductive medicine, surrogacy has proved very effective for a long time in the treatment of infertility in cases when other methods do not help. Including this concerns numerous attempts of unsuccessful IVF, when a couple can not conceive a child. In addition, surrogacy is used as the only way to have native children for those women who can not bear and give birth to a child because of various diseases, such as congenital heart disease or absence of the uterus.
    Some people, especially radical, argue that such a method of treatment is trafficking in people.
    However, it is difficult to judge about this, as any mother who can not have her children has a completely different attitude to the same issue. In the end, after all, in fact people do not buy children – they just turn to someone who helps them to have their own kids. In any case, how can they talk about selling children if parents receive a biologically native baby?
    I think we have to accept surrogacy as part of the medicine. And as you understand, with different diseases, different methods of treatment are used. And we must accept these methods and not condemn anyone.

  • Lordy - 30/11/2017 Reply

    Previous visitor was nervous predictably. I think there’s no reasonable base to trust in positive result with Ukraine. I’m living in Nevada and My very good friends, my colleagues had the misfortune to visit Ukraine not so long ago. My poor friend overcame a real hell. The hell of service and attention. What do Ukrainians contribute to improve their approach of treating clients? The answer is nothing was done. They are lazy and ignorant people. I had some business partners in a past. They were also Ukrainian immigrants. That was a nightmare for my business! Please, stop my story to tell!
    Being brief, my friends decided that they would plan for next twins here in the US. Because children are priceless and hazard is high.

  • maxi - 30/11/2017 Reply

    I do not see anything prejudicial in surrogacy. If, of course, everything happens in a lawful and fully protected interests of all participants of this program. Unfortunately, many married couples are physiological or for some other reason can not have children, but are able to grow and maintain them. At the same time many people are able to bear children, but are unable to afford it.
    But the surrogacy exists for quite a long time. And as I understand it, the popularity of surrogacy is growing rapidly. But I do not understand the fact that in many countries this is still not available.

  • napoli - 30/11/2017 Reply

    I totally disagree with you. Ukraine is worth acknowledging anyway. Are you really blindman?
    Thousands of people get happy in fact after they had a fertility journey completed in Ukraine.
    I suppose you don’t have a true concern about what, indeed, happens in there. Unfortunately, your reply might be found serious by someone

  • napoli - 30/11/2017 Reply

    My message was sent as a response to Lordy’s comment. I missed a ‘reply’ button. I hope he(she)’ll be back here again to find it.
    I wish you good luck and Merry coming Christmas!

  • el - 30/11/2017 Reply

    This is acceptable, if a woman physically can not have children. As far as I know, in the program of surrogacy they come to the appointment of a doctor. And besides, this can be a solution to the situation when a woman has a great chance to die during childbirth. After all surrogate mothers very carefully selected, and thus the gene pool would be nice, I think so. To that many women can not give birth due to heart disease, kidney problems. This is all also need to be considered. Not always in the program surrogacy come because of infertility.

  • romesa - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Stunning! Such stories sound as children’s stories and I need to have faith in them as though I was a tyke. My ripeness travel hasn’t progressed yet, however, all my expectation is devoted to that. I wish you genuine joy, I wish it with all the energy of my confidence

  • julia - 01/12/2017 Reply

    the possibility of surrogacy is fantastic for individuals in a long haul association with somebody of an indistinguishable sexual orientation from they would somehow be not able have offspring of their own. Surrogate moms must be mindful so as to guarantee that they won’t have any desire to keep the infant as it isn’t their own. There ought to be no installment to the surrogate or else that will be a radical new verbal confrontation about “paying for kids”.

  • Milo - 01/12/2017 Reply

    This is such a well-written post. I had believed that surrogacy was a great solution. In fact, it just might be. However, it wasn’t until now that I saw the other side of the story. We need some strong steps to make sure that surrogacy doesn’t turn into something ugly. Urgency is the need of the hour. I hope the policy makers realize it soon.

  • Rene - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is the only option for many people. It is their only hope to have a child. However, this is often exploited. You explained this quite well. he demand for surrogate mothers is increasing. So, many people are now seeing it as an opportunity for profit. Human trafficking is a risk that comes with surrogacy. What solution do you propose?

  • Clara - 01/12/2017 Reply

    What a nice article. I must say, you gave a very well balanced opinion. I do have a question though. True that surrogacy presents challenges. However, it is also true that surrogacy is the only solution for a lot of couples. So, what sould be done? Should surrogacy be abolished just because there are challenges? I don’t think so.

  • Bianca - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy brings with it a lot of problems. However, that is true for just about everything. Potential for exploitation exists in everything. Be it a medical procedure or a government policy or anything. The best thing we can do is try to minimize the risks. Make surrogacy a safer option.I hope this is made possible.

  • Claire - 01/12/2017 Reply

    That is a good article. May I ask where you based your research on? Did you consider any polls and statistics? Or is this mostly just an opinionated article? Regardless, I liked how well balanced it was. An informative read. Thank you for sharing.

  • Denise - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Hi there. I really enjoyed reading this article. It gave a very well-balanced explanation. Surrogacy is a good option. However, it opens the possibility of so many problems. We need laws to help prevent these problems. I hope it works out.

  • Elena - 01/12/2017 Reply

    This is a very well written article. You touched on some pretty important points. You were spot on about the dangers surrogacy poses. There are quite a few possibilities of human trafficking etc. However, the opposite is also true. Along with the dangers, the benefits are aso there. We just need to create a balance.

  • Fiona - 01/12/2017 Reply

    A highly informative article. Well-written too. I have recently been looking into different infertility options. IVF sounds promising. However, there aren’t any guarantees. Surrogacy is a lot more sure shot. It is sad to see this option being plagued with so many dangers though.

  • hamen - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Most ladies who pick surrogacy do as such to offer back to another family. It takes an exceptional, sympathetic individual to end up plainly a surrogate. A surrogate can leave the involvement with a profound feeling of pride and fulfillment that they could help another family in the most magnanimous way imaginable.

  • Gigi - 01/12/2017 Reply

    I have been a surrogate mother. For me it was an excellent experience. I wanted to carry a child for my sister. I wasn’t forced. In fact, I wasn’t even asked. I approached her myself. I understand that there are risks involved. However, if done right, surrogacy can be a great thing.

  • isabelle - 01/12/2017 Reply

    This post shows that there are always two sides with any coin. Surrogacy had looked like a great thing to me. Only now did I realize how much potential there is in it for evil. This does not make surrogacy the bad idea here. The problem is people and their evil designs. We need more laws concerning surrogacy. That will make surrogacy a safer option.

  • june - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a great solution for many couples. Those who want to have a child, but can not. This is often misused, though. People see the potential there is in surrogacy. However, the truth remains. There is potential for evil everywhere. Even adoption has many such possibilities.

  • kate - 01/12/2017 Reply

    It is a sad world we live in. Where something as natural as the ability to carry a child is monetized. The reference to the Handmaid’s tale is so on point. The sad part is that the story presented in the show isn’t just a story It is actually quite a big possibility. With surrogacy, this possibility becomes even bigger.

  • meg - 01/12/2017 Reply

    You mentioned some valid points. There are many risks associated with surrogacy. The potential of human trafficking is too high. Women might be forced to carry children. However, in many cases, the women aren’t forced in the true sense of the word. The influences are more invisible. For example, financial burdens.

  • nino - 01/12/2017 Reply

    You are quite right. Surrogacy might be a good option. However, the risks are too high too.The best option is to look deeper into the matter. We need to figure out how to make surrogacy safer. It is too good an option to be discarded due to the dangers. I hope this is possible.

  • oriel - 01/12/2017 Reply

    Research and medicine just can’t seem to work fast enough. They come up with one solution. It looks promising. However, exploiters soon catch up. They figure out schemes to make that solution profitable. The same thing seems to be happening to surrogacy. Now the dangers are a lot more than the benefits.

  • Emnaveed - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Hi there, I hope you find my words good. Why didn’t you go for treatment? You can surely have IVF treatment. IUI is also there, however, IVF works 99% for sure. Don’t step back. If you belong to a poor family and can’t afford doctors then you must go for adoption. Loving a deserving child is the best thing. Take care of your diet and health. Good luck.

  • Noorima - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is creating a well hype now days. This article takes me to the depth to feel the infertile mothers. It should better be stated as legal in every country. Because it is a beautiful thing to give birth to some one else child for sake of their happiness and love. Sharing such informaton is very beneficial. Please keep posting more articles like this.

  • luceyi - 02/12/2017 Reply

    his article is written perfectly. Every single detail is very informative. I love those mothers who give birth to someone else happiness, those mothers are really appreciatable. whereas those mothers who are giving this great opportunity to someone else are with a great soul as well.

  • Amanda roger - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is talk of the town these days. Where people are in desperate need of surrogacy, have seen many such as celebrities opting for surrogacy for minor reasons. In my opinion there should be complete check on couples. If they are really infertile and have no other choice left then they should be given the option of surrogacy. Opting for such a complicated and long procedure just for fun or for minor reasons is unfair to the couples who have been trying for years and are still unsuccessful. Complete check up should be done. Medical history should be reviewed. Thus, then the couple shall be chosen for surrogacy.

  • Amanda roger - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy usually ends up with couples being happy and thankful. Taking their bundle of joy back home with them. However, how it ends for a surrogate mother is also important. One of my friend is a surrogate mother. According to her she feels the happiness of sharing motherhood with someone who is in actual need. She has chosen to be a surrogate because of her sense of compassion. It’s not only about financial gain, but it’s about sharing and being supportive.

  • Gia paul - 02/12/2017 Reply

    A very informative article. As surrogacy is gaining popularity, it is sometimes being misused. For some it is the most wonderful thing which has happened. However, sometimes it may turn out to be an ugly experience. Proper laws and regulations are necessary. It’s important to make the experience peaceful and amazing for both the side.

  • Natasha - 02/12/2017 Reply

    In countries where surrogacy is illegal, people are opting to go for the illegal way. Women are ready to contribute and become surrogates mother. However, as it is illegal, there aren’t any proper check and balance done. Proper health check up s aren’t done. Due to which surrogates are kept in deteriorating conditions. With poor health facilities. These may lead to medical complications for the mother and the baby.

  • Natasha - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Any process can be dangerous until you aren’t fully informed about it. I would advice everyone to do a thorough research before opting for surrogacy. Sometimes parents are concerned that the surrogate might change her mind. Therefor it’s advisable to go for surrogacy through a proper agency. As there proper laws are followed. Proper research and selection of agency is important.

  • Julia - 02/12/2017 Reply

    The increases in infertility rate is quite frightening. As much as science has evolved. Many people are going towards reproduction treatment. Infertility is very hard. However there are many people who oppose surrogacy. It’s also true that this procedure has brought happiness in the life of many infertile couples. It’s a bumpy road. Where there are many people who oppose it, there are many who are in favour of it.

  • Zarah - 02/12/2017 Reply

    I am amazed after reading some of the comments. Where people think that it’s merely a money making business. The forget to look at the other side. Where a surrogate mother just wants to volunteer, to share parenthood with deprived couples. Moreover the happiness and joy we see in the eyes of parents, after losing all hope and finding the ultimate happiness through surrogacy.

  • Marym - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Paying the surrogate in some countries is illegal. They are in a fear that many poverty-stricken would take this as a source on income. Result will be the deteriorating health of the surrogate mothers. According to many people there shall be complete regulations. To check whether the surrogates are healthy and consider the procedure straight forward. Have had no complication before during the pregnancy.

  • Tina fon - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Some people are against surrogacy due to religious and ethical issues. However now it’s legal in many countries. Your article has pointed out a very important factor. It shows that how a procedure which is their to benefit couple who are in dire need, can be misused. Going for surrogacy for minor reasons should not be allowed. It’s not a way out of pregnancy instead it’s a way to parenthood for the deserving ones. The procedure should be made difficult and tough. As a result only the deserving may got a chance.

  • pam - 02/12/2017 Reply

    You have raised some good points. The risks you have mentioned are quite real. All these are cons of surrogacy. However, it is also true that the pros of surrogacy are quite high too.The question is, which is higher? How do we make the gap larger? How to increase the advantages and lower the disadvantages.

  • quinta - 02/12/2017 Reply

    The possibilities for surrogacy are endless. You can hand-pick all the features you want. It’s like going shopping. The merchandise here is the baby. This thought scares me. How something as natural as childbirth is being commercialized.

  • rosaline - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a beautiful thing. As an infertile woman, surrogacy was a complete god-sent solution for me. I can see that there are issues with it. It has potential to be misused. However, if done through the proper channels, it can be a good thing. I hope the system is perfected for this. Fingers crossed.

  • sarah - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Hello. You made an interesting case. Surrogacy sure is tricky. However, that is the case with everything. Be it adoption. Or whatever. Even those things which aren’t related to infertility can promote human trafficking. For example, organ harvesting etc.

  • tito - 02/12/2017 Reply

    That is an interesting article. My daughter was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. She has been advised to get a hysterectomy done. I told her she can still have kids through surrogacy. However, reading your post has given me cold feet. I don’t know how to proceed now. What should I tell her?

  • ariel - 02/12/2017 Reply

    There is a downside to everything. People will find a way to profit from anything. It is just sad. However, those couples who want children often don’t think about that. They don’t think about why the surrogate is doing this. Why she is so willing to give u the child? What is the reason she decided to become a surrogate?

  • bailey - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a tricky thing. Deciding to become a surrogate isn’t exactly anyone’s first career choice. However, many women are forced towards it. Often their circumstances are to blame. For example, they are looking for a way to get some extra income. In some cases though, the influences are external. They might be thugs etc. They force women to become surrogates.

  • cathy - 02/12/2017 Reply

    We live in a twisted world. Something so beautiful as childbirth is being commercialized. What next? Is there no limit these people can stoop to? Human trafficking should be dealt with strictly. The people involved in this should face strict consequences. That might be the only way to stop this.

  • ermine - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Humans never fail to amaze me. We have the potential to do so much good. However, there is an equally high potential for exploitation. Our cunningness knows no bounds. Human traffickers take something as good as childbirth and turn it into something ugly. I hope strict rules are made to make surrogacy safer.

  • fario - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy has become quite popular recently. It has almost become the go-to solution for infertile women or couples. The internet really isn’t famous for presenting an unbiased view. Similarly, in the case of surrogacy, the pros mentioned are a lot more than the cons. So, naturally, I was quite an advocate of surrogacy. However, your post helped me see things from a different angle. I have just realized how much potential there is in surrogacy for promoting human trafficking etc.

  • glenn - 02/12/2017 Reply

    You are so right. Surrogacy is often painted as a great solution. However many people don’t realize the dangers it poses. Fertility is now a much sought for commodity. People are willing to pay huge amounts of money for this. So, of course, the opportunists will see this as a good chance to profit. Human trafficking is already so common. Now, they have another reason to do it.

  • hartley - 02/12/2017 Reply

    That is a very nice article. However, I would like to point out one thing. Surrogacy isn’t necessarily the evil thing here. It really can be a great solution. However, human traffickers are the real evil here. What is needed are regulations and countermeasures against them. Banning surrogacy etc won’t solve the problem.

  • iris - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy really is an excellent option. It has changed the lives of so many people. Couples who couldn’t have children before are now parents. With options like own egg surrogacy or donor egg surrogacy, there is an option for almost everyone. However, the dangers you pointed out are equally real. We have come a long way. However, there is a lot more to be done, before this solution to infertility is perfected.

  • jessica - 02/12/2017 Reply

    There is a good and bad side to everything. No matter what solution you think of, there will be potential for someone to benefit. Unfortunately, that is just how the world is. Unless we can change the psyche of all the humans, there really isn’t much to be done. The best one can do is hope. Hope that the good outweighs the evil. Let’s see how things turn out.

  • kylie - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy isn’t that bad now. It has the potential to be a great solution. All that is needed are some checks and balances. That will make sure that people don’t exploit it. Otherwise, surrogacy is a wonderful option. I hope things turn out well.

  • may - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a good option. For both the intended parents and the surrogate. I have been a surrogate twice. I am not the most well-off person. However, with surrogacy, I managed to make ends meet. This is something I can do on top of my regular job. So, it is some extra income.

  • nola - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a very good option for those seeking help with infertility. Of course, there are risks involved. However, that is true for everything. Every option has some risks. As long as we have laws it should be okay. Laws that are enforced too. Without risk, there is no solution.

  • lauren - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy, if done right, can be a great idea. Care should be taken to only opt for surrogacy through reputable clinics. Clinics like BioTexCom offer surrogacy. Of course, there are risks. This is why we need appropriate laws. These will ensure that surrogacy is not misused. Let’s see how things turn out.

  • Mujtb4a - 02/12/2017 Reply

    I must say that I did the best thing to read this article. This post is well explaining almost everything about surrogacy. I think a number of people are going to get benefit from what is written. I never knew this much about surrogacy. One should not step back after listening to infertility. Surrogacy is a well-grown market now. Keep writing such informative articles.

  • Mujtb4a - 02/12/2017 Reply

    I personally love surrogacy procedure. I think it’s a blessing for infertile parents. Giving birth to some one’s life, happiness is the beautiful thing. I don’t know why surrogacy is banned in some countries. It is the best source of happiness and Love in infertile families. Such articles are so much informative and more encouraging. I appreciate mothers who don’t lose heart and go for surrogacy.

  • Mujtb4a - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy should be allowed in every country. There are some people who can’t afford flying for surrogacy. surrogacy is not legal in their country as well. They face serious problems with infertility. They had to go for adoption or leave themselves alone. btw I love reading such amazing articles.

  • Mujt4ba - 02/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a real blessing procedure for those who don’t want to go for adoption. It’s a good procedure for people who need help. It helps you to conceive your own help with your own egg and your partner’s sperm. It’s blessing procedure but it’s expensive. It’s really expensive. Not everyone could afford it.

  • nu3lucia - 02/12/2017 Reply

    This is the best article written for surrogacy. It includes almost all the types of things that come up in mind while considering surrogacy. This method itself is very awesome and blessed method. It’s difficult to find surrogate mother first and then after that, it’s expense as mentioned here. it’s huge but its result is huge too. It helps people allot. The state should include it in insurance as well.

  • Marggie Tom - 03/12/2017 Reply

    Some people misunderstood surrogacy a lot. They believe that it is an unnatural way of having a baby. I don’t think it is true. There is nothing unnatural in it. A surrogate mother carries your child who belongs to you biologically. We should spread awareness regarding surrogacy. We should not take it wrong as sometimes it is the only way through which couples are able to become parents.

  • ruth - 03/12/2017 Reply

    This is quite a nice post. You have made a few interesting points. One in particuar, piqued my interest. The reference to the Handmaid’s Tale. I recently wrote a synopsis of the book and the series. So, it made me wonder how you made the connection between the two. In that story, the women are forced to have children. They don’t have a say in the matter. However, unlike the story, in surrogacy, the surrogates do have a choice. They decide on their own. Mostly for monetory reasons. True, in both cases, the child is given to someone else. However, in surrogacy, it is by the choice of the mother. Looking forward to discussing this further.

  • deny - 03/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is talk of the town these days. Where people are in desperate need of surrogacy, have seen many such as celebrities opting for surrogacy for minor reasons. In my opinion there should be complete check on couples. If they are really infertile and have no other choice left then they should be given the option of surrogacy. Opting for such a complicated and long procedure just for fun or for minor reasons is unfair to the couples who have been trying for years and are still unsuccessful. Complete check up should be done. Medical history should be reviewed. Thus, then the couple shall be chosen for surrogacy.

  • lexi - 03/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy usually ends up with couples being happy and thankful. Taking their bundle of joy back home with them. However, how it ends for a surrogate mother is also important. One of my friend is a surrogate mother. According to her she feels the happiness of sharing motherhood with someone who is in actual need. She has chosen to be a surrogate because of her sense of compassion. It’s not only about financial gain, but it’s about sharing and being supportive.

  • selena - 03/12/2017 Reply

    A very informative article. As surrogacy is gaining popularity, it is sometimes being misused. For some it is the most wonderful thing which has happened. However, sometimes it may turn out to be an ugly experience. Proper laws and regulations are necessary. It’s important to make the experience peaceful and amazing for both the side.

  • laura - 03/12/2017 Reply

    In countries where surrogacy is illegal, people are opting to go for the illegal way. Women are ready to contribute and become surrogates mother. However, as it is illegal, there aren’t any proper check and balance done. Proper health check up s aren’t done. Due to which surrogates are kept in deteriorating conditions. With poor health facilities. These may lead to medical complications for the mother and the baby.

  • allena - 03/12/2017 Reply

    Any process can be dangerous until you aren’t fully informed about it. I would advice everyone to do a thorough research before opting for surrogacy. Sometimes parents are concerned that the surrogate might change her mind. Therefor it’s advisable to go for surrogacy through a proper agency. As there proper laws are followed. Proper research and selection of agency is important.

  • catalina - 03/12/2017 Reply

    I agree with people suggesting to go for an agency. It makes the whole complicated procedure much easier. The agency is there to take care of all the legal And medical requirements. In Ukraine laws are much more flexible for both the sides. Plus the cost is pretty economical. Have had a personal experience with them. Overall it was a wonderful experience. You can have more information here

  • nyla - 03/12/2017 Reply

    The increases in infertility rate is quite frightening. As much as science has evolved. Many people are going towards reproduction treatment. Infertility is very hard. However there are many people who oppose surrogacy. It’s also true that this procedure has brought happiness in the life of many infertile couples. It’s a bumpy road. Where there are many people who oppose it, there are many who are in favour of it.

  • annie - 03/12/2017 Reply

    I am amazed after reading some of the comments. Where people think that it’s merely a money making business. The forget to look at the other side. Where a surrogate mother just wants to volunteer, to share parenthood with deprived couples. Moreover the happiness and joy we see in the eyes of parents, after losing all hope and finding the ultimate happiness through surrogacy.

  • anna - 03/12/2017 Reply

    Paying the surrogate in some countries is illegal. They are in a fear that many poverty-stricken would take this as a source on income. Result will be the deteriorating health of the surrogate mothers. According to many people there shall be complete regulations. To check whether the surrogates are healthy and consider the procedure straight forward. Have had no complication before during the pregnancy.

  • rose - 03/12/2017 Reply

    Some people are against surrogacy due to religious and ethical issues. However now it’s legal in many countries. Your article has pointed out a very important factor. It shows that how a procedure which is their to benefit couple who are in dire need, can be misused. Going for surrogacy for minor reasons should not be allowed. It’s not a way out of pregnancy instead it’s a way to parenthood for the deserving ones. The procedure should be made difficult and tough. As a result only the deserving may got a chance.

  • stacy - 03/12/2017 Reply

    I am totally satisfied with the process of surrogacy. This process has completed my family. I have my baby just because of surrogacy. I had no other way to have a baby. I am fertile but cannot be a mom because of my heart disease. In such hour of need, surrogacy was there to help me out. I am really thankful for it. It is one of the best processes to deal with infertility and other issues.

  • hannah - 03/12/2017 Reply

    I think surrogacy should be supported more. It has filled the wishes of so many women. It has made a lot of hopeless woman to be a mother. I am also one of them. The process is also very easy to handle. There is nothing wrong with it. It is also less expensive than other processes. Just want to tell others that do look into it. You will not be disappointed.

  • hefny - 03/12/2017 Reply

    It is a very decent article. I should state, you gave an exceptionally all around adjusted assessment. I do have an inquiry, however. Surrogacy does present challenges. In any case, it is additionally obvious that surrogacy is the main answer for a lot of couples. All in all, what ought to be finished? Should surrogacy be canceled in light of the fact that there are challenges? I hope none of you will agree to this.

  • nacy - 04/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy has a few issues. In any case, that does not imply that we quit thinking about it as an answer for barrenness. All things considered, it truly is outstanding amongst other arrangements. What we have to do is concentrate on arrangements. Make sense of an approach to limit the dangers. In this way, that individuals can keep on benefiting from surrogacy without agonizing over the dangers.

  • rozy - 04/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy carries with it a ton of issues. In any case, that is valid for pretty much everything. The potential for abuse exists in everything. Be it a medicinal methodology or an administration approach or anything. The best thing we can do is attempt to limit the dangers. Make surrogacy a more secure option. I trust this is made conceivable.

  • anna - 04/12/2017 Reply

    That is a very influential article. May I ask where you construct your exploration with respect to? Did you think about any surveys and insights? Or, then again is this for the most part only an obstinate article? In any case, I preferred how very much adjusted it was. A useful read. Much obliged to you for sharing.

  • hannah - 04/12/2017 Reply

    I am truly delighted in perusing this. It gave an extremely very much adjusted clarification. Surrogacy is a decent alternative. Be that as it may, it opens the likelihood of such a significant number of issues. We require laws to help keep these issues. I trust it works out.

  • bekka - 04/12/2017 Reply

    This is an extremely elegantly composed article. You addressed some truly critical focuses. You were right on target about the risks surrogacy postures. There are many potential outcomes of human trafficking and so on. Be that as it may, the inverse is likewise valid. Alongside the perils, the advantages are likewise there. We simply need to make an adjustment.

  • dianna - 04/12/2017 Reply

    No doubt that you have highlighted all the important points here. But I do not agree with the point of closing surrogacy. Every other method comes with an issue. So you should also have some action against that. In other countries it is a passed law to have a surrogate mother. It proves that it is a very helpful and good process.

  • rose - 04/12/2017 Reply

    A very enlightening article it is. Elegantly composed as well. I have as of late been investigating distinctive barrenness choices. IVF sounds promising. Nonetheless, there aren’t any assurances. Surrogacy is significantly more beyond any doubt shot. It is dismal to see this choice being tormented with such a large number of perils however.

  • jasmine - 05/12/2017 Reply

    I have met a surrogate mother. For her, it was a great affair. She told me that she needed to convey a baby for her sister. She wasn’t constrained. Truth be told, she wasn’t inquired. She went to her by her own will. I comprehend that there are dangers included. Be that as it may, if done right, surrogacy can be an extraordinary thing.

  • stefanny - 05/12/2017 Reply

    You discussed every one of the things that aren’t right with surrogacy. That is imperative. Individuals should think about the dangers included. Notwithstanding, giving an adjusted assessment is likewise vital. It isn’t all monstrous. Surrogacy has changed the life of such huge numbers of couples. Individuals who were tormented with fruitlessness now have kids.

  • sunny - 05/12/2017 Reply

    This post demonstrates that there are dependable to sides with any coin. Surrogacy had resembled an incredible thing to me. Just now did I understand how much potential there is in it for underhanded? This does not make surrogacy the awful thought here. The issue is individuals and their shrewd outlines. We require more laws concerning surrogacy. That will make surrogacy a more secure choice.

  • madonna - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is an incredible answer for some couples. The individuals who need to have a youngster, however cannot. This is regularly abused, however. Individuals see the potential there is in surrogacy. In any case, the reality remains. There is potential for fiendish all over the place. Indeed, even appropriation has numerous such conceivable outcomes.

  • gal gadot - 05/12/2017 Reply

    The reference to the Handmaid’s story is so on point. The pitiful part is that the story exhibited in the show isn’t only a story it is quite a major plausibility. With surrogacy, this plausibility turns out to be much greater. I don’t think that surrogacy is a bad thing. It has helped so many women and it will keep on doing so. Instead of demoralizing it, we should support it.

  • honey right - 05/12/2017 Reply

    It is a very helpful post. There is nothing wrong with being a surrogate mother. It is so good to know that some other women will give birth to a baby for a woman who is not able to do so. What is wrong with it? What is the problem if the surrogate mother is paid for it? This process is very helpful. I hope others agree to it.

  • alicia keys - 05/12/2017 Reply

    You specified some legitimate focuses. There are many dangers related to surrogacy. The capability of human trafficking is too high. Ladies may be compelled to convey children. Be that as it may, by and large, the ladies aren’t constrained in the genuine feeling of the word. The impacts are more undetectable. For instance, money-related issues.

  • felicity - 05/12/2017 Reply

    It looks encouraging. Be that as it may, exploiters soon get up to speed. They make sense of plans to make that arrangement beneficial. A similar thing is by all accounts occurrence to surrogacy. Presently the threats are significantly more than the advantages. But in the future people will see more advantages than issues.

  • anna - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Well I have seen a few women going for surrogacy. They ended very happily. Because they finally had their own baby. The surrogate mother was paid for all the expenses and her devotion. What is wrong with it? The surrogate mother agreed by herself. She was never forced. The process is very easy to go through as well.

  • gianna - 05/12/2017 Reply

    This is one of the good posts I have read in this week. You have highlighted all the pinpoints. But my opinion is a bit different. Surrogacy is serving a lot of couples. Couples who have lost all the hope in their life. Now they have a complete family just because of surrogacy. DO you still think it is not a good thing? Everything has issues. Let me tell you that surrogacy has no such complicated issues as other processes.

  • liana - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Hi. You put forth a fascinating defense. Surrogacy beyond any doubt is precarious. In any case, that is the situation with everything. Be it selection. Or, then again whatever. Indeed, even those things which aren’t identified with barrenness can advance human trafficking. Keep writing the good things.

  • andy - 05/12/2017 Reply

    That is an intriguing article. I was told 3 years ago that I can never be a mother. It is due to my heart disease. These years have been really depressing. Then a friend suggested me to go for surrogacy. Be that as it may, perusing your post has given me chilly feet. I don’t know how to continue now. Looking forward for more useful information.

  • jenny - 05/12/2017 Reply

    There is a drawback to everything. Individuals will figure out how to benefit from anything. It is simply miserable. Be that as it may, those couples who need kids regularly don’t consider that. They don’t consider why the surrogate is doing this. Why she is so eager to give u the kid? What is the reason she chose to wind up noticeably a surrogate?

  • corny - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a precarious thing. Choosing to wind up plainly a surrogate isn’t precisely anybody’s initially vocation decision. Be that as it may, numerous ladies are constrained towards it. Frequently their conditions are at fault. For instance, they are searching for an approach to get some additional salary. Now and again however, the impacts are outside. There might be some bad people. They might compel ladies to end up surrogates.

  • beth - 05/12/2017 Reply

    We live in a contorted world. Something so delightful as labor is being popularized. What next? Is there no restriction these individuals can stoop to? Human trafficking ought to be managed entirely. The general population engaged with this should confront strict outcomes. That may be the best way to stop this.

  • vironika - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy is a splendid answer for some ladies. In any case, the risks can likewise make it a terrible thing. Numerous barren couples will pay loads for having a child. This opinion is frequently misused. In this manner the danger of human trafficking. This is simply so wiped out. We you spread awareness about it.

  • katy - 05/12/2017 Reply

    People never neglect to stun me. We can possibly do as such much good. In any case, there is a similarly high capability of abuse. Our radiance knows no limits. Human traffickers take something on a par with labor and transform it into something revolting. I trust strict principles are made to make surrogacy more secure.

  • harry - 05/12/2017 Reply

    My sister was facing infertility issue for the past few years. She had a lot of medication. But nothing helped. She also had other processes to have a baby. But the result was still the same. Then she was told by surrogacy. It was her last hope. She opted for it. She was not sure about it. But when she finally had a baby through surrogacy, she could not believe. So I think surrogacy should be promoted as much possible.

  • miranda - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Everything has flaws in it. Like many other procedures to deal with infertility have. Although they have more dangerous consequences. Still people opt for them. Then there comes surrogacy that has no consequences and the output is almost perfect every time. That is why surrogacy should be dealt with much care instead of thinking it as a bad procedure.

  • kate england - 05/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy has always been the best things for infertile ladies. What is wrong if those ladies have a baby aster all the struggle they had? What is wrong if someone is willing to be a surrogate? I think nothing is wrong with it. Everyone is willing in this process. No one is forced to do so. That is why let surrogacy be a useful source for infertile women.

  • kataleyn - 05/12/2017 Reply

    How soon would you be able to begin a series of IVF in the wake of conveying? I read distinctive things online about not having the capacity to begin until after your period begins, yet it’s regular that you don’t get your period while breastfeeding, isn’t that so? I’m expected in January yet thinking ahead of time. In a perfect world might want to breastfeed to the extent that this would be possible, however in the meantime, I’m getting old and I know I need to do PGD testing (and a radical new egg recovery cycle, I don’t have any solidified incipient organisms) and it simply all requires a truly long investment, so I would prefer not to hold up too long. Simply pondering what other individuals’ courses of events were?

  • randy - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Extremely pleasant and useful article. Be that as it may, tragically, I am dumbfounded on your reasoning folks. You individuals are thinking about surrogacy an undertaking? All things considered, what a pity supposing you all have. This isn’t a venture in certainty this is the path from which a large number of couples who were going to end their lives since they can’t progress toward becoming guardians. What’s wrong if this technique brings back their lives by giving them kids. Find something useful to do folks. Attempt to feel the agony of the individuals who are experiencing barrenness issues and they are going for surrogacy. Propel them and sow them bolster as opposed to saying negative in regards to surrogacy.

  • windy - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Haters are everywhere! Please show some courtesy and humbleness guys! This ia great article and very informative. And I appreciate all those couples who have gone through surrogacy to have their babies. I am really happy for you guys. Just stay cool with your kids. Surrogacy is such a blessing for all those infertile couples who can’t have babies in their entire life but through surrogacy they are living a happy life. What’s wrong in bringing happiness in someone life? Get a life guys and show some support to all those clinics and to all those who have decided to continue surrogacy for having kids. They need our support. Haters are everywhere! Please show some courtesy and humbleness guys! This ia great article and very informative. And I appreciate all those couples who have gone through surrogacy to have their babies. I am really happy for you guys. Just stay cool with your kids. Surrogacy is such a blessing for all those infertile couples who can’t have babies in their entire life but through surrogacy they are living a happy life. What’s wrong in bringing happiness in someone life? Get a life guys and show some support to all those clinics and to all those who have decided to continue surrogacy for having kids. They need our support.

  • mindy - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Such a nice article. I appreciate all those people who started the concept of surrogacy and become the reason of happiness of thousands of couples. Well, all those who are deciding for surrogacy don’t worry about anything you will get the best and the end will be superb and you will enjoy the whole process. But make sure that you have selected a right clinic for your surrogacy as it matters a lot.

  • Mrs. clarkson - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Alas! Feeling really good after reading this piece. Really appreciate the author of this article who convinces me for surrogacy through his words. Such a nice article. Well, we are infertile, to be honest, me and my DH decided to end up all our sorrows and depressions through surrogacy. So yes, we are up surrogacy and have found a clinic in Ukraine, they will treat us and give us the surrogate’s options. I am very happy with my visit and everything.

  • xanda - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy, a way of bringing smiles and happiness to thousands of infertile couples. Without pain and anything else. I am really happy to announce that my sister used a surrogate mother for her kids not for once but for thrice and now she is living an ideal life. I feel really relax and calm when I see her happy face. Thank you to all those people who started the concept of surrogacy

  • sia - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Hell yes! What a well written and wonderful article this. I am really much happy that many people are getting their lives back in the form of babies. Yes! This is what we called modern era or era of advancements. I am really happy for all those who are the successful patients who selected surrogacy for their future kids. I really appreciate the hard work of clinics and especially a shout out to all surrogates’ mother. They are brave ladies in the true sense.

  • brandi - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Oh, my goodness! Haters?? Can you please stop saying your negative thinking’s over here? What’s wrong with you all? We are here and this article is here to show support and motivation to all those daring couples who decided to pick surrogacy. Please keep your bad and illogical comments to yourself. You are saying lame words that have no meaning. Surrogacy is the best gift for all infertile couples. Focus on your own part of life and say something good otherwise stay quiet.

  • darcy - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Nice article. However, I don’t think that child trafficking has anything to do with the surrogacy. Police and city administration should be held responsible for making sure this doesn’t happen. Not the fertility clinics. They are bringing happiness in others’ lives. How can someone possibly blame them for this? We should appreciate the scientists who have been working on this and because of their efforts today, so many couples are realizing their dream of becoming parents.

  • sonia - 06/12/2017 Reply

    I read someone here said that it’s like prostitution. Really? Is that what you think surrogacy is? I met this surrogate who was doing just fine… she was wealthy and all. Then I asked her why she was doing it. She said I feel for the infertile couples and that’s why she does it. It didn’t make any sense to me. However, when I noticed her getting all in tears after saying how miserable the condition of infertile couples is I felt like there must be some kind of a connection that surrogates feel. That’s why they want to help. Of course not all surrogates do it for this, but there are many.

  • nikki - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Someone said that the world is overpopulated… well, that’s a sick mentality. If this is what you think the world is… overpopulated… then I think terrorists are doing you a favor. They are killing people and hence reducing the population. Is that your viewpoint? Common man. Don’t be like that. Adopting a child is a beautiful thing. But if a person wants a child of their own, what’s up with you? Let them have whatever they want.

  • gabby - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Two things. It’s their money. By their I mean the intended parents in surrogacy. So, those who are against this… I have one question for you… why are you against this and who are you again? Doesn’t make any sense that someone, does it? Secondly, what alternative to this do you propose? If infertile couples don’t go for surrogacy, then what should they go for? Should they spend their lives in misery?

  • michelle - 06/12/2017 Reply

    People are saying stop surrogacy… seriously? Scientists have spent their days and nights to find this method and now… you want to squander it all? Is that what you want? So sick of a mentally you have got right there. How can you possibly take away the only option available to the infertile couples? This is just utterly atrocious.

  • noori - 06/12/2017 Reply

    I support surrogacy. A couple of reasons for that – I am infertile. My husband and I are in misery. We spend our lives like no one. Same day and same night. We attend to social events and see all the people with their kids. We want kids too. Now that we have found a way. You want us to not go for it? What else can we do if not go for that one? Do you suggest an alternative then?

  • gina - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Adoption is not the alternative to the surrogacy. Be realistic guys. It’s true that ideal parenting is about blood connection. This is scientifically proven. How can you not take that for a fact? Surrogacy offers something that adoption doesn’t or wouldn’t. That is the genetic child. That is what’s up with the people and surrogacy these days.

  • maccade - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Surrogacy can be a lot cheaper if countries stop being so ruthless. Many have banned it. That means only the rich with enough funds available to visit another country and stay there for a while can go for this option. This whole process results in costing way too much than it should have been had their own country would have allowed it. I’m telling you one thing. And that’s for sure. One day, the whole world, no matter what country you are in, will be supporting this process. They will be the defenders of the idea. So, just wait and watch. You’ll see all in good time.

  • tessa - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Infertile couples have their right to either adopt a child or go for surrogacy. This is an option for them. So, if they opt for surrogacy, the world is on fire. Why so? If that’s what you think it is, then what you essentially are saying is that they don’t have a right. This is a free world. Let people live the way they want to. Don’t be a jerk and criticize all day long every new method that biology comes up with.

  • brooke - 06/12/2017 Reply

    You are right. There is a huge demand for surrogacy throughout the world. Even that it’s banned in my country, many of my friends are going for this. They go abroad. Sometimes, I just wish had our country allowed this too. I mean people cannot be stopped, right? If by banning this your intention is to discourage the people then that’s not working my friends. They are going out. They face difficulties but still, they do everything on their end to realize their dream of becoming parents.

  • fionna - 06/12/2017 Reply

    I don’t agree with many here. Everyone who is saying surrogacy a child selling technique… you guys are not thinking it through. Do you even know how it’s like to never get pregnant? Do you know how long people struggle to conceive and still remain unsuccessful? Is it immoral to become a mother? If not, then what other option do these infertile couples have? Can you please name a few? In case the answer is no, then please stop criticizing the modern scientific miracle.

  • stella - 06/12/2017 Reply

    People go for this because they have seen or possibly experienced every other method. IVF and others are such a money waste… I personally recommend surrogacy over any other method. The important thing that I admire about surrogacy is that the eggs and sperms of the intended parents are used. That makes the process almost natural. I mean isn’t it wonderful that the surrogate baby shares your genetics… Just unbelievably awesome.

  • stell - 06/12/2017 Reply

    I disagree here. What’s there to discuss? Why don’t these critics come up with another idea for the infertile couples to become parents then? Why are they only talking about it? It’s easy to criticize when you yourself have not gone through the same pain as everybody who is going for surrogacy has… So, please stop writing this nonsense. Girls trafficking is an issue but it has nothing to do with the surrogacy. They can do this with whatever they want. Why give all the credit to just the surrogacy?

  • niommi - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Well, those who are saying adoption is better. Well, not that I’m against adoption or anything, it’s just that they both can’t be compared. I mean the adopted child will not share your genes, will they? You might not fall in love with the adopted child. We see this all the time. It’s in human nature that you get attracted to the child who shares your genes… who has been a part of you. I think that’s what that’s only possible with surrogacy.

  • wikken - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Nah! Adoption and surrogacy… can’t be compared. It’s apples and oranges. Nothing in common. Further, with the adoption, you also have to complete so many documentation. Why not do that for surrogacy? You’ll get to hold your own child. With adoption, as we all know, there can be so many complications. With surrogacy, the complications are only prior to the birth. Once your baby is born, it’s like any other healthy naturally born baby. No difference whatsoever.

  • cindy - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Since when have people started caring about somebody else’s money? It’s their money, let them use it to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. Why are you making legislation that prevents them from living a free life? What you should be doing is to help the infertility clinics here. That is the right thing to do. Promote the mission. 100 million people need to become a parent but can’t. Surrogacy can change their lives by turning their dream into a reality.

  • nighat - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Of all the countries, I’ll suggest the Ukraine. I think that is the place to be. They have the best clinics and centers. India… definitely not a good choice. Or any other country for that matter I’d say. Clinic in Kiev is amongst the top rated clinics in the world for surrogacy. Go there. Don’t visit a clinic in the US or any of the clinics that the writer of the articles has pointed out to be not good anymore.

  • jasmine - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Idea of surrogacy is also helpful for gay couples. It cannot be stopped now. That I’m telling you. Stop bothering people about it. The idea is already out and being practiced so your bans won’t work. It would have been better if you could do this when they were still in the hypotheses phase. Not now. You were late. You always get late.

  • laura - 06/12/2017 Reply

    The fee that the couples offer to the surrogate mother is very high. That is most of the times the attractive factor for the surrogates to go for it. However, some are more passionate about the process. They really want to help infertile couples. It could be because of their own experiences or any other reason. They want to make a change and I think they do this by offering this service. It’s not immoral. It’s more moral actually.

  • tiffany - 06/12/2017 Reply

    Different people are involved in this process. The Surrogate. The intended parents. The doctors. And of course, the baby itself. It’s such a mutual relationship where everyone is working to bring other’s dream come true. I think there’s no harm in that. How can this possibly be immoral then? It’s the new miracle for which the modern world should be thankful.

  • bekka - 08/12/2017 Reply

    That is a very informative article. I am a 47-year-old woman. I was infertile due to some heart disease. My periods stopped 3 years ago. A little earlier it is though. But I wish I had known about surrogacy a few years ago. I didn’t have access to much information. I am an old fashioned woman. This young generation is lucky to have access to such information. People are lucky to have writers and forums which promote these things. God bless you all. You guys are life savers for a lot of people.

  • liam - 08/12/2017 Reply

    I don’t know why people are arguing about this. No one can say if surrogacy is a good thing or a bad thing. It is good if we see it from one perspective and bad if we see it from another perspective. But there is no point judging something on any basis. If you think it is appropriate, go for it. If you think it’s not, just don’t go for it. There is no point in arguing over something.

  • colt - 08/12/2017 Reply

    “It’s not about arguing. It’s about discouraging the promotion of something which is not right. Surrogacy is causing overpopulation in the world. People who cannot conceive are having babies.
    They can have babies through adoption. They go for surrogacy. This keeps an orphan baby from having a home. So in a way, it is causing two problems. Overpopulation and having orphans live in orphanages forever.

  • colber - 08/12/2017 Reply

    It’s all about your own concepts and your satisfaction. Some people just don’t want adopted child. They want a child who shares their own genes. Maybe it’s all just psychological. But knowing that your child shares your genes gives a kind of satisfaction. A satisfaction of having your OWN child. A satisfaction of giving your/your husband’s name as a surname to your child.

  • marrie - 08/12/2017 Reply

    I really appreciate this article. I totally promote surrogacy as it changes my life. After my miscarriage, I was really scared to go through the whole pregnancy thing again. Hence I went for surrogacy. I don’t know about the other countries, but from my experience, Ukraine has really good clinics. They provide you with really good facilities.

  • megan - 08/12/2017 Reply

    I think surrogacy is turning into a business day by day. I get the point that it is helping a lot of infertile couples. But it is too expensive that I have seen people spending all their savings on surrogacy. If it is really to help people, why don’t the clinics lessen their rates to make it affordable? And all this promotion, it is causing couples to spend a hell lot of money on surrogacy which they can keep saving just by adopting a child. I think surrogacy is a good thing but it should be affordable.

  • gia - 08/12/2017 Reply

    I really appreciate this article. It was really informative and well-written article. I don’t get why is surrogacy banned in so many countries? It should be legal everywhere. It’s such a great help for couples who aren’t able to produce a child. It gives them a chance to have their own child. I think this is the best solution to infertility. IVF fails so many times that I think in a few years, Surrogacy will be more popular than IVF.

  • matilda - 08/12/2017 Reply

    I am so glad to see how people are promoting surrogacy. This article was really helpful. I personally love surrogacy. It changed my life. I had ovarian cancer which left me infertile. But surrogacy changed my life and gave me a child of my own. I think it should be legal in every country. Because the only problem I had was traveling to another country to get it done.

  • patricia - 08/12/2017 Reply

    This article is very well written and informative. I recently got to know about my sister’s infertility. We were looking for solutions to it. So far, surrogacy appears to be the best solution. And this article has cleared a lot of things. I think we will choose surrogacy. Because IVF appears to be a difficult thing as a lot of people have to go for it again and again.

  • anastasia - 05/01/2018 Reply

    What a wonderful article. It is time for people to know a little more about the surrogacy. Many couples are betting on her. And it seems to me so unfair that some countries have so much damage in this regard. It should be legal all over the world. We all have the right to have the family that we want.

  • Leonor - 05/01/2018 Reply

    I am so happy that more people are already informed about this topic. Although it is the best solution for many, it is also untiring for other people. It involves very high costs and not everyone can pay them. I wish it were something that everyone could pay. But for many it has become a business and prices are unlikely to fall. Although they are also procedures that use expensive things.

    I hope this information reaches everywhere. And the people who need it can be guided correctly. And so you can fulfill your dream of having a family.

  • Nicole - 05/01/2018 Reply

    The lack of information makes many people understand pregnancy by substitution as something strange and unusual, when every day there are more people who need this reproductive method to fulfill their dream of having a child.

    When a male or a male homosexual couple wants to have a child they can adopt, perform a co-parenting process or initiate a surrogate pregnancy process.

    Co-paternity is complicated, especially by the fact of finding a woman who wants to share the upbringing of the child without having a relationship between the future parents. As for adoption, it is not easy either. Usually specific conditions are required that are not always met and, in addition, waiting lists are very long.

    Surrogate gestation seems to be the most suitable alternative for this type of family, especially for allowing the use of own gametes. However, it also has drawbacks such as the price or the impossibility of access to the technique in some countries.

  • Shanell - 05/01/2018 Reply

    I have a couple of friends who managed to become parents thanks to this method.

    They started this trip they found some obstacles that had not been raised. One of them was the search for the donor, because, although the agencies offer numerous options, until you are involved, you do not consider the criteria you are looking for in the person who will give your genetic material to your future child.

    The help of expert psychologists from the fertility clinic finally helped them choose the most suitable donor for them. Although they had the option to meet her personally, they preferred anonymous egg donation.

    Although they do not believe that they can economically afford to repeat the process, in case the circumstances allowed, they would not hesitate to have the help of their pregnant mother to have a second daughter or son.

  • Thoow - 31/01/2018 Reply

    Everyone has to do his best in the particular working space. I don’t want to spend much time thinking about how exactly the reproductive clinic may manage sport clubs but it seems at least oddly.
    Perhaps the clinic gets pretty good money from its programs enough to search for another kind of entertainment like jiu-jitsu.
    I meant that client’s getting more confident if they know their chosen clinic spends money for improving equipment and developing service.

  • rocu-mock 31/01 - 31/01/2018 Reply

    It was ridiculous to read all the comments above. Some of them are really like a thunder/ they are confusing.
    What was the reason to post such an article except the plot to promote this team? If biotexcom wants sponsoring sport competitions that’s alright. What it means for us?
    It’s an adorable place where doctors help people to achieve their great goals and make dreams come true. They’re completely free to be involved in their own business.

  • Goebbels - 01/02/2018 Reply

    This is a god damn irony! I swear! Ahah holly day! Now and last 5 years (approx. 5 years) I’m trying to conceive. In fact, I’m trying to find a decent offer from clinics which deal with surrogacy.
    I’m a professional sportsman. From my childhood I engaged in doing karate and tae kwon do. And last years I do everything to recover after injury at last.
    I agree this is a noble idea to support guys who live a healthy life. Meanwhile, this’s funny and mad as for my personal story because today I have to be considering surrogacy and perhaps apply to this clinic after my broken sports career. I shit you not. It drives me crazy

  • HallaOslOst - 02/02/2018 Reply

    It’s quite strange. I’ve already finished my surrogacy journey in biotexcom and never heard about these guys fighting for biotexcom’s logo. Having no complains on my choice I don’t regret I was treated by this clinic.
    I highly recommend you to find advantage in having your program with them. It was surprising to find out they support guys making sports careers. it’s really good to let your country’s youth develop. I find it at least noble. Good people are good at everything.

  • Stolly 1 - 05/02/2018 Reply

    My babies grow and make me happier day by day and I even can’t believe 3 years ago my life was tough and dark because of my exhausted body and soul. I was about to stop everything concerning to my treatment. everything was killing me and smelling like hospitals. I was tired too much.
    Thank a million for my today’s time. I really appreciate biotexcom’s contribution. and my strict opinion is that if they could establish such a successful clinic, now that means they are completely able to supply development of sports in their country or even beyond. This’s also the way of health improving. No time for bollocks! I vote for them

  • coffee&tv - 05/02/2018 Reply

    Such a Nice idea! Really cool! Why not? Youth has to have a chance to develop their abilities. I guess competitions are one of the best ways to save life the outside terror and drug dealing. We can see how our lovely world is overwhelmed by thugs and suspicious offers. I find it as a step toward the building a good future for our children. Except that they help people to have children more than that they help children to find a way of self-improvement. Great respect to them!

  • supersonic - 06/02/2018 Reply

    I find it as such a modern tendency when leaders of big companies after they achieved high financial goals start donating money to different littler developing organizations or even buy them for their fun.
    I see this modern tendency here as well. And there’s nothing bad that such things have place to be.
    We don’t mind using modern equipment in medicine or educated medical staff. The clinic just enlarges its interests. That’s alrights.

  • AnnaM - 06/02/2018 Reply

    This is sin. Humanity reached the lowest level of regression. So many people, it’s better to say too many people proudly suppose that surrogate motherhood is kind of way out. It scares me.
    That idea has captured lots of minds the same as the Internet but it seems even more dreadful. My grandmother had 8 children. My mother has 5 children besides me. None of them had Internet or an interest to cheat on nature. Yeah, all this id unnatural.

  • blsht - 06/02/2018 Reply

    again the Ukraine. Fertility treatment, infertility, surrogacy seem to be haunting me. Why I always meet this country when someone says ‘surrogacy’? I googled and found that it’s not the only place in the world to do surrogacy and not the cheapest. All this is weird to me especially when aussies go to small european country to buy a child. Meanwhile Australians can find a surrogate within the country

  • koozy - 07/02/2018 Reply

    It’s not pleasant to see banknotes on the pregnant belly, stop it friends. It hurts my eyes. Sure, we pay handsome money for getting a baby but isn’t it stupidity to take it so literally?
    It’s very common for people which are far from this problem. They can often say about amoral side of surrogacy but it’s too primitive and stupid. We didn’t pay for our children like for pizza in a box. We know how expensive all procedures are and we had to cover them. Those are ivf procedure, expenses for surrogate and ever service that made our life easier.

  • clear - 07/02/2018 Reply

    This is a serious debate in many western countries, especially where assistive reproduction technologies is already widely used, some couples don’t hesitate to use surrogacy as just another way to have children. But in the wake of a growing conservatism, voices are rising against the practice.

  • Sonia - 07/02/2018 Reply

    As the story in the description shows, a lot of things can go wrong with surrogacy when it is not regulated. The most common problems are when the parents don’t want to accept the baby, or when the surrogate mother wants to keep the newborn. Defining the legal responsibilities of the different parties will prevent such problems.

  • laluna - 07/02/2018 Reply

    As for many things, it is close to impossible to make surrogacy illegal on the global scale, which means that making it illegal in one country will not achieve much, as long as some other countries allow foreign couples to pay for surrogacy.

  • luckyme - 07/02/2018 Reply

    Fertility is going down in developed countries, and there are not enough children for adoption. This means that more and more couples who want children will need to use assistive reproduction technology, or surrogacy when ART is not possible.

  • sourcream - 07/02/2018 Reply

    Some would consider surrogacy as going against feminism, because it treats women like reproducing machines. But like prostitution, it’s not clear that all feminists agree on this classification, because surrogacy is also a sign that women can decide what they want to do with their body.

  • Lina01 - 07/02/2018 Reply

    It depends if you are a heterosexual, same-sex couple or single. But in general surrogacy is legal in Canada an USA for everybody meanwhile in Ukraine only for heterosexual couples.

  • Jess - 08/02/2018 Reply

    People are willing to find attractive variants to become parents. When people consider financially attractive prospects, I think countries enlisted above is good ones, as they run this business for a long time. It is okay to go abroad for surrogacy if you want to save money. There is nothing extraordinary. I heard that a lot of couples trying to conceive go abroad for surrogacy. And that reproductive clinics start to support sport teams speaks a lot.

  • bboy - 08/02/2018 Reply

    Sport sponsorship is the first sign that surrogacy is a popular and profitable business. If Ukraine legalese surrogacy for gay parents, we will see biotexcom as one of the sponsors of Champions league. Lol

  • neverbethesame - 08/02/2018 Reply

    Now when Cambodia and India are both closed for surrogacy, so only Indian and Cambodian citizens can undergo cheap surrogacy. Having in mind that the other popular directions such as Vietnam, Laos, Nigeria and Kenya are completely unregulated, it strengthened Ukrainian presence on this market. For me its crystal clear.

  • kurame - 08/02/2018 Reply

    There are tons of such clinics now, since couples are desperately trying to conceive due to infertility. This topic came extremely popular for last 2 decades. I don’t know what happened to the world. whether is it ecology or women, who want to build their careers first, I don’t know. But Biotexcom just is the lucky one as its boys won something and gave the boost for this discussions.

  • Emerald - 08/02/2018 Reply

    The world has changed, that’s true. It seems to me that we are really living in the Matrix world.
    In the same time, I can see that people just trying to create families in different ways, through IVF, adoption… I find it wonderful that even gay couples and single people now have an opportunity to have their own children.
    What is really matters that is to create families and community where children are brought up in a loving environment.

  • Dr. Acula - 08/02/2018 Reply

    Countries like Ukraine just filling the gaps in the legislation of the other countries. While UK and Germany have outdated and inadequate legislations. There will always exist cheap foreign clinics which can make it instead of European clinics. It is government’s fault that millions are passing by public purse. If the European Union wants to make it reasonable for the European citizens, they have to improve tax and surrogacy legislation.

  • st-lg-pj kailo - 13/02/2018 Reply

    Looking through this article I find a pretty good analogy. The fertility treatment as it is and if it’s really lasting for long and dissolving all your ideas and energy, you begin treating it like a struggle.
    Don’t you find it the same? Reproductive clinic giving hope to people who fight infertility also holds wrestling competitions. It’s not irony, perhaps, it’s just an interesting coincidence. You can see one facility that patronizes two troops of warriors such as ones in the ring and ones battling for their fertility. It’s great!

  • straw puppet - 13/02/2018 Reply

    Are you kidding? Why can’t you post something really important? What is our concern to these wrestlers? – you may ask. I’m afraid the answer’s nothing. I couldn’t care less!
    I’d prefer to see the news about some medical innovations, or inventions, or someone’s interesting stories of life.
    I hope you’ll do your best to work on your following stuff. Otherwise I’m no longer your observer. Thank you.

  • straw puppet - 13/02/2018 Reply

    And what a splendid tittle? Is it child trafficking? Should it sound quite daring? Sorry for that I start my two comment from question but it pissed me off. In fact, it sounds like a teen crying about her ugliness though she wants to get acknowledgment instead.
    We’re actually grateful for your contribution but some of your campaigns seem a little bit silly and irritating

  • Loo and Sue - 15/02/2018 Reply

    We’re also happy and grateful for everything. It was adorable experience and we recommend this clinic for all those who need to find high-quality treatment.
    I believe you’ll find it in Ukraine as we’ve already done. The truth is that I’m not good at sports and I’m not interested in last sport events but hope it’s cool.
    Answering the question, the work that biotex does is a real patronage and peace in its pure appearance.

  • kljfhq837 - 19/02/2018 Reply

    What would the world do without money? Money. money! they are all around. Wanna get some pizza? – pay cash! Wanna have a baby? – do the same. Do you want to do sports? – don’t forget of money.
    I took a look to a picture above and my head turn by itself. It’s odd to see pregnant belly with roll on it. Dirty. I even don’t want to read that stuff I’d better forget it. Wish you to earn more

  • nacy - 19/02/2018 Reply

    Oh, sir or madam
    don’t jump to conclusions too fast. It’s just a general article of the info-source. I hope you’re doing fine and it simply got you a little bit angry.
    Regardless of all the money talks such facilities make people and families more complete and happy indeed. I believe in their true purpose. It’s more than just way out for millions.

  • Mussa - 20/02/2018 Reply

    I have my own little school of squash. I’m happy many children come to my ‘gym-garage’ every other day and they spend their time with use for the health and general development.
    Their parents definitely know kids are in safe and they don’t do drugs outdoors and don’t play pc whole day. I established my little school because my wife and I love children and we wanted to share kindness.
    Unfortunately, we do not have our own children but we hope that somehow… From time to time we check different websites offering surrogacy and we save money hard for our dream. I guess it’s a noble intention to sponsor such events and sportsmen

  • LitaLeon23 - 20/02/2018 Reply

    I think banning surrogacy is not a good idea.
    Through surrogacy a number of girls can fulfill their dream of having a baby.
    Some girls who can’t conceive by own there own can have baby via surrogacy.
    Surrogacy is like a blessing for girls who have many complications regarding pregnancy.
    I had many complications while getting pregnant.
    I was pregnant thrice but had miscarriages every time.
    Now i am married for second time i want to have baby of my own to live with.
    But regarding and having a look at my previous pregnancy period i know its not a good idea to be pregnant again.
    So i talked to my husband and have agreed him to go for surrogacy option.
    I know today surrogacy is a common thing but i am worried about many aspects of having a baby via surrogacy.
    I have contacted many surrogacy related clinics and had gathered quite good info about surrogacy.
    I also met with few mothers raising babies from surrogacy method but i want to research about it more to properly understand the method.
    I guess someone here will also be going to surrogacy and will guide me better.

  • Maria McMahon - 22/02/2018 Reply

    Babytexcom clinic is sponsoring jiu jitsu and so what? It’s a common practice and I don’t see any sense of making it public. I am sure they don’t care about sportsmen, they just want to show the name of the company elswhere and use such a way. Nothing to be proud of I believe. Anyways it’s a bit weird you know. I am ok with Carlsberg’s footbal sponsorship, it sounds natural as for me. footbal and beer are a good couple always. But fertility clinic and jiu jitsu is kind of weird..

    • Holy - 27/02/2018 Reply

      don’t be so dull, hun. nowadays everyone can sponsor anything. it’s a simple business. this is how it works. u don’t understand smth- you discuss it and create a word of mount effect.
      good job!
      but hey this company helps to develop sports anyway.
      and it’s not weird that company supports sports and helps people to conceive.

      • Maria McMahon - 27/02/2018 Reply

        Please don’t call me dull. If you can’t agree why on earth are you arguing with me? I do realize that it’s kind of an ad to draw public attention and I see no reason to discuss it. Not that I think sponsorship itself is weird. I just mean that image of such cooperation is unusual, that’s it. May I ask you what your first thoughts are when you hear about fertility clinic? I for one imagine a womb and that’s why it’s a bit odd

        • Holy - 27/02/2018 Reply

          Do you visualize a coach potato, who is drinking a beer, when you see Carlsberg advertising in the Champions League?
          It’s just the way how companies run their businesses.
          And my point is that it’s great that companies, which helps people are doing good, that they can afford oneself a sponsorship. In a good way.
          Personally I think that the situation we have is the result of fact that Ukraine is the most popular direction for surrogacy nowadays

          • Maria McMahon - 28/02/2018

            Exactly! I imagine a man watching football with friends and drinking beer. You get me wrong again. I also think it’s wonderful that such cooperation is kind of a benefit for both parties. I only talk about weird image…Anyway i agree that this is related to situation in Ukraine, as it turns out many couples are going there for fertility treatment

        • Mertens - 27/02/2018 Reply

          We see loads of examples of public and hidden advertising such as product placement or firm marks on moving busses along the city. I can’t imagine that biotexcom label on sportswear can push anybody to buy their products. Biotex controls a very special area of the market. I think they could help sports club particularly children’s sports competitions with the same extant even without mentioning their well-known name. the most important is to not forget their basic calling

          • Maria McMahon - 28/02/2018

            I know what you mean. Neither can I believe that such ad can have a result. It’s not a can of beer or something. It’s fertility treatment, it costs a fortune and I hardly imagine someone googling biotexcom and then thinking ‘oh, this is what I need. now I go to Ukraine’. Sponsorship itself is a chance for those who can’t have it in other way I believe. But do you think that fertility treatment and sports sound like an odd combination?

  • Mertens - 27/02/2018 Reply

    If we take a look deeper into a matter, we’ll probably see a functional potential of this organization. They didn’t decline the number of possible clients or procedures they’re used to provide. The article doesn’t disclose the main idea of such sponsoring and it doesn’t answer a question why the clinic needs to search for more options to express its power. For example, Qatar airways sponsors big sports clubs besides their main business because the clubs carry Qatar Airways label on their sportswear. That actually extends knowledge about their commercial name. don’t you think biotex hold such campaign having similar needs?

  • Mark Mark - 27/02/2018 Reply

    Having a kid is a great responsibility, but at the same time having a kid is tough. If you are not into it, it’s going to be even more tough. I don’t think you should be getting into this just to satisfy your partner. There are nights where neither of you will sleep because the baby won’t stop wailing. Your partner will start needing your help.
    So don’t believe the advertisement. Take only weighted decisions.

    • Sonia - 28/02/2018 Reply

      Raising a child is tough and it has nothing to do with crying baby. It’s a miracle but as you mentioned it’s a great responsibility. Parents bring new life into this world and they have responsibility not only towards society and the world but also to a their child. Childhood is essential part of everyone’s life and it’s so easy to fail then…I am sure that everyone could be a good parent but not everyone wants this. Sleepless nights is not what should be the most scaring believe me. You have to be afraid of blighted life..

  • 39paws - 01/03/2018 Reply

    I wonder why Ukraine is that popular for fertility treatment. Why not india for example. I had 3 IVFs there and 2 of them were successful. Treatment was very cheap so if i wanted 3 children I would go there. See no reason to go to Ukraine as it seems too dangerous to me. I also heard Cambodia is a good choice for those who are looking for surrogacy, don’t know about IVF but think it’s also should be affordable for sure

  • Sarah - 05/03/2018 Reply

    Wow that’s so great! I am a big fan of jiu jitsu and happy to know that one more team can show themselves because of sponsorship. See nothing bad it’s a fertility clinic who is sponsoring these guys. The most impoartant is that the whole team has this chance and young gifted sportsmen have this brilliant opportunity. Good job Biotexcom.

  • guff - 05/03/2018 Reply

    Seems everyone talks about different things. Is it medicine or sports? I can’t get closer to well understanding. Does this article make any sense at all?
    I know amazing clinic biotexcom assisting people to at last become parents and they carry out excellent advertising campaign on Internet. I’ve not ever heard about their fighting teams and it sounds as nonsense to me. I guess it’s such a fable. And you’d better not draw your attention on that.

  • trainy tracy - 05/03/2018 Reply

    Got no complains to this thread I’m here just to express my inspiration and gratitude. I love your fabulous work. You merely do it and even not think how it’s changing our world.
    There would be grief and sorrow without you in my family. I know it takes money and time but everything is priceless when we discuss a chance of having long-awaited baby.
    I wish only maximum of success to bio and its team! Viva!

  • TR Guver - 05/03/2018 Reply

    This is the place everybody in need can rely on. After my journey was over I felt my life wouldn’t ever be the same anymore and I went on living with a huge pleasure of being your client in the past. My children are the best proof of your professionalism.
    I guess you’ll have lots of achievements and wonderful moments in the future.
    You deserve to be one of the best in surrogacy and egg donation
    I meant over the world.
    I hope it’s just matter of time.

  • 78 day - 12/03/2018 Reply

    It was really pleasant to find out that my clinic has got a large range of interests. Most of all I’d like to express how much I appreciate all they had done for my family.
    Amazing news is that biotexcom supports different sports schools for youth. That’s so noble and decent of it.
    I hope these guys will have competitions in Norway and I’ll be able to witness their wins.

  • giuseppe - 21/03/2018 Reply

    I know what infertility is personally. This is a great misery and one can hardly cope with this without support. I don’t know much about sponsorship and everything though I see nothing bad in this. If someone has chance not only help building families but also develop other spheres through sponsorship, then it means a lot.

  • touched - 21/03/2018 Reply

    I checked out some last news and they tell that those guys are really successful in fighting or wrestling I don’t know how it’s right to call such sports.
    If biotexcom wants to have its people somewhere else besides the reproductology they may.
    Child trafficking sounds really bad in any case I won’t think of it. Guys! Just do what you’re used to and make the world better and families happier

  • Goodshe - 21/03/2018 Reply

    Why doesn’t biotexcom support football team? Ohhh it’s a real small loss for my interest. My husband and I love football or soccer like we call this game in the US. In the long perspective it could bring money one day. I dare to assume that’s because biotex top managers love watching fighting more than ball games aha
    For me that’s alright. Sports and health are always beside! It’s quite a good campaign!

    • Noxvill - 22/03/2018 Reply

      It’s hard to invest in soccer, or football, that’s how we call this game in the UK (Read properly), if you are not a big international company. Of course, Biotexcom is one of the leading companies in its business, but not that big as LG or Barclays in the ones.
      I think brand recognition goes a long way toward their phenomenal success.
      If you are a big Biotexcom fan, you gotta wait, considering this issue.

  • Trace Spa e - 22/03/2018 Reply

    It was too big article for me to read it up I think it could be a danger of boredom, so I decided to understand the main meaning from the title. It’s not ridiculous it’s mostly strange and just read by yourself “Surrogacy: Child Trafficking or Patronage?” I suppose the term surrogacy implies a deeper meaning than it was offered. Is surrogacy a source of hope or the last way out for millions?
    For me it’s neither child sales nor patronage. Seems it was just a try to combine two different topics.

  • Monchi - 22/03/2018 Reply

    I was in biotex 2 years ago and I can tell only about those things I met that time. I saw plenty of pleasant people and it made my stay awesome there. I’ve never heard about biotex sports teams but maybe they could be real. For example, my husband is a manager at the delivery office (big delivery office btw) and they have their own volleyball team. Think as the kind people they actually possess kind intentions and all their acts are made for good

  • Marls - 23/03/2018 Reply

    I was near Berlin where biotex team gained gold of competition. It was a good opportunity to attend that event but I just didn’t know about it.
    furthermore, I’m not a big fan of fighting but I always want to express my huge respect to the clinic that gave my family a chance to become bigger with lovely twins
    I wish new wins and more new clients
    You’re some of the best and you know it well

  • Stork's team - 26/03/2018 Reply

    What is the most common feature of all men in sports? I guess it’s confidence. Really it’s so. how can you enter the stadium if you’re scared and getting jittery as a rabbit?
    I’m used to finding symbolism in different things and now I see that again. why does reproductive clinic promote the interests of the team of fighters? It’s one of the ways of getting confident. They do such campaigns in order to let us be more confident. I understand that so.
    I hope everything gonna be alright!

  • gangly - 27/03/2018 Reply

    apologize in advance it seemed funny to me. I imagined that could be spectacular performance if biotexcom had a team consists of the children whom it had given a life!
    And the next moment I thought what if? Do the clinic and its children have a link for ages?
    It’s maybe too early to let it go into the head but they’ve been working for more than 7 years and that’s a decent term. I understand it’s kind of a hard discussion and I’d better think over on my own.
    Best wishes and regards

    • Matador - 27/03/2018 Reply

      Playgroup wrestling? U r sick. I think (I hope) that Biotexcom kids doesn’t arrange such battles. That amount of children, who they give a life, will be enough for coup d’etat 😉
      And now to be serious, guys are doing a great job. Couples have this dream, and there need to be such people, who know how to assist. Great job!

  • Catherine - 27/03/2018 Reply

    I don’t recommend biotexcom clinic. It seems to be too busy to take new patients. I had to wait for the email from manager the whole weekend and got it only on Tue morning. This is not what my husband and I are expecting. I believe that clinic should provide an excellent communication otherwise how can I be sure that I’ll get important information in time later..

  • lookatmyhourse - 28/03/2018 Reply

    5 years ago India was called the ‘world capital of surrogacy’. But due to lack of legislation to regulate surrogacy, the practice of surrogacy has been misused by the surrogacy clinics, which leads to rampant commercial surrogacy and unethical practices in the area of surrogacy. I hope that Ukraine has recognized the fact that the legal issues related with surrogacy need a closer look. If clinics can afford a sponsorship, that means that shit got serious in this country.

  • totoro - 28/03/2018 Reply

    What do you mean child trafficking? Nowadays, it would be unrealistic to expect that all infertile persons will have a close relative between 18 and 35 years of age, having one child, satisfying all the necessary conditions. That’s wonderful, that people find women, agencies, clinics, that are ready to help with this. But the question is whether these women are well-treated and well-paid?

    • lava_lover - 28/03/2018 Reply

      I underwent a surrogacy journey in the Biotexcom. They asked whether we want to communicate with our surrogate. I agreed. So they arranged skype calls with an interpreter each month. Our surrogate, Tania, said how does she feels, how our children moved, even that they were simultaneously hiccupping. That was cute. I was always asking her how was she doing. As when we were choosing a clinic, the key factor was that it wouldn’t be like an exploitation. So I know Biotex has a good attitude to the surrogates. But it’s variable. You can start with another clinic and everything will be the opposite.

  • Sewoi - 29/03/2018 Reply

    Impossible for my mind to combine these two completely different things. It’s at least ridiculous.
    If clinic decided funding sports it was better to leave it behind its main business. I can’t find any interest to go deeper into it.
    Many of businessmen have different projects that don’t even overlap and when I was treated in my clinic I didn’t know who was its director and what he was up to and it let me concentrate my attention on my treatment. it was still and calm

  • Falcon - 29/03/2018 Reply

    Unfortunately, I failed and lost my last three business and my lovely wife fails her IVFs. It was the 8th one interrupted last month. Sounding like we are the family of true losers but we still keep the chin up and hope for the best. Our losses and breakdowns certainly defeat us but we always find strength to get up and go together.
    We already get along for more than 7 years and don’t want to stop. I like seeing how someone organizes fine business and runs big company. It’s someone’s success teaching me how to be tough guy.
    And I want to make friends with such people so we’re interested in co-operating with this clinic.

  • AXL - 03/04/2018 Reply

    IVF is so common that 5 million babies have been born through surrogacy. IVF required the full knowledge of the women’s cycle. It’s a deep research and not everyone can do that. That’s why I would trust only big and well-known companies. I would not dare to start with kinda underground clinic, just to save some money. It is the matter of my future child. Maybe it will sound ridiculous for someone, but sponsorship is kind of indicator that a company is big enough. As it has existed enough to start all this sport sponsorship. And of course besides that, the reviews really matter.

  • Gonolulu - 16/04/2018 Reply

    I haven’t heard about biotexcom. I had 3 IVF attempts in Greece and hopefully the last one worked. Don’t get why Ukraine is that popular. From what I see the price for IVF is the same as anywhere. So I don’t see any reason to run such a risk. I for one wouldn’t go there and wouldn’t trust doctors in such poor country, it’s silly.

  • Zorianna - 23/04/2018 Reply

    I also had my f*cking experience with Greece. Remember my husband was thinking with a stupid veil of wiseacre on his face. He told me how it was risky to trust poor Ukraine. He was arguing Ukrainian doctors became doctors only because they had bought their fake diploma.
    No reasons for him to be such an idiot. He has never been to Ukraine before this year. But sometimes people are just scared to be dealing with frauds.
    We had to interrupt our treatment in Greece. It wasn’t any longer relevant to my contract. They are strange and scary people. Yes, we stopped. But it left really a big havoc in our wallet.
    But the most unpleasant event was that we lost our confidence as for further journeys.
    Only when we started collecting and accumulating our energy together and found Ukraine not so awful we start feeling better. And now my trust is absolutely rehabbed. I’d love to write something more after two months of our cooperation.

  • tetra1 - 23/04/2018 Reply

    Am an adept and a big fan of good wishes. So I’m here to say to everybody hello and be completely happy!
    I am melting like an ice-cream when hear someone does good things. Children in sports are a true good deed. I mean those who made them involved in sports. Because such things are making the world better. Just try to imagine! If children spend their days in trainings and improving themselves they will never do drugs. They will never let the wars begin. They will have only positive mood for whole life.
    This sounds wonderfully, doesn’t it?
    I wish these children to win big prizes wherever they take part in. I wish their patrons to see how it works and how much I appreciate their contribution.
    This clinic consists of noble people, really great good doers. God bless them always!

  • Pedro - 24/04/2018 Reply

    I was confused looking at the picture under the name of the article. I tried to imagine what it could keep in the text. In high-developed society such matters mustn’t appear at all. I think even babies know which benefits surrogacy can bring. Parents tell their children openly on such themes. And general understanding of this is perhaps the highest for the last decades.
    It’s better for people to use surrogacy than to live with a grief of absence of possibility. Experiencing a grief of absence people endure everything like they are slaves on the slavery ship. The science was created for that to help people and save their fading opportunities.
    I’m a modern man with modern picture of the world. I vote for establishing more and more new institutions assisting us to reach our goals.
    It’s too egoistic view to be against such things. When we thing this way we in real forget about those who need something else. I hope it was understandable for most. Be polite and clever. Don’t try to corner people.

  • Sheron - 25/04/2018 Reply

    Egg Donation is a specific type of IVF where the mother who is caring and raising the child uses an egg from a donor woman. This is done when the mother does not produce healthy eggs or if the mother has a genetic disorder she does not want to pass on.

  • Lorna - 25/04/2018 Reply

    IVF is not quicker with Egg donation. It can take up to five years to get eggs through a donor. (The process is very painful and can disrupt life for the donor so not many people will donate AND in Canada it is illegal for an egg donor to be paid making them even more rare. Donating is a purely selfless thing that few people are able to handle.) Because of the wait time for a donor (if someone is lucky enough to even get one) IVF is quicker with the woman’s own eggs. But that is not an option for every woman seeking fertility treatment.

  • Darian - 25/04/2018 Reply

    It means that the egg and sperm are joined together in a test tube. Then the embryo (sperm+egg) is inserted into the female and she gives birth to the baby. This is done to treat types of infertility where the male may not produce enough sperm or where the female has blocked tubes and so the sperm can not meet the egg inside the body.

  • Ronny - 25/04/2018 Reply

    If only donor eggs are being used, but husband’s sperms are being used, then 50% of the DNA of the child is from the parents. This is a big deal for many people. Other than the ones with whom this info is shared, nobody else will know about this usage of donor eggs. As far as the general society is considered, the baby has 100% DNA of the parents. The first circle of family may know that it is not 100%. This makes it easier for people to accept the baby once they grow up, especially if the society is as conservative as in Ukraine.

  • Caren - 25/04/2018 Reply

    honestly, we don’t want to adopt a child. I want to have my own baby with my blood and bones but I understand it is impossible for us. The only parent who can be related to our baby is my husband. But it has no matter to me. I’m ready to struggle with all these.
    Well, the clinic we were writing for didn’t gave us an access to a donor database because i didn’t ask about it. Frankly speaking, I didn’t email the clinic you’ve been writing about so I can’t say much about it. probably, I will email them as soon as my husband will be back home.

  • Kuberten - 25/04/2018 Reply

    I also recently got confused by one question. Btw hello all! I’m new here. Anyway as I see it’s not a chat room. It’s likely sort of review platform or informing one.
    I thought if it was possible to find out whether… mmm.. Whether some sportsmen fund medical centers because it seems at least logical or don’t. I mean that’s fine for all when a very rich man donates a percent of his budget to some clinics.
    And in fact it always happens. Really, I even hadn’t to carry out any investigations. Such things really exist.
    Some footballers monthly give a part of their salary to the centers dealing with AIDS and cancer.
    They do it particularly in their native countries. But who sponsors reproductive institutions? This particular case shows us an opposite side of cooperation.
    In such example the reproductive clinic sponsors sports. However, it can find where to invest their money to boost some technologies. They really could improve their equipment instead of helping your men in doing sports.
    This is a real face of establishment. I guess the word “noble” which was sounded a lot on this forum is completely relevant to the case.
    I’d be behaving the same way if I was a manager of advancing facility. I would definitely give my money to sports teams. That makes big sense.
    Because, as I remember, money that was funded to education and health would never slip away.
    I absolute appreciate and respect such deeds. You’re kindest people and deserve all of these words.
    Believe you showed good example to the other clinics. And one day we’ll see such tendency all over.
    My best wishes guys. Hope we all will be fine. Good luck! Sincerely!

  • Ti - 25/04/2018 Reply

    What’s the topic of discussion? I really can’t figure out. Should we talk on it so long? Okay, some facility once gave franklins for even. What a big phenomena!
    Can’t you get it? Maybe one of the doctors is supporting wrestling crew. And it pleases him to share his wage with his favorite sportsmen. I find it at least reasonable. I even find it quite reasonable to pay to someone who writes articles in order to announce it.
    I know sportsmen are obliged to wear logoed outfits. Exactly, if these logos are the property of company sponsoring them.
    You find it noble or stupid. Well, in my humble turn I see it as normal thing.
    It’s a secret for me why such a huge resonance was incited due to that.
    Probable it’s me who’s stupid here and I get out!

  • kupra - 27/04/2018 Reply

    Hello all! Such a good day for having the same mood guys! I wish you to keep your disposition always under sunbeams. Enjoy your day and share happiness! I love playing with analogies. Perhaps if I wasn’t an economist, maybe it would be in different life. I’d be a poet no doubts. I feel tense of the meanings.
    And now doing a lot for increasing my chance to have a baby I see it amazing. All who come to fertility treatment is a fighter. Others who are not going to fight for their happiness will leave the race.
    Maybe the head of biotexcom shows us an example to follow. As its clients fight for their main rewards the same way the wrestlers of behalf of biotexcom compete for victory. For them it’s just a chance of youth. It could give them the benefits for the future. We try achieving the similar things.

  • kupra - 27/04/2018 Reply

    It leads me to clear understanding of that analogy I mentioned before. It happened so and we can check.
    Guys of this sports team are real winners of many championships. Doesn’t it give the way?
    All the things in our universe are connected to each other. One pushes another to move on.
    When we get lonely or feel someone let us down we look for the answer. All our nature asks for inspiration. And who can give it? Such guys in sportive clothes do this for us.
    I don’t see a reason to give it up. We should prolong this battle. There will be only one final where we meet our long-awaited babies. What can be sweater?
    I hope I’m not crazy. And in fact it seems so in real. Thank you for that and hold on!

  • Tong - 27/04/2018 Reply

    Okay, don’t see anything weird in your comparison. I thought it when first found out about this team. Unfortunately, I don’t feel anything pleasant toward the fighting type of competition. So, watching this doesn’t attract me at all. However, I support such a good idea to help young boys to have a dream.
    Most of us lack a hard grit while we face trouble on the way. We evidently must be born as men. I guess too heavy burden fell upon us.
    It’s not an odd skill to know how to hit and how to receive blow properly.
    Wondering where these guys know what their sponsor daily does or they’re kept out of the loop. What is their opinion on that? Actually such questions bear only the superficial interest.
    I wish them big success. I wish the same to everyone who dares going on. And if it eases the pleasure you may imagine you’re like a biotexcom fighter. As they seldom lose it makes real sense.
    Good luck and bye-bye!

  • gillermo - 07/05/2018 Reply

    Ohhh god! Are ya serious? It ain’t gonna be sports in this universe. Thank you for such a hilarious brake.
    Stop joking! It’s not kinda sports. It’s just a childish jamming. I’m just kicked. If you are the biggest European factory producing children you have to sponsor something more serious. For example F1 or Football team. Ohhh men I’m fallen out. You made it.

  • tick - 07/05/2018 Reply

    Hi guys! I find this idea perfect from various perspectives. It’s definitely cool for authority.
    We know biotexcom as a clinic that really saves drowning lives. It’s actually very professional and helps people. Now it’s a patron for the youth. I like their job. Keep the same level guys! Very good!

  • middle boss - 07/05/2018 Reply

    I had one idea for developing service. Who was there for consultation must know how long sometimes it has to wait for appointment. Biotexcom’s workers have to set screens in front of the sofas. People will be able to watch matches of these boys. It’ll be useful and comfortable.
    As well it’ll help people to overcome inner pressure and anxiety. Then expectation won’t seem so boring.

  • H12 - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Anyway that’s fine to help. You could show it off or hide. No matter for me at all. The main fact is that you are helpful as no one but U.
    Biotex decided to establish sports school. I find it wonderful. Don’t look at those who speak stupid things. You go for good!

  • tenatos - 09/05/2018 Reply

    I like this clinic. Also I like its decisions and reforms. You can have the same attitude if you know them well.
    Of course you can have it just because you want. This place is related to good people for me.
    There the miracles became true. Our sweet children are that we can call miracle. That’s important

  • Patty Georgina - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Hi everybody! I can’t agree the list of countries allowing surrogacy expends. I said India, Nepal and etc have closed down their programs.
    And then you said about those countries which were already working. Nothing new for me I admit.
    It’d be fabulous more and more countries will allow such practice within. It’ll give much more available space for infertile people.

  • Woo Kumin - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Hello guys! My kindest wishes! In this article I noticed one fragment. It told about matrix film.
    You had said it could look like the plot of it in the future. I can’t catch your attitude. Is it good or you’re angry?
    As I think it was big exaggeration. It works the different way.

  • Woo Kumin - 10/05/2018 Reply

    I hope you are doing well. That’s such an excellent day to talk about anti-utopias. I want to add a bit to ‘matrix’.
    I guess even if the number of delivered children gets high every parent will expect and love the baby.
    This makes that dreadful plot more humanistic. Think about peace and how to live in it.
    My huge respect and have a nice day!

  • Karmelita Bigun - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Hi, I got a little issue. I can’t combine the pic to the context. Do they correspond to each other?
    Is this blog regarding biotex? I don’t know.
    Probably you decided to show how large the clinics are now. Okay! Some of them are really big.
    In any case you exaggerated their influence.

  • looky - 10/05/2018 Reply

    O sport, tu es la Paix! Doubtlessly, some people convert their treatment into sports.
    It can look like offence but I didn’t want to argue. Well, I’ll tell about for example my cousin then.
    She lost sense of reality. Her IVF tortures became the sports long ago. She can’t stop.

  • Terrcena - 10/05/2018 Reply

    I join the commentator few replies above. I can’t extract the connection. Does it tell about biotexcom?
    My review on this facility is more than good but… yeah! This is very modern and professional clinic. Despite that it writes too confusing articles.
    It’s a mix of general statements and attempt to remind about biotexcom.
    The taste is not very good. pardon

  • Toxic ave - 10/05/2018 Reply

    Hello all! Who are those boys on the top? The children born via clinic started achieving medals or what?
    And what’s aside? Is it a surrogate mother? I see the clinic pays well for participation.
    Thus now I’m calm for moms. The riddle is revealed, I guess.

  • toon - 11/05/2018 Reply

    It’s not polite to call surrogacy child trafficking. OK, It can be service trafficking or anything like that. I didn’t sell or buy my baby.
    She’s priceless. There seemly people are working in Ukraine. I don’t see reason to shed rumors.
    The main idea of surrogacy is mostly assistance. You should know it.

  • maikoll - 11/05/2018 Reply

    I guess they didn’t want to call it bad. Here we deal with dependent organization. All their words are censored. Surrogacy is generally recognized as work of good. Certainly it has its haters.
    Who hasn’t haters if we try to change the world? It’s obviously celebrated. I hope we will now be rude disputing.

  • silence - 11/05/2018 Reply

    Hi there! Don’t wanna seem boring but I can’t get it clear. What’s the talk about? It’s tough reading through rambling speeches. Most of authors haven’t recited their view well. It wasn’t in full enough form to understand. Someone speaks about money. The others prolong infinite story of local surrogacy.
    I give up on effort.

  • Piecraf - 17/05/2018 Reply

    Hey! I didn’t understand what a photo in the head of article. I couldn’t connect it to the context. Some guys and a mommy look quite weird together.
    I read the article. It tells about well-known things. It wasn’t really interesting.
    Why does it tell everybody including celebrities opt for surrogacy in the US? Yes, we know. They live in Hollywood.
    California allows such projects. Also it’s pretty affordable to them. They don’t have much time for seeking.
    I think this way the author wants to show the influence of surrogacy. How it affects people’s lives. U can use any picture reminding about pregnancy, babies and anything like that.

  • alfa - 17/05/2018 Reply

    Don’t you know? People all over discussed it particularly on here. You see a team of wrestlers.
    One Ukrainian clinic sponsors them. It’s not the regular thing. I mean it’s rather unusual for fertility clinics to fund money in sports.
    This is an example. People talk about it because it’s pretentious. I myself think it is a true desire to help youth.
    Yeah, I agree. Perhaps the article consists of too trivial things. It’s not so interesting. Maybe the title doesn’t correspond.
    About the other things it’s completely okay. I don’t mind to read again. Don’t be so critical.

  • Cooprum - 17/05/2018 Reply

    Fertility clinics do so much for our today’s life. They show us vector of thinking. They are like a mirror of world’s development.
    I apologize for these twisted words. I’m not insane. I’m just quoting some above.
    People are really committed to their clinics. It’s fine, it’s not my deal. You understandably appreciate contribution of those who helped you.
    Anyways some of you say weir things. They combine surrogacy and god. They compare hospitals head managers to angels shedding goodness.
    It’s lovely and funny until it gets sad. I’m really afraid of meeting some of those people. Seems they can infect with this abnormal excitement.

    • Asa12 - 24/05/2018 Reply

      Fertility clinics only matter for those who have fertility issues. I didn’t even know that there are so many people that can’t have children without assistance. I am childfree but I am not against children in general, I’m just not ready to be a parent and to live for someone else. But a friend of mine has been trying to have a baby for more than 5 years and I feel for her from the bottom of my heart.
      I agree that mixing surrogacy and god is silly. Regarding the fact that assisted reproductive technologies are not accepted by church nad very often are illegal in a country because of that

  • OK_Lis - 23/05/2018 Reply

    I saw Biotexcom financing not only BJJ, but baseball. I find it fantastic. Baseball in Europe? Baseball in Ukraine? I understand Ukrainians is one of the best in the martial arts, but baseball and reproductive medicine? Lol

  • Toli - 29/05/2018 Reply

    In my own opinion if something persuades us to call it child trafficking, it is bad. This is such a very simple knowledge.
    I think that things giving the real good are on the surface. Surrogacy and particularly all this business are hidden and complicated.
    You don’t ever know what is conducted behind the curtains. I just can’t choose service called the child trafficking. It’s awful campaign.

    • Roni - 11/07/2018 Reply

      Prior to ever getting pregnant, way before the first dose of preparation medicine is taken by anyone, a contract is written up by lawyers representing the baby’s parents and the surrogate individually, and it outlines everybody’s duties and obligations and expectations, including money and financial obligations. Usually the money is scheduled and split into equal monthly payments with additional monies for special expenses tacked on to that schedule or outlined to be paid sometime in the pregnancy; an example would be maternity clothes. Usually a pregnant woman has no need for $1500 worth of maternity clothes until at least midway through her pregnancy, so the clothing allowance is usually scheduled to reflect $500 at the start of the surrogate’s 4th or 5th month of pregnancy and an additional $1000 to be paid to the surrogate in her 6th month, when she’s got a better idea of how big she might get. Keep in mind that there are always variables. I’ve seen a contract include a clothing allowance for $3000 for a single baby and $4500 for twins with an additional $1500 per additional baby because the surrogate was a professional woman and needed a wardrobe that would reflect her career. That’s just one example though, usually it’s $1500 to $2000 for a single baby and $500 for each additional baby. Often the parents are very accommodating and if it’s needed earlier, that can usually be arranged. Earlier money yes, more money no. Another example: I carried surrogate twins and needed looser pants by my 10th week so we rearranged the expense schedule for maternity clothes and I provided all receipts.

  • Welpar - 29/05/2018 Reply

    Interesting! I’m really wondering whether they chose this sports before decided to advertise it or in reverse. Such twisted structures as surrogacy clinic just can’t do anything without a plan.
    I actually meant the commercial plan. They have to extract money from whatever around.
    It’s even hard to imagine what the mad money these people earn up monthly.
    Ukraine meets such a huge number of fertility tourists. They come to pay for everything.

  • Raffinia - 29/05/2018 Reply

    What a stupid rage? You sometimes try to turn this country into a monster.
    Why do you intend to do it?
    It’s not so in any case. You detest the way of their working? Okay, why so? They just help different people to get something beyond their abilities.
    Actually they had much money. Suppose it’s less then USA gets per months. I didn’t have treatment there. My good friends were in Ukraine twice.
    I never discussed this fake problem with them. They know well what’s going on in there though.
    Better think of people who return home full of happiness.

  • Denta Beck - 29/05/2018 Reply

    It might be the patronage. I perhaps don’t get this word properly. It’s something like supporting or what?
    Or is it sponsoring in general? You said above they had money. They make money every day.
    It proves they can spend it on youth development in their country. Nothing could be more intelligent. This is an example for majority officials.
    Some haters could find it a way of hide suspicious activity. Spit on it. Stop sharing bogus shit.
    Try to believe in good reality. There might be it in Ukraine, who knows? My best wishes and respect!

  • ASA - 29/05/2018 Reply

    I used to think two different things shouldn’t be combined. A sport is one separate activity. Fertility treatment is absolutely different field.
    You could correct me if I’m mistaken. People mustn’t pay their strength for things they don’t know well.
    It harms productivity. Who wants to lose his percent of results?

  • Gena - 29/05/2018 Reply

    My best regards! I am going to share only positive expressions on Ukraine. All my references are about this country.
    Last autumn it gave me my sweet babies.
    It definitely made me dedicated to their hard work. I want them to improve some weaknesses.
    They don’t have them for much. But it always has what to improve.
    I don’t know whether I will go for siblings for my babies so far. Anyway I’m sincerely grateful.
    I recommend this direction for everyone. Especially for those who need quality donor egg!
    They’ll certain help. Don’t let people tell you bullshit about this wonderful place.

  • Angula - 05/06/2018 Reply

    I don’t even know how these questions appear? Who creates it? It’s kind of secret for me.
    People visit different countries in order to become parents. They earn and save moneys. They pay big price after all.
    I don’t think these people create polls of stupid questions. It can’t be so. They are profoundly in the process.
    As I’m an infertile woman I have my own opinion regarding that. For me fertility clinics are like angels. They don’t seem to me as commercial monsters.
    It’s not my business. It’s not interesting to me how much they do have money. I’m glad to pay as much as it’s necessary.
    They have a goal. We have a goal. It’s reasonable that our goals differ.
    I know I’d never become a mom without their help. What about the sponsorship? That’s excellent!
    They have enough strength to assist youth development. I can only express my respect. I highly esteem their contribution.
    World has changed. It’s wonderful that now we aren’t hopeless. Each severe case can be solved and considered.
    It gives me huge hope for the future days. You know we live in the best time aver? People have never been living in such a light time.
    There are wonderful amount of opportunities. We can get our education. We are free to get different knowledge on the Internet.
    And the most important for me! People who are infertile can fight it now. We must be just happy because of age we live in.
    Don’t put negative into topics of fertility. The process of surrogacy is itself rather disputable. Many countries are still unready to allow it.
    They take this opportunity from their people. It’s shame for them! It’s not the sign of development civilization.
    Hope you are fine with it. Let your journeys be safe. Accept my kindest wishes!

  • IVFer - 05/06/2018 Reply

    I’m also a wrestler! You can call me a wrestler. It’s my identity.
    I don’t remember myself as a weak subtle woman. I’m always in endless fight. It’s seemed to last forever.
    Actually forever until I die! I passed through 5 clomid + IUI. Then I got mad.
    I have already failed 9 IVF. I even don’t know how long I’m in it. It’s devastating but.
    I feel I’m done. Anyway I feel fine because nothing could distract me. I’m strictly approaching.
    My purpose is always with me. That’s why I’m focusing on victory despite all.
    I don’t know how much failures are waiting for me in the future. It doesn’t matter. Even if I am 50 I’ll become a mother.
    Nobody can stop me. I meet girls who are broken. They are frustrated after second IFV failed.
    I always find words to encourage them. They think I’m more successful in that. It seems so because I often smile and joke.
    Suppose that positive disposition is one of the elements necessary for the win. the one thing is far from my understanding. I can’t imagine I’m having surrogacy.
    I might be less wise than it’s needed. I’ll continue my trying. I crave carrying my baby.

  • Stone_mile - 06/06/2018 Reply

    It may sound weird but I see nothing bad at all in surrogacy. If it’s done for medical reasons, it’s a great opportunity for any woman to become a mother even though she can’t bear a child. It’s an old practice I believe and I find it quite selfless to help someone to experience parenthood. It’s okay until women aren’t forced to carry babies for others. In this case, this is exploitation which is unacceptable these days. On the other hand, I understand why Indian government banned surrogacy for foreigners. The way women were treated there was inhumane! Surrogacy agencies made them almost slaves for a pittance. I hope Biotexcom treats surrogates better and they are well compensated for their great deed.

  • Pelegrimina - 13/06/2018 Reply

    My fertility clinic is a place of worship. They gave me back that what my nature took away from me. I will protect my clinic with words until I die.
    I can know the pleasure of being a mother. It’s something unbelievable. Every day I understand I love my baby more and more.
    I could admit I was empty without this miracle! Children do beautify our poor lives. A true love comes to my house again.
    I apologize for this metaphors. My heart is just singing. It’s like a blue bird.
    I’m sorry. It was another metaphor. I’m going to stop it a little.
    A few years ago I had a very complicated situation in my family. Our relations with husband were about to get ruined. Such shit happens all the time all around.
    Seemed we didn’t love each other anymore. Our long try to conceive tired us. I was frustrated.
    He began looking for someone aside. I understood him. Our sexual life was a line of setbacks.
    We were having each other just in order to get pregnant. I can’t express. It was an ineffable regress.
    Someday I was afraid to catch them in our bedroom. I knew his lover in person. She was younger and pretty.
    Yeah, she was really pretty unlike me. I was feeling like a mouse. Yup, I was a mouse falling into blender.
    I decided to have a serious conversation with my husband. I said okay, you get freedom to do whatever. I’ll not be persecuting you.
    I asked about only one help form him. I couldn’t sign up the contract with Ukrainian clinic without his presence. They accept only married couples.
    Surprisingly he gave his consent. I needed his sperm. I know it had excellent quality.
    My husband is a sportsman. He’s playing polo and golf. He has never been smoking and drinking bitter alcohol.
    During all the program we lived separately. He rented a flat with his whore. I was alone in the big house.
    Yes, it sounds awfully. I know. But what might I do?
    I needed his presence for few months in Ukraine. Oh, I was hard. After my surrogate delivered we had to be in Ukraine for the exit process.
    His participation was necessary. He amazed me for the second time. He went to Ukraine with me.
    Actually he was leaving us for a week or two. Suddenly he has flight back to Ukraine. He said that was over.
    I got it like it was over for me. He ain’t gonna be here any longer. It was catastrophically hard blow.
    In fact, he said he broke up with whore. Our baby helped him to understand the truth. It wanted to be the best father.
    Sure, I am a softie. He used me and lied to me. I don’t regret my decision.
    It was my choice. If I was different I’d never have what I have got now. Everything was done in a proper way.
    Of course it hurts. He is a betrayer. My husband is a traitor making me fool.
    I don’t want keeping anger in my heart. I have my son. He needs my care and heart full of love.

  • drake - 13/06/2018 Reply

    You were right! It such a complicated story no doubts. I’m shocked.
    Really, I’m just shocked. I can understand whether you are strong woman or stupid one.
    You had got a goal. You achieved it. How can you have him by your side?
    I mean your husband. Yeah, that’s a drama. You were a victim.
    And now you are a winner. But your victory really has a bitter taste. I don’t want being in your shoes.
    Actually seems I’m going to give whatever and more for becoming a mother. I am in TTC for 8 years almost. It drives me crazy.
    However, I’m afraid of losing my man. He’s my last chance to live a happy life. I’m sure he’s significant.
    In short you made a deal. It’s exciting. I envy your bottom. I’m talking about your stamina and resource!
    It’s an incredible adventure. I’ve never heard the same. That was the best example for me how to be brutal maximally.
    I just can wish you to not remember it frequently. Try enjoying your life. Take care of your baby!

  • thankyou - 13/06/2018 Reply

    Yeah, baby! Yeah! That’s cool job! Well done! Are you fine dear?
    That’s want I wanted to know. You put that asshole in his place. It was rather rough to yourself.
    However, that sacrifice was warranted. Someone said you had a goal. I think you just craved to be a mom. If you were a softie he’d invaded that slut into your house. They’d be living and spitting in your face. They are soulless. You showed them what the real woman is worth. It’s fantastically. I got inspired reading your stuff. My one also betrayed. It was a year ago. I preserved my hatred.
    It eats away at me. I feel pain every day looking at his liar’s face. I feel mortified totally.
    We had to be in journey a while ago. But we lost faith. I saw him in a car. He was kissing that bitch. I tried hitting her but he pulled me away. I saw how he was giving her money for the taxi. I can’t delete this picture off from my vision. It’s hanging upon my eyes. I don’t know what it will be. Maybe I’ll never begin with him. He’s easygoing. It’s like nothing had happened. But I feel broken.
    We don’t speak about it as well as about surrogacy. We not often speak at all. He goes deeply into work.I’m sitting at home and biting nails. I had an instruction how to break this spell. All that situation froze my action. Your story is an example to follow suit. I couldn’t do the same. But it calms my heart you are the one who could. You could be proud of yourself. Don’t listen to the others. They can convince you to think in reverse.

  • rembra bra - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Surrogacy as any big deal has got two different faces. You look at one of them and it seems pretty to you. You look at the second one it begins seeming ugly.
    As usual exactly the commercial face of surrogacy looks ugly. I actually can’t know why. Let’s see how it works.
    We can admire the stories by people. They walked this complicated path. They got such a wonderful result.
    Their posts really inspire others to do something. That’s great when some story can change someone’s life affectively. It is worth many compliments.
    I highly respect those who find time to share success story. as a rule, other people prefer living their life beyond fertility forums after successful journey. I can’t understand their intentions.
    They were in the same shoes. Why can’t they share some tips? It’s not humanely.
    I’d dedicate a decent amount of time for telling my story for others. People lack the details. They need to know how to pass some certain stages.
    Maybe all that is related to children is more important than different monetary transactions. We believe in miracles. And It seems to us that companies also believe in that.
    When they talk about money it may annoy. They can require money to continue treatment. That’s obvious thing.
    But it bothers us to focus. We begin thinking they are interested only in our money. And it could be so in real.
    And I don’t see anything bad in such position. Someone has to control the cash flow. If it’s not under strict supervision, there will be scums.
    I also believe in miracles. Actually I believe less than it was 4 years ago. But I don’t want to share my money with those who don’t take part in my campaign.
    That’s why sometimes surrogacy’s face looks a bit ugly. There can be different religious aspect. They also have influence on the full picture.
    You have to be sure your journey is completely safe. You must have transparent relations with facility treating you. That’s necessary.
    No matter where you decided to have journey. In any case you need luck. I wish you to be glad after your journey.

  • larin one love - 02/07/2018 Reply

    I live in Germany. I’m happy because such things don’t exist in my country. My government banned them many years ago.
    In my opinion it was too presumptuous to think it could help. Having fertility problems people don’t control their moral character. They forget what is good to do and what is taboo.
    I can’t accept the situation when someone carries my own baby. doesn’t it sound weird? At least it must make things uneasy!
    Who has the goal to change anyone’s mind? I don’t have. It doesn’t matter for me at all whether you’ll be having a baby through surrogacy or not.
    I don’t take part in such disgusting affairs. My safety is the most significant priority. I don’t have children.
    Any way it’s not a reason to suffer from suspicious methods. I’d better be alone and childless. This all scares me a lot.
    You all are like blind men. Don’t you see it smells bad? I know several dozens of Germans go abroad for having surrogacy annually.
    I can’t consider them as honest citizens. They try to cheat on state. Our country enacted the law to protect them.
    Anyway they choose the way of risk. I don’t support such decision. I really judge them.
    We try to become parents with help of methods we’ve got here. I’m sad because we live in terrible time. Everyone has a right to choose the way how to spoil the life.

  • lock - 02/07/2018 Reply

    You sound weird. I don’t see anything weird in that when people help themselves. We look for options.
    Thanks to God now we can find something really helping. Thank to those countries permitting this I mean. You were too rough and subjective. Perhaps you don’t understand the problem well.

  • larin one love - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Why do you annoy? I tell about the things how I see them. It’s my country. If the government decided how it must be there haven’t be those who trying to break the system. Maybe it’ll be better for them to leave the country. It’s not good and democratic for them.
    That’s all what I wanted to emphasize.

  • lock - 02/07/2018 Reply

    You should know the same order can’t satisfy everybody. Your message was quite selfish. I see you don’t worry about the others. Or perhaps you envy these people. Anyway I can’t agree with your point of view.
    It hurts me and many others who think like me. I just can’t believe you feel fine having such a position.

  • larin one love - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Get surprised! I feel awesomely with it. My husband and I try to conceive for 5 years. I’m sure we’ll be trying more.
    And one day we’ll become a father and a mother. Our children will be grateful because we did everything in a proper way. Remember it.

  • lock - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Okay, that’s up to you. This is your life. I don’t want to say anything in addition. I’m afraid you’ll change your heart soon.
    Perhaps if you don’t it’ll be really sad. I wish you to become parent. But I don’t envy your children.
    Have a nice day.

  • Tronic - 02/07/2018 Reply

    I can’t relate. Why do some people not understand the simplest thing? Surrogacy is the option when the other options are useless.
    I don’t have uterus. It’s called hopeless case. Should I be waiting for miracle? I don’t think so.

  • Merc - 02/07/2018 Reply

    All the arguments are ill. If someone says surrogacy is bad I will not talk to him at all. He is a liar.
    Surrogacy has changed my life totally.
    I have been in TTC during 4 years. 1 year of my surrogacy program gave me more than all the specialists together. I’m happy to admit it.

  • Tom 0207 - 02/07/2018 Reply

    I was in biotex this spring. I stayed there for month. I even didn’t hear about these guys. Who are they?
    They are some wrestlers, aren’t they? That’s cool that the clinic sponsors youth. It’s another fat plus to their reputation.

  • Reeeeeallly - 02/07/2018 Reply

    Ahah! Sometimes battling infertility is becoming like sports. You crave to win. You’re focusing and going ahead.
    I think it’d be possible to hold the Olympian games where people compete at their fertility. There I’d not be feeling as a loser.
    I’m a champion of failed IVF. I’m sorry for this stupid joke.

  • Gin - 02/07/2018 Reply

    I didn’t expect to see so many comments. I have been here two weeks ago. That’s unbelievable.
    Suppose such things as reproductology and youths have more similarities than it seems. It’s all for new life.
    It has right to exist. I like this idea. Biotexcom is able to surprise.

  • Virf1232 - 09/07/2018 Reply

    Hi guys! How are you getting on? I’m not a big expert at reproductive business.
    I’m not going to dive profoundly into this. I’m interested in small things related to surrogacy more. My second child was born with help of surrogacy.
    I actually obtained an obvious attitude to it and to people who deal with such problems. I had my uterus removed after the first pregnancy. It was a complicated delivery.
    My first baby couldn’t arrive during 10 hours. It was a real nightmare. It was a horror for all.
    I’m so thankful to doctors who fought for my baby’s life. It’s a big happiness he’s alive and healthy.
    It’s a boy. He’s 9 years old now. My husband and I decided to have another baby in 6 years after my first baby had been born.
    I wasn’t afraid of fraud. The clinic we chose had good recommendations. I guess we had more guarantees then doubts.
    And we started our journey with brave hearts. Our son was traveling with us. He loved Ukraine.
    He was expecting to have a sister. In fact, we have twins. These are two wonderful girls.
    So, why did I decide to write. Surrogacy brought only pleasure and peace to my family. I can’t say anything wrong concerning to it.
    It’ll be at least unfair from my side. I highly respect the doctors and managers who spend their time for helping other people. It’s priceless and very nobly.
    I want those people sating surrogacy is a child trafficking. Who will give my daughters besides the surrogacy? Could you answer?
    Do you know much options how to conceive after hysterectomy? I do not know. I hope you’re not passing through your own challenges of fertility.
    I say surrogacy must be in our life. It’s not bad because it brings the good. It’s a very simple formula I suppose.
    My best regards. Don’t be afraid of using it. Make you dreams closer guys! Good luck!

  • LAmber - 09/07/2018 Reply

    I also can’t anything wrong about surrogacy. Perhaps if I wasn’t connected with this process, I’d probably say something in different way. Now I’m happy we have such a good occasion to help ourselves.
    My surrogate is in 25th week of pregnancy. I’m so excited you can’t imagine.
    I’m going to become happy through this process.

  • LAmber - 09/07/2018 Reply

    “can’t SAY anything wrong”

  • birk kOit - 09/07/2018 Reply

    Surrogacy was definitely our last chance for success. I had hysterectomy due to infection. It was very complex and difficult surgery. I wanted to have a baby since I had got married.
    As it often goes I had doubts. But I fought my doubts and defeated them.
    We had to move on. Now I’m feeling joy because we didn’t listen to those who were against surrogacy.

  • Cortney - 11/07/2018 Reply

    It depends on type of surrogacy, commercial or altruistic, on country and on a mediator between you and a surrogate. If it’s altruistic surrogacy, you only need to cover medical expenses of your surrogate and provide her with everything she needs during pregnancy. However, these expenses could be different in different country. For example, in Canada you may pay around 50–80k in total, while in Europe you’ll pay 30–40k for commercial surrogacy. If you cooperate with an agency, then you should be ready to pay for its services. If it’s a clinic with own surrogates’ database, basically you pay a bit less. if you try to arrange the process on your own, then you won’t dispense with legal support. I plunge into surrogacy process now and we paid 40k euro for everything, still paying to be exact.

  • lina - 11/07/2018 Reply

    it’s depends from county. for example:
    surrogacy program in Ukraine cost from 39 000 to 49 000 euro and surrogate mom will recieve from 10 000 – 12 000 euro.

  • Dafney - 11/07/2018 Reply

    Lina, you might have not updated information. We’ve been with one clinic in Ukraine and they had different prices. the clinic I’m talking about had 3 types of packages. each of them has own prices, for example, for economy package you had to pay 29.9k, for standard 39.9k and for vip one 49.9k. I might say it’s too expensive but probably you are wrong, because all of them provide clients with a wide range of different services. All of them include services of interpreter, accommodation, transportation, food and free first consultation and medical tests as well. I suppose it worth much, honestly Im not sure other clinics could offer these .

  • Dafney - 11/07/2018 Reply

    This exact situation has occurred in my life and I’ve seen it happen for many others and I can tell you how I’ve seen it go, but please keep in mind that every situation and surrogacy contract is unique. That being said, intended parents and families come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than include all the variables (single parents using ova or sperm donors or same sex couples or traditional couples or couples with children etc.) I’m just going to say parents because it’s easier, although I have equal admiration and respect for everyone involved in the surrogacy constellation. Having babies via surrogacy takes bravery and commitment and courage and I tip my hat to th brave and brilliant souls that opt to have babies with 3rd party help. It isn’t easy at all!

  • Katarina - 11/07/2018 Reply

    I faced infertility 12 years ago. It was terrible, we didn’t know what to do. Our family was underresourced and any fertility treatment was not affordable. Still we were saving money. Luckily 3 years ago we were told about a clinic which was dealing with surrogacy and egg donation and had pretty good price for treatment. We spent only 30k euro and in a year and a half we became parents. It’s unbelievable, we couldn’t imagine it’s so easy. Thanks to biotex we have won infertility! I’m happy to know they help not only infertile people but also support talanted sportsmen.

  • Roni - 11/07/2018 Reply

    Prior to ever getting pregnant, way before the first dose of preparation medicine is taken by anyone, a contract is written up by lawyers representing the baby’s parents and the surrogate individually, and it outlines everybody’s duties and obligations and expectations, including money and financial obligations. Usually the money is scheduled and split into equal monthly payments with additional monies for special expenses tacked on to that schedule or outlined to be paid sometime in the pregnancy; an example would be maternity clothes. Usually a pregnant woman has no need for $1500 worth of maternity clothes until at least midway through her pregnancy, so the clothing allowance is usually scheduled to reflect $500 at the start of the surrogate’s 4th or 5th month of pregnancy and an additional $1000 to be paid to the surrogate in her 6th month, when she’s got a better idea of how big she might get. Keep in mind that there are always variables. I’ve seen a contract include a clothing allowance for $3000 for a single baby and $4500 for twins with an additional $1500 per additional baby because the surrogate was a professional woman and needed a wardrobe that would reflect her career. That’s just one example though, usually it’s $1500 to $2000 for a single baby and $500 for each additional baby. Often the parents are very accommodating and if it’s needed earlier, that can usually be arranged. Earlier money yes, more money no. Another example: I carried surrogate twins and needed looser pants by my 10th week so we rearranged the expense schedule for maternity clothes and I provided all receipts.

  • kiki - 11/07/2018 Reply

    I’d like to mention that of all the surrogates I’ve ever met, and there have been many, all coming from different walks of life, different countries and cultures and having different perspectives and personalities, NEVER have I EVER met a surrogate whose primary motivation was money. It’s not designed to make a woman wealthy, nor is it designed to bankrupt the intended parents. Also, I’ve never met a surrogate that opened a dialogue with her lawyer with intent to nickel and dime the intended parents. Both parties need to be made fully aware of their expectations and obligation, and usually both parties are rather altruistic and well-intended. Hope that helps!

  • rapira - 11/07/2018 Reply

    In terms of money or of more important things? Other costs are more difficult to calculate: If the miscarriage is a relatively easy one, then only the disappointment for the adoptive parents needs to be considered as a cost. If the miscarriage makes the woman ill or even kills her, then on top of the parents’ disappointment and her consequent loss of payment, the effect on her life, much more important, must be included as a cost.

  • No! - 12/07/2018 Reply

    All surrogacy is child trafficking!! Only when a woman carries a baby for her close relative it’s just a selfless thing. Some people care more about surrogates, the others care about future parents’ rights. But who cares about a baby? What would you tell to a child born via surrogacy? Who gave him a choice? Would you like to know that you were born by a stranger for money or that your mother carried a baby for another couple instead of giving birth to your sibling? Stop selling children!

  • No! - 12/07/2018 Reply

    All surrogacy is child trafficking !! Only when a woman carries a baby for her close relative this is just a selfless help. Some people care more about surrogates, the others care about intended parents’ rights. But who cares about a baby? What would you tell to a child born via surrogacy? Who gave him a choice? Would you like to know that you were born by a stranger for money or that your mother carried a baby for another couple instead of giving birth to your sibling? Stop selling children biotexcom and other fertility businesses.

  • Faye - 12/07/2018 Reply

    I deeply believe that people should have a strong desire of having children, when they decide to start a surrogacy journey. And no ad or favorite team shall not convince them! As many “families” pursue the dream of being “happy with kids”, not having an idea, that it may be hard! The four couples I know who went down the IVF route, one divorced when in tests she found out he was sterile, two split up during IVF (they came from Ukraine, where they started the process and then divorced) and the other are on the verge of splitting now they have two children. Most of them should have split long before it got to IVF, the attempt to have a child seemed to be their only bond (apart from the first, who seemed to genuinely love each other until she found out he was sterile). It seems often more about following their idea of how a relationship should progress rather than the children themselves.

  • carim - 13/07/2018 Reply

    Surrogacy means different things to different people, but for parents-to-be, it is an opportunity to start a family and fulfill their parenthood dreams. For surrogate mothers, it is a chance to help a family in need. For everyone involved, surrogacy is a rewarding, extraordinary and life-changing journey.For many couples, starting a family marks a special stage in their lives. However, there are some couples who for some reason or another are unable to have children. Thankfully, there is one option that is making parenting dreams come true for many couples and that is surrogacy.

  • lanika - 13/07/2018 Reply

    The decision to become a gestational surrogate is immense. Part of the challenge is assisting your family members become comfortable with the idea. Gaining the approval of your family and having their support has a big impact on the success of your surrogacy.

  • cristy - 13/07/2018 Reply

    Morally, a child should be born out of communion of hie/her mother and father’s gametes. But what about those parents who are either infertile, or belong to LGBT community or those who wish to be single parents? A boon for such parents came in the form of IVF, all thanks to advancement in science and technology

  • bond - 13/07/2018 Reply

    The surrogate mother, usually is from an impoverished background and has little knowledge about her own reproductive health, her rights as a woman and also largely unaware of the terms of the contract made between the intended parents and the clinics selling such contracts. So there are chances that she might be exploited. She is being a surrogate so as to improve her financial conditions and it a lot of cases the intended parents hire a surrogate and wait for the child to arrive in 9 months, they develop no bond at all with the baby or the surrogate mother which can be a matter of stress for the surrogate.

  • Loly - 30/07/2018 Reply

    sometimes it’s better to speak with someone who doesn’t know you, who doesn’t know your ups and downs, you can’t be jealous for your success, who’s been in the same situation as you and understands your pain and worries.
    Once, I couldn’t be open with my husband, I was like ‘what are you talking about, you are you and who am I? You can’t understand me because you don’t have a heart and infertility and etc.’
    I know I was cruel and unfair to him, but I was frustrated and devastated, I couldn’t believe my family would never be full, I would never hear my child’s laugh..

  • PIPI - 28/08/2018 Reply

    I’d like to admit I don’t love sports. No, I’m not against it. The sport is the best engagement for youth. I wasn’t ever good at that.
    My weight was always too excess. It brought me a lot of sufferings. I feel good when someone funds different sportive competitions if someone finds a sense in doing this it’s amazing in any event.
    It especially inspires respect when some commercially profitable organization gets involved in things like these.

  • Murman - 28/08/2018 Reply

    If this clinic leads us to the final stage without any violations and accidents, I will surely donate 50k dollars for its team development. I guess it’s a good money for Ukrainian sports.
    My wife and I are the patients of this clinic. I still believe we made a proper choice. In any case I’m still a very careful and cautious man. I’m not used to state anything rashly. That’s not my usual manner.
    However, I got used to keep my word. So, let’s see.

  • Wokork Gim - 28/08/2018 Reply

    I’m joining you man! I solemnly swear to fund some cash for their growth. It’ll be fair enough. My wife is anxious due to the reviews. She is calm while she looking through the bunch of positive ones. And she gets concerned finding a bad one.
    This is not a big headache for me. I consider this clinic as one of the most professional and honest at the field. You suggested such a good idea.
    Let’s see as you said.

  • Welbeck - 31/08/2018 Reply

    Child trafficking, it sounds terribly. I can’t find such a weird connection. There are two different terms such as surrogacy and something someone wants to impose us to think.
    My general point of view isn’t that far from yours. I consider surrogacy as a perfect tool today. It gives hope and treats souls.
    Who could help people that did much to conceive with no result? Fertility clinics do a huge work. It’s worth respect.
    I don’t understand who’s interested in denigration. Why do people share rumors? I can’t answer this question.
    Perhaps we don’t live in ideal world. We aren’t ideal as well. However, we are to esteem human’s right for being happy.

  • Mor3fy - 31/08/2018 Reply

    Hello guys. Yeah, it’s really strange enough to discuss on things of this topic. Those who are within the treatment have already understood this properly.
    Those who were never close to this wouldn’t generate adequate opinion. Something will always hinder. It’s not a science of two fingers.
    We talk about issues stealing years of life. It harms health. It can ruin families.
    I’m afraid of being misunderstood. I just call everyone to avoid talking like a smart man if you have never faced with problems like this. We try hard to conceive.
    Also we all try hard to be supportive to each other. Because we see how it’s hard to struggle. Do not hurt someone’s heart if you aren’t sure you are completely aware of subject.

  • Olivia - 02/10/2018 Reply

    Commercial surrogacy isn’t allowed in Germany so I had to go abroad for this as well. India is not available now for foreigners but there are still some countries in Eastern Europe in particular where it’s possible and legislation of these countries protects intended parents who decided to have surrogacy there. This is how we chose Ukraine and Biotexcom clinic. They are just great! Communication, services they provide, everything is good so far. Their guaranteed surrogacy program is what made us choose them, along with positive reviews of couples who have already come back home with babies. Our surrogate is almost 20-weeks pregnant, so we’re heading to Ukraine to meet her for the first time.

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