Why do people from all over the world come to Ukraine for surrogacy?

Published 25/01/2017 in Health, Medicine, Science, World News

Why do people from all over the world come to Ukraine for surrogacy?

Surrogacy has been a reason for stormy discussion over the world for a long time. Many European countries still can’t make ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) legal according to religious and ethical reasons. Infertile couples respect laws of their countries and look for different solutions for their fertility issues where it is legal.

Recently popular countries for surrogacy were India, Thailand, and Mexico. However, when the authorities of these countries banned ART programs for foreigners, infertile Europeans had to find other countries to make their parenthood dreams come true. Ukraine is among such countries.

Although Ukraine is a European country, it may be characterized by low economic growth, political instability, and military activities in the eastern part of the country. Regardless of all these facts, it is among the top countries in terms of ART health provision.

It is well known that services of Ukrainian cardiologists, dentists, and especially fertility specialists cost much cheaper than services of European doctors but the quality and efficiency even exceed the international criteria. After India and Thailand banned surrogacy for foreigners, infertile couples went to Ukraine and the country deals with the inrush of foreign patients.

Ukrainian fertility clinics perform surrogacy and egg donation programs according to high standards in accordance with their laws. Citizens of Italy, England, Spain, France, Germany, who faced fertility issues, find everything they dreamed of in Ukraine: surrogacy from EUR 30 000, which is much cheaper than in American clinics, the best donor databases, talented doctors, “all inclusive” medical packages, full assistance throughout the program etc.

Having once visited Ukraine many foreigners make sure that it is, in fact, a nice and welcoming country with high level of medicine, so they come there again. For example, one in three Italian couples who has been through surrogacy in Ukraine, returns afterward in order to have the second child by using Ukrainian ART.

Ukrainian clinics of reproductive medicine successfully and legally realize surrogacy programs for more than 15 years. Ukraine is an attractive place for surrogacy because it’s affordable for Europeans and local legislation protects the rights of intended parents by not mentioning a surrogate mother in a birth certificate, only intended parents’ names. As for a surrogate mother, she can’t change her decision and keep a baby.

For a long time, Ukraine was unknown for the majority of Europeans. Nevertheless, its medicine always was popular among foreigners.

The main criteria of choosing Ukraine as the place for surrogacy are local mild legislation and absence of age restrictions for ART. The second important thing that foreigners admit is a good price in comparison to other foreign clinics. For instance, in the USA you have to pay for every service separately, and the entire surrogacy program will cost approximately USD 150 000. While in Ukraine you may get “All inclusive” service package paying only one fixed sum of money around EUR 29 900 without hidden extra payments.

Clients from around the world apply to Ukrainian centers for reproduction due to several reasons: such as solid experience in the field of infertility treatment, high success rates, the widespread and available information on health centers, high organization of the treatment process.

Year by year Ukraine slowly but steadily break the patterns and stereotypes. It is worth noting that there are quite strong competitive clinics in the modern market of reproductive medicine. Just recall that in the United States the surrogate child automatically gets citizenship there. The latest equipment, rich service, and comfortable legislation are very attractive for lots of Europeans. However, applying for American clinics infertile couples most likely pay for ‘Made in USA’ brand name, because the United States is more credible for each European than for example little-known Ukraine. In spite of this, Ukraine proves to the world that even unknown country is able to offer qualitative medical services, and its reproductive medicine with the use of ART is one of the best in the world.

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  • Monroe - 25/01/2017 Reply

    I’ve never thought that surrogacy is so expensive especially in America. $150k it’s a huge money! I can’t even imagine how many years people need to collect money for this procedure. I thought it’s much easier. Even 30k is a lot, it means that surrogate mothers are rich women!

  • Am - 25/01/2017 Reply

    our Ukrainian surrogate is now 15 weeks pregnant with twins, and we’re coming soon to meet her. This is an exciting moment for all our family. Biotexcom provided us with great and prompt service, comfy apartment, food – I mean everything needed to ease our trip to Kiev. I hope they will do their best this time as well

  • Lilu - 26/01/2017 Reply

    My sister has been through surrogacy program in India and she is so happy about it. It’s a pity it’s banned for foreigners. I don’t think authorities had actually a right to do this. Fertility treatment was not just a service it’s much more. It’s an act of mercy and kindness. I’m sure that women who took part in surrogacy programs must be disappointed by this decision. If you want to help someone it doesn’t matter where he came from.

  • Nathan - 26/01/2017 Reply

    After reading about children with guarantee, I got used to the idea that infertility is a great business which makes women go crazy. Now these surrogacy issues raise different questions. The main question I have is about price. It goes here that surrogacy in USA may cost 150k but in Ukraine it’s 30k. Is it only me who think it’s weird? I’d understand if it’s 60k and 30k, but the difference is huge and I can’t realize why it is so. What do Americans do or what Ukrainians don’t do to have such prices?

  • KamTrat - 26/01/2017 Reply

    It’s great that such article appeared! I’m sure that people from around the world need to know that Ukraine is a great country which could be famous not only for having political problems but for their countribution into the world’s assisted reproductive technologies. I know few childless couples who can afford any fertility treatment and they put up with it. It’s not fair that we can’t get help from government, which is spending billions on different useless things.
    I suffered a lot and thought I would never become a mom, because I don’t have much money. Fortunately, I was told that there were cheaper alternatives and of course I decided to try. Now I’m writing here while my daughter is sitting near me playing her dolls. It’s a wonderful chance for many couples.

  • girlishmom - 26/01/2017 Reply

    I agree with every word here. I applied for Ukrainian clinic while was looking for surrogacy. I was offered 3 all inclusive contracts and although I chose the cheapest one, I don’t regret it. My surrogate mother is to deliver my son in a month. I’m glad I went to Ukraine.

  • girlishmom - 26/01/2017 Reply

    Interesting article. When I told my friends that I had treatment in Ukraine, some of them asked me where it is. I was there 5 years ago and since that time the country became more popular among infertile couples. I’m happy about it. Women must know there are fertility clinics which don’t want to leave you as poor as a church mouse.

  • Bobbop - 26/01/2017 Reply

    Ukrainian fertility clinics are really good. My mother wanted me to be not the only baby in a family but while delivering me she had lots of complications and now she couldn’t bear a baby anymore. Thank God we found affordable surrogacy program in Kiev. Now I have a 2-year-old brother. And it’s nothing that I’m 20 years senior.

  • girlishmom - 26/01/2017 Reply

    Oh, I meant to write it as a whole story…My first surrogacy child is 5 now and now I’m waiting for my second baby.

    • wow - 29/03/2017 Reply

      amazing!!! you already have a child born by a surrogate? how wonderful you must feel 🙂

      we are only commencing our program and it feels fine as we have passed the most difficult part of the journey – looking for a clinic
      well, we hope our surrogate gets pregnant from the first try and has twins because we really want to have a big family.
      the thing we need to do right now is to find a donor! hopefully the girls are as great as their infos in the database are haha

  • Canarcoil - 26/01/2017 Reply

    I got disease that has destroyed my fertile function. Any treatment is unfortunately useless. Our family has enough money for normal life, for educating our children but we don’t have such huge sum to choose the American surrogacy option. Despite this the world’s reproductive field offers lots of variants for women with the same problems as mine. Our first baby (DS Cliff, 5 y/o) was born in India. That was amazing event, my lover and I were absolutely astonished. I guess the appearance of the firstborn is comparable to a holy miracle. We weren’t ever afraid to try surrogacy as an option to have our baby even if we should have visited faraway wild place for that. Now we desire a sibling for Cliff, and we’re ready. But India has changed its easy legislation and we cannot repeat there. So whole last year we have been considering Internet propositions, searching for option among the clinics that have a good donor base, comfortable conditions of accommodation, high-quality support, and relevant control for surrogate mums. Weighting plenty of directions we’ve finally stopped on Ukraine. I believe, all benefits were described above in the article. Relying on my experience and intuition, I think Ukraine is the one of the most available and credible opportunity for the family edition. Before we sent our request to the Ukrainian center for reproduction we had a couple mail conversations with women who passed their surr programs there or had IVF experience.

    • Lina Parker - 02/03/2017 Reply

      Canarcoil, I heard about fertility clinics in India. It’s so unfair that surrogacy is banned there after years of successful cooperation. However, you coped with your issue. It was not too easy to choose the right place, right? What helped you to make your decision? What clinic did you choose?

  • Sirena - 07/02/2017 Reply

    First of all, people come to Ukraine for surrogacy because it’s cheap. Whatever others say, price does matter after all if we are talking about ordinary people. Infertile couples who can’t afford, for example, surrogacy, and they won’t go to the best clinic in the world, they would like to find the cheapest place that provide good treatment. That is the reason why Ukrainian clinics are so popular. Balance of price and qulity.

  • Antonia - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Agreed with Sirena. Most peole want to save their money, that’s why they try to find the cheapest clinic. We had the same situation, due to my health state I had an opportunity to bear the baby. The only option was for us a surrogacy. As we live near Ukraine we decided to go there. We know that this is a good country with well-developed reproductive medicine. So, here we are, our surrogate is 8 months pregnant. We are expecting for a boy.

  • Antonia - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Sorry, I hadn’t an opporunity to bear a baby, because of hysterectomy in 2009. But now I’m ok with this. My life has changed since I got to know I wouldn’t be a mother anymore.

  • loveandpeace - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Why Ukraine? Is it still a question? I am sure that everyone knows that Ukraine is a very good option for surrogacy and egg donation treatment. I have been to so many forums very people were only praising Ukraine…And I know why! Have you seen the price lists of Ukrainian clinics (well, not all, but Biotexcom’s prices will surprise you for sure)?
    I have seen contract options in biotexcom clinic. they offer surrogacy program for 30k euros! I do not think there is another clinic with the prices that low..

  • groo Ann - 03/03/2017 Reply

    I can give an answer. Couples from all over the globe choose Ukraine because it gives a success results and something else besides the results. I mean care and attention, these two human qualities which can make you forget about terrible problems from wich you suffer.
    I have found this in Biotex. Thanks, thanks billion times!

  • Kim - 03/03/2017 Reply

    Brand is not the thing one should strive for. That’s no more the question of quality but more often just the name.. And ART is the sphere where the result is something that really matters most of all. That’s why more and more people are inclined to go to Ukraine for the service. In addition bad economy in the country and subsequent low rates of payments for working force serve as a benefit for clients from abroad. And it’s a great privilege of biotexcom that the quality of the service do not suffer

  • Bora - 06/03/2017 Reply

    Choosing the most expensive package called VIP actually I expected for such kind of comfort. But I didn’t predict that we would have got such care and attention. We really could feel ourselves as little babies not thinking about any difficulties. We had everything we needed and even more. It made our journey easy and quiet. The professionalism of the Biotex representatives was not like a cold heart machine’s work, we faced with the best human qualities there and we’re grateful for that.

  • nototrump - 06/03/2017 Reply

    why not? i understand those who do not want to go to US now with such a stupid dictator as Trump. when a “simple” abortion is bashed with the right of doing and will of the women who wants to get rid of the embryo in her belly
    I might as well chosen Ukraine if I had some fertility problems

  • Victoria - 07/03/2017 Reply

    Arriving to Ukraine for treatment we weren’t afraid of its quality of medicine. We read a lot of articles which told that Ukraine is the place of pilgrimage for thousands of students from abroad. Who go to Ukraine to have high-quality medical education and then to have an opportunity to find a good job after return back home. We thought if Ukraine claims itself as the place of promoting the modern methods for human reproduction it will try to match the current medical requirements. And this is really so. Our fear was about political and military situation in this country.
    But I can say for now that we didn’t face any problems related to the social unrest. We met polite and pleasant people there, and I’m not talking only about the clinic staff. We have been spending couple of the month in Kiev, and we liked this city very much. We even want to repeat our trip once again.

  • kinjina - 07/03/2017 Reply

    this article answers a lot of question but honestly I have found out about Ukraine and its fertility centers only after I registered on some forums
    too bad that you have to be accepted in those secret communities to get to know about such options…

  • Canarcoil - 15/03/2017 Reply

    to Lina Parker!

    Excuse me, Lina! I didn’t expect for any questions here. I was surprised to see your response to me. Thank you for asking. I can’t say we were much worried while searching for the suitable clinics because how I’ve mentioned above we have had a previous experience in the reproductive field. Our first-born was born in India. Our next journey had place in Ukraine. We trusted our friends’ advice not to think for long time and apply to the Biotex. They had their treatment there before us they remained happy, we were the next who can tell we were satisfied. If you only could see our kids. They are the best proof of my words.

  • Lina Parker - 15/03/2017 Reply

    Neither did I, to be honest. So you followed your friends’ advice, I see. You have twins? Did you face any complications? Why didn’t you go to India again? Is surrogacy in Ukraine cheaper? I’m a little afraid of coming to Ukraine as it seems to be a pretty recless attempt. on the other hand, there are too many positive reviews to keep thinking Ukrainian reproductive medicine is not good.

    • Canarcoil - 16/03/2017 Reply

      Actually we have two children via ART, but they were born at different times. But I hope when they grow up they will understand each other perfectly like the twins, hah.
      We had a cooperation with one Indian clinic, a very good institution providing with good medical assistance, but legislation concerning to the surrogacy and egg donation was changed in India. So we have had to search for other variants.
      Exactly Ukraine is a cheaper destination, and this talk isn’t just about their local medicine. Staying there you feel you can buy more and afford more than it was at home.
      At the same time I can’t say that quality of their medicine depends on the prices. It’s enough high and giving the results.
      I suppose you have no occasions to be afraid of using Ukrainian offers. I didn’t meet anyone who had been deceived there.

      • Lina Parker - 16/03/2017 Reply

        I got it now. It’s so sweet that you are a mother of two pumkies! It’s horrible that such a great Indian service is now available only for its citizens. I haven’t been to Ukraine, but you are not the first person who tells me about Ukrainian low prices. Maybe it’s a nice place to visit. Thank you for answering all my questions.

  • Mandy - 16/03/2017 Reply

    Personally I’ve decided to go to Ukraine to take up a program and start a family there because of good combination of price and quality.. That’s really value for money. Though hardly ever money matters when it comes to family or health issues. These are too important things. And biotexcom clinic provides really professional help in the field.

  • Mandy - 16/03/2017 Reply

    The question is why not? Why not Ukraine? The level of Biotexcom services is not lower or even higher in many aspects. To say the least it cares about its clients because reputation is something that matters for each and every staff member there. Low prices just serve as a huge benefit for the european people.

  • Mol - 17/03/2017 Reply

    Thanks God Ukraine is quite a big country .. and military actions that so many European people are afraid of so much do not take place in Kyiv or somewhere in the nearby area. We’ve been to Ukraine two months ago and can say that it’s pretty quiet place and definitely safe. We’ve spent great time there and what is the most important got special care within our chosen program. Now we’re just awaiting for our baby to be born in about 2 months. Thanks biotexcom

  • gillaBilla - 20/03/2017 Reply

    Wanna add a plus to the previous comment. We found a quiet and peaceful place there in Kiev. We were glad to be present there and walking its beautiful spring streets.
    I can say the same about Biotex and moments that it gave to us. the staying for more than one month could be stressful and tedious time, but we got only positive memories which we gonna keep for the rest of our lives.
    Our beautiful children will be the guarantees of our memory.

  • ivanssusso - 21/03/2017 Reply

    Didn’t know actually where I could write my two words of gratitude. Am not a frequently sitting on the internet but I felt it was my debt to type few words to Biotex.
    You can have any attitude you prefer having toward biotex’s work.
    But as for me and my loved we are complacent about results and price we had paid for its service and assistance. It was our long story with good ending thanks to this clinic!

    • crayonpink - 22/03/2017 Reply

      Biotex? well, considering Ukrainian clinics this is the only one I actually know. haha
      Haven’t heard of other clinics at all. all of the forums talk only about biotexcom and it seems like it is the only Ukrainian clinic with the European standards
      Congratulations! You have your happy ending finally! 🙂

  • blatantlyhappy - 21/03/2017 Reply

    the baby on the picture is so cute!!!! *___*
    I don’t mind him being born using art techniques at all
    he actually proves that fertility treatments are important

    • litret29 - 12/05/2017 Reply

      How does he prove that at all?:)
      I think that we all should be very open for ART techniques because at least they show that parenting is not dead yet in our world. Like how many women would go for ivf or even surrogacy at all? even if they had means to do it? those who really decide to step up the game, who had sleepless nights thinking about pros and cons of their future choice, they are the definitions of good parents. it’s like, their love to the child is enormous and immortal even. I do not say that other parents are bad but could you imagine how hard it was for those who went for ART tx to do so???
      I am sure you can..

  • sc_tx35 - 23/03/2017 Reply

    surrogacy? can’t imagine me in such situation
    I am so sorry for those who need to go for it
    but I still think that even if you are in such a situation it’d be better to go for adoption, wouldn’t it???
    surrogacy…..how can you trust another woman??

    • annny - 23/03/2017 Reply

      why adoption? I suppose these both options are equal. In both cases you become a parent. you must understand the seriousness of the case and accept your responsibilities.
      surrogacy is a matter of trust of course, but as you know each clinic gives other couples guarantees. The surrogate is a woman who just bears your baby and that’s it. she is health, strong, smart and responsible for this little life. She helps infertile couples to gain the happiness, we can’t judge them… every person in this life is able to choose what he or she wants

      • sc_tx35 - 27/03/2017 Reply

        I get it
        but I still do not understand it why other women choose to trust another woman with such a fragile and important thing. I would’ve been scared for the life of the baby if I was to choose surrogacy or something. for me, it is definitely better to go for adoption even with all of its’ hardships. I think that it is still so much better to help other kids who need our help! they really do
        and it is not like I am telling you to not even think about surrogacy, of course, everyone sticks to their own opinions and I have no right to even try and convince you or others that you are wrong
        everyone’s entitled to their own opinions that’s for sure
        I just cannot seem to find a logic behind choosing surrogacy

        • annny - 27/03/2017 Reply

          Well, when I got to know that I couldn’t have baby I thought I would rather die. I can’t express how it is difficult and exhausting. Every day was a challenge to me. I was struggling with people around me, my family, views of passersby and with myself. My only way was a surrogacy and I was really grateful to this.
          logic? peoples always want to leave something after their death. They want their heirs live and give a generation. It’s obvious they will use the reproductive medicine which can give them an opportunity to have babies with their blood and bones. I suppose, it’s an important issue

          • Poppy - 28/03/2017

            hi anny. I know what you mean but your logic is a bit odd. you want to have a baby so much that you are ready to die if you can’t be a mom, but your wish is based on social demand. I don’t know if you get what I mean. You see, society requires that every woman has to be a mother. Every person must bring a new life onto this world. But there are people who decide not to have children despite these demands. And their choice is conscious. What is interesting is that such people often face with condemnation. My question is ‘why”? Why it’s so bad not to have children?

    • fempower - 24/03/2017 Reply

      what do you mean by the trust another woman? I do not really understand your point of view..
      bc why wouldn’t you trust a surrogate mother in the first place? when she’s signed with the clinic and has to undergo a whole set of examinations.. and when the clinic basically controls all of her moves
      and stop with this adoption bs
      it is annoying

    • countryside - 24/03/2017 Reply

      the surrogate is not an another woman. She is one who will carry a baby for an infertile couple. I suppose, it’s wonderful. She helps other and we have to respect this.
      It’s not about money making or something like that. It’s all about communication with people and trust.
      sorry, did you experience any kind of infertile issues?

      • sc_tx35 - 27/03/2017 Reply

        but she is another woman. she has no connection to you whatsoever and she won’t be able to develop any kind of friendship between you and esp between her and your kid. she helps but you cannot deny that she is not your average woman, she obviously deserves a special treatment as she carries other people’s kids. BUT. what I meant by my message was that I feel like I cannot find the strength to even trust any woman with such ann important topic
        I just feel like this and that’s all…I suppose there should be nothing wrong with expressing my opinion.
        PS and of course it is about money making as it is about helping infertile couples. you can’t deny that there is no money involved and all those clinics work only for your good ad do not expect you to empty your pockets out.

        • engbaby - 27/03/2017 Reply

          well, as you say, those clinics are all about gaining money but they still care about their clients and patients. BUT. I think that you should not be that categorical as obviously you are throwing away a very important aspect here: those clinics would not have had the opportunity to help others if they didn’t gain money and weren’t businesses at the same time as clinics. the thing is that some clinics have a very good geographical position and political too. at this makes those clinics’ prices a lot lower and stuff.
          and adoption is about money too. because everyone should be paid for the work they do

          • countryside - 29/03/2017

            agreed. people all over the world expect to be paid with their work. it is vital part of our human being.
            as for clinic, engbaby, you told right, how they will help other without money. Who will give them all meds and equipment? who will give them the hotels and houses in free-of-charge use? Who will support the surrogates during 9 months?
            as for surrogate, in any case they help other people become parents. they care the babies, take care of them during the pregnancy. to my mind they do their best.

  • ourlordJesus - 28/03/2017 Reply

    Ukraine or not, you have to stop funding those clinics who make their living on someone’s tragedy! they are just businesses that have only one thought – to gain money
    I am sure that if not for them there wouldn’t be so many wars and people wouldn’t feel down because all of our struggles come from God because He is angry that we do not listen to him and try to play his role in the thing called life.
    we are doing more than we may, we are not allowed creating ourselves and if someone who’s infertile wants to have a baby that’s should not be accepted at all!!! we should take our fates and face them with dignity because if God has created us this way then it means that we should not go against Him!!

    • Mindy - 29/05/2017 Reply

      Cannot agree with you at all. I don’t want to live in the world where people have to suffer without having any ways of dealing with their problems. I believe that God created us being smart enough to overcome such issues. If somebody cannot conceive naturally, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve having children. It just means that they need to come up with solution to this problem. That is why such centers for donation and surrogacy exist. Don’t you think that God has made this people to create such centers? If you believe in God, then you possibly believe that he knows our thoughts and controls them. So, He possibly bring this idea to someone’s mind and that is why clinics of reproductive medicine exist.

  • annny - 28/03/2017 Reply

    @poppy, I get it but I suppose those who don’t want to have babies know nothing about love. they only think about their mercantile human needs. they do not care about others, they do not have any desire to grow up kids.
    as for me, I can’t imagine my life without kids. If I had a chance I would devote my life to all babies I would have. and it does not depend on society. I was born with such thoughts and I would reach my goal. I would be the greatest mother in the world.

    • Poppy - 30/03/2017 Reply

      I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you. How could you know that those who don’t want children can’t have feelings? It’s a brave and loud statement. To have children is a choice of everyone and not a duty. i can say that desire of having children maybe comes with age but sometimes it doesn’t.

      • annny - 31/03/2017 Reply

        A friend of mine doesn’t have any children. She thinks only about herself. She has a well-paid job a lover and she cares about anything. When I asked her about the children she just told that she doesn’t want to damage this body. She doesn’t want to get fat; she doesn’t want to breastfeed a baby. I suppose she is selfish and love only herself.

    • Rory - 30/03/2017 Reply

      oh god.
      you’re not right! remember yourself being a young girl, remember your first love. i can understand that you love your child not in the same way as you love your mom or husband. but you can’t tell anyone that life with children is senseless. I agree with Poppy, it must be a deliberate choice. And if not, then it’s exploitation of women. You are a woman, so you have to give birth to a child and devote your life to a baby. It shouldn’t be like a duty, in no case.

      • annny - 03/04/2017 Reply

        why lots of young women tell that they don’t want to have babies but then suffer from loneliness? does the age mean a lot? or just the society? for some it’s a duty. what will tell others seeing that you don’t have children? for sure they will tell that you are selfish and snob, think only about yourself.
        (no offences, I express what I see every day)

  • Hungary - 29/03/2017 Reply

    Indeed, why? Suddenly few days ago I’ve received a mail from my mate living in the US. In letter she asked me about Ukraine. She had problems with female health and been sure that exactly in Ukraine she would find necessary and relevant assistance. Well, Google helped me to find Biotexcom.
    I think this option really matched her requirements. I have no info regarding her future plans, but I can explain the attractiveness of Ukrainian reproductive destinations.
    Looking even only at their pricelists we can calculate the advantage among others. And considering other positive reviews additionally we may accept the main idea of its topic. Ukraine offers amazing mix of prices, legislation and service quality.

  • rikapor - 31/03/2017 Reply

    I haven’t thought about it
    I always thought about fertility treatment like of a personal business of everyone. that everyone decides for themselves what is good and what is bad
    but turns out there are debates going on like it seems like it is a very important stuff ffor like everybody except for me
    I feel like it is too personal to share and on the other hand it is too individual to decide for everyone

  • artloveliness - 03/04/2017 Reply

    I hope Ukraine is going to be more active at the international reproductology field because it’s a shame that I have only found out about it on the forums where you have to dig deeper in order to discover something suitable and maybe something new
    that will be that best in your case but maybe not for others
    It is indeed a shame

  • sarah - 05/04/2017 Reply

    Ukraine supplies profesional help and quality donor material, assistance at every stage of the programme and all that for reasonable price. I believe that’s good for people to have a chance for a baby. I’m grateful to biotexcom for the work they do. They made my life full of joy and happiness after a long and difficult way of conceiving struggles.

  • paloma - 05/04/2017 Reply

    I hope that in future Ukraine will be even more popular among infertile couples. I know what being a mother, a surrogate mother and infertile woman really mean. I’ve been through all this. It’s not right that one can pay 100k for surrogacy while in Ukraine the same procedure costs 3 times less.

    • annette - 06/04/2017 Reply

      but it is a very popular direction even now! I have been to numerous forums and on every single one of them I have read some reviews on ukrainian clinics. although most of them were about biotexcom
      but who cares right?
      they are very popular
      a lot of web-sites mention Ukraine as long as Georgia as one the most comprehensive countries for surrogacy programs

  • jacky - 07/04/2017 Reply

    Mild legislation is really a huge benefit here. That means you don’t have to experience worries about having any kind of difficulties while participating in the program. It was extremely important for me to have a baby of my own despite the fact that it’s banned in our country. I’m happy there’s such a clinic as biotexcom supplying qualified treatment. They have good packages that allow you ejoy your staying in the country wherener you come there without thinking of many issues concerning apartment, meals, moving around baby sitter and so on.. Thanks for that

  • juddy - 10/04/2017 Reply

    I’ve never thought that surrogacy would be my destiny. But having realized that one day I’m happy I got information about Ukrainian clinics. I really got all I could dream of there. I have happy family and a great daughter to take care of. Our surrogate mother is a very nice woman and we got almost friendly relationships. Throughout the program we were receiving regular check-ups about her state. I’m grateful to biotexcom for their attitude to work and assistance they provide to their customers.

    • tokal - 11/04/2017 Reply

      ohh that’s awesome!
      I wish you all the best hun!

  • lama - 11/04/2017 Reply

    I would never forget the feeling when I could take and hug my little baby. Those are absolutely unforgetabble moments of total happiness. I wish every single person on earth had a chance to experience that. Unfortunately I could get that treatment in my country as it’s banned. We were lucky to get information about Ukraine and are satisfied all help and care we got here.

  • kimkardashian - 13/04/2017 Reply

    I have almost started a surrogacy program in India and the country banned it like a month before our trip over there. I was really shocked by this as no one was really expecting this. Although I think that it is their right and they can do everything they want to.
    but now it is became a very upsetting matter to me as I do not know what to do anymore, I am sorry for those couples who got trapped in the middle of the surrogacy prog in India and it must’ve been very hard to them.

    surrogacy is fine but you never know if it will be forever an open option.

    • ollyw - 13/04/2017 Reply

      what? are you afraid that the country won’t be there when you decide to start the program?
      thankfully India is not the only one country that was providing surrogacy services to foreign couples.
      I expect there to be as many options as you possibly can digest as it is very hard and takes a lot of energy. I for once came across this site and found out about Ukraine and its clinics.
      and if you are afraid about your country closing you shouldn’t be as if something of this sort would be happening everyone would be talking about it already
      I am sure that Ukraine is going to be forever open for surrogacy or at least till the day when surrogacy is accepted throughout the world

      • kimkardashian - 13/04/2017 Reply

        do you think that?
        but I have been reading a lot of articles about Cambodia closing its surrogacy options and it’s scary don’t you think?

  • nora - 14/04/2017 Reply

    That’s completely ignorant to consider ivf and surrogacy as something bad or wrong as some people do. And that’s very good there are such clinics as they have in Ukraine where one can get professional help. My successful story took place there and I’m extremely happy now. I’m convinced Ukraine will preserve high level of the service, hence high success rate among other clinics of the type

  • humansafterall - 19/04/2017 Reply

    judging by the naked statistics there are definitely a lot of people who choose Ukraine over the US, I can agree with all of the previous commenters on this as unfortunately there are too many poor people in the world that are also dealing and battling with infertility…
    none of them are able to pay for such an expensive thing. fertility treatment is shockingly expensive these days, don’t you agree with me?

  • A. - 21/04/2017 Reply

    I’ve been through surrogacy in Russia with altravita clinic and I’m happy it’s all over now. of course i’m a happy mother but I can’t recommend that place to anyone to be honest. maybe it’s just my luck but I can’t say that it was the best place for fertility treatment. Everything would have been alright if the price was half as much. I’m doubtful that Ukraine can offer something better. I mean it, just don’t believe

  • dexter - 21/04/2017 Reply

    Organization and implementation of a surrogate motherhood on a commercial basis make a woman a commercially exploited “incubator”. It can reasonably be viewed and evaluated as an analogue of prostitution itself. Maybe we should discuss it like it’s exclusively private matter for a woman how to use her body thus it’s just a simple work like many others. So, women should receive money for such services. It’s nonsense and it’s disgusting.

    • claudia - 22/05/2017 Reply

      I don’t see anything bad in a surrogacy.
      you paid money not to this woman. you pay for a medicine she is taking, you pay for food you baby is eating and so on and so far. a lot of thing to discuss.
      but first of all it’s not about money. it’s about your attitude to the reproductive medicine. thanks God, you didn’t face it but let imagine how feel lots of infertile couple. how they are seeking for a help, how they are suffering, it’s like a horror movie..

  • nora - 23/04/2017 Reply

    I tend to think that Ukrainian reproductive medicine gains more and more popularity not accidentally. It has many advantages that gives it some privilege over the American one. I can’t find anything bad about this tendency. The most important thing here is quality and it’s preserved in biotexcom in particular. Happy parents leaving the clinic make a good proof here.. I’m proud of being one of those

  • Briana - 25/04/2017 Reply

    We are from San Francisco. And we came to Ukraine for surrogacy program. We’ve been there for four times. Now we wait for our surrogate mother to give birth to our child. We will be present on the labour and I’m excited and very nervous. But I’m very greatful to my clinic for brining me the happiness!!! It cost us much less than in USA even counting the flight expenses.

  • Franky - 26/04/2017 Reply

    My congrats to you, Briana!
    We are only in the middle of our surrogate’s pregnancy. It’s her 21 week. Next week she will have an ultrasound scan and the gender will be confirmed as the last scan they couldn’t see clearly the gender. I’m very greatfull to my clinic for the good things it does.
    You’re right, the prices are much lower than in other countries. and the contract is very understandable and without any hidden pitfalls.

  • silvia - 28/04/2017 Reply

    I’m happy there’s an option to go into surrogacy in Ukraine or in Kiev in particular. That’s the place we’ve been to with our issue. We are extremely happy to have got our little daughter there. That’s our 4th one but the most beloved. To the previous three I gave birth myself but had troubles doing that one more time. I’m excited to become mother again. thanks god there’s such clinics as biotexcom where we can get professional help in reproduction process.

  • 342 - 11/05/2017 Reply

    that’s strange that in reality there’s not so much information about surrogacy or other fertility options at ll
    like what i have been checking out were the web sites full of stupid advice that won’t help at all like at all and here we are at least here are some comments that can be useful, unlike some platforms..

  • kim - 11/05/2017 Reply

    Yeah, I agree to the previous speaker. That’s great to have the place where you can get the necessary information, talk to other people with the same problems and share your experiences. That’s not so easy to find such a place though I don’t know why. I’m happy I’ve found out about biotexcom here as they do help people and make their life easier and happier.

  • qwerty - 15/05/2017 Reply

    Why do we come to Ukraine? Pretty curios question!
    But I think the truth is already on the surface of our perception.
    It’s affordable golden mine. And first of all it works without weird difficulties.
    I appreciate its approach and its affection to the clients.
    Good job! Wish you to keep doing all the same well as you can!

  • religionsk - 15/05/2017 Reply

    what does religion have to do with our desire for being mothers and fathers? why do they feel entitled to give us the directions of what to do and what not? what do they even know about our female and male reproductive systems at all?
    this is so stupid….
    freaking Neanderthals
    Do all of you realize what world we live in? why is something like this even forbidden in the first place? I can get why is it so expensive, medicine is really expensive these days but why make it illegal?????

  • momaroquetes - 17/05/2017 Reply

    The greatest gift is to have a child! Thanks to Ukraine and the clinic Biotexcom we finally can hold our beautiful daughter in our hands! She’s my angel! We waited it so long. We were trying to apply for surrogacy in USA but they slow every process and draw the money from your pocket! so by means of internet we found Ukraine. The best variant for infertile couples! We are very greatful to our surrogate mother, she is amazing woman!
    the clinic promised me I became a mother in a year and they kept their promise!

  • claudia - 17/05/2017 Reply

    When I first read this article I even couldn’t imagine that Ukraine is so popular country where a reproductive medicine is high-developed. We hadn’t an idea that one day we would be here, that one day I would hold my baby. we are grateful we came here and found out the great service and nice people.
    our baby is 3 years old, that’s all because we made up our mind and went abroad

  • Viola - 18/05/2017 Reply

    You don’t find a better place for surrogacy then Ukraine. It’s better by all the clauses! the selection of surrogate mothers (to be in surrogacy programm they need to have their own children), high level of reproductive technology, affordable prices (that is essential point for most of the people), services that the clinics suggest for their clients (it’s a complex of all the services needed for the program), posibility to take a baby out of the country in a short period of time thanks to legislature that regulates the surrogacy in Ukraine. And the last but not the least is a baby! you get your happiness finally!

  • Denny - 19/05/2017 Reply

    I can answer the question to this article. I know why! Because we all want to have children! we want to feel motherhood, we want to devote our life to our children, we want to continue our family generation! We chose Ukraine cause it guarantee us a baby! The price for these marvelous little angels is nothing comparing the hapiness you get. I know that the happiness cannot buy for money! But sometimes you just don’t have a choice, and the life throw you to the hopeless situation.
    Ukraine gives hope for parents who were in despair! I saw many couples with newborn children leaving the clinic. the clinic that brought us two angels… I’m full of love and happiness!

  • grandmaspumpkin - 23/05/2017 Reply

    glad that finally Ukraine gets some media coverage the last time I saw a whole article dedicates to Ukraine was when biotexcom (really famous clinic) had some scandalous client that has delivered 4kids in one delivery basically
    just as she was told that the reduction is needed but she thought that there is a chance for her to give birth to 4 healthy kids in her 60+ yo. which is insane

  • Ingret - 23/05/2017 Reply

    For me it’s not a big surprise why Ukrainian clinics are the best in the world. Of course I can’t say about all of them, but the one I’ve had a surrogacy program was quite good. The level of service was high enough, even comparing to those in the USA. Anyway, the prices are much lower, so we decided to try our treatment there and weren’t disappointed at all. Now I am a mother of 8-months old angel and it all thanks to Ukrainian doctors. Unfortunately, surrogacy is banned in our country, so we had to go abroad. Anyway, now we are a happy family and do not regret choosing Ukraine at all. Also, Kiev itself is a wonderful city. Hope to come there some time to see more of its beautiful views.

  • sandy - 23/05/2017 Reply

    I’ve been to biotexcom recently myself. Though that was my first time there, I liked it a lot. Nice place. Good professionals. Helpful staff. Reasonable prices.. Quite decent institution to deal with.. In addition an ancient city to walk around and learn a bit of history.. I’m pleased with the attitude so far as well as with the treatment. I think one can have a closer look there if in need as it’s worth getting in touch with..

  • Sesk Ambraa - 25/05/2017 Reply

    Curiously to discover, what was the first clinic in Ukraine that showed others the course for developing? I mean the firs reproductive center in Ukraine. Because now it’s known that this country intercepts the world’s leaders ranking. Guess it’s possible to find a book telling about history of Ukrainian reproductology.
    By the way we all have excellent chance to read about Ukraine on different forums. Today it’s a hot topic there. Because people turned back from Ukraine usually are satisfied with comforts and support they had received there during the journey. It’s a relevant level to be achieved! good example for the emerging establishments.

  • happymommy - 26/05/2017 Reply

    I think that it is important to remember that surrogacy is banned almost all over the world or some countries put surrogate mothers and intended parents under very strict conditions. and this is as I think one of the most common reasons for women to opt for surrogacy in Ukraine. Ukraine is now the cheapest and easiest country for surrogacy programs and women can actually get there gee donation ivf treatment for cheap prices also.

    • Godseeseverything - 29/05/2017 Reply

      How could you speak about surrogacy here? Don’t you believe in God and don’t pray to him? Don’t you know he doesn’t support this and surrogacy is immoral issue!!!!!!!?
      We were created by Lord to live a life in love and peace and if he decided you have to live without children it should be so. there a lot of poor children who don’t have families, who will take them home? Who will care about them?
      Don’t be like animals, don’t use other for your own purposes!!!!!!

      • Charles - 31/05/2017 Reply

        According to your logic those poor homeless children have dear Lord to care about them. Why he made it happen so they don’t have home and loving family? How come? Is he cruel enough to leave his sons and daughters living in misery? You are a human and you are free to choose your path on your own. No one should tell you how to live your life. If you are against the surrogacy, then why on earth are you writing here? Do you think you can change someone’s mind? Ridiculous!

        • 5672 - 01/06/2017 Reply

          can’t agree with you more! everything that humans do is immoral but somehow it is okay that God allows wars or hunger or just people dying occasionally. it starts to bother me this stupid religion believe that surrogacy or IVF is immoral. to be quite honest, how can it be immoral when it creates such a strong bond not only between mother and a child but also between intended parents who do that much for their dream!
          if surrogacy or egg donation creates love then why do you think that it is bad????

          • Godseeseverything - 02/06/2017

            why other people use art for fun? why don’t they want to carry babies by themselves. Why they pay a lot of money for that and just make surrogacy business. is it right? For what God gave them life for being so immoral, just for human nature?
            God created all people with equal rights, someone decided to wake up and move on and someone decided to fall down, it was up to each person. someone wanted to live a life without children and someone wanted to create a child without taking part in the process and i don’t support that way. god didn’t want people use people for making children for them, I believe surrogates are just the boxes for carrying products of someone genes. Disgusting

  • ivfisgreat - 31/05/2017 Reply

    well,people come to Ukraine not only for surrogacy but for egg donation too. it is as popular as surrogacy and has lots and lots of different types. for example, BioTexCom is not only popular for surrogacy but also for egg donation, they have even the contract with money refund in case you do not fall pregnant after 5th attempt. 5th! and they also take i programs women who are older than 50 yo which is also new to many countries.
    so this is a bit strange that this article is only focused on surrogacy but ignores egg donation completely.

    • Susie - 31/05/2017 Reply

      I’ve heard about donation programs in Biotexcom too. A friend of mine had an egg donation program there for 5 attempts. She said that it was called “guaranteed success” package there. There are also packages for 1 and 2 attempts. Anyway, she decided to choose the most expensive one to be sure that everything will be fine. Now she is a mother of wonderful daughter. I think that was really worth her money and efforts.

      • Rory - 02/06/2017 Reply

        I hope you don’t mind me asking how much IVF rounds did it take her to become pregnant? I was also thinking about this clinic and this package as well. It’s really attractive, I mean the price, conditions and services that are included. But still I have doubts as I’ve never been to Ukraine and I’m a bit scared of going there. you are not the first who is sharing positive impressions about this clinic anyway, sure it’s reliable enough. Maybe I need to contact them

  • lovela - 06/06/2017 Reply

    What an interesting read it was! Definitely will be recommending my friends checking this article out, as it gives the new insight on the actual reasons behind choosing Ukraine!
    Thank you for publishing it.

  • Charles - 07/06/2017 Reply

    No one uses assisted reproductive technologies just for fun!! You’d better study more information about the issue before trying to persuade others that they are wrong. Don’t you understand that not everyone CAN carry a baby? Do you know that there are so many diseases which have pregnancy as contraindication because a woman can die just because of being pregnant. So you think it’s what your loving god wants? And since when it became immoral to want cildren? And what if a surrogate mother wants to help others and it’s her will? Is it disgusting? When you donate for church and your money is spent for other purposes isn’t it disgusting? When people kill people because of religion, isn’t it immoral? I see no reason to keep arguing with the person like you

    • Godseeseverything - 19/06/2017 Reply

      you are not right
      What about adoption? why they don’t want to adopt a child? in this case you help a child to find a family.
      But no, more and more people use reproductive medicine, use other women, use their bodies like boxes for making children, is it moral?
      Of course, I’m not aware of this issue but GOD DOESN’T allow to do it, a religion is against any kinds of reproductive medicine. And if infertile women lost the chance to have children they would better live without them. It’s a fate has chosen for them by God

  • Mamma - 09/06/2017 Reply

    Those who say that surrogacy is exploitation of women are kind of extremists. This is just a push to control what women do with their bodies from the opposite end of the spectrum. I would carry a child for my siblings no questions asked, it wouldn’t be exploitation it would be love for my family. It’s sad that some people confuse totally different ideas.

    • tringhtr - 12/06/2017 Reply

      yes! what about the will of those women? they are willingly participating in the surrogacy programs bbut even though they sign all types of contracts they are treated and considered as slaves, what in the world is this opinion?

    • Godseeseverything - 23/06/2017 Reply

      It is, a surrogacy is a deal with the Evil, how could you say it is a love for a family. don’t you think that women just earn money? they give the bodies for employing! Just embarrassing! Gods created all with equal rights why should we solve other problems at the expense of our lives, health?
      You won’t right! A surrogacy has to be banned all over the world!!!

  • doyoubelieveinhappiness - 16/06/2017 Reply

    trying to actually figure out why people do what they do when they are writing those negative comments on the internet
    been reading them for a while and have nothing more to say other than what the hell guys? why can’t you just allow others do what they want to do, be it surrogates or intended parents. everyone has the rights to do what they want to their bodies, and it is not for nothing that we have those contracts and agreements that protect each other’s rights with proving that both parties intentions are clear and coming from the health minds. I could not find a better wording to describe it so yeah here it is.

  • Mortune Sarah - 19/06/2017 Reply

    Answering this question, I recall my own case and Ukraine became the one place giving me a hope. I don’t overpraise in my gratitude. I just want to remain an objective person concerning this question.
    In my opinion the main advantage that Ukrainian reproductology has isn’t its prices but I never expected to find out that Ukraine has such a large donor database. And in this case I talk about fresh cells.
    After signing, our clinic gave us an access to the profiles. There were so many beautiful variants and a lot of information about every person. And we had a chance to choose the girl who looked like me when i was 25. She said she had no bad habits, liked sports and she is a mom of wonderful boy.
    And now I’m a mom of two marvelous children. Thank you Ukraine.

  • gozza1084 - 20/06/2017 Reply

    I still don’t get why people make decisions on surrogacy so easily. I’s like to have a talk with any nurse or a doctor who deals with surrogate mothers and intended parents. I wonder if these new oarents are always ready for what expects them…I doubt it. I’m almost sure that some part of couples doesn’t even know how to hold or to feed a baby and they call a doctor when they hear their baby weeping. I’m sure some of them even don’ realize how much money it takes. Consider if you have the financial capability to pay for the pregnancy at least. It might turn out to be a very high risk one. For example, there could be premature birth or miscarriage. Not sure everyone awared of it

    • flower - 21/06/2017 Reply

      Every pregnancy has risks, we are not protected from the failure. We can’t predict the nature, we can’t avoid all consequences and it is al because of our life and its challenges.
      you know, we are willing to do whatever we want.
      Of course, a surrogacy is not the easiest task to deal with but I do believe it is a conscious decision of each couple as it’s stressful, devastating time-consuming and has a lot of pitfalls.

  • candy - 22/06/2017 Reply

    our surrogate is 20 weeks pregnant. yesterday we got to know we would be parents of two beautiful kids, 2 little girls. could you believe in that?
    we were struggling with infertility issue more than 10 years. we underwent lots of different treatment, we were full of devastation, we cried without tears, we changed 2 clinics. and finally we came here. at first we thought it would never work for us as we have been thought failures.
    fortunately, our surrogate got pregnant with 3rd attempt. we are over the moon. and it was all because of ukrainian clinic. thanks you all there . you were the best.

  • 38237 - 22/06/2017 Reply

    idk why
    but there are too many countries that have banned surrogacy
    for example
    such a great country to live in and still, there is no law that could’ve covered surrogate matter’s rights and make every single detail of the process clear and comprehensive.

    • Anna M. - 11/07/2017 Reply

      Yeah it’s surprising for me as well, why surrogacy is banned almost everywhere. I’m not considering altruistic one however as it’s a bit weird for me. Seems like we are bothered with human rights so much that we forget about our freedom to choose what we need. The main reason why it’s forbidden is that women were exploited. well…I don’t get it. As far as I understand, intended surrogate mother should sign any kind of agreement which confirms her consent to take part in the program. If she signs, then why we consider this exploitation? She carries a baby for someone and it’s her job, she is rewarded for this and it’s her salary. I hope that the number of countries with legal surrogacy won’t decrease

  • So12335 - 30/06/2017 Reply

    We were looking for surrogacy with the help of Sensible surrogacy agency. guys who work there are great and helpd us to find affordable surrogacy offer. We were told that surrogacy in Ukraine is well regulated, and contracts are considered enforceable under legislation enacted at the Federal level. Under Ukrainian law, the child is considered to belong Intended Parents from the moment of conception. Once the baby is born, the birth certificate is issued with the names of the Intended Parents, and the Surrogate is not awarded any parental rights. Sounds well as for me. We chose one clinic among lots of others and now we are in a process. I definitely understand why people from different countries come to Ukraine for surrogacy.

  • Momforalongtime - 04/07/2017 Reply

    I believe that as long as someone wants to be a surrogate mother then it should be something to be looked at as compassionate and beneficial for both parities. I don’t think there is anything wrong or immoral about being a surrogate mother for someone paid or a volunteer. But I think it’s wrong to decide for people what they should do with their bodies if it’s allowed in lots of civilized countries. It’s banned because it is exploitation but if a woman is willing to do this??

  • jilike - 06/07/2017 Reply

    Hi, I have infertility problems I’m looking for ART treatment. It is said that there are many happy couples with quite successful results. No pain – no gain. So I think I’ll dare to do this step in my life. but it sounds horribly. IVF, ICSI…. Okey, I reckon it is good step in a new life. Make up your mind

  • Christian - 17/07/2017 Reply

    Thanks to the articles like these, my wife and I also decided to come to Ukraine for help! Yes, it was the right answer to the solution of our problems! The bio tex com clinic, which helped us to have a happy family life, is really the best choice we made in our lives!

  • Mike - 19/07/2017 Reply

    @Christian I am so glad to hear that! We also succeeded with biotexcom! We are now so happy. Will go to them again, when we decide to have another child.

  • MonicaDouble - 22/02/2018 Reply

    People go to Ukraine because they can’t go to India anymore. Don’t know who can go to the US for fertility treatment except for those who live there. It costs a fortune so it turns out that anywhere outside the US it’s cheaper. I don’t think there is anything special about Ukraine. It’s just a country where surrogacy is still allowed but I’m sure that maybe in a few years the law will be changed. All surrogacy is exploitation no matter what people say. No one should exploit others to get what they want. It’s a matter of ethics.

  • teamonth - 27/04/2018 Reply

    It’s beyond my understanding why people all over the world don’t go to Ukraine for travel. It is perhaps one of the biggest failures of the Ukrainian government. How they could forget developing tourism industry in such an amazing land.
    I forgot to say hello! Hello friends! Have you ever been to Ukraine? If you were there you should understand what I’m telling about.
    I’m outraged due to their stupid politics. Nevertheless, these foolish people allow us to have our journeys there. Saying stupid I mean no Ukrainians. They are mostly wonderful people.
    It’s sorrowful to watch how their thievish politicians steal their opportunities. It could be an awesome place for traveling to the sea and the mountains.
    In other side they offer one of the best surrogacy options in the world. It makes thousands of people feel true happiness. They find there their sweat angels after long years of nothing.

  • sobram LAW - 27/04/2018 Reply

    Not difficult to give such an answers. Why do people go to Ukraine? Because they know what they can get from this trip.
    For us who struggle with infertility Ukraine means possibility to stop it at last. They have highly advanced since that reproductive revolution. It’s our luck they don’t shut down their offerings.
    I was suspicions to Ukraine. I didn’t know what to expect there. It seemed too hard to go through treatment abroad.
    And it became a pleasant surprise when we started cooperating with one of Ukrainian clinks. They quickly let us feel confident with them. And further we relaxed to trusted.
    I chose Ukraine because not any other country offered the same suitable conditions for egg donation. Tale about Ukrainian donors is a separate theme. I had a chance to admire that plentiful base.

  • sobram LAW - 27/04/2018 Reply

    They accept only women who had their own child. It must be a healthy both physically and mentally baby. As well those girls pass through many tests and examinations.
    I adore that we were allowed to see them all. In Spain such opportunity wasn’t available. Thus we couldn’t continue with them.
    My husband and I must see who will be donating a cell for my child. You can understand me I suppose. I also doubted as for quality of medicine in Ukraine.
    In fact, that’s bullshit. They correspond to the world’s standards. As well as, they treat their patties as it must be in the best resorts.
    I hope you’ll also find it there when come. I suppose Ukraine is a decent choice. And it’ll not disappoint you anyway. Believe in that.

  • Ploe-Moe-Bizza - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Solemnly swear I’m that who thinks the same. When my husband and I were far from thinking about surrogacy I’ve been already a fan of Ukrainian fertility factory. I said if it was needed we’d go to Ukraine.
    When all people were mad about India… I can’t. I didn’t feel such a high excitement. I was really scared to go there.
    How many people around merely want to visit India! I don’t because I consider it’s dangerous. In fact medicine must have bigger protection.
    And it’s not because of scams and hustlers but due to the sanitary features. Or better being more honest it’s because of its lack of hygiene. That’s awful for me.
    Another situation occurs in Ukraine. I was always interested in visiting this place. I was pleasantly astonished.
    One day we were informed surrogacy is our last chance for having a baby. We craved to become parents. We didn’t try avoiding troubles.
    Everything that could lead us to the parenthood was our option automatically. Perhaps such carefree approach seems a bit hazardous. We don’t give it away.
    We were lucky to find amazing clinic and set wonderful understanding. Now we are planning to travel there again. We want to show how our children have grows up since the last stay.
    It must be exciting in any case. I like how we were treated in Ukraine. There are definitely marvelous people living in Ukraine.
    I want you to lose your fears. Try to explore such an amazing destination by your effort. That trip has made us a happy family.

  • Yankeee - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Frankly speaking I don’t understand it. It is a lie, is not it? Why do people go there?
    I myself even don’t know this country. I spent lot of time sitting near the PC. I’ve got to know but in fact I just heard of it a few times.
    Why is Ukraine so famous? When you say that’s because of medicine I reply it’s bullshit. Probably they have several hospitals.
    They may accept clients and conduct pregnancy things illegally. I’m not sure it’s allowed to have such complex procedures in Ukraine. I mean surrogacy and IVF.
    I don’t want to read the sect to the end. That’s boring at least. I’m afraid it consists of bubbles.

    In fact mostly when you say surrogacy I imagine the US. All celebrities have their surrogacy adventure in this state. I dare suppose only L.A. has more surrogacy cases per year than this Ukraine.
    Another sect on this site has a title how Ukraine blab la bal has surpassed the US. Guys when and where?! Nonsense as it is.
    I’ve never heard any name of outstanding Ukrainian dr. or maybe your patients are cured by Uber drivers and students. OK, it was rude but hey.
    Why don’t you organize conferences or summits? You perhaps don’t make friends with Yankees. So, good luck.
    You better post news how it’ll great to learn something from America. How it’s awesome America taught us to deliver. And then everything would be okay!

  • Bank - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Hi mates! I’m not the newbie on here. As well as I’m new one in Ukrainian field.
    I can’t know what your opinion on its advantages is. In spite of it I’m happy because I had my story related to this country.
    My children were born there.

  • Albano Ruise - 09/05/2018 Reply

    Agree if you say Ukraine deserves such words. Yankee you were too unfair. You know too little and have got no right to disappoint people beforehand.
    I believe Ukraine got what to offer to everyone. As we knew many people who were satisfied after their journey. And this is the best proof. No comments. Just ask them who applied to Ukraine.

  • Tapo - 12/05/2018 Reply

    Just yesterday I met people who were in Kiev. They have turned back from Ukraine full of good impressions. I couldn’t leave me sad.
    Their problems were solved with help of Ukrainian specialists. That couple suffered from absence of their own children for long time trying hard to conceive with no results. The story you got used to hear.
    Fortunately egg donation in Ukraine became the lucky attempt for them. Ukraine is famous of its egg donation. It became leader in this field few years ago.
    I don’t know all details of that journey but I could perceive the real happiness and gratitude on their shining faces. She’s happily pregnant I hope everything will be fine. They deserved to be happy

  • Kelly marker bruss - 14/05/2018 Reply

    I was disputing against Ukraine a year ago. I hate those who cheated us on forums. How many people are chatting Ukraine is my choice, Ukraine is the one I love bla-bla-bla!
    Actually I was knackered with talks like that. I felt I didn’t relate to them. It was so strange to be among that crowd.
    Today! I’m sitting in front of the PC touching my belly bump! I’m excited absolutely. In this august I’ll give birth to my twins.
    Isn’t it a miracle? I guess it’s kind of justice. It’s like a plot of contemporary movie
    I didn’t believe in Ukraine and it gave me a chance of being mom. That’s Incredible to say this way. I’m so lucky.
    Circumstances changed and I was in Ukraine. I was aimed to apply for egg donation. I’m not married I was afraid it would cause problems.
    Can you believe it? I got pregnant after my very first attempt. My physician said I had lining as a woman 20 years old.
    It was the best compliment. I guess it was comfortable for my babies to live inside this wrap.
    Additionally, I’ve changed my view as for Ukrainian service. It was really high-quality. The people I had met were so attentive. I just can’t express it.
    Their donors are yummy-yam without words! You will have enough to puzzle up your head how to choose. I’ m grateful! I’m happy! I say thank you! (to Ukraine)

  • Terick - 15/05/2018 Reply

    Hi everybody! I can reveal this riddle. Why all wants to visit Ukraine for having a baby? On various forums I met those who repeat it again and again.
    People what’s the secret? Does that mean Ukraine had create the best conditions for fertility treatment in Europe? In this case accept my huge congratulations!

  • Kor - 15/05/2018 Reply

    Ukraine differs from majority of countries by its loyal law. The secret isn’t as big as you decided. They allow conducting all modern treatments. Additionally, they compete with help of prices. Ukraine offers really profitable terms. Thus clever people know about Ukraine. As well as the cleverest ones go there to sign up.

  • Odda Sem - 15/05/2018 Reply

    I don’t dare saying Ukraine and Biotexcom is the most attractive things in the field of reproductology. You’ll not make mistake choosing them.
    I learnt so much regarding surrogacy and egg donation. Today I’m ready to admit something. If you find something more affordable with relevant quality I’ll pay for your treatment.
    Why am I so confident? The answer in on the surface, Ukraine suddenly became one of the best.

  • BLOWN - 15/05/2018 Reply

    Getting acquainted with some comments I can’t understand why people hate success.
    I mean someone else’s success. I’ve not ever been to Ukraine. In any case I can believe it most hateful comments. Such country as Ukraine seems completely deserved to have all the other praises. It held Eurovision twice! I held Europe football championship! I think it is able to hold thousand successful journeys per year.

  • Mag - 17/05/2018 Reply

    Somebody may say shit happens. What’s wrong with me? Why am I the one who suffers from that happening shit?
    I’m an infertile woman. I had early menopause. Last year I spent in tries to find appropriate place for treatment.
    My husband and our friends helped me to decide. They gave me advises and searched for different options with me. It’s cool so many people are involved.
    I’ve got a little question. Why did we accidently choose Ukraine? Perhaps It wasn’t accidently.
    We were comparing all options and offers. This country with its medicine had many advantages. Considering the fact we could have 5 attempts with donor oocytes paying only 10K we interrupted doubting.
    This place possesses many advantages. Also we had information about a good percent of successful tries. We didn’t make a mistake.
    I’m sure today. It was a right choice. I’m on the 3rd month of pregnancy.
    What do we all need to know about Ukraine? It’s actually strange country having mad government. We can see this from the news.
    Actually in case if you watch news especially from Ukraine. There something always happens in Ukraine. But I have to admit our last visit to Kiev seemed calm.
    We didn’t feel discomfort there. I like this city. I knew Ukraine because it has a lot of famous sportsmen particularly in football.
    Also and surely it’s the main detail for us, Ukraine has a very good quality of medical treatment. Surrogacy and egg donation are completely legal there. I may recommend the treatment in Ukraine because it was useful in my family’s case.
    We’re happy now! My pregnancy solved many problems. It made our community stronger.
    I’m not the first saying reproductology in Ukraine is a chance to save your money. We browsed through hundred options. We weighted Ukraine hasn’t opponents as for price policy.
    In fact it’s quite cheaper to buy ticket from the USA to Ukraine to have your procedures there than having your treatment in the United States. Actually in order to understand and accept this truth we can sacrifice an hour on the forums it will make things clear. There lots of people share this info.
    Now it’s our pleasing reality. I do not know why but Ukraine really offers high service and provides us with professional treatment with funny prices. Don’t listen to me Just find out more about it and try if you need.
    My purest regards!

  • Butterfly - 17/05/2018 Reply

    As a rule we can read a lot of general information here. I also think that someone’s real stories are useful. They usually give to know only about an emotional context of the journey that was described.
    Particularly we read the posts of supporting at the specific issues. Here I see more detailed information. It makes me get interested much more.
    I really met some fabulous comments. They may become a guide for my right choice. It wasn’t even possible to find out on official websites.
    Maybe I a little bit missed a sense of the article’s question. Before I’ve applied to my clinic I knew about some advantages of Ukrainian reproductology. I couldn’t find information about biotexcom.
    So I want to call you keep on sharing experience. Tell more about your bad or good clinics. You help people this way, indeed.
    Can you imagine! I read a lot but there were no facts about biotex on those articles and posts. I really lacked it.
    It was a real problem. I craved knowing more and couldn’t. For sure I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get relevant awareness.
    And one day everything changed. Like a wall broken by the wave the news of biotex flowed to my vision. People all around started talking of it.
    Information got available. I began noticing more and more about my future clinic on internet. Every day this made my final decision closer. Don’t even know who must receive my thanks

  • Konny - 17/05/2018 Reply

    I know two couples who were in Ukraine. I’d like to present two opinions. It’ll be really interesting if one of them tells good another one tells bad things about Ukraine.
    But the bad things mean troubles for them during treatment. I don’t wish them this. Fortunately, they are relatively fine.
    Baby of one couple had an esophageal obstruction. It was urgent need to make surgery. Now she’s recovering.
    The baby gets better. They are chiefly glad. It was positive experience.
    They came back home with children. On average it took a bit more than year. Ukraine left memorable trace in their hearts.

  • Tall fam - 17/05/2018 Reply

    Hi ladies and their men. I’m new here. I don’t think it’s a relevant place to sit here all the time.
    It seems not like a regular forum. I hardly can imagine longs threads maintaining the same disunions here. People often change focus and it is pretty fine.
    As a place for sharing experience it is quite good. It’s also a platform for publishing informative articles. That’s another use.
    I’m going to have fertility journey. It’s my first and I hope the final surrogacy in my biography. I’m intended parent of one Ukrainian facility.
    I don’t know which stories I will share in few months but now I think positively. I’m a little bit anxious. Hope my surrogate will be found sooner then I expect.

  • Mogan - 23/05/2018 Reply

    Great! Hullo guys! How is it going? I’m so pleased to find so many people who were in Ukraine. Yesterday my family was discussing possibility of our visiting this country. We always discuss things together. It’s reasonable to come to a consensus before doing anything. We decided there’s the best opportunity for surrogacy for us in Ukraine.
    We plan to make our first visit together. Whole family is going to fly to Ukraine.

  • Mogan - 23/05/2018 Reply

    Oh, sure I forget to describe my problem. Last year I was pregnant. We were so happy!
    Unfortunately, something went wrong. My baby just slept still. The bleeding happened inside. I felt awfully. We called ambulance.
    I was hospitalized and doctors said they would prepare surgery. They removed my uterus. This way I lost two very important things at the same time.
    We didn’t give up. We started planning surrogacy in half a year.
    I hope this is our chance for happiness. Our big strong family supports me and my husband.
    Everything is going to be fine.

  • Gand-chi - 23/05/2018 Reply

    Don’t be afraid to go to Ukraine. Maybe you shouldn’t take your whole family. This can cause difficulties to your clinic to provide you with apartment.
    Just focus on your future journey. You’ll never be alone there.
    I can’t promise you’ll have 24/7 care but enough to be protected. My best wishes and good luck sweetheart

  • Mike - 09/07/2018 Reply

    Right, Ukrainian clinics are siutable for every age and nationality unlike some countries where you can do surrogacy only if you are a citizen of that particular country.

    My wife and I were looking for a clinic for a long time and the first country we chose was the Czech but 2 ivf cycles didn’t bring any positive result. I can’t say the fault is theirs, no way, It’s just happened and that’s it.
    Clinics in Ukraine are mostly the same regarding the price; The name of ours is biotexcom and so far so good. We are waiting for an embryo transfer in 2 days. Fingers crossed it will be our chance for a baby

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Hi everybody! I’m planning egg donation. I heard about surrogacy options really a lot. Ukraine’s making a noise about it.
    How about egg donation? Or it’s better to seek other options in other lands? Thank you who’s aware

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Hi! I see your confusion. People more often talk about surrogacy in Ukraine. But you can certainly find wonderful egg donation option there.
    Even if you have to opt for surrogacy, egg donation is one of the things drawing people’s attention to Ukraine. So, nothing is strange. You can have this treatment in Ukraine too.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Oh, really? Thank you for such a fast response. I didn’t expect you react so instantly. Why are these options wonderful?
    How much do they cost (at least approximately)? I also heard people were in Ukraine because they had egg donation.
    But you’re right I heard more often about surrogacy.

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Yes, I agree. I can suppose these chats are more frequently created because surrogacy is the thing which can hardly be hidden. Do you understand what I mean?
    The people going to apply for egg donation can conceal the fact of their fertility treatment from others.
    I guess most people do it exactly like that. You are just absent for some days then you come back home. And no one knows twins are already living inside your belly.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    It would be a perfect scenario for me. I’m not interested in disclosure. It’ll be amazing if my surrounding isn’t informed on my journey.
    I would love to turn back home with babies in my belly. The same as you said.
    So, what’s the reason Ukrainian option is wonderful? It’s the most curious thing now

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    The answer is quite simple. They offer you to use fresh cells. They have amazingly a big data-base.
    I can’t say how many girls are there like donors. I can assume there are about thousands of donors in the base.
    Don’t judge me if I was mistaken. These sources are active and dynamical.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    That’s really cool. Who are their donors? It’s pretty a delicate question. I don’t want to have a baby from… anyone with bad reputation.
    In fact, this conversation can’t express my serious attitude to that.
    I’m so concerned about the result. You just can’t imagine my friend!

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    I can’t actually tell about their reputation. It’s pretty a confidential information. The Ukrainian donors are anonymous. Maybe they are having the same status in the other countries.
    I do not know it. The thing I know for sure is that they mostly have got a higher education degree.
    And they also look very well.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    How do they look like? What do you mean? Education is fine, no doubts. But I think it’s the feature they can’t pass to a baby genetically.
    What more could we know about them? The use the same donors for surrogacy and egg donation?

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    I guess they really have only one base. It exists for all cases. Does it make sense to have two separate storages?
    The demand and the need are the same in both processes. There’s IVF as a method basically conducted in each of them. I think education isn’t just a coincidence. It tells she found a time and fought with laziness to get it.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Seems you know what you’re saying. Let it be so. Education is a great thing. But anyway it’s not paramount or required.
    So, you said they are good-looking. What did you mean? Do we see them or how?

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    I meant they literally look good. Most of them are pretty and beautiful. Some of them are magnificent. My husband couldn’t take his eyes off one girl.
    We didn’t choose her profile. She doesn’t have any feature and line corresponding to mine.
    It was doubly offensive.

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    You actually don’t meet them. I mean you can’t do it in person. As I said they are anonymous. You don’t know their names.
    However, you receive sufficient information about them from their profile.
    The base is organized as a collection of different profiles with video. You can watch and see her mimics, hear her voice and so on.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Wow, how interesting! What do videos contain? I heard there are beautiful women living in Ukraine.
    It’s perhaps another advantage of having it there. Right?
    What we know about their health condition? It’s obviously weir to not meet them in real. What do you think?

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Yeah, that’s really an interesting stuff. These are 3-5 minute episodes. Each one is about separate donor.
    They tell about their current life and hobbies. They tell about their families and grandparents.
    As well they can inform you about the preferences they had in school and have got now. In fact, many different things.

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    You can also hear about their favorite color, country, music. These are some details. They describe people well enough.
    The videos are shot in format of a dialogue. The Russian speaking interviewer asks the questions. And your donor is answering. Nothing’s difficult. And nothing that bores.

  • Anna-Torres - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Okay. I like it. How can we understand all those Russian speaking parties? Is there anything more?
    You didn’t say how we could be sure they are healthy. The films are fine entertainment. However, we are going to ask them about health.
    I worry that I can’t see their faces and not meet them in person.

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    Calm down dear. In some countries you can’t even see who’s donating the egg. I think it’ll not be nice for you.
    Some clients are ready to have their procedure even at these terms.
    Yeah, you just know they your donor is ready to take part in the program. But you don’t know how she’s looking like. there’s a different situation in Ukraine.

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    You certainly know they had their own children. All of them had to have a healthy baby to participate in your treatment. It’s a requirement and indication that they are able to produce good eggs.
    You don’t meet them. It’s not weird at all. you have to trust your clinic.
    In other case why do you choose it?

  • SunBlink - 10/07/2018 Reply

    The legislation of Ukraine states all the donors have to be anonymous. On other hand it’s not profitable for clinics to cheat on you.
    They don’t want to spoil their repute because of one unpleasant event. They wouldn’t be stimulating the woman that wasn’t chosen by you.
    As well they have no need to keep in touch with unhealthy persons. They can fail the programs. All this costs some money.

  • DreamMonger - 10/07/2018 Reply

    When people whine about infertility and how much money they’re spending on IVF/ surrogacy, my thought is, “Fuck you.” Because they are selfish, small people and they feel that sinking tens of thousands of dollar meters more than your child’s life. I mean, yeah IVF and surrogacy are extremely expensive within the US, but for these needs, there are clinics in Ukraine. For those who care about one’s pocket. You can’t make it less than there. It’s close to the net cost. So I am shocked, when I hear people complaining about the taste of their coffee, that their housekeeper made for them… I am like “what the hell is wrong with you? did you start this for a baby, or to rest?”

  • Adriana - 12/07/2018 Reply

    Hi everyone! I have some issues. I hope you can give me advice what to do.
    It’s really a complicated situation. we don’t know how to react. It’s maybe not so serious but I can’t be okay with that.
    Few months ago my husband and I signed a contract with fertility clinic in Lvov. It’s a city in the west of Ukraine.
    We were looking for reliable option in Europe. But now their work isn’t appropriate anyway. I’m afraid of getting more problems in the future.
    I’m infertile. I’ve been trying to conceive during 6 years. I tried and tested different methods.
    I had 4 IVF rounds. They didn’t bring a result. It was very tough to switch on surrogacy.
    We understood the previous treatment wasn’t that effective. It was a time to search for another option. Surrogacy seemed as a fine one.
    We know some couples who had their journeys in Ukraine. I saw their children. It became my dream.
    I imagined I would be a mother in a year. My dream wasn’t ever so close to me. We asked for recommendations.
    I browsed through different forums. I found out a lot of information on various clinics in Ukraine. We decided to try one in Lvov.
    It has good feedbacks on the official website. We visited this place. I like the building and the managers.
    We signed up the papers. As well we made first payment. My husband took his sperm test.
    We were added to surrogacy program. They promised we’d be always updated. In fact, we didn’t receive anything from them.
    Since we left from that city we couldn’t contact the clinic. I called them on telephone. It was impossible to get through.
    They don’t open my emails. I already sent them a bunch of letters. Our manager ignores us on what’s up.
    I don’t want to suspect them. But what if they decided to cheat on us? Guys what do you think?
    It’s such a strange situation. I can’t find the way to contact them. It’s at least unprofessional.
    I hope they understand the responsibility. This mess hurts me. I don’t want to break my confidence.
    It was so strand. Everything looked all right. Now it’s a nightmare.
    What is it going to be when my babies are born? I will be angry I swear. They don’t have right to make thing so complicated.
    Did anybody have the similar issues? How did you solve it? Please answer if you can as soon as possible.
    I don’t know who is my surrogate. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be even informed on whether she was pregnant or not. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to continue our cooperation.
    Another question how to get our money back? Hah, I was warned Ukraine could be a dangerous option. Why didn’t I listen to people?
    I hope you are having your journeys smooth and safe. We are going to sue them. Because it’s offensive act from them.
    Surrogacy can’t be connected with ignorance. The clinic has to create a special communicative environment for their clients. It’s quite a stressful process even without communication. That’s perhaps all.

  • Emerald - 17/07/2018 Reply

    The answer is- simply one of the best legislation in this area and a decent price for egg donation and surrogacy programs. Once India was a leader, but now everything has changeв, as India prohibited commercial surrogacy. Good looking donors and good geographical location also may sucker couples into thinking that Ukraine is the best option for their needs. You can’t find anything better than Ukraine in a view of ART today.

  • Instinkt - 27/08/2018 Reply

    Hi everyone! I am here because I’m one of you. All your concerns are familiar to me.
    I know how difficult it can be to leave your home country. How impossible it seems to go abroad to take part in doubtful treatment. I asked myself many question before I started.
    Honestly, I’m quite a humble person. I can’t break the limits and go ahead. Everything has to be considered and recounted.
    My husband and I were happy to figure out Ukraine is a gorgeous country. I don’t mean its landscapes or resorts. People are Ukraine’s main treasure.
    Those people arranged all needed details of our visit and stay. They provided us with conveniences and medical care. Now our surrogate is 27 weeks pregnant and this is the most thrilling knowledge for today. I can’t say anything illustrating Ukraine like a country that isn’t worth our warm words.

  • Vanesse - 28/08/2018 Reply

    Only Ukraine stopped my streak of failure. We became parents at last. My husband is the happiest father of twin boys. Yeah, only this country made all excellently.
    They were thorough doing their protocols and monitoring our pregnancy. The surrogate is perfect. Seems she was born to give birth.
    I can’t put in words my excitement. My babies were born 6 weeks ago however my thrilled heart is still beating madly.

  • Nuny Fruittty - 28/08/2018 Reply

    I could only agree Ukraine deserves to be called one of the best. Even I didn’t believe in my cousin’s success. Her ovaries were exhausted with numerous treatment.
    She looked bad. In any damn case she started the program with her own eggs. That’s fantastic! Or it’s more fair to say it was a hard and decent work of Ukrainian magicians.
    I can’t add anything to spoil my sincere recommendation. It’s an excellent choice.

  • Valery - 29/08/2018 Reply

    Hello everyone! I am a newcomer here. Have a problem with fertilization. I am really so upset with this situation. That was our dream. My husband wants to have a child. Actually the second child. We have a beautiful son. We love him vey much! This is our trasure! However, my husband’s dream is to have a doughter! We have been tryig so many times, but all our trials ended up with miscarrige. I offered him to adopt a child. He refused. I don’t know what to do.

  • Tina - 31/08/2018 Reply

    Hello everyone! I am a newcomer here. Have a problem with fertilization. I am really so upset with this situation. That was our dream. My husband wants to have a child. Actually the second child. We have a beautiful son. We love him vey much! This is our trasure! However, my husband’s dream is to have a doughter! We have been tryig so many times, but all our trials ended up with miscarrige. I offered him to adopt a child. He refused. I don’t know what to do.

  • Oli234 - 13/09/2018 Reply

    Well, soon it may change. As far as I know, there are 5 draft bills regarding surrogacy in Ukraine. One of them offers to ban surrogacy for foreigners, making it only available for Ukrainians and foreigners who are residents of Ukraine. If this one is adopted, Ukraine will become a new India. Anyway, all those couples whose surrogates are already pregnant, shouldn’t experience any issues later even if surrogacy is banned. This is how I understand this.

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