Criticism is the first sign of success

Published 11/03/2013 in Medicine, Society

Criticism is the first sign of success

Day after day, more and more articles about BioTexCom fertility center can be seen in the international mass media. And these writings are not only positive but critical ones as well. Well, this condition cannot be dispensed with. Using the World Wide Web one can find statements that Ukrainian clinic develops own business using infertile European couples, selling children as a commodity and pulling in big bucks on someone else’s grief. But, «grief» is the key word.

There are millions of people all over the world who cannot conceive naturally due to various reasons. Maybe this question does not discompose when you are 20 years old, but when a woman or man reaches 30, 40, 50 years old … and has no own children and there are some fertility problems… Understanding of the fact you will not sweep up your baby, not hear words «mom and dad», not take him to school and will not be happy and upset over beloved child, leads to a kind of life disorientation. Where, why, for what all those things happen in your life?

It is needed to go through this feeling and only then write those or other negative reviews about methods of modern reproductive medicine. Today, such procedures as egg donation and surrogacy have been increasingly gaining momentum. A lot of world-known TV and business stars have already taken advantage of such programs and do not dissemble it, showing their happiness and way they have achieved it.

Thus, legendary singer Michael Jackson was one of the first international stars who used services of surrogate mother. Actress Nicole Kidman has a daughter, who was born by surrogate mother. And this list is very rich with famous star names.

The fact that center for human reproduction conducts medical programs for a certain sum is absolutely normal. After all, health care institution includes dozens of high skilled workers, doctors use the latest technologies carrying out programs, and all these require many physical, mental and financial costs. In addition, it is important to note cost of such programs as IVF and surrogacy in Ukraine is much lower than in other European countries. And the quality of treatment is much higher. Therefore, all statements about the financial side of this issue are not logical.

But no matter which way you look at it, a vocal critic is a resounding compliment. And if people say something about clinic it means that it worth it. Under the direction of a true professional, BioTexCom center confidently breaks stereotypes concerning reproductive medicine and Ukraine as a whole, proving in practice surrogacy and egg donation are the greatest achievement of medicine and a unique chance for absolutely all infertile couples to have genetically own child that previously was only a cherished dream. Obstetrician-gynecologists, embryologists of the BioTexCom clinic put into life cherished dreams of their clients, giving new life.

It is also important to note the fact that doctors who work in the BioTexCom clinic are of high professionalism. Good health condition of the baby is of the main priority for all members of the center’s team. In case of any doubts or discrepancy of medical tests, doctors will offer the best alternative and will never agree with any persuasions or conditions of the clients, if it can harm health of child. Good reputation and effectives of treatment have always been, are and remains the main priority of the clinic.

Basing on numerous statistics and facts, it can be said for sure modern methods of infertility treatment such as surrogacy or egg donation have been actively developing and becoming more and more popular in the modern world. It’s normal that members of the international community perceive any innovations with caution and certain distrust. But very soon procedures of the reproductive medicine, with their innovative development will become completely natural and general.

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  • Richard - 22/10/2013 Reply

    I can say only good things about Ukrainian clinics of reproductive medicine BioTexCom. We vvisited it in August and we have been satisfied with almost everything. Most of all we liked doctors there. Gynecologist and embryologist are well-qualified and treat patients with respect, give enough attention and answering all our questions. The price for our future program was 3 times less than the one we heard in Spanish fertility center. My wife and I will come back there in few weeks and I hope everything does fine.

  • Sandra - 02/11/2013 Reply

    Yes, I absolutely agree with You Richard. In addition to a high price Spanish clinics perform programs of reproductive medicine using frozen eggs. It’s awful cause specialist note that chances for successful pregnancy become lower if frozen eggs are used. And doctors in Spain say nothing about this fact! They only take money making unsuccessful attempts of IVF. So Richard you are lucky to visit Biotexcom.

  • Felix - 17/11/2013 Reply

    My wife and I have visited this center. And as for me I have a double opinion concerning this clinic. On the one hand it is not a great building with high level of cervices. But on the other hand great specialists work in BioTexCom! These people help infertile couples from all over the world to become happy happy parents. I guess doctors there know some secrets of reproductive medicine and of course enjoy their work!

  • Erin - 20/09/2015 Reply

    Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom was the fifth one we have addressed. My husband and I faced some reproductive challenges therefore we can’t have children in a natural way. We tried clinics in different countries but unfortunately there were no positive result. We just spend a great amount of money, time and most of all we were tired psychologically. But one day we heard about BioTexCom center and decided to try for a final time. With the help of BioTexCom doctors today we bring up our long-awaited twins )))))) We liked this clinic very much. To say the truth, firstly we thought that it will be something not so good, as it is in Ukraine…. And I know anything about this country. But in fact Ukrainian capital Kiev is extremely beautiful state and concerning BioTexCom it’s a good clinic with appropriate services. There are a lot of patients and sometimes we had to wait and not enough space in little building. Anyway I think that it’s just details… The main thing is that we are parents now!

  • Emma - 20/09/2015 Reply

    Most of all I liked stuff of this clinic. Workers are very friendly and try their best to fulfill all wishes and needs of client. As of treatment, we used IVF in BioTexCom, and from the second attempt I became pregnant. Being in BioTexCom I have a great manager. She helped me in all issues and I am extremely thankful for her help and moral support. Due to my health problems it was rather difficult to treat and much time was needed. But that’s worth the effort. What can I say… as of now I am a happy mother))) My husband and I were positively surprised with high level of service in this clinic. In particular, we were met by a welcoming manager who helped us during all treatment process from A to Z. Citizens of different countries can work with manager who speaks his language. Great center! I see a lot of people, patients who have visited the center write about the building’s size and that it’s not enough space for such a great number of people. Yes, it really can be seen. But I saw that they have a reconstruction. Maybe in the nearest time it will be better.

  • FoxyG - 20/09/2015 Reply

    Yeee, good center, and doctors reach needed result. But I didn’t like the building and its condition. I guess such popular clinic with a great number of visitors is able to afford modern, cool renovation and maybe more tasty biscuits))) I can’t understand why so successful clinic had such a little and bad condition building???? There are a lot of clients and small space in the center ((( I don’t know, maybe in the nearest time they will develop but when half a year I was there it looks like ant hill! ))) On the other hand doctors of course try their best to create appropriate conditions for treatment and comfortable atmosphere. It must be noted that in spite of high European service absence staff of this clinic fulfills all work very well. During my visit to BioTexCom there were a great number of patients nevertheless doctors and assistants made everything in time and were very careful. I liked this fact very much. We have made IVF procedure in BioTexCom, as a result we have twins. We are extremely happy parents. Moreover, we plan to use services of this clinic once more as we are satisfied with its specialists.

    • Trinity - 23/09/2015 Reply

      As of great number of patients in this clinic I agree with you FoxyG! I also have an experience of being in this center. It must be noted that there are not only a great number of people but a great line to start the program as well! After the first visit to the doctor we were told that we can go home and wait a letter from clinic’s manager. It can take half a year, one year… Nobody knows for sure. Worker explained such situation in the following way: “There are a lot of people who want to try infertility treatment in our clinic. Therefore there is a line. It is needed to choose appropriate surrogate mother (in the case of surrogacy program), conduct all needed medical preparations (both in the case of surrogacy and egg donation) and so on and so on. So, you can sign the contract and we will start preparation phase of the program”. My husband and I had no alternatives so we decided to sign an agreement. During this “waiting time” we had an opportunity to visit special courses for future parents, settle the matter of work (as it’s needed to be absent at working place during some time) and at the end everything is ok. We are satisfied with the program’s result. There are also many video stories by real patients on the site. They are rather interesting. See it there

  • Nicole Oliver - 23/09/2015 Reply

    Criticism is the first sign of success! is a good title of the article))) Really title Biotexcom can be heard in numerous scandals. Often they are connected with surrogacy programs. I have heard one of such took place in the Ukrainian capital. German couple has faced the problem of child’s receiving after surrogate mother gave him birth. It can be in Russia as I know there is a law according to which surrogate mother has the right not to give biological parents the child. But in Ukraine it was a hot new. I want to notice that during the whole time clinic’s lawyers, managers and director was together with this couple and solved the problem.
    They helped German couple to return their child and leave the country. Nevertheless just parents were guilty and provoked such situation. It happened so because attended parents communicated with their surrogate mother without clinic’s workers and when she asked them to give money they immediately fulfilled her wish. At the end clinic has proved that it’s guiltless and in any situation it help patients to solve the issues and successfully come back home.

  • MiaMi - 23/09/2015 Reply

    I agree with confirmation that criticism it’s good. The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything. This clinic has been going a long and winding road. And it can be clearly seen that it becomes better and all bad and good comments only makes it reputation stronger. Some years ago nobody knows about such medical institution. As of today articles and TV stories can be heard all over Europe. Leading German, Italian, French TV channels go to Ukraine in order to see this clinic and talk to its workers. And all these due to the fact that a great number German, Italian, French and many other citizens go to BioTexCom in order to use services of local surrogate mothers and egg donors. And you know that Ukrainian eggs are used in Spain and some other states!!! Yes, Europe buys cells in Ukraine and uses them at home. And meanwhile European governments criticize Ukraine and its reproductive “business” clinics and doctors try to develop the same successful branch at home. Moreover Europe criticizes Ukraine and its law concerning assisted reproductive techniques and at the same time warmers its own laws. It can be seen that step by step Europe start to understand this things.

  • Jocelyn - 23/09/2015 Reply

    I am sure that it could be found better clinic. Of course I don’t know clinic which can achieve higher results then reproductive clinics in US. They are gods of reproductive medicine. And I think we cannot consider Biotexcom together with American clinics. It is different level of everything. But as you know it is very difficult to get pregnant after the first ivf cycle. I don’t know the reason. But it is a fact. Most of women need near three attempts. In US there is some payment policy which pushes away many clients. You should pay for everything separately. If you are not a citizen you should add the costs for transportation, for accommodation, for meals and everything a human needs. After the procedure you will have a big bill of extra fees. You will pay for every attempt, for every procedure, for every medication. Actually you will pay near 250.000 for the attempt. And believe me, besides the fact that they are the gods of reproductive medicine, no one will give you a guarantee that you will get pregnant after the first attempt. But pleas show me an average couple who can pay for the next attempts without any guarantees. I am not poor.

  • Jocelyn - 23/09/2015 Reply

    I have a good job. And my salary is enough to live normally and go twice abroad for vocation. But it is impossible for me to pay for treatment in US. I could pay for the first attempt. But it is not expedient. On the other hand I don’t see a sense in looking for a cheap clinic. What can they propose? India, Thailand are awful. I can’t imagine how to go there on vocation. Sanitation in those countries leaves much to be desired. Do you know how many injections you should do before going in India? I guess it is even dangerous. I don’t think surrogate mothers in India have all necessary injections. Why do you think we always read the articles about surrogacy tragedies? They are not checked properly and infect the children they carry in the womb. People should be very brave and stupid to go in India to get a child. I went in Russia in very good clinic. They considered itself as very respectable clinic. Actually it was not as bad as I expected) I have the same complains as other people who visit Russia. But these complains are not so important. Everything was pretty enough. But my first attempt was failed. My surrogate mother didn’t get pregnant. The same time I met in that clinic one couple who could communicate in English and after their story I was happy that I was failed. They were so upset that words are not enough to explain it. Their surrogate mother got pregnant after third attempt. They were waiting their child so much, prepared the house, bought a lot of cloth. But their surrogate decided different. She left a child and started to pull the money from them, more and more. They were in despair. Clinic couldn’t help them. Because Russian legislation protects surrogate mothers, but not foreign clients. According Russian legislation surrogate mother is considered as a mother of a child. I don’t know how this story was finished, but I came home with a light soul. I guess God protected me.

  • Jocelyn - 23/09/2015 Reply

    I wanted to visit Mexico. But when I started to look for information, I was really impressed with it. It turns out that couples with AIDS and hepatitis are allowed to go in program. I don’t understand how it is possible. It is immoral. They infect surrogate mother, who in her turn infects a child. I thought nowadays in our modern life there is no place for such mistakes. Finally I chose three countries I would like to go. These were Georgia, Czech Republic and Ukraine. I think all that countries are worth to be visited. And I think they have what to propose. Actually I decided to go first in Ukraine. My choice fell on the Biotexcom clinic. I have read many overviews about clinics of Ukraine. But as I understood Biotexcom was the most popular among foreigners. Many people wrote that they had a result after first attempt with many failures in other reproductive clinic of the world. They proposed a lot of advantages. Their payment system is completely translucid. They propose all inclusive package for the single price without any hidden extra fees. Everything needed I included in the price 29.900 euro. You needn’t worry about accommodation and transportation. I had a little experience and I want to say that it took a lot of forces to care about it. So it really saves your time, efforts and good mood) As for me it was real solution. It is not necessary for surrogacy treatment I think, but it was a pleasant bonus for me. But the most important thing which was attracted me was the guarantee. Clinic proposes you a guarantee of becoming a parent. They tell you won’t leave their clinic without a child. When I was in clinic, I guess they were on the stage of major repairs)) So it was not so comfortable. The accommodation was good enough) But we were not alone, some other couples lived there too. The walls were too thin and we could enjoy child’s crying continuously)) Moreover out neighbors all time wanted to share their happiness and couldn’t stop talking while we just wanted to have rest)) We were really tired of them) Sorry)) Another bad side of Biotexcom was definitely a clinic. There were very little places for waiting the procedures. And we had to wait very long.

  • Jocelyn - 23/09/2015 Reply

    But all places were occupied by foreign clients, pregnant surrogate mothers and I think donors. I was able to hear English, German, Italian, Spain, and even Chinese languages in the clinic. It is really international center! I was sitting on the stairs and my husband all time kept the wall)) It was very tiresome. Managers were very friendly and always smiling) Our manager was very supportive and attentive. We saw that she felt uncomfortable because she couldn’t propose us a place for waiting and provide a high level service. But it was not her fault. She supported us so much. We are very grateful to her) Doctor seemed to be emotionless and strict, but the same time professional) In other words, I liked clinic in spite of all its bad sides) We didn’t get pregnant after the first try. Honestly saying I expected to be succeed)) May be it is because of that feedbacks I have read. But my reality was just a little different. But I was calm enough. I forgot to say that for that price I told below they proposed unlimited attempts. Despite the failure, we could go for the next surrogacy cycle paying nothing more) It was very encouraged for us) I knew even if we fail, we can continue our efforts till we have our baby.

  • Jocelyn - 23/09/2015 Reply

    In a month we were invited for the next try in Kiev, another surrogate mother was ready. The interesting thing is that we couldn’t go, because of my job. If I went I could lose it. But something unbelievable was happened. All deals were called off unexpectedly and I could go in Kiev. I think it was a sign) After two weeks of the procedure we got the hcg by mail. We were pregnant!!!) After birthing of our child we started to prepare the documents for child registration. Everything was done under the strict control of our manager) The procedures of registration went smoothly. In two weeks we came back home with my daughter. Now I can tell you that understand all the clients who write positive reviews about clinic. We must be able to be grateful for that big happiness) I want to join the fans of Biotexcom) I was waiting my child so many years. A special thanks I want to say to managers of Biotexcom. They are fantastic and do their works grate. Our dear manager… She is extremely smart and kind. And what is the most important she knows her dal and conducts it professionally. All workers there do much they can and I appreciate it very much.

  • Gianna - 14/01/2016 Reply

    You know criticism is good from one side. Because if people talk about something it means this something is worth talking about. But I think that when it concerns center for human reproduction (these are human lives, such serious procedures as surrogate motherhood and egg donation) criticism can mean a certain weaknesses the clinic has. This center, I mean biotexcom, is rather popular among European infertile couples. It has become popular during the last years. The more people use services of this center the more difficulties the clinic has. When I was there it seemed to me that center doesn’t make its development in time. The number of patients has been growing and the center has no time to be renovated and developed in an appropriate way. There are a lot of people there and at the same time clinic is still very little. There is a little space and patients have to wait somewhere having no place to sit down. In summer one can wait outside near the clinic but winter season is rather cold in Ukraine therefore people can’t wait outdoor. But on the other side managers and doctors they their best and conduct their work rather well. I can’t say that they are on the highest level but it can be seen they have been trying hard. Maybe in some time this center will be really the best one in all aspects.

  • lesy2 - 27/07/2016 Reply

    My daughter and her husband went to Ukraine, in Kiev for a consultation in BioTexCom. They got all answers to their question and everyone was polite and friendly. After that they are not afraid to use surrogate mother service there. They had consultation with lawyer. He assured that everything is legal there. Moreover, when they were there they suddenly met a couple who already used surrogate service there. Now they are happy parents . They asked them for details. They told me that they are glad that they have chosen the clinic in Kiev. Prices are lower but quality is high. Staff and doctors are very friendly and kind. Now they came back home and need some time for thinking. Next month they will come to Kiev to do this procedure. I hope I will become a grandmother very soon.

  • gabby - 27/07/2016 Reply

    Surrogacy became really the last hope for us to have a baby. We discovered different clinics and compared dozens of countries before made final decision concerning such an important issue for us. The USA seems to be the best country for that. But in fact everything is so expensive there. We couldn’t afford it as we are just usual family with middle annual income. My friend from Ukraine told me about a clinic in Kiev. But, of course due to current situation we thought that it could be dangerous to go there for such a procedure. Then we talked with the colleague of my husband who have recently been in Ukraine. They told that situation is safe there . After that we decided to go there just for looking for a clinic. We found out this clinic in Kiev and was once there. They even met us in the airport and provide quite good hotel. At the second day we went to the clinic and got free consultation and answers to our questions . Now we came to our country and still in the process of planning everything. But generally we are satisfied with conditions there, results of previous clients and price. So hopefully this Ukrainian clinic will help us .

  • erine - 27/07/2016 Reply

    Nowadays, more and more people use surrogate mother service because it is the last chance for them to become parents and have their own child . It is really great that in ukrainian company there is no age limit for becoming a mother. After that story with german woman who became a mother in her 66 , I start believing that everything is possible together with this company in Kiev. As for me I am 54 now . I have already tried fertilization in the USA and it wasn’t successful . I felt very disappointed and sad. But now decided to try it in Ukraine. I do want to have a child. But many doctors told me that I shouldn’t take a risk and give birth to a child in my age. I searched for some clinics in Kiev and service seems to be fine, even though it is not so developed country as the USA. But considering that the woman from Germany chose the clinic in Ukraine and gave birth successfully. I guess I will follow her example as well. Moreover, the price is very suitable for me. So, maybe first I need to check more information about this clinic in Ukraine.

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