Fresh donor eggs guarantee IVF success

Published 17/07/2016 in Medicine, Society

Fresh donor eggs guarantee IVF success

Embryo freezing is a unique opportunity for women to postpone pregnancy indefinitely and to give birth to a biological child at any age. Freezing own oocytes woman has no need to worry about medical or social difficulties in future. That is to say, freezing own biological material woman create a certain “guarantor of age”. But the question now arises of whether clinics provide a guarantee conducting IVF programs using frozen oocytes. That is an important issue that must be thought of.

It will be less complicated and much cheaper if doctors use frozen eggs during IVF procedure. But women don’t think about oocytes cryopreservation being 20 — 35 years old. Today there are a lot of women who start a family only after 30 when probability of natural pregnancy is greatly reduced. In such cases, donor eggs step into the breach. Thus, Spanish Bernabeu Institute is the leader of egg donation in Europe. It is also one of the largest banks of donor oocytes and sperm in Spain which sells other clinics frozen cells. Despite considerable popularity of the cells freezing procedure, experts and statistics makes people wonder.

Female germ cells are large and contain water. Thus after cells cooling (freezing) crystals are formed and distort integrity of gametes. As a result, due to the cell homeostasis disturbance most part of biological material cannot be used for fertilization. Also cells’ defects which are not visible during transplantation can appear. Such degeneration of genetic material can significantly affect child’s health in future.

Chairman of American community of Reproductive Medicine states: «Although analysis of literature shows that cryopreservation technique is effective for women who need it for medical reasons we cannot use it widely to plan pregnancy».

There are fertility centers which conduct IVF programs using only fresh eggs, and what is the most crucially, give a guarantee of a positive program’s outcome. Use of fresh eggs is the key to success!  Statistics speaks volumes. IVF with frozen eggs: 7 % – failure pregnancy after 15 days, 3% – successful pregnancy, 90% – negative result. IVF with fresh eggs: 3 % – failure pregnancy after 15 days, 93% – successful pregnancy, 4% – negative result.

Only one conclusion can be seen after reading various forums and communicating with patients who have gone through IVF with donor eggs. It’s better to apply to clinics that conduct programs using only fresh oocytes, guarantee successful pregnancy and full refund in the case of procedure’s failure. One can find such medical centers in Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. In these countries IVF with donor eggs will cost you about 10 thousand euro. Russia, Greece and Spain offer such procedure at the cost of 20 thousand euro, USA — 50-100 thousand euro. Paying this money you receive medical program, 100% guarantee of its successful outcome and refund in the case of failure.

Success rates and program’s performance are the first indicators patient pays attention to visiting medical institution. If clinic refunds the overall value of the program in the case of failure it means clinic is interested in successful fertilization no less than patient. Therefore such medical centers use the latest techniques and modern equipment in order to reach positive result.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best sources of information in such case. Friends who have already visited any clinic can share their impressions about the quality of services and pricing. Well, if you have no such friends, thematic forums will always come to the aid. People who chat with each other using issue-related forums will gladly write up about their positive and negative experience, comparison and result of the program.

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  • Katrine - 18/07/2016 Reply

    When I read this article I couldn’t stay calm. I must confess that it is plain truth about the quality of frozen eggs. When I decided at first to using donated eggs I didn’t notice too much about the difference between the frozen eggs and the fresh ones. I didn’t find out information about it. I was just trying to find the good clinic with good recommendations. I made up my mind to go to Georgia. I chose the clinic that seemed to be very reliable. But they did donation only using frozen eggs. I didn’t pay my attention whether there would be fresh or frozen eggs. Because from the very beginning I was assured by the doctors of that clinic that I would have success in any case, the positive result would be the only possible result. As a result I did there three attempts and all those attempts were negative. I spent a huge amount of money there and nothing. Those faults made me desperate. I thought the problem was in me. Nevertheless I decided to try one more time, I went to Ukraine. And it was unbelievably happy. My pregnancy was achieved with the first attempt. I learnt to own cost that there is a really a great difference between fresh and frozen eggs.

  • Suzy - 20/07/2016 Reply

    I think that when couple used donor eggs in order to give birth to a child they can say it to him and can not to do it. I think it’s not something so serious. Woman carried a baby, gave him birth. The only moment is that she was able to do it with the help of donor eggs. So child can even don’t know about this fact. Of course in the case of child’s wish to know the truth he has the right. But eggs donor has the right to donor confidentiality as well. And we must hold in respect it. But if you decided to tell the truth after all what is worth taking into account in deciding when to begin the story is that the earlier you start the easier it is likely to be for you both. It gives you a chance to practice the language at a time when your baby is not really understanding the words but simply enjoying being talked to. It also means that once you have started you always have something to build on. If for some reason it has not been possible to start early, then ‘telling’ is possible at any age. It simply takes more preparation and has to be undertaken as an event rather than a process. But there is also one more important issue. What happens if child starts sharing what we are telling them with others? Young children rarely talk about donor conception to others, not because it worries them, but because it is of no interest at all. Even when children are older they often find that other children change the subject because they know nothing about it. This can be quite frustrating for a donor conceived child who thinks donor conception is cool and wants to talk about it!

  • Kristine - 01/08/2016 Reply

    I know in Ukraine egg donation is anonymous. It means you don’t «know» the egg donor. You’ll never meet her or talk to her. Chance is if they tell you her name, it’ll only be the first name. You are specifying what you would like the donor to look like. So, that she might resemble you or have certain physical characteristics that you would like passed on to your child. Say you have brown hair and blue eyes. And you’d hopefully like your child to share those traits. You’d want an egg donor that also has brown hair and blue eyes. The photos are provided. So, you can see what she looks like. And if it’s what you are hoping for. As far as knowing you «got» the right egg donor, it’s a matter of having to trust the agency that matched you and the Dr. that did the egg retrieval. As for not «getting what you wanted», genetics is too complicated for anyone to get «exactly» what they are looking for. Most often egg donors are very beautiful, young and have rather nice appearance. Anyway donor eggs will be mixed with the sperm of husband so child will look like parents. There are such cases in real life when child was conceived and born in a natural way nevertheless he doesn’t look like parents. It’s just a nature and magic genetic.

  • Anabel - 18/08/2016 Reply

    I don`t consider egg freezing to be a reliable method. As far as I know, after freezing, cells can`t function in a right way. Moreover, you don`t know in what condition they are. Moreover, you should pay in the clinic a lot of money for their storage. To my mind, the better idea is to do the procedure of IVF with fresh donor`s eggs. They will be of better quality and the possibility of getting pregnant is higher. I want to recommend doing this procedure in Ukraine. There are many donors there, so it`s not a problem to find ootids with any characteristics. Also their women have a good health and their eggs are considered to be very good. This country distributes cells across Europe. But of course the best eggs stay there, as other countries prefer to buy the cheapest ones. Like Spain. They use bad biomaterial, but the price for it is very high. In Ukraine – otherwise. The price of the procedure is quite small for Europeans, but the quality is perfect. Only in Ukraine you can find fresh eggs, because in Europe clinics offer mostly frozen ones. And even if you will find fresh eggs, you will have to pay a big sum of money for them.

  • Lena - 18/08/2016 Reply

    Our first IVF cycle in Spain we implanted three embryos. Then I had my 8 week ultrasound and my embryo stopped growing a week and a half ago. It was miscarriage. Frankly speaking, I am not feeling positive about doing another cycle. I don’t want to come back for it again in a Spanish clinic. I guess my problem with an embryo was because they use frozen eggs. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it before. I have read that a clinic in Ukraine use only fresh eggs. Success rate after it really much higher. I wish I knew it before. But you know, Ukraine is not so developed country. I think we should go to consultation first at least. Even though it is legal there, I am still a bit of afraid. Yeah, I think we just book a flight and go to see it by our own eyes.

  • Iris - 08/09/2016 Reply

    Through the entire process egg donors cannot exercise, drink or have intercourse. Donating sperm might seem as easy as opening a nudie magazine. But several requirements are in place for donors. Men must meet a strict list of requirements to determine eligibility for genetic donation. To donate, a man must be older than 20 and younger than 39. He must be a certain height, have a college degree or be working towards one. And commit to the sperm donation program for a year or two college semesters for out-of-state students. Both sperm and egg donors must reveal their family medical history. It includes histories of heart disease, mental illness and alcoholism. Donors must also disclose personal information about tattoos, experimental sexual experiences and drug and alcohol use. So, there is anything bad in such earning I think. We must be thankful to such people who help us to have healthy children. They help to be happy parents and to make our dream come true. As of Biotexcom, they really have a great base of donors. Because it’s very beautiful nation. Ukrainians are so beautiful! And this act was acknowledged by the whole world.

  • HannaD - 09/11/2016 Reply

    I believe clinic has good donors. And their cells are of good quality. I can imagine these people who decide to donate their reproductive cells. Usually they are rather young people who just need additional money. I know in Ukraine it’s difficult to find good job with appropriate salary. At the same time prices in markets are so high! So, youth agree for such kind of earning. On the other hand, infertile have a great opportunity to become parents with the help of these young donors who agree to share their eggs or sperm. Ukraine is not the only country who has such theme. Some students become a temp or babysitter. Other students are selling their bodies. Students can donate plasma for compensation or turn to the extremes of hair, sperm or egg donations. “I can do something good and put some extra money in my pocket”. Donors think in such way. After meeting children who had benefited from taking medication made from plasma, donor started donating. The compensation he received for his donations made it easier for donor to pay his bills. Donation centers offer compensation for donations.

  • Molly - 09/11/2016 Reply

    Clinics give compensation to encourage donation and thank donors for their time. While the centers don’t track why people donate, specialists believe students are one of the most likely demographics to donate. Students can donate up to twice every seven days. People come in for all different reasons. For college students, I think one of the reasons is because they have a little more time on their hands. They come in and they can study, and do things while they’re donating. Time-wise it’s not as time-committing as having a full-time job. It is no secret the compensation from donations can help supplement income. But donation centers see it as something more than an easy way to make money. “We don’t see this as selling your body,” doctor said. “Without these donors, there would be patients globally that would not be receiving their medicine”. So, the donors are extremely important. Students might consider selling other body materials for extra cash. Selling sperm or eggs, for example, can offer high compensation but requires more time per donation. Women who donate their eggs must take hormones and regularly visit doctors to prepare for the invasive surgical process of removing eggs.

  • Merilyn - 14/11/2016 Reply

    There are used only frozen eggs in Spain. There is a lack of egg in general. For this reason many Spanish couples come to Ukraine. I know one couple that was treated in Madrid clinic. She has three failed attempts. Only arrived in Kiev she succeeded. BioTexCom helped her. The most surprising thing is that she achieved with the first attempt.

  • Hello - 28/11/2016 Reply

    Hello, ladies! I do want to warn you about Spain. Since I live there. And unfortunately, I experience it firsthand. Firstly, I had three IVF attempts with my embryos. But they were not of very good quality. And I was offered a donation. Then I made 6 attempts with donated embryos. And all were failed. You can only imagine my desperation. I cried, I thought I was crazy. How is this possible? But when I came to life, I began searching the information. It should also be a cause. I was looking for people with the same problem. And I read about the frozen eggs. In Spain, there are very few donors, that’s why they froze the donors’ eggs. But the horror is that after freezing the implantation rate is reduced to the minimum. I paid for each embryo, which is not really cost anything. Girls, if you want to have children, look for other options, don’t go to Spain. I’m also trying to find other options. Take care of yourself and be careful making a choice.

  • Sherill - 25/12/2016 Reply

    I have a child. He was born in the previous marriage. I married my second husband. Of course, we wished to have common child. But due to surgery of the ovaries I can’t do it in a natural way. We visited some clinics of reproductive medicine. But only few of them could suggest donation on fresh eggs. Seeing great advertising of biotexcom we decided to try it. Because everything we read about this center fully fell under our case. So, we came to Ukraine. And we are very happy we have made it. I gave birth to our child using IVF with egg donation on fresh eggs. It was great! And I am happy!

  • Daniela K - 28/12/2016 Reply

    Hi, people! This article is absolutely correct. I had donation programs in different clinics of my country. I had 10 failures! I lost a lot of money that could be spent on my children. All programs were done on frozen eggs. People, be smarter, do not waste your precious time, money and health. Having decided to try my luck abroad, I was choosing between India and Ukraine. I rejected India very quickly. As there is a high level of diseases. Sometimes children are born with disabilities. In general donation in India is very cheap. But I cannot imagine how people decide to go to make the child in such a country. In Ukraine I found a clinic where you pay once and they treat you till the child’s birth. After 10 failures I was almost out of hope, but you can imagine my shock when I got pregnant after the first attempt and I gave birth to healthy and beautiful twins.

  • Lucky - 05/01/2017 Reply

    I completely agree with the author. Most clinics haven’t appropriate base of donors. And they had to freeze eggs to stay the course. Very few clinics work with fresh material. But the results are amazing.

  • Andrea Sin - 06/01/2017 Reply

    I can only find the unique advantage of embryo freezing is postponing the pregnancy. But I don’t think this is the most considerable one. If the woman has decided for sure to get pregnant I cannot understand why take risks using embryo freezing. I am thinking about IVF with egg donation. And currently I am considering only donation with fresh donors. I have not decided yet with the clinic. But I don’t want to take risk with freezing eggs. Maybe someone can give me advice or share its own experience concerning the clinic? I would be very grateful.

  • David - 06/01/2017 Reply

    In Biotexcom we are undergoing surrogacy program. It is with egg donation. At first, we were very surprised. They strongly refused to use frozen eggs. They noted that in such case they cannot guarantee success. Maybe they are right. The clinic has high success rates. But if the sperm has high quality it is possible to freeze it. So, it depends on the situation. And it is very personal of course. But if they promise guarantee they will do their best to reach the positive result. As they are interested in the successful outcome. In another case, they must refund. They also note about it.

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