Launching album, Seal says honest songs of heartbreak ‘cathartic’

Published 06/11/2015 in Culture, World News

LOS ANGELESWriting songs about love and heartbreak for his first album since divorcing model wife Heidi Klum was a “cathartic experience” for Seal.

“7”, released on Friday, is the 52-year old musician’s first album in four years and comes after he and German-born Klum went their separate ways in 2012 after seven years of marriage.

“You have a series of events take place and … at some point you write about them when you feel compelled to do so,” the singer told Reuters in an interview.

“Obviously there’s a kind of digestion period that happens where you have to insert that period and step away from it for a time and then come back to it and write objectively as opposed to subjectively.”

Known for his silky voice and hits such as the Grammy Award winning “Kiss from a Rose”, Seal has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

“Some people, when something is weighing on them … they go and see a therapist or a psychiatrist or a shrink of some sort. I write songs and that right there is a very cathartic experience,” Seal said.

“But there are caveats … It’s only cathartic if you are brutally honest with yourself first and foremost.”

Seal reunites with his “Kiss from a Rose” collaborator, producer Trevor Horn, for “7”. The heartbreak theme features in tracks such as “The Big Love has Died”, a ballad about losing someone close to you.

“It’s a reality that’s how we feel sometimes … when we’ve been in something that hasn’t quite worked out or there was so much love and now there’s a vacuum where that love was,” he said.

(Reporting by Rollo Ross in Los Angeles- Writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian in London- Editing by Alison Williams)

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