Ukraine – a trap for infertile foreigners wishing to have a baby

Published 30/07/2019 in Health, Medicine

Ukraine – a trap for infertile foreigners wishing to have a baby

– We arrived in Ukraine with the hope of finally becoming parents, but were left without money, and without a child. This is just a trap for foreigners like us, barren couples who agree to everything in order to become the parents of the long-awaited baby. Ukraine is well-known for its reproductive technologies; here you can legally become a member of the surrogacy program. But only if you are lucky not to be “cheated out” of money and not to find yourself in complete despair and ignorance, as it happened to us. Now, instead of the desired baby – we have only tears and resentment, the money has already been paid, and hope to get at least some information about whether they found us a surrogate mother or cheated us is melting every day – the spouses of Martinez tell (the name is changed at the request of the source).

For many years we tried to become parents but without success. Eventually, we came to Ukraine from Spain, so that the Ukrainian agency we found on the Internet helped us to find a clinic offering surrogacy programs. Many foreign infertile couples, like us, who travel to Ukraine as part of infertility treatment programs, fall into the hands of non-professionals or even fraudsters. Why did we decide to take this step? Because Ukraine today, unlike Spain, is one of the few countries in the world where the full range of reproductive technologies is completely legal: from IVF to surrogacy. But now we know that if you initially do not carefully check the information and contact the intermediary agency, but not the well-known reproductive center, you will end up with a “pig in a poke”, throw money away. And don’t get us started on stress, tears and frustration, through which we had to go!

– Residents of Europe are used to working with agencies and trust such companies. In Ukraine, such small companies often do not act as an intermediary between the patient and the clinic, but simply pump money out from us, taking advantage of our problem, say the spouses of Martinez, – We liked the conditions offered by the agency, and we decided to fly to Ukraine. We were even a little surprised that the agency immediately named the date of the first visit, we did not have to wait half a year or even more, as other childless couples with whom we communicated in the forums did. But we did not suspect a trap, because we were very inspired by the fact that we could become parents and decided that we had been made an exception.

And in the end we flew to Kyiv, but we were not met in the airport, living in the promised comfort, food was not provided for us; we had to independently solve all these issues in a foreign country, not knowing the Ukrainian language, in fact very few people speak English in Ukraine. And at the address indicated, we found not a large reproductive center much-touted by the agency, but a small clinic. In fact, we were lucky: another couple with whom we communicated at the forum had to travel from Kyiv on their own virtually to the provinces. They traveled by train, in an old second-class carriage, not in a compartment, where it stank terribly with sweaty socks, people literally sat on each other, were drinking alcohol, and children cried… As a result, they realized that with such a start there could not be a happy ending, that they were deceived by fraudsters. The husband and wife got off the train, got back to Kyiv and then flew home.

– We decided not to give up, since a lot of effort, time and money were already spent – the spouses tell about their misadventures, – Besides, the desire to become the parents of the long-awaited baby was much stronger than all the “pitfalls”. And their number was increasing even after signing the contract and paying for the program: they demanded money constantly, we could not terminate the program, because the agency said that the clinic had found a surrogate mother for us, we believed and waited with impatience. They were asking for money for alleged treatment of the surrogate mother, in whom uterine fibroids were diagnosed, then for keeping her children who stayed at home while the woman was at the clinic and was preparing for fertilization and carrying our baby, etc.

Only God knows how this story will end, and whether we become happy parents. We are very devout and pray that everything ends well and the long-awaited baby finally appears in our family. Now we are back at home, we have no contact with the agency, and most likely we were simply deceived. The fact that we have spent so much time and money, and it’ll be a long time before the children’s laughter sounds in our house, makes it even more painful. We are in despair and all future parents who are just planning to undergo the infertility treatment programs in Ukraine, we advise you not to repeat our mistakes. Contact directly well-known clinics or reproductive centers, which have a good reputation, long experience in the market of these services, accreditation, their own hotel chain for accommodation, their transportation service, etc. And it is important to understand that you get what you pay for: it is impossible to save on quality, therefore, relatively cheap services that such scam agencies offer should alert
you. The cost of services of companies with years of experience, reputation, offering an all-in-one service package, of course, will not be at the same level as agency services. Moreover, taking into account the constantly expanding list of services and improving of services quality, prices cannot “stand still”, they are rising.

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  • Olivia - 22/12/2019 Reply

    Oh, it’s awful and scary story and situation that happened with people. It even hard to imagine such situation and in the foreign country (( In fact the decision to conceive a child naturally is extremely important and serious step! And it’s especially if you decide to have recourse to the assisted reproductive medicine in solving this extremely significant issue. Unfortunately, there are swindlers and fraudful reproductive medicine clinics in addition to good ones. I guess having decided to use the services of surrogate motherhood clinic, it is necessary, first of all, to thoroughly study the clinics that offer the procedures that interest you. Also, a significant point is the legitimization of clinic you address.

  • Frida - 22/12/2019 Reply

    Yes, it’s horrible story and I don’t envy this people. I realize that it can be difficult for simple people to check 100% the medical center they address to. In fact how can ordinary person from another country check whether the clinic is swindler or not? Yes, the clinic must take care and be responsible for all processes of the medical program. And it concerns accommodation, food, meet as well. All European centers offer such services to their patients. But sometimes it turns out to be fail and there is nothing of promised!

  • Clara - 22/12/2019 Reply

    I know that clinics usually don’t cheat and patients receive all they were promised. Meanwhile agencies in turn very often cheat and especially it concerns foreign patients. Agencies usually promise all and at once and don’t name the full sum! At the beginning it can be one sum for the program, and in the end, it turns out twice more. It is worth paying attention to it in order to avoid scammers who only want to cash in on your problem. Maybe it’s better to ban surrogacy at all in order to prevent such situations! It’s a pity people had negative experience(

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